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manaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Plx update asap. Bcx your last t.s cause heart attacks in my stomach.

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rtms IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2016 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
katori,loved it yaar though it was difficult to read somthing on dsDeadpls girls,don't give any bad ideas to cvsWinkeven,i think,thapki is incapable of loveria.

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iQraaa IF-Dazzler

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Katori dii !! Hug
just read it gosh i loved it!! it was beautifully written!! ClapStar
 though we dont like DS or Tha------ruv but if you imagine it on someone else rather than these two characters than this OS is just amazing!! Thumbs Up

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Karaali IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by rtms

katori,loved it yaar though it was difficult to read somthing on dsDeadpls girls,don't give any bad ideas to cvsWinkeven,i think,thapki is incapable of loveria.

I am glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!

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Karaali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 7:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by manaan

Plx update asap. Bcx your last t.s cause heart attacks in my stomach.

Will post the final part tonight. Wink
Karaali IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by chandaaaxo

Katori dii !! Hug
just read it gosh i loved it!! it was beautifully written!! ClapStar
 though we dont like DS or Tha------ruv but if you imagine it on someone else rather than these two characters than this OS is just amazing!! Thumbs Up

If you remember the old DS, when he did not have the constipation, it is not very hard to imagine on him either. LOLLOLLOL

Thanks for reading!

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Karaali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2016 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
Part 3 - It is a little long... Hope you enjoy!!

Bihaan stood by the railing in front of his room looking down at the hall when Vasu came in from outside looking tired, yet excited.

"Everything settled?" Dadi asked her.

"Yes" she nodded "but..."

This is all he could bear to hear and he went into his room. Vasu had finalized Dhurv and Thapki's marriage.

Vasu had wanted to fix Dhruv's marriage with Thapki immediately after the divorce but Dhruv held her back. He wanted time for everyone, including Thapki, to adjust with the changing circumstances and relations. Vasu's patience ran out last week. Dhurv tried to stall her but she had waited enough and was determined to meet Thapki's parents to fix the marriage.  Finally it was done.

Three months had passed since the divorce. He had not met Thapki since the day she had left after signing the papers. He has not talked to her. He wanted to call her many times but didn't. What would he say? She never called either but then he did not expect her to.  Thapki never accepted him or the marriage but he fell in love with her.  He did not intend to fall in love and knew it was wrong when it happened.

She was never meant for him even though the fate had thrown them together.


The families settled for a simple marriage with two ceremonies on the same day, engagement at before lunch and marriage in the evening,  with close family and friends within a week's time at the Pandey Nivas.

The preparations started in full swing with the decorators and caterers taking over the house. Bihaan did not offer any help and no one asked him to help. He even tried to get out of attending the marriage, but Bauji shot down the idea. "You have to participate in Dhruv's happiness this time. You messed up too much last time" He rued.


"Bihaan! Take me to the temple to talk to the pandit about the marriage." Dadi called out.

"I will ask the driver to take the car out. I am just going to..."

"If I had to go with the driver, I would have asked him directly. You take me" Dadi replied sternly.

"Are you OK with this marriage?" Dadi asked him as soon as they pulled out of the courtyard.

"I am fine."

"You don't look fine. Your smile has disappeared. You stay away from everything, even your Bauji and me."

"No no.. I am fine. It's been busy." he tried to make an excuse.

"Bihaan beta, did you love Thapki?  did you want to stay with her?" She asked directly.

"No" He asked quickly, may be just too quickly. He dreaded this question but was expecting it ever since Dadi asked him to come to the temple with her.

Dadi continued as if he has not said anything "If you do, you..."

"No! I don't. There is nothing more to say" He said sharply. Dadi looked at him carefully while he shifted uncomfortably under observant gaze. Thankfully she did not say anything more.

Thapki was waiting for Dadi at the temple. They were meeting the pandit together but Dadi did not tell Bihaan in case he refuse to come with her. He looked annoyed.

Thapki did not say anything to him. She touched Dadi's feet and nodded her head to acknowledge his presence. That impersonal nod hurt. It hurt more than 3 months of not seeing her, hearing her voice. It tore through his heart.


The dreaded day finally arrived.

Bihaan had no choice but to attend. He dressed very slowly in the ivory sherwani, selected by Vasu for the occasion, to delay going downstairs as much as possible.


Everyone was assembled in the hall waiting for Thapki and her family to arrive for the engagement. The sounds of light banter and laughter made their way up to his room. He cringed.

"Bihaan! Where are you? Come join us!" Dadi called out

Bihaan went down with a heavy heart to join everyone in the hall. Dhurv looked handsome in his blue sherwani, flushed with excitement.

Dhruv smiled and complimented him "You look good!" He had forgiven him and had made several attempts to rebuild their relationship over the last three months. Bihaan had been unable to reciprocate but Dhruv did not stop trying.

Dhurv has a big heart, Bihaan conceded silently. He was happy for Dhurv even though his own loss was smouldering in every fiber of his body. He now understood what Dhruv went through when he married Thapki and everything thereafter. Shraddha had compounded Dhruv's misery with all her games. Finally he was getting a chance at happiness with his love. How could Bihaan even begrudge him? Bihaan put on a fake smile and joined the family.

Thapki and her family arrived on time. While everybody exchanged greetings, Dhurv immediately walked toward Thapki who looked gorgeous in her simple pink lehenga with minimal jewelry. This was the first she had come to  PN since she signed the divorce papers. She was looking around nervously. Dhurv put her at ease in a few minutes and soon they were chatting like old friends.

Bihaan moved to the side of a pillar, away from everyone's sight. He did not want to be a constant reminder of the bitter past they all shared.

"It is time for the engagement ceremony" Dadi said loudly to get everyone's attention.

"Vasu bahu, get the rings"

"Dhurv come here and stand on my right" she continued her orders.

"Aditi beta you come too" Aditi went and stood on the left side of Dadi.

A shock went through Bihaan as he registered that Aditi was the bride. He shook his head in disbelief and looked around at everyone. They were cheering as Aditi put the ring on Dhurv's finger. Thapki was smiling and clapping as well.

A sense of relief coursing through his veins was quickly replaced by a wave of anger. Why did no one tell me? He wondered before accepting that he had been so withdrawn that he did not give anybody a chance to tell him anything. Maybe this is what Dadi wanted to tell him when she took him to the temple. Even now he had missed that Thapki stood with Aditi and Dhurv had chatted mostly with Aditi. He had missed that Aditi was dressed more like a bride.  He did not have eyes for anyone, except Thapki.

He slipped out of there unnoticed. He walked around under the hot sun for more than a couple of hours trying to figure out what happened. Nothing made sense. He needed answers and only one person could give them.

Engagement and lunch were over by the time he returned. Everyone had retired to their rooms to get ready for the marriage later in afternoon. Only the decorators were running around cleaning up and getting the mandap ready.

He knew Thapki and her family were in the guestrooms. He stood in the hall trying to figure out a way to talk to Thapki when he saw her going towards the kitchen with an empty jug. She was still in the pink lehenga, but her hair were hanging loosely over her shoulders. He followed her into the kitchen.

"We need to talk"

She had not realized that he was behind her. She spun around startled, almost dropping the jug. "About what?"

"Don't play games with me" he said stepping forward towards her. She moved back. Before they knew she was next to the counter with no more room move back and Bihaan standing a few inches away from her.

"I am not playing any games. There is nothing to talk about"

"Why is Aditi marrying  Dhruv?"

"They are getting married. Ask them." She took a side-step to get away from him.

He quickly blocked her exit by putting his hands on the counter on either side of her.

"That is not the answer to my question. Dhruv still loves you. Everyone knows that. If he is marrying Aditi, I do not know why she agreed but I do know you refused. I want to know why did you refuse."

"You have no right to ask me and I do not need to explain to you who I marry or do not marry." She could feel her temper rise as she snapped at him.

"Why are you not marrying Dhurv?" He repeated with a mulish expression. She could see he was not going to budge without an answer.

"Why do you care? Do you want me to marry Dhurv?"

He did not answer for a long time. "I want you to be happy and I know your happiness lies with Dhruv" His voice broke as he completed the sentence.

Her voice was icy "Don't decide for me. I can make my own choices."

"Why did you divorce me if you were not going to marry Dhurv?"

"You asked for it!" she replied.

He stared at her.  "I asked for it? When did I ask for divorce? Are you crazy? Why would I want to divorce you when I love.." He stopped realizing what he was about to say. He turned abruptly to leave the kitchen but this time she moved swiftly in front of him, blocking his way. to the door.

"Love what? Complete the sentence." She demanded.

He did not say anything. She said pleadingly this time "Please complete the sentence. I need to hear it" with tiny droplets of water forming in her eyes.

His voice was barely above a whisper as he complete the sentence ".. love you".

She immediately threw herself against him, buried her face into his chest and burst into tears. He closed his eyes and rested his chin on her head as all the tension and anguish they had accumulated over the last few months melted away.   

"Do you love me too?" he wondered still scared to ask the question.

"No." She pulled away from him a little to look up into his eyes. "I loved Dhurv Sir".

He stiffened and let go of her. "Then what was that just now?" He asked harshly.

"You asked and I am not going to lie. You must also have the courage to listen to the truth." He did not say anything and she continued after little pause.

"I loved Dhurv Sir. When we were separated I missed him, I cried for him, I was in despair. His loss left a gaping hole in life." He turned around as he could not listen anymore. He shut his eyes tight as a lone tear escaped.

She continued "My feelings are different for you. When we were separated I did not miss you as you are the part of the air I breathe, there was no despair, only hope that we will meet again, if  not in this lifetime then in another, there was no hole in my life as every part of my existence vibrates with your essence, there is no space for anything or anyone else. There is no me without you."

He turned around slowly to face her, amazed at what he had heard. "The word love feels so inadequate..." she whispered as he gently took her in his arms and kissed her forehead.

"Just love would have been enough for me" He replied and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back.

"I told you we will find them together" Vasu's voice registered in their consciousness.They reluctantly let of go each other but still held hands. Both set of parents were there smiling at them.

"How did you know?" Bauji asked Vasu.

"I knew they both fell for each other a long time back but they are both bael buddhis when it comes to understanding their own feeling and their egos are bigger than their heads. They needed time away from each other to sort out their feelings. That is why I pushed them for divorce. I also knew that Dhurv needed to hear from Thapki that she could not come back to him. I knew it would be painful for all three of my kids but it was needed for them to move forward. And the bonus is that Dhurv found an excellent bride for himself in the process." Vasu explained happily.

"So what do you both want to do? Ready to get married?" Vasu asked them. Bihaan and Thapki nodded in unision.

"Perfect! The mandap, pandit, and couple - everything is ready. We have two marriages to celebrate today!" Vasu declared ushering them into the hall.

***The End***

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That was ...a pleasant surprise.. I think I was the only one who expected tharuv marriage ROFL...not that I did not like it ...Loved the ending...but I doubt if Thapki can actually love like that ...i will always find Bihan's love superior..cvs made it that way

Vasu played cupid lol..thats good ...not annoyed with her anymore at least in your story

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