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Tale of 3 Friends Salame Ishq FF (Page 14)

vatika_r IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Chapter 14

Bansuri is displeased about Baldev's wedding with Veera.

She said: Veera is not fit for my Baldev
Balwant: What are you talking? If Baldev has come to the right track, it is cos of Veera. She is perfect for him. Moreover, Baldev and Veera love each other. Our children are getting married to SS children. We have to forget the past and think about our children's happiness.
Bansuri reluctantly agrees. Veera goes to her house.

Veera: Mom, please teach me cooking as I'm going to get married.
Ratan: How come you have got that interest?
Veera: I want to cook for Baldev.
Ratan: Your mother-in-law will teach you.
Veera: But I should at least know little bit of cooking.

Chaiji comes in and said, "Don't worry, I will teach you."
She then writes the recipies for each dish and guides Veera.
Balwant and Ratan fix the engagement date for their children. Gopi goes to Veera's place to get her dressed up.
Veera: I need one more favor from you.
Gopi: What?
Veera: I want to cook Gujarathi dishes too. I want you to teach me.
Gopi: What you want to learn?
Veera: All dishes like thepla, basundi sheera etc.
Gopi: I've a tight schedule but will guide you when I'm free. If you had come to me a week before wedding, you would have learnt them by now.
Veera: I know but Baldev was in hospital after beinng beaten up by SMJ's men. He is Akshat's friend. Baldev held him captive only to protect my mom's dignity.

She then narates what happened in her life.

Gopi: Good that you got to know Akshat's true colors. If you come to my place on other days, either my MIL or her SIL will be happy to teach you. But you can learn these things even after your marriage. I will give you the recipies now.

Veera takes the recipies from Gopi. All are waiting for the party. VeeBa & RanJan gets engaged.

Ranvi is asked to sing after the engagement. He sings on Challa Rabbi
Geet sings on Heer
Abeer sings on Aisa Zakhm diya
Gopi sings on Bepanah pyaar hain.
Nisar sings on Meri mehboob tujhe

Meher: I want you to sing something different. Mere nishaan comes on TV. I got bored of this song. Here you sang this song as not many know about it but at the work place, I don't want mere nishaan.

Abeer: It is a very popular song. But if you insist, I will compose & sing something different.

In Groove, a new person who is nicknamed as Appendix comes & demonstrates his song & gets selected. Abeer gets the promotion as a music director.

Abeer and Meher leave. Suddenly, it rains heavily. Car stops suddenly. There is hardly any petrol. It is in the late night. Both get caught in the rain.  Abeer takes the car till the petrol bunk but when it came to payment, he had left his credit card at home. He rings his father but the battery goes down. Meher too had left her card at home. Abeer goes to the ATM to draw money. He succeeds in doing that and makes the payment. Both spend a night inside their car.

Ahem and Gopi too leave towards home after the engagement. But the car breaks down because of the downpours. They check the car and find out that their tyre got punctured in the midway. They call at home. Kokila picks the call & learns that her son & DIL are stuck in the midway. Chirag & Jigar are not in town. Gohem informs Kokila that they will come home the next day. Both spend a night inside the car.

Before that, Mehbeer & Gohem had brought the food outside. Ahem & Gopi fed each other. Same was the case between Abeer & Meher.

At Raizada house, the family had conducted death ceremony of Arnav's parents. Khushi had to make all necessary arrangements for the ceremony. Shyam started behaving in a weird way when he saw Arnav & Khushi together. Next day, Arnav has to go to Nainital for the client meeting. Khushi had prepared his favorite pakoda & put it in the box. She tries to put it in the back of the car lid but goes inside & get stuck there as she closes the lid accidentally. While leaving, Arnav locks it not knowing Khushi is there. Khushi screams for help on his way to Nainital. Arnav finds her inside said, "You are unbelievable."

Khushi: You carry on. I will take a taxi.
Arnav:There is a taxi strike today. I will get late for the meeting if I drop you now. So I have to take you with me now.
Khushi: You are asking me to come with you?
Arnav: Then what? It is your stupidity but in a way, it is good for me as I will have your presence for the entire day.

Khushi sits besides Arnav. They reach the clients place.

Shashi goes to Prakash's place to get the evidence. Prakash gives him all the evidence to expose Shyam.


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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
wow awesome update loved it can't wait for the next part thank you for pm.
chsweety22 IF-Sizzlerz

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jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2016 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Finally bansuri gave approval 4 VeeBa relation.Veera learning cooking from gopi n chaiji 4 baldev.cute.Veeba n Ranjan got engaged.engagement with music.Singers sang.thats nice.due 2 technical probs gohem n Mehbeer had 2 spend d night inside d car.they fed each other in d cute.just like on d show IPKKND Khushi got stuck inside arnav's car when she went 2 keep food.So Arnav is taking her too to nainital.He said in a way its gud that he can spend more time with khushi.thats so nice.hopefully there will b a lot of romantic moments of arshi in Nainital.shashi got evidence from prakash.hope he will expose shyam.plz dont drag d track of shyam's exposure like on d show IPKKND.
Is Akshat still under Baldev's custody?

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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2016 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Great update 
Hope Shayam truth comes out soon.
vatika_r IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 15

Arnav and Khushi resume their journey towards Nainital. Both reach the clients place on time & attend the meeting. Arnav gets a contract from the client. at the end of the meeting, both are hungry. Khushi gets the tiffen box.

Arnav: What will you have if this is for me?

Khushi: I will have it in the cafeteria.

Arnav: Whatever is there in the box is enough for both of us.

He then shares his lunch with Khushi. Both of them leave for Delhi. Suddenly, the car breaks down in the midway.

Khushi: You be inside. I will push the car.
Arnav: You won't be able to push. I will push.

Khushi tries pushing the car but is unable to do that.

Arnav: You sit inside. I will push.

He then pushes the car. Khushi informs her family that she is in Nainital with Arnav & will be coming next day as the car broke down. Arnav calls the mechanic to set the car right. The mechanic comes & does the needful. Both of them come to the forest area where there is a Dhaba. Both of them have candle light dinner. The manager gives them room to spend one night. Both have romantic moments & get lost in each other. Arnav & Khushi kiss each other then there is a background song Jaadu hain ya nasha hain madhohiyaan tujhko bhulake ab jau kahan.. Khushi had completely forgotten about her engagement for that moment.

Arnav was about to open her but he stopped & said, "No, we shouldn't do this before marriage."

Khushi: You told me that you don't believe in marriage.

Arnav: I don't but I also know that it can spoil a girls life if it is done before that.

Khushi: When you are near me my heart beats become fast. Why does it happen?

Arnav: Because even my heart beats become fast & our hearts gets connected. I love you a lot. I want to spend my life with you but is marriage really necessary?

Khushi: But the society is like that so we have to abide by that. Neither your family nor my family approves live-in-relations. Buaji got me engaged to Shyam whereas I didn't want.

Arnav is shocked. He asked, "Why didn't you tell this to me before? You know very well how much I love you. If the matter has gone that far, I'm ready to marry you immediately, the next day when we reach the city. Will you marry me?"

Khushi is happy. She said, "I wish you had proposed at buaji's place."

Arnav: I am doing these rituals for your sake.

Next day, both get into the car & come back to Delhi.

Abeer-Meher, Ahem-Gopi too reach their respective places.

Both Veera & Gunjan make preparations for mehendi rituals.

Balwant sees akshat is tied. He tells Baldev, "Leave Akshat immediately."

Baldev: If I leave him, he will harm Veera's mom.

Balwant: But it is not proper to keep a person captive like that. If you have left goondagiri leave him.

Baldev releases him and said, "I have the proof that you have misbehaved with Alia and Veera. If you open your mouth against Ratan, I will defame you by making this video public. You don't have any proof about Ratan as Veera only told you verbally which can always twist. But I have a solid proof against you."

Akshat and SMJ meet and think of a plan to take revenge from Raizadas, Modis and Singhs.

Next day, everyone comes for mehendi, haldi and Sangeet rituals and have a good time there.

Raizadas fix up Akash and Payal's engagement and gets engaged on the scheduled day. Khushi is in a dilemma as to what to do. She is lost in Arnav's thoughts. Even Arnav is lost in Khushi's thoughts. Both dream about each other.

Shashi goes to Khushi and says, "You look lost since you have come from Nainital. Did you get the same feelings for Arnav as you got before?"

Khushi: I am not able to take Arnav out of my mind even after getting engaged to Shyam.

Shashi: I have a remedy for your pain.

He then shows the evidence that was collected against Shyam. Khushi gets to know about Shyam's deceit and his attack on Shashi. They show the evidence to Garima, Madhumathi & Payal.

Khushi then takes one of the backup and goes to Raizada house with Payal. Arnav is happy to see Khushi. Akash and Payal smile at each other. Khushi sees Shyam talking over the phone and her doubts gets confirmed. She understands that why he was restricting her from working for the Raizadas personally and professionally.

Shyam is shocked to see Khushi who confronts him & gives him a tight slap for his deceit. She breaks the engagement with him and leaves the place. While she was leaving, one of the vases break where Arnav is standing.

He asks, "Can't you see while you are moving."

Khushi: Sorry.

Arnav sees her in tears and asks her, "What happened? Did your finace say anything to you?"
Khushi hugs him tightly and said, "He has cheated me and my family. His name is Shyam. I was engaged to him. None of us knew that he was married to Anjali."

She then shows his video recording and the engagement photos.

Arnav gets angry with Shyam for the deceit.

Arnav:He has not only deceived you. He has deceived Di too & subsequently all of us. Remember, we have agreed to marry each other. I will deal with Shyam once we get married. Will you marry me?

Both go downstairs. Arnav informs both the families about his decision to marry Khushi to which everyone agrees.

Devyani said, "I want both the marriages to take place the same day."

Arnav & Khushi gets engaged the next day


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-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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wonderful update 
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2016 at 12:19am | IP Logged
It was an awesome part.Arshi share d food with each other.They had candle night dinner n had romantic moments in their room.Arnav controlled himself as they r not married yet.Baldev released Akshat n blackmailed him not 2 harm ratan.Ratan n Nihaal r what can Akshat do 2 har ratan's reputation?Shashi showed d evidence against shyam 2 his family.that was  so nice.liked khushi shyam confrintation n Khushi slapping shyam.she showed d evidence 2 arnav too n arnav decided 2 marry Khushi.they got engaged also.loved these scenes a lot.but what happened 2 shyam?Bcz now they all know his true colours n how did anjali react?plz show that.plz show abheer,gohem,Veeba romance too

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