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Hi this topic is only for those members who are way behind from the actual storyline of KTH which is showing in India. And thats y sometime they have problems to understand the updates given by our dear coolbies.so enjoy

Piyush and Sujal have an argument and Veena who has heard them fight is shocked to know that it is Kashish on whom they are fighting. All the sisters and the Professor share an emotional moment. Rishi gives a card to Mehek to be given to Mauli, which makes Mehek weep. It is decided that Kashish and Piyush would be going to see the land for the Josh plant. Varun and Sanjana suddenly come back from abroad and surprise everyone.

Mauli doesn't accept Rishi's card when Mehek gives it but instead kisses it after Mehek leaves. Kashish is surprised to see Sujal joining her for the Palanpur trip. Rishi proposes Mehek and convinces her that he likes her and not Mauli. On their way to Palanpur, Kashish and Sujal stop at a well for water where their proximity increases. Mehek and Rishi share some romantic moments together. The 1-day Palanpur trip gets converted into an overnight trip putting Kashish into a shock.

Rishi has a mock fight with Aman and gang to impress Mehek. Rishi wants to take Mehek out which hurts Mauli when she hears it.

Sujal is not severely hurt. Everybody is worried about him and comes to see him. Drama happens when Piyush and Sujal come to see him. Kashish comes to ask for his health but situations make her to spend some time with him alone and drama goes on. When Piyush comes to see, they both end up with a lot of arguments on Kashish. Sujal challenges Piyush to try very hard to keep his wife away from him.

Mehek meets Kashish and explains about her helplessness to marry a person like Piyush. Sinha hears the conversation. He is very upset on thinking of the situations this might lead to.

Piyush and Kashish plan to go on a honeymoon and Sujal challenges Kashish...
Kashish decides to stay back and enjoy. All of the sudden, Sujal comes over like a spoilsport to ruin their program. Sujal insults Piyush in front of everyone and he is hurt. Piyush is about to hit Sujal when Kashish stops him.

Saniya wins the confidence of Piyush by her smart behaviour. Kashish is jealous of her. Sujal steps forward to help Kashish when Piyush is enjoying dinner with Saniya.

All of a sudden, Archie enters. Archie points to Kashish to be careful about Piyush and Sujal.

Rishi and Aman plan to capture Piyush's signature in a handy cam and so, they go to his office. Saniya also comes there. After some time, since it is raining, Piyush also comes there. Rishi and Aman see Piyush and Saniya when they express their affection towards eachother. Rishi and Aman plan to use this film to break Piyush and Kashish's marriage. However, Piyush learns of their plan and exposes the tape.

Mehek is injured. Sujal helps Kashish out of a situation when Piyush comes in the last moment. Everything goes back to normal. Sujal asks Piyush to be at the right place at the right time.

Rishi and Aman misuse the cheques of Piyush forge his sign. Piyush comes to know about this and wants to know who exactly took the amount. Rishi and Aman, with Archie's help, get the money transferred to Kashish's account. Piyush and Kashish suspect Sujal to be the culprit. At the same time, during the anniversary party, Rishi and Aman showcase the shot film to everyone at the party. Everyone is shocked. Kashish supports Piyush and tells everyone in the family that she believes strongly that Piyush is not responsible. Piyush goes to Banglore for a conference. Rishi and Aman also reach there. Rishi dresses himself as a female to enter Mouli's hostel.
Rishi and Ms Briganza motivate Saniya to get Piyush back. Piyush falls unconscious and ends up sleeping in Saniya's room. Sinha comes to the hotel room to meet Piyush and is shocked to see Piyush sleeping in Saniya's room.

Piyush tries to tell Sinha that it was a misunderstanding. However, Sinha doesn't believe it. He comes to take Kashish home.

Saniya promises Piyush to mend the damage done by her. She tells Kashish that though Piyush actually liked her (Saniya), wishes to stay married to Kashish. Kashish and Sinha are shocked.

The new drink is yet to be launched by Piyush and he wishes to win this battle against Sujal, as it is a dream project for Kashish. Archie is startled by Piyush's advertising strategies but Sujal is confident that he can do much better and win the battle.

Piyush finds out that his goods truck has been stopped for checking and has not yet reached the site and later they find that the police had found something wrong in their product.

Sujal plots this against Piyush to take revenge. Piyush works hard and his drink is a big hit even before it has been launched whereas Sujal still hasn't made any plans.

Piyush throws a launch party of his new drink Josh when the police officer comes and informs them that the drink can't be launched as drugs have been found in the final testing of the drink.

Piyush then plans to sell of his machinery as otherwise they would incur losses though he finds that it would be difficult getting buyers for his equipment. Finally, when he signs the contract with a buyer, he comes to know that his equipment has been brought by none other than Sujal.

Everybody at home is upset with Sujal's malignant action and Piyush's company's downfall. Sujal plans to launch his drink immediately though it seems impossible to others.

Rishi also comes to know of what has been happening at home from Aman. Piyush and Kashish are confronted by Sujal and Archie in a restaurant. Sujal sends flowers to Kashish and calls up Piyush. He tells him to wish her as her dream project has been launched by him. Sujal pays back the money that he had borrowed from Mr Khanna.

Piyush, CG and Lalit believe that a foreign collaboration will put back their business back into the track but Piyush still fears that Sujal might definitely try to harm him again. On the other hand, Sujal plans a deal with the Jindal Builders.

Kashish is awestruck when she hears Piyush's voice through a tape when he wishes her for Valentines Day. He wishes to buy her some jewellery, which she says she will take it from him after he gets his contract.

Archie surprises Sujal by flocking his office with flowers. Sujal acts behaves indifferently as he doesn't believe in love anymore. Archie wishes to be with him that night and celebrate the day but Sujal plans to celebrate it for a different reason.

Piyush is about to sign the contract with Mr Douglas when he finds Sujal's name in the contact and informs Mr Douglas that they are no more partners. Mr Douglas backs out and refuses to sign a contract with R and G.

Sujal has opened his new office in front of the R and G building. Piyush is sad that they can't celebrate, as he hasn't got the contract. Kashish comes to know that he hasn't got the contract from Sujal and feels bad as Sujal tries to create a misunderstanding between them.

Rishi manages to take Mouli to a hotel room alone and make love to her. On the other hand, everybody is worried about Mouli's absence from the hostel.

Rishi fools Mouli as he tells her that he is very sad about what happened between them the last night. Mouli comes back home with Rishi as Ms Briganza.

When Piyush is planning to sell off his property to Mr Kalia, Mr Jindal suggests that it will be better to sell off to the other buyer (Sujal) in order to get a higher price but he refuses to sell it when he comes to know that the other buyer is Sujal and sells it off to Mr Kalia.

Everybody at home is upset when they come to know that Sujal is instrumental in Piyush's loss of the contract. Kashish calls Sujal to tell him that she wishes to meet him and Archie is jealous hearing their conversation.

Kashish and Sujal meet at the same place as they had met before and Sujal feels nostalgic. She asks him to be ethical and not bother Piyush by trying to take revenge.

Sujal gifts a house to Rishi where later he takes Mouli from his Birthday party. Archie happens to meet Saniya at the place of the party. Varun comes to know of Rishi's intentions regarding Mouli.

Varun tries to stop Rishi from taking Mouli away when he is beaten up by his friends and taken to the hospital by Kashish who finds him lying on the road.

Everybody reaches the hospital when they come to know about Varun. Mrs Briganza's identity is revealed when a pendent is found in Varun's hand. They also come to know about the relationship between Mouli and Rishi.

R and G is in a debt of Rs 500 crores. They have managed to pay Rs 300 crores. To get the money, Piyush enters into a contract with a foreign company, Lawrence and co, According to the contract, he has forfeited all claims to his shares and they are now with Lawrence and Co R and G will work on behalf of that company.

On the same day, Kashish also gets to know that she's pregnant. She tries to get in touch with Piyush but cannot. So she plans a romantic evening with him. But before that, she goes to Sujal and tells him that she's pregnant and that she'll never come back to him.

After a nice evening, Kashish tells Piyush about her visit to Sujal. Later, Piyush visits Sujal and invites him to a party thrown by him.

Vasu gets to know of Kashish's pregnancy. She informs CG and Lalit about it but asks them how they so sure that it is Piyush's child. Piyush hears it and tells Vasu that she creates problems in his life. At the party, Sujal informs everyone that just an hour before R and G's deal with Lawrence and Co, he had bought over that company.

All of R and G's shares are with him and he's the owner. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Piyush decides to return the check to Sujal. But Sujal still keeps his offer open. Sujal is depressed and drinks a lot. While driving, he loses control and bangs against a tree and loses consciousness.

Piyush sees Sujal's car. He gets down but is bashed up by goons who are sent by Mr Mehra. Archie too drives past. She sees Sujal's car and stops. Across the road, she sees some commotion and also sees Mr Mehra rushing past.

But seeing Sujal's condition, she just focuses on him and takes him home with her. Kashish thinks that Sujal is responsible for Piyush's state because his car was found near the spot. She comes with the police to Archie's house and gets Sujal arrested. Just after they leave, Rishi comes there with Mouli.

On hearing everything he coaxes Archie to think of any one else she had seen around. Archie names Mr Mehra. Rishi goes to his office and cons Mehra into admitting to his crime, gets him arrested and gets Sujal freed.

Piyush is in the hospital in a critical condition. Everyone is worried. The time period for them to repay the loan is also coming to an end. So finally, Kashish decides that she'll do something to save her family. She goes to Sujal and asks him for a loan of Rs 200 crores.

Sujal says that he'll do it on the condition that Kashish will have to work with him for two years. If she can repay before that time, she's free to leave and if she's unable to repay after two years, even then she's free to leave. Kashish agrees but says that it has to remain between the two of them. Sujal agrees.

He then tells Kashish that they have to leave the same night for Mumbai as there's the launch of his new company. Kashish is shocked. Piyush's condition improves a bit and he comes home. Kashish tells everyone that she has to go with the professor for some work to Mumbai. She calls the professor but he's not at home, so she tells Mahek to tell the professor and everyone who calls for her the same thing.

But before Mahek can meet the Prof, Varun comes and takes Mahek out. Sujal calls Kashish at his place and they'll go from there. Kashish lands up to find that it's Sujal's engagement. Archie had kept the function at that same time as Sujal's flight but he takes an international flight.

They reach Mumbai. Archie informs everyone that Kashish has gone there with Sujal. Vasu says that Kashish has given herself up as only then can Sujal give so much money. Piyush is angry and frustrated that for him and his family, Kashish has to go through all this.

Piyush too leaves for Mumbai. On reaching there, Piyush tells Kashish that he'll work out something and if the need be, they'll all move out of that house and start a new business but he can't let her go through all this. He goes and tells Sujal that he won't let Kashish work with him anymore.

Sujal says that he'll believe it when Kashish tells him so. But when Piyush asks Kashish to say the same to Sujal, she refuses. Piyush leaves in anger. Kashish goes to Sujal and tells him that she'll work with him coz she loves Piyush and is ready to do anything to save him and his family. And now Sujal is a stranger for her and she starts to behave as is she doesn't know and he's just her boss.

Sujal cannot take it and asks her to leave. He sets her free. Kashish calls up Piyush. He is seated at a dhaba drinking tea and thinking that he needs to go back to her.

Both of them try each other's number and can't get through. Piyush gets up, leaving behind his cell phone. Meanwhile, Sujal too comes to the same dhaba. He sees a cell phone ringing and sees Kashish's name on it. He picks it up and by then Piyush comes and he gives the phone to him. Piyush talks to Kashish while he drives. He loses control of the car. He tries to manoeuvre but fails and his car falls down a cliff. He's still on the phone. He screams Kashish's name and then it's disconnected...

The Sujal-Kashish wedding that started in the previous episode continues here. There is visible awkwardness between the bride and groom, though everyone in the room is too involved in the festivities to notice.

Post the wedding, the bride's Griha Pravesh ceremony takes place and just as Kashish enters the house, she can't help remembering the first time she came to this house as Piyush's bride. The memory of Piyush constantly haunts her.

She even breaks down in front of his photograph. On their first night together, Kashish tells Sujal that she needs more time to warm up to this relationship. Sujal understands but knows in his heart that despite the fact that they are married, Kashish has not accepted him. Kashish on the other hand is disgusted with the idea of being in the same room with Sujal.

The next morning, Mehak tries to talk some sense into Kashish once again, hoping that she will give up the idea of destroying Sujal. Varun (Piyush's brother) calls up to give the good news that this years Best Business House award is being given to the RandG group of companies and CG (Sujal's dad) asks Kashish and Sujal to collect the award on the family's behalf, which means they will have to go to Bangalore for a few days. Meanwhile Archi tells Rishi that she will make Kashish pay for marrying Sujal. The inspector who is investigating Piyush's accident gets a call informing him about the Sujal and Kashish's marriage.

Vasu calls Sanjana to inform about her return from London. She would have gone away so that she can miss the wedding, as she doesn't approve of it for various reasons. Sujal and Kashish leave for Bangalore. Akshat gets a call from his mom informing him of her return to India as well.

When Kashish and Sujal reach their hotel in Bangalore, Sujal realises that it is the same hotel in which Piyush and Kashish had stayed on their trip to Bangalore. Coincidentally, Sujal was also staying at the same hotel at that time and hence had run into them a couple of times. The room that is given to them is the same that Piyush and Kashish had stayed in. It was the same room in which they had consummated their marriage and after they had left, Sujal had burned the bed in that room.

Being back in that room is a painful experience for Kashish as well as Sujal. Sujal leaves the room since he can't stand to be there. After his exit, it is revealed that Kashish has deliberately planned the whole thing.

Sujal and Kashish are in Bangalore. Kashish is waiting for Sujal and when he returns, calls him Piyush by mistake. Sujal is completely taken aback.Vasu returns from London and everyone welcomes her. They are all telling her about the wedding she missed, but she is very obviously not interested in the event and is also rude to Veena for no reason.

Rishi later gives her his own recap of the Sujal-Kashish wedding and tells her about the whole Sangeet drama where Kashish had caught Rishi and Sonia in the same room but when Sujal got there, he denied everything and also that Archi lied to save Rishi. Vasu is livid that her son-in-law was humiliated because of Kashish.

Mehak reminds Varun of Veena and CG's upcoming wedding anniversary. At the award ceremony in Bangalore, Kashish meets an old friend who also asks her how Piyush is. Even though Sujal is standing next to her and she knows it will bother him, she does not clarify anything.

It is CG and Veena's anniversary. Mehak, Varun, Aman and Sanjana are preparing for what looks like a surprise party. To keep the couple out of the way of the preparations, Lalit takes CG out for work and Rishi takes Veena out for dinner. Kashish tells Sujal about the bouquet that she has booked for CG and Veena. But Sujal would rather not talk about the anniversary. He believes that this day has given his mother nothing to be proud of.

A little before midnight, Rishi comes back with Veena and she is pleasantly surprised. Varun calls up Lalit to find out what time he is coming back with CG. But Lalit tells them that CG is nowhere to be found. After a lot of waiting, the guests begin to leave and Veena is heart-broken.

CG however shows up and serenades his wife to everyone's surprise. He tells them that he knew about the surprise all along and wanted to surprise them instead. Kashish tells Sujal that he should let go of negative emotions and wish his parents. Sujal takes her advice and calls his mother and also wishes his father.

Sujal gives Kashish the gift he had intended to give her on their wedding night. Sujal receives an sms reminding him of the meeting with Mr. Nirula regarding Piyush's property (Sujal is the guardian of Piyush's property). Kashish realises the importance of the meeting and prepones the meeting, knowing fully well that they will not reach in time for it.

Akshat finds it difficult to understand that his mother wants to live in a hotel and not with him. But his mother is very insistent. Charu meets Riva (Akshat's mom) but Riva is a little indifferent towards Charu.

Everyone is waiting for Sujal and Kashish, especially Mr. Nirula. Mr. Nirula leaves after a long wait and the matter is postponed by a month much to everyone's disappointment. Vasu conveys to everyone that Sujal might have done it deliberately as he may not want the property transferred from his name. On his return, Sujal is shocked to hear that it was his idea to prepone the meeting.

Riva and Akshat invite the Sinha family for dinner. Charu, Kanan, Mehak and Varun come for dinner. Riva is warm and friendly to all except Charu. She doesn't like the familiarity that Charu and Akshat share. Riva mentions that her older son Swayam is expected to come to India as well and this upsets Akshat.

Meanwhile, Kashish, on some pretence, makes Sujal sign some official papers. Sujal signs them without reading and it is revealed that it is the Power of Attorney in Kashish's name.

Sujal and Varun are awaiting the results of the wine contract that they are trying to get, but Lalit informs them that the contract has been given to an SG enterprises. Kashish is talking to Piyush's photograph about successfully getting the contract, when Sujal walks in. She manages to convince Sujal that she is upset about losing the contract. But Rishi, who has overheard the conversation, is sure that his bhabhi is up to something.

Source: Indya.com

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cool job..
kya baat hai.
u have done ur homework well...
nice summay...Thumbs Up.
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Thanks Choc.  That is great.
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Originally posted by chocolate

Both of them try each other's number and can't get through. Piyush gets up, leaving behind his cell phone. Meanwhile, Sujal too comes to the same dhaba. He sees a cell phone ringing and sees Kashish's name on it. He picks it up and by then Piyush comes and he gives the phone to him. Piyush talks to Kashish while he drives. He loses control of the car. He tries to manoeuvre but fails and his car falls down a cliff. He's still on the phone. He screams Kashish's name and then it's disconnected...

The Sujal-Kashish wedding that started in the previous episode continues here. There is visible awkwardness between the bride and groom, though everyone in the room is too involved in the festivities to notice.

That was just great. But I just wonder. Is there supposed to be something more in between these two paragraphs? the story doesnt seem to flow? did they show how and why sujal and kashish got married after piyush's death?

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Only because Kashish thinks that Sujal is the murderer of her husband and just to take the revenge she agreed to marry Sujal.Angry

Frankly speaking this updates are from starplus's site so don't give me credit for this guys. Only put here so that members won't  have problems to understand the updates anymore.Big smile

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Starplus gives updates on all the serials? How do you get them? Then why people still take the trouble to type out the updates here when we can get them from Starplus?
kaleidoscope Goldie

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They do give updates in the following link


But the thing is that Their updates are very brief and not in time.......u have to wait much for them..comparing to them our coolbies give updates with much details and on time. And these updates have personal touch too. www.indya.comwww.indya.comBig smile 

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