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ManiShag FRIENDZONED for LIFE, Raman ne suni Madrassan ki Awaz 13.4.16

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 10:14am | IP Logged

Full hatke episodeWink and it helps that we are coming close to IshRa meetingTongue

Today was a sad, sad day for two completely useless people in the show - Chindichor and Snow WhiteLOLLOLLOL

Yesterday's episode nearly showed Ishita's disgust to some extent, but gave way for incredulity and a slight shock on Ishu's part today. She couldn't understand why Mani thought that way, did she give any indication of some sort? DAMN, she even jhatkaoed his hand away yesterday, why was he acting like a leech thenWackoWacko

In her mind, its "soulmates" 'best friends" "adoptive Amma" to that freak Aalu and her brother. So when Mani finally told her he wanted her to be become his LIFE PARTNER, she started suspecting, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai...but for dumbass Mani, it was clearly a case of "Tum nai samjhogi Anjali, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"LOLLOLLOL

So right now, Mani's haalat is like this:




And our reaction is this!!


Poor him, uske toh sapne hi toot gaye...Ishita categorically told him, "Jab tum life ki baat karte ho, toh maine toh apni poori LIFE Raman ko de di" Man, this dialogue seared through my heartCryCryCry But then, Ishita requested him not to ruin the friendship between them, coz she didnt wanna lose him.  I'm like, the earlier you lose him, the better for youSleepy

Seriously dimag se paidal haiD'oh He himself said he felt Ishu would refuse, then why did he even attempt this tomfooleryDead 

Later, when Ishu was not in the house and Aalu came in, she saw Mani sipping coffee all by himself...and like a bimbo asked him, "Aap akele coffee kyun pee rahe hain? Amma kahan hai?" As if you need company to sip coffeeOuchOuchOuch Mani tried his best to look haeart broken and evoke some sympathy from us, all I did was LAUGHBig smileBig smile Wahaan Raman daru mein apna gham duba raha hai, yahan Mani coffee mein ROFL

and Aalu seriously is PEA-BRAINEDDeadDead...despite MANI saying that Ishu rejected his proposal, she still kept going, "Par aap toh unse pyaar karte ho naa! After all, pyaar friendship se hi toh shuru hoti hai" 

I badly wanted to throw a frying pan at her that her mind, if a girl says No, then it really means yesOuch Does she have cow-dung for brains?Sleepy didn't she realize that Mani could not convince her 'Amma' to love him back in the decades of friendship they shared???? And that's its not gonna happen EVER... She should really have nuts for snack...will increase her IQSleepy

Thank God Mani didnt listen to her crap and asked her to shut up. This is the second time in a row somebody's asked her to shut upLOLLOLLOL Aalu, ab toh hint pakad leROFLROFLROFL

I am so ANNOYED with Bhalla family its not even funnyAngryAngry The whole lot of them, Toshi, Simmi are so over-excited about Raman agreeing to marry Shagun. And how did they come to this conclusion? Because Mihir shared this tardy information with them, on the basis of the 'talk' Raman had with him yesterday...Mihir Mangal  Pandey Arora ko bhi itni jaldi kyun thi, Bhallas ke saath yeh RUMOUR share karne ke liyeConfusedConfusedConfused Apne mucchhon ki dekhbhaal kare naa! Adi was quite agitated when he heard Raman may decide to get married to Shagun...seems he too is not too pleased with the idea, and I dont blame him either

It sounded so weird when he said, "Kya yeh sach hai ki aap Mamma se shaadi karna chahte ho?"OuchOuchOuch WHAT A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILYD'ohOn his part, Raman took Adi and stormed out of the office, coming right back home and screaming at his family members...asking how they could think he would want to marry Shagun...the truth is, he had started looking for proposals for her and acc to him, she had a right to have her own family...her own life...

Bhallas are seriously a clan with NO BRAINS. They jump to conclusions and assume too much...Toshi, without confirming with her own son if he really wanted to marry her, went and informed Shagun of the same...on her part, Snow White first looked incredulous...and then waltzed to her room, her bosom heaving,LOL her face flushed...almost like, it was Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar for herOuchOuchOuch Man, she was ACTUALLY COOKING KHAYALI PULAO in her head, murmuring, "Raman...mujhse..shaadi karna chahta hai?

She did that extremely Bollywood thing that a lot of actresses do after they have sex for the first time...they go and check themselves out in the mirror, to see how they've flowered into a Goddess overnightLOLLOLLOL Shagun did the same!! Maybe she started imagining how its gonna be with Raman after a break of more than a decade and a halfROFL

I was like - MORON, You left Manoj to be an aaya to Pihu...dont cook up some many fairy tales in your little headSleepySleepy

As if it was completely indecent to even think like that about Raman, she picked up the photo frame kept on the sidestool (ISHU and RU's pic) and caught herself from fantasizing too much, "Nai nai...yeh main kya kar rahi hun..Yeh PAAP hai, PAAP...Main kisi aur ke aadmi pe yeh aisi galat nigahen daal rahi hun...CHHEE CHHEEE.." typesLOLLOL

and then the next minute, she changes into quicksilver and pretends like she wouldn't mind marrying Raman again, if HE wants it. I mean, Ishu's dead, Raman is alone, how long can he go on without a woman in his life? So I must step in, take care of his hearth and home, and his heart, of courseConfusedConfused

Woman, he managed with absolutely no s** all those years you were gallivanting with Ass-oak, and survived on just ONCE in just two years of his marriage to Ishita, aage bhi jee lega...tu zyada dimag mat kharch karDeadDeadDead

But the fact remains, that just like Ishita friendzoned Mani, Raman also Bai-zoned Shaggy...said, "main aage bhi kisi ke saath ghar basana nai chahta"

At least Mani is Ishu's best friend,Shagun does not even have that does she SPEND her days there??? What does she talk to Toshi about? WOH MANHOOZ RAAT AND WOH SAAT SAAL, IS IT?DeadOuch

It was quite strange Shagun reacted so vehemently when she heard Raman was looking to get her hitched to someone else...ANGRY evenShockedI mean minutes ago, she was behaving like she just recently got deflowered and immediately, was told she didn't quite make the cut and the movie's shelved for good, "Meri zindagi ka koi bhi decision lene ka tumhen koi hak nai hai. Aur main yahaan sirf Ishita ke liye hun"

Raman looked like he couldn't care lessLOLLOL more like, "SUIT YOURSELF. JUST KEEP YOUR HAIR OUTTA MY FACE" types

So as of now, this is Shagun's statusBig smile

the egg was her long-time dream she was hoping desperately would hatch, she even nurtured it dutifully for 7 damn years

BUT ALAS, the resultCryCry

Ruhi, it seems is not only a slave to Nidhi..but also kept in extreme confinement...No social media, no phone, no she kept cursing herself for meeting Ishita Bhalla again...I feel so bad for her...I think she wanted to look up hr family on FB, but that wasn't possible since Nidhi had made sure all sites remained blocked..such a bitchAngryAngryAngry

Going by the promo I saw in the evening today, it seems Ruhi WILL prevent Ishu and Raman from meetingCryCryCry O god, there we go...Adi-wali-psychopanti part IICryCry

I have kept the best for the last in today's reviewTongue

The episode actually starts with Raman reading about Romi in the newspaper...when Mihir informs him that even the Gurgaon-wala contract they were eyeing went to Romi...Raman fumes, knowing fully well what lengths Romi must have gone to to achieve this...a streak of righteous anger, and care flashed in his eyes, when he mused out loud about what Rom's fate might be when he falls in deep shit (read: murder/jail) joining hands with Ashok

but then,

the next minute, the businessman in him took over and he vowed to beat Romi at his own game ... "Tu bhool raha hai ki business ki duniya mein main tera BAAP hun" Waah! Kya swag hai, Kya confidence haiClapClap That passion, that determination to teach his wicked brother some business AND life lessons in his own way, was AMAZING!! ClapClapClap

Only KP could've done justice to the role...he played it so well...the shift in mood...tone..pitch...he did it all rightClapClap

First, I did wonder if Raman was wrong regarding Romi's ways of doing business, but Romi's conversation with that ass&*(% AshokAngry proved he did, INDEED, bribe people and use underhand tricks to get business going. What else can we expect when he has joined the likes of KHANNA?? So the only motive in his life is to ruin Raman Bhalla...what a b@#$%^& Angry No wonder he was such a nikamma all his life...he will bid on ONLY those projects Raman bids on and use devious ways to get those contracts...

As usual, just the way Raman has beat Ashok ALL THESE FRICKIN' YEARS in business, he will do so with Romi...and I am sincerely waiting fo that day he gets conned/tricked/betrayed by Khanna and lands on the street and goes to beg forgiveness from the one man he has set out to ruin nowShocked

I hope Mihika KNOWS what she has signed up for.ShockedShocked I mean, she, knowing fully well Ashok is a rapist, decided to 'marry' him...if she falls in the lurch this time, I dunno who she will turn to

So anyway, Raman tells Mihir that he wanted to buy all the loss-making companies (with a decent profile) and turn around their business fate...he has some smart plan in his mind, which we of course dont know now

Mihir sends him a list of some companies, one of which is an AUSTRALIAN soft drink company named ISHRALOLLOLLOLYeh toh CVs ne poora hi hamare IF convos se chhapa hai baba!!LOLLOL Anyway, it sounds more like two teenagers doodled the first two letters of their names together, than a soft drink companyBig smileBig smile

Raman is pissed, thinking who would keep a lame name like that...and decides he will call the CEO or whoever and discuss a name change...he dials the number given on the website and it keeps ringing...and a pretty lady dashes across the hall to receive the call...who else could it be?

Ishita Bhalla OF COURSEBig smile (toh ab tak woh Mani ki loss-making company chala rahi thi kya??)

She picks up the call after a long time and speaks into it, "Hello"

Raman hears her...will he find that voice familiar and will his heart skip a beat? Will ISHITA find her guzzly bear's HOT, INTENSE gravelly voice familiar and will HER heart skip a beat?


P.S. This is a one-stop for all my post-leap reviews. This index has all the links to all the post-leap reviews and even a couple of polls. Thanks to kingmanu for suggesting the sameTongue

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gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Omg...96.. ROFL ...cant stop laughing...mamma my tummy hurts...need some time to read later...soowwwyyy

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gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gargpoo

Omg...96.. ROFL ...cant stop laughing...mamma my tummy hurts...need some time to read later...soowwwyyy

Aur kya...Shagun and Mani are currently hanging on No. 96 right nowLOL

this is what happens when you DONT hve a life...LOLLOL

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ishra_JD_club IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Todays epi dedicate to BABA JI KA THULLUS

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ishra_bestluv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 11:17am | IP Logged
ClapLOL awesome reviews... rofl...ROFLROFL mani and shagun dreams shattered... DancingDay Dreaming. The phone callDay Dreaming

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DivanIshraru IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 11:23am | IP Logged
i can't stop laughing ROFL
ur review is hilarious ROFL
96 seriously ROFL
ishita gave a disgusting look to mani
mani was behaving like devdas bas daaru k jagah coffee thi
the most hilarious part is raman baizoned shaggy ROFL
seriously she left manoj who would have respected her and loved her than being an aaya to pihu with raman not giving 2 cents to her
the way she flushed her face in mirror was PUKEWORTHY Dead
a woman who married a guy for 7 years and then left
then live in with another guy fr 6 years
den live in with another guy fr some months
then back to square 1 and the guy nt giving two hoots to her is behaving like that when she heard abt her marriage does shows dat how desperate she is

what the hell was she thinking????
that raman wl again love her the same way he used to when she frst married him?????

ruhi is living the most pathetic life of all
my heart goes out to her
she still loves her ishima and family a lot Cry

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rose1000 Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 11:44am | IP Logged
TFS Akansha. I can't stop laughing. I read your review before watching the episode..and kept remembering your words...LOL
Well we now have Mani bhai and Shagun bai  both rejected by their suitors. 

In Mani's defense, I will say he is temporary and positive character. So don't have to worry about him at all. But the same cannot be said about Shagun bai. It is now blatantly clear that the sole purpose of the surrogacy was to keep Shagun in the show and that too in a pivotal role. In an effort to accommodate her, the leads were destroyed. It is sad. 

I hope poor soul Ruhi gets her Ishima and Raman papa back soon. 

Thanks for incorporating the andaas...Really shagun bai can start anda factory now...or may be supply anda lunch /tiffin dabbas to offices. I bet she will make lot of money and lot of gamchas and humongous jewelry. LOL

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Mdwst IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Omg omg omg ...I can't take it any more my tummy hurts...ROFLI can't stop laughing...only you can write like this..awesome hilarious review...
96 lol ...epic ROFL
I loved Ishu's dialogues ..." Raman is my life"..Thumbs Up
Her expression was like., get some  sense  " you freak" look
Bhallas are the dysfunctional family...toshiji I understand..simmi ..she had the gal to  tell Raman " you broke her heart".. I was like you bitch just shut the f**k up, wth is wrong with you? ..but RKB shut her up good.
Then comes sw ...
You're , "bosom heaving, flushed face..the song,,,the Bollywood effect after having s** for the first time,"how she bloomed into,a woman effect..clearly .. Explained...ROFL
It was strange she was do happy..building said castles in the air..then a light bulb moment..then again she wNta to please him..then got pissed when it was someone else".. Aka  she did portray different shades here ROFLWink...according to her...WinkLOL
Your Shagun status ROFL
The Precap...I felt there was a tinge of familiarity with the voice...keys c ...
Killer hon...Clap

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