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About the show!

Antariksh, is a very revolutionary concept inspired from Ramayana. The story focuses on the interactions among a host of purely imaginary personalities living action-filled lives in a fictional, futuristic realm. The basic premise of the show is a global war between good and evil.

The Story:

Amar, he eldest son of King Shylan possess qualities that makes him completely fit to be Prithiv's next King. But ambition and jealousy gets the other brothers to go against Amar and they all stand against him, stripping him of his crown. He is then later banished from Prithiv and is exiled to distant regions of outer space.

This change of fortune leads to another set of events that later leads Amar to fight Rankaal leading him to one goal - terminating Rankaal's existence. The story then becomes a war of the titans which is then fought with Hi-tech gadgets, laser weapons etc.

Antariksh Factoids

Planets: Aridal
A remote planet on the periphery of Aakaashganga which is peaceful and democratic. But the people have made the fatal error of defying Rankaal.

Rankaal's lair. Kaavraan is surrounded by a lethal asteroid shield, a natural barrier that prevents the passage of every unknown spaceship. The planet is blighted by industrialization, it's air thick with toxic pollutants, it's flint-hard crust stripped of all it's once luxuriant vegetation.

Aakaashganga Kendra
The Capital of Aakaashganga. The surface of Kendra is overrun by the massive buildings necessary to run the vast administrative structure of Aakaashganga. This is a bureaucratic paradise.

Amberaan is the world of the Trishakti. Amberaan is shrouded by a colossal eye-shaped cosmic cloud that prevents any other planet or race from discovering its true location.

This is the University Planet. Urkul is Aakaashganga's centre of education. Essentially a inhospitable world, it's remoteness ensures that students can focus on their studies with no distractions. Unbelievably, young people from all over the Galaxy still flock to it's institution!

Planet Entertainment. A world devoted to fun, excitement, R and R. This is the place that students make a beeline for upon graduation from Urkul. A perfect antidote for stress.

Amar's home planet. Prithiv is the third planet of an obscure Sun, and supports a vital, throbbing culture. The vast majority of it's inhabitants live happy, fulfilled lives despite being humans. Things have changed in 10,000 years!

This is Shliya's world. Matching the stunning beauty of it's landscapes and skies is the loveliness of its inhabitants. The planet also boasts of the most advanced medical facilities available in Aakaashganga. The beauty of its citizens, however, is not due to surgical intervention.

The Water World. Glowing sapphire-blue in the tapestry of outer space, its oceans shining, Anjal has no land surface. But beneath its boundless seas lies the universe's most abundant reserves of Corium, the fuel that powers all Aakaashganga.

The home planet of Prithiv's Queen Rikone. Located in the secondary outer zone of Aakaashganga, Ukaia is coveted by Rankaal because it is the repository of a weapon of extreme power (no, not Queen Rikone).

A planet in Prithiv's star system, Inkobar is the odd world out. In a universe of super-advanced civilizations, Inkobar is home to a primitive culture. All they have is open, unpolluted seas, idyllic islands and friendly villages. Hmm, perhaps they're not so primitive, after all!

Chhalaang's planet. A verdant, forested world inhabited by a race that used to be fun-loving and carefree. Recently, though, the planet has been ripped apart by internecine war and rebellion. Exiled from their home-world, Chhalaang and his fellow rebel Kadaakshinis wander the galaxies, using any means, moral or amoral, to raise funds and retake their planet.

About Antariksh

1. Aaga Chattaan - A volcano that is the Battlerob's prison. A stadium has been erected in it's crater to allow spectators to view the yearly gladiatorial contests against the mighty Battlerob (Very short contests for obvious reasons).

2. Aakaashganga - The vast association of millions of planets that orders the society of the future. While every planet has its own laws and system of administration, it has to adhere to the basic constitution of Aakaashganga.

3. Abrac - A horrifying creature, a species that takes orders only from Rankaal. It has the ability to take any shape at will.

4. Aerobike - A rocket-powered flying motorcycle. Amar's favoured vehicle.

5. Allosaur - A winged dinosaur. Unchanged for millions of years, evolution has passed it by. Native to thousands of planets.

6. Anti-Rad Capsules - Want to go on a space-trip? Feel like venturing into the neighbouring galaxy? Don't forget to pack your anti-rad capsules. The future's equivalent of airsickness tablets.

7. Astrocruiser - Rankaal's colossal flagship. A titanic flying fortress, the ship through which Rankaal visits terror on helpless worlds.

8. Astrodome - The Royal observatory of the Takshal Palace.

9. Avtaar - A terrifying humanoid that Rankaal creates from his own flesh. It is practically indestructible and has the power to possess the bodies of other life forms (much like the Income Tax Authorities of the 21st Century).

10. Battlerob - An almost invulnerable war machine that is a relic of the universe's war-torn past. Trapped in the Aaga Chattaan on the planet of Irsila, it has continuously tried to break out to fulfil it's programmed mission of wiping out all life. It's mysterious source of power never runs down.

11. Brahmos AX 413 - The most destructive bomb in the Aakaashganga armoury. Packs punch enough to destroy a planet. Don't get careless with matches when this is around…

12. Corium - The power source of the future, most abundantly found on the sea world of Anjal.

13. Chandra Dhaal - The mystical shield of Aakaashganga folklore. A gauntlet that generates an impenetrable force field that protects it's wearer and anyone he touches. The catch is that it can only be used for three hours in any given twenty-four hour period, beyond which it drains out the life force of the user.

14. Dakataar - Part giant squid, part nightmare, this undersea monster is one of the most deadly in Rankaal's gallery of horrors.

15. Electra-Bow - Amar and Vikrant's awesome weapon. Fired from the user's or E-Bow wrist, it's versatility and firepower make it formidable.

16. Externment - The ultimate legal punishment of the future. Zapped by rays Process that destroy the solidity of living cells, a convict is transformed into a living ghost, invisible and inaudible to everyone. He is only able to regain form when he leaves the atmosphere of the planet from which he has been externed.

17. FlyCam - The flying cameras of the future. Their irritating presence at every important event is reluctantly tolerated.

18. Freeze-ring - Shliya, Urmi…the Irsilan female is much more deadly than the male and have their freezer-rings to back them up…

19. Fifth Dimension Strips of another universe that exists beyond our three-dimensional one.

20. Glidecar - Sleek, anti-gravity cars that glide a few feet above the surface, bearing around the citizens of the 121st century in enviable comfort.

21. Grag - A foul-smelling creature that spews fetid vomit on the enemies. So, most species steer clear of it.

22. Hipparium - A healing element, it's rays cure practically every illness or injury, repairing cell damage almost miraculously.

23. Inko - The native language of the primitive inhabitants of the planet Inkobar.

24. Kabaazi G-16 - A parasitic robot that feeds on human life force.

25. Kraalchi Makdi - If it's hallucinations you want, this spider is more than happy to oblige. Native to Irsila, it's sting can be lethal if not treated immediately. Post-treatment, visions and hallucinations are the norm.

26. Kure - Cash of the future! Probably got it's name because many think money is the kure for all ailments!

27. Lifepod - Not an I-pod with a lifetime scheme. In fact, these are the lifeboats of Spaceships.

28. Maalchi - The natives of the water world Anjal. This amphibious race has developed a highly sophisticated culture, rivaling the most advanced civilizations in the universe. Of course, there is the little matter of their doing everything backward…

29. Medi-rob - Exactly what the name implies - Medical Robot.

30. Megaferry - A giant spaceship that ferries smaller ships and passengers through the energy streams of the Zeus Canal. Useful in fending off Rankaal's attacks.

31. Pacifier - Mandatory on all spaceships. Very effective 'pacifying' device for out-of-control passengers. No connection with the baby-control devices of the 21st Century.

32. Parmaan Shila - The ultimate weapon. It's power is legendary, and greedily coveted by Rankaal. Lost for millennia, it's discovery can tip the balance in the war of the worlds.

33. Psycholink - A psychological and emotional link between two people millions of kilometers away. Established under scientific supervision, it can be boon or bane, depending on the condition of the participants.

34. Raj Talwaar - The State Sword of Prithiv. The person who draws it from the mound into which it is thrust is the rightful ruler of the planet. Has the surprising property of revealing truth.

35. Refarri - A sleek, red, two-seater spaceship. The only thing missing is the prancing pony.

36. Refresheteria - The place to hang out at a Space Station. Fast food, drinks and even a casino! Just hope that there isn't a bounty hunter there chasing a wanted man, which could lead to a shootout, that could cause a Rigozen leak, which would be deadly, leading to…!

37. Rigozen - A gaseous fuel that can be a deadly poison. Pollution even 10,000 years from now? Who says things change!

38. Shoonya Baadal - A vast cosmic cloud. Made out of anti-matter, it's slightest touch can annihilate planets. Can be destroyed only by the fierce energy of a sun.

39. Somrisil - The future's drug of choice. Unshakably addictive, perfect for those desiring extremely short lives filled with wild mood swings. Even Kubharan's giant strength cannot help him break it's hold.

40. Spacewarp - Literally a warp in space. Space is bent by the extreme energy of an exploding Supernova. The warp allows travellers to skip vast distances, almost like an emergency exit from one tunnel to another.

41. Stun Blaster - Future handgun. Shoots laser beams of varying intensity, from stun to kill to vaporize. Not to be taken lightly.

42. Surya Kamaan - The energy of a Sun decanted into an awesome weapon. It's power is so great that it's recoil instantly kills an untrained user. Handle with care.

43. Swaran Chakra - Another weapon straight out of Aakaashganga folklore. Like it's twin the Chandra Dhaal, the power of the Swaran Chakra is contained within an unassuming gauntlet. It's chakras can be used seven times in a lifetime by a single user, after which the weapon would consume him. However, the damage it can do more than makes the bargain worthwhile.

44. 3-Methyl Phantayl - A poison 3,000 times more lethal than pure heroin. Interesting when applied to the insides of earphones.

45. TransForce - Want to live for a long, long time? Just hope that a planet ruler uses this power to transfer the lifespan of someone you don't like into your body!

46. Veerakaal - A mutant. Rankaal is one. Need one say more?

47. Vega Gravity Gun - A mega-powerful gun whose blast can literally blow a hole in the fabric of space, creating a black hole of such awesome gravity that it can destabilize the orbits of whole planets. Can only be fired by an almost indestructible being. Did someone mention Kubharan?

48. Vitalizer - 10,000 years from now, this is the first thing one reaches for when ill. A hand-held corium reactor, it's radiation provides instant relief. Definitely better than Aspirin!

49. Zarad - A vicious, parasitic creature that consumes it's host and takes over his body. Ideal for introducing to enemies.

50. Zeus Canal - In the vast reaches of space there are a few keyholes that allow access to corridors that run through other dimensions. The Zeus Canal is one such corridor. It's discovery led to a massive expansion of Aakaashganga as travel to hitherto unreachable regions was suddenly possible. No wonder Rankaal wants it so badly.

Main characters in the show

- Good is represented by Amar the son of Shalyan, King of the planet Prithiv. Shaylan has married thrice, and his three queens are Rilya, Rikone and Amatri

1. Rilya, has a son called Amar (hero of the epic)

Amar is unusually handsome and endowed with extraordinary physical and mental skills. HE knows that somewhere downthe line he will be summoned, his skills will be tested to the utmost, and he is prepared to meet whatever lies in wait, with confidence and serenity

2. Rikone, she has one son, Akshat. She is the most inferior compared to the other queens.

3. Amatri, has a son called Vikrant.

- On the other hand we have Princess Shliya, the daughter of King Smarak and Queen Kanura of the planet Irsila. She is totally unconscious of striking looks. She is skilled in medicine. She is also profoundly conscious of the obligations her position entails. She is independent, self-willed and extremely intelligent. She is regarded as being more than capable future Queen of Irsila.

Aakaashganga is the Supreme Council comprising of the three most powerful intellects of the universe - the Trishakti.
Trishakti comprises of three guardians who look identical but have different attributes, with the second guardian being an inveterate optimist, the third a constant pessimist and the first striking a balance between the two. They intervene and help only if other systems break down and fail to function. They are the most powerful mentalists among the Guardians...

Evil is represented in the form of Rankaal

Rankaal Rankaal is a mutant and the result of a science experiment that went wrong. He is perfect - he can take any shape at will and can transform himself to look handsome or terrifyingly ugly to anyone. A being with supreme intellectual and physical powers, he can instantaneously identify emotionally and psychologically with any race. But somewhere deep within, in the darkest pits of his being, he experiences emptiness, a void that he yearns to fill. He craves the essence of humanity, a soul, and the capacity to feel.

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wwhhoo man!!! u did a great job!!
when is the show going to get aired and will somebody be uploading the videos on the forum...???
seems like an completely different kind of serial coming these days!!
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Originally posted by Cute_Birdie

wwhhoo man!!! u did a great job!!
when is the show going to get aired and will somebody be uploading the videos on the forum...???
seems like an completely different kind of serial coming these days!!

it is already been aired on STAR P[LUS MON-THU 7:30 INDIA TIME and hopefully we wil have someone uploading the videos!!!



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thanks neha gr8 job Clap
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wow neha ..u did a great job in finding this info Clap for u Tongue
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tks Clap Clap
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