KDR: Swara CHUMMA dede ;)

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SwaSan ka rom rom romantic hai, rom rom romantic hai... rom rom rom inka rom rom romantic hai ShockedHeart

Seriously WHAT WAS THAT? THAT AMAZINGLY HOT STUFF THAT WAS CUTE AS WELL? WERE WE WATCHING AN RS SHOW? DID tum mere upar ho Swara just make a comeback again? Day Dreaming aaahhh mummmyyy ShockedDay DreamingHeart

Finally we were blessed with an early morning SwaSan romance and WHAT A GREAT MORNING THIS WAS Day Dreaming such scenes are the reasons that sometimes I am glad when we don't have OLV's, it just makes watching it on TV SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT! Embarrassed Such a LONGGG HOT romantic scene, ma ma mia Heart The way she was getting so comfortably getting ready to start her day in the room while Mr. Charming Sleepy Head Hottie Maheshwari had closed his eyes and dozing off like a cute lil baby <3 Swara moves forward to wake her patidev up, like a lovely dharam patni, ekdum pyaar se Embarrassed He's not willing to wake up, asking for a little more time to bask in his dreamy sleep while the queen of his dreams was busy in finding ways to wake her patidev up ;) Swara knows her patidev's nautanki way too well and asks him to stop being such a nautanki and wake up soon and Sanskaar is insistent ki aaj toh Swara ko mujhe uthana hi padega, aaj naa chhodunga tujhe dam dama dam Wink Swara knows her stubborn Mr. Maheshwari and his ways. She knows he won't relent until she fulfills his childlike demand to pull him up but little does she know (or doesn't she? Wink) that her hubby's intentions are anything but childlike and he's only interest is having a healthy dose of early morning romance with her Day Dreaming She begins to pull him off the bed but of course, Mr. Maheshwari never disappoints and grabbing the golden opportunity like a true blue businessman cum loving husband pulls his wifey dearest upon himself, FINALLY FULFILLING OUR HEARTFELT WISH OF TUM MERE UPAR HO SWARA AYYYGDVDDBFHHFF DFSGBGDFHJJ DHGVCFHJJ MY FEELS HERE OMGGG AAAHHH Silly I was literally hyperventilating, going mad, berserk, crazy, mad, goofy and WHAT NOT!! Silly UFFF! Like I just couldn't contain my glee and excitement and was wishing that this scene just never ends Day Dreaming I especially loved how here Sanskaar after pulling Swara upon himself, had this super goofy grin on his face while he was still in his semi sleep zone and LOOKED SO DAMN CUTE THAT I FELT LIKE SPRAWLING NEXT TO HIM AND JUST WATCH HIM SLEEPING OMGGG Silly Swara asks him to leave her and get up himself but he doesn't budge and looking at the hot tea beside her, she gets the super amazing idea to wake him up :O God Swara, WHY WOULD YOU WANNA GET UP FROM THIS SUPER HOT SEXY ALPHONSO MANGO WHO WANTS NOTHING BUT TO CUDDLE WITH YOU?! Hey ladki, tera kya karu re main? ErmmLOL Khair koi nahi, so Swara takes her hubby's hand lovingly and slowly slips his fingers into the cup of hot tea by saying some romantic lines to him and poor unsuspecting Sanskaar gets trapped into his evil wife's seductive talks and scalds his pretty fingers which make him sit up with a jerk while Swara can't stop howling ROFL Aowww btw Sanskaar is so amazing, the first thing he asked his wifey dearest was whether she's still pissed at him and only after that did he begin his early morning romance while Swara too decided that it was enough torture for him and revealed her naughty motives behind her fake anger, god these two Embarrassed Swara though was laughing at his condition and knew that the tea wasn't very hot, just lukewarm, she still cannot put aside her concern for him and quickly begins to check his fingers and our super romantic hottie again maaroes chance pe dance and pulls her towards himself to continue his romantic torture and complain abt the early morning shoshan happening on him by biwi ji while biwi ji looks shocked on hubby ji, still insisting him to get up LOL Sanskaar pulls her even closer and switches on his A-Sanskaari mode completely, asking indirectly for some *ahem ahem* Wow, he gave RagLak's example saying, how much they love each other. Errr of course, he saw their cuddling in his room yesterday Smile Swara mockingly goes on to ask him whether he thinks she doesn't love him and he again maaroing chance pe dance says, Haan. Aur agar tum mujhse pyaar karti ho, then KISS me and PROVE IT with his seductive mode and voice full ONNN, he leaned in for his KISS and Swara eyes get considerably heated up, just like the time when Sanskaar had announced, paanch minute me bohot kuch ho sakta hai Silly Swara too leans in to PROVE her love and kiss him while blushing a little and they're just inches apart while here in my room, I am literally staring at my screen with my eyes bulging out my sockets, my jaw dropping to the center of the earth, my heart leaping with anticipation and joy with my heads in the clouds dgdcbfsbbdxbbd omg W*F WAS THAT MAGIC? gdggdgngdghh Kya THA WOH GSVFDBHFFNJFF?! MUMMYYY SwaSan ka HOT HOT ROMANCE AUR KISSY SillySilly FINALLY WE ARE GETTING SUCH SCENES MUMMYYY HeartLOL Can't express my happiness dvfxbnfdvbbd Day Dreaming But of course, there has to be a KMH always interrupting their kissy's and this time it was none other than our dearest Shivam Smile Iski toh main Angry Kissy hone ke baad knock nhi kar sakta tha? Angry Swara laughed off while Sanskaar seemed annoyed at how the people living in his own home seem to be the biggest enemy between him and his rom rom romantic avatar for his wifey dearest and he actually curses the disturbances while reverting back to get some more sleep while Swara can't help but lovingly stare and laugh mildly at her hot childish handsome Mr. Maheshwari Day DreamingHeart

The moment at the dining table Day Dreaming How cutely was he having his breakfast, stuffing his mouth with a banana since he was getting late but of cos, Mr. Romantic Maheshwari doesn't wanna let go chance of being romantic and lovingly holds Swara's hand and asking her for his file Day Dreaming God, was it just me or the request for the file was quite seductive sounding too? Ooh la la, the things you do to me Mr. Maheshwari Silly He's sooo handsome OMG Day Dreaming What magic these two create, again my VaHe nail it and HOW? There's simply no match for the best and they're absolutely fire together! Aaj toh rangeela humpe completely, meherbaan hua hua... meherbaan hua hua WinkDay Dreaming

Pari has started getting affected and from tomorrow, is going to behave like a complete vamp Stern Smile and to think of it, her mother who indirectly instigated her wasn't even evil, infact I liked her. She seemed practical, modern and sorted and was only caring for her daughter and best friend. Well Pari's target seems to be Swara since Ragini is her saggi devraani whereas SwaSan are not her saggas and she seems to be instigating Adarsh too. I hope she manages to instigate Adarsh against Sanskaar and how everyone favors only SwaSan in the house, this way SwaSan will be asked to leave home and they'll have to set up their own lovely abode while we can see some exclusive SwaSan track and a struggling trying to make ends meet SwaSan if Sanskaar is thrown out of the business too. OMG YAYYY Bring it ONNN Pari Dancing

Ragini going to take care of Daadima really warmed the cockles of my heart Smile No, not literally but because ummm... samajhdaaro ko ishaara kaafi hai right? and SwaSanians are TOO smart ;) tere pyaar mein mujhko mila kya, BJKT SmileROFL GO Laado, take care of dearest daadima, so sweet SmileLOL

Finally I had this awesome chance to name my KDR with THIS title ;) Afterall Sanskaar could only sing, Swara chumma dede, patidev ko chumma dede chumma today WinkLOL Thanks a lot for all your wishes for my exams guys, you all made my day Embarrassed thank you sooo much, love you all HugEmbarrassed

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jkfkvskghjf!!!! kfiugljshkf!!!! ifhglifhhjdsfh!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
Kavya!!!! Meeriii JaaannneeemmaannnHeart Heart Heart Heart

Matlab!! What did we just saw? Matlab kya tha woh? Matlab really did that just happen? Pinch me bruhhh Pinch me!!!

It was ubeerreessttt adooorraabbblessttt paassioonnaataabllessttt and every freaking thing!!! god!! CVs really did Meherbaan on us!! didn't they? Reminding us of the classic "Tum mere upar ho Swara" and literally making us go hawww!!! literally unn two weeks ke torture ke baad finally hamare zakhmo pe marham lag haha haiLOL

That scene was just khfjshgjjksjhgk!!!! SwaSan were way too adorable!! You have already read everything that I felt about the scene in my post but there is something I missed to mention in my post and I will mention it here..

The way Sanskaar was complaining as to how his gharwale are just being KMH and not letting him romanceLOL Don't worry Sanskaar babu!!! Your Pari loves you and Swara so much that she is going to make sure you leave the house and stay alone with Swara.. And then you will be left alone and get so many maukas of romance without any KMH

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res err

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@kavya awesum KDR.i was  expecting KDR after 2days epi.
u & shonali in her thread wrote all wat i was thinking & now i've no words 2 write.

btw u missed  swara's kiss . she kissed sanky on cheeks wen he  complained how his own family don't let him romance his wifey.he  was so cute.Blushing

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Fantastic post kavya HugCant write down all my thoughts cause IF acting like some psycho vamp with me today Smile All I want to say this swasan scene was a dream that the CVS finally fulfilled and VaHe just nailed it as usual !  Their biggest strength is that they make all the scenes look believable and real !

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After watching today's episode , i was waiting for your kdr ...Wink
& As usual , your kdr is superbSmileTongue
 you described everything so i can only say that vahe nailed today's episode ...TongueClap 

& yes, today's episode was 1 of the BEST episode of swaragini Smile

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Kavya Hug
dear first of all how was ur paper???u hv 2 left na???so its over or nt???still All the best to you.

Well coming to this epi...I just came alive to post cmmnt in your KDR Embarrassed
What an epi this is HeartDay Dreaming
Omg!!!!!what was that Shockedofficially dead DeadDead
The way he holds her hand and asks firstvwhether she is still angry on him or nt???just as a get pass to official permission of hos early morning romance with his wife dearie...Heart
Then swara being the kind one puts an end to her atyachaars and declares that its all she is pretending and she never ever angry on him and bam ROFL there his GM got activated so as ours too and He pulls her on him...
Hay the tum mere upar ho returns is more sexy and cute and romantic and sweet and hot and intense and droolworthy and so on EmbarrassedLOL
Then she cutely melts him in her words by calling his name repeatedly and puts his finger hot tea to make him what kind of mazaa he will get ROFLROFL
Oh god ROFL his shoshan dialouge reminds me of KC epi...husband atyachaar and today its pati ka shoshan...she will do shoshan one day sunny boy dnt wrry.
And then her concern and his cute way of making complaint wd puppy face Day Dreamingyaar main isko bina palke jhapkaye dekhti reheti hoon.
Vaise kavya voh Alphanso mango wala naam bada pyaara he mujhe...i hope ki u know ROFLaaja gufao me aa ROFLROFL
That KMH Angry inki tyming k kya kahene???wah wah clocks bhi sharma jaye Unhappywhy did u spoil that important part cvs????and my so much sanskri thoughts about swasan...suggestes me that very soon we can see sanakar waking up Swara...Day Dreaming
That kiss EmbarrassedHeart is a return gift to sanky on navaratri i guess LOL
awesome epi.Cvs keep surprising us wd such scenes.

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Originally posted by sam.

Fantastic post kavya HugCant write down all my thoughts cause IF acting like some psycho vamp with me today Smile All I want to say this swasan scene was a dream that the CVS finally fulfilled and VaHe just nailed it as usual !  Their biggest strength is that they make all the scenes look believable and real !
its happening wid all?? i was thinking its only wid me.
i was trying 2 open pages of anoder  CC cum AT on forum lounge but it was giving msgs operation timed out etc etc. then its opening after few tries.

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