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Ishq ka Rang Safed

all's not well, that just begins!

Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2016 at 8:53pm | IP Logged

IKRS Tuesday 12th April 2016 ep 216 My Take ~ all's not well that just begins!

The devil once again has the upper hand, quite easily as the family he deals with is devoid of   foresight.  Effortlessly Raja  can blow dust  in the respectable family's eyes . Much to his advantage the majority of the Tirpathi's see things  on face value ,that which looks and sounds good, bar one person Viplav, the bane of Raja's life. Awasthis fluke  about leaving has the whole family  pleading for them  to stay. One by one all members from the girl's mother right up to grand old man begs Raja to stay back. The air is tense and finally the attention is diverted to the cause of Raja s exit   Dhani!   Kanak clearly sees her as the culprit . But Dhani  is preoccupied with the notion , fairly sane too , if Raja leaves then he will be out of their sight , and they will be at a loss to  gauge what treatment he is likely  to give Shalu.  Time to go! but this time  Dhani stops them much to Viplav's angst.. Sulochana waits upon the moment when  hot coals  can be heaped on  Dhani's head!  Of course she needs to instigate the  right person who has the liberty to rip  Dhani apart ,her mother in law. Kanak lambasts  Dhani  that in their household a SIL is nothing short of a god and  she has  disrespected  their god ! so  Dhani  has to  publically before all  with head bowed down and folded palms seek Raja's pardon! Viplav loathes the idea , even commands her not to! but  Dhani publically  so to speak defies her husband  ,in the hope that her priority of the moment is to save the situation! Viplav   she will deal with later! Thus Dhani's apology an asking Raja to stay back is seen as a moral victory by all who hate Dhani .The Awasthi's, Dashrant , Kanak delight  in their wickedness that  Dhani has been brought low ,her face rubbed on the ground. Sadly none can recognise the girl's true worth, to sacrifice her seemingly self respect for the greater good of her new family. Raja deceives all , when he  tells  Dhani , that he will stay but in future he is  not prepared to comprise  his self respect so let it be known to his bhabi ji  he will not put up with her warped mistakes! For  Dhani in the eyes of the gods ,she scales  far above  from the  rich ,powerful  and learned individuals of the Tirpathis .Even Dashrant the high priest of Banaras is dwarfed beneath the moral  height  of  Dhani.. and lowly girl who puts  others first and serves others as her faith!

Now to appeasing her god of love , her husband Viplav..who lets off steam at shooting ball at the basket in the privacy of his room. His rage takes the better of him, he fails to see purpose in Dhani s ultimate apology that the dirty  Awasthi's angled for and got out of her. All he can see is rage against the rascal fiend Raja. Viplav has never accepted him and never will.. Raja was a conniving,  digressing ,deviating , diverging devil! who detours his deeds and damns all others especially  Viplav's wife  Dhani!  Dhani has the tender ,loving job of talking through with her husband  of the rationale behind  her apology . To restrict, restrain and confine  Raja in  AN so he can be monitored and stopped from harming Shalu!  but Viplav is concerned about Shalu with the scoundrel in the same room.  Dhani assures Viplav , the doubts she planted in Shalu's mind should keep her away  from Raja's advances.  This section Raja over hears as he happens to be passing Viplav and  Dhani's room ,and thus with a content smile he decides to use  this most hated couple's  very strategy  of sowing misgivings, mistrust , to his advantage! But Dhani decides to cool her beloved husband off! and suggests he take her out for some ice cream to  divert  his highly strung   mood..

Raja  knows which buttons on Viplav to make his life hell! He knows Viplav can't stand the sight of him and so he instigates  his wife and both Shalu and Raja barge into the car  which Viplav sat in to take  Dhani for a spin. Raja knows Viplav loathes him making references to  Dhani and the past in their family .. and Raja uses that as a weapon ,with the view to spoil  Viplav and  Dhani's evening. Shalu  is primed to big his image him ,by saying  that Raja is so  amicable and forgiving ,that despite all he still wishes to make amends with  Dhani   babhi  for the sake of family harmony. Raja taunts Viplav  ,as he touches on   pleasant memories where in the past his older brother used to take them out to eat ice cream! The idea is to plant doubts  in Viplav's mind that him and   Dhani as Suman bhabi were very close. He went far into knowing her favourite flavour too.. but then  Viplav was not jealous of this cheapster ,as he trusts his wife completely ,it was more so to share the same space as this burden on the earth  Raja.  Fed up they return home and Raja thinks he's scored a moral victory by causing  distances  between Viplav and  Dhani.. Viplav finds it difficult to keep his lid on! but every second   Dhani  holds him and  appeals to him to keep it together. Raja meanwhile enjoys winding Viplav up , more because he  knows Viplav is at his mercy to listen to  his rubbish ,  as he cannot do much due to  Shalu being there!  More of Raja's guile at home when Viplav  goes to his room in a mood.. Raja tells Dashrant innocently, don't know what's happened ,he was only trying to bond with Viplav... so he plants doubts in dada and dadi's mind that its Viplav who wants to carry on with the animosity..

Kitchen kanaks's territorial empire  from which  Dhani the widow is banned.. joke but  why is   Kanak there , she's the   misfit as her widow  rule applies to her and not to  Dhani who is married...dhani enters the kitchen ,is told to leave  by   Kanak , but  Dhani poses her a question , how come she was allowed in to cook for the bhoj?   Kanak is gobsmacked by  Dhani's insolent  retort.. Viplav  hears  Dhani and pulls her out of the kitchen and takes her in foyer so an audience can gather! and gives   Dhani a good firing  for back chatting to his mother that which he finds unacceptable he yells at  Dhani  with a finger pointed in her face!she'shis mother!she can say what she likes to her ,she shouldn't answer back!  He yells, everybody is annoying him ,if she too annoys him where is  he meant to go? Dashrant has a smile on his face and he thanks the gods that Viplav is over this widow! Viplav yells whenever his mother went against her ,he always took her side!and stop crying   Dhani!if mother isn't happy! Shalu isn't happy!then how can he remain happy? and if he is not happy! then how is he expected to keep her happy  Dhani he bellows in her tearful face!.. from today no matter  what his mother says she will not answer her back! He warns and wags his finger in her face!..the elation on  Dhani's foes is noteworthy! And seeing his finger raised  up..and she turns and leaves as Viplav yells he has not finished yet!..

 Dhani enters her room ,dazed and crying. Viplav follows her , and shuts the door..and so does  Kanak for more possible fireworks.. she eavesdrops  outside the door.. Viplav turns her round to face him and glares at her ,then growls,  he has not finished yet! Outside Kanak strains for more  fighting.. Viplav wipes  Dhani's tears from her cheeks with his fingers.. his eyes soften and  she looks up at him with tearful yet smiling  eyes as he gathers his love in his arms and whispers to her ,seems the plan has worked.. Dhani snuggles against his shoulder and gives a broad smile.. if to hoodwink and throw dust in  others eyes is the war tactic, then Viplav and Dhani too will fight guile with guile ,deception with deception.. 

For starters,its again camera on ra...then its was usual gunning dhani galore! Dashrant's hate for dhani  was so evident today. No wonder raja is always in his elements.. both viplav ,dhani scenes were great..Raja  dosen't quite beilef   vioplav and dhani that viplav will be proclaimed heir  ..raja will come out with some more nasty deeds.. hamlet53 13. 4. 16

Precap: Dashrant asks Viplav the  reason  for falling out with   Dhani? Viplav replies he  cannot take anyone go against his mother,   for  Dhani he went against all his family, he tells his mother ,he was selfish, didn't think about others ,so now he has decided dadaji ji that he wants to take over the responsibilities of this house ,being the son of this household.. Dashrant announces, after Navratri  I will declare Viplav as my sole heir.. Raja and his mother are devastated!


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revathirk Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2016 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Thanx  hammi...for d wonderful update ll b interesting to watch cute cat fights of vidha...Smile

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Mishfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Have not watched the last few episodes, but this explains the whole thing so precisely.
Thanks for the lovely update.
I liked the title too!

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pearl82 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Thanks hammmie for a brilliant takeClap

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sanvid Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot Hammie...

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Tahsinomi Senior Member

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Hammie ,
i loved ur can u give title to every single episode?really amaging.
it was a very interesting episode,nice plan by viplab dhani,provoking raja to come out if his shell n viplab gining d trust of his family by disrespecting dhani.
very well said mahant DT is nothing in comparison to dhani,a true devotee of God.i love d way dhani teaches viplab things.once upon a time viplab taught dhani how to take a stand for her dignity,here dhani teaches viplab how to handle delicate relations.perfect couple..
u r such a great writer hammie,i learn new English words from u everyday.yes u put some words together n together they make magic,ur storytelling is just perfect.always gives me d feel of watching d episode live.ClapStar

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pearl100 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged

Dear Hammie Big smile...I thoroughly enjoyed the episode ...When the demon himself wanted to leave they could have bid him farewell na but no the tripathi's have to beg him to stay...the blame as usual falls on dhani...Kanak and sulochana belong to chudails club LOL,they have been trained pretty well you see...mauka dekhte hi dhani pe attack especially kanak with her hands and  claws always itching to slap and pull everyone's hair LOL

Dhani is a fore thinker, she is the one who is always been composed...she apologized to raja despite viplav's protest and wow look at the way all chudail's and demons face glows ...noor hai unlogo ki chehron pe LOL...Dhani dhani my respect for her increases day by day...viplav did some punya to have her by his side...she always put others before her...So much she does for shalu later shalu should be extremely grateful to her.

We do get chota cool right viplav needs it now and then LOL...jab dimag garam hoga toh thodi der ke liye chota cool mai rakh sakta hai LOL Dhani calms and reasons with him that its better to keep your enemy closer. Raja overhears the conversations where dhani speaks of shak ki beej and he tries to implement the same seed of doubt against them...dhani plz close the door next time you see dewaron ko bhi kaan hote hai.

Aww viplav asks dhani to have paan such a sweet moment in spite of so much tension around here comes the chipkali ya blu kabab mai haddi...i totally get viplav's frustration he is so getting on his nerves...they leave the place.

Now comes my favourite part of the episode...kanak with her do not enter the kitchen tag to dhani should have been beware of me mai katthi hu bhi chikti hu chillati hu lol dhani retorts back saying why when can cook for mahabhoj why not now??

Viplav drags her to the hall warns her not to say anything to his mother her saas...they fight for some time gather the God such glows on DT kanak and the avasthi's faces's been some time to see them smiling LOL mujhe toh badi hassi ayi thi especially looking at DT who kya tha he was the moon , the sun itni chamak dhamak chehre pe  LOLhaan haan hass le jina hasna hai baad mai rona bhi toh hai ...for viplav and dhani will have the last laugh.Dhani and viplav leave with kanak on their toes full of eavesdroppers around the house...luckily they close the door and hug...the plan is damn good...kanta ko kanta hi nikal sakta hai ...chal ko chal se hi baazi mar sakte hai...The precap is good raja and his amma have their faces burning when viplav takes the AN's responsibility and he is going to be the official heir soon.

As usual you have written extremely well Clap...loved reading your take...waiting for your next part...till then take care.Big smile

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captkirk Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2016 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Enjoyed reading a lot. Thank you.

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