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Abhigya FF: agar tum saath Ho, part 10 updated on pg 9 (Page 8)

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
that is nice update

Bilna Newbie

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Please update the next part please
Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2016 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bilna

Please update the next part please

Will sure update soon by next week
Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2016 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Part 9

Spreading her arms,she sat on swing, she was enjoying the first rain, n singing Cham Cham ( baaghi) suresh comes with umbrella n scold Pragya, that she will catch cold or she may slip n get hurt but she tells pls, let her be for sometime, will be back in 10 mins, to that he replied (holds her hand),"ok I will wait here till then"
Abhi saw all this n went back, without meeting Pragya
Here Pragya tells suresh let's go in, while going in she felt baby's kick for first time n started crying
Suresh: Pragya I'm still telling you, no need to do all this n go back to Abhi, he will handle everything, after all he is father n has alright to know that
Pragya: no, he himself is kid, how can I give burden to him, let him see the world, be come something in life, I don't want him to waste this time in all this, It was my responsibility too, that I should have took precautions, just because I'm pregnant that doesn't mean he should forget his dreams n think only about baby, I'm sure if I would have told him, he would have happiest person in whole world
S: then when will you tell him, after you deliver baby, just imagine how will he feel, when he comes to know
P: I have full trust in him, he will understand, n will accept
S: if you think he understands you that well then why not telling, you wanted him to achieve in life, he is super rockstar, what more you want
P: I will tell him before baby comes, after his 3 concert is finished, I want him to concentrate on that
S: you are impossible
When she was going to Abhi's first concert, she was suddenly hit by car, n it was non other then Suresh's car, Tanu had just finished learning to drive, n instead of break in nervousness she press exalter, n Pragya then was rushed to hospital, n after sometime suresh on asking doctor about Pragya, he replies, "both child n mother are fine, it's really miracle "
Suresh was shocked to hear that n later when Pragya gets to her senses he congratulate n informs her that baby is fine, here she was shocked, n then realise that they never thought about using protection, seeing her, suresh understood that it was unplanned pregnancy, so he suggested that if Abhi doesn't know about this then she should abort baby, but Tanu interfered, n said,"that it's their sign of love, n how can she do that,n Pragya agreed with her n talk with her Mami n told her she is leaving Mumbai n shifting to Delhi n not to tell Abhi about all this no matter what, n from that day she is been staying with suresh n Tanu,
Flashback ends
Tanu just comes n says
T: Pragya is right, n she knows what she is doing, stop bugging her ( This is going to be my baby n no one can take him from me) looks at Pragya n smile, all go to respective rooms

Next day
Suresh n Tanu where having breakfast, Raju Kaka comes n tells that someone had come n asking for you sir
S: call him in ( Raju Kaka goes n send him in)
A: hey suresh
S:( shocked n surprised) hey abhi, how come you here, you were not going back to Mumbai
A: what kind of person you are, instead of asking me to have breakfast with you'll, you are asking me why I'm here
S: no no nothing like that, it's just I was not expecting you here,I saw your concert yesterday, it was amazing, come have breakfast (signal Tanu to go up n stop Pragya from coming down)
T: ya, come have breakfast with us, I will just see Raju kaka, excuse me I will be right back n leaves
A: so, how's life?? Enjoying
S: ya, certainly, what about you
A: as if you don't know
S:( tense) what I know??
A: you didn't see my interview after that
S: oh that ya
A: I'm in love with your friend Pragya n we are playing this hide n seek game
S:( cuts in n nervous) how can I help you in that
A: I said we are playing, there is no need for help, I will find her first n win it
S: ya sure, so what's your plan
A: what plan
S: I mean, next concert or shoot
A: oh that, my next concert is next month in Delhi itself, hope I see you there
S: so soon, I mean ya sure
A: ya, I wanted to ask you something,
S: (thinks he will ask about Pragya) what???
A: do you know any good broker by any chance, I'm going to stay here in Delhi for sometime, n this hotel thing I don't like it, so was thinking to rent apartment
S: what??? No, I mean what you will do for one month in Delhi, do your studies, you have exam next week right??
A: I thought you will invite me to stay here, but anyway how do you know that
S:( wipes sweat from his forehead) oh that, I read somewhere that you are still continuing your studies so ..
A: ok, no worries, I will give it from here, they have centres all over India , so no problem
S: ok, you came here to know about broker for apartment
A: what's wrong with you, I came here because you are the best designer, I want you to design my outfit for next concert
S: oh yes yes, sure
A: are you in hurry, is someone is waiting for you
S:( takes his handkerchief again n wipes sweat from his forehead) nothing, it's just I have doctors appointment, at 10, so
A: ok, you carry on, I will also take leave n goes
Suresh quickly goes to Pragya n tells her, " he is going to stay here for month, n wants me to design his outfit, I'm dead man, I can't lie, can't even look straight in his eyes, they are like he will kill me right now"
P: ( laughs) come on suresh, abhi is not that violent, actually his face is only like that, he looks so cute, when he was talking to you
S: oh shut up, I'm not going to show my face again, if he ask me about you, I will tell everything
P:( takes knife from Fruit basket n put on his neck) I have waited so long, n you wanted to ruin it, mind it, I may kill you too,( looking at Suresh's dead face, she starts laughing more loudly) oh god you are so scary cat
S: n you are mad, let's go we are getting late for appointment
As they leave for hospital, abhi follows them on his bike ( they didn't see him as he was wearing helmet)

Sorry for short update,
Hope you'll like it, pls comment if you'll do like it
Happy reading

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Sandhiyasandy Newbie

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Posted: 18 July 2016 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Update not epi soon
Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2016 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sandhiyasandy

Update not epi soon

Sorry I didn't get you
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2016 at 5:00pm | IP Logged
awesome i think abhi MU suresh and pragya.
Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2016 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Part 10

Pragya n suresh reaches hospital, they go to doctors cabin, suresh waits outside while Pragya goes in
D: hello Mrs Mehra, is very thing ok?you called for appointment 2 weeks early
P: actually, I was feeling little uneasy yesterday night, n I think baby started kicking, so was thinking, is uneasiness is due to that or something else
D: let me check ( after sometime ) everything is perfectly alright, Mrs Mehra, nothing to worry ok
P: thanks doctor
Abhi tried to hear, but couldn't as suresh was standing outside, abhi got confused, why was suresh standing out, n goes there n pretends that he didn't know suresh is here, n walks passed by him, Pragya saw abhi n quickly calls suresh n tells, where are you, didn't you see abhi, just passed from here, get him into conversation, so I can seek out, I will be waiting for you near car, come fast" she didn't even gave chance to reply suresh
A: oh suresh, you here at hospital, is very thing ok
S: ( takes him aside) I told you I had appointment at 10, so I'm here
A:( looks around) but this is gynaecologist, why would come here, is Tanu with you??? Oh, now I get it, congrats you are going to be father (hugs)
S:( pushes) there is nothing like that,
A: ( pulls his collar,) I know it's Pragya n it's my child, if anything happens to them I will kill you,take proper care of them ( then gave him body crushing hug) don't tell Pragya that I know or she will kill you n smiles n goes from there, suresh was still in shock, n thinks " was I dreaming, or he really knows he is father n is happy about it, but it's good, Pragya is so lucky to have abhi in her life" n quickly goes to Pragya
P: did he saw you, did you'll meet n talk, what you'll talk??
S: shut up just shut up, how many questions at a time, I can't answer them at once ok
P: so did he saw
S: no, n we didn't talk much n nothing happen, let's leave fast or he was definitely find you here n they go back home
After 3 weeks passes, abhi had followed Pragya everywhere n kept contact with suresh, here Tanu gets worried, as in next 5 days there is abhi concert n Pragya is planning to meet abhi n be with him forever, N this is making Tanu restless as if they unite then baby will be with them, which she wants, it's was not like Tanu is not able to conceive or any thing but she doesn't want to spoil her figure after becoming pregnant so she wanted Pragya's baby by hook or by crook
Tanu called someone n said "it should be done tonight"
After four days,
News spread like wild fire, abhi n Meethu having affair, abhi new found love, hide n seek with Meethu etc, there were some pics of them in compromising position, all the news channel n news paper flash these news with their pics
Pragya was speechless, she didn't talk about it to anyone, n here abhi was thinking," I should go to Pragya n tell her all this is not true, Meethu drug me n click those pics, but what if she gets more sad by knowing that I knew that where was she, no I should not go, anyways tomorrow is my concert n she will send me letter, then I will know what is going in her mind, may be she will not even believe or give any importance to such news, she knows me inside out, I should not get worried n focus only on my concert"
Here suresh was consoling Pragya that "abhi is not like that, he really loves you, it must be some cheap thing done by his enemies, Pragya trust me, he is only yours n you are for him, you'll are made for each other "
Pragya: pls suresh, I don't want to hear anything or talk about it
S: but
P: pls, I request you, I just want to be alone for sometime, pls leave
Just then Tanu comes n gives Pragya letter, n tells somebody drop this letter ( at that point Tanu didn't knew that abhi knows Pragya staying here with them) n both Tanu n suresh leaves n Pragya reads letter
" I have never seen characterless girl like you, you love me n making babies with suresh, how could you do this to me, n top of that telling me, you are doing all this for us, n our future, just f@*k off, I don't need you or your love, or this baby, don't try to even contact me, if you will do, I will leave signing n will not perform in any concert ok, I have move on in life, pls don't complicate things for me n forget me for ever "
She just throws letter in dustbin, n without any other reaction goes to sleep
Next day in evening, there was abhi's concert, he was waiting eagerly, waiting for letter from Pragya, but he didn't receive anything, he had called, Purab,bulbul, Mami for concert, as per Pragya she was going to meet him today n he had planned that tonight itself he will get married to her, he didn't wanted to wait any farther but still, she didn't turn up, he was in his van having drinks in tension n was feeling low, as his name announced, he went on stage n started singing lkk kudi ( udta Punjab) he was just about to lose his balance n fall but Pragya came on stage n hold him from behind, abhi turned n looks, he was amazed to see her, for second he thought he was dreaming her, she too looks straight in his eyes n sings agar tum saath Ho, after while he also sings along with her n as song finishes he kisses her passionately on lips n she too respond in same way, he then puts hand on her tummy n says "I was waiting to feel my baby" Pragya looks at him surprisingly n thinks "how he already knows" but didn't ask him anything n hugs him tight, he breaks hug n announces, " meet my fuggy, my Pragya, my wife, n soon to be mummy of my junior rockstar, I'm only body, she is my hear n soul" then takes her in his arms n sings Sab tera ( baaghi ) n she also joins, Tanu sees all this n goes to reporter n tells everything about Pragya's past, n then smirks looking at Abhigya, ( Pragya now you are gone,)
After concert there was press, waiting for abhi to answer their questions
"Why was Pragya in jail for so many yrs??"
" is it true she killed her own father??", N many more, Pragya couldn't hear it n was about to go, but abhi hold her hand n said,"yes all you said is true but it's half truth, she was in jail, she killed her father but still she is innocent, pure soul for me, she killed him because he tried to rape her younger sister, his own daughter, she went to jail, because she didn't wanted to waste money to fight against him in court, n rather spend it on her sister's education n future, she gave up her life for other, she stayed away from me for whole 6 months so I can concentrate on my work, n yes I love her n I'm not ashamed about it, I'm proud on my love" kisses her on lips in front of media n after hearing they all apologise abhi n Pragya n respect them for their true love, n said " truly made for each other couple, against all odds their love didn't get affected" Tanu cannot see her with abhi n feared that now, Pragya will with abhi n deliver baby, so she quickly come to Pragya n told, " look nothing doing, you are still going to stay with us, I don't think it's good idea that you travel to Mumbai at this stage of pregnancy, you are almost 7 months pregnant"
P: but Tanu
A( cuts in) she is right, ( looks at Pragya n puts his hand on her tummy) traveling is not good for you n baby, you should stay, infact I was thinking to move in with you
T: ya of course, you are most welcome, I call home n ask Servent to make arrangements for you
P: really, you want to move in
A: ( puts arms around her) yes, I have already missed on so many things, I can't able to miss out any farther ok
Just then bulbul comes running n hugs Pragya," Di, I missed you, I always felt some connection with you, but why Di, you go to such extend just for me"
P:( eyes were filled with tears) pagal, you are only family I had, I'm selfish I did all this for me, all this gave me, the most imp thing in my life ( hugs abhi n bulbul)
A: come on let's go, I have surprise for you
P: what??
B: come Di, let me help you ( make her wear bridal wear )
Pragya was speechless, she couldn't have imagined that she got all the happiness in one day
They all reached near by temple, n performed all rituals, finally they were married, that night she went with abhi to the hotel
As they reached hotel, abhi takes Pragya in his arms n enter their room n puts her on bed, n was about to kiss her n she shouts, "ouch"
A: what happen??
P: baby just kicked,
A:is it painful
P: no, it was sudden, so
A:( kisses her on tummy n talks to baby) pls don't hurt my fuggi
P: fuggi??
A: ya, you are all round like ballon, so fuggi
P: ( pouts) I'm I that fat
A: it's pregnancy, n you should be like this
P: like this, forever ??
A: no, once baby comes, he will make you dance on toes, n you will be back to shape ( laughs)
P:( throws pillow) I'm not talking to you
A: I also want to talk ( passionately kisses her on lips n she also kisses back n both slowly starts cuddling ) is it ok in pregnancy
P: what ?? sex
A: ya
P: maybe, I don't know
A: then let's find out ( pulls blanket n slowly n gently, they finally made out)

Hope you'll like it, pls comment
Next part on Wednesday
Happy reading

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