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A$y@/K@bhi TS : Scary Pranks*||shh....koi hai||*

suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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 Hello peepsTongueTongue
bringing you all an another story. this is a TS for now...baki lets see where it goes.
let you have a look at the bannerLOL

sue kisi ko daraane ni aayi hai
just a prankful one and it'll be fun yeah?
i have a request here... i feel i need to have a serious wala daraawna sadmaLOLLOL
coz maine aaj tak jitni bhi horror clips dekhi hai it never makes me scaredOuch
so please please suggest me some horror movies animated ho to bhi chalegaLOL
so that mujhe darr lage and i can write some evil gothic romancesLOL
books suggest kar sakte ho to bhi done haiWink
i feel like watching some bhootiya things these daysLOLStar

And And this TS goes to my dear Poonam aka BuddhuSaMann  who would always be my saathi in discussing scary things and even we play scary pranks on ppl ROFL
more dedication to my tweetie aka dipti di aka prinky Hug
LOLStar for all that she does for me and she knows better abt my feelings soApproveLOL
love you tweetie and love you pooh Hug
waah sab mujhe cartoon hi milte hai tweetie aur pooh ROFL


scroll down for the part 1.

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suearmaniac IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 February 2015
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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 8:02am | IP Logged

Banner credit - Immortallove Hug love u rasmalaiBig smile

                                                                            TonguePart 1Tongue

Dark night in KV hovered upon a sleeping figure of zoya farooqi, the so called annoying guest according to Asad Ahmed Khan, the owner  of the villa.she was sleeping on the couch, her lips forming a cute pout, when asad entered his house which was silent unusually. The only light coming from kitchen allowed him to see zoya lying on the couch. He frowned as a burning smell hit his senses. Removing his coat he rushed to the kitchen to see an overbaked pizza in the oven.

He sighed "ms. Farooqi and her I CAN DO EVERYTHING"

On his way to his room he switched the hall way light on. He wasn't used to this silence in the house since 8 months...8 months back this enthusiastic hurricane has hit his home and if not him then his ammi and tamater have surely gotten themselves drowned in the fascinating personality of this hurricane... Ms.zoya farooqi.

After a good shower he came out of his room in a blue shirt,sleeves rolled up to his elbows, paired up with his khaki pants. Zoya stirred in her slumber  and as she inhaled the air...a sigh of contentment left her mouth.his strong cologne made her feel his presence. She sat up opening her eyes and searching for him.

"would u like macroni?" came his voice from the kitchen.

She walked towards him rubbing her eyes like a child. "when did u come mr. khan?"

He smiled at the innocent face in front of her "when u slept leaving this poor kitchen with ur failed attempt."

Zoya looked on sheepishly as she drank the water from the glass.asad shook his head and got busy in sauting while she played with the empty glass of water oogling at his gelled hairs.

"macroni would be good" she nodded. He smiled at her. "did ammi call?"

"yes she said it would take her another week to come since khala was so persistent to borrow her for more days to catch up."

Asad stirred the contents and tossed the pan. " isn't nzma having an assignment to work on?"

"yes I helped her at some points and she's getting back tonight ...uh I guess after midnight." She spoke dazed by the muscles and his veins throbbing near his elbow.

"ms. Farooqi are u listening?" he asked as he stepped near her. Her eyes travelled from his shirt buttons to his chin...up to his lips and his eyes. "huh?"

"I asked what time did she say her flight would be landing?"

Zoya took some control before answering "mr. khan I have called ayan to pick her up. He's coming from delhi tonight too so they both can come together."

Asad nodded before taking the jug and returning to his work.zoya looked down flushed as the thought of being with him alone in the house till nzma and ayaan comes poked her.yesterday night she had a virtual party with her friends.she has locked up herself in her room ...couldn't even cared to look for asad.

Asad stared at her  "are u okay ms. Farooqi?"

"uh ..yeah why?"

"why for ur being so quite since yesterday morning"

Since the morning dilshaad and nzma left zoya has been hell bored with the workaholic...surely it gave her the time to openly stare at him as he got himself busy with work ...but how can he ask questions like that! She widened her eyes dramatically.

"oh really mr. khan!" asad rubbed his index finger below his ear lobe thinking back to being so loud'

"mr.Khan koi baat karne wala bhi to hona chaiye na...me akeli kab tak badbadati rahungi...for u being so busy with ur laptop" she huffed.

He smiled an amused smile as he filled the two plates. Handing one to a gaping zoya he moved with his plate towards the dining table "ms. Farooqi I had work"

"trust him for behaving so strange at times and so calm at...my times!" she muttered loud enough for him to hear.

He chuckled "ur times  really ms. Farooqi...then let this night be er...our time." He said in his husky voice as she stared at him with her mouth open and the spoon full of macroni ceased in the air.

"I meant we can talk tonight as m finished with my work...unless u don't have any virtual parties?"

She relished the tasty macroni on her tounge while nodding to him in a no. she was surprised as he knew what she did last night.

Sighing she appreciated him as she took another spoon full "too good". He smiled "thanks"

After washing the bowls she turned around to find him staring at her...rather down to her lips. She shifted her weight on her right leg as her hands clutched the counter at her back. He was advancing towards her carrying those magical hypnotizing eyes.

His smirk took birth as he watched her gulping. He enjoyed when she was nervous...girls usually were wherever he went but with zoya it was different...she always tried pretending she is smart and could resist the attraction but he knew she was conscious enough to get affected. As he neared her her eyes widened a slight bit...his hands reached up to her lips...his thumb pad wiping off the tiny  little green coriander stuck there. Her toes curled as she shivered under his gentle touch. He looked in her eyes which were staring back at him unmoving. Her lips parted to control breathing as she's stopped inhaling the moment she noticed his gaze on her. He again dropped his eyes to her soft lips and then again up to her face which screamed scarlet as she closed her eyes flushed. He was amazed with her beautiful face adorned with the color of love...his love. His both hands found hers at her back holding the kitchen counter...she was standing between him and counter, stuck in his hold trying hard not to let her heart jump out. He blew softly on her eyes moving away the light fringes of her hairs with his warm breathe. She opened her eyes...he could see anticipation twinkling in her eyes...and then there was this nervousness too which he understood as it was gonna be their first kiss...ever since tanveer left them they have spent a lot of time understanding each other...it was time to let the love bloom.

His intense gaze was doing things down to her stomach. She closed her eyes as she watched him closing his. A slight dip of head and his lips were over hers...gentle yet manly. He just stuck his mouth to hers and then took her bottom lip smoothly. Zoya was floating in the fantasies as he started kissing her more comfortably now...she didn't do anything and let him lead her...his hands travelled up her arm stroking the goose bumps on its way to cup her face...the other hand slid around her waist pulling her closer  than she already was. To support herself she caught hold of his shoulder...her other hand still remained at her side. She always talked a lot but asad was seeing her  so  shy tonight. His tounge tip traced her upper lip as he guided her free hand around his head. She felt encouraged and started kissing him back...and when she did in her innocent manner...asad found it the cutest thing in the world. His grip tightened as he head hugged her...taking control of their breathings.she opened her eyes to see him smiling at her...he traced the crimson in her cheeks. Whispering he said "zoya ur perfect...thanku for ...for everything. I love you"

She blushed as she kissed him over his heart, burying her head in his chest. He hugged her back smiling as he heard her say  "I love u too asad".

The side window clicked open and shut with a loud thud again breaking their moment. The dining lamp vibrated as it dimmed and came back again to life.

"who's there" asad came out of the hug and started walking towards the window. Zoya followed "kya hua mr. khan?"

"zoya u heard the window?"

"mr. khan mausam dekhiye na...hawa se hil gai hogi. C'mon lets go."

Asad shot back another glance back at the window and closed it. "so what do u want to do?" he joined her on the sofa.

"movie!!!" she smiled big excitedly.

"ohkay! What are we watching?" he asked browsing through the list of movies.

"mr. khan why not watch a horror movie?"

"horror? Why ...i mean we can watch ur fav action movie"

"mr. khan! Action movies hum dekh chuke hena...comedy me aap hasenge nahi...cartoons u have no interest and romantic films ka R bhi aapko gawara nahi!" She said pouting. He raised his eyebrows watching her pouting. She blushed hard after noticing him gazing at her lips and then to distract him she gave his ego a challenge.

Putting on a brave face she asked "mr. khan kahi esa to nahi ki  ur scared?"

"what rubbish ms. Farooqi...m not scared. Okay lets watch this "Halloween horror" remember u asked for it" he said eyeing at the DVD OF HALLOWEEN HORROR.

As she played the dvd...the tv screen came to life loud out. The window which asad closed sometime back clicked open making all the white curtains of the villa swaying in the air as the windows at the side walls opened up too. the winds blocked zoya's vision while asad wondered how the hell the windows opened when he himself shut them up.

"mr. khan remote dijiye na!" asad realized zoya was calling him and he passed her the remote. Tv's loud volume lowered and with that the windows too stopped shutting and opening loudly. The dimmed lights flicker across the hall as he watched up on the roof.

"mr. khan! What are you looking for??"

Asad stared at her with his eyes wide "something is wrong zoya."

Zoya walked to him "what is?"

Asad was confused as why wasn't zoya affected. Why was she so calm!

"zoya didn't u hear the windows open."

Zoya furrowed her eyebrows "but all the windows are closed mr. khan"

Asad was getting frustrated not able to understand how just in seconds the windows were closed."zoya can't u see these POP lights going on and off!"

Zoya wasn't understanding anything...everything was as it was ...the lights and the windows...why was asad reacting like this. "mr. khan are u trying to play a prank on me" she cocked her eyebrows playfully.

Asad was out of his control he held her arms tightly from both the sides. "u think this is a joke! Zoya why can't u understand...look" he turned her around. Zoya looked down at the tv set...the vision disturbed. She sighed.

"mr. khan cable loose hai and there's nothing else!" she turned around and cupped his face "what is it?"

He sighed deeply and sat on the sofa... "I don't know I guess I am imagining things"

Zoya brought out a glass of water and gave it to him...he was relaxed.

"u must be tired mr. khan. Go sleep"

"no..uh lets ..lets watch the movie" he stared at her.

"are u sure?" zoya asked to which he nodded and smiled at her.

To lift up the excitement she came up with an idea. Her eyes widened and mouth opened as she clicked her fingers into a full on dimag ki batti jala de' mode.

"mr. khan idea!" she grinned at him as he nodded in a no. she smiled big and nodded in yes.

"zoya are u crazy?" he looked at her incredulously

"mr. khan karte he na mazz aayega!"

"ms. Farooqi...this is a childish thing to do!" he rubbed his temple.

"c'mon haan mr. khan! We're watching Halloween horror...lets do this. Wese bhi when ...when I was away we missed partying on Halloween."

Asad looked down remembering the day zoya left...they were going to be married...under pretense but still they would have been man and woman...if only he didn't blind trust that evil tanveer.

He looked up to see zoya tugging at his hand. Giving in he finally stood up. She rushed him into his room and closed the door. "mr. khan I want a white wick on you head" she shouted over to him and left to her room laughing hard.as her door closed the tv screen came alive with a stone-eyed lady.

"jammy ne dil se yaad kiya tha...hume to ana hi tha na" she smiled wickedly and then tracing her fingers over the dupatta covering her head she laughed evilly.

I know bhavuk hokar start thoda romantic de dala LOL but I really have no idea how to write a horror update...haven't read any novel and talking of films in this genre...every film that I watched turned me into a laughing maniac ROFL

Still would try to add some more gothic elements in the next update...don't blame me if it turns out to be a comedy though LOLbilli ko atma bana diya hai LOL

Start hitting that like button even  if u felt this is rubbish...atleast kahin to gussa nikaalo LOL

And if u like it the next step is to leave a review...suggestions are always welcome and do suggest me horror movie too so that I can be scared and take inspiration LOL

Thanks for reading

Love Embarrassed




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RES for all the Lovely People who are following This and previous work of Sue from so long...a THANK YOU for that too..Big smile

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Special RES for Tehs...EmbarrassedSmile

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I like his Jacket and hairstyle both here in this pic...Smile

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