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Posted: 12 March 2007 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
'I was witness to the backstage bitchiness'

TV actor Kishori Shahane recounts her tryst with the modelling world


   If there was some way to describe Kishori Shahane Vij, it could well be — Jane of all trades! The 35-year-old actor has had 15 years of acting experience behind her and has dabbled in almost every medium, be it films, theatre or television. And recently, she even turned producer with
Mohatyachi Renuka, a Marathi film which is doing well in the interiors of Maharashtra. She's also busy with producing a Hindi movie Malik Ek, based on Sai Baba's life with Jackie Shroff in the lead. So what does she find most challenging to do, theatre, films or TV? "I believe all mediums provide satisfaction in some or the other way. It's because of my theatre background that I have a strong acting base. Television gives you scope to experiment with roles and movies stay forever in people's minds," she says.
   Although she's worked in serials like Ghar Ek Mandir, Koi Apna Sa, Santaan, Sindoor and Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, it's the first time that Kishori decided to experiment with an out-andout negative role in SaharaOne's Solhah Singaarr. "In fact, the makers of the serial had offered me a positive role in the serial earlier but I didn't want to do similar stuff again. That's the reason I even took a small break after Kabhi To Nazar Milao. But when they offered me the role of Triveni, I took it up," she recalls. And now, Kishori's thoroughly enjoying playing the evil vamp. "I had been apprehensive about
doing a negative role but I'm glad it's being appreciated," she adds. But considering these days, protagonists in serials are getting younger and younger, how much creative satisfaction does she find in the characters she portrays? "Till three or fours years back, when I used to be offered mother or mother-in-law roles, I would be apprehensive about doing them. But then I saw that even 20 year olds are doing these roles, so I decided to go with the flow. I'm concerned with satisfying my creative urge, after that nothing matters," she says. A little known fact about Kishori is that she had come runners up in a beauty pageant around four years back. "It was when my kid was seven years old, so I consider it quite an achievement. I saw all the bitchiness and competitiveness that happened backstage but I tried to stay above all that. I'm open to all kinds of challenges, so this was another feather in my cap," she says with a smile.

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Posted: 28 March 2007 at 2:17am | IP Logged
Sudha ChandranSudha Chandran goes across the border

Sudha Chandran the favorite vamp of television has recently completed shooting for a Pakistani show produced and directed by Afzal and Fahim Burney. The show is going to air on Pakistani television in April next month.

Sudha says, "I have just come back yesterday after completing my shooting schedule of five days. I'm playing a negative character in this show as well. This lady is the typical mother of Hindi shows who is always harassing men. It is a very interesting role and for the first time I am playing such a role. The woman is the owner of a brothel and her daughter is a ghazal singer at the brothel.

"But that woman is jealous of her daughter, she doesn't like her daughter's customers who praise her and throw money on her. However one fine day her daughter's lover, who had left her earlier, comes and kills me and rescues her from the brothel. This is a thirty days show which will come on air next month. We completed the entire shooting in Dubai."

"Working with the Pakistani cast and crew was a great experience. They are very wonderful people. Resham is a very popular Pakistani actress and Faizal is also another very good actor. They were very good to me and I always felt that I was shooting in India. The atmosphere on the sets was very good the same in my daily sets here. I felt that we belong to same fraternity. I have been there for six days and it was fun to work with them. It's only politicians who draw boundaries between us and them and try to disconnect us. They are very nice people like us."

Sudha is also busy doing a show for a South channel Jaya TV where she is playing a dancer after a long gap. Sudha says, "My director Prabhu who saw my Nache Mayuri in South Africa so when he came here in India, he asked me to play this role. The show is already on air at the 9 PM time slot. I finish shooting in four days for entire month for this show. After 20 years I'm playing a dancer and I'm enjoying this role. Right now this is the only regional show for South Television I'm doing."

Apart from this Sudha is also doing two Hindi shows Solah Sringarr for Sahara One and Humari Bahu Tulsi for DD, both are dailies.
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Posted: 14 April 2007 at 3:14am | IP Logged

Star Kids Summer Trek

It is summer time, exams are over and schools are closed for the summer vacations. It's time to pack the suitcases, and go for a long family holiday trip outside the city. This is a regular routine schedule for all kids. Do kids who have well known actors as their parents get the chance to go for summer holidays with their celebrity parents?

Most of these celebrity parents are very busy. But still most do manage to take time off and take their kids for holidays.

Here are some stars talking about their kids and their holiday destinations.

Mrinal KulkarniMrinal Kulkarni, (Alakhnanda in Solah Sringarr), says: "We always go out of India at least once a year. We went to Egypt last year in the Christmas holidays, as summer is not a good time to visit Egypt because its very hot there. This time my son Virajas (studies in Std 6), my husband and I are planning to go to Switzerland. I'll be going to Pune first, then we'll plan the holiday. I'm hosting a travel show (on ETV Marathi), so I will go to Austria for the show. I enjoy traveling very much. Egypt is very fantastic place. My son also enjoyed the trip very much. My next destinations are Dubai and Turkey."

"When we went abroad two years ago my son got lost in Disneyland. I was very scared and worried. Then I found him with Sachin Tendulkar, I was so relieved. My son was looking for a Marathi speaking person in Disneyland and he saw Sachin and attached himself to Sachin. It's a terrible feeling to loose sight of your kid abroad where you hardly find Marathi speaking people. I had panicked that time and I can't forget that incident."

Raja Chaudhary, Shweta TiwariRaja Chaudhary (Husband of Shweta Tiwari) says: " My daughter Palak's ( in Std 1) holidays are starting from 1st May, so we will be going out of India for our vacation. We will be going to Hong Kong or Disneyland. She is very fond of Disney. She is crazy for games so Disney is a good destination for her. We are planning our holiday in a way that Shweta can also come with us. This is not Palak's first trip to abroad. Before this we went to Malaysia. But at that time she was only two years old. However when we recently visited Goa, she enjoyed the beaches and we bought toys and Barbie Doll for her. She likes to go out of India."

"I still remember one incident when I first time took her to Madh Island. I had booked a resort there for her. That was the first time we both went together. She enjoys water games, swimming a lot. This time she wants to visit Disney club. She likes every character of Disney."

Pooja Ghai with familyPooja Ghai (Aavni of Jeete Hain Jiske Liye), says: "I have started my tour with my son Raaj with a visit to Shirdi. On 29th we'll go to Singapore for eight days. Raaj has been to Singapore when he was a baby. So now I want to show him the Bird Sanctuary, Centre Island, where he can see the Dolphins and go on the Panther Safari. Earlier he has been to London, Bangkok, Pattaya and Dubai. His demand list is ready and now I can also give him some more time, as I'm not doing any serial right now. Both of us are definitely looking forward to this trip. Raaj has passed his senior KG's exam and is excited about the trip."
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Posted: 22 July 2007 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Overexcited actor hurts costar during rape scene

Actor Faisal Khan (who plays Shakti) in a Sahara One serial Solah Shringarr was so excited to perform a rape scene in the serial that he ended up hurting Aakangsha Rawat (Shagun).

Says Faisal, "I was very excited because I had never done a scene like this before. I got so carried away that I included certain fight scenes on my own - I slapped her in real, banged the table etc. I was not at all nervous but Aakangsha definitely was."
Explaining the scene Faisal says, "I'm playing the bad guy in the serial who is the devar of Shagun. For a long time I had an eye on her, so one day I planned that no one be there in house so that I can rape her."

He adds, "While performing this scene I and Aakangsha were injured. I got only bruises but she was injured very badly."

Aakangsha says, "To perform such type of scenes is very embarrassing but my creative head said that it is part of the script. I got a severe neck sprain while shooting and I had to put on a neck-collar for one week. Even my left hand was injured as one glass piece hit my palm. At one point when I had put off the bulbs through a stick to hide, it was so near to my face that that I got really scared."

Faisal has acted in many negative roles. He was seen in Paraya Dhan, Banno Main Teri Dulhann and now in Solah Shringaar.

  • Dhanashri Kulkarni
  • Wednesday, July 11, 2007
    contributed by Sanjana4U
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    Zor ka jhatka...

    Akangsha Rawat nearly fainted on the sets of Solhah Singaarr after being slapped hard by co-actor Faisal
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    mumbai news
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    mumbai news

    Kunal M Shah

    Akangsha (l) and Faisal (extreme right) in Solhah Singaarr

    It was difficult for actress Akangsha Rawat to remain cool when her co-actor Faisal slapped her hard on the face while enacting a sequence. Apparently, the actor got into his character completely and ended up hitting Akangsha very badly. Reportedly, the actress couldn't stand the impact and fainted on the sets.     

    Recalling the incident, Akangsha says, "Faisal was supposed to slap me a couple of times for the scene but we actually fake these slaps. However, this time around, there was some miscommunication. He had been asked to slap me after I finished my lines, but he slapped me before I could deliver my dialogues. Nobody has ever slapped me so hard. I felt dizzy and we had to pack up after that."

    Akangsha further adds, "This was not the first time that Faisal had hurt me. Somehow he keeps injuring me now and then. About 10 days ago, he almost caused a sprain to my neck while we were shooting a rape sequence."

    Faisal says, "I could not get the timing right and hit her. It was an accident. I felt very bad for her later and apologised."

    contributed by: anishma24
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    Posted: 30 July 2007 at 10:04am | IP Logged
    Sudha Chandran gets her 'dream' house

    Sudha Chandran, popularly known as the vamp Ramona Sikand from Kahin Kisi Roz, has shifted to her 'own' three bedroom house in Sherwood building, Goregaon, Mumbai. She exclaims that this has been a dream come true. "My earlier house is on my husband's name and the other house is on my dad's name, therefore, I wanted to have one house in my name for personal satisfaction," says Sudha.

    Sharing with us her joy, Sudha says, "We had no plan to buy the house, but when a builder, who is also a family friend, showed us this flat we liked it a lot and paid Rs 50 lakh to pay for it. The interior designing is excellent. I like every corner of my 1250sq.ft house and it is beautifully painted in yellow and mauve colors."
    "The area is has many facilities close by," she adds, "Even the Western Express Highway and Movie time hub is in very close proximity. Sankraman studio is just five minutes from the new house though my old house was much closer. Even my dad's house is just 7 minutes away from here, so it is comfortable for me in every way."

    According to the actress, buying anything new symbolises personal growth. And the ambitious Sudha is far from satisfied. "My next dream is to buy a bungalow of my own, "proclaims Sudha, who is currently seen in Solah Srringar, Hamari Bahu Tulsi and has appeared in a Paksitani show as well.

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    Posted: 16 August 2007 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
    Sisterly act

    For the first time in Television industry, three sisters born in Kolkatta contributing in different serials and are already craze among the viewers. Reena Kapoor, Shalini Kapoor and Malini Kapoor are carving a niche for them in serials on Sahara One. Zeenat (Malini Kapoor) of Zaara-Pyar Ki Saugat, Rani and Pari (Reena Kapoor) of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki and Iravati (Shalini Kapoor) of Solah Singaar share the same surname. Shalini and Malini Kapoor are real sisters while Reena Kapoor is their first cousin.

    Lifestyle caught up with the three sisters for a chat on their career. With acting as the common passion, it was just a matter of time before the three became popular on small screen.

    Says Malini, "It is my personality which was reflected in serials like Saathiya, Kum Kum, Hawaiyan, Dekho Magar Pyar Se and currently in Zaara."

    "I am excited about two forthcoming films Subah Tak and Golden Boys, " she adds.

    Shalini Kapoor has been a regular face on television and Gujarati films. Currently she is enjoying her stint on small screen in Solah Shingaar.

    After being crowned Miss Kolkata in 1996, a dream to make it in the Bollywood and Tellywood brought Shalini to Mumbai. Though she has dabbled in both films and television, she says she will not trade one for the other.

    And for Reena Kapoor, she is presently enjoying a great married life along with acting on small screen. Talking about her break in Tellywood she says, "I started working with Sahara One and for Rajshri productions for Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki. I have already played the role of Rani, the delicate, pampered girl and presently playing the character Pari in this serial. I shoot for more than 20 days. I am completely focused on this character. I just hope to give my best shot to each and every scene and do justice to all. I will proceed to doing something even more creative," Reena concludes

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    I would like to get dirty with my husband on an island

    I am…
    Kirti Gaekwad Kelkar. I am a person who loves life.

    Life is…
    Love is…
    Sharad Kelkar.

    Lust is…
    Sharad Kelkar and Brad Pitt.

    Is a life changing experience. It makes your life beautiful.

    Hugs or kisses?...

    Your first crush?...
    Oh! I can't recollect.

    Your first date?... Must be in school during recess having lunch with my date.

    Your dream date...
    I would love to get dirty with Sharad on an island.

    What you did on your last birthday?...
    Sharad gave me a surprise birthday party. We love giving surprises to each other.

    How many places have you lived in?...
    Kanpur and now in Mumbai.

    Your long lasting friend…
    I have lots of friends. I have Nayab Ali Khan from Kanpur and Surveen Chawla and Jayati Bhatia in the television industry.

    Do you make friends easily?...
    Oh yes! I am a friendly person and I love making friends.

    What kind of music you like…
    When I go to a disc I love grooving to cheap Bollywood

    numbers like Beedi…., otherwise I prefer listening to soft romantic numbers.

    One thing you want to change about yourself...
    I am very careless, so I would like to
    change this habit of mine.

    Favourite TV show…
    Favourite actor in Bollywood…
    Aamir Khan and Mr. Bachchan.
    Favourite actor in Tellywood…
    It has to be Sharad Kelkar.
    Favourite cartoon character...
    Tom and Jerry.

    Last movie you watched…

    How do you rate yourself as an actor?...
    A little above average.

    Last time you boarded a local train...
    Five years ago.

    Last time you were stalked...
    Never experienced it. May be because my husband is a six feet, sturdy man.

    Last time you went for shopping...

    Last time you cried off the screen...
    Probably a year back.

    Last time you cooked...
    A month back I cooked dinner for my husband and friends. We had a get-together.

    If not an actor then ...

    Philosophy of life...
    Live life as it comes and do dream.

    Advice to youngsters…
    Live life king size and do dream.

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