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Arshi FF (dark): left in Pieces

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Posted: 14 November 2015 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Graphic by -She-loSarun

Left in pieces Prologue 
(Takes place during Payal and Akash's wedding track)

Khushi struggled against his crushing embrace. Shyam's hold on her only got tighter. His face tucked in the crook of her neck only served Khushi the feeling of being even more violated than the unwanted hug. She was repulsed by Shyam's shameful acts. She wondered how he could want more when he already had such a kind beautiful wife.

"Shyamji let me go." A whisper tore from her throat, he was suffocating her. Squeezing her too tight 

"Never Khushiji, you're mine." He spat 

With all the strength she had left in her body she pushed him, knocking him a few steps back. 

"Anjali is your WIFE!" Khushi screamed after regaining her breath 

"I don't love Anjali!" Shyam exclaimed 

"Then you should look into getting a divorce!" She snapped. Someone like him didn't deserve Anjali as a wife anyway! Anjali is too kind and caring to have a husband who doesn't see her value. She is pretty and intelligent something all women aspired to be. Having a husband who doesn't see your true worth was devastating to all wives, and Anjali didn't deserve that.

The two were unaware of the listening ears of Arnav Singh Raizada.  Arnav's heart clenched in his chest, he felt disgusted by Khushi's actions. He'd expected more of her. Who knew that the girl who acted so moral and righteous was capable of such a sinful act. She was a con artist. He knew that now, the girl he fell for was a master of disguise. Arnav's blood ran cold, the feelings he once had for her were gone due to her sinful acts. He vowed he wouldn't let Khushi get away with her plans. He was going to expose her for what she really was, a liar and husband stealer. Khushi acted like a girl of high moral standards when really she was just a cheap opportunist, and it made Arnav sick to his stomach.

Arnav set out to find Anjali amongst the chaotic wedding preparations. 

"Anjali I need to talk to you privately." Arnav said as he found her in the kitchen, smiling and laughing with the cooks.

"What is it chote?" Anjali asked looking up for the dish she was preparing.

When Arnav didn't answer, she looked up nervously. She rushed to his side thinking that something terrible had taken place.

"What happened chot? Is someone hurt?" Tears built up in her eyes

"No, no one is hurt." Arnav said through clenched teeth 

"Then was is it?" Anjali cried, digging her finger nails into the palms of her hands. 

"It's about Shyam" he said while Anjali looked confused, tears escaping her eyes.

"And Khushi." Arnav spat with disgust 

"What are you insinuating, Arnav." Anjali looked confused still, shaking her head in disbelief 

"Khushi and Shyam are having an affair." Arnav reached out to steady his sister as she began to loose balance

"No, my husband would never do anything like that!" She tried to dismiss the idea

"I saw them Di! They were hugging and there was even talk of Shyam divorcing you." Arnav yelled at his sister for being so naive "I've never lied to you Di, so believe me now."

Anjali's tears flowed faster, and her makeup began to run. Arnav pulled his sister into his arms trying to console her. Anjali's breath grew more ragged as she struggled to fight through her tears.

"Don't worry Di I have a plan, you'll never have to see that low class girl again." Anger gleamed in his eyes, he'd get revenge on the girl who betrayed his family's trust. His Di was kind to her and in return she only offered her heart break.

"Wait chot, wait till after the wedding! We can't ruin Akash's happiness." Anjali pleaded, their cousin had found happiness and she wouldn't let some vial girl ruin it for him. They had spent days trying to convince their aunt to accept a girl from a lower class family, and Khushi Kumari Gupta wasn't going to ruin it for Akash.

"Ok, Di." Arnav promised understanding his Di's intentions to salvage what good was left in this situation. They both could find comfort in the fact that even if one Gupta sister brought pain, the other would bring their family happiness.

Lights still shined as all the wedding guests left. Flower petals still scattered across the floor of the Singh Raizada residents the fire still burned bright in the back ground. The atmosphere still held the warmth of happiness and love of two families coming together as one.

 Akash and Payal had wedded that night. Khushi was beyond happy for her sister and brother in-law. She couldn't wait for them to secure the life they deserved. Payal should have all the love in the world from her new husband. Khushi couldn't wait to spoil her nieces and nephews in the future! 

Lost in her happiness she was unaware of the storm that was brewing. 

The Gupta family gathered their things preparing to leave. Khushi was a little melancholy to be letting go of her sister. Payal had came close to marriage once but things didn't go as planned. Khushi would never let anyone know that she'd secretly been relived, she did have to part with her sister then. Now it's time though, Khushi has to let her go. 

"Khushi I'm afraid I can't let you leave just like that." Anjali snapped anger raging inside her heart, tears stinging the back of her eyes threatening to fall. Her tears were that of anger and betrayal not of sadness. 

Surprised by the anger in Anjali's voice both families gathered around in shock.

Khushi's face contorted in confusion. She racked her brain to think to why Anjali would be so angry with her. 

"Did you think you could just try to steal my husband and I'd let you be?" She spat 

Khushi panicked, how could Anjali think that she would ever steal her husband? Shyam approached her! He was the one at fault! He tricked her, and betrayed her family! How did Anjali even find out? Khushi swore never to tell Anjali of Shyam's misdeeds because it would break her. Now Khushi had no choice but to tell the truth about Shyam, she wouldn't let Shyam's behavior snatch away her chances of happiness with her family.

"Anjali it's not like that..." Khushi tried to explain only to be greeted by the sharp stinging  of Anjali's hand striking her face. 

Tears welled up in her eyes, blurring her vision. She looked up at Anjali in disbelief, the Anjali she knew wouldn't resort to violence.

"I don't want your cheap excuses, you're just a low class girl!" Anjali grabbed Khushi by the hair and dragged her to the front door. 

Khushi began crying and pleading for Anjali to stop. 

"Stop Anjali! You're hurting me!" Khushi cried

"This pain is nothing compared to the pain you gave me!" Anjali screamed as she released her

"Anjali it's not what it..." Anjali slapped her once again 

"Chot told me everything Khushi!" Anjali said "He saw you two together, but I will never let you have my husband!" 

"No, you don't understand Shyamji was the one..." Again Anjali silenced her by striking her. Even though she could see Shyam standing alone in the corner smirking at her as if this was her punishment for denying him. 

"Are you saying that my brother isn't being truthful?" Anjali ragged 

"Anjali!" Payal came forward only to be dragged behind Akash's figure. 

Khushi knew it was for the better that her family not get involved, she didn't want her sister's new found happiness to be shattered. So in that moment she decided to stop fighting what was happening to Insure that Payal had a happy marriage, and that they wouldn't mistreat her for taking Khushi's side. So Khushi looked at her Buaji and mom pleading silently for them not to interfere with what was happening.

"Don't worry Di, you'll never have to see this girl again." Arnav promised as he gripped Khushi's arm with crushing force. Khushi left out a sharp gasp at his hold on her 

Arnav dragged Khushi behind him, exiting the house. Khushi didn't say a word as he shoved her into the passenger seat of his car. She didn't even ask when he began to drive in the opposite direction of her house. Khushi knew that she had to sacrifice for her family to prosper. She hoped Buaji and her mom wouldn't let the truth be known so that everyone could live a happier life, even if her own happiness was doomed. 

The airport was the apparent destination, Khushi realized as she looked out the window. She could she the planes taking off in the night sky, their lights blinking in the darkness. 

Her mind was in a blur, she couldn't even form the words to ask what he was doing as he pulled her with force out of the car. 

"You're going to go as far away from my family as possible." He snapped after buying her a random airline ticket. Arnav bought the ticket the the next flight available not caring where Khushi ended up. Any feelings he had for her had been snuffed out when he discovered her misdeeds.

He didn't seem to care that she had no luggage or money with her. She pulled her ticket from his hand before finally speaking. 

"I'll leave just promise me one thing." She wiped the tear streaks from her face 

"I don't have to promise you anything." Arnav grunted appalled that a women in her situation had the audacity to ask for anything.

"If you want me to leave without making a huge scene you do." Her voice came out broken and rough 

"I assume since you let Akash and Payal get married you'll look out for her." Arnav nodded his head in agreement and she let out a sigh of relief 

"Then promise me that no matter what happens from here we'll never meet again." Her voice came out steady and cold

Khushi wanted nothing to do with a man who thought her capable of such acts, without thinking she could be innocent for a second. In her book someone who condemns without all the facts is just as bad as the mis-doer. Arnav didn't even ask her before he revealed a half truth, dragging her reputation through the mud. The truth was Arnav Singh Rather didn't care about what his accusation did to her.

"That won't be a problem." He again grabbed her in a tight grip and pulled her to the boarding dock. Khushi shuttered in pain but kept silent as Arnav dragged her along.

"What do you expect me to do when I get to my destination? I have nothing with me." She asked shocked that he would leave her stranded, but then again he didn't even regard he enough to ask her for the truth 

"What you do from here Khushi Kumari Gupta, I don't give a damn." He spat before turning his back on her both figuratively and literally. 

Crumpling the ticket in hand she held her chin up vowing that she'd be alright despite the Singh Raizada family. She would soldier through just to prove that she could be strong and survive in an unknown land with no one on her side. 

Even Kushi Kumari Gupta knows that the only one you can depend on in this world is yourself. 

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sanamsky IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 November 2015 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Wow this is too good looking forward plz complete this story don't leave it like other many writers who just write one chapter then leave it without completing

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lechuarshi Senior Member

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Posted: 14 November 2015 at 11:22am | IP Logged
bring it on girl...
i am waiting for the dhamakedaar journey.Wink

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a fabulous start...will b waiting to see how the story proceeds...

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jyothirockz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2015 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Very very interesting beginning. Love it

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Posted: 14 November 2015 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Lovely start...eagerly waiting to read the next part...!!

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superb start :)

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Interesting start
Continue soon
thanks for pm me

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