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Abhigya FF: agar tum saath Ho, part 10 updated on pg 9 (Page 7)

Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2016 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Bilna

Missing your updates

Sorry to keep you waiting
Will post soon

Maggie11 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2016 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Part 7

Both catch their breath, "I said you in morning, we will not have sex often, then why"said Pragya
Abhi: Because you bring out best in me, actually I'm bitten by love bug (shows her love bite, which she gave him last night, just below his neck) so now, I'm hopelessly, crazy mad about you, you have intoxicated me
Pragya:(blushing) ok let's leave, we have to perform
Abhi: after this performance, I'm dead man, i have no energy
Pragya: (tries to change topic) pls Abhi, don't be so lazy
Abhi: actually, I have taken leave for both of us, for that only I came here to surprise you, but you surprised me with that friend of yours
Pragya: oh suresh
Abhi: don't take his name, I may kill him right now, how dare he hugged you,
Pragya (tried to control her laugh) soo you were jealous
Abhi: pls Pragya,I don't want to talk about this now,
Pragya: cool down, he is married to super model Tanu, maybe you didn't notice, even she was there
Abhi:(took deep breath) ok but stil, I can't see you anyone's arm ok
Pragya: ( hugs) oh Abhi, don't be so possessive about me, now come on let's go from here,
Abhi: will go at my place, help me for tomorrow competition, let's go
When they reached, Pragya was amazed, his room was full of different kinds of music instruments,
Which clearly showed his love for music,
A: so which song do you think I should sing, how about main tenu samjawa ki
P: no, you should sing song that represents you n not your personal life, song should be like you telling world that you are the one n only rockstar, you should sing zindagi aa raha hu main
A: wow Pragya, I love this song
P: I know this song truly defines you n your passion
A: (told a her hand) you will be there with me, on stage tomorrow pls don't say no, you are my inspiration
P: but how can I be on stage
A: ok then you have to stand in front row, right before me, I want to look only at you when I sing as you are my zindagi
P: ok just for you, I will be there before time, n make sure you see me ok
A: ( hugs) I love you
P: I love you too, I think I should leave now
A: pls go after some time
P: no, I listen to you, now you listen to me n go to sleep n wake up early then practise ok, I'm leaving now
A: ok, wait I will drop you
P: no, I will manage
A: call me or msg me when you reach home, without fail ok love
P: ok, promise now let me go
After sometime he received msg "I have reached home safely n now pls pls go to sleep n rock the stage tomorrow, love you"
Next day
Abhi was shocked, Pragya came to collage without wearing her burka to surprise Abhi n she achieved it totally, he started singing zindagi aa raha hu main followed by jeena jeena, while continuously looking at her. Pragya was standing in first row, n blushing,"you rock today Abhi" she shouted when he finished, all were shouting for once more, he was at his best performance n he won the competition as well as contract for 3 concert in one year, he came running to Pragya n shouted love you Pragya n then hugged her, n again
A: love you Pragya
P: love you too my rockstar
A: it's all because of you love, it was your vision that I can make it this big, love you
P: shut up, it's all your talent
A: promise me, you will come this way to collage always
P: no
A: do it, if you love me, I want you see like this always,
P: ok, n stop your emotional drama
A: love you
Pragya started to coming to collage without burka, at first many would look at her strangely but soon she made some new friends, whole collage knew about Abhigya, they were named love birds by their friends
Next month, it was Abhi's first concert, he was nervous n waiting for Pragya, he kept on calling but there was no response, he asked bulbul to try from her cell, but same there was no answer, only 10 minutes were left for his performance n suddenly, aaliya came backstage n gave him letter from Pragya, abhi was surprised to see aaliya n then shocked to receive letter like this from Pragya
"By the time you read this letter, I will be gone far away, pls don't waste your time to find me, I will find you whenever it's needed
Promise me you will not back out from today's concert n all coming opportunities, you will always give your best, n become biggest rockstar, never look back n get upset, I'm always there with you, just close your eyes n you will see me, waiting for you
I know it's going to be difficult but trust me it's worth it, I will also be going through same thing but I'm ready for this sacrifice, are you ready?? We should give ourself time, to understand each other better, pls don't be angry with me.
Love you always"
Abhi was in tears, he was stunned, he looked at aaliya n asked her what kind of joke is this?? When he shows letter to aaliya, she also was shocked n told him that she herself don't know what was written in letter, bulbul asked Abhi to cool down n first finish concert n then, we will find her, she wanted you to become successful so pls continue with concert, he agreed n started with song jee kar da ( badlapur) public had gone crazy with his performance ( while singing he thought of meeting Pragya's Mami, he got happy) next he sang khamoshiya ( khamoshiya ), n it went on, it was biggest hit till date, for new comer like Abhi, there was party after concert but he didn't attain n straight went to bulbul house to meet maami
Maami: come beta, I was expecting you
A: how do you know if I was coming n pls tell me where is Pragya
Maami: I know after reading letter you will come, but sorry, she didn't inform me where is she going but has assure me that she will take care of herself n asked me to tell you that, you should only concentrate on singing, n not to worry about her
A: I'm not going to leave her so easy, I will find her (get angry n goes )
He then goes to police station to log missing complain but when he entered police station, inspector ask him to come in his cabin
Inspector: beta, you wasting your time
Abhi: ( he was shocked) sir, you know her n you are supporting her
Inspector: yes I know her n I will always supported her, when she was in jail, i had told her to say truth but she didn't wanted to make issue out of this, as that will spoil bulbul's life, she said,"if matter went to court, then hearings n all this will be in media n case will not solve, mohan's elder brother was advocate, n he will win the case or will never let it get over, I will not waste money in fighting case instead this money I will spend on bulbul education"
Abhi: (was speechless )
Inspector: pls beta, if she tells you don't try to find her then pls don't, respect her decision, I'm sure there maybe something good to happen
Abhi: (thinks for while)you are right, I will not try to find her now, n will fulfil her dream, she will know I love her so much
3months past, there was no clue or letter or any other info about Pragya, Abhi was heart broken, somehow bulbul manage to convince Abhi to move in with her at their apartment as in that way she can make sure he is alright, Abhi left his job at pub, he would concentrate on studies n music, have dinner n went early to bad, this was routine he was following, he had forgot to laugh, at times bulbul tried but all in vein,
One day she thought to call Purab n take his help
Purab: hey
Bulbul: hi, so when are you coming back
Purab: maybe next month
Bulbul: so what are you doing nowadays
Purab: working with Fashion designer suresh as trainee
Bulbul: wow, really, I'm so excited
Purab: so tell me what's problem
Bulbul: how do you know??
Purab: you are hyper, it's only when you have any problem
Bulbul: ok, it's Pragya n Abhi ( tells him everything)
Purab: oh my god, do you have her pic, I can search here in Delhi
Bulbul: do you have memory lose, you have seen her, how can you forget
Purab: sorry but that night in pub lights were dim n after that I came here so I have not seen her properly
Bulbul: I don't have with me right now but will send you in sometime bye take care, see you soon
Purab: ok love n cuts call
Bulbul was surprised but liked what he said

Pls leave comments if you'll like it
Happy reading

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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nice updatee

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Nice update waiting for next updates
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Originally posted by Bilna

Nice update waiting for next updates

Next update, Will post on Saturday
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Part 8

Bulbul send Pragya pic, n tried to ask Purab about love thing that he told her while he ended cal earlier but he just gave some excuse like love her like friend nothing else, after few weeks past, still There was no positive response from Purab about Pragya, he didn't find her in Delhi, Abhi was getting lost in himself day by day, only work n studies, he was giving correspondence exams, he had sign some more contracts of AD shoot n some songs for movies.
5months past from day pragya went, today was abhi's second concert he was more eager to receive letter from Pragya rather then excited about his concert, which was in Delhi, he had install cctv around whole area, so if Pragya is coming n giving letter to someone n then passing it to him, he could find her but, He was disappointed when it was almost time for him performance n he still not received letter, just then he his eyes fell on beautiful red roses with white envelop In it, he rushed to it n opened letter, it was from Pragya
"Hi, I missed you so much, n congrats for your achievements, I have heard all your songs, they are simply amazing but why sad kind, sing love song, I have request, can you sing sanam re, which you wrote, when we were sitting in library, it awesome, I'm sure that will be super hit song of this year, I'm doing fine, so don't worry for me, i know you must be thinking I have gone insane that I left you like this, but trust me, it's worth it, I'm happy that you shift to bulbul's place, so you don't feel lonely n maami n bulbul can take better care of you, as your best friend is also not there with you, n I had told you that no need to find me but you don't listen, you went to maami then police station even ask Purab to find me n now your new drama, cctv everywhere, really you are mad, if I said you can't find me means you can't ok but I think we will meet soon, it's been 5months n I'm getting restless to meet you, feel you n to love you, but will wait for right time, all the best for today's concert, Next letter at next concert bye love you n missing you a lot"
Abhi closed the eyes n kissed the letter, "I love you Pragya n missing you like hell" just then Abhi name was announced on stage, he started with song sanam re, then bas ithni si baath hain n it went on, fans were getting crazy n out of control just to reach him, ground was full n all cheering for him, but his eyes where searching for Pragya
After concert,he was bombarded with question from reporters about is he in love, is he is having that someone special for whom he sang all songs n it went on, he calmly gave all answers to them, he said "yes I'm in love, but she is not here we are playing hide n seek, as soon as I find her, you'll will know, who is she ," but didn't disclose her name n said"its personal" n then he went to cctv room n he ask his men if any of them find Pragya or anything suspicious in cctv footage after almost hour,
One of them pointed out lady in black gown giving red roses with white envelope to security, Abhi quickly looked at it but it was not Clear vision n it doesn't seem like Pragya, she was quite fat, so he was disappointed, it was not Pragya n he turned n was about to go from there n one of other security guy said that lady is talking to Some guy n now you can look her face clearly, he rushed to look
Abhi was shocked, it was her n tear formed at corner of his eye in happiness but soon it turn in anger when he saw, suresh with her,(he gets angry ) she was smiling n gave side hug to suresh, after watching this n his anger reached to some different level, in anger he trash the monitor on which he saw footage, he quickly made some calls n find out suresh home address n started driving fast, while driving he was thinking same thing again n again, Pragya giving side hug to him n smiling, suddenly he realised Pragya was more or less rounded, gained lots of weight, n it looked like she was pregnant n he suddenly pulled break n stopped car, he reached just before suresh mansion


This is going to be my baby n no one can take him from me said Tanu to herself n laughs

Sorry for short update, n Pls comment if you'll like it
Happy reading

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Bilna Newbie

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Posted: 17 June 2016 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Maggie u just stopped at the point of suspense my god will abhi think it is someone else's child don't know what to think and I hate tanu expecting ur next updates soon

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Originally posted by Bilna

Maggie u just stopped at the point of suspense my god will abhi think it is someone else's child don't know what to think and I hate tanu expecting ur next updates soon

For that you have to wait may be till Sunday
I will post next on Sunday, I'm not that bad as cvs of kkb

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