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#6 Devil's Bride Manan Ff epilogue on page 62 (Page 23)

noor.21 Senior Member

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Please update.

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please  update  Smile
Aashna_chawla Goldie

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Guyz i know i was suppose to update tonight and i will do but i guess late night 1, 2, 3 am pta nh because i m stuck with it i will surely update i m working on it par time lgega mid night update hi possible h so don't wait

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taher1991 Newbie

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Update soon yaar 
Aashna_chawla Goldie

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Nandini's p.o.v.

"Nandini, where is avni ?"manik's voice bought me out from my trance.

"Oh god manik i forget about her, she's with alya di let me bring her"

"Okay bring her, I'm waiting"I nodded and dashed outside to bring my baby.

"Nandu thank god you came, i was going to come to you I can't handle her more and you know that how I'm with babies"Di said with a sad face.

"Its okay I'm sorry I forget about her, good night di"she handed me her

"Good night nandu take care"she smiled at me. I found manik lying on his stomach, waiting for us both.

"We are here"I announce my presence. i handed him his little bundle of joy, his eyes shined with happiness, smile played on his lips.

"Hey love how are you, did you miss me, u know i missed you a lot "He said to her she stared at him. He held her in my arms. He stared at her, studied her face thousands time just to make sure, she's is here with him. He dropped a kiss on her forehead. I can read his face like an open book, it says how happy he is to get us back in his. life.

"Why did you name her avni manik ?"

"Avni means Earth, World and she is my world, I'm in her world"his world indeed and I want to belong in it.

"And what about me ? "He grins at me,

"You're the inseparable part of our world, without you we both are incomplete. You're the soul of my world"he softly pecked on my lips. I'm taken absolutely consumed by him. We fought hard for each other and lost nearly every battle that was thrown in our way. First i fought for him when i gave up he picked up my battles and fought for me. At last we won.

"What are you thinking"his voice snaps me out from my trance.

"I missed you a lot"I whisper.

"I've missed you both more than you could ever know"he said and tore his eyes away from me. His voice betraying the emotion he's trying to hard.

"I'm sorry because of me you were away from her"

"We aren't going back to that apology conversations, what happens, happens. Forget about it"He scold, his tone mild and gentle. The surge of emotion i feel in this second is almost impossible to describe.

"From now on leave everything on me, and lets start fresh with each other" I nodded. He smiled and pulled me in his warm embrace. I sighed as I breathed in his scent deeply and closed my eyes against his chest. This was the best place in this world, the only place where I knew I could be myself. The only place where I was safe, for the time being. He dropped a kiss on my forehead than on his daughter's forehead. I broke the hug. I put avni on my shoulder, I cradle her in my arms.

"She sleeps a lot"he pouted. I chuckled
"You're daughter is only one month old, and little baby sleeps a lot" after 15 minutes she's fast asleep. I put her in cradle.

"Come here" He pulled me in his embrace, The moment where we both are in each others arms, I'm in his embrace, he laughs like a child are the moments that makes all the hell we have put each other through worth every second. Moments like this blanket me from the harsh reality of how our relationship was...
All the obstacles that still lie in front of us, but i care less about them when I'm in his arms.

"Manik"I called him.


"You should have tell me about this before. Everything about you"

"I wasn't suppose to tell you today as well and i don't know from where it came, it just came out from me"He confessed in low voice, his voice almost inaudible.

"And you don't need to feel guilty for all this you didn't tell me because i didn't let you, my behavior was so harsh towards you"He said and sigh.

" "Does it hurt, I'm sorry, its still bleeding"i said touching his wound, he winced little. The skin was open cut and won't stop bleeding. I almost forget about his wound.

"No it doesn't, I'm okay"he smiled

"Let me treat it first"I moved away and searched for first aid. After a minute, I joined him back on the bed holding first aid kit in my hand. I dabbed the cotton in antiseptics and slowly applied it on his wound.

"Ouch it paining "he hissed

"Manik don't move and it will pain just a minute more"I scold while applying more pressure on his wound.

"Kitni zor se mara h muje, training li h kya tumne sumo wrestling ki"I smacked his chest, he laughed.

"Done or ha muje tricks bhi aati h dikhau "I said through my teeth.

"No way aj ke liye itna kafi hai"I kept first aid kit on the place.

"I bought something for you"He pulled out a box from his pocket.

"Actually I never gave something to you so i just felt like. Hope you like it"He opened the box, and i glance at the ring, its a beautiful ring with two heart and diamonds craved on it.

Manik's p.o.v.

"Its beautiful make me wear it"she said, I pulled my hand, and slid the ring in her finger.

"I love you"I kiss her knuckles.

"I need you in my life"I kiss her eyes.

"You owe my existence, Come back to me"I kiss her little nose.

"I can't lose you again, you belongs to me only"I dropped a kiss on her forehead. My each kiss holds a confession and emotions. The emotion is LOVE.

"I need you, my world, heart and soul need you back"I kiss on her both cheek. Her eyes are closed, face flushed.

"Marry me"I propose, she widen her, clearly surprise by my proposal.

"What we are already married"

"Yeah officially divorced too"

"You believe in that divorce thing"

"No i don't but still it was forced marriage, we both were forced into this. I want to see you in Bride's dress, waiting for me to come and take you away. I want to take those marriage vows and fulfill them. I'm still the same Devil but I want you to be my bride. Devil's Bride, will you be my Bride ? Will you marry me?"

"Oh my god, yes I will marry you"she throws her arms around me, hugging me tightly.

"We both are crazy, one minute we fight with each other and another minute we are romancing with each other "she whisper

"That's what makes us special"i snuggle more into her. I'm happy actually I'm overwhelm, on cloud nine, world is in my feet and I'm on sky. She here with me after all this time, in my arms. Smiling, teasing, laughing. I broke the hug and I kissed on her lips.

I can taste our tears, her and mine as well, on my lips. I wrap my arm around her waist, pulling her more close to me. It was a feverish and emotional kiss, tears came out from her eyes i kept kissing her. All this while I longed for her touch on my body. I take in every moment of her, dominating her lips, teasing her tongue in my own way. All the pain we felt, we both let it out. I always knew she would forgive me, we always find a way to be with each other. She was mine the way i was her. We belonged to each other. I broke the kiss, gasping for air.

"Manik but appa"she blurt

"Leave everything on me, you have cried enough today now no more tears."i said while wiping her tears.

"Come here"I said, she came near. i hug her as tight as i can, Having her in my arms this way is more satisfying than any other luxury or thing in this world. Just having her here, near my heart overwhelms my senses. My heart is stole by this woman, she didn't just steal it. She found it, my heart is discover by her only, I never it exist in my body but she found it and stole it from me, now i don't want it back. My heart doesn't want to leave her side and it will never, ever leave her side.

"We are really doing this, I mean getting back to each other ? I can't believe this"

"Neither can I, if its a dream than i don't want to wake up"i said holding her beautiful face in my palms. I dropped a kiss on her forehead.

Yash' p.o.v.

"Meera what is wrong with you, why you let manik go"I question.

"We need to talk yash,first listen to me"she spoke.

"Talk ? About what? Don't tell me, you want me to give him an another chance"I cant believe this. I never expected this from her.

"Let me get this straight, I want to give manik an another chance because nandini needs him"She said, her voice stern.

"I honestly can't believe this, your saying this to me. Last time it was only you who supported me, and she doesn't want anything to do with him and I don't think she should ever speak to him again"I snapped at her.

"Okay ...and exactly what do you think she should do?"

"Moving on we could get her married again"

"Okay so are you sure the person is going to love her and avni as well ?And he won't hurt her ever"No I'm not, but any one not manik.

"I don't know meera but what he did is pretty unforgivable. He humiliated her because of him nandini suffered enough"And there is no way I'm giving him an another chance.

"And you want to give him an another what if he'll again do something.. you don't know how it feels, ask me. The guilt is too heavy and i don't want you to carry it"

"He won't, can't you see the love in his eyes for nandini ? And she needs him. You have never done a mistake in your life yash ? This relationship was based on forced marriage. It was bound to happen but he realised"

"Don't give me that it was bound to happen or forced marriage thing I have gave him enough chances. Not anymore "You don't know meera how i feel because of me, she suffered with all this. It kills me to see my nandu in this condition. And i don't trust someone not even myself, i let her down but i don't want to give her more pain and manik is such a curse for her. I can't forgive him because i can't forgive myself I'm the soul reason. I couldn't protect my nandu, i failed myself as a I'm not a perfect father. Don't do it again trust me the guilt is too heavy ask me i know how it feels. I don't want you to feel it" I make many mistakes. Many mistakes. I'm not a perfect father. I admit to myself . I admit to the things that Ive done wrong. I admit it.

"I know that feeling yash, i was there as well i could have stop it but i didn't as it was bound to happen. I'm not some perfect mother, perfect parents and humans doesn't exist, first forgive yourself yash i want you to accept manik whole heartily, Because our nandu needs him"

"I don't trust that man meera"

"Than don't let him earn but at least give him a chance"

"What if will repeat this"

"She isn't your four years old nandu yash. The little you adopted let her go and live her life. You cannot protect her every time. Some Things are bound to happen let her face, Like so much in life reality does not match the theory, nor the vision so what is bound to happen will happen"

"Let me think, if nandu can"

"You have to"

"I failed her meera"

"You haven't, trust me but we don't have control over things yash learn from it and i want you to forgive alya as well for how long you're going to hold it against her?"

"Everything happens because of her"

"Stop it yash, this blame isn't going to work its been a year, you never spoke to her. Can't you see the longing in her eyes ? I know whatever she did was wrong but for how long you want to punish her. At least talk to her, give her a chance to explain."

"I wish i could erase whatever happen"I sighed deeply

"No one can loose yourself yash before it goes out of hand, talk to them"she said and left the room, leaving me with my guilt and anger.

Nandini's p.o.v.

His soft lips brushed against my temple, leaving sweet tender kisses. I moaned and buried myself more in his chest.

"Wake up love"he said, softly.

"No let me sleep manik"

"Come on sleepy head get up, Its 9 a.m. "he whisper and kisses me again. I woke up with a jerk.

"Manik 9 a.m. its too late why didn't you wake me up."i panic.

"Don't panic its okay now get up, I'm here with avni, now go and take shower you need it"he said, his tone is mild. I nodded and move towards washroom. I turned the shower on hot water warms my senses.

Last night i slept so peacefully. It was a peaceful and deep slumber more than any I had in a long time. It was like finally I'm back to my home, having his body entwined with mine and my face buried in his chest, is everything I want.

I turned off the faucet, I slip into my dress and came out, he's still here playing with his daughter. He smile at me, I removed my braid and brushed my hairs. I felt manik's hand on my waist, he snuggle more into me, pulling me towards him.

"I miss this, waking up with you"he said kissing while my shoulder.

"See how perfect we look"he continued his assaults on me. I glance at the mirror and the reflection of him kissing me on neck is magical, the feeling is awesome. My cheeks slightly flushed.

"Manik leave me, You need a shower, you stink"i pushed him away from me.

"You still suck at romance and I don't have clothes"he murmurs, I roll my eyes at him.

"Wait here "I moved outside. After 5 minutes I came back with rishab's clothes.

"Have it"i said while handling him. He grabbed them

"Go now "i ordered, he rolls his eyes at me.

"Fine going"he sighed and made his way for washroom.

Sorry i know that this is not up to the mark my romance sucks. Or ab happy ending h toh mushy mushy type ka hi will come uo soon with next update, and i know I'm so f**ked up in romance. But still at least i can try two more updates to go i can't believe I'm going to complete this ff

P.s. - one night stand is one the way working on it will drop an update in a day or two.

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No...its not boring romance. ...its sweet cute romance between husband and wife. ...I knw its nt easy for u bt we also need some muchy stuff...
Anyways it was superb update...family time with avni was cute...superb

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nice update.. I like nandu parents specially her mom she is very understanding after so long time manan are happy. Thanx for d update yaar.. Waiting for one stand also

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chinnichitti Groupbie

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nice update.. I like nandu parents specially her mom she is very understanding after so long time manan are happy. Thanx for d update yaar.. Waiting for one night stand also

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