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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 41)

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Originally posted by Angie08Singh

Awesome UpdateWinkWink

Thanks angie

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Originally posted by pratibha2603

beautiful update...Smile
update soon

Thank I prAtibha
Glad I liked the update
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Originally posted by MagicalMadness

Originally posted by farhana04

I am really sorry for not updating. I was very busy.
Anyway missed u allHug

Hey mere dost missed u to mwah mwah Hug

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Originally posted by Ragna1302

Originally posted by farhana04

I am really sorry for not updating. I was very busy.
Anyway missed u allHug

miss you farhanaHug

Missed u too swati
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Originally posted by lolor

pls update

Soon dear
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Originally posted by rachufan

Diii enjoyed a lot
When will u update
Diii did u remember something?

Yes we did.
I will send u pic. Don't worry
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Shot Seven

Kalpana closed her eyes letting tears down, while leaning on the wall. "Why are you doing this Ragahv? Why do you care for me so much? Why you are making my life complicated? When you came into my life, my life became messed up. As much as I am trying to control my mind and heart, you are pulling me even more." Her trance broke hearing the sound came from her parents room. Kalpana walked toward the room. Before she raised her hand to knock on the door, Kamla opened the door. Seeing Kamla's frantic face, Kalpana asked worried, "Aai, what happened?"

Kama: your Baba is not feeling well.

Hearing her Kalpana entered into the room and walked toward the bed. She saw Vittal sweating. "Baba, what happened with you?" Kalpana asked while crying.

On the other hand after freshening up Ragahv came out of the washroom. Hearing the noise coming from down stair he came downstairs and directly went to Kamla and Vital's room. seeing Kalpana crying, Raghav asked, "Kalpana why are you crying?"

Kalpana: Ragahv, I don't know why baba is sweating.

Seeing Vittal's condition Raghav said, "Seems like he has a minor attack." Looking at Kamla he said, "Aunty, we need to take him to the hospital." Saying so Ragahv rushed toward his room and grabbing the car key he went to Gauri's room and woke her up. Then both came down.

While driving Ragahv didn't care about the rules regulation of the speed of the car. His all intension was to reach the hospital as soon as possible. After 20 minutes of driving finally they reached the hospital.

In the hospital

Vittal was taken to the ICU. Kalpana was all broken. Ragahv couldn't see her in this state. After checking Vittal the doctor took Ragahv with him in his cabin.

Doctor: Mr. Singhania, please have a seat. I need to talk to you.

Ragahv: Is there anything serious?

Doctor: yes, it is.

Ragahv: you can discuss with me.

Doctor: Look Mr. singhania. He had a minor attack. This is not the first time it happened with him. It happened few months earlies too. When he was working in the mill he had this attack and his mill's staffs brought him here. And after third attack most of the people don't survive. Actually, he needs a surgery.

Ragahv: doesnt his family know about it?

Doctor: No. he told me to hide it from them.

Ragahv: if he needs a surgery then why don't you proceed further?

Doctor: but he has to agree for the surgery. He said he will do it after her daughter's marriage.

Ragahv: Why not now? Why after marriage?

Doctor: He didn't say clearly but I think there is some financial crisis. He didn't want to spend money that he saved for his daughter's marriage. After all it is a matter of 5 lacks rupees.

Ragahv: Doctor, I want you to do the procedure. Don't worry about the money.

Doctor: I don't have any problem but you have to make him agree.

Ragahv: I will. I just want you to arrange his operation.

Ragahv came out of the cabin and walked toward the ICU. He saw Kalpana was still crying resting her head on Gauri's shoulder. Seeing Ragahv Kalpana raised her head from Gauri's shoulder. "Raghav, what happened with Baba?" Hearing Kalpana, Ragahv sat next to her. Taking her one hand in him, Ragahv said, "Kalpana, don't worry. Uncle will be fine."

Kalpana: Are you sure? You are not hiding anything?

Ragahv raised his hand to wipe her tears and said looking into her eyes straight, "Kalpana, do you trust me?" Kalpana didn't know why but at that moment he was the only person she wanted to trust. She nodded her head. "I won't let anything happen with Uncle. He had a minor attack and after a small surgery he will be fine." Hearing minor attack and surgery Kalpana was supposed to be in panic but realizing Ragahv was with her she was relaxed. Both Gauri and Kamla noticed that how much concerned Ragahv was toward Kalpana and how much comfortable Kalpana was with Raghav.

The next day Vittal got released from the hospital. Before Raghav came out of the hospital, he promised the doctor that he will bring Vittal for the operation in two days.

After reached home, Kamla decided to do some puja at home. She called Prem's family member to attend the puja in the evening. Ragahv went to Vittals room to talk to him but seeing him sleeping he decided to talk about the operation after the puja. Then he went to Gauri's room. Gauri was busy talking to one of the buyers of their house. He heard Gauri saying on the phone, "You need to give us few more days as we got busy with some family emergency." Ragahv took the phone from Gauri and said to the buyer, "We have decided that we will not sell our property. We are really sorry for wasting your time." Saying so Ragahv cut the call. He turned to face Gauri. Seeing her shocking face he asked, "Mom, I knew you will react like this. Actually Kalpana was right. That is not only a property but your and dad's memories are there." he hugged Gauri and said, "I am sorry mom. I should have realized it before." Gauri smiled and said, "No problem beta. You have realized and that is enough for me." Ragahv broke the hug and said, "Mom, I need to talk to you." He made her sit on the bed and he sat next to her.

Gauri: Tell me what would you like to say?

Ragahv: Mom, we need to do something for this family.

Gauri: ha tell me.

Then Raghav told everything what doctor said about Vittal's health condition and his surgery.

Ragahv: Mom, Uncle needs to do a surgery but he is not ready to do it before Kalpana's marriage. We need to make him agree.

Gauri: After the puja we will surely talk to him.

In the evening

Everyone gathered for the puja. They prayed for Vital's good health. After the puja Kalpana's family and Prem's family got busy with the discussion of the marriage preparation in the living room. While they were busy talking to each other Kalpana went to set the dining table for the dinner. In the middle of the discussion Prem's father said, "Vittal ji, we have only three more days left for the wedding. Before that let's talk about len den." Hearing him a glass slipped off Kalpana's hand on the floor. Everyone looked at Kalpana who was already looking at them shocked. It was not only shocked Kalpana but Gauri and Ragahv too. "Be careful beta," Saying so Vittal turned to face Prem's father. Vittal smiled and said, "You don't worry. I will not put your head down in the society. I have only two daughters. Whatever I have, everything is their. I have some fixed deposit that I saved for Kalpana and this house I named it for Kalpana." Though Vittal's decision didn't make Kalpana, Gauri and Ragahv happy, but his decision made Prem's family very happy. Kamla was serving food for Prem's family when Kalpana went to Vittal's room to talk to her. Leaning on the dashboard on his bed, Vittal closed his eyes. feeling someone's hand on his, Vittal opened his eyes. seeing Kalpana sitting in front of him, Vittal smiled and said, "I know you are upset on me. You didn't like my decision right?" Kalpana hugged Vittal and said while sobbing, "Baba, I don't want to marry." Breaking the hug Vittal said, "Why are you saying this Kalpana?"

Kalpana: Am I a burden for you that you want to let me go from you at this age?

Wiping her tears he said, "Never beta. I wish my both daughters could stay with me forever."

Kalpana: Then why are you letting me go from you?

Vittal: I would like to see you with someone who will take care of you the way I do so that I will be able to die peacefully.

Kalpana: Do you really think that I will be happy leaving you on the street? Why are you doing this baba? I don't want anything except your blessings.

Before Vittal could say further, Gauri said while entering into the room with Ragahv, "Kalpana was right. Why did you agree with their len den. In this generation no one talks about it. If parents want to give something for their kids willingly that's different."

Vittal: but I didn't mind for that. Gauri tai, it is not that easy to get a good boy na. Only for this len den I don't want to miss Prem. He is such a nice boy.

Gauri: I understand Prem is a nice boy but our Kalpana is not as less as any girl even one in crore. She is only 20. Why are you rushing to get her married?

Vittal: Thank you for your concern but look at my health condition. Before anything happen with me...

Ragahv stopped Vittal saying, "Nothing will happen with you Uncle. You need to be physically fit so that you can not only see your daughters but your grandchildren's weddings." Hearing him, Vittal smiled and said, "I wish I could."

Raghav: You will surely. Only one small surgery. After that everything will be fine.

Vittal: Let me get her married first then I will think about it.

Ragahv: Uncle, I know why are you saying this? If you have any financial problem then we are here na to help you.

Vittal: beta, thank you but I can't take money from you.

Ragahv: You called me beta but at the same time you are denying to take money from me.

Hearing him Vittal lowered his head in guilt. Taking his hand in him Ragahv said, "Ok, take it as a loan but please agree for this surgery." Vittal raised his head to look into Ragahv's eyes. Ragahv continued, "Uncle, right now it is very important to think about your surgery than Kalpana's marriage. You have another daughter. She is only 12. You should also think about her. If anything happens with you who will take Prerna's responsibilities? Uncle, I already spoke to your doctor about the surgery. Please agree.

Vittal: How can I do this surgery before Kalpana's marriage? Three more days left. Prem's family is already here.

Gauri: Vittal ji, please postpone the marriage for two weeks. Prem's family will surely understand your situation.

Vittal: but after surgery how I will be able to do this preparation?

Ragahv: Uncle just leave it on me. You will take rest and I will do everything.

Vittal: But you have to go back to USA na.

Ragahv: I will not leave this country until Kalpana's marriage.

Hearing him Kalpana looked at Raghav with mixture of emotions. She didn't know how to react with this. She should be happy or she should be sad. When Ragahv looked at Kalpana, she lowered her eyes as she was having problem to meet his eyes. She excused herself and then left the room immediately.

Vittal spoke to Prem's parents and explained them the situation and they also agreed with him to postpone the marriage for two weeks. While they were busy talking to each other, Kalpana called Prem to come to the terrace. Kalpana was already on the terrace. After five minutes Prem also reached there.

Prem: Kalpana, I know why do you want to meet me? You are also sad that our marriage got postpo...

Kalpana stopped him saying, "Prem, Baba's health condition is not that great. In this situation he shouldn't work that much and needs proper rest. And in his situation I don't want him spend his life time savings for me for this marriage." Hearing her Prem got confused and said, "What are you trying to say?"

Kalpana: I want you to talk to your parents regarding dowry. If you talk to them they will surely understand.

Prem: Kalpana, this is one of the rituals. We live in a society. How my parents will face them? Anyway, let our parents handle it. Kids shouldn't involve with this. You just think about us, you and me.

Kalpana: For you, your parents is everything. What about my parents Prem? If we don't think about my parents then who will think about them as they don't have any son.

Prem: Kalpana please don't take it in your heart. Actually, my parents agreed for this marriage because I liked you or they would get me married to some rich family. In this case if I talk to them about this then they may cancel this sagai and I don't want to lose you. Hope you understand.

Kalpana: Prem, you are going to be my life partner. If I am in trouble you would be the one who I would share it to and you would be the one who will support me in every possible way. Life partner means sukh dukh me sath dena. I didn't get a chance to take care of your parents. But after marriage I will not leave any option to complain about me. I will not only prove myself to be a good wife but a good daughter-in-law. I will take care of your parents the way a son does. I will try my best to fulfill all their dreams. You also should think about my parents the way I do for your parents.

Prem: Kalpana, wait a minute. Are you planning to work after marriage?

Kalpana: Ha, why?

Prem: Look Kalpana, my parents don't like their daughter-in-law work outside.

Kalpana was shocked hearing this. "How can you say that Prem?" Kalpana asked him shocked. Taking her hand in him, Prem said, "Kalpana, if you want to continue your education I will not stop you but I can't support you to work after marriage. I am the only son of my parents. I can't hurt them by going against them. Hope you understand. I am there na to earn money. You will stay home and raise kids and take care of my parents." Kalpana was just listening to him without uttering a word. She became wordless in shock. "I have to leave now. My parents are waiting for me," Saying so, Prem left leaving Kalpana along with tears in her eyes. She could see her dreams shattered within a second. This man will not only snatch her from her parents but her dreams too, she thought. She was in a deep thought that she couldn't realize when two hours passed.  Before it is too late she needed to do something, with this thought Kalpana came down. Prem's family already left. Everyone went to their rooms. Kalpana walked toward her parents room. Their door was slightly open. Kalpana was about to enter into their room but stopped hearing Vittal, "Kamla, we are really lucky to have a son-in-law like Prem for our Kalpana. We must have done something good in the past that's why we got Prem for our Kalpana. I am so happy. Now I can close my eyes happily." Kalpana could see how happy her parents was with this marriage. How she could snatch their smile from their face. She felt so helpless at that moment. Whom she could share her pain with? She started walking with a heavy heart. She passed her room and then walked toward Ragahv's room unknowingly. Ragahv's room door was slightly open. When Kalpana realized that she has reached at Ragahv's door, she turned to leave, but stopped hearing Ragahv, "Kalpana, you came to meet me right? Then why are you leaving?" Kalpana's back was facing him. Hearing his voice, waters were flowing from her eyes. "Kalpana," feeling his touch on her shoulder, Kalpana turned and hugged him with all her strength, crying bitterly. Kalpana poured out all the hidden emotions with those tears. With this hug Ragahv was lost momentarily. He so wanted to secure her in arms holding tight to himself but sadly he couldn't. Ragahv caressed her hair and back lovingly, "Kalpana, nothing will happen with uncle. After surgery he will be perfectly alright," Ragahv said. She was in his arms until she could remove all her hidden emotions.


The next day

Ragahv tried his best to get the schedule of Vittal's surgery on the same day. He deposited extra one lakh to the hospital for that. After the surgery, the doctor assured Ragahv and Kalpana that Vittal was out of danger now. He also recommended Vittal to stay in the hospital for five days. Kalpana was so amused to see how Ragahv was getting update time to time with the doctor about Vittal's health condition. Ragahv was no one for them but still he was doing a lot for them. She felt really good. In this situation, she found someone who stood by her side as a true friend. He had always brought a smile on her lips. All of a sudden her smile disappeared when she remembered her last night conversation with Prem. Her trance broke hearing Ragahv saying, "Kalpana, you go home with mom and Kamla Aunty. I will stay here in the hospital tonight."

Kalpana: no Ragahv. I want to stay here. You go home. You must be tired.

Kamla: Kalpana is right. Ragahv baba you go home. I and Kalpana will stay here.

Gauri: Kamla ji, let Ragahv and Kalpana stay here. You should go home as you have guest at home.

Kamla: Ok, Ragahv baba. Please keep informing us and if you need anything let me know.

Ragahv: sure Aunty. Mom, go home safely ok.

Then Kamla and Gauri left from there. "Kalpana, I will be back soon," saying so Ragahv went to the hospital canteen to get some snacks for him and Kalpana. After 15 minutes he came back with snacks. Kalpana was in the washroom. After freshening up she came out and saw Ragahv was setting the table for both of them. Seeing her, "Kalpana come. Let's eat." Kalpana sat beside Ragahv on the sofa.  While eating she was glancing back to Ragahv whose all attention was on food. Ragahv finished his food and then went to the washroom for freshening up. In the meantime Kalpana finished her food and then cleaned the table.

It was 2 A.M. Both Ragahv and Kalpana were still awake siting on the sofa. Vittal was sleeping. There was totally silent. KAlpana broke the silent saying, "Ragahv, thank you. Thank you for everything." Hearing her Ragahv looked at her.

Kalpana: I really needed someone by my side at this moment and you supported me beyond my expectation.

Ragahv: Don't thank me kalpana. Whatever I did, I did only for you.

Hearing him, Kalpana looked at his eyes. For a moment she was lost in those dark brown eyes. Her trance broke hearing Ragahv laughing. "Kalpana, don't take it seriously. You already know me, how I am. I was just kidding," Ragahv said while laughing. Kalpana smiled. For a moment she thought he was telling the truth. After that they didn't have any other conversation. They wanted to talk to each other whole night but they didn't find any topic to talk the way they used to do. As time passed they realized that their relation was not same as before. Somehow they started feeling for each other different way. They would think several times to talk to each other. Another hour passed like this. All of a sudden Ragahv felt something heavy on his shoulder. He looked down and saw that Kalpana fell asleep resting her head on his shoulder. Raghav smiled. He carefully made her lay on the sofa so that she didn't wake up. He covered her with a blanket and then fixed himself on a chair. The rest of the night Ragahv stayed awake.

The next morning

It was 8 A.M when Kalpana woke up. She noticed that she was laying on the sofa and covered by a blanket. Before she could understand, "Good Morning," Ragahv said with a smile while entering into the cabin holding a packet of breakfast. "Go and freshen up. We will do breakfast together."

While doing breakfast, Kalpana said, "Ragahv, you go home. Whole night you stayed awake and let me sleep. You need to take rest."

Ragahv: Kalpana, I am used to with it. I stayed so many nights awake to complete my project. So don't worry about me.

In the meantime nurse Sushma entered into the cabin. While changing Vittal's saline, she said, "Ragahv ji informed us to change the saline time to time whole night. Though most of the visitors come to stay with the patient but half of the night they sleep. But Raghav ji didn't. he is taking very good care of the patient. By the way what relation do you have with the patient?" hearing the nurse, Ragahv looked at Kalpana and then the nurse. "Koi khas nahi. Durka rishta," Ragahv said with a smile.

Ragahv: Kalpana you stay here. Let me get coffee for both of us.

Once Ragahv left, Prem and his family entered into the cabin. In the meantime Vittal woke up. While Vittal and Prem's parents were talking to each other, Kalpana came out with Prem. Noticing Kalpana was quiet, Prem asked, "Kalpana, is everything alright?" without looking at him, she said, "Hm."

Prem: are you upset on me?

Kalpana didn't reply. Taking her hand in him, Prem said, "Look Kalpana, my paren..." Kalpana stopped him saying, "Prem please, I don't want to talk about it."

 "Ok, let me get tea for you," saying so Prem went to the canteen. After five minutes he came back with two cups of tea. In the meantime Ragahv came back with coffee. Before going to get coffee, he went to meet the doctor that's why he was little late. Seeing Kalpana taking tea from Prem, Raghav hid his coffee. Kalpana noticed it. When Prem entered into the cabin, Kalpana threw the tea in the nearest garbage can and said, "Ragahv, can I have the coffee?"

Ragahv: But Kalpana why did you throw the tea?

Kalpana: Today I don't feel like to drink tea.

Taking the coffee from Ragahv's hand Kalpana left from there leaving Ragahv with a smile. Somewhere in his heart he felt good that this was the first time Kalpana chose Ragahv over Prem.

Please scroll down for Shot Eight



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