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Abhishek Prem Mehra, The Rockstar

Hottie Abhishek Prem Mehra is actually more popularly known as Abhi Mehra, India's biggest rockstar. His life surrounded around his music, Daadi, Aliyah and Purab. There was no space for anyone else...until he got married to Professor Pragya Arora...

But lets just rewind to this past one year. Just like always, our Rockstar was a little late in realizing he truly did have more than just "friendly" feelings for his wife. What followed after was a turmoil of trying to keep Tanu's pregnancy a secret, trying to figure out ways of making Pragya stay and ultimately, parting ways with the latter. Until she returns 20 days later in this bold, new avatar with a sassy attitude. 9 months from that point, he's still just as confused as to whether Pragya is the same person who used to love him. He's tried very hard to hate her and forget her, but what can we say, the boy is lovestruck pretty hard. 

Aside from remaining confused about what to do, Abhi loves writing dirty lyrics for his upcoming songs, talking to his Fuggy doll, wearing skull tees, getting scared by bhoots, spending quiet time just strumming on his guitar, and most of all, nok-jhoking on the most craziest of things with his partner-in-crime, his Mugambo...er, Chashmish...no, Fuggy?...someone help Abhi figure it out!!

Pragya Abhishek Mehra

Pragya always wanted a practical life with a practical guy; unlike her sister, she didn't really believe in romance or finding this "dreamy guy." But when she got married to Abhi Mehra, you could call her life anything but practical! The first year of their marriage on the show was full of misunderstandings. 

But within this past year...we've had a new set of them! While Pragya eventually completely fell for her husband, she decided it was only appropriate to step aside when she realized his girlfriend was pregnant. And she took all extreme steps to make sure they would end up together before departing MM once and for all. Until she overheard that Taaliyah have been messing with them; Tanu is in fact pregnant with someone else's child, but is using this opportunity to separate Abhigya forever. And so, Pragya returns back to MM on Tabhi's wedding to take revenge on all the sufferings she has faced because of the selfish residents within this house. Oh, and to expose Taakhil. 

Since Daadi is the mastermind of this plan, Pragya decided to keep all her plans a secret from Abhi until the truth is exposed. 11 months in, and we're still waiting! She's faced some of the hardest obstacles while trying to bring out the truth, but our girl is a fighter. Our advice: Just tell Abhi the truth and fight those bad guys together, babe! 

Bulbul Arora Khanna

Unlike her sister, Bulbul has always been an outspoken dreamer. She always wanted romance, a marriage based on love. Which she finally found in Purab Khanna, after many small, but coincidental misunderstandings between them. She is never shy to speak up her mind, whether its her witty conversations with "Jeeju" or her snarly bickerings with Aliyah. For her, its always been family first-especially her sister. As of right now, her whereabouts are unknown, her last appearance being the day she fell off the cliff in attempts to commit suicide after a tragic accident. Bulbul, we miss you! 

Purab Khanna 

Purab is the one character, besides Aliyah, who knows exactly how Abhi has struggled to achieve the fame and success he has today. He is always with the Rockstar through thick and thin, even if the latter doesn't always know. While he was expected to fall in love with Abhi's younger sister, destiny had someone else written for him, and it was none other than Pragya's spunky younger sister, Bulbul. After months and months of waiting, Rabul finally did get married. Besides the Arora sisters, Purab actually has a cordial/loving relationship with all the characters of the show. In fact, nowadays, its hard to decipher whether he's BFFs with Abhi or Pragya. 

Daadi is the head of the Mehra Family. Having lost his younger son and daughter in law in an accident, she was broken. But it didn't let her stop from raising her son's two kids. She never let them feel the absence of their parents. She made Abhi a hardworking and responsible brother. She was also the one who chose Pragya for Abhi judging that she would understand and support Abhi no matter what. She loves Pragya like her own granddaughter sometimes more than Abhi.

Sarla Maa

She won't take a minute to slap someone who has done wrong to her "Beta-ji." Even if that beta-ji is no longer her daughter's husband and is now getting married to his long-term girlfriend. Sarla Maa, remember, you've got Purab too!!


What started out a stab to her pride, when Purab rejected her, is now an obsession that has crossed all limits. While her relationship with her brother started out as one of the strongest on the show, it slowly shattered into pieces when she realized he no longer wants to play her games. And in an instant, she forgot everything that he has done for her. Out of all the villians, she has the sharpest mind and will go to every extent to get what she wants. Though she's not very successful, but I do have to applaud her sneaky attempts. Oh, and last but not the least, she's an amazing dresser! 

She's still here. And she's still third-wheeling Abhigya. And she's still pregnant...or is she? Can we get a confirmed answer, because some of us are still wondering? But nevertheless, its a character we love to hate, thanks to the wonderful actress Leena!

Akaash Mehra

Can't believe this was the same guy who started out as a jerk, one who had cheated his girlfriend and was willing to walk away from her and get married off to a rich girl. It took him a public exposure to change, but when he did, he never looked back! He managed to win everyones' heart and forgiveness, including his wife Rachna. He's now a proud father of Bittu!! And a huge Abhigya shipper, if you've seen his reactions in the background during their scenes together. 

Rachna Mehra 

She could be considered a huge factor in bringing Abhigya together. Because of her, Pragya first walked into MM and exposed Rockstar's family, leaving that forever-long impression in Abhi's mind. After turning him down multiple times, she finally forgave Akaash and they got married. She's still trying to win Tayi-ji's acceptance. She is now a vital member of Team Prada, trying to help in getting Tanu exposed. 

Mithali Bhaabi

The most confusing character of them all. She can either ask some of the most vital questions at crucial times in the storylines, or she can frustrate you to no extent! A character we all love to be annoyed with. 

Raj Bhaiyya

He's always been somewhat mysterious. And that has definitely not changed. He no longer allies himself with Taaliyahakhil, and has publicly repented for going against Abhi. However, he's also managed to stay mum about all the secrets and proofs that he knows. Favorite quality of his-how he ignores Mithali Bhabhi's annoying tactics!


Abhi's chaachi who tries to hide her money-minded motives with a fake smile or concern. Yet everyone in the house pretty much knows what matters to her-paisa paisa paisa!


If you ever forget, he is Daadi's son! And he is actually always present in all the family scenes. He rarely gets any dialogues, but you can tell he's the softie between him and his wife. So far, no evil thoughts or doings have spurred from him. 


He was a good guy who didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Though he never managed to develop any romantic feelings for Pragya, he always tried to be there for her as a good friend. Though he loved Bulbul, he never tried to come between Rabul or try to create any discord between them. And though he never liked Abhi, he tried his best to keep cordial with him, for Pragya


The one person on KKB who didn't take anyone's accusations lightly and decided to call it quits with everyone who believed she could do such a thing, including her own mother Jhanki. We're still awaiting her comeback with proofs to clean her image once and for all. 


She didn't stay very long on the show, but managed to leave an impact as the cute, flirty PA! Though she tried to help Abhi defeat Pragya in whatever plans he made, even she ended up shipping the two Embarrassed


Initially, no one was sure whether his promises to be by Pragya's side would be kept. But Ronnie turned out to be so crucial in the past few months! Not only did he add comic relief alongside Chanchan, but he managed to go to every extent to bring Taakhil's truth to the forefront. 


RoDaad, you've got to come back! We've been missing you're drunk dates with Abhi! Probably the most chilled out character on the show. She knows when to have fun and when to stand up for your family members (like how she stood of for Pragya during MMS time). 


She can be loud, but she's all heart. From the moment she stepped in, she's been shipping Abhigya. She introduced them to the "head-banging" tradition, something that stuck with Abhigya ever since. While its sad she doesn't have a role these days, its always nice to see her rapport with Abhi and her love for Pragya. 


He didn't look as evil as he's turned out to be. What was assumed to be his foolishness in trying to help Tanu just to win her and their baby back is now nothing like that! He, in fact, has his own game plan running on the side and he's actually in all this for his own selfish reasons. Question is, will the day come when he'll get caught and Shonali will be too busy to save him?


Who would have thought that Neil would be so essential to the story? I mean, sure he kidnapped and tried to kill Abhigya, all in hopes to get Bulbul one day (seriously, Neil?). But aside from that, he turned out to be just what the fairy godmother might have ordered! He brought Abhigya closer than ever in their relationship, culminating in Pragya finally confessing her feelings to Abhi. And it took Rockstar a while to figure out he loved her back, but even to this day, we get kidnapping track flashbacks...because those were the best days of their life! So thanks Neil-and come back soon. 


Who are we kidding, nothing could even dysfunctionally function without Robin! He is there for everyone, hears all's frustrations and yet manages to stay get all their jobs done! CVs, can we get an extended role on him? We'd like to know how Robin feels about living in one non-secured house with all the villains of Mumbai!


We have to see more of these kids! Especially Bittu! 

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Abhi and Pragya, two destiny children, with love called as Abhigya by many. Abhigya were played and tricked into a world where destiny had already written their fate.

A Rockstar who craves attention, being the eldest from siblings protects and gives love to family. A self-made man who decided to make his own destiny and become a singing sensation rockstar who everyone would become a fan of but unknown to him the girl who would become his destiny was never his fan or for his music.


A professor who is practical, reserved and believes in doing the right thing and would do anything for her loved ones even if it means sacrificing herself. Studious, loves to read books and being the eldest from siblings helps her mother with the marriage hall part time alongside being a professor in college.


Now you would be wondering how can these two get together who are poles apart.  There is a saying "Opposites attract" and this is exactly what is between these two.


How they met?

-          First meeting where Pragya falls of a bridge and lands in a river where Abhi is doing his ad and ends up saving Pragya mistaking her for a model and speaks the word of a soulmate without knowing she is his future soulmate and this leaves Pragya dreamy whilst they have a first eyelock with "Allah Waariyan" with a star behind them creating their destiny together.

"Yehi chahti thi na tum

Ki main tumhe kabhi akaele na chodoo?

Tum jahan bhi ho main peeche peeche chalaa aaon?

Toh lau main aa gaya 

Jin aakhon mein mujhe apnaa aanewala kal dikhaai deta ho, un aankhon ko bandh kaise ho jaane deta?

Jo mere liye bani ho, use kaise kuch ho jaane deta main? 

Jise dekh kar main apni duniya bhool jaaon use iss duniya sey kaise jaane deta main? 

Jin taaron nein hum donon kau milwaya hain na, un taaron sey bhi wapis le aata, utna pyar karta hoon, main tumhe..."

"Isn't this what you wanted

That I never leave you alone?

Wherever you go, I come behind you?

So, here I am.

The eyes in which I see my future, how could I let them shut?

The one who is made for me, how could I let something happen to her?

The one seeing whom I forget the world, how could I let her go out of this world?

I will bring you back from the stars if needed, the stars that brought us together- I love you so much.

If this is not called destiny then what is destiny?

Destiny continued to be their biggest cupid..."

Met few times after where they clashed and never saw an eye to eye. Abhi finding her curious and interesting. Pragya finding him annoying being always drawn to each other even then when one couldn't help herself and start bickering whilst the other he was feeling restless whenever the meeting occurs between the two, unknown to him the reason why is what you call fate is knocking your door.

Then life took a surprise turn. Elders who wanted them to get married, their siblings who brought them together indirectly and destiny was always being on Abhigya's side as they become Mr and Mrs.

Getting married into a misunderstanding was not an easy for either of them. They had ups and downs. Most importantly the undercurrent emotions continued growing day by day ever since they first met.  One was called "Suniye" and the other was known as "Chashmish".  Trying to hate but end up helping her, wanted her out of his life but never let her go.  He had no idea how observing his goodness she fell in love with and adored him. Gradually he learned her true nature, was emotionally attached and found her endearing all the more.

Then came a new change where Abhi gave her a new name for winning the challenge, "Fuggy". Finding her cute and a new dynamic is the reason for a lovable name. There were still ups and downs due to their siblings wanting Abhi's bestfriend which never came in favour for Pragya as misunderstanding were created. Even so the relationship between Abhigya grew stronger as Pragya got kidnapped.

Pragya getting kidnapped meant Abhi being restless inorder to feel the need to protect and keep her safe. Hence he kept her a roadside to find her and for few moments he did before he lost her again. The restless only grew. Once he found her they fought, ran, stole food for the other, played Holi, got beaten up, fell off a cliff together, took a bullet for the other, even to save the other took the bullet out finding a will to save them whilst they gave up. They lived and survived. So much they went through together whilst the final night was the night where Pragya dared to speak her heart as she thought it's either today or never.

"Suniye, main jaanti hoon us chithi mein kya likha hua tha, kyunki woh chithi maine likha tha aapke liye. Please kuch mat kahiyega. Warna main phir kuch nahi keh paongi.

Mere liye zindagi mein, sift do hi cheeze sabse zyada important thi. Ek meri maa aur doosri kitabein. Maa ne janam diya toh kitabon ne jeena sikhaya. Maa ne chalna sikhaya toh kitabon ne apne paav pe khada hona sikhaya. Donon se main bahut pyar karti hoon. Maa ki jagah koi le nahi sakta par kitabon ki jagah kisi ne ley li.

Aapko pataa hain? Zindagi mein kab aisa lagta hain jab ek hi pal mein aapko puri zindagi ki khusiyahn mil gayi ho. Jaise zindagi se jo kuch bhi maanga sab mil gaya ho. Zindagi ki har boring cheez interesting lagne lagi ho. Sau saal ki zindagi choti lagne lagi ho. Jab aap chalte chalte sochne lagte hain, sochte sochte chalne lagte hain, dimag aapka dil ki nahi sunta aur dil dimag ki nahi sunta, kuch samajh hi nahi aata. Jab kisi ki taqleef mein aasu aa jate ho aur kisi aur ki khushi mein hothon par hasi, maine bhi aisa mehsoon kiya hain. Kayi baar socha ke dil ki baat keh du. Kabhi himmat nahi hoti thi kabhi mauka nahi milta. Lekin aaj main sa kuch keh dena chahti hoon. Uske baad mera pyar mujhe apnaaye ya nahi mujhe koi fark nahi padta. Kamse kum yeh khushi toh hogi ki maine aapse sab kuch keh diya. I love you. Bahut pyar karti hoon main aapse. 

Maine jaan bujhkar kuch nahi kiya. Pyar bas ho gaya. Kab, kaise ho gaya, pata nahi. Maine khud ko kehne roka par rok nahi paayi. Maine shaadi sey pehle socha ke kabhi kisi se pyar nahi karungi lekin aap itne achhe hain ke...aap itne achche kyun hain, aapko bataa nahi sakti hain ke merey zindagi mein aap mere liye kya hain..main nahi jaanti aap auron ke liye kaise hain, par main yeh jaanti hoon aapne merey liye kya kya kiya. Aapne mere sirf dil ko nahi meri aatma ko chua hain. Main jab tak zinda hoo, sirf aapse pyar karti rahungi. Is pyar ke badle meri aapse koi ummeed nahi. Kyunki pyar mere liye woh nahi hain jiske saath aap jeena chahe, par mere liye pyar woh hain jiske bina aap jee nahi paaye. "


"Listen (Suniye). I know what was there in that letter. Because I wrote it for you.

Please don't say anything. Or else, I will again be not able to say anything.

For me, in life. there were only two important things, my mother and books. Mother gave me birth, but books taught me how to live. Maa taught me how to walk and books taught me to stand on my foot. I loved both of them very much. No one can take mother's place but someone else has taken books' place. 

Do you know, in life sometimes you feel- you got all the happiness in one moment. Whatever you asked from life you got...Every boring thing seems interesting..100 years of life feels shorter...When you keep thinking while walking, when you keep walking while thinking...when heart doesn't listen to your brain, brain doesn't listen to your heart... when you don't understand anything..when you cry because of someone else's trouble..when your lips smile at someone else's happiness...

I have felt like that..many times I thought I will tell you my heart.. but never got a chance or courage. But today I want to tell you everything. After that whether my love accepts me or not won't matter.. at least I will feel I said all that I wanted to... I love you. I love you a lot...I didn't do anything wantedly. Love just happened. When, how, I don't know. I stopped myself from telling.. but couldn't. Before marriage, I thought I will never love someone. But you are so nice.. why are you so nice?  I can't tell you what you are to me in my life...

I don't know how you are with others, but with me I have just seen what and all you have done for me. You haven't just touched my heart but soul. I will love only you until I am alive. I don't expect anything in return of this love. Because for me love is not something you want to live with but something you can't live without..."


He was stunned to say the least and the professor silenced the rockstar for a night as he was speechless and possibly didn't know how to react or what to say.  But the next day where they finally reached to their loved ones. It was all going to back to the normality environment where the dynamics changed further were they were awkwardness.  Abhi took his sweet time as he had a struggle battle listening to his heart and finally when he did, things changed for the worse for both of Abhigya.

An unwanted third wheel unfortunately was always there but now created a dark storm for Abhigya which Pragya had to take a u-turn with the love confession which left Abhi shattered and broken,  which the reason was unknown to Abhi.

Once everything was out in the open to Abhi. Pragya tried various ways of helping Abhi.

Friendship -  Deep bond between the two , a real friendship was formed between the two when Abhi needed a comforter where Pragya was always there and this time she had asked sincerely to be friends with him forever where Abhi was elated and Abhi accepted the offer straight away with a hug.  A heart warming moment it was.

Despite Pragya trying to help Abhi with a solution Abhi wanted to be with Pragya, his Fuggy. Despite the obstacles in their life, he wanted her in his life by his side forever.

- Abhi dedicated a concert on Pragya where he brought her on stage to show the world she means the world to him

- His confession with moonlight private dinner

"Main is aasman ke raaste un sitaron tak jaana chahta hoon. Use apne saath leke jo mere saath chale. To lage ke chand bhi mere saath hain. Aur woh ek pal ke liye haath chode toh lage poori duniya mujhse naaraz hain. Tum chalogi na merey saath? Thamogi na mera haath? Duniya se door jahan na kisi ka darr hoga, na kisi ki parwa. Jahan hum dono ek doosre ke saath hamesha honge."

"I want to travel in the road of this sky to the stars, taking the one with me who will walk with me and it will feel like I am taking the moon with me. And if that person leaves my hand for a moment, I will feel like the whole world is angry with me. You walk with me, na? You hold my hand, na? Away from this world where we aren't scared of anyone, not worried about anyone and we will be together with each other."   

P: Aap mazaak toh nahi kar rahe hain?  You are not joking me, are you?

A: Meri aankhon mein dekho aur apne dil se poocho. Tumhe iska jawab mil jayega. Tum bilkul sahi mehsoon kar rahi ho Pragya. Maine aaj tak kabhi kisi ke liye aisa feel nahi kiya. Kisi ke saath sacche dil se pyar nahi kiya. Siwayen tumhare. Aur ab tumhe lekar mujhme koi confusion nahi hain. Mere dil mein ek feeling hain jo mujhe ehsaas dilaa raha hain ke main tumse bahut pyar karta hoon. Bahut pyar karta hoon tumse Pragya. I love you so much Pragya. Main zindagi bhar tumhare saath rehna chahta hoo Pragya, bolo na kya tum mera saath dogi? I love you...

 Look into my eyes and ask your heart and you will know the answer. And you are feeling the right thing. I never felt this way for anyone... never loved anyone from true heart, except for you...I have no confusion regarding you now. There is a feeling in my heart which assures me and telling me that I love you very much...I love you very much. I love you so much...(hugs) I want to live all my life with you, Pragya, tell me, tell me you will be with me. Tell me Pragya...I love you..

 A: Kuch mat bolo. Main tumhe koi bhi jawab dene ke liye force nahi karunga. Aur jis tarah main tumhe force nahi karunga tum bhi mujhe tumse pyar karne se rok nahi sakti. Shayad yahan par tum mera saath na do, par main tumhara saath ke liye dhoondhta rahunga. Aasman mein, chand mein, sitaron mein ya us sey bhi aage, main tab tak dhoondhta rahunga jab tak tumhara saath mil nahi jaata. Main dhoondhta rahunga, dhoondhta rahunga, kyun ki ab main ab tumhare bina nahi reh sakta.

Don't say anything. I will not force you to give me any answer and just like that you will not force me to not love you. You may not be with me right now but I will keep looking for you in the sky, stars and moon and beyond...till I find you with me. I will keep searching, keep searching.. Because I can't live without you now.


 P: Ruk jayiye.       Stop


P: Aapne kaise soch liya main aakpo akela chod doongi? Aap kabhi akele nahi rahenge, kahin akele nahi rahenge, yahan wahan kahi nahi. Aapne apne feelings samjhe toh mere feelings kyun nahi samjhe? Kyun nahi samajh paaye main itne dinon sey aapse pyar kar rahi thi? Har roz is ummeed ke saath utthi thi ke aap ek din mere aankhon mein aapke liye pyar dekh lenge. Main jaanti thi ke shayad aapka pyar mujhe kabhi nahi mile lekin ek ummeed thi jo baat main keh nahi paa rahi hoon aap bina kahe samajh jayenge.  Aap kyun nahi samjhe? Kyun itni der lagaa di? Jab main ummeed chod chuki hoon kyun mujhse ummeed kar rahe hain?  Aap itni choti si baat kyu nahi samajh paaye?

How did you think I will leave you lonely? You will never be lonely, never ever, not here, there, anywhere. You understood your feelings but why didn't you understand mine? Why did you not understand I have been loving you all this while? Every day I used to wake up with a hope that you will see my love for you in my eyes one day. I knew I may not get your love eve but I had a hope that you will understand without me telling you. Why didn't you understand? Why did you take so long? When I left all my hopes you are hoping from me? Why didn't you understand such a little thing?

A: I am sorry yaar, I am sorry maine tumhe itna dard diya itni taqleef di. Lekin I promise, aaj ke baad hamare beech mein koi doori , koi misunderstanding nahi kuch nahi hoga. Aur abhi bhi der nahi hui. Tum apni ummeed chod baithi ho, par main tumhe kabhi nahi chodunga, Kabhi nahi chodunga tumhe.

 I am sorry yaar, I am sorry. I gave you so much pain and trouble. But I promise after this, there won't be any distance between us, no misunderstanding nothing. It's not too late yet. You have left your hopes but I will never leave you. I will  never let you go.

A: I  love you, I love you.

P: I love you too. I love you so much.


Even after admitting loving him Pragya had to leave believing it's the right thing to do and made Abhi promise the same.

Things took a turn when elders found out about the unwanted third wheel and where they had to separate. Heartbreaking as it was to see Abhi and Pragya pining for each other it was even more heartbreaking when after one week of separation Pragya decides to meet Mehra's by accidently she overheard the truth which separated Abhigya. Whilst looking for Abhi she enters his office and another truth comes knocking her way.  While frantically searching for Abhi she lands up in an accident which Abhi gets to hear from his fance hence starts the search. Not able to find Pragya Abhi is distraught and completely broken. Being the man who does not believe in God he stepped in Durgah to pray for Pragya, his Fuggy.

But Destiny had other ideas it was all fate when Daadi was in the same hospital as Pragya. Despite Abhi being in the same hospital, there was hit and miss.  So Daadi is the one got to be the comforter for Pragya. By the time Abhi got home he was completely he was broken having no idea of where Pragya can be.

Few days later Abhi gets a letter which Pragya has sent him to not search for her. It has been 20 days since he has been reading this letter everyday. A diary where he pours his heart out to about Pragya. Abhi dearly misses Pragya.


20 days separation - yet again Destiny played its wicked game

Pragya came back not as herself but someone who is a money minded person with glamorous avator in order to save Abhi from his enemies, unknown to him. Abhi was relieved and extremely happy when he saw her but as soon as she spelt out what she's hear for he was unable to believe. Abhi tried ways to get Fuggy but was distraught and accepted the fact that Pragya was not someone who she was before. He has no idea how very much in love she is with him whilst he is in love with her.  Abhi - Mogambo track which is ongoing process right now.

Waiting for their love to proceed because we clearly know deep is their love and how in love they are and how right the destiny was to bring these two together.

This is a beautiful and heartwarming love story. Abhigya are very much lovable with their nokh jokhs, our very own traditional Tom and Jerry. It's only just started,  hardly a beginning. They have never been a couple yet. Always together but still part whilst in love. We are waiting for the day when they become one, see how they grow as a couple, and how there love blossoms even deeper and stronger like never  before where they can fight it out together against the world.

-with thanks to Tia & Rishu for dialogue transcriptions & translations

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Just like our main leads, it was definitely not love at first sight for Rabul; in fact, they couldn't stand each other! He was too busy managing Abhi's life, along with his own. She was too invested in trying to bring together Suresh and her sister. Bulbul thought Purab was this arrogent, self-centered, manipulative boss who didn't know how to respect women. He felt she was too immature, narrow-minded and bratty. However, a few eyelocks, a water fight and an elevator hug later, they realized they had growing feelings for each other. 

However, their happiness only glittered for a short period, when Bulbul found out that Purab was already somewhat committed to another women, Aliyah. Abhi's sister, on the other hand, was in denial when Purab told her he was in love with another woman. What makes it worse is that she thought that the other woman was none other than Pragya. And so starts the whole cascade of a revenge marriage between Abhigya. It took Abhi a long journey of misunderstandings to finally realize that Rabul were meant to be. So to make up for his mistakes, he promised to get them married. Which also didn't happen right away; Aliyah, Tanu, Neil, Nikhil, Raj...someone always came in the way and halted their dreams from coming true. 

They did end up finally getting married in a spur of a moment a few months ago, but Bulbul soon met with an accident at her reception, in hopes to save Pragya from the goons. While she survived the accident, so far, the show has shown that she wasn't able to cope with her new, reconstructed face, and so committed suicide. However, this is yet to be confirmed and hopes are the Bulbul will be back soon.  

We all love Rabul because no one was able to come between them. Sure, they decided to part ways at one point, but there was a never misunderstanding after their exchange of confessions. They have always loved each other, been there for one another through thick and thin, and never let a third person intervene between their trust. And last but not least, they're Abhigya shippers like us! They're the only ones who have never given up on reuniting the couple, even when Abhi and Pragya had. 

We'd like to take this moment to thank the talented people that have made Rabul so memorable-Mrunal and Arjit. We love you guys and thank you for being such a significant and beautiful part of the show!

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TIME FOR SOME FUN Big smile Dancing Star

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