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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 21)

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Shot Four

The next morning

Kalpana came out of her room hearing Mouli's voice coming from the living room. She saw that Kamla and Mouli were talking to each other.

Kalpana: Hey Mouli, good to see you again.

Mouli: I was passing from here and thought to meet you and Aunty.

Kamla: For how long you will be here?

Mouli: I am here for a month. Dad is looking for a boy for me. I wanted to marry someone in UK but dad wants me to marry someone her...

Mouli didn't finish her sentence as her eyes fell on Ragahv who was coming down using the stairs. Seeing him, Mouli stood up from the couch and walked toward Raghav. "Hello handsome," Mouli said extending her hand toward Ragahv. Taking her hand in a handshake, Ragahv said without showing any interest, "Hello!" Without any warning Mouli hugged him and whispered, "Nice to see you again," which made Raghav very irritated. She broke the hug and said still looking at Ragahv, "Kamla Aunty, if I get someone like him I will surely marry here."

Ragahv: I think I forgot something in my room

Saying so Ragahv left from there leaving Mouli confused. "How come he ignored the most beautiful and hot girl like me?" Mouli mumbled to herself. Kalpana heard her and said, "According to him, the Indian girls are the most irritating that's why Ragahv always tries to stay away from them. "Whatever, but I won't make him ignore me and will make him fall for me and that's a promise from Mouli, Mouli challenged herself. "Aunty, I will come tomorrow in the Sangeet," saying so Mauli left from there.

Kalpana was going to her room to do her incomplete work, while passing Raghav's room she heard his phone was ringing. She entered into his room. Hearing the sound coming from the washroom she thought to pick up the phone. She looked at the screen. Flashing Gauri's name on the screen a smile appeared on her face.

Kalpana: Hello Gauri Aunty! This is Kalpana.

Gauri: Hello beta. How are you?

Kalpana: I am fine and you?

Gauri: I am good.

Kalpana: Aunty, Ragahv is taking shower that's why I came to pick up the phone.

Gauri: No problem beta. Anyway glad to talk to you after a long time.

Kalpana: Me too. Aunty thank you so much for the gift but it would be pleasure if you would come here.

Gauri: I will surely come beta. I would like to see you before you go to Delhi for the last time as I am also going to USA forever.

Kalpana: Forever?

Gauri: yes beta after selling all the properties from India.

Kalpana could feel pain in her voice.

Gauri: when kids grow, parents had nothing to do but just follow their path. But all the parents are not unlucky like me. Let say your parents. They are very proud to have child like you. They are very lucky that they could see their child fulfilling their wish.

After taking a deep breath Gauri continued, "But Ragahv, neither he wants to stay here in India nor wants to marry." In the meantime Ragahv came out of the washroom wiping his hair with a towel. Before Kalpana noticed Ragahv, she cut the call. She looked behind hearing Ragahv, "Kalpana, who was that?"

Kalpana: your mom Ragahv.

Ragahv: She must be complaining about me?

Kalpana: She was not complaining. She was just expressing her feelings how a mother feels when her son doesn't even care about her happiness.

While combing his hair, Ragahv said, "Mom wants me to marry which is impossible for me as I cant stand any girl for more than two months. If she wants I am ready to give her the moon but marry? Sorry, but I can't help with it."

Kalpana: I can understand that but why are you planning to sell your properties?

Ragahv: I am taking mom with me and will not come back to India.

Kalpana: Ragahv, you are taking your mom to USA but her heart and soul will be here in India. The properties you are trying to sell, her memories are there, her memories with her husband, your childhood memories.

She walked toward him and said softly looking into his eyes, "Our parents sacrificed a lot for their children. Can't we sacrifice a little of it for their happiness?" Saying so Kalpana left from there leaving Ragahv confused.

Kalpana got ready to go to the Mill as Vittal needed her help. Seeing Kalpana going out Ragahv asked her if she needed any ride.

Kalpana: It may be late.

Ragahv: No problem. I can wait as what I will do staying home.

While going to the Mill passing a mandir Kalpana decided to go there. She told Ragahv to stop the car. She got off from the car and told Ragahv to come with her. But he denied saying,

Ragahv: I don't believe in all this. Kalpana you go. I will wait here.

"What type of person he is? Now I am feeling really so bad for Gauri Aunty," mumbling to herself Kalpana walked toward the mandir. After praying she came back with Prasad.

Kalpana: Ragahv, this is Prasad. Have it.

Ragahv knew if he wouldn't take it Kalpana would feel bad. "Sure," saying so he ate little bit of it. After 15 minutes of driving they reached the mill. Kalpana was helping Vittal while Ragahv was walking around and checking the material of the cloths. After half an hour Kalpana came back and told Ragahv to go back to home.

While going back to home, Ragahv and Kalpana were doing formal talk. Suddenly Raghav asked,

Ragahv: Kalpana, do you have any wish that you wanted to fulfill.

Kalpana: I have a lot.

Saying so she started telling she wanted do something for her parents, she wanted to do something for poor people. Ragahv stopped her saying,

Ragahv: I wanted to know if you have any wish for yourself but not for other people.

Hearing him, Kalpana smiled and said, "I wanted to see the scenic beauty of Lonavala but because my marriage was fixed baba canceled it and then thought to go with Prem after our marriage." Hearing her Ragahv was so surprised as at this age girls have lots of wish but Kalpana had all her wishes around her parents and other people.

Ragahv: How far it is?

Kalpana: One and half hour drive.

Without wasting a second Ragahv turned his car to the opposite direction and said, "Lets go."

Kalpana: Now?

Ragahv: Yes. You never know that gentleman; I meant to say your boring fianc may not take you there.

Kalpana: Have you gone mad Ragahv? Do you know how much work is at home?

Ragahv: Don't worry about work. There are lots of people for that.

Saying so he dialed Kamla's number and said, "Kamla aunty, I am taking Kalpana to Lonavala. Do you need kalpana over there as we may come back late?

Kamla: no no, we don't need Kalpana here. You keep her with you as long as you can.

Ragahv: Thank you aunty

Kamla: ok bye. You guys enjoy.

Raghav: See, they don't need you there. Now let's go.

Kalpana: Ragahv what type of person you are? I have never seen anyone like you.

Ragahv: I am Ragahv Singhania and Raghav doesn't even waste time to think whenever he wished to do something in life. And he enjoys each and every second of life. You never know kal ho na ho.

Hearing him Kalpana smiled and said, "That I can see." They drove off to Lonavala. After an hour and half they reached the destination. They went at the top of the hill. Both of them were amused to see the beauty of Lonavala from the hill.

Kalpana: this is so beautiful

Ragahv: you are right Kalpana. This place is really so beautiful.

They spent hours there. They were so lost that they couldn't realize how time passed. As time passed both started liking each other's company. All the complain about Ragahv had been decreasing. Raghav was so happy seeing kalpana enjoying. He took some pictures of Kalpana along with the beautiful views.

Ragahv: Thank you Kalpana. Because of you I got to see this beautiful views.

Kalpana: No, thank you. Thank you for bringing me here.

Realizing it became dark; they decided to leave the place. While driving back to Kalpana's house, Ragahv decided to take her to a place where she never been. Seeing him stopped the car in front of a Night club, Kalpana asked him, "Ragahv, why are we here?" Opening the door for Kalpana, Ragahv said, "This is the place where people only live their life leaving everything behind. They live their life only for themselves." Before Kalpana could say anything Ragahv held her hand and almost dragged her into the Club Miami Pune. Once she entered into the club, Kalpana felt like her ears were exploding with the sound of the music. She noticed that girls and boys were dancing crazily with the music. "Ragahv you enjoy yourself, I am going," saying so kalpana was about to leave but Ragahv stopped her saying, "Kalpana, please stay here na for a while. Please for me."

Kalpana: Ok but I can't stay here more than 10 minutes.

Ragahv: Thank you

Ragahv took Kalpana in the middle of the dance floor. Ragahv was dancing while Kalpana was just watching others.

Ragahv: Kalpana, for a moment you forget everything and live your life. Dance with me. Trust me you will feel good.

Kalpana: Ragahv, I am fine. You enjoy.

Ragahv: Let me get a drink for me?

Saying so he was about to leave but Kalpana stopped him saying, "You can't drink as you won't be able to go to our house in this state."

Ragahv: Oh, sorry. I forgot that no one drinks in your house.

All of a sudden his phone rang. To take the call Raghav went outside and told Kalpana to stay here. When Raghav went outside, someone spilled wine on her dress by mistake. KAlpana opened her purse to see if there was any napkin so that she could wipe it off. But there was no napkin. Then she came out of the dance floor and walked toward the bar counter. She took a napkin and wiped her dress off. All of a sudden she felt thirsty. She asked one of the waiters for a glass of water but he said that they don't have but she could have juice. Then the waiter gave her juice. After taking a sip she placed it on the bar counter. There was another lady who was drinking wine. By mistake the lady took Kalpana's juice and left from there. Kalpana took the lady's wine. After taking few sips she felt different taste. But she didn't care as she was so thirsty and then took few more sips. On the other hand Ragahv finished his call in three minutes and came back to the same place he left Kalpana. When he didn't find Kalpana there he started searching for her in the crowd. All of a sudden his eyes fell on a girl who was dancing crazily on the stage holding her shoes. "Kalpana," the only word came out from his mouth shocked. Ragahv walked toward the stage and pulled Kalpana down. "Ragahv, let me dance na. Why are you bothering me," saying so Kalpana was about to go back to the stage but Ragahv stopped her holding her hand.

Ragahv: Kalpana, did you drink?

Kalpana: I drank some juice but I felt different taste.

He brought his face near her to check if she drank any wine. After smelling, "Yes you are," hearing him, Kalpana said drunk, "It okay. Let's dance," saying so Kalpana held his hand and dragged him to the dance floor. For a while she forgot everything and started dancing. Ragahv didn't stop her thinking after a while she will go back to her boring normal life. So let her live her life. He took some picture of her dancing so that he could tease her when she will go back to her normal life. After two hours Kalpana felt thirsty. She noticed that a lady was dancing holding a drink in her hand. She walked toward her and was about to snatch that lady's drink but Ragahv stopped her saying, "Kalpana, come with me. Let me get you water." He brought Kalpana outside forcefully and started walking toward the car. Kalpana was having problem to walk because of her dizziness. She dropped herself on the ground.

Kalpana: Ragahv, I can't walk anymore.

Ragahv: look our car is there. You don't have to walk that much.

Kalpana: You take me there. I can't walk.

Ragahv bent down and then lifted her in his arms and walked toward the car. While in his arms, Kalpana opened her arms wide like she was flying.

Ragahv: What are you doing kalpana?

Kalpana: Shh..I am flying. Don't bother me or I will meet with an accident.

Hearing her Ragahv smiled and said in his mind, I wish you were in your sense. So that you could see what you did.

He took out a bottle of water from the car and gave it to Kalpana. Kalpana couldn't drink that much as she was feeling like vomiting. He made her vomit on the street and then helped her to wash her face.

Both got into the car. While driving Ragahv glanced to Kalpana when she said dizzy, "you know what Ragahv, somewhere I got lost. Thinking about others I totally forgot about myself. I don't remember when I enjoyed my life like this for the last time. Thank you. Thank you for bringing me here." Hearing her Ragahv smiled.

Kalpana: Do you remember you asked me why I am getting married at this age leaving my dream incomplete. Actually it was not my decision. When Prem asked for my hand for the marriage with his parents I didn't think about myself, not even about my dream.

Ragahv was just listening to her without uttering a word. Kalpana continued,

Kalpana: I was only thinking about my parents, how they were happy with this proposal. Only for their happiness I said yes to Prem.

Somewhere in his heart Ragahv felt bad for Kalpana. Seeing her sleeping he parked his car on the road. He leaned toward her and leaned her seat back so that she could sleep peacefully. After covering her with his coat he came back to his seat. He looked at Kalpana who was looking so innocent in sleeping. He leaned back to his seat. While staring at her innocent face he didn't know when he fell asleep.

Three hours later Ragahv's sleep got distracted with the sound of passing cars. He looked at the clock. It was 2 A.M. He rinsed water into his eyes and then drove off to home.

Kamla was still awake and waiting for them to come. No one in this house noticed that they were outside till late night. Hearing the sound of the car, Kamla came outside. Seeing Kamla,

Ragahv: Aunty, you are still awake?

Kamla: I was waiting for you to come.

Ragahv: Sorry Aunty for being late.

Kamla: It's ok Ragahv baba.

Seeing Kalpana sleeping in the car, Kamla told him to take her in her room. Raghav lifted Kalpana in his arms and walked toward her room. He made her lay on her bed. Covering her with the blanket, he walked toward the door. Before he came out of her room he glanced back to Kalpana who was sleeping peacefully. "Good night," whispering to himself he came out of her room.

The next morning Kalpana woke up late with a heavy headache. She looked at the door when Ragahv said entering into her room with a drink in his hand

Ragahv: How are you feeling Kalpana?

Kalpana: I have headache.

Raghav: Headache to hoga e. Drink this. You will feel better.

While drinking something clicked into her mind.

Kalpana: How do you know that I may have headache?

Ragahv: KAlpana you don't remember anything?

Kalpana: No. What happened?

Ragahv: do you remember we went to the night club yesterday?

Kalpana: ha

Ragahv: by mistake you drank wine.

Kalpana: then?

Ragahv: then you did the same as any drunk person does.

Now Kalpana became so tensed. "Tell na exactly what I did." Kalpana said. "If I tell you then you won't be able to come in front of me," Ragahv said teasingly.

Kalpana: Did I do something bad.

Ragahv nodded his head in yes. He was laughing inside teasing her like this.

Kalpana: Are you sure that you are not joking?

Ragahv: No I am not. I have all the proof.

Kalpana: Proof?

Showing his phone he said, "here." Kalpana widened her eyes and said, "You kept them in your phone?"

Raghav: Yes

Kalpana: this is not fair Ragahv. Delete them

"No, I will not," saying so Raghav came out of her room. Kalpana ran after him. Seeing Kalpana coming down Vittal asked, "Kalpana why did you sleep so late today?"

Ragahv: Uncle, last night Kalpana went...

Kalpana stopped him saying, "Baba, I went to my friend's house. I came in late that's why couldn't wake up early."

Vittal: beta, you are getting married. You shouldn't stay that late outside. You already know how people around.

Kalpana: Sorry baba. It won't happen again.

Ragahv: you know what Kamla Aunty, yesterday I went to a night club with someone else. By mistake she drank wine and it was her first time. You won't believe what she did when she was drunk?

Hearing him Kamla was smiling as she knew very well that who Raghav was talking about. On the other hand Kalpana was giving him angry glare.

Prerna: then what happened Raghav Bhaia?

Ragahv: she danced crazily holding her shoes

Prerna: Really?

Ragahv: Not only that when she felt thirsty she tried to snatch someone else's drink. When I forcefully brought her out she made me lifted herself in my arms. You know my arms are still hurting as she was too heavy.

"How dare you say that?" hearing Kalpana, Prerna said, "Didi why are you getting angry as he was talking about someone else."

"Whatever," Saying so Kalpana left from there giving Ragahv an angry glare. Kalpana, you still don't know how I will blackmail you with this pictures, Ragahv said in his mind.


All the people got busy decorating the house as today is Kalpana's Sangeet. Handing over a sherwani and pyjama to Kalpana, Kamla said, "Tell Ragahv baba to wear it in today's Sangeet."

Kalpana: Ji Aai.

Saying so Kalpana went to Raghav's room. "Ragahv, Aai wants you to wear it for the evening," hearing Kalpana,

Ragahv: I cant wear it.

Kalpana: Why?

Ragahv: The bottom part is very difficult to handle and the top part looks more girly. I am Ragahv Singhania. And Ragahv has to look the most handsome, cool and hot guy in the party.

Kalpana: Ok, Mr. cool and hot Singhania, wear whatever you would like to wear.

Saying so Kalpana was about to leave but stopped thinking something. She turned to face him.

Kalpana: Ragahav, look I am getting married in few days. My in-laws family members are coming in two days. Somehow if these pictures got leaked out you know what may happen?

Raghav: What may happen?

Kalpana: They may cancel this marriage.

Raghav: Then let them cancel na.

Hearing him Kalpana looked at him unbelievably.

Ragahv: Why are you looking at me like this? Did I say something wrong?

He walked toward her and said, "Both of us know very well that this marriage is against your will. You agreed only for your parents happiness." Hearing him, she was shocked as how he knew about it.

KAlpana: Who said that?

Ragahv: You

Kalpana: I have never said that

Ragahv: you said when you were drunk and people never lie in that state.

Kalpana: Please Raghav, don't disclose it to anyone.

Raghav: Kalpana, your parents are very understanding. I am sure if they get to know about it they will support you.

Kalpana: Raghav, for me my parent's happiness is more important than anything else. One day I have to marry someone na. Later on if I get a bad person as my life partner then my parents also will suffer along with me. At least we know Prem since childhood. He is a nice guy. My parents likes him a lot.

Raghav: What about you?

Kalpana: I also like him

Ragahv: Do you love him?

Kalpana: it is not necessary to fall for someone before marriage. It can happen after marriage.

Ragahv: but there is no guarantee that love can happen in between you after marriage.

Kalpana: There is no guarantee but one thing I can assure you that he will try his best to make me happy.

Ragahv: Hmm

Kalpana: Now give me your phone.

Ragahv: I will but one condition.

Kalpana: condition?

Ragahv: yes. Go and check your room. Something is waiting for you.

Kalpana went to her room. She saw that a girl was waiting for her holding this lahenga Ragahv bought for her.

Girl: Mam come. I will make you ready for the evening.

Kalpana looked behind hearing Ragahv said, "Kalpana go and get ready or you will get late."

Kalpana: you did all this?

Ragahv: yes

Kalpana: but I already have lahenga for the evening.

Ragahv: you have to wear this lahenga I chose for you. To get my phone you have to listen to me.

Kalpana had to agree as he didn't leave any option for her. While Kalpana was getting ready Raghav went to his room to get ready. Guests started coming. Singers were singing and few girls were dancing with their song. After half an hour Raghav came down and joined other guests. Vittal introduced Ragahv with his guests. Though he was talking to other guests but his eyes were stuck on Kalpana's door. He was eagerly waiting for Kalpana to come down. Half an hour later finally Kalpana came down. All the people were watching her amused while Kalpana was coming down. On the other hand Raghav couldn't move his eyes off as she was looking like an angel. He checked her out completely from head to toe. Though Kalpana put on little make up, but she was looking extremely pretty. The simplicity and innocence which she carried in her heart always enlightened her face with a glow. He didn't know for how long he was staring at her. His trance broke hearing Kamla, "Mere bachchi, kisika najar na lagey." In the crowd, Kalpana's eyes were searching for only one person. Finally she saw him. She gestured him to take his complement. Ragahv smiled and thumbs up which made Kalpana feel relieved. Few girls came and took Kalpana with them. They made her sit and started dancing around her. Ragahv was busy taking pictures of Kalpana. On the other hand, Mouli took extra effort to get ready specially to impress Ragahv but she felt bad as he didn't even give her a single glance. He didn't notice when Mouli came and stood near him. "Hi Ragahv, how I am looking?" staring at Kalpana, Ragahv replied softly, "Beautiful." Ragahv looked at Mouli hearing, "I am not talking about Kalpana. I am talking about me." Oh God, what happened with me? What people will think if I stare at a girl like this who is getting married to someone else, he thought. Ragahv put on a fake smile and said to Mouli, "Good."

Mouli: Only good as I got ready only for you.

Ragahv: Excuse me?

Before Mouli could say further, few girls came and dragged Ragahv and Mouli to the dance floor to join other people. After few minutes one of her cousins dragged Kalpana too. While dancing Ragahv and Kalpana came face to face.

Ragahv: you are looking so beautiful

Kalpana: Thank you.

Ragahv: Do you like the lahenga?

Kalpana: I do but it is too heavy and difficult to handle.

Ragahv: you have to get used to with it as you have few more functions left.

Kalpana: I know.

In the meantime Mouli entered in between them. As much as she was trying to come close to Ragahv, but Ragahv was going back making distance in between them. While dancing Ragahv's eyes never left Kalpana. All of a sudden his eyes fell on Kalpana's bare back. He looked around and saw people were busy with themselves. He walked toward Kalpana. "Come with me," saying so Ragahv took Kalpana holding her hand to a corner so that no one could see them. Placing his hand on her waist Raghav pulled her more toward him. First Kalpana was confused as what he was going to do and then got relief when he leaned and hooked her top part.

Kalpana: Was it unhooked?

Ragahv: Hm

Kalpana: Oh god what people will think? Anyway thank you.

Saying so Kalpana left from there. After few seconds Ragahv came back and joined other people in the food section. He put some food in his plate. He looked around and noticed that Kalpana was sitting alone. He walked toward her and took the empty chair next to her.

Ragahv: Won't you eat?

Kalpana: I don't feel like to eat.

Ragahv: Why?

Kalpana: I don't know why but as time is getting closer I am feeling so nervous.

Ragahv: why you are so nervous?

Kalpana: After marriage I have to adjust with new people, new environment.

Ragahv: Don't worry. You can adjust with any environment.

Kalpana: you think so

Ragahv: Hm, actually, those people are lucky to have you.

Kalpana smiled. All of a sudden her eyes fell on his plate.

Kalpana: Ragahv, why did you pick this food for you? If you eat these spicy foods, you will fall sick. If you fall sick you won't be able to go back to USA. If you don't go back to USA on time you will have to miss the meeting.

Hearing her Raghav smiled. She took his plate and said, "Let me get less spicy food for you." Saying so Kalpana was about to leave but Raghav stopped her saying, "Kalpana, I will miss you. Will you?" Kalpana smiled and said, "I will as no one gave this much care for me besides my parents."

It was 2 A.m. Raghav was still awake. He was tossing and turning on his bed. He didn't know why but he was feeling so restless.


The next morning

Once Kalpana entered into Raghav's room, her eyes fell on him who was wide awake.

Kalpana: you woke up so early?

Ragahv: I couldn't sleep last night.

Kalpana: For Mosquito?

Ragahv: No

Kalpana: Is everything all right?

RAghv: Hm

Kalpana: Do you want to take rest or come with me for the breakfast?

Ragahv: Lets go downstair

After breakfast Raghav came front yard and saw that people were making Mandap. Seeing Kalpana walking toward him,

Raghav: Kalpana, what is this?

Kalpana: this is Mandap.

Ragahv: Mandap?

Kalpana: haven't you ever attended any Indian wedding?

Ragahv: No

Kalpana: Hm. So pandit ji says mantra and bride and groom walks around the fire seven times with vows.

Ragahv: how do they do it?

Holding his hand Kalpana said, "Come with me." Kalpana took Ragahv to the Mandap. She walked three times around the fire holding his hand to show him the ritual.

Ragahv: What are the vows Kalpana?

Kalpana told all the vows that a couple needed to be fulfilled after marriage and Ragahv was just listening to her without uttering a word. In the meantime one of Kalpana's cousins came and said, "Ragahv Bhaia, can you please fix the TV as we were watching cartoons?" Ragahv smiled and said, "Ok, lets go." While going to the living room Ragahv stopped hearing Kamla and Vittal's conversations,

Kamla: Vittal, why did you spend so much money for me and is this the right age to wear red saree? I am not getting married. Our daughter is getting married.

Vittal: For me you are still same as when I brought you here after I got married to you. Don't worry we will marry again on the same Mandap after Kalpana and Prem's wedding.

"I don't know how they still have the same feelings they had years back," Ragahv mumbled to himself surprised. He turned to face Kalpana hearing her from behind, "Everything will change but their love for each other will never decrease."

Ragahv: I don't know how two people live under the same roof since years with different personalities.

Hearing him Kalpana smiled and said, "Dekhna one day a girl will come to your life and you will fall for her madly and deeply, and then you will realize."

After a little pause she continued, "Ragahv, we always have someone to love and care for us. Every relation is important in our life. Our first relation is the one with our parents, then with our siblings, then with our friend. And then the most important relation is the relationship between two soulmates.  Your life will be complete when a girl will come into your life and will complete you." Ragahv was just listening to her without uttering a word. He didn't know why but he felt like she was talking about him and Kalpana as a soulmates.


He couldn't understand why he was feeling like this, as he didn't want to, but feelings were something beyond his control, he couldn't help but feel attracted toward her. Ragahv's confusion about his feelings increased even more, because throughout the day he caught himself admiring kalpi numerous times, whether about her beauty, or her attitude, or her simplicity, he couldn't help but impressed by her. Unknowingly this girl was affecting him badly. Kuch toh hai, that's why he was aroused by herself, he thought.

Ragahv was in his room talking to Gauri.

Gauri: I am coming to Kalpana's house tomorrow. Before I go there I thought to do some shopping for Kalpana's family members. So please meet me at XYZ mall tomorrow."

Ragahv: Sure mom. I will see you tomorrow then.

Hearing the noise coming from outside he came to the balcony with his phone. He noticed that kids were enjoying smacking haldi and color to each other as this was one of the rituals before wedding. Some kids noticed Ragahv and called him, "Ragahv Bhaia, come down and join us."

Ragahv: No, I am fine. You guys carry on.

Then Ragahv came back to his room with the phone. After a while few kids entered into his room and forcefully dragged him outside to play with them. On the other hand Kalpana went to the terrace to dry cloths. While putting cloths on the rope all of a sudden her eyes fell on Ragahv who was fully covered by haldi and color. Her hands automatically went to her mouth as she couldn't stop herself from laughing. Hearing her laughing, Ragahv looked up. He bit his lower lip as something clicked into his mind. He grabbed some color in his hand and started walking toward the terrace. In the meantime rain started. Once Ragahv reached the terrace, his eyes fell on Kalpana. He was looking at Kalpana amused as she was looking up into the sky and was enjoying the rain drops falling on her, jumping on a puddle. Opening her arms wide, she was going in circles feeling the rain drops on her. He was as lost as he couldn't realize when he started walking toward her. Kalpana didn't notice when he came and stood behind her. Once she turned, she bumped into Ragahv causing her to fall but Ragahv held her by her waist. Kalpana's hair brushed his face causing him to close his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes. The moment their eyes met the moment froze. Both of them were staring at each other. He looked at her mesmerizing features, her large, almond-shaped dark eyes. He gulped at her nearness and to his own surprise he felt different and weird. He was aroused by her closeness. Kalpana exhaled through her mouth in fascination as his fingers lingered over her soft, sanity skin. Feeling his touch on her face Kalpana closed her eyes in pure bliss. He was lost in her beautiful big black doe eyes that he could not control himself and leaned to kiss her. They came to the reality hearing the sound of thunderstorm. As he loosened his grip on her waist, Kalpana went few steps back. Kalpana was breathing heavily while Ragahv was just staring at her. After a while Kalpana ran from there leaving Ragahv in a deep thought, Gosh, what I was going to do.

Precap: Ragahv-Kalpana-Prem face to face


Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and if you think this update is up to the mark please hit like buttons and leave your comments. 


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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Yaar kiya update tha Tongue finally Raghav is feeling something for Kalpana and oh my my miss Kalpi pie ke dil mein rags babu ke liye kuch kuch Hota hai LOL so when will it come out? And that mouni is sure full of herself the way she thinks she can get rags to fall for her. Badge needs a rude awakening Angry waiting for next shot.

Keep it up mere dost Hug

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farhana04 IF-Dazzler

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Shot four updated
Frozenfantasy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Hey my New York friend 
Thanks for the lovely update 
I'll start commenting from next month ya ..I'll be working from home Big smile
Too much going on at the moment ..
Thanks for not giving up on me sweetheart 
I know I owe you .EmbarrassedLOL..Hug

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rachufan IF-Dazzler

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Di where is shot

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farhana04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Frozenfantasy

Hey my New York friend 
Thanks for the lovely update 
I'll start commenting from next month ya ..I'll be working from home Big smile
Too much going on at the moment ..
Thanks for not giving up on me sweetheart 
I know I owe you .EmbarrassedLOL..Hug

Hey mads, how are you dear?
Main tomhara picha nahi chodney wala hoonLOL agar tum chaho bhi to.

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farhana04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 May 2016 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
kinnapatel Goldie

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SmileClapzakkas!!!wow what abeautful update ".KUCH TO HAI "JO KHICHI CHALI ARAHI HU TERI AUR TERI AUR TERI AUR .their is silent and pure love growing between RAGNA which non of them know.and this love which always carry RAGNA .RAGNA known by this pure .innocent ,silent love .THANKS for giving such a beautiful love story.missing RAGNA romance and ur one of awesome romance queen .u should make more shots .wait for long but comes out so beautiful .kalpi is getting marries coz of her parents .dont how is prem yet .gauri wants his son get married .kamala is not damala here .nice to without pakhi a big bunny teeth .but their is one more bunny mouli .haha know raghav make straight her out ..please update as u get time .Heart

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