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#6 Devil's Bride Manan Ff epilogue on page 62 (Page 4)

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hello ! I am back and finally free for you all guys yeah exams khatam and the update is around 6.5k longest chapter of this ff enjoy and this update has a surprise for you all hope u like it specially my one reader who loves manik more and once i promised her to give the equal justice to his character as well.

Butterfly - i found your comment genuine and i quoted you check it just after your comment and i cannot give it a sad ending 99.99% readers voted for happy ending i am bound by them i hope this update will change your pov and if not than i am sorry. i am helpless here hope u understand.

I buried myself in files, as i sat in my cabin, working like an insane person, because that was the last way i could forget her. Because i miss having her in my arms. I miss her warmth against my skin, her smile, her voice. My each nerve craved for her touch. I need her back, i need her with me.

"Manik "i hear a woman's voice, i looked up to see Mrs murthy standing .Why she was here ?.

"Manik i need your help its regarding nandini"her words alarmed me.

"She is okay right or something?" I couldn't complete the thought itself gave me jitters.

"No she is okay but we need to talk "i jolted up from my seat.

"What is it everything is okay right"i asked

"Nothing is okay, you know that"

"Have a seat"i greeted her, she took a seat and i sat back on my chair.

"Look manik i want my daughter back, she isn't the same nandini, the girl lives in my house is just a life less soul, seems like i lost my daughter and i want her back and only you can give me what i want"she burst out at me. I took a deep breath to make sure that i don't say something, i shouldn't or that will make it even more worst.

"But i don't know what to do more i tried every single thing, its not like i want to give up. No i don't but still my mind is blank"i confessed helplessly.

"Make her cry" She said suddenly everything was shut, we sat in silence for some time i don't know how to deal with this situation. That wasn't something i was expecting. This was beyond my expectations.

"Cry ? But how i tried a lot of times but"

"Try harder i really don't know anything, you're responsible for this mess i wouldn't have come here but its about my nandu"

"I tried every damn thing but she wouldn't budge at last i thought she need some time"

"She cried after reading your letter, even if its few tears only still she let out "she said after few seconds.

"She ...what cried ...my letter"my voice broke, she cried while reading my letter ? I felt something inside me happiness? I guess she still loves me ? Thought of her loving me back warms my heart.

"Yes i saw her that night, that's what drag me here, only you could make her cry. She need this "i love her so much that it hurts to know she is not okay. It hurts to miss her everyday.

"But how ?"i asked because my brain had stopped functioning.

"Make her angry, that is the last option she needs to let it out, and it is your call to think how. You are the soul reason of this mess deal with it. Tomorrow is alya's engagement I want you to come there"

"But what about Mr. Murthy, he would never let me do something, you don't know how much he hates me"my voice broke down maybe i was on the verge of tears but i controlled.

"Leave that on me and i choose to be quite that doesn't mean i don't know anything, i know everything, every bit of it because its related to my daughter" Her voice held a hint of sadness,

"So are you ready to forgive me ?"i asked

"Not yet, but i want to give you an another chance because nandini needs it and don't make me regret on my decision "she broke down, tears came out from her eyes.

"Give me my daughter back manik"she cried.

"I will do what ever it takes, trust me "

"Earn it "she said sternly

"I will, thank you so much"she nodded, i know whatever was gonna come in my way, was not going to be easy but i have already faced the worst, and i know i have to stay strong. She left my cabin with a hope in her eyes i feared losing her trust this time. My nandini is going through so much because of me. A tear roll down my cheek.

I drive straight to my home, the only problem with my home was, she won't be there, that's my own damn fault though, my mind went back to her mother's words. A chill ran down my back and over my entire body, I don't know how to expect from her to forgive me, when i have done so much with her. I don't know what i will do now, i don't have any idea.

"Make her angry or cry "her mother's words echoed in my ear. I closed my eyes, reminded myself i could do this i snatched the tears from her eyes, only i can give them back or i will...! I am going bring my love back i waited enough !


The house was covered with flowers and entwined lights. Making it more beautiful. Dinner tables laid in the backyard area of the house. Flawlessly complimented the other things. Admiring the pretty ambience, i walked in with the heavy yet content heart. I don't know what I was going to do today, but i hope it won't make everything worst.

My eyes fell on her, She was wearing a red heavy lehenga and blouse.

The lehenga was in deep colour of red with golden embroidery to it... making it look heavenly beautiful with her skin tone matching to it...

Her hairs tied in a bunn with two strands in front curled up falling on each side of her face... Her eyes shaded in smokey make up with the red lipstick on her pouty luscious lips.

And the heavy jewelry... The neck piece, the heavy yet beautiful earrings and those bangles with the colour of her mehndi which was dark black.

It was making her look breathtakingly beautiful. I forgot to breath, i admired her beauty. But her eyes still held pain her smile was fake my heart ache to see her like this so lonely.

Nandini's p.o.v.

Manik stared at me with a blank face and eyes full emotions. There was something different in his eyes as if he was going to do something, i hope he won't do something i already have enough going on in my life.

"Nandu lets go ceremony is about to start"my cousin pulled me, i tore my eyes away from him.

"Nandu give avni to me alya needs you "amma said and i handed avni to her. I moved towards di, she looks beautiful in her pink and green sari.

"Nandu everything will be okay right, i am nervous"she muttered under her breath.

"It will be di lets go"i held her by shoulders and we move towards the altar.

Dhurv held her hand, i wish this both won't turn out like us, love is such a difficult thing in this whole world. Di's eyes held so many emotions in them love, happiness, and lot of. I wish i could've feel the same. Dhurv slid the ring in her hand, she did the same. I looked towards appa his face held no emotions he hasn't forgive alya di yet. I should talk to him. My thoughts broke when i found lights off and manik standing there alone.

[COLOR=PINK]"Oh dil se dil ka rishta juda
Pal do pal mein mitta nahi
Bandhan dilo ka tutta nahi"[/COLOR]

I felt weak on my knees the moment his voice fell in my ears. His voice bought the old memories back in my life.

[COLOR=PINK]Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hain
In aankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain Tere dil ka mere dil se
Rishta purana hai[/COLOR]

His voice reminded me the day he sang for the first time and i realised my love for him. I don't think i can stay more here, i couldn't think straight. Memories haunting me, playing behind my eyes each time i close them.

[COLOR=PINK]Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas hain mujhko sun[/COLOR]

He came towards me, his eyes bore into mine. My heart sank in my shoes. His eyes held every emotion in them love, care concern. But His love, care, concern its a lie, a big Lie. I won't let myself fall for him. Not again, not this time.

[COLOR=PINK]Main jo saath tere hu phir tujhe hain kaisa gam
Dard baat lenge ham sun[/COLOR]

He sang cupping my face in his palms. No this isn't going to happen. I have spent enough days crying or screaming for him, not any more. I don't have energy in me to fight with it.

[COLOR=PINK]In palko mein khushiyo ka sapna sajana hain
Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hain[/COLOR]

I moved away from him. I wanted to ran away from him. My mind really doesn't believe him but my heart still does, i hate myself for this. I'd nothing but a heart break since the day i stepped into this marriage, i wish i wouldn't have choose to give in, i would have never marry him, it was a Curse for me. And i curse myself for marrying a Devil.

[COLOR=PINK]Kaise main batau yeh tera is tarah rona
Dekha nahi jaata hain sun[/COLOR]

I didn't realise when a lone tear escaped from my eye, he wiped it softly. This isn't happening haven't i cried enough for him. For a moment i fantasize what it would have been like, if i would have behaved selfish that day, i would've choose dhurv over him. My life would've something else, i wouldn't have fallen for him but me and dhurv we never had what me and manik have, the passion and intensity i feel with him, i never felt with someone else but the pain he gave to me was more than love.

[COLOR=PINK]Shaam jab dhalti hain subah muskurati hain
Khushbuye lutati hain sun
Udaasi ke lamho mein hamein muskurana hain[/COLOR]

He sang placing his forehead on mine, his gaze and touch drive me crazy and insane. I felt like a sharp knife lodged in my chest each time i try to catch my breath, his voice piercing my ears.

Stop it, stop that damn voice "my subconscious yelled at me but it wasn't in my control. But I'm not gonna cry over him again and again its enough we had enough.

[COLOR=PINK]Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hain
In aankho se har aansu
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain
Mujhko churana hain[/COLOR]

I knew this would happen, i was aware of it he'll again broke me into pieces. If he wasn't here i could handle myself but i can't at least not in front of him. I'd to calm myself down i cannot let myself break.

I won't let him win over me. I wouldn't let him broke my walls.

"Nandini wait "i heard him calling me, i need to escape. I couldn't let him see me crying for him. I will go away. I rushed towards my room, climbing the stairs as fast as i could, i can feel my stinging but i refuse to cry, not now at least. Not in front of him.

I couldn't, wouldn't let him see me crying for him once again. I opened the door of my room with a sudden jerk.

Manik's p.o.v.

I ran towards her "stop right there manik, you aren't going anywhere" mr murthy blocked my way.

"Please don't not today for one time "i pleaded

"No way you have done enough damage today, now get out "he said sternly

"Yash let him go "mrs murthy came to my rescue.

"Meera have you lost it ! I wont let him go near her, haven't you seen her condition"

"Manik i said move go , yash came with me "she dragged him with her, he tried to protest but she wouldn't budge. I ran towards her.

Nandini's p.o.v.

I heard him following me, i know he is behind me, i tried closing the door the minute i came in but i couldn't lock it. Not that i have the energy i left it open in a second or so he came after me, opening the door with a loud thud. I need to get away, escape to the past memories. I don't want to see him, talk about it, why can't he just leave me alone.

"Nandini listen to me, for once"

"No get out, leave me alone. It was my fault i shouldn't have let you come near me, but now i won't get out"i yelled

"No I'm not going anywhere" he held my hand i pushed him away

"Dare you to touch me, I hate you with all my hearts, i never hated someone this much trust me just go okay i can't stand in front of you, your presence is such a curse for me"

"You don't mean it, you don't"

"I do mean it with every fibre in my body"

"No you still love me, you always loved me doesn't matter how many times, I've hurt you, let you down still u always loved me. There will be one day you'll come back to me in my arms, that is what you always do "

"Don't okay, I'm not the puppet of your hands. You treated me like shit, u make mistakes than push me away from you, than keep coming back to me begging for forgiveness what i am for you answer me ? What the shit place i hold in your life ? Where the f**k you were when i needed you the most ? Give me the damn answer, you're nothing but a toxics for me"

"You don't have any damn place in my life, Your my life damn it. My world revolves around you only. You always knew i was a toxics a Devil right, i warned you in the starting haven't i ? Answer me than why didn't you left me, you should have left me but u didn't . You always knew how aggressive, impulsive i was right than, you stayed by my side why ?"

"Because i was a dumb head, a fool who believed i could change you, i should have left you that day when you said you were the curse, i should have left you that day when you first asked for assurance about dhurv, i should have left you the night you asked me i was a virgin or not, tell me one thing what if i wasn't a virgin you would have throw me out of your life. Am i right or i am right ?"

"No you're wrong, absolutely wrong. I don't know what got into me i asked that but i wanted to be the first person who will touch you, who will make you feel special, i would kill the person if he'll touch you. i started loving you like a crazy person i couldn't think about anything but you, the love was in my nerves. But that doesn't mean i would have throw you out my life, no, never. Or if i wanted still i can't i would rather prefer dying than leaving you or throwing you out of my life"

"You never trusted me, never listen to me. Even never shared any damn thing with me you keep assuming things about me. I'll do this, I'll do that"

"You always knew i cannot trust someone, i needed assurance. You should have understood it the day i drag you with me when we were in mall and you met dhurv, i was scared f**king scared what if you'll leave me because of him. What if you'll choose him over me. I always knew i don't deserve you he was the correct person for you. I feel jealous of him. I wanted to be the person you love, who would make you smile, laugh. The person you'll call when u need someone. I started hating him i feel like killing that bas***d for making me feel like shit, but it was not him it was me, i always knew that its me but i can't help it i was in madly, deeply love with you, i couldn't stop myself but from start you were aware of my jealousy and insecurities and about dhurv alya's relationship as well but you never choose to tell me why ? If you would have told me before than things could have been something else with us but you didn't, was it a right thing to do ? But still I am so sorry about my behaviour what i could do for you ?"

"That shows how much you trust me. You always do it, u make mistake hurt me than beg for the forgiveness. But this time i give shit about your apology "

"No you don't, you still care for me, you love me with every part of your body. You just don't want to admit it"

"No i don't we are over admit it" I tried desperately to stop my tears but i can't. They fall mercilessly from my eyes.

"Every damn thing is possible in this world but this, its impossible we love each other more than we love ourselves accept it "he yelled on me.

"I won't never ever, you don't know what i have gone through because of you, it was a hell "i retorted

"I've gone through the same, even worst than you. Mom, mukti your parents family every damn person supported you. I wasn't having anyone by my side who would listen to me, every single person hated me. I have shed zillion tears because of all this, silent tears you can't imagine how it feels. Because you always have someone by your side be it alya, mukti, mom, your parents they stood by you. Its not like i m complaining trust me I'm not but your not the only one who suffered"

"Was it all my fault you didn't let your ego come between us. You just believed every damn thing i said, you should have come to me and ask me what the f**k I'm doing, lash out on me the way you always do but you didn't, you came to know i never slept with someone else still you kept yourself quite. You never told me about your deal with mom moreover you never told me you've complications in your pregnancy . You don't have any idea what kind of hell i go through when i watched you in that damn condition every nerve of my body was paining that time, i was blamed for the shit i never did, why always me ? Why the f**k everyone hates me, be it you or my family or other world. I don't deserve love ? Why what kind of crime i have committed ? Give me the damn answer " he added further.

"You guys made a deal on me how i am suppose to react on this ? My mother and wife made a deal on me what i was a f**king business contract? No one praised me the good things i have done in my life, everyone sees the bad qualities i have as if they are so damn perfect in there own life"he continued.

"It wasn't a deal she just didn't want me to accept you" i defended myself

"Why she doesn't want you to accept me, what wrong i have done to deserve this tell me ?" I wasn't having answers of his questions, i never thought in this way.

"You guys do nothing for me and expect from me to behave great and in love with you all, why should i ?"he kept going on and on.

"Was it my fault my mother choose to hide everything from me ? Was it my fault my parents, they don't get along ? What was my fault in this my dad did all that death or accident drama ? Still you all hate me like anything, you all have make me suffer like shit, but did i said something, i never complaint about anything whatever you throw at me. You just expect a lot from me but never gave any damn thing to me. Why the hell i should care about them who doesn't give a shit about me, the person who hates me, why you expect from me to behave good with them when i know they hates me like anything, if i m a devil than you all are no saint if you deserve to be happy why can't i ? " He hissed, his eyes were stormy and deep, full of anger, the angriest i have ever seen.

"I don't have any answers for you, but you have punished me enough for someone else deed was it a right thing to do?"

"That is why i am doing all this, i have done enough for you haven't i ? what else you more want from me tell me, I'm not a mind reader we need to talk or sort it out, we can go through this. No one is perfect same goes with me"

"I don't want to talk about it, nothing is left "

"Here is the problem you are behaving like nothing is left, when there is so much. You behave like your the only one who suffered, ask me i have suffered more all my life you suffered for a year or so but what about me, those were the happy moments of my life when i was with you other than i have suffered in my life than but you just gave up on everything. Your not the same nandini i fall for she was full of life, a fighter but your someone else i want my old nandini back, think for once every one has suffered in a way or another it is life bad timings are part of the life but its over, so forgot and move on" I was at loss for words. He was right but i don't want to admit that.

"Its not that easy the way you think, i can't do this i don't have energy. I want to give up "

"I won't let you tell me what you want"

"Right now i want you to leave me alone, get out"

"I'm not leaving you alone, not this time, you just have to give us a another chance"

"I don't want to, there is no us it was you only you, i am no where"

"Bull shit, you know that you can't do anything without me, you need me in a way or other. We both need each other"

"I don't need you "

"You do because you love me accept it"

"I never said i loved you, i don't love you. Your assuming shitty things. Now get out leave me alone"

"Your so stubborn nandu, same as me that is why i love you or u love me"he smirked i felt like slapping him.

"Stop saying that"i said, i broke the vase it shattered into pieces.

"You love me if you don't than prove it" The guy has some audacity, i slapped him across the face, he smirked at me. He wasn't stunt by my slap. Which infuriated me even more.

"Here is the proof i don't love you, now out"i gripped the lamp shed, threw it away.

"Stop doing it you'll hurt yourself, just because you don't want to admit it you love me you're doing all this, you should admit it "i rewarded him with another slap

"I don't love you, i don't love you, i don't love you what part of this sentence you don't understand? " My temper was running short

"Stop screaming you do, you love me more than anything in this world"

"Stop it, stop saying that, what the hell does you want from me "

"I want you to cry, cry harder. And i want you to admit you love me"tears trail down from my eyes.

"You always do that to me, hurt me, make me cry, you love doing it to me but I'm not crying for you anymore "i wiped my tears harshly but they aren't going to stop doesn't matter how much i want them to stop.

"You love manik malhotra"i slapped him again and again. Blood came out from his mouth, trail down from the corner of his lips.

"Shut up, stop saying that how many times i have to tell you i don't love you"i said slapping his chest, pushing him away from me, but he wouldn't budge.

"You just have to say i love you, I'll shut my mouth"he held my hands tightly, i jerk them away.

"I don't and shut your mouth other wise i have my own ways, don't provoke me" I fisted his collar and spat out.

"Whatever still the status is same i love u, you love me. You just have to accept you need me, i own you, you're mine nandu only mine"i felt angry so damn angry, anger rushed in my veins i wanted to kill him right now...

"Say it one more time than watch me, i know how to shut your mouth its a last warning " He smiled despite the fact his face was swollen.

"You lov..."i didn't let him complete, i pulled him towards me, while clutching his hair in my fist and i bite his lips he was taken aback with this sudden attack but he held me more tightly from my waist and i pounced on him. I chewed his lips, as hard as i can. He held me tightly and pinned me against the wall. He replied with the equal passion he was chewing my lips and i was moaning helplessly in his mouth.

He locked his lips with mine, i dig my nails in his flesh. I thrust my tongue in his mouth, manik was holding me as tight as he can, i harshly bite his lip i was gasping for air i was breathless but i don't want to leave him. I sucked the blood from his lips. I pushed him away, gasping for air. Shock was plastered on his face.

"Is that what you want to here right ? I love you right than let me confess it yeah i do, with all my hearts and i hate myself for this"he doesn't say anything, i accused him for everything but i know i was wrong here, it wasn't entirely his fault. Part of me feels like I'm so harsh with him but another of me want to do this i need to let out this frustration.

"I have watched every ounce of faith, i'd on you died right in front of my own eyes. Still you expect from me to forgive you, love you back, give you another chance. This is too much for me whenever i try to moved on you always come up with something new, blow the shit on my face and I'm back on the square one. You're damn right i love you, i always did and i can't help myself i wont stop loving you ever but i don't have the energy in me, I'm tired broken in every way, you've broke me in every successful way and you can't fix it" Unwanted and the most wanted tears spill from my eyes.

"I know i did i won't force you for anything probably you'll find someone else to love you, i will be alone i deserve to be but no one could ever loved you the way i do, but perhaps the person can show you how or make you feel how it feels to be loved, because i don't know how it feels to be loved i can't show you. Doesn't matter how much i will try, I'm a gone case nandini you deserve someone else, i don't have anything to say i know you're done trying to fixing me. I should have let you go long time ago but i thought probably still there is some hope for me, a little hope but no, its nothing, i have nothing. My hands are empty, i won't say much to you just be happy and forgot me " He said in low voice almost inaudible, he looks completely and utterly defeated. The look of hurt on his face pained me, i couldn't deal with it.

"You should have let me go, you shouldn't have fight for me when i want you to fight for me. I really hate you for making me feel like crap and shit but i do love you, i still do and i hate myself for this but I LOVE YOU " i threw my arms around his body. It was so unlike anything I'd ever felt that it's difficult
to explain the feeling. There was
nothing for a moment - no me,
no him , not the world, no past, no
future, no existence at all. The entire
Universe seemed to have shrunk into
that moment - the present. He held me tightly in his arms, hugging me as tight as he can.

"Don't do that again" i whisper and buried my face in his chest.

"I won't, don't leave me again"he replied, I tried desperately to stop my tears but i can't. They fall mercilessly from my eyes. I sighed as I breathed in his scent deeply and closed my eyes against his chest. This was the best place in this world, the only place where I knew I could be myself. The only place where I was safe, for the time being. We broke the hug.

"I know i always do shitty things with you, i should treat you in a better way. But i just love you so much and i just ..i .. i don't know i can't explain it you. I know i broke your heart but let me fix it. I wouldn't dare to break it again. Just give me one chance to be with you its been a year we parted our ways but my love for you kept increasing every day doesn't matter how many times i tried to hate you. I just need one last chance. And i am sorry whatever i said a while ago it wasn't your fault i just wanted to make you angry that's all"he sobbed hard, that moment i pitied him i know i shouldn't but i never thought there will be some day i would see him like this. Crying like a child, begging for love, so vulnerable...

"No it wasn't a LIE everything you said was the truth only. Somewhere down the line it was my fault as well i kept things from you. I was aware about your insecurity and di and dhruv's relationship as well but i never choose to tell you. It was my fault. About the deal thing it wasn't entirely wrong but it was, at the some point it was injustice with you from the start whatever i did or said was the part of my deal only but i didn't realise when i fall for you. But i never faked something my love was true for you "

"I know it was you don't need to explain "

"Let me, let me complete please "i begged, he nodded.

"Since so long i was aware of it you never slept with that girl but i never confronted you, i lied to you about my complications as well. It was all my fault everything i wouldn't have felt guilty for all this if you wouldn't have choose to tell me about all this. I'm sorry, sorry for everything i just expected a lot from you without giving you anything i just ignoring my mistakes and you suffered because of them, i should have confronted you but i was so drained out, "i couldn't complete my voice broke.
I wanted to tell him more, how i feel about him. No one is innocent in this world. Not even me i played the damn victim card here without realising about my share of mistakes. I lowered my head, sobbed hardly.

"Shh its okay i don't want to hold it against you. Even i was at the fault i cannot expect from you forgive me or give me another chance if i won't choose to forgive you. That's what is wrong we both us. We assume a lot about each other, we should confront each other. We both just leave each other's side when we should stand by each other's side. And this time I am not leaving you, we can work through this "he said softly, cupping my face in his palm. I couldn't believe he has forgiving me so early when i make him beg for my forgiveness. Tears spring to my eyes he wiped them softly.

"I'm sorry i shouldn't have done it with you. You should not forgive me so early when i treated you like shit, you begged for my forgiveness. Here your forgiving me so early, without any complaints,tell me what to do for your forgiveness i will do whatever it takes to make you fogi..."he kept his hand on my lips,

"Don't please let me complete please" he removed his hand from my mouth. I kneel in front of him.

"What are you doing nandini"

"Let me do this please, if you are not perfect than I'm no better than you. I should have confronted you but i make deal on you. You're right no one praised you for the good things you have done in your life, and I'm one of them manik. But I'm so sorry for all this, i should have confronted you what was stopping me my ego ? God knows what it was, i always blamed you for everything. You blamed yourself as well when you wasn't at the fault. It wasn't your fault i took the blame on my head for that drug case it wasn't your fault when those goons attacked me. Still you blamed yourself. I'm sorry for expecting a lot of things from you. For making you feel like it was entirely your fault i did nothing. You suffered all alone when everyone was on my side. Tell me what to do more for you i will do whatever it takes to make it up for you. You played your part and earned my forgiveness now its my turn just tell me what you want from me "i begged, both of us was wrong here it wasn't entirely his fault. I want to show him we are equal, I am no better than him no where near perfection. He hasn't spoken a word as he continued to study my face.

"Say something manik please"he kneeled beside me.

"I don't want you to do anything, its okay. We won't get anything from this chasing each other. We have to forgive each other nandini and we have to move on from this, you realised its enough for me and I'm too selfish to let you go away from me not this time. So we should start a new life tell me do you still love me "tears spill from my eyes, doesn't matter how many time he wiped them but i know they aren't going to stop at least not today.

"Of course i do, i always did"

"Than say it, i want to hear it from you"

"I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"i said softly, it was strangely beautiful me confessing my love, because i never confess it.

"Once again" he demanded.

"I love you, i always did, i love no one only you"a smiled played on his lips.

"Last time please"

"Oh god i love you, and i can't be without you i want no one but you. I love you a lot and I"he didn't let me complete, he slammed his lips with mine. His fingers press on to my arms, my hand went through his hair. We kissed and we kissed like there is no tomorrow. It was so wild, passionate in its own way, it feels so awesome to have him back again in my life. I was content. I kissed him with every bit of my energy and breath.

We broke the kiss, panting hard. He hugged me so tightly. It was like visiting home after so long he was my home. I bury my face into his chest. His hearts beats so fast i could hear his heart beat.

"I love you "we both said together and broke the hug.

"You won't leave me again"

"Never, you won't hurt me again"

"Never i swear to you"he said, pulling me towards him.

"Manik make love to me, i want to feel you "i demanded, he spun me in his arms, dropped me on the bed.

"We aren't going to do something like that, our relationship was never been based on physical needs. It is more and we both aren't ready for this. We should take it slow" he said kissing my forehead, he voice was so calm full of peace.

"Though i would love to do it again and again with you "he teased, i smacked his chest. He burst out laughing.

"But i love you thousands times more than i lust for you so we can wait" he confessed, i felt overwhelmed by his confession.

"And if you want to feel something, feel it "he said and bought my hand near his heart,

"It belongs to you, my heart, my soul everything belongs to you, take them they are yours" i felt his heartbeat running wild in his chest, as if telling me how happy he was, how much he loves me. I kissed his heart. He smiled at me. I didn't want either of us to speak or ruin it. I snuggled more into him, closing my eyes, the feeling was so amazing. I felt content like nothing could harm me. That is how we both are so crazy for each other. Probably we are same in a way or poles apart in another way. But it was like finding a missing piece of my soul. It was like i found my home after so long.

Writer's pov - No one is innocent in this world. And one person can't be entirely wrong its not possible. There is a saying "taali kabhi ek hath se nahi bajti"so true we all are same, you cannot blame one person for everything. That is how we all are full of mistakes. But you have to forgive others if you expect from them to forgive you. Don't make them beg for you because there will be one day you'll be on there place asking for the same thing you never gave. Every coin has two side and every story has two parts. Try to find what was your mistake in all this.

Pheww it was so damn long mahn i bet my money you must have never think in this way, few of them did wese, but it is my work to show you different things. I know i am so shitty when it comes to romance but koi na at least i can try hmm 3 more parts i will miss writing devils bride its my favourite i love when u call me Writer of devils bride. It just feel so amazing anyways do comments or i won't take long for next update but you have to comment for it

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puzzz Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Just one word... Wow

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Sweetsuraiya2 Senior Member

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Woww.. It was just superb, awsome & amazing update dear... Finally they forgive each other...       MaNan is back together & forever..

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