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Sajana - Prem still loves Mukti

shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 November 2006 at 10:34am | IP Logged
This story stars out when Mukti saves Prerna in Panchmashwar. What Prerna does not know is that Mukti is not, and never was, the girl she believed to her to be and in this is not all... Mr. Rishab Bajaj is now involved with Mukti in her little game. Read on to see the great twists and turns that come up along with the story... and do keep leaving messages. On the page and P.M me, both options are open. Enjoy! Maanthi hoon thoda sa adult seens hai lekin they are not that bad.


Guys you can look at this place for the promo's... the one in red ink

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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 November 2006 at 4:42am | IP Logged

She just thought she found her husband, again fate had played its game…it was not him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of her name Prerna Bajaj, even the sound of it made her complete.

Originally posted by

Prerna Sharma Bajaj

A woman who had everything when she suddenly had to leave it for a dauter. Now when she came back like the changing city of Mumbi her life too had changed, a part of her lost the urge to live a part of her still healed on to it.


Prerna was walking down the road indifferent to the whole surrounding only one thing was in her mind now. "Where is my husband?" The only thought in her head at the point, even the honk of the truck fell into def ears till a hand pulled her by force like never before. There when she came back to her senses stood her baby Mukti.

Originally posted by

Mukti Deshmuk


She was once a rape victim and a girl who had lost her love. Now she is something else something more than just an ordinary girl. She is now a business magnet in her own right and well a little different in her rules.

Suddenly some thing felt wrong, the younger girl was fuming in a way that she knew that she was going to get it. "WHAT WERE  YOU THINKING  CHOTI MA? YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED…YOU WERE JUST WALKING DOWN LIKE A ZOMBY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT?"

"Mukti…beta…vo…" she began but this did not get any were near Mukti. "IF YOU WERE THINKING ON HOW TO GET K Channel BACK ON TRACK KEEP IT IN THE OFFICE, IF YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT THE PANCHMASHAWR TEMPLE DON'T DO IT IN THE MIDDILE OF THE ROAD THAT CRACK POT GOD IS NOT WORTH IT." Prerna listened to the whole thing open mouth it looked like the mother daughter role had just reversed, Mukti was still holding her hand and clearly the grip said some thing different. This was not a week and desperate hold but a grip of authority and power, was this Mukti. It was her very own Mukti dressed in a yellow chudidar but some thing was different? What?

Finally Mukti calmed down and hugged Prerna very happily, "I never thought I will see you again choti ma, I love you so much." The mother hugged her daughter fondly. "Chaliya we have a hotel to purchase. More like watch the fun…" poor Prerna was completely confused so she decided to go along with Mukti. The car she got into was beautiful, a electric blue Lexus convertible, it looked up to date with a music system and seats were best quality white and fluffy that had a feminine touch to it. She drove with expertise, after all she is a drivers daughter.

Seeing her and her dauter was one of the best moments in his life, his best friend would now be taken care of.

Originally posted by

Anurag Basu


He was Prerna's ex-everything but now just best friend, he too loves this family and children. A wonderful person indeed… 

When Mukti jumped out of the car she touched Anurag's feet and he hugged her after all she was someone he healed close to his heart. "Kaisa ho beta?"

"Ek daam teek uncle, ara maitho buul gayi thi. Chaliya I have hired a person to get the hotel for us choti ma." Mukti healed her hand and pulled her inside, the three of them sat down quietly in a corner. The bidding started and when on till seven cores, suddenly a new voice called out, "Ten cores…" all eyes turned towards him except Mukti who still looked down casually.

Ten cores (sp?) was responded with silence, "Ten cores going once, ten cores going twise, ten cores going thrise…gone. We request Mr.?"

"Tarun – Tarun Chopra." He man replied, "We request Mr. Tarun Chopra to come and collect the papers of the hotale.

Originally posted by

Tarun Chopra


A manager in Mukti's company and a man who knows some things about her that only few others do, he respects her a lot and does her bidding with out question. He too has lot of power in the company like her.

Prerna felt she had lost everything, Aurage gave Mukti a confused and sad look, she stopped him from bidding. Tarun only smiled, walking up to the main table and said clearly, "I would like to call upon the person I was bidding for Mrs. Prerna Bajaj to collect the papers. The money of two cores in advance is in this bag and the rest shall be given to you soon." Prerna who was looking down looked up shocked, a slow smile creep on her face Mukti who waited for her to get up saw that it was not coming grabbed her hand. The walk down the asail as the daughter pulled the mother up was greeted with a applause. The majestic walk of Mukti and a stumbled one of Prerna was a vision Anurag could not get out of his eyes soon. Once they reach the desk Mukti took the papers and gave them to Prerna, immediately she bent down and took her ashirwad. Once she stepped away Tarun touched her feet too, then turning to Mukti he smiled when down on one knee and kissed her hand, then got up, "Ma'am your work is done, the rest of the money would need your signature ma'am." Mukti signs the check and walks out, side…

A beautiful house is seen, Mukti driving into it with Anurag and Prerna, she noticed another car similar to Mukti's but a cherry red. There was another Mercedies this time and SLR standing in a black colour, right next to it was a Mercedes Benz in white. A Hunday Lantra greenish blue stood next to it…finally a reflective green BMW. Mukti pulled over and they stepped out seeing the beautiful house, she had never seen anything like this before…Mukti lead them inside. The sight that met Prerna's eye made her freeze with shock and cry with joy.

Originally posted by

Mr. Rishab Bajaj 


You know him 'Daddy cool' a man who loves his children to pieces, two added to the list now. He lost all he had to 'Yudi' but now earned ten times the amount. He showers affection on Mukti for he had to be her mom and her dad apart from her best friend for a he was the one in the greatest difficulty.


A slow smile creep on their lips and finally they hugged, years of waiting coming to an end finally, complete again. Mutki looked away, "Ahem." Said a voice, they looked towards it, there he stood broad shouldered and a winning smile,

Originally posted by

Shiv Kapoor


A business tycoon and a man who can do anything for his family, kind hearted but mean. At the moment he is Mukti's best friend philosopher and guide. He is married but does not have any relationship with his wife they live as strangers.

"Ara Shiv beta, insa milo rather Prerna ya hai Shiv…we are working with him on a project. This is his gust house." Shiv came and took Prerna's blessings then walked up to Anurag, "Let me guess Mr. Anurag Basu." He took his blessings as well, "Pleasure meeting you." A sould of a bike is heared in the baground a man walks in a moment latter, "Dad Mukti gaar agay-" his words stop in his lips when he saw Anurag and Prerna looking at him with lothing.


Sharath Guptha

He was the one who once rapped Mukti but latter saved her life putting his own in danger, after that Mukti started trusting him, they are very good friends now. Both of them work together but he does not say a word when Mukti teases him mercilessly. 



P.S Please coment

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wow, continue sn!
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cont sooon it was and is MINDBLASTING!!!!!! Smile

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excellent work keep it up. Clap Clap
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Patel 1993
Patel 1993

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really good Krishi! Clap I'm so happy that u continued this ff! Man hope u finish of this one coz i'm dying to read it now! Continue soon please Krishi

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shakthi258 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2008 at 3:15am | IP Logged

Mumbai - Prem's House

Prem woke up to the loud music in his system along with another girl
next to was just another day. There was no one he cared about,
well there was one girl he did care about, she was the closest he had to a
best friend. Unfortunately she spoilt it by loveing him: Mukti Deshmuk.
He could not tell her then that his heart was already broken into a
thousand pieces by some one. A person quiet close to his heart...very
close. There were a lot of things he could never tell any one this - this
was one of them. Getting dressed in some excersice cloths hopped down
the stairs and began running around the house, he paused by the garden
to see Debonitha working out. Just for a moment he looked at her again
before jogging away, "Ithni subha subha yeah kisa baath kar rahi hai? Jo
koi bhi hai let's hope vo muje koi problem nahi dega."

"Yudi." some one yelled he turned around, "Haan Debonitha bolo?"

"Koi nayi company hai jo hamara saath kaam karne ka baara mai puch
rahe hai. Us company ka M.D or do directors Mumbai mai apni kaam ko
suru kar rahe hai. Aur vo log yeahi chahethe hai ki hamare company ke
saath kaam kare...maina sari details tume forward kar diya tum deklo."
she replied, "Teek hai..."

"Aur haan vo ladki jisa tumne kall bulaya...tuma usa paisa dena padega."
she added, Prem hit his head and ran back up to the house because he
did not want a repat of the last time. Debo was laughing her head off at
the sight holding her stomatch and wipping tears from her eyes. Fifteen
minutes latter Prem walked back in looking quiet satisfied with him self
and Debonitha finished her excersice. Picking up their watter poured it
over them selves as they walked in, "Good work out hai na?"

"Haan...brakefast in ten minutes?" Prem asked, Debonitha shrugged,
"Why not..."

Prem began takeing a nice shower and went down the stairs only to find
Debonitha had already begun her brakefast looking at her laptop at the
same time. He sat down next to her and took some scrambled eggs.
Switching on his own laptop as he spread some butter on his toast logged
on to the internet. "Debo zara juice pass karo na..."

"Haan." she replied passing the juice turned back to her own laptop,

"Prem coffee paas karo na." she aksed few minutes latter with out takeing
her eyes off the paper she was skimming through, "Yeah..."

Pouring out some coffee in her cup she added milk and sugar before
stirring it. Slowly sipping the drink she typed something and closed the
window before turning to a few other papers. Skimming through them,
reading the major ones and eating her brakefast, half way through some
toast Prem inturupted her, "Can I have the coffee?"

"Yeah..." she passed it back to him with out once looking at him though
she did constatnly run her hands through her hair as she read the paper.
Finally as Prem was draining his juice she simply said, "Aaj dinner..."

"Yaad hai chale?" he added getting up and throwing his jacket over him
self, "Give me a minute..."

She too drained her coffee and packed away her laptop before swinging it
over her shoulder, "Let's go."


Sneha asks for some package and a waiter says it's ready and he goes to
get it. She stands around waiting and looking around dressed in her light
blue cut offs and baggy white top and a silver belt out. She looks quiet a
mess but there was a glint of happiness in her eyes afte a long time as
she looked around the place. Shravan came next to her and asked, "Sneha
tum jo kuch bhi karidna chahathi thi..."

"Lene ke liya gaya hai. Patha hai Shravan yeah jage ka saath muje aru
Mukti ki bahoth sari yaade judi hai. Yeahe jaga thi jahan hum dono aksar
aathe the. Jaab vo class first aathi thi tho mai usa yahn threat detha tha
aur jaab vo kuch aur achiv karthi thi tho phir bhi hum yeahe aathe tha...
Plesent memories." Shravan too smiled seeing Sneha smile like that, he
considered her a sister and he had not seen her smile in such a long time.
Reaching out she stroked her head gently just as the waiter brought a
large box. "Thank you..."

"Your welcome ma'am." he replied going away, Shravan takes Sneha to the
car and starts the engine, "Think you'll be all right? Sharath bhi..."

"Janthi hoon lekin mai bas apni papa ke saath rehena chahathi hoon.
Sharath ko yeah baath par koi lena dena nahi hai." she added looking
away, Shravan did not argue but simply drove away. They got stuck in the
wonderful Mumbai traffic when she turned in the side and saw a mother
and father dropping their child to school. She remembered how Prerna
and Mr. Bajaj used to drop her in school, tears filled her eyes but she
qucikly wipped it away before Shravan could see it. They slowly turned to
the adress and pulled up to the watchman who asked him his details and
got them to sighn the visitors book before letting him inside. The house
was beautyful with a fountain, beautyful garden and three four cars in the
garrage. Sneha's eyes grew wide, "Ithni gadiya aur divers hai kiski?"

"Patha nahi uncle ne tho yeahi adress dia muje aane ka liya." Shravan
replied pulling up and going inside, "Lagtha hai ki yeah jo koi bhi hai kafi
bade loog hai. Securty ka mamle mai kafi strict hai na?"

"Haan patha nahi kyu ma hume yeahan aane ka liya bulaya." Shravan
replied as they opened the doors and walked inside, the hall was
beautyful. One wall was painted in a beautyful shade of cream, the hall
was decorated in a mix of brown custions and gold as well makeing the
whole hosue look quiet welcoming. The floor was set in white marble that
practically shone, "Ghar acha hai na?"

"Hoga na Sneha vo tho hamari ghar jo hai." came a reply, Sneha turned
around to find Mr. Baja there smilling she went and hugged him,
"Papa...ithni saal ke baad."

"Kaisi ho beta?" he asked hugging her tightly, "Bahoth miss kiya maina
tum logon ko."

"Papa aap ithe din kahan the? Aur yeah tho bathaiya kya kar rahe tha
aap? Aara Mukti kai dika nahi de rahi hai kahan hai vo." Bajaj laughed,
"Aara beta todi deer tehero aur muje jawab dena do. Hum ithna din kahan
the aur kaisa tha mai baad mai batha tha hoon. Aur Mukti bahar gayi hai
apni kuch dosth sa milna gayi hai. Thodi deer mai aajayegi don't worry."
Turning to Shraven he smiled, "Kaisa ho beta?"

"Mai teek hoon uncle lekin Sneha kafi parashani mai thi ithni saal." he
added trailling off and Bajaj nodded, "Koi baath nahi aab mai aagya hoon
saab kuch teek kardunga."

Just then Prerna comes in and sighs, "Aara aap loog yeahi kada hogaye?
Snena beta chalo tume tho baki ki ghar bhi dekna hai. Chalo Shravan..."
They got cut off by Sharath yelling, "Mom can you come over a minute?"

"Haan beta ek minute." she called back, turning to Sneha she smiled, "Ek
minute aabhi aayi aur haan aap zara ine ghar dikayie."

"Ofcouse." he replied and Prerna went into the room within that was not
very big but set up with only a punching bag and a tredmill (sp?) along
with a small tray for juice or watter. In a corner was a C.D player and
C.D's rack. Sharath was standing in the middle of the room, "Kya hua

"Maa yeah music system ko connect kaisa karenga?" he asked, "Lagtha hai
kisi na isa connect nahi karwaya..."

"Hmm... lagtha hai koi loose connection hua." he replied frustrated, "Us
interior decorator ko tho mai..."

"Sharath pehela plug ko tho andar dalo." she replied smilling at him, "Off
ooo mai bhi na kabhi kabhi. Thanks mom there yeah kaam hochuka hai
aur aab yeah tho bathaiye ki mai yoga mats ko kahan dalu? Samaj nah aa
raha hai ki kahan dalu?"

"Vahan raklo na beta." she replied, just then Sharath's mobile rang, "Ek
minute ma mai abhi aaya."

Going outside the room he clicks the green button, "Tum ne muje phone
khu kiya? Maina mana kiya na tuja phone karne sa..."


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