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One Shots On AR/DMG #01 Dard_Bhara_Pyaar (Festival Gift Thread)

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Hello Lovey People...
Here I have a special gift for u lovely people out there...
An special Diwali Gift For u all...

Wish U a very happy Deepawali... 

May Lord Ganesha Blessed With You All The Happiness And Takes Away All Your Worries. And May Goddess Laxmi Comes In Your Homes And Brings Prosperity In Your Lives. Have A Safe And Blissful Deepawli With Your Family And Friends.

May This Festival Of Lights Brings Lights In Your And Your Family's Lives


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desir IF-Dazzler

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Dard Bhara Pyaar
One Shot

Armaan was walking hurriedly to gets out from the house as soon as possible to he wants to go from there so he is climbing the stairs as fast as he can as he was about to leave from the house and then suddenly he heard one voice which he was dreading to face right now
V''armaan beta''
And he turned only to see his mom standing there claded in a beautiful royal blue saree his mom is so well maintained that no one can say after seeing her that she is 45 years old mother of one son who is 25 years old well this is not the time of thinking all these he knows if he will stay there will be a big issue going to be with mom
A''mom I will talk you in evening after coming back from the hospital now I have a early morning shift mom so bye mom''
He said and was turned to leave when he heard his mom's non-pleased voice as
M''stop it armaan stop lying armaan at least now''
She said and armaan turned and then giving his mom quizzical look he tried once again as he knows if the issue will raised that will give nothing just pain to both of them and he did not wanted this thing so
A''no mom I am not lying I am saying the truth I have an important work at hospital mom so please let me go''
But next moment he heard his mom's perplexed words as she walked near him and then said to him that
M''armaan you have no work at hospital today you are just running from me and even you have your shift starts from evening only armaan so''
She said and armaan looked at her giving her quizzical and shocked look how the hell you know it mom but then he knows the answer very well didn't he his mom is trustee if Sanjeevani Hospital Mrs.Nandini Mallik and this is not the big thing for knowing a senior doctor's schedule so he just hung his head low in shame he again lied to his mom and that he hates most to lie to his family and to hurt his family but unknowingly that's what he is doing from past one year and then seeing her son nandini mallik mallik knows what must be he is thinking so she just
N''its ok armaan I know you are feeling guilty for telling me lie because I know you armaan that you just did that because you are hurt armaan hain naa''
Armaan nodded that's his mom knowing him inside and out and then he just whispered while still not meting her eyes as he is feeling guilty and then
A''i am really very sorry mom''
And nandini mallik smiled her son is so good at heart but one incidence changed his life for forever and he becomes like this running from everyone but now all the family members are determined to gets him back as they gives him time to comes out from his grief while sharing his pain but armaan instead of coming going into his own shell and just hurting himself
N''its ok chal aa aab breakfast karen baaki sab bhi bas ate hii honge''
She said and holds his hand and then walked to dining table taking his car keys from his hands and armaan just followed his mom he did not wants to her more and as soon they settled on their respective chairs nandini mallik served his favourite paranthas aloo paranthas and armaan just sighed he is missing so much earlier he used to sit with his family having galla time at breakfast table but now he don't even remember when he sat there for breakfast and his family still cares for him and seeing him lost in his thoughts nandini mallik just sighed she wants him to be out of his pain soon she can't see his son in pain more which he is suffering from past one year and then she just called him while taking his name breaking his chain of thoughts as armaan is still in his thoughts and she say
N''come on armaan beta start karo paranthe thande ho rahein hain beta chalo start''
And armaan nodded and start eating his paranthas only after saying his mom that
A''i love you mom''
N''love you too''
And nandini mallik has tears in her eyes hearing him and armaan for a moment start relishing his breakfast saying in between as
A''they are yummy mom''
And nandini mallik smiled and then she finally with a few moments of silence brings up the topic which she wants to talk finally
N''armaan beta tune Shaadi ke bare meiin kya socha hain''
She asked him directly without any introduction and all and armaan looked at his mom bewildered well he is shocked though he very well knows that his mom is going to ask him these question and that's why he wants to run from there not wants to face any one in the house but then only he just shakes his head and as he
A''mom main chalta hun mujhe der ho rahii hain mom bye''
He again wants to go from there but then he heard his dad's voice as
D''armaan ruk jao beta tum aisee kab tak bhagte rahoge beta sach se rooko beta aaj tum is sawal ko chod kar nahin jaoge beta''
He said and armaan looked at his dad Karan Mallik the biggest business tycoon of India and then only he walked towards the dining table and armaan sighed he knows he can't go from there.
K'' armaan dekho beta tumhari mom sahii keh rahi haiin beta tum kab tak yun hii bhagte rahoge beta main manta hunk ii tum bahut hii pareshan ho beta par armaan 1 sal ho gayya hain oos baat ko hue beta tum kab tak ose lekar baithe rahoge armaan yh sahii nahin hain armaan''
Armaan sighed as he looked at his dad who is so much worried for him and he knows they loved him so much that's why don't wants to see him in pain but what can he do even he don't believe in relationships especially love after all he faced and he don't wants to get a heart break again as he go through one year back and he is still going through it its pain killing him every moment so he
A''dad lekin aap jaante hainoos dhokhe kee baad shweta ne jo dhokha mujhe diyya ooske baad mera rishton se vishwas hii ooth gayya hain dad especially pyaar se sab fake hain dad main nahin manta aur main fir se 1 aur dard se nahin guzarana chhata hun dada main tou abhie tak oos dard se hii nahin nikal paa raha hun tou main kasie dad please''
He said and karan and nandini looked at each-other they knows hoe shweta ditched their son because she wants to marry a big business tycoon not a senior doctor just and from that time armaan is broken as he do wants to marry shweta and then she just left him so badly and now nandini just speaks
N''nahin armaan aisee nahin hota hain beta main jaanti hun shweta ne jo kiyya vo galat kiyya tere saath beta osnein tujhe choda yeh ooski Galati hain armaan terii nahin tune oos rishte meiin koi kami nahin rakhi thi par armaan tuu ooske kiyye kiis aza kab takk khud ko deta rahega beta vo tou challi gayyi armaan aur 1 galat rishte se sab rishte galat nahin ho jaate hain armaan''
She said softly while pressing his hand on table while karan speaks as
K''han armaan terii mom sahii keh rahii hain beta aab dekh hum bhi tout ere saamne hain khush hain beta hum ek doosre ke saath naa''
He said try to makes his son understand that he can't spoil all his life for one person that too a fake one and armaan then heard mom
N''han armaan beta dekhna terii zindagi meiin koi aa jaayega naa vo tujhe terii oon kadwi yadon se bahar nikal lega armaan beta''
She said with a small smile trying to makes him understand
A''mom-dad mujhe kisii kii zarurat nahin hain aap donow ho naa mere saath bas''
K''han armaan hum hain tere saath aur humesha rahenge bhi par armaan jo kam 1 life partner ka hota haiin jo pyaar 1 jeevan saath den sakta hain jo dard ek jeevan saathi baat sakta hain vo koi nahin kar sakta armaan life partner humesha zindagi meiin aapke liyye aata hain vo terii zindagi meiin khushiyan lekar aayegi aur terii khushiyon ko baant ka rose double kar degii armaan''
N''han aur tere gamon ko baant kar oonhein half kar degii armaan maan jaa armaan kyoon aapnein aapko dukh dena chahta hain armaan''
She said while she comes in tears as she can't see her son in pain when he is not at all fault armaan did not looked at his  mom as he knows she is crying and he can't see her like that but at the same time he don't wants to get married because if his fear of his breaking heart again and
A''mujhe kisii kii zarurat nahin hain mom dad main kabhie shaadi nahin karunga main jaisa hun vaisa theek hun mujhe mere hal par chod dijiye aap log main jaa rahaa hun yahan se hospital''
He said and karan and nandini looked at him as they can see his eyes blazing with anger and pain at the same time as he rushed outside to go out he heard one feeble yet very strong voice as he heard
N''theek hain armaan tujhe jo karna hain kar par merii baat bhi tuu sun len aagar tu mujhse zara se bhi pyaar karta hain tou tuu shaadi ke liyye man jaayega nahin tou main aur karana humesha humesha ke liyye yahan se chale jaayenge kabhie naa ane ke liyye''
And armaan cried in pain hearing his mom's words and
But nandini seems unaffected with his words as if they says naa sometimes for the betterment of child's future parents have t takes some pain and strict steps and that's what nandini did and even karan looked shock at his wife he don't knows that nandini will say something like that but he knows she too was hurt saying this to her darling only son
N''no armaan jab humne tujhe tere haal par chodna hii hain tou aisee hii sahii main tujhe aaj sham tak ka waqt detii hun yaa tou shaadi ke liyye han kar den yaa hum subhh hote hii chale jaayenge yahan se tujhe tere hal par chod kar aur tuu humein humare hal par chod dena''
She said and without hearing armaan's voice as armaan called her
She walked towards her room with karan following her and he knows with the look on his dad's face that even he did not going to do anything again his mom's decision. And just standing there blankly for few minute he left from there with tears in his eyes and he drove madly to the beach god knows how he reached there safely as all the time the moments his proposal to shweta and how she insulted him in front of his friends and all and breaks his heart starts flashing in his mind how she first makes him fall in love with him when he is intern in Sanjeevani Hospital this makes him more aagiagated and in pain and in all his nagger he drove car so much madly breaking all rules but he did reached safely on the beach and as he reached on beech he just banged his hand in steering wheel and injured his hand but that is nothing as his heart is in much more pain than that and after sitting inside the car for few minutes armaan moved towards the sea with tears flowing continuously from his blue eyes well that never did stopped even from the time his mom said those words to him and just walking aimlessly on the beach he was numb with his parents words and he walked to the end of shore and finally when he could not takes it anymore he screamed hard while slumping on his knees punching his hand hardly on the big stone was placed there and he screamed in pain looking at the sky with eyes filled with tears, heart filled with pain a hand which is flowing blood but did he care even no not at all his pain is much more than this and he can't do anything as
A''kyoon mere saath hii aisee ho raha haiin aakhir kya bigada hain maine kisii kaa vo shweta jab ose mujhse pyaar tha hii nahin tou kyoon dikhawa kiyya aapnein pyaar ka maine tou ose nahin kaha tha mere qareeb ane ko aur jab mujhe oos se pyaar ho gayya tab osnein mera dill aise toda itnii berukhi se kii main chah kar bhi oos dard se nahin nikal pa rahaa hun aur sirff dard bhar gayyi vo merii zindagi meiin ooska vo mere liyye time pass merii poori zindagi tabah kar gayya I hate you shweta main tumhe kabhie maf nahin karunga merii zindagi tabah karne ke liyye''
He looked as he remembered all the memories of shweta and then he punched hard in the stone more remembering her smiling face when she breaks his heart and did his insult and then he just
A''aur aaj mom-dad aapnein bhi mujhe paraya kar diyya naa mujhse dur jaane kii baat kar arehin hain aap log jabki jaante hain kii main aap logon ke bina nahin reh paunga kyonn nahin samjhte mom-dad aap kii mera rishton par koi vishwas nahin raha hain main kisii ko khushi nahin den paunga kaise samjhaun main aapko mom-dad main aapse bahut pyaar karta hun aur aapko dard nahin den sakta hun main par aap log tou mere mom-dad ho naa aap logon ko tou mujhe samjhna chahiye aap log tou mujhe jaante ho ache se mom-dad fir bhi kaise kar sakte ho aap yeh sab mom-dad''
He remembered as he recalled all his moments with his parents from his childhood till now how his mom-dad every time supported him in his school, his decision for going for medical, always supported him in his every decision every time love him like anything doted on him and for shweta too they are happy because he is happy and now he cant believe his those parents are not understanding him at all.
And then armaan looked in the sky he suddenly saw a face which his heart may be wants to makes him see as if it was his heart's reflection and then he just punched his hand on stone more hardly
A''aur tum riddhima tum tou dava karti thi naa merii best friend honein kaa aab kahan ho tum jabmujeh tumhari sabse zayda zarurat hain kaisi dosti riddhima rtumhari kii aaj tumhare best friend kii zidnagi meiin yeh sab chal rahaa hain aur mujhe yeh bhi nahin pata kii tum kahan ho jis se main aapne best friend ke pas hug karke jee bhar ke ro lun par nahin tum bhi riddhima doosron kii tarha bina kuchh bole mujhe chod kar gayyi naa tum kitna dhundha tha maine tumhe koi message nahin bas bina kuchh kahe challi gayyi tum kyyon riddhima tum kyoon gayyi aapnein best friend ko chod kar''
He cried more and more remembering the three relations of his life his parents relations which gives him so much love, his best friend who is support all the way in medical college that he can lies on her with even eyes closed just left him without saying anything without meeting him even once and the third relation his so called love that breaks him to pieces breaks him beyond repair. He don't knows what to do what bad he do that his life is in such a mess and there is right now no one who can hear him and understands his grief and pain he just feels that there is nothing left in his life.
The whole day armaan sits on the beech looking to the waves and just remembering and recalling his life when he is happy man and now he just feels pain and it was almost mid-night when he gets up with red puffy eyes and picked his hoes and then with determined decision he walks back to his house.
In mallik house hold karan and nandini walked in living room as armaan is not back yet they are worried for him like hell he is not picking his cell and he even did not went to sanjeevani not with his friends now both of them worried for his safety they were thinking to file a police report when suddenly they heard car's sound and within a second they saw armaan walks inside and just seeing him nandini rushed to him and takes him in his motherly hug
N''armaan tuu kahan chala gayya tha hum kitne pareshan ho gayye the armaan hum kitna dar rahein the armaan beta''
And karan too went closer to them seeing him he sighed in relief seeing his son fine though he is disveled  his shirt is out of place eyes are red and swollen and then he just placed his hand on his shoulder
K''han armaan aise koi karta hain kya beta tuu theek tou hain naa aage se aisee mat karna armaan we love you armaan beta''
He said and armaan just nodded he is so broken from inside and then he speaks coldly as he decided what he has to do and then
A''mom -dad main shaadi ke liyye ready hun aab mujhe room meiin jaana hain bahut tired ho gayya hun main so I am please excuse me mom -dad ''
He said and starts walking towards his room while nandini and karan shocked hearing him and karan is the one who just speaks
K''armaan yeh tuu kya keh raha hain Shaadi  armaan I mean are you sure armaan beta '
A''mere sure honein se kya farak padta hain dad main aap donow ko aur hurt nahin karna chahta so I am ready aapko jo karna hain kar lijiyega mom'''
He said and then just walked away from there feeling nothing in his heart just pure anger that no one is there when he needs someone and he don't even cry now as if his tears were too finished and karan nandini gives each-other support they knows armaan can only comes back to his normal life when he will close that chapter of his life and that's what he did with a amazing life partner.
Next morning as armaan walked downstairs his mom called him as
N''armaa beta zara yahan tou ana''
And armaan just walked towards her don't wants to talk about anything
A''mom aagar aapko kuch khas kam nahin hain tou can I go to hospital please mom main''
He said and nandini just shakes her head she knows he is not up to himself and just said yes for her sake and then nandini just says
N''armaan dekh naa yeh photo maine ise tere liyye pasand kiyya hain baht achii ladki hain tere jaise doctor hain beta dekh''
Till nandini finished karan too joined them and armaan just control his anger it was going on his veins and he just closed his eyes try to calm down
A''aap logon ne dekh liyya naa mujhe aab koi interests nahin hain aap log kuch bhi kar sakte hain mujhe zindagi ne kabhie koi options nahin diyye hain so aab bhi nahin chahiye''
He said coldly and karan and nandini just looked at him blankly and before either of them says anything armaan speaks before
A''now excuse me I have to report to hospital''
And he just leaves from there without giving a look to his parents and karan and nandini looked at each-other and then finally nandini speaks up leaning on his shoulder saying truthfully to him
N''karan hum kuch galat tou nahin kar rahii armaan ne dekha kaise baat karii jaise ooski aankhon meiin kuch bacha hii nahin dekha ooski aankhein kitni bechain thi jaise ose hum par trust hii nahin raha hain''
Karan nodded and holds his wife he knows she is saying what is truth and he just knows that thing too that what they are doing is good too and then finally karan while caressing her arm that
K''nandu it is fine armaan ko time chahiye hum jo kar rahein hain vo sahii hain nandu is time armaan ko 1 saathi kii zarurat hain jo ose ooske kadwe ateet se bahar nikal saken so nandu trust yourself''
He said and nandini nodded and then they hugged each-other.
In night armaan comes home whole tired and exhausted he has so much surgeries lined up as he actually buried himself deep in his work don't wants to think anything about his messy life and as soon he walked inside he saw his mom and dad working on something as he is confused what is going on there but he shrugged his thoughts away and was walking towards his room when his mom engulfed him in a bear hug and he is surprised but he reacted his mom's hug and then he heard his mom and
N''main bahut khush hun armaan aaj kul purohit jii aye the aur oonhone terii shaadi ka muhorat 4 din baad nikala hain beta''
And that brings a big shock to armaan he just said yes and here is married got fixed within four days itself and he looked at his mom and dad and they are so happy and then karan breaks his trance as
K''armaan buddy tuu khush tou hain naa beta bas iske baad next year tak koi muharat nahin tha isiliyye humne aab final kar diyya beta''
A''koi zarurat nahin hain dad mere bare meiin kabhie kisii ne nahin socha tou mujhe mat poochiye aapko jo karna hain kar sakte hain aapko merii permission kii zarurat nahin hain yeh samajh lijiye kii armaan jo kar raha haiin aapnein parents ke liyye kar raha haiin''
K''armaan at least ladki kii photo tou dekh len''
Karan said and armaan just clenched in his fists and
A''nahin dad koi zarurat nahin hain aap logon ne dekh liyya naa''
And without giving a glance to his parent she left to his room leaving karan and nandini just thinking and praying this wedding makes their son happy and he will understand that they are thinking about him only.
Next four days passed in haste and in wedding preparations but armaan just cut him from all the preparation he even goes to the hospital even before two days of his wedding he sits home only when his mom tied some auspicious thread on his wrist and tells him not to go outside till his wedding time and armaan just agrees with his mom well he is burning with all the anger and frustration building inside him what a irony he was getting married in two days he don't even saw his would-be wife's face let along her face he don't even knows her name it's not he is interested at all well no but he was going to tie the life time relationship with someone and he just knows one thing that he will be never able to trust anyone more and he will be hating the fact that he has to do this because of his parents and he with the each passing second in these four days hating everyone around him, he even don't liked to comes in front of his parents as he don't knows how he will be reacted to them as he is angry with them too that they are actually emotional blackmailing him in the relationship and this thing making him more heart broken and the anger is raising in his veins and he can't even let go out of his anger and his anger makes him frustrated and irritated more that he even start hurting his already hurt heart.
Finally it is the wedding day of armaan and armaan is not at all happy as well he is not at all interested in this wedding thing but somehow he just completed all the rituals and he comes back to Mallik Mansion with his wife and he did not see her face still as first he is not at all interested in it he is just doing all the rituals with numb body and all but he do feels some kind of satisfaction when he tied Mangalsutra in her neck and put sacred Sindoor in her Maang but he shrugged his thoughts away and he did not saw her face even because secondly her face is covered in her veil and when he comes home his mom happily did all the rituals and with some stupid games in his eyes with so much teasing of his friends and cousins which makes him much more angry he just wants to let go from there as there is some weird kind of feelings going in his heart as his mind is reacting numb because of his wedding which he did not wants at all. After sometime an non-pleased armaan is pushed inside his room where his wife is waiting for him with so many tips from his guy cousins and the teasing from his girl cousins and that was doing nothing just makes him angrier more and more and as soon he reached inside the room he saw the beautiful decorated room and he saw it was decorated beautifully with red roses and the whole room having aroma of scented candled and that makes armaan more angrier the things which are a beautiful dream for everyone in this world and he just clenched his fists in anger and then he saw his wife unwanted wife sitting on his bed with her face covered with veil and for a mere second his heart wants to go and look at her but then again his past bad memories comes runs again in front of his eyes and he just lost every control that he has on his senses as he heard her anklet sound and he just blasted on her without looking at her as he
A''maine aapse yeh shaadi aapni khushi se bilkul bhi nahin karii hain maine yeh shaadi aapne parents aapni mom ke dawab meiin aakar karii hain mujhe rishton par koi vishwas nahin hain maine yeh rishta bas aapne parents ko dikhane ke liyye kiyya aur kuch nahin main aapse kuch bhi nahin den sakta naa kushi naa patni ka haq main aapse koi bhi rishta nahin rakh sakta hun naa hii rakhna chahta hun maine yeh dawab kii shaadi naa hii kabhie aapnaoga mujhe kisii ke pyaar par naa tou bharosa karna hain naa hii koi rishta banana hain tou behtar hoga kii hum yeh faaltu ka rishta aaj hii khtam kar len naa aap yahan rahein merii biwi banker naa main aapko dekhun aapni biwi ke rup meiin kyunki main aapko nahin aapnauga tou mujhe aisa koi rishta nahin jeena hain logon ke liyye bhi nahin jiska naa aage chalakar naa aaj hii koi wazood hain tou behtar yehii hain kii aap apnein ghar vaapis laut jaayen humesha ke liyye aap aapni zindagi vaise hii jeeyen jaise aaj iss shaadi se pehle jeeti ayi hain aur main bhi iss shaadi ko 1 boora sapna samajh kar bhul jayiyega mere paas is baat ka koi answer nahin hain kii jab iss shaadi ko nibhana hii nahin haiin tou kyoon karii maine aapse shaadi par main aab aapkii zindagi ke saath aur khilwad nahin kar sakta yahan reh kar tou aap kabhie bhi khush nahin reh paayengi isiliyye yehii behtar hain kii aap aapnein gharr laut jayen kyunki uiss rishte main naa tou aaj kuch hain naa hii kal kuch hain maafi nahin magoga kabhie aapse kyunki jo aapke saath kiyya hain ooska koi maafi nahin hain aur mujhe ache se pata hain jo maine kiyya hain vo kabhie sahi nahin ho skata par yahan aapko 1 galat umeed par bandh kar nahin rakh sakta main aapko kyunki kuch nahin hoga humari iss shaadi kaa isiliyye laut jayiye aap aapne gharr humesha ke liyye main abs itna hii keh sakta hun aapse iss waqt jayiye chale jayiye aur hum shayad aab kabhie nahin milenge aapni zindagi meiin jo rahein humari jud gayyi hain ose abhie aalag karna behtar hoga aaj yeh aapko bhi kam takleef dengi aur main mujhe chodiye chale jayiyega yahan se aap kal subh main aab iss rishte ko aur nahin seh sakta hun yeh Dr. sirff ghutan den raha haiin mujhe bas yehii hain''
And armaan after saying these words to his wife well his so called wife in his eyes fells on the couch and just closed his eyes while the sleep is miles away from his eyes still he tried to sleep as he knows he hurts someone too and he just heard the muffle sobs of her and just feeling her sobs he knows he wants to wipe her tears as he don't knows why he feels pain in his heart and being a good person that thing hurts armaan and he never knows when thinking about all the things and when he did not takes this more torture any more her muffle cries he just went away from there while shutting the door don't wants to feel that weird feeling in his heart and hearing her sobs and cries just increasing his guilt.
Next day as armaan walked inside the home it was almost 11 o' clock and he spend his all night at the beach figuring out why his life is such a mess and crying for hurting anyone who has no fault in this but he can't even accepts this relationship at all he knows he can't believe anyone and he just thinks that no one is made for him by god and he has to spends his life all alone and as he sneaked outside the house in mid night no one saw him as with the so called wedding all were hell tired and was sleeping so he is saved from any queries and now as he walked inside the house he saw the house is quite there is no commotion as going from four days as he thinks may be all his relatives left and what he did not knows that someone else too and as he walked towards his room he finds his mom is crying and his dad is sitting by his side and as soon they heard footsteps as armaan makes his way towards them to knows what happened and as soon they heard his footsteps they gives him a deadly look and nandini just shouted in her voice
N''karan ise bol dijiye merii nazron se dur ho jaaye yeh aab kya chahiye ise isnein oos masom ladki kii zindagi tou kharab kar hii dii shaadi kee aagle hii din vo ladki humesha ke liyye aapne maayke laut gayyi ise bol dijiye aaj se mera aur iska koi rishta nahin hain dur ho jaaye yeh merii nazron se''
She said and armaan is shocked hearing his mom's words did that girl to be precisely says his wife actually left him but why he is shocked he is the only one who tells her to leave and go and she did do whatever he says to her left in the morning itself not showing her face to him he don't knows why but he feels sudden pain in his heart as if something very important snatched away from him
K''sambhalo nandu aapnein aap ko shant ho jao tumhari tabiyat theek nahin hain pehle hii please aab shant ho jao tum it's a request''
He said and armaan comes closer to his mom as he just speaks as
N''karan please ise yahan se le jayiye mujhe iskii shakal se bhi nafrat ho rahii hain jab yeh sab karna tha kyoon karii oos bechari ladki kii zidnagi kharab isnein''
K''armaan tum yahan se abhie cahlee jao mujhe tumse yeh ummed nahin thi aagar yehii sab karna tha tou kyoon han karii thi tumne shaadi ko lekar aapnein saath saath oos bechari kii hansti khelti zindagi meiin aag laga dii tumne armaan I feels ashamed that you are my son''
He said giving him a bad look and armaan has tears in his eyes and he just looked at his parents and then speaks up shouting almost in anger and in pain
A''tou kya karta main koi aur raaasta choda tha aap logon ne mere pas aagar shaadi nahin karta tou aap log mujhe chod kar chale jaate par main kisii ko jhoothi khushiyan bhi nahin den sakta tha mujhse nahin hota yeh isliyye maine ose sab bata diyya kal raat ko hii aur jaane ko bhi bol diyya jo 1 blunder humari shaadi maine karii thi vo aab main ose aur dard nahin den sakta tha kam se kam aapnein gharr jaakar khsuh tou rahegi yahan par tou mera pyaar naa paakar ek bebuniyad rishte meiin rehkar ek khokhle rishte meiin jeekar takleef hii hotii oos se bas isiliyye kiyya yeh sab maine aur aap logon ko sharam ati hain naa mujh par kii main aapka beta hun tou nahin saamne aaunga aap logon ke main aab kabhie chala jaata hun main yahan se''
He said and left from there leaving a crestfallen nandini an karan behind what they thought that this marriage will makes armaan happy but how the things turned armaan himself don't wants to be happy so how he can be and they just cried in each-other's arms feeling so much guilty for their own actions that they spoiled one girl's life and then they are angry on armaan he did the biggest blunder of his life and they knows he is going to regret this later on his life after they saw the life and knows he will gets to knows it later on and now they even just don't wants to see his face even it hurt them beyond limits and they remembered the smiling face of their daughter-in-law they has attachment with her just in few time and they knows she will be the one for their son if he even gives her a chance.
After 6 months armaan was sitting in his cabin with his head in his hands his life is totally changed well if he says he is just living like a machine that will be true thing as he just cut himself from the world for every relation even his parents did not talked with him they did live together in the same house but that house is always silent now without any laughter and all his parents so don't walk on him as they thinks that armaan spoiled the life just too stay with his parents they stayed under one roof but they never talked with each-other they never questioned him about his whereabouts and all and armaan still did not knows whom he gets married and that girl as if just imprinted his words on her heart never comes back in his life never showed her face to him never comes to claim her wife rights and this always makes him guilty and he even cut his ties with his friends even he just let remain alone not talked with anyone, he and his work that's all he just involved in his work and right now he is thinking that he should moved away from there as it is killing him going somewhere where he is not at all needed or no one is waiting for him though his heart knows his parents still cares for him but they topped showing this and that's what he doing right now moving away from these memories which is just giving him pains and all and as looked at the papers in his hands that is his conference in U.S and he is chosen to represent Indian Mumbai Sanjeevani and he just wants to go there if there is another time he will go there too with happiness but now he just wants to go to relax himself as all these things killing him inside. And in night he just informed his parents that he is leaving for one month to U.S tomorrow and as he expected they are surprised but then just nods as they don't talks with him, sighing armaan packed his bags and all the things and before going he even tells his lawyer to start proceedings of divorce with his so called wife whom he don't knows as he thinks it's good  if he will free from all the obligations though for the name sake so that she can start her life again because in their relation though he don't accepted it she can't moved on in his life and just finalising all the things with his lawyer next day.
In night just bidding a formal bye to his parents he flied to U.S. thinking maybe he can finds some soul there as the memories is killing him his guilt is killing him and his pain is just getting unbearable.
After the long flight armaan reached U.S. when he reached there, there is night in U.S. too he quickly made his was towards the hotel which is booked for all the doctors for this conference. And as soon he put his first feet on U.S.'s land he don't knows why he feels something is going to happen and his heart after almost 6 months gets some satisfaction shrugging his thoughts away he entered in his room and immediately getting inside armaan changed in some warm clothes as it is so much cool there and because of the jet lag and as he did not even sleep a wink in the plane because of all his memories going in his mind armaan as soon hits the bed he drifted to sleep immediately.
Next morning as armaan wakes up with the sound of alarm he opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings for some minutes he is dazed due to sleep and then he remembered he is in U.S. for conference and as he looked at the time it's 8'0 clock he decides to gets ready so that he will be on time in the conference though it's still 2 hours left in the start of conference. And getting ready he makes his way towards the hospital where the conference is held and as it is the biggest hospital in U.S. with all the facilities there he is happy that he has the chance to see the work there and the world's biggest doctors there and above all he has that soothing touch in wind of U.S. that is actually soothing his soul and calming his not in peace heart. And as soon he reached to the hospital he entered inside and introduced himself on the nurse station she informed him that he have to go to 13th floor and as it is still the time to start for conference he moved towards the cafeteria to have some coffee as he did not drink or ate anything. And all the way he is feeling that he is close to someone very special and don't knows why he today remembering his best friend so much his riddhima well it's her dreams to work in this hospital as she wants to gets the best experience of her life in her field of gynaecologists and armaan thought maybe this is her dream that's why he is remembering her and as he reached the cafeteria he gets himself a coffee and in between he called his parents and informed them he reached safely there knowing how many grudges they have he still cared for him.
And as he is drinking his coffee he don't knows why he is just remembering the days he spent with riddhima in his college they are together in every think where he is a prankster she is the shy one. And he smiled remembering those days when his life is perfect a caring best friend whom he can share anything a future bright one and happy parents but now he has nothing he just wiped his tear which is at the corner of his eyes he suddenly finds one petite figure standing on the door of the cafeteria as her back is facing him he don't able to see her face but he saw her long hairs tied in pony tail and he don't knows why but that person seems so close  to himself then he smacked himself thinking this and just cursed himself how he can thinks about anyone like this whom he even did not knows as he
A''armaan tuu pagal ho gayya hain kya kisii ke bare meiin kuch bhi kaise soch sakta hain tuu nahin jaanta hain naa ose aur tujhe kabse yeh sab feelings par believe honein laga get a grip on yourself tuu fir se kabhie kisii ke qareeb nahin ane den sakta samjha''
And he just altered his gaze from the door and start drinking his coffee and then as he glanced the watch and he completed his coffee as he finds it's almost the time of conference and then his gaze unknowingly moved towards the door and that person is not there and he just after finishing his coffee he moved towards the conference hall for the conference meeting.
In conference hall
Armaan as entered inside the conference he finds so many doctors like him present there for the conference from the different corners of the world, he joined some of them and greeted them and they start discussing about their work and all but somehow armaan's heart is not at in peace his heart is giving him so much feelings as if it starts beating from after one and half year but he tried to shrugged his thoughts away and then only they see Dr.John Carter entering inside as the dean of this hospital and seeing him everyone greeted him and he smiling greeted everyone and he said everyone to seated himself and they all seated and in a minute everyone start giving their presentation and after armaan's turn there is announcement which makes armaan's heart flattered
J''now our best doctor here Miss Reddhema will represents our hospital Miss Reedhemea''
For a minute armaan thinks he is just imagining things but then his eyes gives answer to all his questions as he saw her walking to the desk elegantly and he saw her claded in a pair of jeans with pink top and her long hairs tied in pony tail  with as usual her flicks on her forehead and her lab coat all the time armaan did not saw her because she is sitting in front as off course she is the doctor here only and armaan's whole attention is now on just Riddhima he did not even heard a single word what she is saying all he is just glazing at his Best Friend who he saw after 3 long years all he wants to ask her where was she, is she fine, why she leaves like that and his feelings has mixed somewhere it is happy because he finds his long Best Friend, somewhere he is angry that she left and didn't even contacts him in all those years and then his gaze breaks so as his chain of thoughts with the claps in the conference hall and he too clapped with everyone looking at her as she is acknowledging everyone's claps with a bowed head and smile for a minute and then she did not even looked at him and just walked on her seat and armaan for a minute thinks that she does not even look at him and he is in his thoughts or she don't wants to see him and then armaan's chain of thoughts breaks with his name announced and he walked over the desk for a reason his eyes just glued on her even when he stands at desk and riddhima too this time looked at him and as he is about to start his presentation riddhima gives him a smile and armaan's heart smile as well his smile formed on his lips and he starts his presentations and seeing him riddhima looked at him only but he can't knows that as there is whole dark in the conference room she knows he is disappointed when she did not acknowledge him when all of them claps for her how she cannot recognize him after all he has her all relations but she don't wants to be loosened herself so she with lots of self control over herself and when he walks for his presentation she knows he is just looking at her and then finally when he just stares at her when he settled on desk for the presentation riddhima's heart cheated her yet again and she smiled at him her warm smile and then she finds her doing his work with as much dedication she always watched him like 3 years ago he used to do waited for her luck and smile and she remembered how they used to hugs each-other tightly after their some assignments and cases and all but now will they be able to wish each-other like that warmly she don't knows even now. And her chain of thoughts breaks with the sound of claps as everyone clapped for him and she looked at him as he is already looking at her as if waiting for the appreciation or just her confirmation and she start clapping altering her gaze as she finds Dr. John Carter clapping and she knows he gives his best off course otherwise she won't see that much true appreciation in Dr. John's eyes and moreover she knows him how much he is capable and talented and here seeing his best friend clapping for himself he finally sighed in relief and revealed his nervousness to thousand folds as he knows she is the most genuine person and critic too if he is wrong she will tells him clearly that's why riddhima is his best friend and today he somewhere feels so much relieved seeing his best friend in all these three years he don't have anyone whom he can ask that he is wrong or right and then just nodding his head with a small genuine smile he walked towards his seat just looking at her only.
After few more presentations the conference gets over and all the doctors called for lunch and armaan too just makes his move with another fellow doctors but he just wants to meet his best friend so he makes his way towards her as he finds her standing with Dr. John Carter attending everyone and as he moved near them Dr.John Carter seeing him he starts
J''hey armaan reedheema he is Dr.Armaan Mallik from India and I must say a very talented doctor he assists me when I went India for a surgery''
And armaan smiled as he too remembered he assists him and that's why he knew him before even and fond of him and now well
A''no Dr. Carter it's just because of you it's my pleasure that I had the opportunity working with you''
Armaan speaks slowly and softly and riddhima smiled seeing him that's her best friend it is so genuine and armaan looked towards riddhima and riddhima looked at him in each-other's eyes their eyes-lock breaks with the voice of Dr. John as he introduced now riddhima and as he
J''and armaan she is Dr.Reedhema she is my best doctor here she just joined six months back and now one of the best doctors here I must say she is very much fast learner''
As john praised while holding riddhima from her shoulder and armaan smiled hearing that from Dr. Carter as he knows how much his best friend is good and he so proud of that and then he
A''yes Dr. Carter I know that Riddhima is very much good in her work''
And riddhima looked at him with shock eyes as she knows him he will now surely reveals that they are known to each-other and yes she is so right as she heard Dr.John Carter's surprised voice as
J''i don't understand what you are saying armaan''
A''well Dr. Carter me and riddhima did our M.B.B.S. together only in the same college Dr. Carter''
As he said while giving riddhima a warm smile and Dr. Carter smiled too and then he speaks in excited voice
J'' I never know that then I will attend the other doctors you two friends must have lots of to catch up ok reedhema I will see you in morning for walk ok''
He said and left while giving riddhima a side hug and armaan smile and armaan don't knows why he don't like that closeness in between then how Dr.Carter hugs her and all he feels a pang of jealousy seeing that but somehow he avoided it as Dr.Carter shook his hand with him and left leaving them both alone and armaan has so much to ask from her and he just looked at her how much changed in between them in all those three years once the time was they are so close to each-other and so much to tells that they almost fights that who will speak first and then they both laughed as they are such a kids and then they just speaks so much sometimes armaan is listener and sometimes riddhima is  listener but till the time they did not tells each-other everything they don't gets peace and then now everything changed in just 3 years when riddhima left without saying anything and as now armaan remembered those things a smile crept on his lips and as riddhima looked at him somewhere she too reminds those moments with him and she smiled too and finally armaan is the one who breaks the silence seeing that beautiful smile he so missed his best friend and as he
And hearing that word from his mouth riddhima's head shoot up she looked at her how much she craved hearing that basket from his mouth as that gives her the sense of feeling that she is his only
And as armaan saw her lost in her own world he called her again and riddhima now looked at him and then she just speaks up
R''umm han main''
She fumbled with words and armaan smiled seeing her fumbling she always gets so much conscious when someone gives her so much attention and that's thing makes her different from everyone and
A''hey riddhima main hun Armaan Mallik tumhara friend jise kabhie tumne aapna best friend mana tha hope kii main aapko aaj bhi yad hun yaa aap mujhe bhull gayyi hain Miss Riddhima Gupta''
And riddhima looked at him is voice she can feels that pain in his sacracstic comment and she knows she did wrong when she left him without even meeting him so llong three years ago and then as
A''lagta hain tum aapnein friend ko bikul bhull chuki ho aur shayad aab mujhe aapna dost bhi nahin maanti I am sorry shayad maine aapko hurt kar diyya hain aur disturb bhi but I just think kii merii dost bhi khush hogii mujhse itnein din baad mil kar but I am so very sorry''
Armaan said in hurt voice as he did not even gets the response from his best friend riddhima which he is feeling so much happy while meeting her though he is angry with her but he is happy more to gets his best friend back after so long time but maybe riddhima don't even takes his as her friend that's why she just left three years ago without saying anything to him, he always feels she left because she has some problem but now seeing her behave he feels so much broken right now, his broken heart's pieces stabbed inside him and as he feels tears will make their way out and he will lose control over himself he turned to go when he feels a light grip on his wrist and he turned to find riddhima holding his wrist in her hands and he looked at her with confusion and then riddhima just replied with so much softly and calmly and slowly
R''sorry armaan''
And armaan looked at her as she speaks sorry to him that moment he finds the glimpse of his riddhima his best friend in her as she is saying with that soft genuine voice with so much emotions in her eyes and seeing that he knows she is genuinely sorry and then he
A''it's ok riddhima''
R''thanks armaan''
And then again the awkward silent in between then this time riddhima breaks the silence as she speaks again failing from her heart and feelings
R''kaise ho armaan''
A''main dekho bilkul fit and fine mujhe kya hoga tumhare saamne khada hun riddhima''
He joked and riddhima can see that hidden pain behind his voice and he do knows why he is in pain but she can't do anything not even confronts him they have so much in between some hidden facts yet transparent facts which he can't see still now and she just nodded
R''aur armaan baaki sab kaise hain I mean rahul,muskaan, abhie-nikki aur m I mean uncle-aunty''
She asked and armaan looked at her she still is the same can speak so much in one breath he chuckled and then he replied with a smile
A''sab theek hain riddhima ek dam mast bilkul perfect hain aur tum kaisi ho riddhima aur yahan kab ayi I meant U.S''
He asked and riddhima smiled hearing his questions and she just
R''main bhi theek hun armaan abhie tumhe jo sorry I meant Dr.Carter ne bataya kii main abhie 6 months pehle hii ayi hun yahan aur join kiyya''
She said correcting him and armaan somehow don't feels good when he heard 'jo'' from her for Dr.Carter and she even did not called him from his nick name which she gives him and then he
A''that's excellent naa riddhima tumhe finally aapna dream achieve kar hii liyya yahan aakar kam karne ke I am so proud of you''
He said looking at her and riddhima smiled seeing his genuine happiness for her in his eyes and she too smiled warmly but what he did not knows is that he is the main reason of her coming her here.
R''thanks armaan acha armaan you go have your lunch naa it's having Indian cuisine too''
She said and armaan nodded and then he speaks up saying that
A''han tum bhi aao naa basket saath meiin lunch karte hain kitne sal ho gayye hain humein saath meiin lunch kiyya naa''
He said reminding her those days when they eat together in college and riddhima is the one who usually feeds him because he is so much engrossed in his books that he did not even realize that he is not eating and then sighing riddhima feeds him all the time and now he remembered those days how much she cared for him and
R''umm nahin armaan you continue mujhe 1 file submit karni hain that is important otherwise I would love to join you armaan''
She said and armaan nodded and hearing her voice he can sense something maybe disturbing her but he can't push her right now at least because there are so many people but he knows one thing he will bring his basket back his best friend his riddhima.
A''han sure you go and complete your work vaise bhi basket aab tou main yahan par one month hun tou tum chaho yaa naa chaho tumhe mujhe jhelna tou padega hii so you can go now riddhima''
Riddhima looked at him well she is shocked with his words she is not at all expected that calm reaction from him how he can do that and her tears were ready to spill out from her eyes and she just controlled herself not wants to create a scene here she nods and
R''yeah sure bye''
And she turned to go when armaan holds her wrist in a next moment she is in his arms and riddhima is shocked as well numb with his action somehow and her heart too gives in her wishes as she too slowly makes her hands at his back and then armaan as if finding his solace back and riddhima don't knows what is going on but she just wants to live in this moment only just this moment.
And after few minutes armaan breaks the hug while whispering to her in his soft yet calm voice and makes her surprised purely as
A''aab tum aapnein best friend ko hug dena bhull sakti ho main nahin ok aab tum jao you have work naa main tumse baad meiin milta hun basket bye''
And riddhima just without saying anything left from there and he is just happy that he finds his best friend and here riddhima just ran inside her cabin don't wants to face anyone right now she dint have the capacity to bear anything right now at all she is broken  and bolted her cabin door she buried her head in his hands slumping on the couch start crying bitterly feeling thousands needles stabbing in her heart she don't knows why when she tried to move ahead her past comes in front of her like this only somewhere she knows her past, present and future just binded with him only in different relationships but what she can do every time she gets hurt so much from everyone and when she just moved here armaan here in front of her eyes like this and she can't even turned her face from him after all she loved him so very much
R''kyoon aa gayye armaan tum merii zindagi meiin laut kar aakhir armaan mujhe pata haiin maine 3 years pehle galat kiyya tha tumhe aise bina bateye jaakar par tab main majboor thi armaan mujhe bas oos raat jaana pada armaan bina kuch kahen bina kuch kiyye par armaan tumne bhi tou mujhe contact nahin kiyya naa jab maine aapna letter shweta ke pas choda tha tumhe dene kee liyye mujhe laga kii shayad tum tak vo letter pahuncha hii nahin armaan isiliyye maine tumhara number try karne kii koshihs kii but vo badal gayya tha fir maine socha kii shayad humari taqeer meiin yehii hain armaan par armaan yeh bhi ootna hii sach haiin kii main tumse kitna pyaar kiyya hain humesha hii par shayad tum mere naseeb meiin hii nahin ho aaj bhi maine dekh liyya tha tumhari aankhon meiin chupa hua vo khsuhi jo tumhe aapni best friend ko dekhne par hui aur maine vo gussa bhi dekha tumhari aankhon meiin kii tumhari best friend kyoon gayyi tumhe chod kar par tumhari khsuhi tumhare gusse se kahin zayda badii thi par main kya karun armaan kaise maf karun tumhe armaan tumse sab gile shikwe hain par saath meiin tumse bahut pyaar bhi hain armaan par main tumhe maf nahin kar sakti armaan tumne jo bhi kiyya ooske liyye kabhie bhi tum hii batao kaise nibhaon tumhare saath dosti main armaan mera dill har pal mujhe kamzor kar rahi haiin armaan tumhe saamne dekh kar aab main tumse dur bhi nahin jaa sakti mera dill iskii gawahi nahin den raha haiin armaan tumhe hurt karne kii yaa tumhe dur dhakel kar dard dene kii chahe tumne mujhe kitna bhi dard diyya ho humesha mere saath hii aisee kyoon hota main kya karun armaan aakhir kyoon jab tum 1 taraf mere saath koi rishta hii nahin rakhna chahte tou (she cried while looking at some papers on her desk as some more tears fell from her eyes) aur 1 aur humari yeh dosti main kaise nibhaun armaan samajh nahin aa rahaa hain mujhe kaise dur karun tumse jabkii tum tou mere saath bandhe hue ho kya tumhe sach meiin ehsaas nahin hain kii humare beech aab rishte kitne badal gayye hain yaa tum sirff anjan ban rahein ho main kya karun armaan mujhe tumse yeh sab janana hain armaan par kaise maine khud se vaada kiyya tha kii kabhie tumse koi sawal nahin karungi main''
She said to herself and then her chain of thought breaks with the voice of knock on the door and she just wiped her tears away and then she called 'come in'' while putting the papers under the file as she finds john walking inside her cabin and seeing him she gives him a smile while john gives her a smile too and then sits
R''jo you, you have any work with me then you should have call me jo no needs to comes here jo I will comes naa jo''
She said and jo smiled and holds her hand and makes her sits on the couch and riddhima just followed him and then she just
J''reedhema why are you doing this with yourself after so much happenings you still love him and still wants to be with him''
He asked and riddhima looked at him how did he knows and then he speaks while taking her hand in his and he just answered her
J''i saw you ri when you hugged him back when he hugged you ri''
And riddhima hearing him just breaks in his arms start crying bitterly as she needs one support right and john is that one her friend, philosopher and guide
R''tou main kya karti john tum hii batao naa nahin rouk paayi main khud koo jab oosnein mujhe hug kiyya tou main nahin rouk paayi khud ko aur dill bhi bas behak gayya aur mujhe bas 1 pal ke liyye laga kii yahii merii duniya hain main bas ooski bahon ke liyye hii bani hun john I just forgets everything what happened in between us main oos pal ko thamna chahti thi john kii shayad main ooske saath aapni poori zindagi beeta doongi john aur bas osi pal meiin maine aapni mohabbat ko jee liyya john main chah kar bhi ose ignore nahin kar sakii subhh se jab se ose cafeteria meiin dekha tha tabse bhag rahii thii oos main kii kahin vo mere saamne naa aa jaayen par oos se saamna ho hii gayya aur humesha kii tarah vo mujhe dard meiin hii chod kar chala gayya john ,john maine bahut koshish kii par mera gussa humesha kii tarah aaj bhi mere pyaar ke aage kamzor hii pad gayya john main kya karun kyoon aaya vo yahan par jab ose mujhse koi rishta hii nahiin rakhna kaise main sirff ooske saath ooski dosti nibhaun john kaise karun main yeh mujhse nahin hoga jo main nahin kar sakti john aab yeh sab main mar jaungi john I can bear this again and again the same rejection all over the years john please''
She cried helplessly in his arms while john just hugged her closer he know what she is saying as he is her friend and knows Hindi even and moreover seeing her broken state he himself feels like punching him but he can't do that he is good person but he don't understands why he hurts her like that why he do that and then he just caressed her back and then detangled her from himself and then cupping her face he kissed her forehead while wiping her tears away and then he speaks making her looks at him as her sobs subsided
J''no ri you can't be weak you are the most strongest person I ever met and it's just a matter of one month then he will be back to India and you can takes your decision calmly ri so till then be strong and I am always with you ri and till then it's my duty to see you have to interact with him as less as possible I promise to you ri''
And riddhima nodded she knows john will surely do what he says and then she hugged him while thanking him as he is there when she needed a friend
R''thank you jo you are always here when I needed someone thank you so much jo if you are not here I will be broken long ago jo''
She said and john hugged her back he knows riddhima takes him her friend and he is happy that he can be her support and then he
J''well you can do one thing one dinner date with me on this weekend what says ri just you and me no one else so ri what's say''
He said and riddhima smiled seeing his stupid flirting and then she shakes her head and smacked on his arm saying just as him
R''in your dreams Dr. Carter''
And then before john can say anything there is announcement for him and he stood up and says something to riddhima while hugging her as
J''ok ri now I have to go you takes care I will drop you home today''
He said and then left after hugging her unaware of the fact that one pair of blue eyes see this whole scene and he is burning in rage seeing her so close to him and at the same time his heart cried seeing her so much broken and crying like that he so wants to go and engulfed in his arms and to sooth her like he used to do when she has her exam tension and all but right now seems like riddhima has angry with him only and he don't knows what he did even should not he is the one who will be angry on her because she left him like that but here the things are exact opposite and just with theses thoughts running in his head he makes his way from there first he wants to go inside and asks her all the questions but then his heart don't allowed him as he even himself didn't knows what he will asked her as he made his way out of the hospital here riddhima just moved towards the desk and seeing the papers remembering john's words about decision she just speaks while feeling armaan's smiling face in front of his eyes just as that
R''main kya decision loongi jo armaan ne har decision khud hii pehle le liyye hain mujhe tou bas manane hotein hain jo''
And she just wiped the tears swimming in her eyes putting the papers away from her side. And here armaan just reached in nearby park and just slumped on the bench there with his head in his hands as he don't even understands what is happening what a irony he comes here to relax his mind and soul and then he gets his best friend here he is happy but now hearing the things from riddhima's moth his life is laughing at him more and more questions and such a mess in his life that even don't understands what is going on in his life and that makes his head bursting
A''kya keh rahii thi basket kii vo mujhse pyaar karti hain humehsa se hii tou oosnein mujhe kabhie kaha kyoon nahin kii vo mujhe chahati hain pyaar karti hain mujhse tou mujhe kyoon nahin bataya jab hum saath the hum tou best friend the tou oosnein itnii badii baat kyoon chupayi mujhse aur aagar vo mujhse pyaar karti hain tou mujhe bina kuchh kahen bina koi message chode bina mujhe mile challi kyoon gayyi thi vo aur maine ose kaunsa dard diyya hain jiskii vo baat kar rahii hain maine tou ose kabhie hurt nahin kiyya ose hurt karne se pehle main marna pasand karunga vo merii zindagi hain yeh mujhe baad meiin samajh aya kii maine ose kitna chaha oos is peeche 1 and half year meiin mujhe bas vohii tou yaad ati thi aapni basket aur mujhe ehsas hua kii I tou love you yaar aur aaj jab tumhe yahan dekha tou poora yakeen ho gayya kii tumse hii pyaar karta hun jo sukoon milla mujhe milla mere dill ko milla tumhe yahan dekh kar maine shweta ke dhokhe ke baad dekha kii oos pyaar meiin tou kabhie vo baat thi hii nahin oos se achi tou humari dosti thi starting meiin laga kii main kaise pyaar ko dosti se compare kar sakta hun khud se ladta raha main par aaj ehsaas hua kii kitna chhata hun main tumhe tmhe john ke saath dekh kar mujhe bahut takleef ho rahii hain riddhima jo jagah sirff merii thi vo tum kisii aur ko kaise den sakti ho after all I am your best friend riddhima how could you do this naraz tou mujhe tumse hona chahiye par riddhima tum kyoon mujhse naraz ho itnii maine kya kiyya hain kii tum mujhe ignore karna chahti ho aaj bhi tumne john se baat karte hue mera nam nahin liyya but mujhe ache se pata haiin kii tum sirff merii baat kar rahii ho mera dill yehii gawahi den raha haiin par aisaa kya hain jo maine hii kar diyya hain aur mujeh hii iskaa ehsaas nahin hain tumhe mere sawalon ka zawab dena padega riddhima aabki baar tum mujhe bina bataye nahin jaugi riddhima main tumhe jaane nahin doonga riddhima''
And armaan just keeps on sitting there only with so many questions running in his mind and then finally he moved towards his hotel thinking he will surely asked riddhima everything and anything in morning itself.
Next morning armaan first thing after completing his work in hospital went to riddhima's cabin to talk with her his mind is not at all in peace he just wants the answer to his questions and as soon he reached to her cabin he knocked but getting no response he moved inside and saw riddhima is not there he thinks to wait for her for sometime but she did not comes for an hour or so he just spotted a nurse coming inside her cabin for putting some files so he asked from her and
A''can you please tell me where is Dr. Riddhima Gupta''
N''sir your are mistaken this is not the cabin of Dr. Reedhema Gupta in fact there is no Dr.Reedhema Gupta working here its only Dr.  Riddhima's cabin''
And that makes armaan shocked why the hell she is not using her surname at all as far he is remember her full name is Riddhima Gupta but what he don't knows it that the very much reality.
A''oh yea sorry can you tell me where is Dr. Riddhima''
Armaan then corrected himself and asked her and nurse replied that
N''sorry sir she is not here for maybe till night she has three surgeries and right now even she is busy in her surgery''
She said and armaan just looked at her for a minute and then he just
A''thank you so much''
And the nurse left and armaan left too thinking he will talk with her tomorrow as today she is busy. Next two days passed like this only whenever armaan tried to go to riddhima she is busy and most of the time he is busy too and somewhere he knows this is all because of John as he knows he is keeping his promise to lessen their encounters fully. But today armaan has her enough attitude he today every close will talk with him and he barged inside her cabin as he knows when will be there as it's her time to go home and yes she is there packing her stuff he entered inside and locked the door after entering inside the cabin and riddhima who is lost in her thoughts doing her work and she startled as she heard door closed and as she turned she saw armaan on the door she for a minute is shocked to see him there, from the past 2 days she is successful somewhere avoiding him as John did actually busied her and him in some work and in evening too he is dropping her home as riddhima is not up o herself seeing armaan so close to her, she sometimes wants to go to him and slapped him hard and asked why he did that with her and then somewhere she wants to go and just hugged him tightly and cried her heart out and tells him that she loves him and can't stay without him how much she missed him but alas she can't able to do anything as she controlled herself because she don't wants to hurt him and herself more if he don't wants to live with her then she can't force him after all she loved him so much that his happiness is all matters to him and then suddenly her chain of  thoughts breaks with one voice as
A''oye basket kahan kho gayyi ho tum maine kabse tumhe bola raha haiin par tum zawab hii nahin den rahii ho mujhe hain kya''
 He asked and riddhima looked at him and then she knows she have to reply him off course she can't escape him and then as
R''nahin armaan kuch bhi nahin acha tum yahan koi kam tha kya tumhe mujhse armaan han''
She asked while not meeting his gaze at all as she knows he can surely guess what is going in his mind and then he just speaks up
A''kyoon basket nahin aa sakta kya main tumhare cabin meiin han''
He asked while moving closer to him as she is shocked hearing that intense voice of his and she just calmed herself well she tried to calm herself so she speaks while her heart beats raising with each and every second
R''umm nahin armaan aisii koi baat nahin hain maine bas isiliyye poocha kyunki mujhe laga kii tum aab tak shayad chale gayye hoge tumhari shift tou finish ho gayyi hain naa so bas aisee''
She said and armaan looked at her he knows her whenever she gets nervous then only she gives so much of explanation and then he
A''han actually shift tou finish ho gayyi hain merii but maine socha kii aapni Best Friend ke saath thoda time spend kar lun vo tou aaj kal bhull hii gayyi hain mujhe so socha main hii aa jaun''
He said stretching on the word Best Friend' and riddhima feels a sharp pain in her heart as when he himself breaks every relation they why is faking just the friendship she wants to run from there and she just as
R''umm nahin armaan aisa kuch nahin hain actually work load kuch zayda hii hain naa aaj kal so isiliyye achaa aab armaan main chalti hun jo I mean john mera wait kar raha hoga gharr jaane ke liyye main tumse kal milti hun armaan bye take care han''
She said as she picked up her bag and some files and was about to move as she has no stamina to face him but hearing John's name armaan becomes angry he is till now controlling himself thinking he will talk with her calmly but as if she is hell bends on testing his patience first he is already messed up because of the revelations of her feelings and then he holds her wrist as she tried to walk past away from him taking riddhima in shock she was not at all expected this move from him and armaan seeing that confusion in her eyes he holds her wrist more firmly and then he speaks calmly yet painfully as he speaks taking her in shock with his words as
A''kya time aa gayya hain naa riddhima kii tumhare paas mere liyye bilkul bhi time nahin raha aur 1 waqt tha kii humari dosti time ko bhie peeche chod detii thi oos waqt tum mere liyye aur main tumhare liyye sabse important hua karta tha khair mere liyye tou tum aaj bhi sabse pehle ati ho par aab main shayad tumhare liyye important nahin raha riddhima kyoon aakhir basket kyoon dur dhakel rahii ho aapnein armaan ko aapnein best friend ko khud se main aaj bhi tumhara vahii armaan hun riddhima''
He said and riddhima looked at him as he is gazing intently in her eyes she saw that pain in his eyes but can't he see the pain in her eyes and then riddhima just speaks up trying to get out from his grip as he
R''aaj kal tou insan bhi badal jaate hain armaan tou waqt tou fir badaln kii hii cheej hain khair chodo innsab baton ko excuse me mujhe jaana hain gharr bahut der ho rahii hain armaan so please armaan if you won't mind excuse me''
She said and armaan can feels that coldness in her voice and that makes armaan angry here is trying to talk with her so smoothly but what she is doing just running away from him giving all the non sense not even telling him anything and keeps on running like this makes him more irritated and frustrated why she can't tell him his mistake and as riddhima is trying to get her wrist from his grip armaan holds her wrist more firmly and within a second he banged her in the wall and riddhima looked at him his eyes are all red due to anger as if his whole blood is just in red she shuddered seeing him that much angry she never seen him angry like this just one time but that time she can't see him properly but she knows if he angry then it is very much tough to handle him and she just don't wants to face angry armaan and she just tried to escape from him but no and then next moment she finds herself in between his arms as she is in cage and armaan then speaks looking dangerously in her green almond shaped eyes as riddhima shuddered seeing his blue eyes filled with rage and she just
A''kyoon kar rahii ho riddhima tum yeh sab mere saath aakhir kyoon maine kya mistake kar dii naraz tou mujeh tumse hona chahiye tha kii tum mujhe 3 years pehle bina kuch kahen bina milen chod kar chale gayyi thi 1 baar bhi nahin milli aapnein oos best friend se jo tumhare sabse close tha batana zaruri nahin samjha ose kii tum jaa rahii ho ose chod kar yeh bhi nahin bataya kii oos se aisii kaunsi Galati ho gayyi kii tum aisee ose punish karke jaa rahii ho maine tou humesha socha kii merii basket laut aayegi par tum tou ayi hii nahin riddhima kabse aur aaj bhi jab milli ho mujeh 3 years ke baad tou aisee behave kar rahii ho jaise jaanti hii nahin ho kii main hun kaun 1 stranger kii tarah milti ho tum mujhe aakhir kis baat kii saza den rahii ho mujhe merii best friend hokar bhi tum john ke itnein close kaise ja sakti ho tum hii kehti thi naa kii merii jagah ttumhri ziindagi meiin koi nahin len sakta tou aab kya ho gayya han riddhima kahan kho gayyi merii basket kahan kho gayyi merii riddhima jo sirff aur sirff merii hua karti thi aab kya hua ose kyoon nahin milti tum mujhe pehle jaise riddhima kyoon dur jaana chahti ho mujhse aakhir mujhe kis baat kii saza den rahii ho tum maine kiyya kya hain basket kam se kam yeh tou bata do mujhe aaj jab main tumhare saamne khada hun tumhara best friend itnein salon baad tumhe ghutan hotii hain mujhe dekh kar kyoon riddhima kyoon jo armaan tumhari honthon kii hansi thi aaj tum ose armaan ke saaamne ane se bhi katrati ho aakhir aisaa kaunsa dard den diyya hain maine tumhe kii tum mujhe aisee saza den rahii ho riddhima mujeh mera kasoor tou bata hii sakti ho naa tum riddhima kya kar diyya hain maine kii merii best freidn itnii dur chali gayyi hain mujhse please riddhima answer me I need you merii best friend''
He said while whole broken in between his tears he is so close to her face that riddhima can feels his tears falling  on her face even and she wants to wipe his tears but how world she when he becomes the reason of her tears too and as the tears were flowing from her eyes too she was not at all expecting this after doing everything how he can blame her for everything and seeing her quite armaan gripped her shoulders tightly and pulled her closer to himself while riddhima's bag and files everything fell from his hands and she looked at him with fear and pain in her eyes
A''zawab do riddhima kyoon nahin mill sakti mujeh merii best friend kyoon tum merii basket nahin banana chahti kyoon tum mujhse bas dur jaana chahti ho aaj tumhe mere saare sawalon ka zawab dena hoga kyoon I need you riddhima aur kyoon tum aaj aapna armaan aapna best friend nahin chahiye aapni zidnagi meiin aaj tumhe mere har sawal ka zawab dna hoga batana hoga tumhe kii kyoon mere pas nahin ana chahti tum kii humari dosti tumhe burden lagne lagii hain tumhe riddhima tumhe batana hoga aur tumhe merii basket ko mujhe lauatana hoga riddhima batao I just needs my best friend at any cost tumhe vaapis ana hoga riddhima I needs answers riddhima tell me''
He said gripping her shoulders more tightly making her winced in pain and seeing his behave how he is demanding the answers as if he don't knew anything riddhima just jerked his hands away from herself taking her in shock and then she just shouted on top of her lungs as she just
R''tumhe zawab chahiye naa armaan kii kyoon tumhari basket kho gayyi kahin kyunki tumne ose khud mar daala hain aapnein haathon se yes armaan you yourself killed her aur tum tou aise baat kar rahein ho jaise kuch pata hii nahin hain tumhe armaan jaise jo kuch bhi hua tum nahin jaante ose han armaan bolo naa''
She said and armaan looked at her seeing her so much angry and hurt he never saw his basket so angry she is always soft spoken girl and now seeing her and hearing her he is so confused what he don't knows what she is saying he is not at all getting it and he
A''nahin riddhima mujhe nahin pata kii tum kya bol rahii ho han''
He said while trying to comes closer to her but riddhima jerked his hands away feeling disgusted the man whom she loved so much whom she considered her best friend after spoiling her life still has the audacity to say this so she barked in anger and frustration
R''yeah right armaan mallik ko tou kabhie kuch pata ho hii nahin sakta naa vo tou iss diuniya meiin sabse masoom hain naa jise kabhie kuch pata nahin hota naa chahe vo sab kuch kar den naa''
She mocked at him and armaan is now getting more and more confused with her words what he did what he knows and then he
A''lekin riddhima mujhe kya nahin pata hain batao tou sahii naa''
He said and again this sentence infuriated her more and she just holds his collar in her hands and pulled him and just barked at him in so much anger
R''fine kya nahin pata tumhe kii maine tumhe 3  years pehle kyoon chalii gayyi thi tou main batatai hun kyunki mere dadu ke heart attack hua tha aur I was the only one that time in India so rushed there in middle night only that's why won't able to inform you chahe maine aapni friendship ka saara farz nibhaya shweta ke pas letter choda kyunki itni raat ko boys hostel meiin nahin aa sakti thi naa oos letter meiin saara reason bataya aapnein jaane ka aur aapna number bhi diyya contact ke liyye par tumne tou mujhe kabhie contact kiyya hii nahin naa hii mere pas jab main yahan akeli thi when I needs you the most akeli pad gayyi thi main aur tum you just don't care even aur jab maine tumhe call kiyya you just changed your number tum mujhse itni nafrat karne lage the kya armaan merii aapnein liyye feelings jaan kar kii I love you kii tumne aapna number hii change kar liyya maine tou kaha tha naa it's ok aagar tum mujhe pyaar nahin karte ho it's just my feeling for you par armaan ko yeh sab kaise pata hoga nahin aur maine nahin aapni friendship nibhayi tumhare saath main hii glaat hun armaan tou kabhie galat ho nahin sakta naa kyunki ose tou kuch pata hii nahin tha naa armaan riddhima galat hain armaan humesha kii tarah kyunki vo hii tou tumhra intezar kar rahi thi naa kii you will contact her naa armaan''
She said and armaan looked at her bewildered with her answers and questions same time which letter he never received her any letter from him and if he would why he will not go there when he is so much in mad state to finding any news about her and then he
A''riddhima basket merii baat soono mujhe koi letter nahin milla''
He said and riddhima looked at him she just wants to slap him how he can do this with her he is still not accepting that and that infuriated her more and
R''armaan mujhe nahin pata tha kii tum itna badal  jaoge armaan aakhir kyoon armaan sirff main tumse pyaar karti hun isiliyye mujhe itnii badii saza den rahein ho tum armaan main''
She said breaking into tears and armaan looked at her no he didn't do anything ho he can punished her when he himself is getting punished every day and then he comes closer and just speaks
A''nahin riddhima basket sachi mujhe kuch nahin pata main''
And riddhima just pushed him away and then she opened the zipper of her coat and then she put her hand near her neck and then revealed him something which makes him shudder as he saw  Mangalsutra
R''oh han tumhe tou shayad yeh bhi nahin pata hoga kii 6 months pehle tumne mujhse shaadi karii thi aur shaadi kii raat hii mujhe mre gharr jaane ko bol diiyya tha kuch yaad nahin naa tumhe tou yahan bhi shayad main hii jhooth bol rahii hun aur yeh tumhara khandani mangalsutra mere gale meiin aapnein aap aa gayya naa ( she said while showing him the black beaded mangalsutra with diamond pendant) aur yeh sindoor bhi mujhe aisee hii lagane kii aadat lag gayyi tumne tou bhara hii nahin tha naa yeh aapnein nam ka merii Maang meiin 6 months pehle (she said while parting her hairs little where he can saw that little pinch of Sindoor in her maang) aur saat phere bhi tumne nahin liyye naa mere saath oos raat ko tumhare bade se marriage palace grand resort meiin aur yeh ring bhi tumne mujhe nahin pehnayi naa armaan jab humne vo milk-ring vaala game khela tha jisemin tum jeet gayye the naa (she said while showing him the ring in her ring finger and) aur shaadi kii pehle hii raat ko tumne tou mujhe kaha hii nahin kii tumne yeh shaadi dawab meiin aakar kari hain tum mujhe kuch nahin den sakte main subh hote hii aapnein gharr chalii jaun aur kabhie tumhe aapna chehra naa dikhaon hain naa hii kabhie tumhare saamne aaun humare raaste aalag hain aur aalag hii rahenge tum oonhein kabhie nhain jodna chahte merii zindagi vaise hii arhegi jaise oos shaadi se 1 din pehle thi aur tumhari bhi yeh sab tou tumne muhe kabhie kaha hii nahin maine aapnein aap sun liyya armaan hain naa yehii kehna chahte ho naa tum han''
She said and armaan is numb hearing that words from her there is no way she is telling a lie the Mangalsutra, Sindoor, Ring everything she is stating right and the words she is saying the same words which he said to his wife in their wedding night only and this revelations makes him dead what does that means riddhima is his wife his best friend riddhima is his wife he pained her only and she actually pushed her away from his life with his own hands and just seeing her crying his soul cried and the words escaped from his mouth only with so much pain
A''matlab riddhima tum merii biwii ho merii biwii riddhima''
He said more to himself and riddhima looked at him with wide eyes what did he meant as if he comes to know today only and somewhere hearing that biwi word from him makes her peaceful but then she registered her words and she just picked some papers from the floor and  just handled him while saying that
R''han riddhima tumhari biwi jis se tum aalag hona chahte ho jise tumne divorce ka notice bheja hain Dr.Armaan Mallik vohii riddhima hun main riddhima armaan mallik''
She said and armaan looked at the divorce papers in his hands which his lawyer has to send his wife and yes and then riddhima
R''i guess aab maine aapke saare sawalon ka zawab den diyya hain aab aap please mujhe jaane dijiye chinta mat kijiye main aapke in divorce papers par sign kar dooongi aur kabhie aapko aapna chehra nahin dikhaongi main so you can take it easy bye''
And without giving any chance to him to speak she rushed away from there without getting anything with her just pain and tears in her eyes with a broken heart and here armaan just slides on floor and he looked at the divorce papers in his hands which showing Riddhima Mallik and Armaan Mallik he has so much tears in his eyes and as he
A''yeh kya ho gayya merii shaadi merii basket se hui thi aur maien ose kitna dard diyya humesha se hii maien socha kii vo mujhe bina mille chale gayyi par vo mere liyye tou letter chod kar gayyi thi aur main ose hii galat samjhta raha aur aab bhi vo merii zindagi meiin jab laut kar ayi hain merii biwii ban kar maine ose tab bhi kho diyya aur dard deta chala gayya vo samjhati hain maine yeh sab ooske saath jan boojh kar kyiyya kyunki vo mujhse pyaar karti hain aur main oos se nahin nahinmain tou oos se bahut pyaar karta hun main ose yeh bata kar hii rahunga main ose kabhie hurt nahin kar sakta yeh sab anjane meiin hua hain maine kuch bhi jan boojh kar nahin kiyya jaanta hun doshi hun main ooska par sab maine yeh jan boojh kar nahin kiyya naa par nahin mujhe basket ko batana hoga kii mujhe vo letter kabhie milla hii nahin aur main itnein dard meiin tha kii maine dekha hii nahin tha kii merii shaadi kis se hui hain par aab main aapni saari galatiyan sudharna chahta hun main ose bahut khush rakhunga ooske is dard bhare pyaar meiin khushiya bikher doonga main oos se bahut pyaar karta hun aur aab vo kahin nahin jaayegi yeh shaadi jo mazboori thi aab kabhi nahin tutegi hum humesha saath meiin rahenenge main ooski saari galat fehmiyan dur kar doonga jaanta hun kii merii basket aaj bhi mujhse bahut pyaar karti hain aur aab main ose bataunga kii ooska armaan bhi sirff oos se pyaar karta hain aab ose saare haq doong main patni honein ke jo maine oos se cheen liyye the aur yeh divorce kabhie nahin hoga armaan riddhima ek the aur ek rahenge i will make you mine basket again riddhima''
He said in determined voice  and he torn the divorce papers in pieces as he will be with his wife now no needs of this hing as he knows what he has to do now he now as thinks all the things falls in place why its only Riddhima because she is no more Dr.Riddhima Gupta now and she cant use Dr.Riddhima Mallik and he don't gives her the right of his wife's so but now he will give her all her rights and the love she deserved he deserved and the happiness and will solve all her misunderstandings.
The night passed as the night is calm for armaan as he knows what he has to do but for riddhima it is the longest night as she once again broken seeing armaan's behave that he can even agree on the things happened in between then she cried whole night how he can do this with her how he can punished her like this way. She just feels her armaan is actually lose somewhere and this is some another armaan whom she don't even knows.
Next morning armaan just freshen up in the hospital itself as he did not go to the hotel and now he is waiting for riddhima only when he come sto know that she is on leave for two days and armaan is shocked but he knows she did that deliberately for avoiding him but he is Armaan Mallik too and he will surely have his ways and he collected her address from the nurse station when he gets called from Dr. Carter and he sighed hearing him he knows he is not going to get any chance to met her knowing and seeing the level of friendship she shared with john and yes as expected john handled him four cases and that too complicated ones well he cant even denied that because it's his work and patients always comes first and he concentrates on his work he knows john surely knows riddhima is disturbed that's why he is not giving him any chance to be close with him but he is armaan mallik and he is her husband he will talk with his wife and no one can stop him. And like this two days passed though armaan is craving for talking with her but he is busy in surgeories and its a Saturday Night and its party held for all the doctors comes in conference for relaxing their minds and armaan is excited as being one of represtative doctors she will surely be there though she wanted or not but she will be there and armaan decided he will clear her all questions today by hook or crook and he is not going to frighten from john even and he walked in the party wearing a blue jeans with steel greay shirt with black waist coat and steal greay check coat looking handsome than ever and the party is on its full swing held in the biggest pub of U.S. and as armaan entered all the girls eyes on him well he don't even gives a dam as he just wants to the attention of his wife dearest and his eyes only wants to see him and as his heart is saying she is close he follows his heart's direction and there she is looking gorgeous than ever wearing a black dress till her knees tied her hairs in pony tail with that minimal make up and her green eyes enlighted with kohl and mascara she is just looking so ravishingly beautiful that armaan so wants to hold her close to himself he don't like the way john is holding her from her waist but he just controlled himself as he seeing her laughed while dancing with john he for  a minute just lost in her melodious laugh and then he just turned to another side as he don't wants to face them it is hurting him but then he after few minutes he clicked some idea in his mind and he moved towards the person who is just handling the songs and then he whispered something to him as the person nodded armaan too went towards the dance floor and start dancing with another fellow doctor and with in minute the lights turned and the dj starts music and the partners swapped and next moment riddhima is in his arms and he give thumbs up to  dj and dj winked and then the lights dimmed and then the song start playing in the back ground a slow romantic song and riddhima was shocked to see herself in his arms she from the start knows he is gazing at her as she looked at him when he entered in the party and now as they were in each-other's arms for dance and she even cant walk away from him as his eyes are so much captivating and holds her eyes and then only armaan smiled while putting his hands on her waist and riddhima's hands were on his shoulders and as the song start playing in the back ground their eyes locked with each-other as the just music is in the back ground the slow romantic beats armaan danced with riddhima with his eyes locked with riddhima never breaking their eye-lock at all their are only music beats and they just heard the beats of their heart beats too and they did their first close dance ever and finally the music betas stopped like ages and peoples start clapping with their eye -lock and love filled eyes.
And riddhima just unable to hold more quickly ran from there as soon the music ends while armaan runs behind her he wants to talk with her at any close but riddhima juts runs to wash rooms and armaan cant go inside so he sighed and comes and sat at the drinking corner waiting for her to comes and only then he feels someone calling his name and he is shocked standing her there he don't wants to see her face in his life and here she is standing in front of him
S''hey armaan how are you i don't expect you to be here''
A''shweta tum yahan kya kar rahii ho''
Yes shweta she is here in standing front of armaan just clenched his fists and his teeth seeing her and sheen grinned seeing him as
S''oh ho armaan itna gusaa abhi bhi oos bat ko lekar baithe ho tum main just armaan main tumse pyaar nahin karti thi its as simple as that naa''
She said grinning shamelessly and armaan just frustrated more and more seeing her he just hate the sight of her in front of him
A''oh really tou pyaar ka natak kyoon kar rahii thi mere saath aur riddhima ne jo letter mere liyye choda tha vo kabhie diyya kyoon nahin mujhe tumne han''
Shweta looked at him and then as if trying to remmemeber what he is saying then she laughed remmebering that something clicked in her mind as well
S''oh come on armaan oos letter meiin tha hii kya jo tum ose abhie tak lekar baithe ho just that kii she loved you and her contact number don't tells me kii mere chodne ke bad tumhe aur koi milla nahin hain so tum aapni oos so called best friend ke vaapis jaana chahte ho see armaan i can find you a good match just for the old relationship sake so what say''
She said and before she can say anything else she received a tight slap on her face and she infuriated in anger and looked who has the audacity to slap him and she is shocked to see riddhima standing there with her eyes filled with anger and armaan too is shocked seeing her his riddhima slapped someone somehow he is happy that riddhima did that and then only he just heard shweta
S''tum hoti kaun ho mujhe thappad marne vaali han bolo''
Shweta spoke in anger as she feels insulted in front of so many people and then she heard
R''abhie tou bas 1 hii maara hain aage se inkii insult karne kii koshish kii naa tou mujhse boora koi nahi hoga samjhi tum shweta''
She said while pointing her finger at her and armaan is shocked she is taking his side and then shweta just speaks up saying as
S''oh acha tum kaun hoti ho mujhe roukne vaali after all he is my boy friend riddhima jii''
She said and armaan is disgusted with her and he moved closer to slap her how dare she called him her boy friend but he heard as
R''main kaun hotii hun so listen carefully i am Mrs. Riddhima armaan mallik and you have no right on my husband and what you said his girl friend well in past that too one and half year back and now stop lying and stop coming close to my husband next time i will not tolerate you at all this time i am just leaving with you a warning''
She said threatingly while pointing her finger towards her and armaan is so much shocked seeing that thing but somewhere he knows she is still his best friend riddhima who herself can say anything to him but if anyone else can say anything to him she will surely blasted at that person and today she proved this too and john smirked seeing this he too knows riddhima can do anything for her deear ones and john comes as it was actually a scene there before shweta can say anything to riddhima john comes and
J''well miss whatever you are this is a private party anf the other people are not allowed here so please if you don't mind can you please leave from here''
And shweta knows she has to leave this is a doctor party and she cant be here as she actually failed in her last year and she jsut walked away from there with giving all the glares to riddhima and to her horror and very much surprised armaan placed his ahnd around her waist giving her the view you are lost though you try so much to keep us apart. And riddhima is shocked she is not expected his ahnd and as she leaves and john announ ced
J''party is still on go on enjoye people cheers guyss''
He said and cheers a toast and then he turned and looked at riddhima and tehn clapped for her and just speaks to her
J''whoah ri i never knew that you can actually slap someone''
R''shut up jo right now i am too tired of this stupidness i will see you tomorrow in hospital i will go now''
J''yeah sure ri come i will drop you ri''
He said while armaan is just looking at her as she actually let go his hand and now she wants to go too and then he heard
R''i am not kid jo i can go and moreover you needs here after all you are the host and atleast one of oth of us should be here naa so''
She said and john nodded knwing her well and she hugged him and just left from there while not even giving a single glance to armaan and armaan is dumbfounded seeing him taking his side he thinks today they will sorted out their differences he can explain himself but again she runs and seeing him like that john undersatds his view and he jsut speaks to him while saying that
J''go armaan tell her that you love her she is hurting herself more than she is hurting you so go tell her dude she is waiting for you from past 6 months and don't you dare hurt her now''
He said and armaan just nodded greatefully and then armaan left behind her to get his love now to get his basket to get his best friend to get his wifey to get his riddhima. After few minutes armaan is standing outside riddhima's door and as he rang the beell the door opened and seeing him riddhima is shocked she is not at all expected him there especially after shweta's encounter and she just don't wants to face him and moreover she don't knows how he gets her address and seeing her surprised armaan speaks up as
A''riddhima i wants to talk with you maine dekho tumhe sach bola tha mujhe vo letter kabhie milla hii nahin tha riddhima''
He said immediately as he saw her angry expressions he knows it's not going to be easy to manofy her after all unknowinlly or knowingly he hurts her so much so he speaks up the letter issue may be she heard him because here he is right and then he
R''lekin mujhe tumse koi baat nahin karni hain armaan tum jao yahan se armaan''
A''par basket mujeh sach meiin tumhara letter nahin milla tha riddhima main sach''
But he is cut short with riddhima's words as she speaks in between as
R''so what man liyya maine tumhe mera letter nahin milla par shaadi vo tou tumne aapni marzi se karii thi naa ooske liyye bhi tum kise doshi manoge armaan so tum jao yahan se mujhe tumse koi bat nahin karni hain jao armaan please go away''
A''no riddhima please listen me i want to explain myself please''
He said as riddhima's tears fell from her eyes remembering their wedding and his words on wedding night and riddhima just say
R''mujhe nahin sunana hain armaan kuch tum jaon yahan se''
She said while try to shut the door and armaan speaks up
A''nahin riddhima aaj tum jab tak merii baat nahin soonogi main yahan se nahin jaunga''
He said and riddhima looked at him and then she speaks up as
R''jo karna hain karo main tumhe nahin rokungi it's all your wish as always armaan''
She said and her words hurts him and then riddhima just shut the door on his face and slides on the floor while crying bitterly and
R''kyoon armaan please aab nahin hoga mujhse tum jao yahan se harp la tumhe aur khud ko dukh nahin den sakti tumhe dard dene par main khud til-til kar mar rahii hun armaan please mat lo mera itna bada exams jao yahan se tum armaan please main nahin janana chahti kuch bhi mujh meiin aab aur himmat nahin hain sab yaad karne kii kyunki tumse beinteha mohabbat karti hun par mere pyaar ke naseeb meiin sirff dard hii hain shayad khsuhi nahin mera pyaar sirff dard bhara pyaar hii rahega kuch aur nahin tum chale jao yahan se hum asisee hii theek hain armaan jao please tum''
She cried bitterly and after 3 or 4 hours there is announcement of snow falling badly and within a seconds snow start pouring and she gets up to draw the curtains and closed the windows when she gets the biggest shock of her life armaan is standing on the bench with his eyes glued on teh door with snow falling on him she immediately runs to him and grabbed his arm and then with in seconds they both are standing inside the house with riddhima glaring at him with tears in his eyes and she glared at him as well shouted on him angrily seeing his behave as well seeing his state his coat with snow his lips are blue due to cold and he is shivering
R''have you losted armaan completely pagal ho tum snow gir rahii hain bahar aur tum vahan baithe hue the pagal ho gayye dekho kaise bheeg gayye ho aur dekho lips bhi itne blue ho gayye hain aur haath bhi kaise kaanp rahein hain tumhare pagal ho gayye ho tum yaa sirff mujeh pareshan karna chahte ho aab khade kyoon ho jaldi se baitho tum yahan par fire place ke pas (she dragged him and makes him sit on the cahir near fire place) aur dekho akise bheeg gaye ho (as she start drying his hair with her hands where are so much snow) tum baitho main tumhare liyye abhie esperesso coffee laati hun armaan rooko main abhie ayi''
She said and turned to go but armaan grabbed her wrist and takes her in shock and she looked at him and then she just spokes
R''armaan kya kar ragein chodo mujhe tum beemar pad jaoge main laati hun abhie tumhare liyye coffee armaa rooko tum''
A''nahin riddhima pehle tumhe merii baat sunani padegi nahin tou tumhe jab tumhare according  humare beech koi rishta hii nahin hain tou koi zarurat nahin hain merii parvah kii tumhe''
R''armaan dekho yeh sab batein hum baad meiin bhi kar sakte hain abhie mujhe tumhe coffee lane don please armaan you need it''
She said as she right now is worried for him he really needs warmers and something hot otherwised he will fall ill but
A''jii nahin mujhe kuch nahin karna hain tum jab tak merii baat nahin sunti riddhima''
He said and then riddhima just tried to gets out from his holds
R''armaan bakwas mat karoo mujhe tumhare liyye kuch warm lene do please armaan  zid mat karoo tum please naa armaan''
A''zid tum kar rahii ho basket merii baat soon lo tum fir jo chahe kar lena i promise i wont stop you bas 1 baar merii baat sun lo na''
He said and riddhima looked at him hearing his firm voice she knows he will not listen how much he is stubborn so she just speaks
R''fine bolo armaan jo bolna hain main sun rahii hun bolo tum''
She said and armaan takes her both hands in his and then speaks
A''riddhima basket letter vaali baat tou shayad tumhe pata chal hii gayyi hain shweta ne mujhe kabhie vo letter diyya hii nahin maine tumhe dhundhne kii bahut koshish karii par mujhe koi information nahin milli fir riddhima i just fells in love with shweta aisa muche lagta tha riddhima maine aapnein mom-dad se bhi baat karii they are happy in my happiness but she left me breaking my heart and i just fells into a shell riddhima going through a heart breaks but the more problematic thig occuered when mom-dad pressured me for wedding and i don't wants to get married at all kyunki main kisii par vishwas nahin kar paata kyunki maine bahut dukh dekha tha pehle merii best friend mujhe lagta tha she too betrayed me sorry (he kissed her hands softly) aur fir vo shweta but mom and dad emotionally blackmailed me for wedding and you know i have to do that for their happiness so i agreed but i just hates that thing that mom-dad too don't understands me at all maine han tou kar dii par andar hii aandar aag meiin jal rahaa tha main koi matlab nahin tha kisii rishte kaa isiliyye maine jis se merii shaadi ho rahii thi ooska chehra tak nahin dekha chehra dekhna tou bahut dur kii baat mujhe tou ooska nam bhi nahin pata tha kyunki main bas 1 farz nibhane kii koshish kar raha tha aur kuch bhi nahin aur fir shaadi kar lii maine tumse par main bandh kar nahin rakh sakta tha aapni biwi ko isiliyye vo sab kaha jis se tum aapni zidnagi meiin aage badh sako aur divorce dena chaha maine tumhe par riddhima i swear on you (he put his hand on her head) mujhe nahin pata tha kii merii shaadi tumse hui hain jab tak tumne nahin batya mujhe par riddhima main sach meiin tumse behad pyaar karta hun iskaa ehsaas mujhe yahan aane par hii hua jab tumhe dekh kar dill ko sukoon milla jo main kabse talash raha tha ehsaas hua kii kyoon main tumhe hii dhoondh raha tha kyunki main tumse hii pyaar karta tha bas kabhie pechan nahin payaa aur tut gayya oos shweta ke pyar meiin basket par sachi meiin i love you alots riddhima main humari shaadi nibhana chahta hun please riddhima vaapis merii basket ban jao naa''
He said with lots of teras in his eyes and riddhima knows what he is saying the truth and he never can take wrong swear of her but she just don't knows what tos ay so she just speaks in hurt manner as
R''bas sun liyya maine aab jaane do tuhe thand lag jaayegi na''
A''riddhima nahin please''
R''armaan chodo mujhe tumne hi sab finish kiyya naa armaan jao''
She said with tears in her eyes and armaan just gripped her shpulders and then he shouted loudly as her words hurt him badly
A''acha sab finsh kar diyya naa tumne ya maine tou kyoon abhie talk yeh mangalsutra pehan hain tumne (he takes her mangalsutra out from her dress) abhie tak mere itnein dur honein ke bad kyoon aapni maang bharti ho mere nam kii (he brushed his hands past on her hairs) aur yeh ring kyoon pehen kar ghum rahii ho tum tumhare liyye tou sab finish ho gayya naa (he said while pointing her ring in her finger which he makes her wear)tum tou merii basker rahii hii nahin naa kyoon riddhima armaan mallik banana chahti hoo abhie bhi mere itna dard dene kee baad bhi kyoon aaj shweta ko thapad maara tumne jab vo mujhe kuch keh rahii thi bolo naa sab khatam ho gayya tou  kyoon merii chinta hotii hain tumhe main jeeyun yaa marun tumhe is se kya'''
He said and riddhima put her palm on his lips stopping him in between to say further more and she shakes her head and
A''bolo kyoon karti ho aabhie bhi merii parvah tum riddhima kyoon''
He asked as he smiled seeing that tears in her eyes and then only she
R''kyunki main tumse bahut pyaar karti hun armaan aaj bhi i love you so very much itna pyaar kii main jee nahin paungi tumhare bina i so love you armaan humesha se hii armaan i love you armaan please don't leave me now''
She said while hugging him tightly burying her face in his shoulder and  armaan smiled and wrapped her in his tight arms both feels they are at home and then only armaan shwipered to her as
A''i love you too riddhima you are my life now main nahin jee sakta tumhare binaa kahin nahin jaunga main tumhe chod kar i love you so much riddhima i love you merii basket''

He said and then both remained in each-other's embrace for some more minutes and then finally both a parted from each-other like ages and armaan kissed her forhead and wiped her tears and smame with riddhima and then riddhima speaks in between as
R''mai tumhare liyye coffee lekar ati hun tab tak tum please yahin baitho armaan nahin tou sardi lag jaayegi tumhe armaan''
She said and before she can go armaan pecked her lips without giving her any warning and riddhima blushed profusey as he baclked out and then she lowered her eye lids and armaan kissed her ear lobe and whispered in her ear
A''jab tak meri riddhima merii biwi mere pas hain mujh kuch nahin ho sakta  i love you merii pyaari basket''
R;''i love you too armaan''
And they both hugged each-other tightly finally they feels home their misunderstanding cleared now all the happiness will be there now thy both will be complete in every senses.

After 5 years
Armaan and riddhima now lived in Mallik Mansion as armaan brings riddhima back with him when he comes back from U.S. and karan and nandini mallik are more than happy seeing their daughter-in-law at home finally everyone is happy in Mallik Mansion riddhima coming back brings happiness there with herself now mallik mansion bloomed with sweet family, parents pampering for their children and riddhim and armaan's never ending love as well their fights as well with the sweet adorable antics of their rhthym their 2 years old their love bud the living gift of their love from almighty  god  and now armaan smiled and moved towards his darling wifey and kissed her forhead while clock stuck 12'o clock
A''Happy Wedding Anniversary wifey''
And riddhima turned and hugged him while pecking his lips herself
R''Happy Anniversary to you too armaan''
And armaan just leaned closer to her and whispered
A''riddhima humara dard bhhara pyaar poora ho hii gayya hain aaj humara pyaar dard se nahin khsuhi se bhara hain naa''
R''han armaan par dard humare rishte ka sabse bada sach hain jisnein humein dur kar rakh kar bhi humein jode rakhe naa''
And armaan smiled and kissed on her lips lightly whispering
A''i love you riddhima you are right humare dard ne humein milla hii  diyya riddhima''
R''i love you too armaan''
And then armaan moved closer and said
A''vaise baby aab hume rhthym ko arima denii chahiye naa yar''
R''armaan kya tum''
A''no baby i needs my baby girl now''
R''armaan par main''
A''i love you riddhima''
R''love you too baby''
But armaan shushed her lisp with a kiss finally they have each-other their pain makes them together and now they are always together with all their love which are increasing each and every second.

(Credit to siggy goes to megha thanks you megs baby love you)

(I want to add something more in this OS so will do in sometime)

Love And Regards

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megbans Goldie

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Posted: 12 November 2015 at 10:15am | IP Logged

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Posted: 12 November 2015 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Loved it 
I seriously Dnt have any words now 
Nikki di Tussi toh rockstar ho ji 
Mai toh fan thi hi Aapki ab toh ac Bangayi 
Loved each n every bit of this o's 
Can't express ke kitna zyaada pasand aaya mujje ye 
Love you di 
Happy Diwali 

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by SGROVER_WINGET

Loved it 
I seriously Dnt have any words now 
Nikki di Tussi toh rockstar ho ji 
Mai toh fan thi hi Aapki ab toh ac Bangayi 
Loved each n every bit of this o's 
Can't express ke kitna zyaada pasand aaya mujje ye 
Love you di 
Happy Diwali 

Thanks so much for liking the OS glad i reached upto ur expectation. Thank you Happy Deepawli to you too dear.
love nikita
neasya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
awesome dear loved it...
puri life story of armaan and riddhima in one shot nice dear...

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Dark-Beauty IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 November 2015 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
Wow such a wonderful OS
Loved it
Thanks for pm

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zarakhanarlover IF-Dazzler

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Wow...loved it
It was actually a dard bhara pyaar

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