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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 46)

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Shot Nine

Kalpana was blushing recalling her moments with Raghav earlier while changing her dress in the washroom. She came back from the washroom and then directly went to the Balcony. She looked down and her eyes were stuck on the spot of the garden where Ragahv and Kalpana were standing in each other's arms. The feelings were so good, she thought. After spending an hour she came back to the cabin. She looked at the pillow laying on the couch, Ragahv slept on it. She took the pillow in her hand and laid down on the couch. She inhaled his scent from the pillow. She was again lost in his thought. She was dreaming that she was in Ragahv's arms. Dreaming about Ragahv Kalpana didn't know when she fell asleep.

The next morning Kalpana's sleep got distracted hearing people talking around her. She saw Kamla, Gauri, her uncle were already in the hospital. Then she looked at the wall clock. It was 10 AM. She got up and sat on the couch while rubbing her eyes.

KAmla: You woke up beta?

KAlpana: Aai, it is 10 AM. Why didn't you wake me up?

KAmla: Seeing you sleeping peacefully, I didn't want to bother you.

"Ha Aai. I slept peacefully. Ragahv jo tha mere saath," Kalpana mumbled to herself with dreamy eyes. Reality hit her when Kamla asked, "kon tha?"

"Vo Aai, vo," seeing Kalpana struggling, KAmla said, "kon?"

"No one," saying so Kalpana left from there before she got caught and then entered into the washroom. Seeing her sudden behavior, Kamla was confused. On the other hand, leaning on the wall, Kalpana said to herself, "God, what I was going to tell her? I was about to get caught." Something came into her mind immediately.  How she will face Ragahv after whatever happened last night, Kalpana thought. She was in tensed. "Please God, save me. Don't bring him in front of me," Kalpana prayed to God closing her eyes.

That day neither Ragahv nor Kalpana met each other. Ragahv stayed at the Mansion doing his work while Kalpana was in the hospital. Though Ragahv was busy but time to time he would call the doctor to know about Vittal's health condition. In the afternoon, when he was talking to the doctor, in the meantime Kalpana entered into the doctor's cabin. Hearing the doctor talking on the phone she realized it was Ragahv's phone. Or who else will be this  much concerned about her father. She felt really good. She sat on a chair and was waiting for the doctor to finish his call. After finishing his call, the doctor said, "It was Mr. Singhania's call."

Kalpana: I know

Doctor: he was asking when you can take your father to home.

Kalpana: when we can take him?

Doctor: tomorrow in the afternoon. Mr Singhania is not coming today. He will come tomorrow and take your father to home.

Thanks God. He is not coming today," Kalpana said in her mind and felt relieved. But how she was going to face him tomorrow? This thought was killing her brutally.

The next morning

Ragahv made some plan for Vittal. Before Ragahv came to the hospital he went to Kalpana's house. He involved all the kids with him to decorate the house for Vittal to welcome to house. he also planned to through a welcome party in the evening. He told every member of the house to not to disclose it to Vittal.

In the afternoon

Ragahv went to the hospital and directly went to talk to the doctor. After doing all the formalities, he came back to his car and was waiting in his car. After few minutes Vittal, his younger brother, Kamla and Kalpana came to the car. Ragahv and vittal's younger brother sat in the front while Vittal, Kamla and Kapana at the back. Vittal and Kamla were talking to each other while Kalpana was sitting quietly. Raghav noticed it. While driving he was glancing back to Kalpana through the looking glass. Once her eyes met Ragahv, she immediately lowered her eyes. After that she didn't dare to look up until they reached home.

Once Vittal entered into the house all the kids screamed at the same time, "Surprise!" a smile appeared on Vittal's face seeing the decorated house for him. "I am very glad that all the kids love me a lot," Vittal said with a smile. Pointing to Ragahv one of the kids said, "Uncle it was all Ragahv Baba's plan. We just helped him decorating the house." looking at Raghav, vital said with a smile, "Thank you beta. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for my family."

Ragahv: Uncle sirf thank you se kam nahi hoga. Mujhe kuch aur chahiye.

Saying so Ragahv looked at Kalpana who was still standing holding the door. Though Vittal didn't understand but Kalpana understood. She blushed and then left from there.

Vittal: tell me what do you want?

Ragahv: Apka sabse kimti cheese. Later on don't tell me that you cant give me.

Vittal: Without my daughters I don't have any other valuable things in my life.

Mujhe apki badi beti chaiye, Ragahv said in his mind. His trance broke hearing everyone laughing.

In the evening

Everyone was getting ready in their room for the party. Kalpana took extra effort to get ready today. She wore this saree.

While getting ready she was only thinking about Ragahv and smiling. Her trance broke hearing Kamla calling her by her name, "Kalpana, how long you will take to get ready? Come down. Guest already started coming."

"I am coming Aai," saying so before she came out of the room, Kalpana looked herself in the mirror for the last time. "Kuch chut to nahi gaya," she mumbled to herself. After checking herself, "No everything is perfect," saying so Kalpana came out of the room with a smile in her lips.

Once Kalpana came down in the living room, her eyes were only searching for Ragahv but he was not seen anywhere. All of a sudden hearing a female voice, "Hey, Kalpana." Kalpana looked behind and saw Mouli. Both hugged each other. Breaking the hug, Mouli said, "hey Kalpana, I need to talk to you and it is very important. You were in the hospital that's why I didn't want to bother you." After thinking something Kalpana said, "Let me guess. You got a new boyfriend right?" Hearing her, Mouli said, "You are right. But I have made up my mind. I will spend my whole life with him."

Kalpana: Finally. Thanks God.

Mouli: Why not. He is my dream man.

Kalpana: May I know the person who has stolen my friend's heart?

Mouli: Ofcourse. Ragahv.

Hearing her, Kalpana was confused and said, "Ragahv?"

Mouli: Look at behind. How handsome he is looking today.

KAlpana looked behind. She noticed that Ragahv was wearing an Indian traditional suit.

Kalpana was surprised thinking Ragahv denied wearing this kind of suit before. But he was looking very handsome in this suit, Kalpana thought. She couldn't move her eyes off from him. Ragahv noticed it though he was busy talking to some guests. Her trance broke hearing Mouli said, "Hey Kalpana, where are you lost?" Oh God what I was doing? If Ragahv sees me staring at him like this, what he will think? Kalpana thought. She looked around and seeing a pillar she immediately ran and hid herself behind the pillar. "Hope he didn't see me staring at him," Kalpana mumbled to herself. After few minutes, she tried to see him from behind the pillar but Raghav wasn't there. "Where is he?" Kalpana mumbled to herself. "Were you searching for me?" hearing a familiar male voice from behind, Kalpana felt like she saw some ghost. She saw that Ragahv was standing in front of her crossing his arms over his chest. Hearing him Kalpana nodded her head in yes and then realizing what she just said, she immediately shook her head in no. Ragahv came little close and then said huskily, "First decide then tell me, yes or no." hearing him Kalpana lowered her eyes as she didn't want to get caught. After waiting for few seconds, when he didn't hear anything from her, Ragahv said, "Can I take it as yes?" Kalpana raised her head to look at him. Then she again nodded her head in yes. After few seconds she shook her head in no. Realizing what she was saying, Kalpana said, "I have to go."

Ragahv: No. first tell me then I will let you to go.

When he didn't hear anything from her Ragahv asked, "Achcha, tell me why were you searching for me?" Kalpana was still quiet. He made her look into his eyes lifting her chin and said, "you are looking so beautiful." Hearing the complement, Kalpana's cheek became red. He noticed something and then said, "There is something missing." what? Kalpana asked, through her eyes. Ragahv looked around and noticed a plate with color which was kept for the puja. he put his ring finger on red color of the puja plate and placed it on her forehead to make a bindi. "Now perfect." Hearing him Kalpana smiled.

Raghav: By the way, you didn't give me any complement as I am wearing it only for you.

Though Kalpana felt good hearing this but she was too shy to open her mouth. All of a sudden hearing kamla, "have anyone seen Kalpana?"

Kalpana: Aai is calling me. I have to go.

Saying so Kalpana left from there leaving Ragahv alone with a smile. "When you are shy, you look even more beautiful and this is what I like about you," Ragahv mumbled to himself.

In the party Kalpana noticed his strong gaze on her and whenever Raghav would get a chance he would take Kalpana's picture from a little far. When Ragahv was busy taking Kalpana's picture, Gauri came to talk to Ragahv with his phone in her hand.

Gauri: Ragahv, Mr. Varma called you. He wants to talk to you regarding an important meeting.

Ragahv took the phone. Gauri noticed that though he was talking to Mr. Varma but he was giving more attention on Kalpana. Before Gauri could understand anything, Kamla came and took Gauri with her to introduce one of their guests. After Gauri left, Mouli came and said, "Hey Ragahv take some picture of mine na?" Prem was there. Hearing Mouli, Prem took the camera from Ragahv and said, "Let me take both of your pictures." Raghav was still on the phone. Before he could say anything, Mouli interlocked her hand with Ragahv and Prem took some pictures of them. Vittal was passing from there. Seeing Ragahv and Mouli taking pictures interlocking their hands, Vittal smiled and said in his mind, he is still same. pata nahi kab Raghav baba sudhrega. Kalpana also noticed it but she didn't take it seriously.

After the party Gauri went to Ragahv's room to talk to him. When she entered into the room she saw that Ragahv was busy doing something in his laptop. She sat on the bed.

Gauri: Ragahv are you busy?

"yah. But you can tell me. I am listening," Ragahv said still looking into the laptop.

Gauri: Ragahv lets go back to the Mansion. We will come back before Kalpana's marriage.

Ragahv: Mom, if you want you can go but I will stay here.

Gauri noticed that Ragahv's all the concentration was on the laptop. "If you have to attend any meeting from India then how you will be able to attend staying here as all of your files are in the Mansion?" hearing her, Ragahv raised his head to look at her. "Mom, I don't have to attend any meeting," Ragahv said. "Let me freshen up. You stay here. I will be back soon," saying so Ragahv went to the washroom taking his sleeping suit in his hand. Before he left he left the laptop open on the bed. She noticed that Ragahv forgot to take the towel laying on the bed. She took the towel and turned to leave but all of a sudden something clicked into her mind. She immediately turned and her eyes fell on the laptop. She sat in front of the laptop and was shocked seeing Kalpana's pictures. It means Ragahv was not doing any official work. He was watching Kalpana's pictures, Gauri thought. Then she remembered how Ragahv was staring at Kalpana and taking her pictures in the evening and how he denied going home earlier. For a moment she thought Raghav started liking kalpana but at the next moment she removed it from her mind thinking Ragahv liked Kalpana as a friend when Mouli and Ragahv's pictures popped up. Slapping her own head, Gauri mumbled to herself, "Mai bhi na. kya kya sochta hoon." At the next moment she said, "I wish I would get Kalpana as my daughter-in-law." Then she came out of Raghav's room. While going to her room passing Kalpana's room, she saw that Kalpana was putting her dress in the Almirah. Hearing a knock on the door, Kalpana turned to see the person. Seeing Gauri a smile appeared on her face. "May I come in?" Hearing Gauri, Kalpana said, "Aunty why are you taking permission to enter into my room?" I wish I could get permission to enter into your mind and change my son's mind to fall for you, Gauri thought. "Aunty come. Sit here," Kalpana said showing her bed. Gauri sat next to Kalpana. Taking kalpana's hand in her, Gauri said, "Actually I came here to say thanks to you." Hearing her Kalpana looked at her confused.

Gauri: Whatever I couldn't do, you could. He has agreed not to sell our properties.

Kalpana smiled. Caressing Kalpana's cheek Gauri blessed her, "God bless you beta. God will give you all the happiness you deserve in your life."

Kalpana: Thank you Aunty

Gauri: No, thank you. Because of you, my son has changed a lot. Staying with you he has started valuing the meaning of life. Thank you so much beta.

Kalpana felt really good. "I wish every parent's have a daughter like you and every in-law gets a daughter-in-law like you," Gauri said. Kalpana lowered her head as she was blushing. One person was watching them standing at the door. Don't worry mom. I will fulfill your wish soon, Ragahv said in his mind. Looking at Kalpana, Raghav bit his lower lip. Then whispered, "So Ms. Jadav, get ready to become Mrs. Kalpana Raghav Singhania."


The next morning

Kalpana woke up hearing a knock on the door. She looked at the table clock. It was 7 AM. She got off from the bed. Once she opened the door, she was shocked seeing Mouli at this early morning. "Mouli you? At this early morning?" Kalpana asked surprised. "Yes. Whole night I stayed awake and was waiting when morning will come and I will talk to you," Hearing Mouli, Kalpana said, "Achcha, who stole your heart?"

Mouli: Raghav

"Ragahv?" Kalpana asked confused.

Mouli: yes Ragahv. I have fallen in love with him. you know what Kalpana he also loves me.

Kalpana: sorry Mouli but don't take it in your heart. He actually doesn't love you.

Mouli: Ragahv said he loves me in front of Prem. You can ask Prem.

Kalpana very well knew why Ragahv said that to Mouli in front of Prem. She also knew that Mouli was dumb and took his acting seriously. Her trance broke when Mouli said, "I will prove you in 24 hours that he also loves me and wants to marry me." Saying so Mouli left from there. Somehow in her heart Kalpana didn't like the way Mouli challenged her. Though she knew it was all Mouli's one sided attraction but she didn't like someone else wanting Ragahv.

It was 8 AM. Every one gathered in the dining table for the breakfast. Mouli was also there. "Kalpana, go and wake Ragahv up for the breakfast," hearing Kamla, Kalapana was about to go but Mouli stopped her saying, "Kalpana you stay here. Today I will wake him up," saying so Mouli left from there.

Mouli walked toward Ragahv's room. His door was slightly open. He always kept the door open on purpose thinking Kalpana will come to wake him up in the morning. Once she entered into his room her eyes fell on Ragahv who was sleeping peacefully. "Wow! He is looking even more handsome in sleeping," mumbling to herself she walked toward his bed. She sat beside him. Something came up into her mind. She leaned and tickled his ear with her hair. Feeling this Ragahv moved little bit. Mouli tickled his, another ear. This time Raghav woke up. He smiled. His eyes were still closed. Imagining Kalpana, Raghav pulled her in his chest by her waist and brought her under him. Once he opened his eyes, he seemed like he saw a ghost seeing Mouli under him. "You? What are you doing here?" Ragahv shouted angrily. Without wasting a second he got off from there. Mouli felt bad the way he shouted. "Why are you shouting at me? It was all your fault. I came to call you for the breakfast but you pulled...," Ragahv didn't let her complete her sentence saying, "Ok, now you go. I am coming after freshening up," saying so Ragahv entered into the washroom. If he loves me then why did he shout at me? Doesn't he love me? Mouli thought. At the next moment she mumbled to herself, "But Mouli will not give up so easily. She will make you fall for her very soon." Then she sat on the bed and was waiting for Ragahv.

On the other hand Kalpana was so restless thinking why Ragahv and Mouli were not coming down yet. It's been 20 minutes but what are they doing in the room. She kept looking at his door. Another five minutes passed. She couldn't stay there anymore. She got up from her seat.

In the meantime Ragahv came out of the washroom. Realizing no one was there in the room, he came out with a towel around his waist. He directly walked to the dresser to comb his hair. Feeling someone wrapped around his chest from behind, he looked behind. Once he looked behind, Mouli kissed his cheek. Before he could react or say anything, Mouli ran from there. when Mouli was coming out of the room, she bumped into Kalpana. Kalpana noticed that Mouli was so happy. Before she could say anything Mouli hugged Kalpana and left from there happily. "What happened with Mouli? Why she is looking so happy?" she thought. Her trance broke hearing Ragahv saying while coming out, "Mou.." Kalpana noticed that Raghav was only with towel and then her eyes fell on his cheek. It was clearly visible in her eyes how hurt she was. Without wasting a second she left from there with a heavy heart leaving Ragahv with confused. "What happened with Kalpana? Why did she leave like this?" Ragahv mumbled to himself. Then he entered into the room. While going to the almirah passing dresser, his eyes fell on lipstick mark on his cheek and then his towel. "oh no. Kalpana misunderstood me. She thought me and Mouli..." Ragahv mumbled to himself stroking his hair. I have to talk to her. She must be upset, he thought. without wasting a second after dressing up Ragahv came down. Every member was there in the dining room but Kalpana was not there. "She must be in her room," mumbling to himself, he turned to leave but Kamla stopped him saying, "Ragahv baba, where are you going without having breakfast? Have breakfast first then do your work."

"Ji," saying so Ragahv pulled a chair and sat on it. Kamla served his food on his plate. He was just moving his spoon as he was not feeling like to eat. After a while he got up from the chair and left. Then he went to Kalpana's room but she was not in there. then he checked her on the terrace but she was not there too.

It's been five hours, Ragahv was trying to work on his laptop but thinking Kalpana was upset, he couldn't concentrate. He looked at the wall clock. It was 2 PM.  Thinking Kalpana may come for the lunch, Ragahv came down. Seeing Ragahv, Kamla said while serving food, "Ragahv baba, come. Eat lunch." Raghav looked around but Kalpana was not there. Then he thought to ask Kamla.

Ragahv: Kamla Aunty, where is Kalpana?

 Kamla: Doctor called from the hospital to pick up a new prescription for Vittal, that's why she went to the hospital.

Ragahv: Aunty, why did you send Kalpana? You could have told me?

Kamla: I wanted to send Vittal's brother but she stopped him saying she will go.

"I see," saying so Ragahv went to his room. He went to the Balcony and was waiting for Kalpana to come. It's been two hours but Kalpana still didn't come. He thought to go to the hospital and check. He took the car key and came outside. He opened the door to get into the car but seeing Kalpana coming through the mirror he stopped. Once he turned, both Ragahv and Kalpana came face to face. They looked at each other. It was clearly visible how much Kalpana was hurt in her eyes. Before Ragahv could say anything, Kalpana left from there.

Handling the prescription to Vittal, Kalpana went to her room. She placed her bag on the bed and was about to go to the washroom but stopped hearing her name from behind, "Kalpana." She turned to face Ragahv. Ignoring him again, Kalpana was about to leave her room but Ragahv stopped her by holding her wrist. "Naraj ho mujhse?" saying so Ragahv came little close to her. Kalpana was still standing facing her back to him. He turned her by her shoulder to face him but her eyes were on the floor.

Ragahv: I don't know what happened with Mouli? When I came from the washroom after freshening up, she came and kissed on my cheek. Before I could say anything, she left from there.

Ragahv lifted her chin to look into his eyes and said, "Do you really think that I would give her permission to do that?" It was clearly visible in those dark brown eyes that Ragahv was not lying. Though it was not his fault but still Kalpana didn't like someone else come close to him. Kalpana released herself from his grip and was about to leave the room but stopped for a while hearing Ragahv, "I didn't eat anything since morning. I know you also didn't eat anything." Without uttering a word Kalpana left from there.

Kalpana came to the kitchen to help Kamla. After a while, Gauri came and bid them bye as she was leaving. Kalpana came out of the kitchen to see if Raghav was also leaving with Gauri. Seeing him going out with Gauri, Kalpana's heart skipped. Her eyes were stuck on the door standing at the same place since Ragahv left.  After 30 minutes Kalpana got relived seeing Ragahv entering into the house while talking to someone on the phone. She heard him saying while going to his room, "I know Mr. Varma, I was supposed to attend the meeting physically. I will let you know if I can attend." Is he really going back to USA? Kalpana thought.

Ragahv didn't came out from his room rest of the day as he was trying to do some work on his laptop. On the other hand Kalpana was waiting for him in the dining table for the dinner. After waiting of one hour, Kalpana put some food on a plate and directly went to Ragahv's room. his door was slightly open. Once she entered into the room, she saw Ragahv was still working. Seeing Kalpana Ragahv put his laptop on the bed and got off. Placing the plate on a table, Kalpana was about to leave but Ragahv stopped her holding her wrist and said, "Kalpana, sit here." He made her sit on the bed and he fixed himself beside her. Showing the plate, Ragahv said, "I don't mind to share the same plate with you. I know you also didn't eat anything." He gave one spoon to Kalpana and he used the fork. "Can we start? I am so starving," hearing him, Kalpana nodded her head in yes. Then both started eating from the same plate. Kalpana was eating quietly lowering her head but Ragahv was glancing back to Kalpana while eating. All of a sudden he chocked food causing him to start coughing. KAlpana panicked seeing this. She poured water into a glass and offered it to him. Then she started messaging his back. While messaging, "You ok?" Kalpana kept saying panicking. Seeing her panicking, Ragahv stopped coughing. Kalpana was sitting so close to him. Seeing him staring at her, she realized that how much she was sitting closely. She came little far making little distance. "Vo-I have to go now. I am done eating," saying so Kalpana got off from the bed to leave but Ragahv stopped her saying, "But I didn't finish eating. Can you stay here until I finish?"

Kalpana: hm

Kalpana sat on the bed and was waiting for him to finish his food. Once he finished his food, Kalpana said, "Can I go now?"

Ragahv: No. I meant to say can you stay here for a while.

KAlpana: but I cant stay here? It is already 12.

Ragahv: ok, but promise me you will meet me tomorrow after dinner on the terrace.

Kalpana: Why?

Ragahv: I need to talk to you

Kalpana: I will try

Ragahv: No, you have to come.

Kalpana blushed and nodded her head in yes.

Ragahv: Thank you

Kalpana: Good night

Ragahv: Good night.

After Kalpana left Ragahv dropped himself on the bed. Hugging a pillow he mumbled to himself, "I Hope this night passes quickly."

On the other hand, Kalpana was blushing thinking what Ragahv was going to tell her tomorrow. Her smile got disappeared remembering when Ragahv told his client about going back to USA to attend the meeting. What if he is going to tell me that he is going back to USA, Kalpana thought sadly? That night both Ragahv and Kalpana couldn't sleep. Ragahv was waiting when night will pass and he will pour his heart to Kalpana and Kalpana was thinking tomorrow Ragahv will break her heart saying he is leaving her forever.

The next day

Ragahv went to the Mansion to do some work for few hours. On the other hand Kalpana was busy for whole day with some relatives who came to visit Vittal. How much she was busy but her mind and heart were with Ragahv. She was waiting to talk to him. She wanted to ask him directly if he was planning to leave. Till then she couldn't stay peacefully.

After dinner Ragahv was waiting for Kalpana on the terrace. Few minutes later Kalpana came. Seeing Ragahv leaning on the wall, she walked toward him and stood beside him making little distance. "Thanks you for coming. Actually the reason I called you..." Kalpana stopped him saying, "Are you going back to USA to attend meeting?" hearing her Ragahv looked at her. It was clearly visible in her eyes that how impatiently she was waiting for his answer. Ragahv thought something and then said, "If I go there, I wont be able to concentrate on my meeting as my mind and heart wont be with me, but somewhere else. Someone stole my heart. Kisi ne puri tara mujhey fasa diya. Mera dil or demag mai sirf o e hai. Now I cant think anything else without her. Now tell me in this case what I should do." Hearing him Kalpana felt relieved. And it was not unnoticed by Ragahv.

Ragahv: Don't you think she should get punish for that?

Kalpana: Punishment?

Ragahv: Hm. As a punishment she should spend few hours with me under the sky.

KAlpana: Tonight?

Ragahv: Hm. What do you think?

Kalpana: But how can I spend time with you at this moment? Lots of guests are at home.

Seeing Raghav smiling biting his lower lip, Kalpana realized what she just said. Before she could say anything, one of her cousins came to the terrace and said, "Kamla Aunty is calling you."

"I-I have to go. Aai-Aai is calling me," saying so Kalpana left from there leaving Ragahv smiling. After few minutes Ragahv came down. Seeing Prerna playing with one of her cousins, he walked toward her and said, "Prerna, I need your help," saying so he whispered something into her ears and left from there.

Laying on the bed Ragahv kept checking the time every 10 minutes since two hours. Finally it was 2 AM. He got off from the bed and came out of the room. he walked toward Kalpana's room and was waiting for Prerna to open the door. After waiting of 15 minutes PRerna opened the door. "You can come now. Didi is sleeping," hearing Prerna, Ragahv entered into the room. He lifted Kalpana in his arms and turned to leave but stopped hearing Prerna, "What if didi gets upset on you again."

Ragahv: no she will not

Prerna: Are you sure?

Ragahv: hundred percent

Prerna: Are you sure, she will not scold you?

Ragahv smiled and said, "Don't worry. She will not scold me this time but she will surely love me for this."

Prerna: ok then. Best of luck.

"Thank you," saying so Ragahv left with Kalpana placing her on his shoulder.

After one hour, Kalpana's sleep got distracted feeling cold. Once she moved, her eyes opened little bit. She noticed that she was not on her bed. Once she opened her eyes wide to see where actually she was, her eyes fell on the sky. she was in awe looking at the sky. She couldn't believe her eyes as she just saw. She thought she was dreaming. She closed her eyes and then opened again. No, she was not dreaming, Kalpana thought. She was still sitting on the car. Ragahv was watching and enjoying her every reaction sitting beside her. Her trance broke hearing Ragahv, "each and every words are for you Kalpana." Kalpana looked at Ragahv and then looked back at the sky where it was written, I LOVE YOU KALPANA. She was speechless. She couldn't believe that Ragahv would do this for her. Ragahv came out of the car. He came to the other side of the car and opened the door for Kalpana. Kalpana came out. Holding her hand Ragahv said, "Do you remember, you told me that one day a girl will come into my life and then she will make me realize the meaning of love, meaning of life. You know what Kalpana, whenever I am with you, I feel so peace. Staying with you I didn't realize when your like became my like, your dislike became my dislike. I felt like now I started living my life. It never happened with me being with lots of girls before. Then I realized, that yes this is the girl who I can spend my whole life with." Kalpana was just listening to him without uttering a word. Ragahv continued, "Because of you my life changed totally. I started dreaming about marriage, life, children with you. Ab kya karey. Hogaya hai pyaar tumse(My favorite dialogue in EMA)." Both of them were staring at each other with so much love, affection.

Raghav: I would like to spend my whole life with you. I would like to make a small family with you. I truly love you Kalpana.

He pulled her into a hug. A joyful tear escaped from her eyes while closing her eyes in his arms. Kalpana never thought in her life that someone will come into her life who will love her, care for her unconditionally. They were in each other's arms for a while. Feeling wet on his shirt, Ragahv broke the hug. He looked at her watery eyes. He brushed his thumb slowly to wipe her tears. Ragahv knew this tear was giving him the positive feedback.

Ragahv: Kalpana I know you love me too. But I want to hear it from you.

Kalpana could hear her heart was beating very fast. Whatever it was in her heart she couldn't bring it in her mouth. Ragahv was eagerly waiting to hear those three magical words from her. "Do you Kalpana?" Hearing him Kalpana lowered her eyes as she was blushing. After few seconds, Kalpana ran from there leaving Raghav smiling.


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Joined: 19 May 2014
Posts: 8774

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
Awesome faru...
Its fabulous it geniunely awesome
N plz iss bar not seperation of ragna plz
Love ur stories
Update soon

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eishe10 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 April 2014
Posts: 6517

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Fabulous updateWink

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niru04 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 May 2014
Posts: 5458

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Awesome update.finally raghav confessed.update next  part soon pls

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sampa79 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 April 2014
Posts: 5280

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Thank you for PM 

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sumasridhar Goldie

Joined: 30 April 2014
Posts: 2108

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Farha after a long time I'm hearing 4m u n the updt is so nice n the confession awesome keep on yaar

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anurose Senior Member

Joined: 25 March 2014
Posts: 527

Posted: 27 June 2016 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Awesome update faru...loved it so much..thanx for it :)

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