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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 9)

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Shot Two

Ragahv smiled and said, "So, you are the girl right? Kalpana smiled and said, "Yes."

Ragahv: Anyway, congratulations

Kalpana: Thank you. I never thought we will meet again.

Ragahv: Me too.

Kalpana: you know what; it was not the first time we met.

Seeing him looking at her confused,

Kalpana: We met before when I was 4 years old. I went to your house with Baba.

Ragahv: you were only four and still remember that?

Kalpana: Why not? It was the most memorable day for me.

Ragahv: What happened that it became the most memorable day for you?

Kalpana: I got scolded by you that to too badly.

Ragahv: Really? But I don't remember anything.

After thinking something he said,

Ragahv: Let me guess, did you touch any of my favorite things?

Kalpana shook her head in no.

Ragahv: Then you must have been irritating.

Kalpana shook her head in no and then said, "I used to play with my ball when I was kid. I had a favorite small ball. Wherever I would go I would take my favorite ball with me. When I went to your house, I was siting , but somehow it slipped off from my hand. I was following the ball and then finally I reached your room. Seeing me in your room you got angry and said, how dare you enter into my room when no one dares to?' I was just staring at you with my teary eyes. Then you said, "Why are you looking at me han? Just get out?' hearing shouting Gauri Aunty entered into your room and took me with her. After that I cried a lot since two weeks as no one scolded me like that in my life. That was my first and last time visiting your house. After that incident Baba couldn't take me there anymore.

Ragahv was just listening to her without uttering a word. He knew very well that her every word was true.

Kalpana: Then I met you again after 17 years. Same attitude, same arrogance. But whatever you are dill ka bura nahi ho.

Ragahv smiled.

Kalpana: Achcha tell me did you already file a report against those people?

Ragahv: I did. They assured me that those people will get caught soon and we will get our belongings back.

Kalpana: So when are you going back to USA?

Ragahv: I have 10 more days left. This time I will take mom with me and will settle down there.

Looking at the time he said, "I have to go now. I have lot of things to do before I go back to USA."

Kalpana: Ok.

Ragahv: Anyway congratulations again and best of luck.

Saying so he extended his hand. Taking his hand in her, Kalpana said with a smile, "Thank you." Kalpana walked outside with Ragahv to his car. Both bid bye to each other and then left from there.

Seeing Kalpana entered into the living room, Kamla said, "Did Ragahv Baba leave?"

Kalpana: Yes Aai

Kamla: But he didn't eat anything. I am feeling bad.

Looking at the oily food on the table Kalpana said, "Aai, the people who live in abroad don't eat too much oily food."

Kamla: without oil how do they eat non tasty food?

Kalpana: you are talking about oil? They can eat boiled food too.

Kamla: How do you know?

Kalpana: From one of my roommates. Her fianc lives in Canada. Anyway Aai, don't think too much as your son in law is not from abroad. Prem eats whatever we eat.


Singhania Mansion

While having dinner Gauri asked, "Ragahv, did you meet Kalpana?"

Ragahv: Yes mom. She liked the gift and thanked you.

Gauri: I wish I could see her. I saw her when she was 4. She must be big now.

Ragahv: Mom, Kalpana is the same girl I saved from those goons.

Gauri: Really?

Ragahv: Yes. She is very brave girl. I already told you na how she stood for an unknown girl.

Gauri: Vittal gave her good parvarish.

Two days later

Raghav got phone call from the police station and informed him that those goons got caught. They also told him to come to the police station and pick up his luggage. He went to the police station. When he was coming back with his luggage, the inspector said, "Do you know the girls phone number you saved that day? So that we can call her to pick up her luggage."

Hearing him, Ragahv thought, who will come to pick it up as they must be busy with wedding preparation

Ragahv: You can give me her luggage. I will drop it off.

Inspector: Sure. Thank you.

Taking her luggage along with his, he came outside. Before he went to his home he thought to drop off Kalpana's luggage first. So he drove off to Kalpana's house.

After two and half hours of driving Ragahv reached there. He got out from his car and saw Kalpana. She was going somewhere but seeing Ragahv, she stopped.

Kalpana: Ragahv, you?

Ragahv: Actually, I came to drop off your luggage.

Kalpana: Thank you so much Ragahv. You don't know how important documents are here in my luggage. My certificates...

He stopped her saying, "Kalpana, there is good news, those goons got caught."

Kalpana: Really?

Ragahv: yes

Kalpana: They should get the most highest punishment.

Ragahv: Don't worry. They will.

Kalpana: Ragahv, you go inside. I have to go to meet one of our relatives as she was not feeling well since few days.

Ragahv: Not today. I am in hurry. I have to go back.

Kalpana: Ok, then bye.

Saying so she was about to leave but Ragahv stopped her saying, "Kalpana come I will drop you off."

Kalpana: Won't you get late?

Ragahv: No.

Kalpana: Are you sure?

Ragahv: Yes.

While driving, Ragahv asked, "What were you doing in Mumbai when your family is here?"

Kalpana: I studied there at Mumbai University. I am a final year student. After marriage, I will complete my Bachelors and Masters in Delhi University.

Ragahv was about to say something but Kalpana stopped him saying, "you can stop the car. There is the house?" Both got off from the car. Kalpana thanked him for the ride and turned to leave but stopped hearing Raghav shouting at someone, "What the hell? What did you do with my car?" she looked behind and saw his car got messed up with mud with water. Then her eyes fell on a 4/5 years old poor boy standing holding a water gun by his hand. She looked at Ragahv. It was clearly visible in his eyes that how much he was angry. Then she looked at the boy who was standing with teary eyes. She could see how much he was scared. Looking at Ragahv, "Raghav, your car can be washed away easily. What about that little child's heart? The pain you gave him, can it be washed away so easily?" Kalpana walked toward the boy. She sat on her knees. Pulling him into her arms, she said, "Beta, don't cry." She was caressing his back and hair until he stopped crying. Breaking the hug she said, "Do you know it was also your fault?" The boy nodded his head in yes. She continued, "Promise me you will not do that again with anyone else." The boy shook his head in no. she wiped his tears. She brought a candy bar from her parse and handing it over to him, she said lovingly, "This is for you." The boy took it in his hand and looked at her lovingly. "Now give me a smile," hearing her though the boy tried to smile but the pain was still in his eyes. Ragahv was watching them standing near the car. When the boy left from there, Kalpana stood up. Without having a single glimpse, she walked toward her relative's house and Ragahv was watching her leaving upset. He tightened his fist and punched on the car roof angrily. He opened the car door and fixed himself on the driver seat. He started the engine. He didn't know why but he was so restless. He stopped the engine. "I did the right thing . It was all that child's fault. And I don't care if anyone is upset," mumbling to himself he looked at Kalpana's relatives house through the window.

After half an hour, Kalpana came out of her relative's house. She was about to walk to her house, she heard someone called her by her name, "Kalpana." She looked aside and seeing Ragahv, "He is still here?" she mumbled to herself. She walked toward him and said, "Raghav you didn't go home?" Ragahv could feel she was still upset on him.

Ragahv: Come let me drop you off.

Kalpana: no, thank you. I can manage.

Ragahv: Please come.

Thinking Ragahv was their guest and tolerated him for the last time as he was leaving this country forever, Kalpana got into the car. No one talked to each other. It was totally silent in the car. After 10 minutes they reached Kalpana's house. "Thank you," saying so Kalpana came out of the car. Ragahv came out of the car. Before he could say anything, Kalpana got into the gate. After few seconds, Vittal was coming from the Mill. Seeing Ragahv standing outside, he said "Ragahv baba, why are you standing outside? Please come inside."

Hearing him, Ragahv smiled and said, "Ji."

Ragahv entered into the living room with Vittal. After fixing himself on the couch, his eyes started searching for Kalpana but she was not seen anywhere. His trance broke, hearing Kamla, "Ragahv baba, you here? Anyway good to see you again."

Ragahv: Actually I came here to drop off Kalpana's stuff she left in the train.

Kamla: Kalpana's stuff?

Ragahv: She didn't tell you anything?

Kamla: No.

Ragahv told Vittal and Kamla about the incident. Hearing him, vital said, "Kalpana hid it thinking we may be worried for her and she would feel bad seeing us like this. Not only us, she can't see other people's pain too."

Ragahv was just listening to him amused without uttering a word. Vittal continued,

Vittal: Kalpana is my daughter that's why I am not saying it. She is totally different than other girl. Before thinking herself she thinks others around. She is happy if other people are happy, she cries if others are in pain, and it comes from her heart automatically. God sent her to spread love and happiness in peoples lives.  

Hearing him, Ragahv recalled the incident happened in the train and then today on the road. He knew whatever Vittal was saying about Kalpana was true. He saw lots of girls from very close but so far he got to know about her up to today, he found her totally different.

On the other hand, Kalpana was in her room unpacking her stuffs from the luggage. Seeing Kamla entering into her room, Kalpana asked, "Aai, do you need anything?" Kamla hugged her and said, "Why you didn't tell us about the incident in the train?" Breaking the hug,

Kamla: If anything happens with you?

Kalpana: Aai don't worry. Nothing happened na.

Kamla: God will not send Raghav Baba to save you all the time.

Hearing Ragahv's name Kalpana understood that Ragahv told them everything. But when, she thought.

Kamla: Now go to the kitchen and make some dishes for Ragahv Baba.

Kalpana: Why?

Kamla: I wont let him go without having dinner with us.

Kalpana: Is Ragahv here?

Kamla: Yes. He is talking to your Baba.

Kalpana: Aai, you and Baba again forced him to stay here?

Kamla: No we didn't.

Before Kalpana could say anything, Kamla said, "he is our guest na. Guest ko to hum god mantey hai. How could we let him go with...?" Kalpana stopped her saying, "Lets go to the kitchen." Kalpana made few dishes for Raghav with less oil and less spicy. After an hour and half Kalpana and Kamla came out of the kitchen. Ragahv and Vittal were talking about Vittal's Mill, how his business was going on. They got distracted when Kamla called them to come to the dining table. Ragahv saw Kalpana was busy setting the table. Pulling a chair for Ragahv, vital took the opposite seat.

Kamla: Kalpana, serve the food for Ragahv baba.

Kalpana: Ji.

While Kalpana was serving the food, Ragahv brought his head near her and said with a low voice, "Still upset on me?" Without looking at him, "No," Kalpana replied calmly.

Ragahv: I know I over reacted. I shouldn't have done this.

Hearing him Kalpana looked into his eyes. "Sorry," Hearing him, Kalpana said, "You don't have to say sorry. You have realized your mistake that's good enough."

Kalpana: I wonder how do you mange yourself with so much anger?

Saying so Kalpana smiled. Seeing her smiling, he didn't know why but he felt so relief. After tasting the food,

Ragahv: Aunty, the food is so tasty. I loved the rice pudding most.

Kamla: I didn't make it. Kalpana did.

Looking at Kalpana, he said with a smile, "Thank you." She replied back with a smile, "You are welcome."

Kalpana: You want more?

Ragahv: No thank you. I am already full. I already ate a lot after a long time.

After dinner realizing it was too late for Ragahv to go back to home, Vittal said, "Ragahv baba, if you don't mind, can you stay here at the night as I don't feel it is safe to go home at this time.

Ragahv: Uncle don't worry, I am used to drive back to home even in the mid night.

Vittal: It is not USA. It is India. You came back after a long time in India. Lots of things have changed. This country is not same as you left it long time ago.

Kamla: Vittal is right Ragahv Baba.

Ragahv: But Aunty...

Kalpana stopped him saying, "Stay here na. Leave tomorrow early in the morning." Hearing her, Raghav smiled and said, "Ok. Let me call mom or she will be tensed." Once he went to call Gauri, Kamla told Kalpana to change the bedsheet and pillow cover.

Ragahv was given one of the guest rooms upstair with an attached balcony. While Kalpana was changing the curtain for the window, Ragahv entered into the room with his luggage, he brought from the police station. Ragahv noticed that though the room was not that big but the way they furnished it looked so beautiful. She looked behind, when he said, "I like the room."

Kalpana: Come to the Balcony. You will like it even more.

Kalpana took him to the attached balcony. Seeing the view from the balcony, he was in awe. There was a lake in front of the house which increased the beauty of the house. "Beautiful," The only word came out from his mouth.

Ragahv: Kalpana your house is so beautiful

Kalpana: I know it is so beautiful. My father got it from his grandfather. To him, my father was the best grandchild that's why he gave the most beautiful gift for his best grandchild before he died. 

Ragahv: I see.

Kalpana: you must be tired. Go and take rest.

Raghav: yah.

Kalpana: Good night.

Ragahv: Good night. See you in the morning.

Raghav changed his dress and wore a sleeping suit. Then he laid down on the bed. His eyes were wide open. He was tossing and turning since half an hour as he felt the bed was so uncomfortable. Seeing the door open Kalpana entered into the room with a jug filled with water and a glass. Seeing him still awake she asked,

Kalpana: you didn't sleep yet?

Ragahv: No.

Kalpana: I know this bed is not as comfortable as yours.

Ragahv: Its ok, It is a matter of one night.

Whole night Ragahv struggled to sleep but couldn't and then in the morning he fell asleep when he felt tired.

The next morning

Everyone was waiting for Ragahv to come down for the breakfast in the dining table.

Kamla: Kalpana beta, go and check if Ragahv baba woke up.

Kalpana: Ji Aai.

Kalpana entered into Ragahv's room. Seeing him still sleeping she walked toward the bed. She called him several times by his name but he didn't wake up. He may have important work, with this thought she walked to the window and moved the curtain. Ragahv's sleep got distracted when the sun rays hit his eyes through the window. "What the fu...," before he completed the sentence his eyes fell on Kalpana who was looking at him placing her both hands on her waist. "Sorry, but why did you wake me up so early?" he said rubbing his eyes. He was still laying on the bed.

Kalpana: It is already 9. All the family members are waiting for you for the breakfast.

Ragahv: Why are they waiting for me? Tell them to eat na. I will eat later.

Kalpana: Hum guest ko god mantey hai. We don't even touch food before guest eats.

Ragahv got off from the bed and said annoyed with a low voice, "God, kaha phas gaya hoon main. Don't you think these people of this house are not normal?" Though he said in low voice, but kalpana heard it and said in her mind, how dare he said we are abnormal? She wanted to answer him but at the next moment, she had to bear him for few more minutes and after that she didn't have to see his face anymore, with this thought; she let it go from her mind. She thought something and said, "That's why I am telling you to finish your breakfast and then leave this place as soon as possible as these people are not as normal as you are."

Ragahv: I am also thinking the same.

Saying so he walked toward the restroom while itching his arms. Kalpana noticed it and said,

Kalpana: Mosquito bit you?

Ragahv: I don't know what that was but something bit me.

Remembering something, "Anyway it will be a memorable night for you," saying so Kalpana couldn't hold and started laughing. Seeing him staring at her, "What are you staring at?" Kalpana asked while still laughing. "This is the first time I saw you laughing na. I thought you are good at lecturing, and boring too but I was wrong." Han, say as much as you can as you won't get any more chance na after today, she said in her mind.

After freshening up, Ragahv came down. He saw Vittal's whole family and his relatives were sitting in the big 18 seated dining table

Ragahv: You guys were waiting for me?"

Vittal: Yes we are Ragahv Baba. Please have a seat.

Vittal introduced him with all of his relatives, his two sisters and their families, Kamla's one brother and his family. After that Kamla and Kalpana served food for everyone. Kalpana made separate dishes for Ragahv. While having breakfast, Ragahv said, "I have to leave as soon as possible as I have an appointment to meet the buyer."

Vittal: Are you selling your property?

Ragahv: Yes. I and mom are going to settle down to USA forever.

Vittal: I see.

After breakfast, Ragahv went upstairs and changed his dress. He was all set to leave but through the news they got to know that there was a curfew for 24 hours.

Vittal: Ragahv baba, you can't go home today. You can drive your car in the local road but it is not safe in the main road.

Hearing him, Kalpana said in her mind, oh no we have to bear this impossible man another day? In the next moment, he also have to bear us for another day, with this thought, She said with a lower voice teasing, "Hmm, another night with Mosquito and uncomfortable bed and especially with abnormal people." Ragahv came close to her and said annoyed, "You are in a teasing mood and I was thinking how I will be able to spend the whole day in this house." Kalpana was about to say something but got distracted by Vittal when he said, "Kalpana, Ragahv baba will be staying here for whole day so take good care of him. No way, I won't be able to bear this man for whole day alone, she said in her mind. In the next moment she thought something and looking at her cousins she said, "Bachcho, you all get ready. We are gonna have a mini picnic today." Hearing her all the kids screamed together, "Yeyyy!!!"

Kalpana: Baba, can I take them to the XYZ park?

Vittal: Sure beta. Make sure use the local road.

Ragahv: Where are you taking me?

Kalpana: We are going to picnic.

Ragahv: But I don't like any picnic.

Kalpana: Ok then stay here with all these older people who will make you even more bored. So far I got to know about you that you don't like older people's company and I was trying to not make you bored.

 "Baba, Ragahv is not coming with us so you guys give him compa ..." Ragahv interrupted her saying, "I am coming with you all na." hearing him, Kalpana smiled inwardly. Kalpana counted the members.  There were about 15 people, Ragahv, Kalpana, her cousins (boy and girls both), few neighbors.

Kalpana: Baba, we need another car.

Vittal: Let me arrange it

He arranged another car from his neighbor, Mr. Sharma.

Kalpana took all the cooking stuffs, snacks and put them in the trunk of car. After half an hour of driving they reached the destination. While all the kids including Kalpana were busy taking stuffs out from the trunk, Ragahv was just watching them standing little far from them. Seeing this, Kalpana said, "Ragahv come here na and help us." Ragahv went to the car and then helped her.  While helping her Ragahv said,

Ragahv: Kalpana, couldn't we go to any disco or club instead of coming here?

Kalpana: You never attended any picnic before?

Ragahv: No.

Kalpana: Never?

Ragahv: What is the specialty of this type of occations? Nothing but boring.

Kalpana: Hmmm, everything is boring for you. Indian girls, Indian occasions.    

Ragahv: How old are you, 19, 20, 21?

Kalpana: 20. Why?

Ragahv: See, at this age you chose to marry someone to make your life boring instead of enjoying yourself like me.

Seeing her looking at him unbelievable, he said,

Ragahv: I am 30, still unmarried. You know why? I don't want to put my life in hell controlling by someone else. Do this, don't do this...etc etc. You also have to face these. One day your husband will tell you don't wear this dress, my mom doesn't like it, do this because my father likes it. Kalpana you have long way to go. You have to complete your education and then build your career and you never know they may stop you continuing your education. Kalpana, you still have time. Cancel the marriage. Don't let control your life by someone else. Do whatever your heart wants to do. You never know kal ho na ho.

Kalpana: Thank you for your advice, but my would be husband and would be law are not that type. I know them very well since childhood.

Ragahv: Thanks God, at least you know them. But why are you getting married at this age? Marry after 5/6 years later na.

Kalpana: We had our Sagai when I crossed 18. His grand-mother is not well. She wants to see her grand daughter-in-law before she died.

Ragahv: So they are in hurry, not you.

To end this topic, Kalpana said, "Ragahv, now you are irritating me with your stupid questions. Stop this and help me in cooking.

Hearing her, "Me and cooking?" Ragahv said, "No way. I never went to the kitchen."

Kalpana: you never did, it doesn't mean that you will never do it. Ragahv, trust me you will enjoy. We all will work and you won't realize when time passed.

She called everyone. She set a table and told everyone to chop vegetables, onions, salad for her. Ragahv took salad thinking that would be the easiest one.

Prerna: Didi, how about a race?

Kalpana: That's not a bad idea. let's see who can finish first?

Ragahv: This is not fair Kalpana. I am not going to participate in this race.

Kalpana: Wait a minute. Aren't you thinking that you will lose?

Ragahv: Oh hello, Ragahv Singhania never lost any competition in his life.

Prerna: Thik hai Ragahv Bhaia, prove didi that you never lost.

Ragahv: Of course.

He has to win the game, with this thought he started chopping cucumber without peeling. Prerna was encouraging Ragahv while Kalpana, her other cousins. Everyone started laughing seeing the way Ragahv was chopping cucumber. He didn't care how the shape he was making, but he knew that he had to win the competition. "I am done," saying so he started screaming, "Yeyyy!!!!! I won."

Prerna: Yey!!! Ragahv Bhaia won.

Ragahv lifted Prerna into the sky and said while circling, "We won. We won. We won." One of her cousins said, "Ragahv Bhaia, look at your salad, how you made. If you would follow the way we are doing than you would definitely lose."

Ragahv: I don't care how I made. Kalpana told us to chop it but she didn't mention we have to do it perfectly.

Looking at Kalpana, he said, "Right Kalpana?"

Kalpana: Very smart. Don't show me your teeth as your smile will get vanish very soon because we are gonna have another competition.

Ragahv: Another competition?

Kalpana: Why? are you scared?

Ragahv: N-n-n- no I am ...

"Ragahv bhaia is not scared for anything," Prerna completed his sentence.

Raghav: Han, you are right Prerna.

Kalpana: Don't you want to know about the competition?

Prerna: Which competition didi?

Kalpana: soccer.

Hearing her of all her cousins whispered at the same time, "now Ragahv Bhaia, you are gone." Hearing them Ragahv said smirked, "huh! Kalpana and football. Say that to your didi." Prerna brought her head near him and whispered into his ear, "Raghav bhaia, you don't know didi. She was a champ in school every year." He whispered back, "So, I was a good soccer player too."

Ragahv: Lets start

All the boys were in Ragahv's team and all the girls were in Kalpana's team. Girls knew that they were not as good as the boys but they were happy that they had Kalpana in their team and she was good enough to make the team win. They started playing. Ragahv was a good player but Kalpana was better than him. Though Ragahv had few good players in his team but Kalpana lead her team. 1 hour passed. Kalpana's team was 5 goals ahead. The referee announced that there were about 2 minutes left. Ragahv's team was very frustrated. One of Raghav's team members whispered into his ear, "Ragahv bhaia, we are losing." He looked at Kalpana who was running with the ball toward them. Something came up into his mind. He smirked and then whispered back, "Don't worry, we will not lose." When Kalpana was almost near them, Ragahv tripped her leg on purposely causing her to fall on the ground. Ragahv was about to hold her but he fell with Kalpana. Ragahv was half laying on her. Kalpana slowly opened her eyes. As she opened her eyes, her eyes fell on his dark brown eyes. Both of them were staring at each other. For a moment they were lost into each other's eyes. Their trance broke, hearing boys screaming, "Yeyyy!!!!! We won. We won. We won." Realizing she was under Ragahv, Kalpana pushed him hard aside and stood up. Wiping her mud from her dress, she said angrily, "Ragahv you did it on purpose, right?" hearing her he smirked and then bit his lower lip.

Kalpana: This time you also cheated.

Hearing her, Ragahv walked toward her. Bringing his head near her, he whispered, "Sorry sweetheart, I can't see myself losing." He was about to leave but stopped thinking something. He turned back and said, "By the way, I admit. You play really very well." He walked toward kalpana's cousins and said, "Though our team won but still I would like to treat you all ice-cream from ice cream parlor." Hearing him everyone screamed, "Yeyyy!!!!!"

Ragahv and Kalpana's cousins helped her in cooking. Kalpana noticed that Ragahv was not bored rather enjoying his time with her cousins. Kids were also having fun having Ragahv with them. While helping her, he was listening to their jokes and telling them jokes.

Kalpana put two bedsheets on the grass and called everyone for lunch. They all sat on that circling and then ate. After finishing their lunch, Kalpana's few cousins sang. Though Ragahv never liked Hindi song but he really admired their vocal.

Seeing it was becoming dark, they started packing. Before they went to Kalpana's house Ragahv took everyone to the local ice cream parlor. While eating ice cream, Kalpana asked, "So Mr. Singhania, how was your experience on picnic? Did you have fun?"

Ragahv: Unbelievable. Simply awesome. I have never thought that I am gonna have this much fun.

Hearing him Kalpana smiled and said in her mind, Thanks God.


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Wow what an update mere dost. Tongue loved every bit of it Big smile so mr. Snooty pants had to stay the night at Kalpana's house huh Wink and OMG Kalpana fave it good to old snooty pants LOL boy he needs help with his anger. So when will snooty pants fall for the fair maiden and break her engagement and marry her himself?

Waiting eagerly for next part Embarrassed

Mere dost jaldi dena Embarrassed

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Raghav unknowingly is getting attached to Kalpi
I like how he waited for Kalpi to drop her home from her relative home and wanting so badly to apologize to her for his rude behavior with the little boy.
Vithal inviting Raghav inside the house was awesome ;)
It give him the perfect excuse to be close to Kalpi and apologize
Kalpi cooking food for Raghav was nice and I like that he love Kalpi cooking :)
Raghav having to stay with Kalpi them for one more day is amazing
Kalpi taking the kids and Raghav on the picnic was wonderful
Raghav actually had lots of fun
Fabulous update. I love it

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SmileSOSOSOSOSO BEAUTIFUL update sweety pie.A BIG THANK U .and thanks for  PM ,u know ur story its self prove the story name KUCH TO HAI.sachmuch kuch to hai jo tuje baki sabase alag rakhata hai.u and ur story line and word r unique thats make u diffrent from others .u prove the name of story by urself their is something unique in u .really .so ,..MR.AKADOO try the food and maintain to keep staright .well mr.richi rich had fun in picnic..he cheat in game coz he dont like to loose.such a looser singhania. love the update .please update soon yaar cant wait too see how this oppsite poles will attrack and become RAGNA

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chitra8710 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome update loved it.

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sampa79 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Very nice update 
Thank you for PM 

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Really fab
Update soon

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sumasridhar Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2016 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Yaar y u prefer shot not any ff or ss but whatever it is I like all ur shots

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