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Tale of 3 Friends Salame Ishq FF (Page 29)

sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2016 at 10:37am | IP Logged
WOW!! outstanding parts dear...loved them

bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Awesome dear 
Linsie IF-Addictz

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Amazing update...

ritikaagrawal IF-Rockerz

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niceBig smile
kavsy IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 21

Akshat gets the anticipatory bail to get Shyam released but it is denied as the court didn't pass it on. It is non-bailable.

Akshat then goes to Raizada Mansion & demands them: tOn what basis have you got Shyam arrested. If you don't withdraw the complaint, it won't be good for you.
Arnav: He has been rightly arrested for that. I have the proof for that. I won't withdraw complaint at any cost. Do whatever you want.

Rahul & Geet agree to go ahead with each other. The Singh family fixes up their engagement & are making preparations. Manjeet joins Akshat to ruin Balwant Singh.

She makes a plan to get Geet married to Akshat to acquire the property. Rahul & Geet get engaged & the marriage is fixed within 2 days.

Akshat Shergil goes to Janardhan & Madhu asking for Charu's hand to which they agree. Charu's engagement with Akshat is fixed the next day after Geet's engagement.

Janardhan & Madhu invites Modis & Raizadas for Charu's engagement. Abeer, Baldev & Ranvi too come for the engagement with their wives Meher, Veera & Gunjan respectively.

The Raizadas too get NK & Lavanya engaged to each other.

Nisar confesses his love for Rati to Abeer & Meher. He introduces Rati to his parents & gets the proposal to his place. Both families agree.

The Raizadas too get NK & Lavanya engaged to each other.

Preeti's parents invites Guptas for her engagement with Ankur. Their engagement goes smooth.

Rati hugs Nisar & says: I have a surprise for you.
Nisar: What is it?
Rati then opens the envelop & shows him how many fans & viewers he got.
Nisar: It is all because of your prayers.
Rati: Your efforts are also there. I believe that you are the best. You are better than Abeer & Ranvi. The publicity about you is my responsibility.
Nisar: They say the person can sing with their heart if they have a girlfriend or a wife.
He shows her the song. It is

Dil Jigar Nazar Kya Hain
Main Toh Tere Liye Jaan Bhi Dedu.

Rati: That is wonderful dear.
Nisar & Rati hug each other.

This is after their engagement.

Manjeet tries to create a rift between Rahul & Geet by spreading rumors about Ranvi & Geet.

Geet is sad & tells him about how she & Deepu are tortured since she lost her husband.
Rahul: Geet, I trust you a lot. Once we are married, we will fly to London.
Both hug each other.
Manjeet sees that & goes to Bansuri.
Manjeet: You have spoilt my DIL. She is not supposed to hug a man before marriage.
Bansuri: These things are common & they love each other a lot.
Balwant: Their relationship is pure.
Manjeet: Ok do what you want.
Baldev is outside.Veera comes home to have something to eat.
Manjeet: Wait! You are not supposed to have anything till your husband comes. And you Bansuri, you have not told anything to her.
Bansuri: I do dislike her but I myself don't follow this so how cam I tell her?
Manjeet: If you don't keep control, she will snatch your son from you.
Bansuri: I don't know what magic she has done on my son. Baldev is madly in love with this girl & my husband Balwant does not get tired chanting her name.

Baldev enters & overhears the conversation. He said, "Tayiji, you are a guest here. So you behave accordingly. Don't try to thrust your rituals on us. "
He then goes to Veera & feeds her.
At MM, all are going for Charu's engagement.
Ahem: It is season of marriages.
Gopi: Yes, that is true.
Ahem: Shall we go for the dinner today after the engagement. We are close to completing 1 year of our wedding.
Gopi: Not sure about the dinner but I think we can have lunch outside today.
Ahem: Sure, lets go.
Both embrace each other leave for luch at the hotel.

Abeer & Meher too get ready for the party. His show is conducted at Charu's place. Meher carries her laptop to do the work.

Abeer: You can carry on the work the next day or after we reach home. Why are you carrying it at the engagement party?
Meher: I wouldn't have if there was no show at Charu's place. You know very well that I have to report to Sattu or Gopi or Ahem about it.
Abeer: Come on my dear chasmis, they are our friends.
Meher: Ok, cancel the show, then we will enjoy the party. As far as work is concerned, we have to have some protocol.
Abeer: Fine, I will get the show cancelled. He calls Sattu but is unable to reach it. He tries Gopi's number but she is unable to pick. Ahem picks the call & says, "Fine you can cancel the show for today but next day, you guys have to come for 2 shows as Sunday is a holiday."
Abeer: Fine.

Arnav-Khushi, Jigar-Rashi, Ranvi-Gunjan too reach Charu's place for the engagement. Veera-Baldev, Nisar-Rati too reach the place.

Akshat and Charu get engaged.
After the party, all the couples meet at the same restaurant for the candle-light dinner.
Arnav: We had this type of dinner in Nainital too.

Khushi: Yes, you are right.
Arnav: When you were in my dickie, I was initially angry but that has turned out be a blessing in disguise for us otherwise, I would have lost you. We had tried for many temples at Naintal at night but all were closed. I wanted to marry you there itself. Even the manager offered us help but we didn't agree as I had understood your mindset.


Arnav and Khushi were very much passionate and both were ready to consummate in their moments of love but Arnav controlled himself from doing that at the nick of the time but he had carassed her back instead. Khushi had slept on his chest.

The background song was

Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa... (2)
Hamein saath chalana hai umrr bhar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa... (2)
Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa...

Hai safar hamara naya naya, kisi pal andhera jo ho gaya... (2)
Kahi kho na jaaye yeh rah gujar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa
Hamein saath chalana hai umrr bhar mere paas aa... (3)
Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa...

Jara thaher jaa mere hum navan, yahan agle mod pe hoga kya... (2)
Kise hai pataa kise hai khabar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa
Hamein saath chalana hai umrr bhar mere paas aa... (3)
Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa...

Jo gharo ko chhod ke hain chale... (2), unhe kya darayenge faasale
Jo gharo ko chhod ke hain chale, unhe kya darayenge faasale
Hamein jaana hai dil ke nagar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa...
Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa
Humein saath chalna hai umr bhar mere paas aa... (3)
Mere humsafar, mere humsafar, mere paas aa, mere paas aa...
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa...

Arnav had asked Khushi: It is necessary to marry for staying together. I consider you as my wife & will never leave you.

Khushi: I trust you but the problem is that our families will not accept it. We have to respect our elders. Buaji has got me engaged to Shyam. I tried to resist but I was forced to get engaged to him.

Arnav was shocked and angry hearing about Khushi's engagement with Shyam.

Arnav:What the... If you had told this to me before, I would have married you. It is true that I don't believe in these rituals but I would have done that for you. I did not mind following them. Time is less. You have to marry me immediately & rightaway.

Khushi: But what will we tell our elders & which temple will be open at this point of time?
Arnav: I don't know but I will marry you at any cost today & right now.
As for the obstacles, you
leave that to me.

Arnav & Khushi search for the temples to marry but all the gates were closed. They had come back. Arnav was about to put the vermillon on her hair parting. The manager saw that & offered them help.

Singh: There is one temple open there. Even Pandit is quite close by to conduct the wedding rituals. The advocate is also ready. He has the registration forms. All you have to present is your id proof.

Both went to the temple. Khushi looked at the temple size which was small & was apprenhensive about the space wherein they had to take 7 rounds. Panditji told them the space is too small for any rituals to be conducted & all other temples are closed. Arnav & Khushi had filled up those forms but the advocate told them, "Your marriage will get registered tomorrow.

Arnav: Sir, we are from Delhi. I had come to Nainital for business purpose. We are here because my car broke down & no mechanic is there.
Advocate: I understand your concern but the court is not open now.
Arnav: Do you know any judge who is there right now?
Advocate: Yes, but still it will take its own course.
Arnav: Then I don't think we might be able to come here again.
Advocate: Fine, you can give me a call. I will come to that place.
He leaves.
Khushi: I want to inform my family that you have agreed to marry me. I want to close that Shyam chapter to start my relationship with you.
Arnav: Fine.

After they had gone to to Delhi, Khushi had informed Shashi about Arnav's approval about his marriage with her. Shashi had given the evidence against everyone about Shyam.

Arnav: If we had stayed back, we could have registered our marriage.
Khushi: Yes, but we chose the wrong time but you have put the vermillon & mangalsutra on my head & neck. We had to keep that as a secret. Anyway we are married now.

Jigar & Rashi too have their moments.
Jigar: You are looking very beautiful today.
Rashi: You are very dashing.
Jigar: I wish the time stops here so we can be with each other. I have brought something for you.
He takes out the ring from his pocket & slips the diamond ring to Rashi's finger.
Rashi: The ring is very beautiful.,300,2012/09/26/gossip_image/6435-Saathiya-twist-Jiger-to-get-angry-on-Rashis-fake-pregnancy.jpg

All of them leave to their respective places.

Next day, Akshat kidnaps Khushi & Payal & demands to free Shyam. He further warns them against calling the cops. Arnav & Akash reach that spot.

Akshat: I'm Shyam's friend. I know you must be thinking what enmity I have with Khushi & Payal. I don't have anything against them but you have not withdrawn the complaint. So I had to do that.
Arnav: There was no need for you to involve our wives. If you are a man, deal with me.

Rashi, Veera & Gopi bring the cops to that spot & gets Akshat arrested. Akshat reveals the Khushi's & Payal's locality after getting beaten. The Raizadas & Modis reach to Khushi & Payal & rescue them.

Ankur-Preeti & NK-Lavanya also get engaged with the other 3 couples.

Meanwhile, Veera spies on Manjeet as she gets suspiscious about her contact with Akshat. She had earlier seen her speaking to him & records it in her mobile.

She then disguises as a Sardar & calls Manjeet near Baldev's office. Manjeet comes there.
Veera: Tell me the truth.
Manjeet: What truth?
Veera: Are you involved with Akshat? If you tell me the truth, I will give you Rs. 1 crore. If not I have recorded everything on my phone.
Manjeet: Yes.
All others come. Veera takes out the fake moustache & turban leaving Manjeet shocked.
Veera: I have recorded Tayiji's movements & shows it to all.
Manjeet tries to snatch the phone from Veera to destroy the evidence.
Baldev: I have that recording too. Veera had sent me the video. It was our plan.
Balwant: What made you to do this?
Manjeet: You have done injustice to us by giving us barren land.
Balwant: The land is fine. Your husband & son didn't utilize it properly.
Baldev had called the cops who comes & arrests Manjeet.

Next day is Haldi rituals for all 5 couples. In sangeet rituals, Sattu organizes orchestra & break dance for all the couples.

Rahul marries Geet
Akshat marries Charu
Ankur marries Preeti
Nisar weds Rati &
NK gets married to La.

Another collegian named Suraj was secretely in love with Anjali. He brings the proposal to her place. They meet each other. Anjali decides to go ahead with Suraj but she decides to marry in a simple way.

Anjali gets married to Suraj.
Everyone lives happily ever after

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Awesome update
Loved it
Well written
Thanks for the pm
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outstanding update 

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