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Originally posted by Banjaaran.

Originally posted by Nynaeve

Not fair, I still have to unres for your historical OS (you should have some pity on your angelsWink)


when I start writing I take mercy on no one. not even on Angels.Evil Smile.

take your time sweetie.
love ya.

CryCryCry  for not having mercy on us.

Finally unres on page 1 and for all your other OS (unless you have gone and posted one more in the last one hourWink)


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superb update dearClap
loved this os series
mostly this & previous one
hope we get second part of this os
waiting for next one

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Can I say I am really loving this concept of many small stories from different genresBig smile.

And this was an amazing OS NimmiStar. I enjoyed it a lot. In between you introduced a brilliant twist. I was seriously shocked because I really never accepted the story to go that way.  I really can't figure out that what comment should I type down for this brilliant fic.  I am really stunned,  speechless, shocked and amazedSmile.

Woah... Swara is in full on angry mood. She is a fiesty girl. Why do I have this feeling that this blue eyed, pretty sunny boy is gonna be SanskaarWink.

Adarsh, Laksh and Ragini... they all are very sweet. Ragini is somewhat like Bozo here, extremely good with computers. Laksh is a funny and likeable guySmile. And Adarsh is a tough man. Swara has one lovely team with her

Seems like that crime scene is extremely brutual. I am sure they will crack the case soon.

And I was right. That sunny boy is SanskaarEmbarrassed. And he heard Swara's curses regarding him. Oh.. I love Swara. Instead of being or saying sorry to him, she was checking him outROFLEmbarrassed.

Sanskaar is also pretty cool and a smart guy. In the very first meeting he liked Swara. And our girl is also fascinated by himSmile.

Seems like our famous five cracked the murder case. But oh the evidences get lost. Someone is definitely a traitor amongst them.Ouch

How lovely.. Swara and Sanskaar can communicate with each other without even saying a wordEmbarrassed.

Sanskaar's plan of catching both the culprit and the backstabber is good. Haha.. totally loved what Sanskaar said about selfies and us channelling our ancestorsLOLLOL.

 Adarsh also has a bad timingAngry. He broke such an adorable moment.

OMG... WHATShocked..I was really wondering that who is the traitor in the team. I had my doubts in all 3, laksh, Ragini and Adarsh. But I never imagined that the person would turn out to be Sanskaar.

But that person's name wasn't even Sanskaar. Was the crime Branch sleeping for all this time. Someone outsider infiltrated there department, and they didn't even know.

And when I was thinking my quota of surprises for this fic is overLOL, you introduced a one more twist. Sanskaar and that couple were from defense forcesShockedShocked. So Sanskaar is not a bad guy as I was thinking earlier.Wow Nimmi, it was brilliant story with an extremely brilliant plotClap.
It was a very good plan by SanskaarSmile. He perfectly infiltrated the crime branch sneakily. And was involved in a dealings of a murder case, without even raising a single ounce of doubt. Deleted all the evidences, so he can catch the criminals by himself. And he didn't even leave any single of his trace behind, not even a bloody picture. An extremely brilliant plan by himStar.

Friendship is a very beautiful bond. Swara was feeling guilty when she  doubted her friends. And Sanskaar undertook this risky operation to avenge and provide justice to his friends/team members who were murdered brutually.

I am happy that Sanskaar atleast left a pic of him and a note with SwaraBig smile. Although I am sure Sanskaar that Swara would have remembered you regardless of a  pic or not.  But still it was a very lovely thing, that he left a pic as his memory with her.
I really hope that they meet in future as Swara wished forEmbarrassed. And Nimmi if you are thinking of writting its sequel. Please do itBig smile. Not at all presurring you. But would like to read that when and how do they meet next time, and what would be their reactions. Vaise this too has a perfect endingSmile. It kind of justifies the tittle..mystery. Which is left to the reader's own imagination.

I  loved SanskaarEmbarrassed. He was just amazing, intelligent and brilliant.

Brilliant work NimmiStar. Told you na that I am speechless, can't figure out that how I should praise this OS. I Really loved itBig smile.

Thank you for writting it and sharing it with us.

Take care
Lots and lots of loveHug

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Banjaaran. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by soumi93

Nimmi can u please write a Part two for me????its badly needed.
Well well i am an addicted thriller reader...so i somehow expected only anyone from swasan would be the traitor...Loved the way u build it up and then ended up wd a great clymax...I am highly impressed.
Its actually too much awesome.
keep writing more and a part two plich

thank you so much soumi.. for reading and liking the story.Embarrassed.
and for your compliment. so you guessed eh. I am glad I could surprise you with climax.
will surely write the part two soon.
gotta finish other genre and come back again to this one.

thank you once again dear.

Banjaaran. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Saumya2102

*sobs* *and sobs* *and keeps sobbing*
That was beyond beautiful my lady!! I scanned the whole Oxford Dictionary but couldn't find a single word worth to describe it!! 

aww... Saumya..
thank you so much girl.

Ragini, Adarsh, Laksh and Swara.. their team is just so wonderful. They had all sorts of nutties present there. All 4 of them completed each other. Isn't it how we have friends in our friend circle. In mine.. there's the pretty one, then the one who lives only and only for food, there's a brainy, the flirt and the sarcastic one!! And I love them all!!

True that. you said it. in fact I am now visualizing my own friends.
crazy, nutty, different and make a perfect circle of friends.

Coming back to the story, you know what.. I found Sanskar a composition of all 4!! Anyways.. his entry was just superb! No really!! When Swara was saying all sorts of stuff to Sanskar not realising that the guy whom she's 'praising' so much is just behind her!!

thankh ku. Sanskaar is Sanskaar.
well Swara is Swara too.LOL

This story was really interesting and actually different!! I really enjoyed the blossoming friendship of Sanskar and Swara. They had come to be really close.. Isn't it??

that they did. I am glad you found the story different. and interesting of course.Embarrassed

The mystery part was also amazing. But what took me by shock was that Sanskar was actually not Sanskar!!!! I was really hoping you don't make him the main murder and thankfully you didn't!! The last part left me teary eyed. He did so much for friendship!! Seriously, such friends are a gem!! <3 <3

he is a murderer but not in a moral sense may. i dunno if I made sense. he just delivered justice in his style.
true that. friends like that are priceless.

He didn't want anyone to know his real identity that's why he was not taking selfies.. it was not the ape reason!! But what took my attention was that even though he did not allow anyone to take his picture, he took a selfie with Swara.. 'So that you always remember me' Girl.. you don't even know hiw these lines affected my "emotional fool" heart!! 

aww again. you are a sweetheart saumya. I am so happy this story touch you on emotional level.
I am really enjoying these series of yours.. But lazy girll... at least send PMs naa!! Anyways bye.. take care..
*me still sobbing*

Oye I am sendign pm.. errr thoda late hi sahi. but I am sending.
and hey please.. Pushpa.. I hate tears reHug.

Thanks darling for loving these series.

Banjaaran. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Saumya2102

One more thing.. any chances for part 2?? This was a very meaningful ending but still I feel it's incomplete because Swara and Sanskar didn't unite in the literal sense. You gave us hope.. but iss dil ke liye hope kaafi nhi!!

Waise.. Sanskar in this FF must be October or November born.. hai naa?? All his qualities are similar to that of a Scorpion. The Scorpio sun sign!! He loves his friends and can do anything for them.. And if you make Scorpio your enemy, they would not leave you easily!

PS- I am not a Scorpio but a Pisces.. It's just that this sign amused me very much and Pisces and Scorpions are the Perfect Couple of the zodiac!!

surely girl.
will come back with part two as soon as I am done with other genres.Embarrassed.

anything for dil.

Oh so you dig sun-signs eh. to think of yes.. this Sanskaar comes across as Scorpio. the one who never forgets friends or enemies.

Pisces.. wow. I like them.
so Pisces and Scorpios are perfect match eh,
sorry yaar. but this guy is taken. Swara will definitely mindLOL.

Banjaaran. IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Meself

Someone's on overdrive mode!LOL You should continue this one...has a potential to be another dhamaakedaar story!!!


Over drive mode.
you can say it againLOL.

too bad I gave away the ending. now I feel I could have made a killer FF out of it.

Banjaaran. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2016 at 7:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prerulalli


Nimmi Hug

Such a beautiful crime thriller it was Clap

The awesome foursome--  Swara, Ragini , Aadharsh and Lakshya Smile

The murder was really brutal by the way u explained the photos Ouch

One fine day an officer comes from the head branch-----Swara thinking how would the guy be 
Infact waiting for him ( Nuisance from the headquaters , snob arrogant ass and show off )ROFLROFL

Aah.. The way sanskaar countered it LOL 

Both are equally impressed with each other...

The bond grows bigger and better and best day by day Wink

The way sanskaar deals when the info is lost by bugging evryone's mobiles including swara's and his own is worth appreciating Clap

Both of them had that immense belief on each otherSmile

All the one liners  u used to describe their emotions were fantastic nimmi Clap

So according to swara , he suspects aadharsh and lakshya Big smile

The next day...The bomb...That both the maheshwari brothers are killed...OMG...for a moment i thought is sanskaar thereal culprit as another " original sanskaar"  Turns up to their officeOuch  (I know me being the crazy me)

But the moment ragini starts narrating the "real story " that the murdered mna belonged to defense and sanskaar must have been a part of that force and might have to avenge his friend's death is purely commendable Clap

Swara's respect towards Sanskaar increases by power INFINITY Embarrassed

She keeps on wondering why did he allowed her to click a selfie while opening her car and finds the note " coz i want u to remember me forever"Blushing
That was sooo sweet of him yaar

Hey this OS deffo can be converted into a TWOSHOT  if u want to...by beinging SWASAN together...Wink

Well the choice is ursBig smile

This was indeed a wonderful OS nimmi 

Lots of hugs and jhappis for this HugHugHug

Update soon


wow Prerana..
such a wonderful and detailed comment.

thank you so much dearie.
for reading the story and liking it. and for this wonderful comment.

and surely will write another part of this one. as soon as I am done with other genres.

big thank you once again dear girl.
and big big Jhappis.

Lots of love.

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