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I return with an appeasing gift for you all, a story was promised after I played a prank on many members of this forum..I admit this story is long overdue..but I've been stuck up to my nostrils in books..revising for exams and at the same time preparing for my brothers wedding which is due to take place in just over a month..so it's pretty safe to say that I have had a lot on my plate

I hope the content compensates for the enduring of the long absence in await for a story..enjoy the read!

NOTE: Mature content


The moment they had left the house until upon reaching their destination, Twinkle sensed a change of attitude in Kunj..she was given the silent treatment by him all the way throughout..even after having entered their hotel room in Mumbai, this irked her..the day before they embarked on their journey, Twinkle dreamt and fantasised about the thought of her and Kunj being alone for a week, having their own space where no one could disturb them..a smile crept on her face at the thought of fulfilling her promises and granting Kunj's wishes

"He's the one that planned this trip" Twinkle thought
"Why is he acting so cold towards me, did I do something wrong" Twinkle reminisced in deep thought recalling doing anything that may have upset Kunj

Kunj threw his luggage on the bed and headed into the shower..Twinkle tried to speak to him before he escaped into the bathroom

"Kunj listen to..." He disappeared before Twinkle could finish off her sentence

Twinkle felt like she was the only soul in the room even though Kunj was there with her.."Could he possibly be angry because I hadn't yet".."No..no, he couldn't be could he?"

Twinkle paced the length of the room numerous times before she gathered up courage to ask Kunj why he was behaving with her in this manner, why he was not talking to her

Kunj was standing in the balcony adjacent to their room, sipping on a mug of black coffee..Twinkle encircled her arms around from behind him, she sensed him tense up and trying to escape from her grip

"Kunj..are you upset with me because you've had to wait for quite long.."?..Twinkle spoke nervously..Kunj moved a distance from her still not having made eye contact

A lone tear ran down Twinkles cheek..she didn't like how Kunj was ignoring her..couldn't he see she was trying to talk to him, besides that she was totally oblivious to the cause of his anger and silence which upset her all the more

After what felt like ages, the clock struck noon, Kunj headed down to the kitchen of the hotel followed by Twinkle

Lunch was awkward as neither talked, Kunj gave an excuse of having a migraine and got up to make his way back to their room..as they got in to the lift which was quite full with people, Kunj felt Twinkle press against him, without giving it a thought..Kunj wound his arm around her waist, protecting her from getting hurt by the turbulence of the lift and from people pushing into her..Twinkle gave a slight smile at this gesture

As the lift travelled up towards each floor it soon became filled with many bodies that it was difficult to fit anymore people into it, Twinkle leaned further back into him..her backside was nuzzling his penis..Kunj froze and it was getting hard for him to handle this proximity..the lift halted to a stop on floor 13th, it was time for Kunj and Twinkle to get off

Kunj ran into the bathroom to calm his hormones..if it was up to him he would take Twinkle this instance..but he had to control himself, he knew she wasn't ready and he didn't want to do anything with her that she wasn't ready for

Kunj knew Twinkle was hurting with the way he was behaving with her..but he had to keep distance from her for his own insanity..her each action, touch and look of love aroused him, he knew her fear and nervousness will have doubled of being alone with him in a hotel room, he knew it was different at home..therefore it was even more important to keep his distance with her as he didn't want to scare Twinkle

As Kunj emerged from the bathroom he stiffened at the sight of Twinkle dressed in black underwear with a see through split centre open gown layered on top, she ran to him and engulfed him into a hug

"I need you Kunj"..cried Twinkle "I'm sorry"..he sensed desperation in her voice..he broke her away from the hug still continuing his hold onto her and cursed himself for yet again bringing tears to her eyes..he regretted giving her the silent treatment, he felt it was the right thing to do for Twinkles sake..but he was far from right, he realised just how selfish he had acted towards her

Kunj wiped the tears off her face and carried her into his arms, he ever so gently placed her on to the bed and turned to walk away only to be pulled back by Twinkle gripping his hand..her eyes conveyed to be given love tonight..he let out a sigh and Twinkle hugged him around the waist, fear of him leaving her evident from her breathing

"Twinkle, you are going to hate me in the morning"..Kunj felt somewhere Twinkle was only doing this for his needs and disregarding her hesitance..he was unsure of whether she was fully ready

"Kunj..PLEASE" emphasised Twinkle

An unsure Kunj hesitated for a minute or two until he decided to give into Twinkles plea..he was ready to welcome her hate when morning arrives..but in this moment his wife needed him and he wasn't going to deprive her of that..he has already hurt her so much and didn't want to hurt her further

Kunj lifted Twinkle on top of him in a standing position, she had her legs wrapped around his abdomen, they had their heads infused into each other's necks, Kunj swayed with her making sure she was comfortable before moving onto foreplay

He made her sit on the edge of the bed and got up to dim the lights..he felt Twinkle grip his hand again

"I'm right here Twinkle" he said placing a kiss on her forehead..Twinkles eyes followed him without blinking and breathed a sigh of relief seeing him dim the room lights

Kunj knelt on the floor, his head level with her knees..Twinkle clutched onto the bedsheets as Kunj left a trail of kisses from her knees to her thighs..the gown was pulled off over her head and Kunj began placing soft kisses on her stomach encircling his arm around her back and digging his head deeper into her abdomen, Twinkles breathing started to become fast and shallow as Kunj began sucking onto the skin surrounding her hips and teasing her panties down millimetre by millimetre 

Twinkles breath hitched at the thought of Kunj removing the barrier off of her which was the only piece of clothing hindering him from joining with her..Kunj sensed her hesitation and decided to provide her with more foreplay

Kunj sat himself next to her and took her fingers into her mouth, sucking onto each one making him erect harder, he kissed her up the arm and followed the length of her neck by placing soft erotic licks on to it..her grip on his jeans was driving him crazy, he wanted to be inside her already

He teased the straps of her bra with his teeth and pulled each one down, he signalled her to lie down flat on the bed to which Twinkle obliged

"God she's beautiful"..Kunj thought as twinkle lay there in partial nakedness..a strong moan was heard from Twinkle as Kunj bit into each nipple, brushing his nose around each areola and taking in her natural scent with a hint of sheer butter..he was now in close proximity of her lips..he placed kisses on the corners of her mouth making Twinkle turn to catch his lips..but Kunj did not let their mouths touch, he lingered kisses all over her face..first on each eye..then each earlobe and the skin behind the ears..then her nose and lastly her chin..she felt him hovering over her lips and without warning she felt him engage in deep kisses entering deeper each time and pleading access to play with her tongue

Twinkle arched towards him as he made his way towards the forbidden place which only he held rights to, it gave him immense pleasure to be the lucky guy that could devour her core and make her lose her senses by providing touch..Kunj placed wet kisses down the centre of her body and stopped when he reached down there..he went back up to her and placed his forehead onto hers and silently asked for permission..she kissed his nose and gave him the go ahead

It gave leaps and bounds of pleasure to Kunj upon noticing how wet Twinkle was and the thought of him being the cause of it impressed him so much..the fabric was damp with desire..the more Kunj made her wait the wetter she was becoming..today was all about pleasuring Twinkle and he would make sure he extracts the deepest orgasms from within her..with one swift stride Kunj removed her panties..he took a second to appreciate her beauty..Twinkle felt shy and placed her hands over her core..Kunj kissed her hand reassuring her that there was nothing to worry about

As Kunj placed her core into his mouth..Twinkles breathing got faster, her grip on his hair tightened, each stroke and lick of her labia made Twinkle moan in ecstasy..as Kunj sucked on to her c***oris Twinkle convulsed into multiple orgasms and writhed against Kunj's mouth pouring her fluids into him..each time she reached the tip of her orgasm Kunj bought her back to reality..his tease was making her ache of wanting him inside her..her vagina was painfully tight and Kunj felt her surrender, she was ready

Kunj removed his clothing and was amazed at how erect he was..his length was throbbing to be inside her..without waiting he slowly guided his tip into her..allowing her time to adjust to the foreign body inside her that was claiming her virginity..her initial pain was evident on her face as Kunj witnessed her lips turn white from biting into them..he placed apologetic kisses onto her face and whispered a sorry into her ears, Twinkle snaked her arms around his neck and buried her face into his neck

The pain started getting stronger, she was blowing heavy breaths into his neck..Kunj placed her right leg over one of his shoulders..and entered her further with caution..he felt her ease, she motioned her hips side to side..she wanted him to go faster..each stroke erupted multiple moans from both Twinkle and Kunj

Ecstasy erupted through every fibre of their bodies..Twinkle felt every thrust and her being dissolved in a explosion of pleasure..the feel of him driving into her pulsating core, filling his fluids into her had her climaxing 

She bit into his shoulder from crying out loud from the pleasures he was providing her with..she felt like she was in heaven, she didn't want this feeling to end

One last time Kunj shoved deep inside her until he could go no further..they were both inching towards climax, she felt Kunj's fluids shoot inside her, her vagina continued to spasm around his shaft, it clenched around his length..Kunj ushered her to let go in order to achieve her climax, she moaned so loudly upon reaching her edge and writhed under him as she reached her climax..he continued with slow strokes allowing her body to recover from the release..as he felt her loosen her grip he slipped out of her and rolled onto his side

Sweat making their bodies stick to each other as he cradled her into him and watched her body give up and be taken over by weakness, he placed a kiss on her forehead and watched her drift off into sleep as the encounter had tired her out..soon sleep overtook him too and both lay their joint together like a jigsaw puzzle..a perfect fit!

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RESSS! I literally have not read a word of this but I just knew what it was as soon as I saw your name LOL Working on a paper right now, this will be my prize once I'm done LOL. I am hoping for a shirtless Kunj Wink Will be back later, you'll prolly see my comment in the morning haha.

^ I just realized how stupid I am, OFC Kunj is gonna be shirtless. Okay I need to go finish so I can come back LOL.
Omg Inayah, holy cannoli. I don't mind being fooled that badly every month if this is the prize! It's nearing 3am here and I am like just omg. Honestly your writing skills and ability to pen your ideas down so beautifully never fails to impress me, you truly are a gifted writer! I adored the way you showed these two with the growing sexual tension and the extreme hesitancy. Hayeee Kunj ONLY cared about her feelings, her being comfortable, just everything was so pure and beautiful. I love these two and I love how you depicted the moment they become one. I would say more but you basically just deserve all types of praise haha. So so beautifully written, loved it!

And good luck with all your exams and omg enjoy your brother's wedding! <3

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Good Lord that was so tastefully written and so wonderfully sketched out. I have literally no words! Really worth the wait!

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Originally posted by teddyyy

RESSS! I literally have not read a word of this but I just knew what it was as soon as I saw your name LOL Working on a paper right now, this will be my prize once I'm done LOL. I am hoping for a shirtless Kunj Wink Will be back later, you'll prolly see my comment in the morning haha.

^ I just realized how stupid I am, OFC Kunj is gonna be shirtless. Okay I need to go finish so I can come back LOL.

You know me too well LOL

I hope is suffices enough as a gift..it may not be the best but I hope it pleases you to a certain extent

Well..I haven't emphasised on a shirtless Kunj but just imagine him shitless when you reach the mature content LOL

I look forward to reading your view and input x

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Y dnt u kill me once and for all..
This ws perfection.. Whenever i see ur name below the OS..
A smile make its way on my face... And i knw tht i am in for a treat... 
I jus Love ur writings!!! 
Keep writing  babe... I am ur Fan.. 

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This is beautifully penned.
Loved it.

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super HOT os..

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beautifully written..hot os..Embarrassed

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