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monika.goel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 November 2006 at 3:28pm | IP Logged

Two timing...

Shlok of Solhah Singaar is also a music composer and professional guitarist


Sapana Patil Poojary


A man of many parts, Pankaj Badra aka Shlok of Solhah Singaar likes to play guitar when he is not acting. He also writes lyrics, composes songs, and plays many musical instruments on a professional level. Interestingly, Pankaj has strummed the guitar for music director Pritam in Gangster. Says Pankaj, "Music is a passion for me. So, when I'm not acting, I either listen to music or play guitar. I shoot during the day and record my music in the night." 

A trained musician, Pankaj was initiated to music when he was just a kid. Pankaj adds, "I am trained in Indian and Western classical music. I can play harmonium, drums and even the guitar. When I lived in Shimla, I used to compose and arrange and also act in musicals and folk theatres. Pankaj now aims to learn the flute, violin and painting."

It was a certain music channel's call for budding singers and composers that brought Pankaj to Mumbai.  Pankaj has worked with music directors like Pritam, Anand Raj Anand and so on. Says Pankaj, "I have made so many friends on the sets, who appreciate  my music. So much so, that Alok Tripathi, the executive producer of the serial has started learning the guitar from me on the sets."

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Strangers in their own home

(Posted on 3 November 2006)

Lavish sets. Garish costumes. Stilted, formal dialogues. Little wonder that none of the characters ever seem to belong to any of the palatial bungalows they occupy in our soaps, nor to the implausible plots they tread.

While Indian television would love to brag that it's come a long way since Hum Log in the 1980s, its soaps, even the latest entrants, adopt a pace, style and setting more appropriate to Hindi films of the 1950s. Women and men wear incongruously ridiculous clothes even when lounging at home, the women sport jewelry like there's no tomorrow, and hardly a dialogue seems spontaneous. Take Sahara One's newest baby, Solhah Singaar, for instance. In its entirety, it's as impeccable and as boring as any of its predecessors. Pretty, mournful mothers laden with baubles, a stern white silk clad granny, an adulterous father with a seductive vamp in his closet, it has all the ingredients that would hook any housewife.

All it lacks is spontaneity. Loud sound effects help where subtle dramatics could have shown grief, and the father, played by Anuj Saxena, died a noisome death in a hospital, complete with garish music to denote grief, surrounded by mother, wife, mistress et al.

Constrast this with even a mediocre show like Sons and Daughters that runs on Star World. It's a regular family drama, but its camera angles, the apparent spontaneity of actors' movements and subtle expression of emotions makes it an easy view.

Just like in Friends, where the characters indulge in routine activities like slamming a fridge door, or pouring coffee or just sniffling into a tissue - all while the story continues uninterrupted. Or a Desperate Housewives, where the leads routinely come out of their houses to empty garbage cans or trip over misplaced baggage in the corridors. These may not be key to the success of a soap, but they lend a distinct air of naturalness that's so absent in our soaps, forever grappling with the bigger business of adultery and domestic hostility.

When was the last time you saw Parvati pouring herself a glass of water in the kitchen or Prerna doing, or even supervising, her laundry?

One show that comes close to being spontaneous is Zee's Jab Love Hua. The screenplay flows naturally, the leads have gotten into the skin of playing villagers, and you can actually spot them feeding cattle and washing their hands with copper tumblers after meals, even when the conversations are on. oxpopuli26.htm


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Aroona readies the Doli
   By: Shaheen Parkar
   November 10, 2006

Chalna hi zindagi hai: Aroona Irani
Though Aroona Irani's Vaidehi on Sony has had a lukewarm response, the actress-producer has begun work on her next show, Doli Saja Ke, for SaharaOne. The shoot for the soap is on at Jaipan Studios, Goregaon. 

Ensemble cast
The star-studded cast includes Anuj Saxena, Surbhi Tiwari, Barkha Bisht, Amit Sareen, Manoj Bidvvai, Arzoo Govitrikar, Jaya Mathur, Karishma Randheva, Manisha Kanojia and Manish Khanna.

Doli Saja Ke is described as a family saga about the trials and tribulations of a father and daughter. Saxena plays the role of a husband who loses his wife (Surbhi Tiwari) during childbirth. The daughter (Barkha Bisht), is considered unlucky and has to live with the curse of being responsible for her mother's death. Jaya Mathur essays the role of the second wife.

Pal do pal ka saath: Anuj Saxena and Surbhi Tiwari feature in Doli Saja Ke
Says Saxena, who began shooting yesterday, "I am doing Aroona Irani's show as it is a good production house and also because I wanted to work with Aroonaji, whom I admire and respect a lot. Surbhi is playing my wife in the show and coincidentally, is also doing a role in my production house Maverick's new show, Kulvaddhu, for Sony."

Adds Tiwari, "Aroonaji had given me a choice of roles to select from. But as I am already committed to two dailies, Kulvaddhu for Sony and Hari Mirchi Lal Mirchi for DD, it would be difficult to manage three dailies. So I opted to play the role of the girl's mother who dies."

Not her dad's fav
Saxena, who did a cameo in the SaharaOne soap Solhah Singarr, was earlier seen on the channel in Asha Parekh's show Kuuch Pal Saath Tumhara and Raja Mukerji's Prratima.

It is learnt that Tiwari will die in the show after the initial episodes during childbirth. The father detests the daughter because of this. Doli Saja Ke is slated to air in the 9.30 pm slot by next month.

Incidentally, Irani was also slated to produce Dor starring Muskan Mihani for SAB, which never took off despite an elaborate shoot schedule.

*Shruti* Global Moderator

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Posted: 10 November 2006 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Interview of the week: By Alok Hisaria

Akangsha Rawat is the new kid on the block who is making her Tv debut

There is another one of those great Indian sweet love stories in the offing. Solhah Singaarr on Sahara One will see newcomer Akangsha Rawat making her debut. Here she talks about her background, her new role and how this show might become a fortune turner for Sahara.

First tell us what's your role in Solhah Singaarr?
The story is based in Banaras. I am playing the lead role of Meera. Sudha Chandran is my playing my grandmother. Mrinal Kulkarni is my mother and Arun Saxena is portraying my father. I am very carefree and careless. You can call me a livewire that's full of life. 
So has the serial been shot in Banaras?
Yes, the major part has been shot in Banaras. All the exteriors have been shot over there, while the interiors are being shot in Mumbai. 
According to you, what's so unique about the story of Solhah Singaarr?
First of all, it's not a saas-bahu family drama. It is based on the beautiful relationship between a mother and a daughter. It shows the different stages and different shades of the mother-daughter relationship. After a long time, you will be able to see Sudha Chandran in a positive role. I think even Mrinal Kulkarni is playing a grayish character for the first time. Like how Meera was devoted to Lord Krishna, I am devoted to my mother. 
What have you done before this soap?
I have done a lot of commercials. I have just shot a commercial with Amitabh Bachchan for Dabur. It will probably be on air within five to six days.

How did you bag this role?
A long time ago I had auditioned for Sahara for some other serial. Thank God, they decided to store my tape. Jay Mehta and Sahara were looking for Meera, when the Sahara people spotted my tape. Then I was recommended to Jay Mehta.
Can you tell us something about your background?
I'm a Gadhwaali. But I was born and bought up in Delhi. After that I came to Mumbai for higher education. I post-graduated in advertisement and marketing from St. Xavier's College. Along with the course I also did a lot of modelling. 
How is the rapport with your co-stars?
Everyone has been good. Mrinal Kulkarni who's playing my mom is really maternal by nature. Sudha Chandran and Arun Saxena have also helped me a great deal. Two guys will be seen opposite me, out of which I have shot with one guy, Pankaj Badra, who's playing Shlok. The other hero of the serial is Karan Singh.

Your experience working with Jay Mehta's production house...
So far it's been very good. They have been very co-operative and helpful.  
How has your life changed after taking on a daily soap?
Tremendously. We shoot for almost 16 hours a day to create a bank of episodes. I hardly get three-four hours sleep. 
Are you thinking about any other project too?
Not at this moment. Right now, I am just concentrating on Solhah Singaarr. 
Shows on Sahara have not done well compared to its other channels. Do you have fear of the show being not received well?
Sahara also realises that their shows aren't doing well. They have planned elaborate strategies to solve this problem. The channel now is planning to showcase six new shows. They have done a lot of research on what exactly people want to see. Even Zee wasn't doing well, before Saat Phere and Kasam Se.' Even%20Zee%20wasn't%20doing%20well,%20before%20Saat%20Phere% 20and%20Kasamh%20Se'

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Posted: 11 November 2006 at 7:54pm | IP Logged

SaharaOne Television's GRP catapults to 122;
Narrows gap for the third position


MUMBAI: SaharaOne Television has witnessed a steady growth in its GRPs over the last few weeks and has shot to a 122 GRP this week (week 44), narrowing the gap between the channel and Sony Entertainment Television for the third position in the Hindi GEC segment.

Says Sahara One CEO Shantonu Aditya, "The channel has been at an upswing over the last few weeks and the recent leap in GRP to 122 has only intensified our battle for the 3rd position among the GEC players. Our reach has also gone up from 50 per cent to 55 per cent this week. I am certain that the new shows that will be launched succeeding Solhah Singaarr over the next couple of months will help us achieve that position."

The channel recently launched Solhah Singaarr with a huge marketing campaign which has brought in encouraging responses. Among a whole array of shows coming up, the next to launch will be Kuch Apne Kuch Paraye, starting 20 November. The channel will also present its viewers with the coming of the King Khan into television as Fauji makes a comeback on13 November at 10 pm every Monday - Friday. m

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Posted: 20 November 2006 at 6:08pm | IP Logged

'I will kill myself on November 24'

Junior artiste Danush Khan is obsessed with actress Akangsha Rawat aka Meera of Solhah Singaarr; threatens to commit suicide if she doesn't reciprocate his love.

Ranjib Mazumder

Actress Akangsha Rawat aka Meera of Solhah Singaarr is going through sleepless nights, thanks to an obsessive fan who claims to be madly in love with her. A man named Danush Khan is not only harassing Akangsha by calling her on her cell phone and sending SMSes, but is also threatening to commit suicide if she does not reciprocate his love.

Akangsha says, "The guy first started giving me missed calls. I was really irritated and tried calling him back. But then he would not take my calls. A few days later, he called and told me that he loves me. He also told me that he is an aspiring actor and has visited the sets of Solhah Singaarr. I was taken aback. After that day, he started calling me every day."

Akangsha continues, "When I realised that he is a junior actor, I tried to contact the junior artiste supplier to call him on the sets where we were shooting. As soon as he came there, I confronted him in the presence of other crew members. But he was not intimidated and confessed his love in front of everybody and said that he wants to marry me. He went away only when we threatened him and said that we will hand him over to the police."

Though Danush stopped calling Akangsha after this incident, he continued sending SMSes stating that he will commit suicide on November 24.  "I have stopped bothering about the whole incident. But, he has threatened that he will commit suicide by November 24 if I do not reciprocate his love," Akangsha adds.

When we tried to contact Danush Khan, he was initially apprehensive. On being probed further he finally spoke about his obsessive feelings for Akangsha. Danush said, "I am not crazy about her star status, I am crazy about her. I can do anything for her. I have fallen in love with her since I have seen her on the sets of Solhah Singaarr. I will kill myself on November 24, if she doesn't reciprocate my feelings."

Commenting on his family background, Danush said, "I am from Bihar. I have been in Mumbai for the past four years as I am a struggling actor. I have acted as a bodyguard in several films." But for now, the last thing on Danush's mind is his career. All he wishes is that Akangsha reciprocate his love. Danush says, "Yehi meri aakhri khwahish hai. (This is my last wish)."

Why didn't Akangsha file a police complaint? "I am shooting all day and I don't have the time. I am also scared. I don't want to blow the whole thing out of proportion by going to the police and creating a scene." &sectid=12&contentid=20061121044538406ab274a50

monika.goel IF-Stunnerz

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Shoot till you drop

Mrinal Kulkarni completed a week's shooting in one day before leaving for Egypt

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Ranjib Mazumder

Non-stop sense: Mrinal Kulkarni
Mrinal Kulkarni aka Alaknanda of Solhah Singarr had to complete a week's shoot in one day. Mrinal who had to leave for Egypt, completed all her scenes yesterday. She had to do this to create an episode bank that will last for a week while she is away. Mrinal is going to Egypt with her co-host Milind Gunaji to shoot for a regional channel's travel show Happy Journey.

When contacted, Mrinal said, "I had to complete my scenes for the episodes that would be shown for almost a week when I will be in Egypt. As I am an integral part of the story, the serial can't do without my track. As a result, I had to shoot twice the number of scenes that we usually shoot in one day. Yesterday they completed most of my scenes. I knew I would be exhausted in no time, so I had carried a box of energy drinks which kept me going through the hectic schedule."

"We have covered many places like Singapore, Malaysia, and Nepal for Happy Journey. This time we are covering Egypt," she added.

Was it difficult to shoot non-stop? Mrinal explained, "I am one of the central characters of Solhah Singarr and I had to be shown daily in the serial. I know that it is a lot of hard work. But I had to shoot for both the shows as I had committed to both parties."

The producer of Solhah Singarr, Jay Mehtaa said, "As Mrinal will be in Egypt for a week, we had to complete the shoot. She is an indispensable part of the story and has to be in every frame of show. It had been really difficult, but we had to adjust to each other's schedule. Whatever be the condition, the show's quality cannot be compromised."

What about the pressure of shooting so many scenes? "Mrinal  stayed back till late night to complete the shoot. As I am the producer, the pressure was on me and my team and I had to complete all the work," Jay added.

Was Mrinal apprehensive during the shoot? "She is a professional and she knows how a daily soap works," Jay said.

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Kohinoorfan Goldie

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Originally posted by Manoj_Tina fan

<SPAN =insline>'I will kill myself on November 24'
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Junior artiste Danush Khan is obsessed with actress Akangsha Rawat aka Meera of Solhah Singaarr; threatens to commit suicide if she doesn't reciprocate his love.

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Did he suicide ???? Confused Confused

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