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Posted: 14 April 2016 at 12:19am | IP Logged

It's our pleasure to extend a warm welcome
to the most rocking party around...
from April 15th, please join us...


On April 15th, 2014,
ZeeTV launched a humble new show
about a family ready to welcome their perfect groom...

and then followed 24 months of

every kind of twist and turn

from surprise shaadis

to miraculous rescues

to glamorous new beginnings

to a unique understanding of time

and so much more in between!

It's been an AMAZING adventure to arrive at our second anniversary
and we're excited to carry on watching
how our BRILLIANT cast and characters
take on endless challenges
for years to come!


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There are times you come across a show and realize

"this may be worth watching."


Other times, you realize maybe the show isn't your cup of tea.

Or maybe you don't have time to watch it, even if you're interested, because you're too busy studying, working, being a mom (or dad), a wife (or partner), a daughter (or son), or just a teenager (or senior citizen). 

And eventually, these shows come and go and start becoming a part of the past...

But then, every once in a while, you come across a show and realize

you'll be addicted to it...maybe forever.

And you make time for it, regardless of how unprepared you are for the exam tomorrow.

Regardless of how little sleep you're going to get if you continue binge-watching the previous episodes and you're practically going to be a zombie at work tomorrow.

Regardless of how cranky your kid is to get the home-cooked meal you promised them, but you ended up tuning in to see whether the villain finally got exposed after a ten month track.

Regardless of whether you're flying to the opposite side of the world to get married to your "Suniye" within the next few days.

You keep tuning in for every episode, or you save up the episodes so you can binge watch a whole bunch together

You watch for the wacky humour and the clever dialogues

You watch for the hints of romance

You watch for the unbelievable drama when everything's going wrong


You watch for the powerful performances of a very special cast

You make time for it,

because the show has become a part of your daily routine.

The tracks have become one of your endless concerns throughout the day.

The characters have become a part of your thoughts.

The talented actors playing their respective roles have become a part of your heart and world, that you love and adore.

And we're proud to say...Kumkum Bhagya is that show for us!

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It's hard to believe it's already been two years!
Why, you may ask?

  • Because it feels just like yesterday that the promos for this show had just started airing on Zee TV. 
  • The first Abhigya scene, where Abhi catches Pragya falling from the bridge under the starry night is still fresh in our minds. 
  • Pragya's tears when finding out about the actuality of her marriage still make us teary-eyed. 
  • Abhigya's nok-jhoks are still the highlights of our conversation!

  • Abhigya getting drunk for the first time together are still some of our favorite moments from the show. 
  • We still feel the intensity of the MMS track, though we know everything turned out to be okay!
  • Abhi entitling Pragya as "Fuggy" is a moment no one can forget. 
  • The kidnapping track is and forever will be one of the most amazing tracks a TV show could ever execute.

  • Pragya's proposal to Abhi still melts our hearts.
  • Abhi realizing his love for Pragya and his subsequent proposal being one of the most-awaited moments of the show!
  • Bulbul and Purab's wedding happened in the blink of an eye after so many postponements
  • Aaliya and Tanu are still busy causing trouble and creating havoc!

So where are we, after two years?

Sarla Arora has got her two daughters married,

but things have not turned out how she might have wanted.

Pragya has earned Abhi's heart,

but life has never yet let them stand together as husband and wife.

Bulbul and Purab finally had their wedding,

but circumstances tore them apart and Bulbul may be gone forever.

When the show started, the uncertainty was about who would bring kumkum into the Arora sisters' lives

Now that both have met and married their jeevansaathis, in the years ahead the will have to work through the uncertainty of finally getting to their happily ever afters!

Whatever happens next,

we will surely continue to tune in

and keep KKB where it reigns and belongs

right at the top of the charts!

  • Entered Top 6 of all shows within 9 weeks of launch
  • Reached #1 within 6 months
  • 2014 ZRA - Fav. Parivaar, Fav. Nayi Jodi (RaBul/ArNal), Fav. Beti (Pragya), Popular Face Male & Female (Shabir & Sriti)
  • 2014 ITAA - Best Popular Drama Serial, Best Actress (Sriti)
  • 2015 SGA - Best Recent Drama Series, Best Actress in a Lead Role (Sriti)
  • 2015 Kalakar Awards - Best Direction, Best Rising Star - Female (Sriti), Fav. Actor (Arjit)
  • 2015 LGA - Best Direction, Best Television Show - Fiction, Best Television Couple (AbhiGya/TiSha), Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Female (Mrunal)
  • 2015 BGA - Best Actor in a Lead Rold - Critics (Shabir), Best Actress in a Negative Role (Shikha), Best Director
  • 2015 ZRA - Fav Story, Fav Pati-Patni (AbhiGya), Fav Kutumb
  • 2015 Garv Indian Awards - Best Concept, Best Screenplay, Best Dialogues, Most Entertaining Serial, Best Fresh Jodi - Critics (RaBul/ArNal), Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Critics (Supriya), Best Actress in a Lead Role (Sriti), Most Entertaining Jodi (TiSha), Most Entertaining Actor (Shabir), Voter's Choice Supporting Actor (Arjit), Voter's Choice Ensemble Cast

To the whole cast and crew of KKB, please continue rocking! We wish you guys the ultimate love and happiness in your lives! 


May the success continue for years and years to come!

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While the story has sometimes left us less than happy, the characters on KKB have always held our attention.
Thanks to the immensely talented actors who bring them to life and to the clever writers and CVs who keep them going, KKB has a cozy set of characters that keep us watching.
Here's a quick intro to the gang that has won our hearts, with full details and descriptions on page 2!


Sriti Jha as Pragya Arora Mehra, The Fierce Professor

Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek Prem Mehra, The One & Only Rockstar

The unique ongoing love story of these two seemingly mis-matched soulmates forms the core of our show. Shabir and Sriti, our beloved acting team also known as TiSha, bring years of experience and skill to portray Abhi and Pragya. Sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes outrageous and always compelling, this magnificent duo keeps us glued to our screens.
Be sure to check out AbhiGya's Anokhi Bhagya Ki Kahani on the next page, as well as a huge gallery of TiSha gifs & special collection of AbhiGya gifs!


Mrunal Thakur as Bubbly Bulbul Arora Khanna

Arjit Taneja as Best-of-Best Friends Purab Khanna

The magic chemistry between Mrunal and Arjit powered the sweet love story of Bulbul and Purab through many months of challenges. The dynamic duo of ArNal also bring soulful talent in their special roles as AbhiGya's closest confidants.
Please check out their beautiful journey in RaBul's Bhagya Ki Kahaani on the next page!


Daljeet Soundh as Dadi Daljeet Mehra

Supriya Shukla as Maa Sarla Arora

These two ladies are the anchors of AbhiGya's lives. Their needs and wishes carry the story, and their deep love for both leads gives the show a special foundation on family feeling. Daljeetji and Supriyaji bring experience and dedication to their roles and the show is lucky to have them in their cast.


Shikha Singh as Aliya Mehra

Madhurimma Tuli & Leena Jumani as Tanu Mehta

Neel Motwani as Neil Thakur & Nikhil Arya as Nikhil Sood

The villains we love to hate, these four have caused all manner of trouble in the last two years. We may not wish to see them win but we do look forward to seeing what happens to them next!


Ankit Mohan as Akash Mehra & Aditi Rathore as Rachna Srivastav Mehra

Ajay Trehan as Tauji Ajay Mehra & Shivani Sopori as Taiji Pammi Mehra

Charu Mehra as Purvi & Faisal Rashid as Suresh Srivastav

Rockstar Dadi Arora (Madhu Raja), Indu Dasi (Roshan Khan), Swarni Dasi

Payal/Chanchan & Ronnie

Janki, Robin, Bunty & Babli

KKB is blessed with an ensemble cast complete with talented actors of all ages. We may not get to see all of these characters very often but whenever they are in an episode, each brings something special to keep our attention. We are looking forward to more moments for all the unique and heart-warming characters that surround the main members of the story!

***more details & descriptions of all characters are available on page 2***

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~ A Verse of Thanks~

by Nadia | Mysterious7

Thank you KKB Crew
It's a fandom moment when the hands are stretched
and the remote does not seem to be be changing its channel,
staying hooked in its rightful place.

You giving us your time and space, 
working hard with dedication,
using your special talent of yours to get us addicted for one reason for one fandom,
or another reason for another fandom.

Behind the scenes of TiSha friendship chemistry,
that is a delight to see,
and in awee

TiSha who bring out the real feels of Abhigya alive

An Abhigya that is irresistible,

Arnal who gave us Rabul
A Rabul that is sweet and enchanting.

Families that create laughter, tears and drama.
Aroras with their pure innocence and touching bonding.
Mehras with their adorable bonding with bleak on the sideline.

Villains that are indigestible.
Vamps that are intolerable.

Behind the scenes the crew working hard day and night.
An appreciation we as fans never get the chance to voice our opinion on.
This is something small that you can remember by that your loves fan appreciate and love you.

For Ekta who brought the two magical, diamonds, priceless, speechless,
TiSha together to make Abhigya real, magical and dreamy as ever.
Hooked like to a nutella.

Charming soap like it's no other

Timings, exams, travelling, work doesn't stop us from watching in odd hours like no other.

Positive leads,
One reason for one fandom and another reason for another fandom,
Is what's keeping us at your side.

Thank you for giving us that all you have

Love from all your fans!!!

~ Chand Ka Tukra~

by Ani | Paglahawai

2 years of KKB... wow!!!
Many records were broken.
Some hearts and relationships too.
But still we fans stand strong,
As our chand-ka-tukra turns two!

~ Dear CVs ~

by Nadia & Naina

So, somehow...it's been two years! And we're still waiting for certain tracks to end. *cough cough* We're hoping you get it. CVs, if you do happen to come across this thread, first of all, we thank you!! Because you've given us a show that will be forever remembered in our hearts. A show that we love and hope to see rocking the charts for years to come! 

At the same time, we hope that with this two year mark, we are finally coming to a proper and final close on the pregnancy track. We hope that the Tanu track ends and that we're given a pile of new tracks, pretty please! We'd love to see the endless potential that Abhigya have in this crazy journey called life! Please end this track quickly and give Abhigya a pile of new problems to solve together. We hope to see loads of Abhigya love in this next year! Please, with chocolate chip cookies and sprinkles on top!

~ Dear TiSha ~

by Nadia & Naina

Dear TiSha - WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this show for us! Please know that after a stressful day, you guys are a huge part in bringing a smile on our faces. Thank you for making Abhigya the magical, special, endearing, addictive, crazy, beautiful, witty, ever-lasting, and memorable couple that they are! Its come to the point where if Abhigya are having nok-jhoks, we're having our own nok-jhoks on the forum. If Abhigya are crying, we feel frustrated. If Abhigya are laughing, we can't help to make thousands of edits/gifs of your beautiful smiles! Your interviews together, the behind the scene segments and all the bloopers make our day! You have poured your heart and soul into the characters, and we can't fully ever express our gratitude for that. Can't wait to see so much more!

So, to put it in short terms, Sriti and Shabir, you guys are LOVE, LOVE, HAPPY LOVE!

~and one simple message to the KKB team from all fans~

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With 540+ episodes of AWESOMENESS to choose from, it's pretty hard for us to pick just a few top moments. Here's a selection of memorable scenes captured in amazing siggies by the many talented creative members of this forum. It's by no means a complete list of best moments, but we hope you enjoy this quick taste!


more on page 2!

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These amazing videomixes showcase some of the top moments and feelings of the past two years of KKB

Be sure to check out these special creations and let the makers know what you think!

By Sowmii_cutiee 
KKB Offscreen Scrapbook

Seasons of AbhiGya
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4vlkAwHiic |


By Nive_kb
AbhiGya's Journey in elegant black and white


By Space-Creations 
Teri Galliyan on RaBul & AbhiGya

Sanam Re on AbhiGya

Badtameez Dil on AbhiGya


A huge THANK YOU to our talented VM makers, be sure to let them know how you liked the videos!

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This thread was made possible by SOWMYA, aka sowmii_cutiee, who took the lead to gather and organize everything! Sowmya also created the character banners, the special Kumkum Bhagya Family collage gif, the offscreen moments collage gif, collected the siggies for the best moments section & gathered the majority of AbhiGya gifs for page 1 and the special gallery on page 2.

The majority of writeups were done by NAINA aka Naina- & NADIA aka Mysterious7 including all the character descriptions, AbhiGya & RaBul bhagya ki kahaanis, the thank you poem and letters to the CVs and TiSha!

Special thanks again to NADIA for designing the tag-styles & making many of them, and also for creating the whole special TiSha gifs section on page 2!

Our special VM makers are SOWMYA, NIVE & SPACE-CREATIONS

Thank you to SARA (Ratitheangel) for the base of our celebration title image

Thank you to MAHI (BloomBelievix) for the uniquely rocking congratulations edit

Thank you to ANI (Paglahawai) for the cute chand ka tukra poem

Many gifs & images were pulled from various places on the internet, so THANK YOU TO ALL MAKERS and please forgive that we couldn't collect all your names Embarrassed

And thanks most of all to YOU for visiting this thread and celebrating with us!




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