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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 42)

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Shot Eight

Sitting on a chair in the garden of the hospital Kalpana was watching kids playing. In the meantime Gauri, Kamla, and her few relatives came to the hospital. Seeing Kalpana in the garden Kamla walked toward her while others went to visit vital.

Kamla: Kalpana, you here?

Kalpana: Ha, aai. Prem and his family are with baba that's why thought to spend some time here.

Kamla: But beta...

Kamla stopped hearing PRem, "Kalpana, you are here and I have been searching for you everywhere." Saying so PRem was about to sit beside KAlpana but stopped when Kalpana said, "PRem, I think you should go now. Your parents must be waiting for you." Kamla didn't like the way Kalpana talked to Prem. She noticed that kalpana was ignoring Prem. She thought to talk to Kalpana about it later. Seeing Ragahv coming outside while talking to someone on the phone, Kalpana called him, "Hey Ragahv." Ragahv looked at Kalpana putting the person on hold. "Ragahv come. Sit over here and take some fresh air as you must be tired staying awake whole night." Ragahv smiled. He cut the call and then walked toward them. "Kalpana, I will see you again," Saying so Prem left from there.

Kamla: Ragahv baba, you stayed awake whole night?

Ragahv: Don't worry Aunty. I am used to with it.

Kamla: One night is ok but few nights at a time? I want u to go home and take rest.

Kalpana: Aai is right. Ragahv you go home and take rest

Ragahv: Kalpana I told you na I am fine.

Kalpana: Ok you can stay here but in one condition. You will sleep and I will stay awake tonight.

Ragahv smiled and said, "Ok, I will sleep tonight."

Kamla brought lunch from home. She served food for everyone. While eating by mistake Ragahv ate spicy food that causing him to start coughing. While offering water to Ragahv, Kalpana said to Kamla worried, "Aai, what have you done? Why did you bring spicy food? You know na Ragahv can't eat spicy food."

Kamla: But beta, this spicy food was for you. I have brought less spicy food for Ragahv Baba.

Kalpana: still, you shouldn't have brought spicy food here. From tomorrow bring less spicy food for me too.

Kalpana took Ragahv's plate from him and gave him a new plate with less spicy food. Then she started eating from Ragahv's old plate. Both Ragahv and Kamla noticed it. "Kalpana, ye mera jhuta food hai," Hearing Ragahv, Kalpana said, "Toh. I can't throw this food out." Nowadays what happened with Kalpana? Both Ragahv and Kamla thought.

In the evening before going back to home Kamla thought to talk to KAlpana. Vittal was sleeping and Ragahv went to talk to the doctor. Kamla and Kalpana were in the cabin alone. Taking KAlpana's hand in hers Kamla said, "is everything alright in between you and PRem? I noticed you ignoring him."

Kalpana: Everything is alright.

KAmla: KAlpana, I am your mother and children can't hide anything from their mother. Now tell me what happened.

Kalpana hugged Kamla and said, "Aai do you really think PRem is perfect for us?" hearing her Kamla was worried and said, "All of a sudden why are you asking this Kalpana?" KAlpana broke the hug and said while sobbing, "Aai, I wanted him not to pressurize baba about the dowry. I thought he will support me but..." Kamla stopped her saying, "Kalpana, you shouldn't have talked to him about it."

Kalpana: why not Aai? How can I see my parents on the street?

Kamla: look Kalpana, this is one of the rituals. For this simple matter we can't break this sagai. Your baba likes him a lot.

Taking her hand in hers, Kamla said, "Beta, you are upset because he didn't care about us right? He cares about you and that's enough for us. I heard his parents were not agree for this marriage first but he made them agree because he likes you.

Kalpana: If he likes me then he has to like my parents na.

Caressing her face, Kamla said lovingly, "dekh beta, shadi se pahele har ladki ke man me aisa e khayal ata hai. Don't think too much. God is there. HE will set everything. I want you to give Prem some time." Though Kamla was trying to convince Kalpana but Kalpana's heart and mind were not satisfied with it. She felt bad that no one was there to share her pain with. Aai, I wish you would at least listen to your daughter, Kalpana thought.

After Kamla left, Kalpana went to the attached balcony of the cabin. She was so lost in her thought that she didn't realize when time passed. She looked at the wrist watch and saw that it was 11 PM. "Ragahv didn't eat his dinner," mumbling to herself Kalpana came back to the cabin and saw that Ragahv fell sleep on the sofa resting his arm on his forehead.  She noticed that Ragahv was sleeping without any pillow. She took one pillow from the bed and walked toward him. She sat on the sofa. While putting the pillow under his head, Ragahv's hand fell from his forehead revealing his face clearly. Kalpana was just staring at him. A smile appeared on her face seeing him sleeping peacefully after spending two long sleepless nights. For a moment she forgot that she was upset few minutes ago.  One thing she realized that whenever she saw his face she would forget all her sorrow. And whenever she was with him she felt so peace. She wished that time would be frozen just for this moment.  Her trance broke when nurse Sushma entered into the cabin and said, "KAlpana ji, you have to bring this injection for your father from the pharmacy as it is out of stock here in the hospital. We need to give this to your father early in the morning." Then the nurse gave Kalpana the prescription and told her where she will find this injection.

Ragahv's sleep got distracted hearing the sound of the thunderstorm. He got off from the sofa and then walked toward the window to close it. He turned and noticed that Kalpana was not there in the cabin. "Where is she?" Mumbling to himself, Ragahv came out of the cabin. "She must be in the canteen," saying so he was about to go to the canteen but stooped seeing nurse Sushma coming toward him. "Nurse, have you see Kalpana?"

Nurse: she went outside to buy an injection.

Ragahv: Injection?

Nurse: yes, but it was an hour and half ago. She still didn't back?

Ragahv: no.

Now Ragahv became so worried. First of all it was 1:30 AM and the weather was very bad. "Why did she go alone? Why didn't she wake me up?"

Nurse: you were sleeping. May be she didn't want to bother you and went alone.

Ragahv: Do you know the pharmacy she went to?

Nurse: yes I know. It is half an hour walking distance.

Ragahv was about to leave but stopped when the nurse said, "Wait. I am going home now as I have finished my duty for the day. The pharmacy is on the way to my home. I will take you there."

Then Ragahv and nurse went to the pharmacy but Kalpana was not there. he showed the salesman a picture of Kalpana from his phone and told him if this young lady came here earlier. Seeing the picture the salesman said, "Yes sir. She was here an hour ago. After taking the injection she left." If she left an hour ago then why she didn't reach the hospital? Ragahv thought. The area was so quiet. On top of that it was heavily raining. Ragahv and sushma got into the car and started searching for Kalpana. He was driving like a crazy in the heavy rain.

Ragahv: Sushma ji, why did you let her go at this moment?

Sushma: sorry, I didn't know that she will go alone.

Ragahv: if anything happens with her I will never forgive myself.

Sushma: Ragahv ji, don't worry. You will get her.

After searching of half an hour, all of a sudden Ragahv stopped the engine as someone bumped into his car. Once the person raised her head, "Kalpana?" the only word came out from his mouth. Her whole body was drenched. Then his eyes fell on three young men who were behind her. He clenched his fists angrily. Without wasting a second, Ragahv got off from the car and stood in front of Kalpana. "Hey, stay away from us. This girl is only ours," one of the men said. Raghav was just looking at those men with blood in his eyes. "Hey, didn't I tell you to move from her," saying so one of the men walked toward Ragahv. Seeing the person coming, Kalpana hid herself behind Ragahv. Ignoring Ragahv the man was about to touch Kalpana but Ragahv stopped him holding his wrist tightly. Ragahv twisted his hand causing him to cry in pain. Seeing this other two men came to hit Ragahv. Once they approached Ragahv, he kicked them causing them to fall on the street. Then he started punching the man who tried to touch Kalpana. While punching, Ragahv shouted, "You bastered, how dare you to touch her. I am gonna kill you." Seeing the man with pool of blood, the other two men got scared and ran from there to save their lives. Not only them but both Kalpana and the nurse were scared. This was the first time Kalpana saw his this face." Ragahv leave him. He will die," Kalpana pleaded. Ragahv dropped the man on the ground and said, "Let him die."

Kalpana: Police will arrest you.

Ragahv: I don't care

Kalpana: have you gone mad Ragahv?

Ragahv: yes I am. How dare he tried to touch you. I am gonna kill him

Saying so Ragahv was about to hit the man when, "Ragahv, tumhe meri kasam. Leave him," hearing her, Ragahv left him angrily. He stroked his hair and then looked at Kalpana angrily. "Why did you come outside alone?" hearing him shouting Kalpana was scared. "Vo Rag-ghav you were slee..." Ragahv cut her sentence and said, "Why didn't you wake me up?" Kalpana lowered her eyes as she couldn't meet his angry eyes. Ragahv continued, "Have you ever realized, if I wouldn't be here on time what would happen?" "Anyway how can I forget that I am no one for you? If Prem would be here then you would definitely ask for favor." Hearing him Kalpana raised her eyes to meet his. She could see how much upset he was.

While driving there was totally silent in the car. Ragahv's all the attention was to the front while Kalpana was just glancing back to him. Ragahv why are you comparing yourself with PRem? You don't know who you are for me? Where is your place? Kalpana said in her mind. On the other hand, sushma was just watching them sitting on the back side of the car. She recalled when she asked Ragahv that what is his relation with the patient and he replied saying koi khas nahi. Remembering that, Sushma smiled and said in her mind, Khas to hai.

Since Raghav came back to the hospital, he stayed quiet. Kalpana tried to talk to him but he was not in a mood to talk to her. Both of them were sitting in two different places. Kalpana was on the sofa and Ragahv on a chair. All of a sudden, her eyes fell on his injured hand. Taking the first aid box she walked toward Ragahv. She sat on the floor in front of Ragahv. "Ragahv give me your hand. I need to bandage it." hearing her, "I am fine. You don't have to worry about me," saying so Ragahv got off from the chair and went to the balcony. That night both Ragahv and Kalpana spent the night awake without talking to each other.

The next morning

After freshening up Ragahv came back from the washroom and saw that Kalpana was waiting for him with the breakfast. Raghav sat beside her and started eating quietly. His all attention was on the food while, Kalpana was just glancing back to him. All of a sudden by mistake her finger got into the hot coffee mug. "Aah," hearing her, Ragahv took her burned hand in his and said while blowing air, "Dhawan kaha hey tomhara? Can't you be careful?" Seeing him so much concern Kalpana looked at him. For a moment her all pain disappeared. "Ragahv, if Prem would be here, I wouldn't be able to share this room with him, the way I am doing with you," hearing her Ragahv lifted his eyes to meet her. For a moment both of them were lost into each other's eyes. "Excuse me," saying so Kalpana got off from the sofa and left from there leaving Ragahv with a smile. His trance broke hearing Gauri while entering into the cabin, "Ragahv, why is your phone off?" Ragahv looked at Gauri.

Gauri: check your phone. How many missed calls are there? Mr. Brian wanted to talk to you regarding a meeting.

Raghav checked his phone and saw 15 missed calls. Then he remembered when he was upset on Kalpana last night he didn't want to talk to anyone that's why he switched off the phone. Ragahv dialed Mr. Brian's number to USA.

Brian: Raghav, you have Mr. David's file you took it with you. I need some information for tomorrow's meeting.

Ragahv: Give me two hours. I am not at the Singhania Mansion right now. I will get back to you once I reach the Mansion.

Saying so Ragahv cut the call and said to Gauri, "Mom, I have to go to the Singhania Mansion right now."

Gauri: Ok, beta.

Then Ragahv rushed out of the hospital. Few minutes later Kalpana entered into the cabin. She saw Gauri, Kamla and her relatives were in there. But her eyes were searching for only one person. She came out of the cabin and started searching for Ragahv in the hospital, but he was nowhere. "Where did he go?" She mumbled to herself.

It's been four hours, Kalpana was wondered where Ragahv might go. She was so restless. Finally she asked Gauri about Ragahv. "Oh, beta, Ragahv went to the Mansion," hearing Gauri, Kalpana felt bad thinking he didn't tell her before going back to the Mansion. Is he still upset on me? Kalpana thought.

It's been two hours Kalpana had been still sitting on the same place in the hospital garden. She didn't feel like to meet or talk to anyone once she got to know that Raghav left. She was wondered why she was feeling like that. She was the only person, who wanted him to go home and take some rest but when he left why she was feeling so restless. Was it because she felt so secure around him or there was something else? Her trance broke when, "Hi Kalpana, how are you?" hearing Prem, Kalpana looked behind. Giving him a fake smile, she said, "Fine."

Kamla: Prem, can you take Kalpana out for a while? She got bored staying here in the hospital since three days.

Kamla wanted the misunderstanding between Kalpana and Prem had everything sorted out before marriage.

Prem: Sure aunty. Kalpana lets go.

Prem was about to hold Kalpana's hand but she stopped him saying, "Sorry Prem. I don't feel like going anywhere now. I am so tired. Could you please excuse me?" saying so Kalpana went back to the cabin. Prem and Kamla also followed her behind.

KAmla: Kalpana if you are not feeling well then why don't you go home and take rest?

Thinking Ragahv may come at night, KAlpana said, "Aai, don't worry about me. I will be fine."

KAmla: But beta, you need to take res..

Kalpana stopped her saying angrily, "I told you na I will stay here." Kamla was surprised with Kalpana's sudden behavior. Saying so Kalpana went to the balcony. after a while, feeling someone's hand on her shoulder, KAlpana said, "Aai, I am sorry. I know I shouldn't have talked to you like this. Actually I am upset because he is upset on me and I can't go home without talking to him." Kalpana turned, when Kamla said with a smile, "Who said he is upset." KAlpana was surprised as how Kamla knew about Ragahv. "Aai, how do you know?" Kamla smiled and said, "If he would be upset then they wouldn't agree to take you outside. You are the one who denied to go with him."

KAlpana: Aai, who are you talking about?

Kamla: Why, Prem? Who did you think?

Kalpana didn't reply but hugged Kamla.

It was 8 PM. Kalpana was pacing back and forth in the room. She was missing Raghav badly. She sat on the sofa. She took the pillow that Ragahv used. Hugging it, she wished if he would be here then she would fall asleep resting her head on his shoulder. Closing her eyes she said in her mind, where are you Ragahv? Please come na.

On the other hand, Ragahv's condition was not as great as Kalpana. He too was missing Kalpana badly. Since he left the hospital, Kalpana's last sentence toward him was ringing into his ears. Laying on the bed, he thought, did she really mean it? Does she feeling the same the way I do for her? He was surprised thinking an ordinary girl like Kalpana who will steal a man's heart like Ragahv Sighania for whom a woman was only to warm the bed once.

It was 1 AM. Kalpana was still awake. She had been standing in the balcony since half an hour. She looked at the sky. all of a sudden her eyes fell on a shooting star. She immediately closed her eyes and wished, "You know na what I want?" after few seconds she opened her eyes. Once she opened her eyes she felt like she saw something. A smile appeared on her face. "I think I saw him," saying so Kalpana ran outside. She started searching for him in the garden. Her smile disappeared thinking it was all her imagination. "He must be outside," saying so she was about to go outside but stopped. "No, I cant go outside. If he gets to know that I went outside at this time then he will get upset and I cant see him upset," Mumbling to herself she turned to go back to the cabin when she heard, "Kalpana," hearing a familiar voice Kalpana turned with a smile to face the person. Finally she saw the person she was expecting the most at this moment. Both of them were staring at each other with mixture of emotions, love, concern, anger. All of a sudden when Kapana heard thunder, she ran and hugged Ragahv with all her strength. Ragahv's muscular hands wrapped around her body. Taking her in his arms he held her tight to himself. They were so lost in each other that they forgot everything. They felt like they belong to each other. They were so lost in each other's arms that they didn't realize when rain started. Another thunderstorm made them come out of their trance. Once they opened their eyes they realized that they were in each other's arms. Kalpana broke the hug and looked down shyly. Ragahv smiled seeing her shying. He lifted her chin to look into his eyes. both of them were again lost into each others eyes for a moment. He lifted Kalpana in his amrs and started walking toward the cabin. Kalpana neither struggled in his arms nor did she say a word. She was just looking into his eyes. they entered into the cabin. He made her stand by her feet. He noticed that her dress was totally drenched. Then his eyes fell on her inner parts which were totally visible through her wet dress. He immediately moved his eyes to the opposite direction. He tried to control his feelings since they been staying together in the hospital. For him to get any girl in his bed was a matter of bae hath ka khel but Kalpana, he had never thought about her that way though she was all over in his mind and heart. He would respect her. But he was a human being and it was very difficult for him to stay away when he would feel strong pull toward her. Before he could lose his control he thought to leave. "Kalpana, you change your dress or you will catch cold," saying so Ragahv turned to leave but Kalpana stopped him holding him by his wrist. "Where are you going?"

Ragavh: I am going home

Kalpana: stay here na with me for a while?

Ragahv: I can't Kalpana

Ragahv was still standing facing his back. Hearing her crying, Ragahv turned to face her. "Are you still upset on me?" She said. Whatever happened but he couldn't see tears in her eyes. He walked toward her. Wiping her tears, he whispered, "No, I am not." For a while Ragahv was lost into her beautiful eyes. "Ragahv, I am sor..," Kalpana couldn't complete her sentence as he placed his index finger on her rosy lips, "Shhh." They gazed into each other's eyes that were filled with heavy emotions of love. Ragahv saw the love, sincerity and respect reflecting in Kalpana's black doe eyes. His hand automatically went to her soft cheek. He brushed his thumb tenderly against her cheek. The softness of her skin was the perfect feeling in the world. Feeling his finger on her cheek, Kalpana closed her eyes in pleasure. His one touch was enough to lose her control. She neither felt something like this before nor did she experience it. He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her left cheek and then right cheek. Then Ragahv came few steps back. Looking at her with closed eyes, Ragahv smiled and said in his mind, I got all my answers. Few seconds later when Kalpana opened her eyes, Ragahv was already left from there.     

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Shot 7 and 8 updated
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Res Me First Embarrassed

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Res Tongue

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Really magical
Its awesome
Plz get prem out of the pic soon
Update soon

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Superb update 

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