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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47 (Page 17)

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Shot Three

The next morning

Raghav's sleep got distracted when the sun rays hit his eyes. Once he opened his eyes, his eyes fell on Kalpana.

Ragahv: Kalpana, why do you come to bother me every morning? Let me sleep na.

Kalpana: ok, if you want us to stay starving then fine.

Ragahv: Yaar, I am not your God and think me as one of your family members. So go and tell them to eat without me.

Kalpana: As long as you are here, you have to follow our rules.

All of a sudden his phone buzzed. It was Gauri. He picked up the phone. "Once you finish talking, come down for the breakfast," saying so Kalpana left.

Gauri: Who was that Ragahv?

Ragahv: Kalpana

Gauri: Very nice girl

Ragahv: nice but sometimes irritating too. Every morning she comes to distract my sleep. She said I have to follow their rules as long as I am here.

Hearing him Gauri smiled. Finally someone is there to dare to talk to him looking into his eyes straight, Gauri thought.

Ragahv: Now tell me why did you call me?

Gauri: They extended the curfew for another 24 hours so stay there for another day.

Before he could say anything or react, Gauri cut the call saying, "Bye."

After freshening up, Ragahv came down and joined other people for the breakfast. Seeing him all the kids said at the same time, "Good Morning Ragahv Bhaia." Ragahv smiled and replied, "Good morning gang." While eating Vittal said, "Ragahv baba, the curfew is still on..." Ragahv stopped him saying, "I know mom called me and told me to stay here for another day." Hearing him all the kids screamed at the same time, "Yeyyy!!!!"

Vittal: I hope you will not get bored.

Looking at the kids, Ragahv said with a smile, "Don't worry, I will not as this gang I meant to say these kids will not make me bored." Hearing him one of the kids said, "Ragahv bhaia we are gonna have lots of fun today."

Ragahv: Of course.

After breakfast Ragahv decided to take shower. He went to his room. Taking his clothes he entered into the bathroom. He tried to on the shower but it didn't work. Wrapping a towel around his waist he came out from the bathroom.

On the other hand Kalpana was coming toward Ragahv's room with clean bedsheet and bed cover in her hand thinking he may not use the same bad sheet he used last night. Once her eyes fell on Ragahv with only towel, "why is he roaming around with only towel?" mumbling to herself, Kalpana turned to the opposite side. Seeing her Ragahv said, "Kalpana, I was looking for you. But why did you turn your face?"

Kalpana: First wear something and then tell me what you want.

Ragahv: I wore towel.

Kalpana: That's not enough. Wear full dress.

Ragahv: The way you are reacting seems like you have never seen any man like this before.

Kalpana: No I have never seen and I have no interest in you.

Ragahv: Oh, hello! Girls drool over me. They die to see me like this. And you are saying you have no interest.

After thinking something, "Oh how can I forget that you are not a girl as you act like a boy? Play with soccer. By mistake God made you a girl instead of a boy."

Kalpana: Whatever I am that's not of your business. Go and wear something or I will leave.

Looking at her unbelievable, he said, "Ok, I am wearing something. Don't go."

After few seconds, "Now you can turn," hearing him, KAlpana turned and saw him standing wearing a t-shirt. "Now can you please fix the shower?" saying so Ragahv took Kalpana to his bathroom. Kalpana fixed the shower and then came out from the bathroom. Hearing "Thank you," Kalpana smiled and without having a single glimpse she left from there.

After taking shower, Ragahv came down. Hearing the land phone ringing, he looked around and saw kids were watching cartoons. Thinking they will not go to pick up the phone leaving their favorite cartoons, he decided to pick up.

Ragahv: Hello!

Hearing him, a person said, "Hello!" from the other side of the phone.

Ragahv: yes

Person: May I speak to Kalpana?

Ragahv: Who is calling?

Person: Prem

Ragahv: Prem?

Prem: Yes, Kalpana's fianc.

Ragahv: Hold on

Saying so Ragahv called her, "Kalpana your phone." Hearing him Kalpana came out from the kitchen.

Kalpana: My phone?

Ragahv: Yes.

Kalpana: Who is that?

Ragahv: The gentleman said, he is your fianc.

Saying so he joined the kids watching cartoons.

"Prem called me at land phone?" Mumbling to herself, she picked up the phone.

Kalpana: Hello Prem

PRem: Hi Kalpana

KAlpana: How is your parents?

Prem: They are fine. How is yours?

Kalpana: They are fine too.

Prem: I called you at your cell phone but you didn't pick up then I tried here.

Kalpana: Oh, I am sorry. I left it in my room. I was in the kitchen

Prem: What were you doing?

Kalpana: I was helping aai in the kitchen

Ragahv was listening to their conversations while watching cartoons with the kids. How boring are these people, he thought.

Prem: We will be there before mahedi.

Kalpana: ji

Prem: Ok bye

Kalpana: Ji, bye

Kalpana cut the call and turned to leave but stopped when Ragahv said in a serious mood, "Were you talking to your uncle?" hearing him, "What rubbish?" Kalpana said annoyed.

Ragahv: The way you guys were talking to each other, anyone could guess that. Hello ji, hi ji, nahi ji, thik hai ji. What is this?

Kalpana: so you were listening to our conversations. It is a bad manner to listen others talking.

Ragahv: oh hello you don't have to teach me what is good or what is bad. Anyway, there were no warning types of conversations that no one can listen. I meant to say, no kissi missi no phone s*x.

Hearing him Kalpana's eyes widened. "How could you say that in front of kids?" Kalpana said angrily.

Ragahv: These kids are smarter than you. They already know about it. And what's wrong in that? You both are fianc. Yaar, at least try to be romantic. I am not telling you to do s*x but at least you both can share kiss.

"You are totally impossible," saying so Kalpana left from there giving him an angry glare. Looking at Prerna he said, "Don't you think your didi is so boring?" hearing him, Prerna nodded her head. "Don't you think your didi gets angry in every single thing?" Prerna nodded her head and then said, "But she is the best didi in the world." One of her cousins said, "Ragahv bhaia, let's play cram."

Ragahv: Ok, lets go.

Ragahv was having good time playing with the kids. While playing, he heard kids whispering, "I wish Ragahv bhaia would be hare until marriage." Raghav felt bad and said, "I wish I could be here too but I have lot of things to complete before I go back to USA."

Kids: We will miss you Ragahv bhaia

Ragahv: I will miss you all

Saying so he hugged everyone. After breaking the hug he said, "Give me your address so that I can send you lot of gifts and chocolates, ok. Now you guys continue. I have to make an important call. I will be back," saying so he went to his room.


In the kitchen

Kamla asked while working, "How is Prem and his family?"

Kalpana: they are fine.

Kamla: Did he tell you when they are coming?

Kalpana: Before Mehendi ceremony.

Kamla: Kalpana, did you try your lahenga for Sangeet?

Kalpana: Not yet Aai.

Kamla: We have only two days left. Why don't you go and check if you need any alteration?

Kalpana: Ok Aai

Saying so Kalpana left from there. She went to her room. She checked it in her Almirah but it was not there. "Where is it," she mumbled to herself. She then went back to the kitchen and asked Kamla, "Aai, I checked it in the Almirah but it is not there."

Kamla: how can you forget it? you remember you put that on the top of the Almirah?

Kalpana: Oh

Saying so Kalpana left from there. She looked on the top of the Almirah and saw the packet of the lahenga. She stood on a tool to reach the packet. All of a sudden her foot slipped off and was about to fall but a pair of strong arms saved her from falling down. Realizing she was in Ragahv's arms, "Put me down," hearing her Ragahv confused as he saved her from falling but instead of thanking him she was getting angry. "Ragahv, I said put me down before anyone sees us like this," hearing her Ragahv dropped her off on the floor. "Ouch! What did you do?" Kalpana said holding her leg in pain.

Ragahv: I did the same you wanted.

Kalpana: I told you to put me down but not drop me on floor. You broke my leg.

Extending his hand Ragahv offered, "Hold my hand. I will help you standing up."

Kalpana: I don't need your help. Just go away from my sight.

Ragahv: Why are you getting angry? I came here to help you but instead of thanking me you are scolding me. Ok fine, I am leaving. You stay here holding your leg on the floor.

Seeing him leaving, "idiot," she whispered.

Everyone was called for the lunch. Kamla noticed that Kalpana was missing. "Where is Kalpana?" hearing her Ragahv said

Ragahv: She is in her room.

Kamla called her, "Kalpana, what are you doing in your room? come down for lunch." After few minutes Kalpana came down. Seeing her limping around.

Kamla: what happened with your leg?

Ragahv: Tell your Aai that you broke your leg.

Kamla: How did it happen?

Ragahv: she slipped off from the tool.

Kalpana was just giving him angry glare while he was answering Kamla's questions.

Kamla: you fell down? No one was there to help you?

Ragahv: I was there na to help ...

Before Ragahv could say further, Kalpana stopped him saying, "Han Aai, Ragahv was going to his room while passing my room. Seeing me falling down he came to help me but before he touched me I fell down. But don't worry, I am fine now. Hearing her, "Liar," Ragahv mumbled to himself. Kalpana pulled a chair for her and sat beside Prerna. While eating, Kamla asked,

Kamla: did you try the lahenga?

Kalpana: No Aai.

Kamla: Make sure you do it before your sangeet ceremony.

KAlpana: I will. When I will go to Seema Kaki's house today, I will drop it off on the way if I need any alteration.

Kamla: you are going to seema's house today?

Kalpana: yes Aai. I didn't give her money this month yet. Later on I may be busy that's why thought to give her today.

After finishing her lunch, Kalpana went to her room. she tried her lahenga and noticed that she needed alteration. With the lahenga she came down. While going out she said loudly, "Aai, I am going now."

Kamla: Thik hai

Kalpana was about to get out of the gate, "Kalpana," hearing Ragahv, she stopped. Ragahv ran toward her and said, "Come. Let me take you there." Looking at her leg, he continued, "You won't be able to walk. It is because of me na then let me help you." It is better to take his help as she won't be able to walk that much, with this thought she agreed to come with him.

While driving, Ragahv said, "Tell me where to stop."

Kalpana: Ok

Kalpana noticed that an old lady was trying to cross a road but couldn't because of the heavy traffic in the local road. "Ragahv, can you stop the car?" Hearing her Ragahv stopped the car. Ragahv was watching her crossing the road through the car window. He noticed that Kalpana helped an old lady to cross the road holding her hand. Ragahv smiled. Kalpana can't walk properly but still she is helping others, Ragahv thought. Seeing Kalpana talking to the old lady, Ragahv said bringing his head out of the car, "Mother India, if you are done then can we please leave?" hearing him Kalpana bid bye to the old lady and then got into the car. After few minutes of driving, they reached Meena kaki's house. "Ragahv you stay here. I will be back," saying so Kalpana came out of the car. Ragahv parked his car near the house and was waiting for Kalpana sitting in the car. Meena was sitting outside with her two kids. Seeing Kalpana she smiled and said, "Glad to see you KAlpana. Come inside."

Kalpana: Not today kaki. Some other time.

Handing 4000 rupees over to Meena, Kalpana said, "Take this. Next time I will send you money from Delhi. After marriage I will stay there na." taking money in her hand, Meena said, "Kalpana without your help I don't know how I would be able to survive with my kids."

Kalpana: kaki you don't worry. When I will work after completing my education, I will be able to help you with more as I don't earn that much from tuition now.

Meena: you have a big heart Kalpana. You work only for us and spend all your money only for our happiness. I will pray to God that you get all the happiness you deserve in your life.

KAlpana noticed that somehow Meena was sad. "What happened kaki? Why are you so sad?" When Meena didn't answer,

Kalpana: Let me guess. Kaka raised hand on you again right?

Kalpana looked behind hearing Kaka, "Yes I raised hand on her. She is nothing but a useless woman who gave me two useless daughters like her."

Kalpana: Girls are not useless. They are Lakshmi for the house. We are also two sisters. But my father never treated us the way you do. For him we are not only his daughters but his princess, his jaan. I have seen him crying so many times hiding himself since my marriage had been fixed. You know why because I won't be with him after my marriage. He doesn't think us as burden the way you do.

She paused for a while and then continued, "Look at your two beautiful daughters. They are dying for their father's love. You are their father. If you neglect then where they will go. Place your hand on your heart and say it that there was nothing for your daughters.

Kaka: No, I have no feelings for my daughters as well as my wife.

Meena kaki: Kalpana, he said that he will marry Bar dancer Jorina.

Kaka: Of course, I will marry Jorina. She will give me all the happiness I want.

Kalpana: I am not sure how much happiness she could give you but one thing I can be assured that when she will kick you out, you will come back to Meena kaki's life.

Looking at Meena, Kalpana said, "Kaki, don't let him in, in your life if he leaves you and your daughters now." Hearing her, kaka said angrily, "hey, you better stay away from us. Don't come to interfere in our personal life." Kalpana felt bad. Without uttering a word she walked toward the car. While fixing herself on the seat, "Ragahv, please go back to home," hearing her, he said, "You don't want to go to the tailor?"

Kalpana: No, I don't feel like to.

Ragahv could feel how much she was upset as he heard everything. While going back to home, seeing a park, he stopped the car near the park. "Kalpana come out," saying so he got out of the car. He opened the door for her. They entered into the park. Showing a bench, he said, "Sit here." And then he sat beside her. He looked at Kalpana whose eyes were stick to the front.

Ragahv: Why you are so upset?

Kalpana didn't reply.

Ragahv: Look Kalpana, you can't change every ones lives.

Kalpana: I wish I could.

Looking at Ragahv, she said, "That's why I want to be a lawyer and will be strength for those people who are getting abused day by day, so that they can fight for their own right." Ragahv was just listening to her amused as at this age no one can think like her. Yes she is different, he thought.

Seeing Kalpana entering into the living room with her lahenga, Kamla asked, "Kalpana, you didn't go to the tailor?"

Kalpana: No Aai.

Kamla: Why not as you don't have ...

Kalpana stopped her saying, "Aai, I will wear it without alteration. You know very well that I never give any attention on outer beauty because for me inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

Kamla: I know you like to be simple but it is your marriage na. Think about Prem and his family. They may have some expectations na.

Kalpana: Those people already saw me and accepted me as whomever I am Aai.

Saying so Kalpana left from there leaving Kamla sad.

Kamla: I had a dream to see my daughter the most beautiful bride in the world. My dream will always remain a dream.

She looked behind hearing Ragahv, "Aunty, don't be upset. I will make her agree."

Kamla: But Raghav baba, you are not staying here until her marriage na.

Ragahv: I promised na. Just leave it on me.


The next morning

Ragahv woke up with a bright smile on his face. Today Kalpana noticed that he didn't behave like other days. Seeing Kalpana Ragahv said with a smile, "Good Morning."

Kalpana: Good Morning. How was your sleep?

Ragahv: Good. After a long time I slept peacefully.

Kalpana: Good. I think slowly you are getting used to with this bed.

Ragahv: I think so. And it is not that bad to get used to with something new in life.

Kalpana didn't know that Ragahv was saying those to point Kalpana.

Kalpana: I think you forgot something

Ragahv: What?

Kalpana: You didn't scold me today the way you do every morning when I come to wake you up.

Ragahv: I will not do it anymore.

Kalpana: And you won't get any chance as you are leaving today.

Ragahv smiled and said, "Lets go for the breakfast. Everyone was waiting for us." Raghav came down with a smile and seeing everyone on the dining table,

Ragahv: Good Morning everyone.

Vittal: Good Morning Ragahv Baba.

Ragahv pulled a chair and sat on the opposite side of Kamla. While eating, he noticed that kids were so quiet.

Ragahv: Gang, what happened? Why you all are so quiet?

Vittal: Today you are leaving na, that's why.

Ragahv: I have news which will bring your smile back within a second.

All the kids were eagerly waiting for the news.

Ragahv: We all are going to the water park today.

Prerna: But you are leaving na then how we will be able to go.

Ragahv: I have decided that I will stay here until Kalpana's marriage. I never attended any Indian function before that's why I have decided to attend this time.

Though the kids screamed, "Yeyyy!!!!" but for other people this news not only surprised them but shocked too

Vittal: Thank you Ragahv baba. I was about to ask you but couldn't thinking you may have important work.

Kamla looked at Ragahv who was already looking at her with a smile on his face. "Thank you," Kamla whispered as she knew the reason of his staying here as he promised her yesterday. Raghav nodded his head.

On the other hand another person was hell shocked with this news. It was none other than Gauri. She decided to talk to Vittal. She dialed his number.

Vittal: Namastey Gauri Malkin.

Gauri: Namastey Vittal ji.

Vittal: You won't have any problem na if Ragahv baba stays here until Kalpana's marriage?

Gauri: No I won't have any, but I was worried about Ragahv. Saadi ka Mahal. Lots of guests are in the house. I know my son. He gets annoyed by people so easily. He is not alike your kids who respect elders and love kids. I was worrying if he misbehaves with your guests. Vittal ji you know what I meant right?

Vittal understood what she was trying to say. Gauri and Vikram used to complain about Ragahv before he went to USA. He smiled and said,

Vittal: Don't worry about Ragahv Baba. He is very nice with everyone. He is having good time with guests and my kids. All the kids can't even think anything else besides him.

Hearing him, Gauri got some relief. Staying there Ragahv may learn the value of the marriage, Gauri thought.

Though Kalpana didn't want to go but realizing how Ragahv will be able to handle all the kids alone, she decided to go. Kids had lot of fun in the water. Kalpana didn't get into the water but was just watching the kids. She was amused seeing how Ragahv was immediately attached to the kids.

In the noon Raghav took them to a nearest restaurant and had lunch. While eating, Kalpana asked, "Ragahv, all of a sudden why have you decided to stay until my marriage?

Ragahv: Mother India, I already told you.

Kalpana: I don't know why but it seems to me that there is some other reason.

You will get to know soon, he thought.

Raghav: There is no other reason. You finish your food first as we have to go somewhere else.

Kalpana: Where?

Ragahv: Lets go first then you will get to know.

Kalpana: I am not going anywhere else. Day after tomorrow is my Sangeet. Lot of work needed to be done.

Ragahv: you don't have to worry about it. Lot of people are there for those.

After lunch Ragahv stopped the car near a parlor cum boutiques.

Kalpana: Ragahv why are we here?

Raghav: You will get to know. Lets get inside.

Once they entered into the parlor, five girls pulled Kalpana and made her sit on a chair. Before Kalpana could say anything or react, they started doing their job. Someone was doing her manicure/pedicure, someone was doing facial, someone was doing her hair cut. "Can you please stop this?" Kalpana said angrily. She got off from the chair and walked toward Ragahv.

Kalpana: What is all this Ragahv? Why are you doing this?

Ragahv: What is wrong in that? Why you want to make your life so boring?

Kalpana: Who ever I am and whatever I have I am happy with this.

Saying so she was about to leave but Ragahv stopped her holding her wrist. Looking into her eyes, he said softly, "What is wrong in that?"

Kalpana: It is nothing but wasting of time. And I don't have time for that.

Ragahv: Whatever you are doing in your life, there is no wrong in that but this is also important Kalpana.

Kalpana: I don't think so.

Ragahv: Ok, don't do it for yourself but the people who are involved in your life. You have to do it for their happiness. The much time you spend thinking others, manage little bit from that for your own.

Releasing her hand from his grip, Kalpana came outside. Seeing a taxi out there, she started walking. She was about to get into the taxi, but stopped when Ragahv said, "You want to go? Fine, go. I am going back to my house. Please send my luggage with someone." hearing him Kalpana turned to face him. Seeing her looking at him confused,

Ragahv: I am not going back to your house. I won't be able to face Kamla Aunty as I promised her that I will make her dream true. The dream of a mother to see her daughter the most beautiful bride in the world.

After a little pause, "Bye Kalpana," saying so he turned to leave when, "Ragahv, I am ready." Hearing her, a smile appeared on his face. He turned to face her.

Kalpana: Chaley?

Ragahv: Hm

While three girls were busy with Kalpana, two girls helped Ragahv to select some dresses for Kalpana. Two hours later when girls were done with Kalpana they brought her to the Boutique section.

Girl: Sir check if everything is perfect

After checking Kalpana from her head to toe, "Yes, everything is perfect," hearing him, Kalpana said, "What is perfect? Look, they made my hair too short."

Ragahv: Kalpana, it is not that short. Still touches your waist."

Showing the dresses, Ragahv said, "Now go and try these dresses."

Kalpana: Ragahv I have lot of dresses. I don't need any more.

Ragahv: kurti and salwar. Do you really think these are called dresses? Throw them out all and wear these from now on.

Kalpana took one of the dresses and found no price in it. she told the sales girl, "Where is the price?"

Sales girl: Mam, all the dresses are same price that's why we didn't put any price.

Kalpana: How much each?

Girl: 2000 Rupees per dresses.

Kalpana: But it doesn't look like 2000 rupees dress.

Girl: Mam, they are on sale that's why.

Kalpana: I see.

Once Kalpana entered into the trial room with all the dresses Ragahv thanked the sales girl for lying about the price.

The sales girl: No problem sir. You were right. If I wouldn't remove the price tag then she would never agree to take these dresses seeing the original price.

Ragahv and kids were waiting outside of the trial room. After 10 minutes Kalpana came out of the trial room.

Kalpana: Raghav, I can't take these dresses.

Ragahv: What is wrong in them?

Kalpana: These dresses are too gorgeous and heavy and I am not comfortable with these dresses as I have never worn this type of dress before.

Ragahv: you have never worn; it doesn't mean that you can't wear it. Go to the trial room and try one by one and show us.

Kalpana wore this dress first and then came out.

All the kids including Ragahv were staring at her in awe.

Kalpana: Why are you all staring at me like this? Am I looking wired?

Prerna: Didi you are looking beautiful in this dress.

Kids: PRerna is right. You are looking so beautiful didi.

Kalpana looked at Ragahv who was still staring at her.

Kalpana: Ragahv, do you also think so?

Raghav shook his head in no which made Kalpana sad. "Ok, let me change the dress," saying so Kalpana was about to get into the trial room when, "Wait," hearing Ragahv, KAlpana turned to face him. A smile appeared on her face when Ragahv said, "You are not looking only beautiful but gorgeous too. Now go and try other dresses too." Kalpana tried other dresses one by one.

When everyone gave her green signal Kalpana decided to take all of them. She went to the counter to make payment.

Kalpana: How much I have to pay?

Sales girl: Mam, sir already paid it.

Kalpana came outside of the boutique and walked toward the car where Ragahv and all the kids were waiting for her to come.

Kalpana: Ragahv, why did you pay? Take money from me

Saying so Kalpana handed him over money. Denying her, Ragahv said, "It is a gift from me. You guys did a lot for me, can't I do this little favor for you?"

Kalpana: Please Ragahv, I can't accept it.

Ragahv: I am an outsider that's why you can't accept it right?

Kalpana lowered her eyes as she didn't want to answer him.

Kids: Didi please accept na. itna pyaar se de raha hai.

Kalpana smiled and said, "Ok." 

Kids: Yeyy!!! Didi maan gaya.

"Thank you," Ragahv said softly. "No, thank you for all this," Kalpana replied back.

Raghav: May we leave now?

Kalpana: Hm

They were about to get into the car, when someone called her by her name from behind, "Hey Kalpana." Kalpana turned to face the person. "Mauli?"

hearing Kalpana surprised,

Mauli: yes I am.

Both hugged each other. Breaking the hug,

Kalpana: Glad to see you after a long time.

Mouli: Me too. By the way you are looking so different and looking so beautiful.

Kalpana: Thank you. You also became so beautiful as you grew up.

Mouli: Why I was not beautiful before?

Kalpana: you were. That's why all the boys were after you.

Mouli: Boys are still after me in UK too.

Kalpana: I thought we will never meet as I am going to delhi after marriage.

Mauli: You are getting married?

Kalpana: Yes.

All of a sudden Mauli's eyes fell on Ragahv who was standing leaning by the car and waiting for Kalpana. Pointing to Ragahv, Mauli said, "Is he your fianc?"

Kalpana: No, he is our guest. My fianc is in Delhi.

Mauli drooled over Ragahv as she found him very handsome and hot. Mauli said still staring at Ragahv, "Kalpana, don't you want to introduce me with him?"

Kalpana: yah, sure.

Saying so Kalpana called Ragahv.

Kalpana: Ragahv, this is Mauli. She is three years older than me but we were friends as we used to go to the same school. After 12th grade she went to UK for higher education. And Mauli this is Ragahv. My baba used to work for his father. He lives in USA.

Extending her hand Mauli said, "Hello handsome, nice to meet you." Taking her hand in a handshake, Ragahv said without showing any interest, "Hello! Nice to meet you too."

Ragahv: Kalpana lets go. We are getting late.

Kalpana: Yah, sure.

Looking at Mauli, Kalpana said, "Mouli, tomorrow is my Sangeet. I would be happy if you come as my other friends are also coming." Looking at Ragahv Mauli said, "I will surely come."

Once Kalpana entered into the house, it was Kamla who saw her first. She was shocked to see Kalpana with her new look. She couldn't believe her eyes as this was her daughter Kalpana. Her trance broke when Kalpana called her, "Aai." Kamla hugged her and said with tears in her eyes, "I always wanted to see you like this." Breaking the hug, Kalpana said, "You are happy now as I did this all only for you." Wiping her tears kamla said, "Bohut. Hamesha aisey e rahena." Ragahv was watching mother and daughter's love standing little far from there amused.

Kalpana: Thik hai. Now can I go to my room to put my clothes?

Kamla: Ha

Kalpana left from there. Seeing Ragahv standing near the door, Kamla walked toward him. Putting her both palms together, Kamla said, "Thank you Ragahv Baba. Without you it was not possible." Taking her hand in him Ragahv said, "Please Aunty, don't do this."

Kamla: you know what Ragahv baba, I was very worried about Kalpana as she got lost somewhere. She forgot to live for her own. She had been living for others. I always wanted Kalpana live her life like other girls.

After a little pause, "Thank you again."

Ragahv: Aunty save some for later na as you just wait and watch how I make her forget her past and live her life fullest.

Kamla: By the way, how did you make her agree as we couldn't since years?

Cousin: Achcha Ragahv bhaia tell us were you really leaving or just was faking to make her agree.

Ragahv: what did you think I was really leaving? No, it was all fake.

Prerna: All fake?

Ragahv: Yes sweetheart. I am Ragahv Singhania and Ragahv Singhania can't lose any bet.

Kamla and kids tried to make Ragahv understand that there was someone behind but he was as busy with his talking that he didn't realize. But then PRerna, "Didi."

Ragahv: What did?

PRerna: Didi is there.

Ragahv looked around and without looking at the back, he said, "Where is didi?" but then "I am here behind you," hearing Kalpana, Ragahv turned to face her. Once his eyes fell on Kalpana, he immediately lowered his eyes as he couldn't dare to look into her eyes scared. He was all ready to get scolded by Kalpana.

Kalpana: Ragahv, look at me.

Ragahv slowly raised his head. Ragahv was so surprised when Kalpana said, "You know what Ragahv, you should be in a movie as you act really well." Saying so Kalpana left from there.

Ragahv: Kids, have you heard the same as I heard

Kids: Yes, Ragahv bhaia.

Ragahv: Aunty aap bhi?

Kamla: Yes Raghav Baba.

Ragahv: Kalpana said I acted well and she didn't scold me

Kids: Yes Ragahv Bhaia

Kamla: Yes Ragahv Baba.

Ragahv: I cant believe she didn't scold me

Kamla: Me too

"I need to ask her why she didn't scold me," mumbling to himself he walked toward her room. While passing Kitchen, he saw her doing something in the kitchen. He entered into the kitchen. Kalpana looked behind hearing Raghav, "What are you doing Kalpana?"

Kalpana: I am making pakora.

Raghav leaned by the counter top to face her.

Ragahv: May I ask you something?

Kalpana: hm

Ragahv: why you didn't scold me as you scold in every single thing when you get upset?

Kalpana: I cant

Ragahv: Why?

Kalpana: I know you lied but your intension was not bad.

Looking at his eyes straight, she said with a smile, "So far I got to know about you, you are not bad. You have a good heart too inside you." Hearing her Ragahv felt good. He didn't know why but he was dying to hear it from Kalpana. Ragahv smiled. "Ragahv, you want some?" Kalpana asked showing pakora. "Hm," saying so Ragahv was about to pick one but his finger got burned as he picked up the warmest one. "Aaah!" hearing him, Kalpana looked at Ragahv's burning hand. She immediately took his hand in her and placed it under the cold water. The moment her hand touched his, he felt something in his heart. Something new he never felt for any other girl. He was staring at her. He was so lost in her thought that he forgot about his pain. His trance broke when Kalpana said, "How can you be so careless Ragahv?" Ragahv looked at her frantic face.


Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and if you think this update is up to the mark please hit like buttons and leave your comments.


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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
So Rags is staying until wedding huh? What a sly fox Wink ladki patanay ka aradha hai Wink LOL love how he got Kalpi go have a makeover and omg this mauli is throwing herself at rags Angry doesn't she know he's Kalpi's hai hai Angry so seems rags baby is feeling some lovin for kalpi ma'am and when will he come out and tell her hmmm?

Wonderful update mere dost Hug waiting for next shot eagerly Big smile

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eishe10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
Awesome update!!!
Niki1980 Goldie

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Lovely update

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meenukansal Senior Member

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Superb update
niru04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update
kinnapatel Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
SmileBEAUTIFUL!!update like always .it shows how heard u r working to give us this awesome update .raghav starts changing and try to fix himself in same society .well both dont abouth each other feeling .wating how both fall for each other .it looks nothing but talened brain of ur knows very well when will be twist .THanks andTHANKS FOR PM TOO SWEETY 
chitra8710 Senior Member

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Awesome update loved it.

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