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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 25)

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Waiting in1 hour i will sleep diii

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Originally posted by rachufan

Waiting in1 hour i will sleep diii

Go to sleep dear
I won't be able to update in one hour. I will update after 3/4 hours. Read tomorrow
Good night Smile
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Thank you all for your likes and lovely comments. I thought to complete this story in five shots but I won't be able to. So keep bearing me.

Shot Five

In Ragahv's society it is common but Kalpana's society, her parvarish not only doesn't allow this but can't even think about it. Especially Kalpana, so far he got to know about Kalpana, she was totally different than other girls. Ragahv was pacing back and forth in his room. I shouldn't have done this to her. She must be upset on me. I need to talk to her and apologize her; with this thought Raghav came downstair. First he went to the kitchen but Kalpana was not there. Then he went to the front yard but she was not there too. "She must be in her room," mumbling to himself he went to her room. Her room door was slightly open. Before he entered into her room, he thought to knock on the door. When he didn't hear anything from inside, he slowly opened the door and saw Kalpana was not in her room too. Wherever she is, she will definitely join us for dinner, then I will talk to her, with this thought he went to his room.

At night all the family members were present at the dining table except Kalpana. It's been 30 minutes but Kalpana still didn't come. Ragahv wanted to ask Kamla but he couldn't gather any courage.  Seeing Raghav not eating and was just moving his food, Kamla said, "Ragahv baba, what happened? You didn't like the food?"

Ragahv: No, I liked the food.

Kamla: Then why aren't you eating?

Ragahv: Yah, I am eating

Saying so Ragahv ate little bit as he didn't feel like to eat. Then he went back to his room. Ragahv was very restless. He couldn't sign a relief until he could talk to Kalpana.

The next morning Ragahv woke up early and was waiting for Kalpana laying on his bed to come and wake him up. He looked at the wall clock. It was 8 A.M. Kalpana didn't come to wake me up today? He thought. After waiting of 30 minutes, he heard someone's footsteps coming toward his room. A smile appeared on his face thinking Kalpana. But his smile disappeared when he saw Prerna.

Prerna: Ragahv bhaia, come. We are waiting for you for the breakfast.

Ragahv: Hm.

Prerna was about to leave but Ragahv stopped her saying, "Where is your didi?"

Prerna: she is in the kitchen.

Ragahv: Why she didn't come to wake me up today?

Prerna: why, you are not happy to see me?

Ragahv: Of course I do. Actually, your didi always come to wake me up na that's why I asked you.

Prerna: Baba told didi to wake you up but didi sent me hare as she was busy talking to jiju.

Ragahv: Jiju?

Prerna: I meant to say Prem Bhaia.

Ragahv: Hm.

Prerna: Ok, now come down. Everyone is waiting for you.

Ragahv: you go. I am coming.

After freshening up Ragahv came down. Once he came down his eyes started searching for only one person but she was not seen anywhere. I think she is still busy talking to her fianc, Ragahv thought. After breakfast, Raghav went to the kitchen. But he came back from the kitchen door seeing few of Kalpana's relatives in the kitchen. He couldn't see Kalpana as she was on the opposite side of the kitchen door. Ragahv went to his room hearing his phone ringing. It was Gauri.

Gauri: Raghav, I am going to the shopping mall. You come and meet me there. It is one hour drive from there. So you get out now.

Ragahv: ok, mom. See you then.

On the way while driving Ragahv was feeling restless. He had not seen kalpana since hours nor heard her voice. He started missing her badly.

In the shopping mall Gauri was doing shopping while Raghav was sitting at the corner of a store upset. Sometimes Gauri would tell him to help her to choose but Ragahv denied her saying, "Mom, you do na. I don't know anything about elders likes and dislikes."

After shopping, Gauri and Ragahv reached Kalpana's house. Vittal and Kamla welcomed Gauri warmly.

KAmla: Gauri Malkin, it was pleasure to see you here. Aap aye aur iss function ka shobha bar gaya.

Gauri: I am very glad to see you too.

Vittal: Thank you Malkin.

Gauri: Kamla ji and Vittal ji, please don't call me malkin. Call me Tai.

Kamla smiled and said, "Ok, Tai." While they were busy talking to each other, Ragahv went to his room to take shower. Seeing the gifts for family members including guests and kids, Kamla said surprised, "Tai, you shouldn't have brought these for us?" Gauri smiled and said, "This is the first time I have come here that's why thought to bring for each and every member." Garui looked around and said, "Kamla ji, where is Kalpana, the reason I am here." Looking at PRerna,

Kamla: Prerna, go and call Kalpana.

Prerna: Aai, didi is taking shower. In the meantime Kalpana came down wearing a simple light blue suit.

Kamla: there she is. Kalpana, come. Gauri Tai is here.

Kalpana walked toward Gauri with a smile and touched her feet to take ashirwad. Gauri blessed her saying, "God will give you all the happiness you deserve."

Gauri: Come sit beside me.

Kalpana: Ji

Saying so Kalpana sat next to Gauri. How time flew. I saw you when you were only four for the last time. Now you became so big and are getting married. Caressing her face, Gauri said, "You look so beautiful. I felt so much peace seeing you as much as I felt after talking to you"

Kalpana: Thank you Aunty for coming.

Gauri: Why not? If I wouldn't come here then I would have a big loss not seeing you.

Kamla: Tai, it means you came here only for Kalpana, not for us?

Hearing her teasing, Gauri said, "Of course." Hearing her everyone smiled. "Tai, come. Let me show you our house." While Kamla was busy showing Gauri their house, Kalpana went to her room. When she was passing Raghav's room, in the meantime Raghav came outside. Now Ragahv and Kalpana were standing face to face. Once Ragahv saw Kalpana he feel relieved as after a long time finally he saw her and totally forgot that he wanted to talk to her and apologize her. He was just staring at her. Realizing his strong gaze on her, Kalpana lowered her head and walked toward her room. Before Ragahv could react or say something, Kalpana closed her door from inside. He raised his hand to knock on the door but thinking the house full of guests he came downstairs.

Everyone came to the dining table for lunch. While everyone was eating, Kamla and Kalpana were serving food. Ragahv was eating quietly. Sometimes he was glancing back to Kalpana. "Kalpana, go and bring the desert from the kitchen," hearing Kamla, "Ji Aai," saying so Kalpana left from there. Thinking this was the best opportunity to talk to Kalpana, Ragahv excused himself and went to the kitchen. Seeing Kalpana pouring desert into a bowl, Ragahv stood behind her. Ragahv didn't know how to start the conversation. After few seconds he took all the courage and said, "Kal-kalpana, I need to..." hearing him Kalpana's hand stopped pouring Kheer. Ragahv came to the front to face her. "Kalpana, I need to talk..." Kalpana didn't let him finish and left from there without giving a single glimpse. Kalpana came back to the dining room while Ragahv went to his room upset.

In the afternoon, while everyone was busy chatting in the living room, Ragahv noticed that Kalpana was missing. She must be in her room, with this thought Ragahv walked toward her room. Seeing her room door slightly open, without thinking anything he entered into her room. Kalapan was putting her cloths into the Almirah. Holding her hand, Ragahv turned her to face him. Looking into her eyes straight, Ragahv said softly, "I need to talk to you." Kalpana very well knew that what he was going to talk about and Kalpana didn't want to bring that topic. Releasing her hand from his grip, Kalpana said, "Ragahv it doesn't look good if you come to my room like this." Hearing her though Ragahv felt bad but at that moment he felt it was important to talk to her. Before he could say something, "Kalpana, come down," hearing Kamla, Kalpana left from there. How much you ignore me Kalpana, you have to talk to me, Ragahv said in his mind. Then he planned something.

"Prerna, today you will sleep with didi. When she will fall asleep, you will open the door for me," hearing Ragahv, Prerna said, "What if I fall asleep before didi?"

Ragahv: Meri maa, only for tonight you have to do it for your Ragahv Bhaia. I will buy you a beautiful lahenga for your didi's wedding day.

Prerna: Lahenga? Ok done. I will stay awake.

Ragahv placed a soft kiss on her forehead and said with a smile, "Thank you."

At night

It was 10 P.M. But still no one went to sleep. Shadi ka mahal. Everyone was busy. Some people were busy chatting each other while some people were busy making different type of food as tomorrow morning Prem and his family members were coming. Joining with them Gauri was also having fun. On the other hand Ragahv started counting each passing hour. It was 12:30 AM. Finally everyone went to their room to sleep. Prerna slept with Kalpana as Ragahv said. Laying on the bed Kalpana pulled Prerna in her arms and said, "Today I will tell you a beautiful story as I don't know when I will be able to tell you story again." Hearing her Prerna became sad and said, "Didi, Prem jiju won't allow you to come to our house?" wiping her tears, Kalpana said with a smile, "Of course he will."

Prerna: what if he doesn't?

After thinking something, Kalpana said, "If he doesn't allow me then I will leave him and come back to our house." Placing a soft kiss on her forehead, Kalpana started telling a story. While listening to her story all of a sudden, Prerna remembered Ragahv. Yawning herself Prerna said, "Didi, I am feeling sleepy. You also sleep. Good night." Remembering Prerna, Kalpana mumbled to herself, "Hope Prem will support me in every possible way." With this thought Kalpana fell asleep. It was 2:30 AM. Prerna got off from the bed and slowly walked toward the door. Ragahv was waiting outside of Kalpana's room. Once Prerna opened the door, Ragahv entered into the room. Seeing Kalpana sleeping peacefully, Ragahv walked toward the bed. Ragahv lifted Kalpana slowly and placed her on his shoulder and was about to leave the room but Prerna stopped him saying, "Ragahv Bhaia, where are you taking didi?" Ragahv smiled and said, "I need to talk to your didi that's why I am taking her out."

Prerna: If you want to talk to her then talk to her here na. Why are you taking her out?

Ragahv: You know your didi, how stubborn she is. She is not talking to me that's why I am taking her far from here so that I can talk to her peacefully.

Prerna: did you both have fight?

Ragahv: Hm

Prerna: I see. Ragahv bhaia, you go before didi wake up.

Giving Prerna a flying kiss, "Thank you sweetheart," Saying so Ragahv left from there. Ragahv placed Kalpana on the passenger sit and then he fixed himself on the driver sit. Then he drove off the car in the dark. After 15 minutes of driving Ragahv parked his car on a field. Ragahv leaned his car seat and was watching Kalpana sleeping peacefully. He was waiting for Kalpana to wake up. After two hours, feeling cold Kalpana moved little bit and slept hugging herself. Ragahv took off his jacket and leaned toward her to cover her. He was coming back to his seat, all of a sudden his eyes fell on some of her hair fell down on her face and hiding it a bit. Ragahv edged closer to her, hand outstretched to move them from her face. Feeling someone's touch on her face, Kalpana slowly opened her eyes. Once she opened her eyes their eyes met. They were staring at each other for few seconds. Realizing they were sitting very close to each other, Kalpana took a step back. She looked down and noticed that she didn't wear dupatta. She pulled the jacked to cover her chest. Ragahv's trance broke when Kalpana said, "What are we doing here at this time?" Ragahv came back to his seat and said, "Vo.. actually, Kalpana I wanted to talk to you." Kalpana looked at him and said shocked, "Is this how to talk to someone?"

Ragahv: What else I could do, you didn't leave any other option for me. As much as I tried to talk to you, you kept ignoring me

Kalpana: Why you are so desperate to talk to me that you have brought me here?

Ragahv: I know you are upset and I can't see you upset.

Kalpana: Why do you care if I am upset? It shouldn't affect you. I am not any important person in your life. Two days later you will go back to USA forever and forget me as you do with other girls whoever came into your life.

Saying so Kalpana got off from the car upset and started walking toward her house. After Kalpana left Ragahv came out of his car. Leaning on his car, Ragahv looked at the sky. Her each and every word pierced into his heart. I wish I could tell you how much it affects me. Though I still don't know why but you affect me. You affect me badly Kalpana. Ragahv said in his mind. He was so lost in her thought that he didn't realize when it became morning.

Ragahv came back to home and directly went to his room. He tried to sleep but his sleep was far away. It was 8 AM. Prerna entered into his room and said, "Ragahv Bhaia, come down. Everyone was waiting for you for the breakfast."

Ragahv: You go. I am coming.

Prerna was about to leave but stopped thinking something. She turned to face Ragahv and said, "Did you talk to didi?"

Ragahv: Hm

Prerna: Everything sorted out in between you?

Ragahv: No.

Prerna: So far I know you have that magic that no one can upset on you but how come didi is still upset.

Hearing her, Ragahv smiled and said, "Your didi is different than other girls na that's why my magic is not working."

After freshening up Ragahv came down for the breakfast. He saw Kalpana was serving food. Showing a seat in between Ragahv and Gauri, Gauri said, "Kalpana, come sit here and do breakfast with us." Kalpana looked at the seat and then Raghav who was eating putting his head down.

Kalpana: Ji

Saying so Kalpana sat in between Ragahv and Gauri. She took one roti in her plate. Then she was about to take vegetable, at the same time Ragahv also raised hand to the same bowl of vegetable. Their hands touched. Once their hands touched, they looked at each other. Kalpana moved her hand while, "I am sorry," saying so Raghav gave attention on his food. After a while by mistake Ragahv ate green chili causing him to start panting. Kalpana poured water into a glass and offered Ragahv. Taking it in his hand Ragahv said, "Thank you." Kalpana ate little bit and then got off from the chair.

Gauri: Kalpana, you ate very little.

Kalpana: I am full Aunty.

Ragahv was eating quietly. Hearing Kamla, "Kalpana, you go and get ready as Prem and his family members will be here any time soon," he stopped eating for a moment.

Kalpana: Ji, Aai

Saying so Kalpana walked toward her room while Ragahv was just watching her leaving. His trance broke hearing Gauri, "Ragahv, finish your food."

Ragahv: Hm

Ragahv was just moving his food on his plate. He didn't know why but he was feeling bad thinking Kalpana was getting ready for Prem and his family. "Mom I am done," saying so Ragahv got off from his chair and directly went to his room.

One hour later Prem reached with his family and his relatives. Kamla and vittal welcomed them warmly.

Vittal: how was your journey from Delhi to here?

Prem's father: It was good. We didn't realize how time flew.

Vittal: you could have stayed here with us

Prem's father: We are fine in the hotel. Let the marriage happens then we will surely come to stay here.

Hearing the noise Raghav came out of his room. Vittal noticed him and called him to join the guest. Ragahv came down. Vittal introduced Ragahv and Gauri with Prem and his family member. Raghav found him very handsome and good looking. Though he didn't have that much conversation with Prem but one thing Ragahv noticed that Prem respects his parents a lot. In every single decision he agreed with his parents. One of Prem's relatives said, "Can someone call our daughter-in-law as we are eagerly waiting to see her." Kamla went upstair and brought Kalpana down. Ragahv was sitting on the opposite side of Prem. Seeing Prem looking at the stairs, Ragahv realized that Kalpana was coming down. He turned his head. His eyes were stuck as Kalpana was looking so beautiful in Saree.

This was the first time he saw her in saree. He never liked Indian saree or suit but after he met Kalpana, he started liking everything about her. Putting her palms together, Kalpana said to everyone, "Namastey." Showing a place in between Prem and his Aunty, Aunty said, "Kalpana come sit here." Kalpana sat there. Caressing Kalpana's face, Aunty said, "Hamari bahu to bohot e khub surat hai." Hearing her Gauri said,

Gauri: Apki bahu not only beautiful but sangskari too. You are very lucky to have a daughter-in-law like her.

Prem's mother: We know. That's why we choose her for our only son or we would get him married with some minister's daughter.

Though Prem's mom praised Kalpana but Gauri didn't like the way she said. Aunty told Kalpana to lose her hair so that she could see how long her hair was. Then she checked her nails and said, "Thanks God, you are not like today's generation girls." Then she told Kalpana if she knew cooking, sewing and Kalpana kept replying, "ji." covering Kalpana's head with pallu, aunty said, "Always stay like this." Ragahv was just watching this angrily as he didn't like the way aunty was questioning Kalpana. He felt like they were looking for a maid instead of a daughter-in-law. In the meantime Kamla came with the snacks. Kalpana got off from the couch and served everyone with Kamla. After serving Kalpana went back to her seat.

Prem: So how is everything Kalpana?

Kalpana: Good. What about yours?

Prem: Good. I got promotion. Now I became senior officer.

Kalpana: congratulations

Prem: Thank you.

While all the people were busy talking to each other, Ragahv was just watching Kalpana and Prem from the corner of his eyes. Offering somusa, Kalpana said, "Prem, I know you like somusa. Take one."

Prem: you made it?

Kalpana: no. Aai made it.

Prem: you should have made it as our relatives would get to know how tasty food you can make. After our marriage I want you to cook for me as I love your cooking.

Kalpana smiled and said, "Ok."

Prem: By the way you are looking different.

Hearing him, Kalpana looked at Raghav whose eyes were already on her. Her trance broke hearing Prem, "Kalpana, I want you to wear saree all the time after our marriage."

Ragahv couldn't take it anymore and got off from the couch.

Gauri: Ragahv, where are you going?

Ragahv: I am going out for a walk.

Saying so Ragahv left from there. He got into the car and drove off to an unknown destination.

Please scroll down for Shot Six

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Shot Six

While driving, Prem's each and every word toward Kalpana kept ringing into his ears. Its been three hours, Ragahv was still outside. He didn't feel like to go home. He decided not to go home until Prem and his family leaves. All of a sudden his phone buzzed with Gauri's number.

Ragahv: yes mom.

Gauri: Ragahv where are you?

Ragahv: I am outside.

Gauri: Come home. Lots of guests are here. Hum ladki wale. We should have some responsibilities na.

Ragahv: Mom there are lot of people to attend the guest.

Gauri: I don't want to hear anything. Just come right way.

Before Ragahv could say further, Gauri cut the call. Ragahv turned his car to Kalpana's house. Ragahv reached home. Once he entered into the living room, he saw that Vittal and PRem were talking. Seeing Ragahv, Vital said, "Ragahv baba, please come." Once Ragahv fixed himself on the couch, vital said, "You both talk to each other. I will be back." Saying so he left from there. "Come lets go to the terrace. We will have talk," saying so Ragahv took Prem to the terrace. Leaning on the wall, Ragahv asked, "So Mr. Prem, seems like you are very happy with this marriage."

Prem: Yes I am.

Ragahv: Lets talk about some personal matter if you don't mind.

Prem: No I won't. You can ask me.

Ragahv: Is it love marriage or arranged marriage?

Hearing him, Prem smiled and said, "For Kalpana, it is an arranged marriage but for me it is love marriage."

Ragahv: so when did you realize that you have fallen for Kalpana?

Prem: Since childhood. But I never proposed her thinking she may reject me that's why I directly went to her parents and asked for her hand for the marriage.

Ragahv: Why did you think that she may reject you?

Prem: I know her since childhood. She was totally different than other girl. She was busy with her own world. She would always keep her away from all these. I had never seen her hangout with boys.

Ragahv: It means you never had any date with her.

Prem: No. I wanted to take her out for a dinner but she never agreed.

It means I am the luckiest person with whom Kalpana went out, with this thought a smile appeared on his face. His trance broke hearing Prem, "I heard that you live in USA and came to India after a long time."

Ragahv: yah

Prem: So you came here in India to attend Kalpana's marriage.

Ragahv: No, actually I came to sell my properties as I am going back to USA forever.

Prem: I have an offer to go to USA from my work place for few months. I thought to go there after our marriage so that we can have our honeymoon there too.

Hearing him, Ragahv stayed quiet for a while.

Prem: Ragahv ji?

Ragahv: Hm

Prem: What are you thinking?

Ragahv: Nothing.

Ragahv tried to put on a fake smile and said, "If you go there meet me.

Prem: We will surely.

Ragahv: You will stay in Delhi or come back to Pune.

Prem: Delhi as we bought a house there. Before we came here we just completed the renovation and decorations.

Ragahv: don't you think you should have left something for Kalpana as she may also have some likes and dislikes to decorate her house?

Prem: I decorated the house based on my parents likes and dislikes and we should respect it.

Raghav: I understand we should respect our parents but don't you think we should give the same value of our better half too?

Prem: you are right but until our parents are alive our all the priorities should go to them first.

Ragahv didn't like the way Prem was talking.

Ragahv: Ok, Mr. Prem, tell me one thing. If Kalpana wants to come to Pune to see her parents and your parents disagree what you will do in this case?

Prem: If my parents are disagree it means there must be some reason. After all wives always look for opportunities to come and stay with parents.

Ragahv was so surprised. How Kalpana will stay with this man after marriage? Ragahv thought. He thought to end their conversation as he didn't want to talk to him anymore. "Lets go downstair," Saying so Ragahv came down. Prem also followed him behind.

Once they came down, Kamla called them for the lunch. Prem took the next seat of Kalpana while Ragahv took the opposite side of her. Ragahv was eating quietly. He still couldn't forget what Prem just said. All of a sudden he noticed that Kalpana was coughing due to her chocking food. Ragahv immediately got off from his chair. He poured water for Kalpana and offered her. While she was drinking Ragahv was messaging her back. No one else except Prem and Gauri noticed it. Gauri felt good as this was the first time she had seen her son concerned for someone. On the other hand, Prem didn't like the way Ragahv was showing so much concern toward Kalpana. First Ragahv argued with Prem for Kalpana on the terrace and now this. According to Prem, Ragahv was not more than an outsider. Prem looked at Ragahv and then Kalpana doubtly.

Gauri was on the phone, talking to one of the buyers of their house in her room. hearing Ragahv, "Mom, I need to talk to you," Gauri put the phone on hold and said, "Later, as I am talking to our buyer." Ragahv took the phone in his hand and cut the call and said, "Mom, what I was going to say is more important than anything else."

Gauri: Ok, tell me.

Ragahv: Mom, do you really think Prem is perfect for Kalpana?

Gauri: Why are you saying that?

Then Ragahv told her everything, the conversation he and Prem had on the terrace. Hearing him Gauri said, "Ragahv, though you are an Indian but you have lack of knowledge about our Indian culture. 90 percent of Indian men are like this. Women just adjust themselves with them after marriage. So far I got to know about Prem, at least he doesn't have any other bad habits like, he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, and he is not a womanizer." Ragahv was just listening to her without uttering a word. Gauri continued, "I know Kalpana very well. Slowly she will make a special space in everyone's heart and one day no one will be as happier as she is."

Ragahv: May be you are right mom.

Gauri: By the way I am feeling really good seeing you caring for some one.

Hearing her, Ragahv was also surprised realizing that he never cared for anyone else like this. He knew that he liked Kalpana but he still didn't realize when Kalpana made a space in his heart. He realized it when he saw tears in Kalpana's eyes for the first time. In the evening, one of Kalpana's cousins Bablu went to Ragahv's room to call him to play with them. Ragahv was in the washroom. "Ragahv Bhaia, can you play Kram with us?" hearing Bablu, Ragahv told him from the washroom, "You go, I will join you soon." Bablu was about to leave but all of a sudden his eyes fell on Ragahv's cell phone laying on the bed. "Let me play game until Ragahv Bhaia comes out," mumbling to himself, Bablu took his phone. While searching for the game all of a sudden his finger touched the photos by mistake. Bablu was shocked seeing his Kalpana didi's dancing picture that Ragahv took while Kalpana was drunk in the night club. "I must show these pictures to everyone," saying so Bablu left from there taking Ragahv's phone with him. Bablu showed Kalpana's picture to all of his cousins and everyone was laughing seeing the way Kalpana was dancing in drunken state. Seeing Prem passing from there, Kalpana's another cousins called him and said, "Prem jiju, come and see how Kalpana didi is dancing." Kalpana and dance? Prem thought confused. Then he took the phone in his hand and was shocked seeing those pictures. His hand automatically clenched into a fist. In the meantime Kalpana came and said, "Prem, Baba is calling yo.." Prem didn't let her finish asking while showing the pictures, "Is this you Kalpana?" Kalpana lowered her eyes in guilt. Prem continued upset, "Is this your parvarish?" Kalpana was feeling bad. Her eyes were still on the floor as she couldn't dare to look into his eyes. Kalpana's cousins didn't like the way Prem was scolding Kalpana. They felt bad for her. There was an another person who was listening to them standing little far from them. It was none other than Ragahv. "I still can not believe that I was going to marry a girl whose real face is this," saying so Prem looked at Ragahv. Giving him an angry glare Prem left from there upset. Ragahv walked toward Kalpana. Hearing, "Kalpana," from Ragahv, Kalpana looked at him. He noticed her eyes filled with water. Though tears were in her eyes but the pain was in his heart. He couldn't see tears and as well as hate in those innocent eyes for him. Kalpana turned and walked toward her room. While watching her from behind Ragahv said in his mind, I am the reason of your tears. So, I will fix everything. Though Raghav realized that all his happiness was around kalpana but at the same time he knew very well that he was not Kalpana's choice and her and her family's all the happiness were around Prem. Only for her happiness he was all ready to sacrifice his own happiness. Seeing Prem sitting on a chair quietly in the front yard upset, Ragahv walked toward him.

Ragahv: Prem, I need to talk to you.

Prem: Please leave me alone as I know what you are going to say. You are going to support kalpana as you were continuously doing in the morning.

Raghav: Don't you think you should be the one to support her as she is going to be your better half?

Hearing him Prem looked at him confused with an arched eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Raghav: According to you, you know her since childhood. But really, do you know her that well? I don't think so. If you really knew her properly, not me, but you would be the one to believe and trust her. To know a girl like her, you don't need years, few days are enough to simply understand her. Do you want to know why I supported her? I felt bad thinking a girl like Kalpana should deserve more when you kept agreeing with your parents leaving her aside.

Prem: What about those pictures? What you will say about them? Do you think my eyes were lying to me? 

Ragahv: Sometimes ankh bhi dhoka khatey hai.

Prem: What do you mean?

Raghav: Whatever you saw that's not right.

Ragahv knew very well that if Prem gets to know that Kalpana went to the club along with him then Prem may get even more upset. He thought something and lied saying, "Actually, me and my girlfriend had fight. I wanted Kalpana help me to sort out all the misunderstandings we had in between us. You know how Kalpana is. She is always ready to help others. When I got to know that my girlfriend was in the club, I took Kalpana there. Kalpana helped us and finally when everything sorted out we wanted to celebrate that moment. We knew Kalpana doesn't drink that's why my girlfriend added little bit wine into Kalpana's juice. After drinking she was not in her sense and started dancing with my girlfriend. I took some pictures only to tease her as a friend. It was not Kalpana's fault at all. She shouldn't get punished without doing any crime.

Hearing him PRem had some doubt and said, "How come you have a girlfriend here in India as you live in USA?"

Ragahv: Actually, I met her here few days ago.

Prem: you met her few days ago and fell for her?

Ragahv: you know love at sight.

Before Ragahv could say further, "Hi Ragahv," hearing a female voice Ragahv turned and saw Mouli entering into the gate. "Is she the one you were talking about?" hearing Prem, Ragahv nodded his head as he didn't have any other option to save Kalpana. "Hi Ragahv," saying so Mouli hugged Ragahv. Ragahv noticed that Prem's eyes were stuck on them. To make him believe, Ragahv hugged her back and said, "How are you sweetheart? I was missing you so much." Mouli was so happy seeing the changing behavior in Ragahv toward her. All of a sudden her eyes fell on PRem.

Mouli: Prem, you, here? Let me guess. You are the one who is getting married to Kalpana right?

Prem smiled and said, "Yah." Ragahv was just looking at them confused.

Ragahv: you already knew each other.

Mouli: Of course. We grew up together.

Now Ragahv was in tensed. "God, please save me," he kept praying. Extending her hand Mouli said, "Congratulations."

Prem: Same to you. By the way when you both are planning to marry?

Mouli: Who are you talking about?

Prem: you and Ragahv ji.

Before Mouli could say anything, Raghav pulled her toward him by her waist and said, "Sweetheart when we are getting married?" Mouli was in cloud nine. "When you will say as I am always ready for it," she said shyly. Placing a soft kiss on her cheek, Ragahv said lovingly, "Sweetheart you go to my room. I will be back soon." She smiled and said, "Sure." She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and entered into the house. After she left finally Ragahv feel relieved.

Prem: you look good together

Ragahv: Thank you

Prem: I am sorry Raghav ji. I misunderstood your and Kalpana's relationship.

Ragahv: Prem trust is very important in any relationship. And don't you think you should say sorry to Kalpana?

Prem nodded his head and said, "yes."

Ragahv: you must be proud to have Kalpana by your side.

Prem: yes I am. She is such a nice girl. I am going to say sorry to her now

Saying so Prem was about to enter into the house but Ragahv stopped him saying, "Prem, is this the way to say sorry someone?" hearing him Prem looked at him confused.

Ragahv: I meant to say do it in romantic way.

PRem was still confused. "You still didn't understand?" hearing Ragahv, Prem shook his head in no.

Ragahv: Take her in a romantic dinner and then apologize her.

Prem: I know her very well. She will not agree.

Ragahv: Trust me, this time she will surely agree.

Saying so Ragahv called a restaurant and booked a table for Prem and Kalpana and told them to decorate the table with candles and flowers.

On the other hand in her room Kalpana was sobbing putting her head on her knees. She was so upset. First of all this was the first time someone misunderstood her. Then she knew very well that if Prem cancels this marriage then her parents will be broken down totally. And finally after warning, Ragahv still kept them in his phone. All of a sudden her phone buzzed. Without looking at the screen she cut the call. After few seconds her phone buzzed again. Kalpana was about to cut the call but stopped seeing Prem's number. She picked up the call.

Kalpana: hello

Prem: Kalpana, can you meet me at XYZ restaurant now?

Before she could say further Prem cut the call. Why he wants to meet me there? Kalpana thought. Without thinking further, Kalpana left from there.

Ragahv and Prem reached the Restaurant. Ragahv checked the decoration and saw everything was perfect the way he wanted.

PRem: Thank you Ragahv ji.

RAghav: No problem. You wait here. Kalpana will be here anytime soon.

Ragahv turned to leave but stopped thinking something. He turned to face Prem.

Ragahv: Prem, make sure you apologize her. She must be heartbroken.

Prem: I will

Ragahv smiled and was about to leave but stooped again and said, "All the best." Then he came out. He was going back to his car but seeing Kalpana getting off from a Taxi, he hid himself behind a pillar. Kalpana entered into the restaurant. Prem welcomed her warmly. Looking at the decorated table, Kalpana said confused, "Prem, what is this?"

Prem: This is the way to say sorry to the most beautiful and the best girl in the world.

Kalpana was just staring at him confused as she still couldn't believe that Prem arranged this only for her. Taking her hand in him, Prem said lovingly, "Please forgive me and lets start fresh." Kalpana's eyes filled with water. She nodded her head. Both hugged each other. There was an another person who was watching them with tears in his eyes standing at the door. All of sudden he noticed a tear fell down from his eyes. Wiping his tears, I don't know what is this tear for? Ragahv thought. Is this because I lost kalpana forever or because prem and kalpana were reunited again. While hugging her, Prem said, "I should have trusted you. Ragahv ji was right. Trust is very important in any relationship." Hearing him Kalpana broke the hug and looked at him confused.

Kalpana: Ragavh?

Prem: yes, if he wouldn't make me realize then I wouldn't be here now as I was planning to cancel this marriage.

"Ragahv did all these?" Kalpana mumbled to herself. While Prem was telling her how Ragahv convinced him, Kalpana's eyes were unknowingly searching for only one person.

Once Kalpana entered into the house, she directly went to Ragahv's room but he wasn't there. Then she asked kids but they also didn't know where he was. In the meantime hearing Kamla, "Kalpana, go to the store room and get me a luggage for me."

Kalpana: Ji Aai

Saying so Kalpana entered into the store room. Few seconds later Ragahv entered into the house. he was about to go to his room, one of Kalpana's cousins stopped him saying, "Ragahv bhaia, Kalpana didi was looking for you."

Ragahv: Hm

Saying so he went to her room but she was not there. While coming down using the stairs he heard some noise coming from the store room. He walked toward the store room and noticed that Kalpana was struggling to get a luggage. He entered into the room and helped Kalpana to get the luggage. "Thank you," hearing Kalpana Ragahv nodded his head with a smile.

Kalpana: Thank you for everything you have done for me

Ragahv was just staring at her. She continued, "And I am sorry for being rude to you since few days." Hearing her he felt like he was dying to hear it from Kalpana. He was dying to see her talking to him normally like this. Before Kalpana could say further, she heard someone's footsteps coming toward the storeroom. Before anyone saw them Kalpana almost dragged Ragahv with her and hid themselves at the corner. Both of them were standing very close to each other. Kalpana saw that one of her relatives entered into the store room. While Kalpana was busy hiding themselves, Ragahv was busy staring at her. His trance broke when Kalpana said, "Ragahv you stay here for a while. Let me go outside first then you go. "Ragahv nodded his head with a smile. Kalpana came out of the store room with the luggage. After five minutes Ragahv walked toward the door and noticed that the living room was full with the people. Especially Prem's family member. He immediately came back to his place. One hour later Prem and his family left from there as they were staying in the hotel. Ragahv thought to go out now but all of a sudden someone came and locked the door.

It was 12 AM. Gauri was pacing back and forth worried as Ragahv still didn't come home. She tried to call him but she noticed that Ragahv didn't take the phone with him. seeing her worried, Kalpana asked her the reason.

Gauri: Beta, Ragahv is still outside. You know it is not safe staying outside that late.

Kalpana: Aunty don't worry. He will be back. You go to sleep. I will stay awake for him.

Saying so Kalpana went to her room. Kalpana tried to stay awake. Two hours passed but Ragahv still didn't come. All of a sudden she felt dizzy and closed her eyes. It was raining outside. Hearing the sound of thunderstorm, Kalpana opened her eyes with a thud. She looked at the wall clock. It was 3 AM. She got off from her bed and directly went to Raghav's room. "He still didn't come?" mumbling to herself she came down. Taking an umbrella she came outside. She noticed that his car was parked near the gate. If his car is here then where is he? Kalpana thought worried. Then he came back to the house. She was going to call Vittal but all of sudden her eyes fell on the store room. Is he still there? She said in her mind. Then her eyes fell on the locked door. She immediately took the key and opened the door. Once she entered into the store room, her heart skipped seeing Ragahv sitting on a luggage putting his head down. His shirt got wet due to him sweating. Seeing Kalpana there, Ragahv got relieved and stood up. While walking toward her, Ragahv said, "Thanks god, Kalpana. If you wouldn't come here I don't know how I would be able to stay here whole night." Wiping his forehead Ragahv walked toward his room leaving Kalpana with tears in her eyes. Kalpana closed her eyes letting tears down, while leaning on the wall. "Why are you doing this Ragahv? Why do you care for me so much? Why you are making my life complicated? When you came into my life, my life became messed up. As much as I am trying to control my mind and heart, you are pulling me even more."


I didn't read back, so, please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and if you think this update is up to the mark please hit like buttons and leave your comments. 


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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2016 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
Loved it loved it loved it Clap kiya update hai yaar Embarrassed Raghav finally seems to have realized his feelings and it took a backward thinking prem to do it LOL omg Kalpi is just as effected by rags Wink But did Rags really have to kiss that Mouli? Angry chup kar ke Prem ko shaadi thodne feta aur Khuda shaadi kar leta Wink LOL raaste ka rhoda Khuda se nikal jata LOL waiting for their confession and kick out Prem session LOL

Update soon

Wonderful mere dost big hugs lots of kisses and no misses Hug

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kinnapatel Goldie

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Smilewow super update faru .Thanks for PM and awesome update .wow meri fulzadi full dhamake ke saath.just super update .for while feel like to kill prem and his thinking .aunty is very gandhi as her thoughts was from 1940's.RAGNASA TIME FOR EACH OTHER WAS BEAUTIFUL .thier feeling for each and slow love growing like from seeds to huge tree .right now i am thinking only one song and that is "DHIRE dhire se meri zindagi me aana .dhire dhire se dil churana .hogaya hai pyar tumase jaje jana ...".both dont know their feelings for each other but  attracted for each other.jameman diwana kar diya teri update ne muhaaa.tu to IF ki KOHINOOR .JO HAI  love u darling .

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chitra8710 Senior Member

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Beautiful updates loved it very much. Thank you. 

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sampa79 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2016 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Superb update 
Hope kalpi also realised her feelings towards raghav
Update soon next part 
Thank you for PM 

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