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Kuch Toh Hai (RagNa SS) Shot 9 Updated on pg 47

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Kuch Toh Hai

Hi Everyone, I am here again with a new story. I will complete this story in five shot. After this I will continue "Fate and Destiny". Hope you all will like this as well as my other stories.



Raghav Singhania: 30 years old. He is the most handsome, eligible, adorable, hardworking, the most successful Businessman in New York with perfect attitude. He is the only son of Late Vikram Singhania. He lives in USA since 17 years. He is very rude, arrogant. He can't stand any woman for more than two months. He didn't know how many girls came into his life but none could make any place in his heart. He hates Indian people especially Indian girls. He found them the most irritating and boring women in the world. He always tries to stay away from Indian woman. His family lives in Pune.

Kalpana Jadhav  - 20 years old. She came from a middle class family. Oldest daughter of Vittal. Student of Mumbai University. She is very beautiful, charming, cute, very kind and lovely. She is very out spoken. She jumps to help people without caring about herself. Her whole family lives in Pune.

Prem Kapoor: 25 years old. Kalpana's fianc. Kalpana was his childhood friend. He works in a Govt. sector. His family lives in Delhi.   

Prerna Jadhav: 12 years old. Kalpana's youngest sister.

Vikram Singhania: Father of Raghav. He died two years ago with a heart attack.

Gauri Singhania: Wife of Vikram Singhania and mother of Raghav. She lives alone after she lost her husband in Pune.

Vittal Jadhav: Father of Kalpana. He worked for Vikram for 10 years and then decided to open his own business. He has a small clothing mill. He was very loyal to Vikram.

Kamla Jadhav: Wife of Vittal and mother of Kalpana. She is a housewife.




Shot One

Shot Two

Shot Three

Shot Four

Shot Five

Shot Six

Shot Seven

Shot eight

Shot Nine

Please scroll down for Shot One

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Shot One

Raghav Singhania, the only son of the most famous Businessman Late Mr. Vikram Singhania, just arrived in India from USA after 17 long years. He decided to take his Mom Gauri singhania with him to USA forever.  He was supposed to come two days later but he thought to come earlier as he didn't want to miss an important meeting which was held two weeks from now. Without informing Gauri he came to India otherwise she would send someone to pick him up from the Mumbai airport. There was no direct flight to Pune so he had to take train. He came out from the airport and started searching for Taxi. It was a rush hour that's why he couldn't find any Taxi. He been searching since 15 minutes. His anger raised in a peak. First of all the weather was too hot and then no taxi around. "That's why I hate this country and the people of this country," Ragahv was blabbering angrily. On the other hand there was a 20 years old girl who was coming from the opposite direction. She was rushing to get a taxi. Both didn't notice each other and collided to each other causing her to drop her phone on the ground and it broke down into pieces. "Oh no," hearing the girl Ragahv looked behind. Throwing a "whatever" look he turned and was about to start walking again but stopped feeling someone tapped on his shoulder. He saw the same girl standing behind holding her broken phone. The girl looked into his dark brown eyes. Rude and arrogance were totally visible into his eyes. "What?" hearing Ragahv, the girl got angry and said, "After doing all this you are saying what." Looking at her phone, he smirked and said, "For this cheap simple phone, you are creating scene."

Girl: For you it is very cheap but hamarey liye ye bohot e kimti hai. Not only money but so much love involved in this phone. You won't understand.

Ragahv: Whatever. I also don't have any interest to know.

Saying so he turned to leave but stopped hearing, "don't you have any manner?" Ragahv looked at the girl confused.

Girl: You should at least say sorry to me.

Ragahv: Me and sorry. No way.

Girl: how rude

Ragahv: And how irritating you are. Go away. I am getting late.

Girl: you go away. Even I don't want to see your face.

Ragahv: That's why I hate this country and the girls of this country. So irritating

Saying so he turned to leave but stopped again hearing

Girl: if you hate this country then why did you come here? Stay away from my country na.

Without having a glimpse to the girl, "Whatever," saying so Ragahv left from there irritated. After walking a while, finally the girl got a taxi. "Bhaia, can you take me to the train station?"

Taxi driver: ok.

Girl: Thank you.

Saying so the girl was about to get into the car but stopped hearing,

Ragahv: Take me to the train station. I will pay you triple.

Saying so Ragahv got into the car. Seeing this, the girl opened her mouth in an o shape.

Girl: how dare you took my taxi?

Ragahv: First of all your name is not written in this taxi and second the driver will decide who to take. I will pay more so he has decided to take me.

Driver: Madam, why don't you share with him as you both have to go to the same place?

Hearing the driver, "No way," came at the same time from both side. "I will walk to the station instead of sharing with this arrogant piece," hearing the girl,

Ragahv: Then why don't you start walking. You don't want to be late right, irritating piece?

Hearing him the girl gave him an angry glare and left from there.

After walking almost an hour finally the girl reached the station. Once she got into the train, the door got closed. "Thanks god, if I would be late for even five seconds I would miss the train," the girl mumbled to herself huffing and puffing. Seeing an empty space on the top of a seat she walked there and put her bag. "It is all because of that strange piece," the girl mumbled angrily, "I had to walk that long. Hey Bappa, don't show me his face aga..." she stopped once her eyes fell down on the person sitting on a seat. Before she could say or react the train started the engine causing her to fall on the person. Leaning back in his seat the person was hearing the music with his closed eyes. Feeling something heavy on him, he opened his eyes widely. "You?" Ragahv said

Ragahv: you also came here following me behind?

Girl: oh, hello! I am not following you and I have no interest in a person like you.

Ragahv: then what are you doing on my lap? Get off.

Getting off from his lap, the girl said,

Girl: mera koi shokh nahi hey to sit on your lap. It is all because of you. Neither you took my taxi nor I was late...

Ragahv stopped her saying, "Oh God! How much you talk. Can't you just stay quiet for a while? Because of you I got my headache." Saying so he leaned back and closed his eyes irritated. The girl left from there and took a seat little far from him.


After half an hour, the girl noticed that a man was trying to misbehave with a young girl. Her father tried to stop the man but he pushed him causing him to fall on the ground. Seeing this, the girl got off from her seat and walked toward the old man laying on the floor. She helped him stand on his feet.  She looked at the man and said angrily, "why did you push him?"

The man: hey don't try to come in between us or you will regret this.

Girl: Leave the girl

Man: is she your sister that's why you are putting your life in danger?

Girl: Yes she is my sister. I can do anything for our sister, mother, and daughter's dignity.

Saying so she released the girl from that man's grip and was about to leave that place taking the girl with her, she looked at the people around who were just sitting on their seat and watching this.

Girl: I am so surprised. How could you just sit and watch this? No one came to save her? Your daughter, your sister could be in her place.

Then her eyes fell on Ragahv who was listening music with his closed eyes. Seeing this, her anger raised in a peak. "And you," Feeling someone's tap on his shoulder, he opened his eyes. Seeing the girl in front of him, he said annoyed,

Ragahv: Are you talking to me?

Girl: I wish I didn't have to come to talk to you. But I couldn't stop myself telling you the biggest truth in your life. You said you hate this country. Actually this country hates to have a child like you. Take the next flight and go back to where you have come from. We don't need you.

Saying so she walked toward the edge of the compartment. She was about to open the door to go to the next one, she heard, "Didi." She looked behind and saw the man holding the young girl by her arm. "How dare you touch her again," saying so she slapped the man on his cheek hard causing him to release the young girl from his grip. Holding his cheek, the man looked at the girl angrily. "How dare you slap me? You don't know who I am?" The man said greeting his teeth. While walking toward the girl, "Now who will save you from me?" The girl looked at the man who was staring at her lustfully. He tore both sleeves of her kurti in one go. She covered her bare arms by her palms. Seeing this, the old man held his daughter's hand and almost dragging her he started walking toward the next compartment.

The young girl: Baba, because of us didi is in danger. Why are we leaving her alone? We should help her.

The old man: Beta, I am a helpless father. Right now I can't even think anything else besides you.

The girl looked at the people around who were just watching this. She wished someone come to help her.  She pleaded with her eyes. The man grabbed her front part of her kurta to rip. She closed her eyes letting her tears flowing down. Feeling someone's tap on his shoulder, the man looked behind. The girl opened her eyes slowly hearing some sound. She saw the man laying on the ground injured. Then her eyes fell on a person standing with his closed fist facing his back. He slowly turned to face her. She was shocked. She never thought that the person she hated the most in her life came to help her. Ragahv held her hand and started walking taking her with him. While walking she was just staring at him. Her trance broke hearing, "We won't let you go so easily." The girl looked to the front. She saw two goons standing in front of them blocking their way. Ragahv came in front of her making her stay behind. One of the goons was about to punch him but he got hold of his hand and punched him back. Ragahv was fighting with two goons alone. The man who was laying on the ground injured, he slowly stood up and walked toward the girl. He held her from behind. Pointing a gun toward her forehead he said, "stop or I will shoot her. Ragahv stopped and looked behind. He looked at the girl who stood froze. He could see how much she was scared. Then his eyes fell on the gun. He slowly turned to face the man. While turning he kicked the gun causing it to fell somewhere. Releasing the girl from his grip, Ragahv held her hand and started walking toward the next compartment. He was about to open the door. Another three goons came from there with hockey sticks in their hands and blocked their way. He looked his right side and realized that they were totally blocked by six goons. Realizing he won't be able to fight with these people with empty hand, specially when there was a girl with him, he held her hand tightly. He looked outside through the open door. Without wasting a second, "Jump," saying so he jumped outside taking her with him. Ragahv got off and helped her to make her stand on her feet. "Run fast or they will catch up," saying so he ran holding her hand toward the jungle.


After running almost an hour in the jungle the girl stopped realizing something got into one of her feet. She noticed that a thorn pricked into her foot. She sat on the ground and tried to take it out. She tried several times but she couldn't as it was paining. When she tried for the last time, Ragahv held her hand to stop her. He held her foot with one hand and took the thorn out using his other hand. "We have to get off from this jungle before it gets dark," saying so Ragahv started walking. After a while he looked around. "God, how we will be able to get off from here? I don't see any path," saying so he looked aside, but the girl wasn't there. For a moment his heart skipped. "Where is she?" he looked around but she was not seen anywhere. Then he started walking back. After a while finally he saw her sitting on the same place putting her head down. She was sobbing remembering what just happened with her earlier in the train. He noticed that it was only him who talked but the girl was totally quiet until now. And he found it very unusual. Looking at the girl he said,

Ragahv: It was all because of you.

Hearing him the girl raised her head and looked at him. He could see her eyes red due to her nonstop crying.

Ragahv: Do you know we lost the path? Now it is becoming dark. We have to spend the night in the jungle with lots of animals. I don't know we will be alive until morning or not.

The girl didn't say anything, just stayed quiet. Remembering something, he said,

Ragahv: Oh my god! My luggage is in the train and my passport is in the luggage. Without passport how I will be able to go back to USA? And if I don't go on time, how I will be able to attend the meeting?

Seeing her looking at him unbelievable, he said, "Why are you staring at me like this?"

Girl: who told you to come to save me?

Ragahv: Thanks God, at least I got to hear your voice. I thought, you left your voice in that train. To be honest you don't look irritating when you stay quiet.

Hearing him, the girl looked at him annoyed.

Ragahv: Now can we please look for the path?

The girl tried to stand up but she couldn't as her foot was still hurting. "I cant," saying so she sat on the same place. He noticed her dress was torn. This was the first time he noticed it. He took off his coat and said handing it over to her, "Wear it." seeing her looking at him confused,

Ragahv: I am not doing it for you. Actually I am doing it for myself. I need to be with you until we reach our destination and for that I need to talk to you, and when I will talk to you I need to look at you. Accidently, if my eyes fall on your bare arms, then you will start your lecture. And you already know how much you irritate me with your lecture. So I am doing all this to save myself from your lecture.

The girl knew that how much she hated this man. But she couldn't deny the fact that he was the only person who stood by her side and because of him she was here all safe. Without uttering a word the girl took his coat and wore it.

Raghav fixed himself under a big tree while the girl sat to the opposite side. As time passed, the jungle was becoming darker. She was frozen at her place hearing the sound coming from the jungle. She looked at Ragahv who was sitting and leaning by the tree with his eyes closed. She stood up from her place and slowly walked toward him. She sat beside him making little distance. After a while she fast asleep. Feeling something heavy on his shoulder, Ragahv opened his eyes. He saw the girl was sleeping peacefully beside him resting her head on his shoulder. He noticed that her sleep got distracted again and again when her head was falling down from his shoulder because of the gap in between them. He came little close to her filling the gap so that she could rest her head on his shoulder and sleep peacefully. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


The next morning

As the run rays hit his eyes, he opened his eyes slowly. Once he opened his eyes, his eyes fell on the girl who was sleeping peacefully resting her head on his shoulder. He noticed that some of her hair fell down on her face and hiding it a bit. He raised his hand and moved her hair using his index finger from her face slowly. He found her looking so beautiful. A smile appeared on his face thinking, I never noticed that she is so beautiful. He didn't know for how long he was staring at her. His trance broke realizing she woke up. Realizing she slept whole night beside him, she said apologizing, "Sorry, I was so scared that's why..." she paused little bit and then continued softly, "That's why I came here."

Ragahv: the way you are apologizing, seems like you murdered someone. Now lets go, we have to get out from the jungle.

After one hour of searching finally they found the path to get out of the jungle. After half an hour they came to the road where vehicles were passing and people were walking. The girl felt so hungry. Ragahv looked at her and asked,

Ragahv: Arent you hungry?

Girl: Hm

Raghav looked here and there to see any restaurant around. A smile appeared on his face seeing a restaurant. Holding her hand he said, "Lets go." She stopped him saying, "Where are you taking me?" Ragahv smiled and said, "To the restaurant."

Girl: Do you have money?

Ragahv: Of course, why not.

Girl: before we enter into the restaurant check if you have money.

Hearing her Ragahv entered his hand into the pocket. Seeing him stood frozen, she said, "No money?" Ragahv shook his head in no and said, "My wallet is in my luggage." Holding his hand the girl said, "Let's go from here." All of a sudden his eyes fell on his wrist watch. He stopped her from leaving and said, "No we are not going anywhere without eating." Hearing him she looked at him confuse. Before she could say anything he started walking toward a store. The girl also following him behind. They entered into the store. Seeing them a salesman said, "How can I help you sir? Which phone you would like to take?"

Ragahv: Actually, I didn't come to buy anything but would like to sell something.

Saying so he took out his watch and said handing it over to the salesman, "I would like to sell this one." Looking at the watch the salesman said, "Sir, it seems very expensive and brand new. I don't have that much money." Raghav smiled and said, "You are right. Five thousand dollars. But you don't have to pay me that much." Hearing him, the salesman called the owner of the store and showed him the watch.

Owner: Sir, I can give you 15 thousand rupees and that's all I have right now.

Ragahv: That's enough for us to eat and buy tickets to go back to our home?"

Hearing him, the girl looked at him surprised. As much as she spent time with him, he kept surprising her even more. Taking money, Ragahv took the girl to the restaurant. Seeing them the waiter welcomed them and guided them to an empty table. Placing two menu books on the table the waiter said, "you order. I will be back." Then he left from there.

Ragahv: order whatever you would like to eat.

Seeing the high price, the girl said, "Actually, I am not hungry anymore. You eat."

Ragahv: Don't worry about the price. Just order.

She thought to order pizza as this was the only thing she found the price in a range. She ordered Pizza and Raghav, pasta for himself. While eating he asked, "Where do you live?" the girl told him the place she lives. After eating he asked the people around which bus she should take to go to the place she lives. He bought ticket for her and was waiting for the bus to come in the bus stop. After 10 minutes the bus came. Handing her over the ticket, Ragahv said, "Here is your ticket." Taking it in her hand she said with a smile, "Thank you." He nodded his head with a smile. "Your coat," hearing her he said, "You keep it as you need it more." The girl was staring at him while he was leaving. "Suno," hearing the girl, Ragahv stopped and looked behind. "You are not that bad," hearing her, Ragahv smiled. He turned to leave but stopped thinking something. "By the way what is your nam..?" he couldn't complete his sentence realizing she already left. He was looking at the bus until it disappeared.


Singhania Mansion

Seeing her son, Gauri hugged him and said, "Glad to see you after five long years." Hugging her back he said, "Me too mom." Breaking the hug he said, "Mom, I came to take you from here forever. And I don't want to hear any excuse. I have two weeks in my hand so start taking preparation."

Gauri: You just came and talking about leaving.

Ragahv: Mom, I have to attend an important meeting and you know I don't like to stay here in India...

"Because you hate this country and the people of this country right?" Gauri completed his sentence. He remembered the incident in the train, how a girl was humiliated and the people were just watching instead of helping her. Ragahv said angrily, "Exactly mom. These people are just useless."

Gauri: Now go and freshen up. We will eat lunch together.

Ragahv went to his room. While he was taking his shirt off, all of a sudden he felt that his hand touched something on his shirt. He looked down and took that thing off from his shirt. "Earring?" he tried to remember how it got into his shirt? A smile appeared on his face remembering the girl was sleeping resting her head on his shoulder. Looking at the earing he said, "So it is yours. But how can I return it to you as we will never meet again." He placed it on the side table near by the bed and then went to the washroom. While doing lunch, Ragahv told everything whatever happened in the train. Hearing this,

Gauri: You should inform this to the police station.

Ragahv: I was also thinking the same mom. These people should get the highest punishment for harassing innocent girls.

After lunch he went to the police station and filed a report against those six goons. The police inspector assured him that those goons will get caught soon and they will get their belongings back they left in the train.

Next two days Ragahv got busy talking to buyer regarding selling the properties here and settled down in USA with his mom forever. Ragahv noticed that somehow Gauri was not that happy with his, this decision. He made her sit on the bed and taking her hand in his, he said, "Mom, I know you are not happy with my decision. Please try to understand. I always wanted to settle down in USA. I also want you stay with me. Dad is no more. I can't leave you here alone.

Gauri: Do whatever you want. Have you ever realized or cared what I want? No right? Then what is the necessary of taking my permission?

Ragahv: Mom, I know what you are talking about. It is not possible what you want.

Gauri: why not Ragahv? Why can't I fulfill my dream seeing you married? Why can't I fulfill my dream chasing my grandchild all over the Mansion?

Ragahv: Mom please, you know very well that I can't stand any girl for more than two months.

Gauri: I been searching for a girl since six years and you kept denying. If you don't like Indian girl then why don't you chose some one white from USA? I still want to see you married.

To end this topic, he said, "Ok, if I find someone, with whom I think I will be able to spend my whole life then I will definitely let you know." Gauri very well knew that his son will never fulfill her wish. She was about to leave upset but stopped thinking something.

Gauri: Ragahv, one of our employees Vittal Jadhav's oldest daughter is getting married. I bought a gift for her. I am not feeling well that's why I want you go and give the gift to them personally. It is two and half hours drive that's why I want you leave early in the morning.

Ragahv: Mom, I don't mind to drive two and half hours but the problem is I really don't want to go.

Gauri: I could send someone else with the gift but it won't look good. Vittal did a lot for us. He was very loyal to your dad. He worked for us for ten years. For us he had to stay away from his family. Once in a month he would be able to meet with his family. His family lives too far that's why he had to stay here near our mill. Besides that he was an in charge of our mill that's why he had to be busy 24/7. 10 years later he left the job and had decided to open his own business. Now he has a small clothing mill.

Ragahv: Ok mom, I will go and give the gift and come back.

Gauri: I want you go tomorrow. Later on you might be busy with your personal work.

Ragahv: Ok.


The next morning Ragahv left for Vittal's house with the gift. After two and half hours of driving finally he reached the destination. He parked his car in front of Vittal's house. He came out from the car and stood near the gate. He noticed that the house is very old. Though it is not as big as their Mansion but it is so beautiful with big front yard. He entered into the gate and saw lot of people were there in the front yard. Women were busy cooking, young girls were busy chatting, laughing and kids were busy playing. He walked toward kids and asked one of the girls, "Hi, I would like to meet Mr. Vittal Jadhav." For few seconds the girl was looking at him from top to bottom. Ragahv noticed it. "Why are you looking at me?" After thinking something she said, "Is this the first time you came here?"

Ragahv: yes

Little girl: Ok come with me.

Saying so the girl took him to the living room. Seeing Vittal the girl said, "Baba, he came to meet you." Looking at Ragahv,

Vittal: Sorry I cant recognize you. Have we met before?

Ragahv: I am Ragahv Singhania. I am Vikram Singhania and...

Vittal stopped him saying excited, "You are Vikram Malik and Gauri Malkin's son?" Ragahv smiled and said, "Yes."

Vittal: Oh my God kitna bada hogaya. When I saw you for the last time you were only 13.

Seeing Kamla coming toward them, Vittal said, "Kamla look, who is here? He is Vikram Malik's son, Ragahv baba."

Ragahv: Hello Aunty!

Kamla: Hello Ragahv Baba! I am so glad to see you. I heard a lot about you, and your parents but never got a chance to meet you and your family.

Showing a couch, Kamla said, "Please sit." Ragahv fixed himself on the couch. Bringing the small jewelry box from his coat, he said, "Actually mom sent me with this small gift for your daughter." Hearing him Kamla said, "If Gauri Malkin would be here then I would be even more happier."

Ragahv: Mom wanted to come but she is not feeling well that's why she sent me.

Kamla: Hope she feels better.

Placing the gift box on the table, he got off from the couch and said, "I have to leave now." Hearing him, Kamla said, "How can you leave without eating anything?"

Ragahv: Please some other time. I have to go now.

Vittal: Ragahv baba, please. Saadi ka mahal and we cant let you go like this.

Though Ragahv didn't want to stay but he had to as they insisted him. Ragahv noticed that the little girl was still watching him standing at the door.

Ragahv: Come here.

Kamla: Oh, I forgot to introduce you. I have two daughters. She is my youngest one, Prerna.

Prerna came toward him. Extending his hand, Ragahv said, "Hello Prerna!" Taking his hand in her she said, "Hello!" Showing the next seat he told her to sit. She sat there.

Ragahv: How old are you?

Prerna: 12

Ragahv: Do you go to school?

Prerna: yes.

Ragahv: you are so cute. If I would know about you then I would definitely bring chocolate for you.

Prerna: No problem. I already have lot of chocolates. Didi gave me.

Kamla: Prerna go and tell someone to cut a coconut for Ragahv baba.  

Prerna: Ok Aai.

Ragahv noticed that within five minutes Kamla and Vittal filled the whole dining table with snacks.

Kamla: Come Ragahv baba.

He found all the foods are too oily. If I eat them, I will definitely die, he thought.

Kamla: Ragahv baba, please try something.

Ragahv: Why there are lots of people in the house?

Kamla: Shaadi ka mahal. Relatives started coming whoever lives far from here.

Ragahv: I see.

Kamla: you eat, I will be back

"I have to leave now or these people will force me to eat," Mumbling to himself he came outside. He walked toward the gate. He was about to get off but stopped, "I think I saw her," mumbling to himself he turned and saw the Girl talking to someone in the front yard. A smile appeared on his face. I never thought that we will meet again, he thought. His trance broke when Prerna said pulling his hand, "Aai baba is calling you."

Ragahv: You go. I am coming

Saying so he looked back at the place where he saw the girl but she was not there. "Where has she gone?" Mumbling to himself, he started searching for that girl. He entered into the house. While passing the corridor, he noticed that door was half open of a room. He pushed the door little bit to open. Hearing the sound of door open, the girl looked behind. She was so surprised seeing him in front of her. "You!" The girl said with a smile. Entering into the room, Ragahv said, "I am also surprised to see you here." Hearing her name from Kamla, "Kalpana," the girl said, "Aai I am in my room."

Ragahv: Kalpana, hmmm that's your name right?

Kalpana: yes.

Ragahv: So what are you doing here?

Before she could say anything, Ragahv asked, "By the way who is getting married?" In the meantime Kamla entered into the room. Seeing Ragahv there, she said, "Ragahv baba, aap here? I been searching for you whole house." Looking at Kalpana,

Kamla: Kalpana, do you know who he is? He is Vikram Malik and Gauri Malkin's son.

Kalpana: Really Aai?

Kamla: yes.

Handing over the jewelry box, Kamla said, "Kalpana, look, Gauri Malkin sent it for you." Saying so Kamla left from there leaving Ragahv confused. This gift was for the girl who is getting married but why Kamla Aunty was giving this to Kalpana. His trance broke when Kalpana said looking at the gold earring, "This is so beautiful." Kalpana looked at Ragahv who was already looking at her confused and said, "Say thanks to Gauri aunty and tell her that I liked it." Now everything was clear to him. Ragahv smiled and said, "So, you are the girl right? Kalpana smiled and said, "Yes."

Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes and if you think this update is up to the mark please hit like buttons and leave your comments.

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Loving this new story mere dost. Kalpi is outspoken and love her spunk. Rags needs manners but is definitely sweet.

Yeh kiya Kalpi is getting married? Rags ka kiya hoga?

Update soon waiting mwah big hug Hug

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Wonderful start to a new storyWink

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Awesome update soon

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SmileSmileSmileA big thank u faru .what a beautiful and unique story u brought for us .har bar ek naya surprise ye to teri sabase badi khubi hai .u no i waste 2hr.to think which word  i need to use for ur tarif and say thanks ,but dint find any coz all r too small na ,i thought i am only RAGNAHOLIC but no i am faruholic too.what a storyline superb .raghav is akadoo and kalpi is open heart  wow two opposite poles .lets see how these opposite poles attrack to each other ,as per story kalpi is getting married .sure their is much more intresting ,and full of suspence is on way as per faru style .yaar please update soon ,aur ek do jada shot degi to bhi bura nahi lagega.u know RAGNA addiaction aur lalach .TAHNAKS FOR PM AND FOR BEAUTIFUL STORY .

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Awesome update

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niru04 IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful start dear.again a new story.thanku

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