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|| .-*-.  Happy Birthday Deepika Singh Goyal .-*-. ||

heavily loaded page:

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thala IF-Addictz

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thala IF-Addictz

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thala IF-Addictz

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thala IF-Addictz

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Deepika singh was born on 26 July, 1989 in Delhi,
 into a Rajput family.
Fondly called as Supriya by close relatives and friends, Deepika was a shrewd and naughty child. Though the eldest out of her 3 siblings , she was notorious during her childhood and her mother was sick of her naughtiness. She did her early schooling in Delhi Air Force  School, later had to change around 4 schools as her dad kept changing places. She did her graduation in commerce and  post graduation in Business Administration with Marketing as specialization from Punjab Technical University. During her college time, the beautiful Deepika was very bright student in studies.

Deepika had to take over her father's textile business, 
she did a few modelling projects and even appeared 
in a music album " Dilli Di Sharab". One of her freinds
forwarded her pics to shashi sumeet productions who were 
in search of a new face for sandhya,  She gave a few auditions too.

She got a call from SSP, she faired well in screen tests and workshop
only to be selected as the best suitable for Sandhya .
The rest is History.

She also did many commercials. The role of sandhya during
 IPS training needed her to shed weight 
she took up  severe exercise and  reduced weight,
 fitting perfectly as Sandhya IPS, 

Deepika and Rohit Raj Goyal , the director of DABH
fell in love and got married in 2014

"Success belongs to those who believe in the power of their ideas." 

Who said being in the spotlight is easy? Just imagine those so many people enjoying your performances and demanding more and more of it. It is of course their love and appreciation that makes you work harder and harder in order to become a better version of yourself. Every day means a new competition, a new task you need to fulfill and our Birthday Girl Deepika knows that really well. Probably playing the most challenging character our indian TV world, she needs to give her best in the portrayal of her character.

 Here are some of Deepika's qualities that help her not only overcome all the obstacles but also achieve her goals. 

Deepika the Leading lady 

During all these almost 5 years, Deepika gave her every performance in a special way, she made sure her character is unique and she did it. We have seen many shades of her character: be it a wife, IPS, mother, bahu, jethani and so on and Deepika managed to fit perfectly into her character, leading to appreciation and love from her fans who are never getting tired of watching her amazing performance. Sandhya, like every other character, has its own flaws too. She may not be perfect, but she's a determinated IPS, a loving wife and mother, understanding SIL etc. Her journey was not as easy as some people think, but having her determination and the help of her beloved Suraj by her side no one succeeded in making her give up. Behind every character's success is a very ambitious personality like Deepika - who does everything thinking that it is a step closer to her goals. Those goals she was dreaming about since her childhood. Little did she know that Sandhya would be such an iconic character, that she'll receive countless good wishes and love from unknown people who believed that her mesmerizing eyes and lovely smile managed to steal everyone's heart. 

Deepika the Daring 

Yes, you heard it right - daring! Deepika is not only a bubbly and fun loving girl but she pays attention to another shade of herself too - her daring personality. You may think ladies are not that brave when it comes to action sequences or "taking a mud bath" but our Birthday Girl seems fearless. She recently tweeted about her mud scene in Mahabali track, saying she was just chilling on sets with mud all over her. Tagging it as actors life. Now... how cool and patient is this girl?!?
Did you know she has Acrophobia? But she still managed to do her training sequences and para trooping. She had some actions scenes even with Arzoo and lots as Sagarika Das. That says a lot about her strong personality. How could we forget the sword fighting?
Deepika even posted videos in that time in which we can clearly see her training for the sword scene, we can see how many efforts she puts in everything she does. Indeed, actors' life in full of challenging situations,
 it depends on themselves if they succeed in that or not,
 if they get the strength to continue the hard fight for their goals. 

Deepika the Dynamic

We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do for us. We need to find that little piece of freedom in our lives that makes us feel happy. We -humans- are designed to move, to discover new things.
So is our Deepika, who knows the importance of sport very well. She is one of the most dynamic people in the TV industry and we usually ask ourselves how does she manage to do so many things and still get some time for some rest too? We guess that is her secret. Shhh! 
She has taken up yoga and she does 50 surya namaskars twice a day, so she can live a well-balanced life. She recently posted a photo with the caption:
"Because being fit and flexible runs in my blood".
 And how can we forget those so many captivating scenes she had to shoot as Sandhya? She is indeed a very active person. In such a busy and tiring world, she finds her balance in little things. Way to go girl! 

Deepika the Diva

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." 
Every human being has its own unicity. We are different and that makes us special. We try hard to understand our own personality,
 we are thinking if what we do is enough to live our lives. 
Whenever we look at Deepika, a lovely quotes comes in our minds - "the best accessory a woman can wear is her smile". There is something special in the way she smiles, both innocence and beauty. The photographers know that really well too so they make sure Deepika is wearing her smile everywhere, in her every gorgeous photo. From the Jagdamba sarees to the Unite Fashion photoshoot, she never misses a chance to surprise her fans. 
Her unique and mesmerizing shootings are fastly getting a place in their hearts and they cherish every glimpse of their favorite, be it Star plus Icon for pro kabaddi finals, Navrata dandiya event, Chief guest for a ghanghor event in Mumbai, Big star youth entertainment awards, Launching of new Hyundai Verna, Beverly Street's opening of new branch at Welikada Sri Lanka, GenX Nan promotion etc, Horlicks ad etc. 

Deepika the Danseuse 

Do we even need to mention? Deepika has a multitasking personality. One of her biggest passions is dancing and since she is a very determined person, she managed to learn Odissi from the odissi guru Sanathan Chakraborthy and she does it amazingly. During SPA 2016, she had to perform an Odissi dance on "Deewani Mastani" and a "Prem ratan dhan payo" performance too... she looked beautiful and she pulled it off with grace. Over the years, she has done so many wonderful performances such as the Gold awards 2012 one or ITA 2013 as Goddess Lakshmi and she is not afraid to shake a leg in everything. Who knows? Maybe that becomes a passion too.
Deepika is the clear example that we should not give up on our dreams - instead of that, we should try to improve ourselves every single day. 

Deepika the Dauntless 

If given the chance to participate in a new event or take up a new challenge, Deepika would make sure she gives her best. The dauntless people look their greatest fears in the eye and tell them to go away, and that's pretty cool, right? Honestly, we think everyone could benefit from a little Dauntless training. Sometimes we need to overcome our fear, to snap out of it. She can't resist taking up hard challenges, she doesn't fear to do action scenes. We have seen our Birthday Girl as Sandhya in so many action scenes and we can surely say she's doing an amazing job! A new avatar of her has been added in the show: the chef avatar. Yes, yes, you heard it right! Our Sandhya can cook now. And Deepika is also learning. Deepika has a great sense of humor and she even tweeted about that, saying: "For the first time in my life, I made a good rounded shaped ladoo. Sandhya cooks, so does Deepika". 
Even if she didn't know to cook, she gave her best in bringing those scenes to life. Who could forget that fabulous Globe of Death Daring Act during Star Parivaar Awards 2014? Be it action, drama, comedy or playing the role of a mother , deepika has 
excelled in every department, her determination and courage is evident onscreen
and the shots are simply perfect. Entry into this industry needs lot of courage and dedication. From an inexperienced newbie to a dauntless actor , who has taken
every opportunity into her stride and has proven she is indeed a dauntless woman .
Being Dauntless is all about taking risks and doing the things you never thought you could do. Keep rocking girl! 

Deepika the Delightful

"A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble. 
We all know Deepika is a fun loving and joyful girl. You can't stop being moved by her lovely laugh - her friendly nature made her get a lot of friends whom she shares quality time. Her offscreen masti, her cute talks, the relationship she has with her team is amazing and whenever she meets a friend again she's very excited and happy about it. One of her close friend came to visit her while shooting on the same location and her happiness was beyond words. 
Do you know she wore a dress designed by one of her fans during Star Parivaar Awards? She looked gorgeous and unique. We are sure the happiness her fan felt in that moment was out of this world. And why not? Your favorite actress gives you so much appreciation and love for whatever you do for her. Isn't is so cute? 
Let's not forget about Deepika's golden heart. She's a very responsible person and she believes helping others is our very own duty. Even if her shooting schedule requires more time, she still manages to be by people's side whenever they need. Events like Neeta Lulla's Shehnai 2013, the Smile foundation NGO charity show, Vatsalaya Trust event are hard to forget. Deepika knows how important it is for people with special needs to feel someone's warm presence near them so she makes sure she manages to bring a smile on their lovely faces. 

Deepika the Darling 

Being in the television world, it is quite hard to balance your free time.
 But this is not a problem for our Birthday girl... she loves fulfilling her wife responsibilities. 
She is a devoted wife and loves spending time with her husband.
 She makes sure she doesn't miss any ritual or event regarding them. 
As a life partner, you only need someone to accept you as you are. Deepika says whenever she feels tired, her husband is there and her energy comes from Rohit. He supports, love and appreciate her true self. She considers herself lucky that she got such a loving husband and loving in laws. She shares a great bonding with her mother-in-law and she is one of her great supporters. On Mother's day, Deepika said: "Once blessed with a wonderful mother, I am twice blessed now with my mother-in-law. Love you". Some people come into your life and you just know you will never be able to replace them. Deepika is that kind of person - a golden heart, lovely smile and shining                               eyes that would always manage to steal your heart. 

Happy birthday dear Deepika!

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thala IF-Addictz

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Sandya K was an innocent Girl who had never ever bothered about the actual world. Her parents and her brother had cocooned her in such a way that she was aware of only 1 thing in life that is to study, study & study so that she can have the IPS cap on her head which will make her father proud of her. It was her parents dream to make her an IPS officer.

Though Sandya lost her parents, her brother and sister in law did not made her realize that she is orphaned, though she felt the void of their love. But as we all know, the fate played its role in a crooked way in the form of her brother dream project in USA. As becoming an IPS officer was Sandya's dream, working on the US project was her brothe Ankur's dream. Moreover it didn't creep up all of a sudden, both Ankur & his wife's papers were ready for their departure when Sandya's parents were alive. When it came to a stage when Ankur had to choose between his dream & his sister's dream, he but natural selected his dream as Sandya could have got another chance to study where as if he loses that opportunity, he would have lost his entire dream (in fact that was his parent's as well). He never bargained on his responsibility towards his siter. Since he had only 15 days left to join to his duty, as a dutiful brother, instead of leaving her on her own in this wicked world, he chose to get her married to a good guy who could take care of her responsibility and fulfill her dream. Here also fate played its cruel game, he was not even aware that the groom was only school educated and has not studied and thought of dropping the rishta but marriage broker's cajoling & the phone from his company made him to choose Suraj for his sister. Yes, she was shocked when she realized her husband is not a MBA holder but an Halwai but that was her destiny (chosen by her parents at their last breath).

One thing we need to understand that neither Suraj nor his family was aware of Sandya's educational qualification as they were informed as she is only 7th standard passed. Bhabo was looking for a wife for her son who can take care of him in all respects and help him in his work the way her other DIL (Meena) helping her husband Vikram in his shop.

As the days passed, Suraj realizes that his wife has zero knowledge in the field of Cooking and household work (he realized that when he get hold of her cooking recipe book along with his waste paper books). So when Bhabo challenges her neighbors by inviting them for a feast cooked by Sandya, he chose to help her indirectly by teaching her the dish the previous night. This was because he had to take care of 2 people, one is his wife and the other his mother's pride. Mind you, even Suraj was not aware of Sandya's secret (education). It came as a shocker to everyone including Suraj, when Sandya's photo was published in newspaper along with her result. Though hurt, Suraj chose to support Sandya as he came to know about her brother's mistake and even Sandya was lied by her brother. With the deadline of 15 days, Sandya realized what a good companion Suraj is but please don't mistake it as love. Since Sandya was comfortable with whatever life she has with Suraj, her friend cox her to realize that Suraj might not be contented with that much alone. She triggers Sandya conscious about is Suraj happy without any further developments in their relation. So to make Sandya realize the actual life, she gave her the divorce papers which were misunderstood by Suraj. This leads them to the bus accident with which Sandya will get her mother in Bhabo and Friend in Suraj but is loves suraj, she herself doesn't know and will not break her head on thinking in those terms. But Suraj had realized his feelings for her. He had fallen head over heal for this innocent, soft hearted girl who was ready to face his mother's wrath just to help his brother study further by secretly helping him with her saved money.  He had fallen for her nature to accept her mistakes (if you call them so) and how truthful she was in fulfilling her punishment by filling the containers with water from the street tap. Her never to die spirit wa an amazing thing which attracted him like a magnet.

Then they were destined to travel to Singapore for Suraj's Cookery competition which led them to come little closer and Suraj came to know the true carefree nature of Sandya. He fell yet again for her innocence and dedicated nature to help him out. The way she took care of Suraj on every stage made bhabo change her mind towards Sandya and thought she is the best wife for her son. By the even Sandya started having different feelings for Suraj though she could not give a name to that emotion. Suraj's selfless nature, his simplicity, not to get carried away nature, the way he cares for his parents, his brothers and his sister and the way he give her a place in his home and heart (without any expectations) was enough to kindle a sweet feeling in her which she show cased during their night out at Singapore. His determination about his culture (when he refused to cook non-veg despite knowing that he may get eliminated from the contest) made her proud of him while he felt proud for her patriotism. Though everyone appreciated Suraj's victory in cooking competition, I proudly say his victory was that he swoop his wife off the floor and made her accept her feelings though verbally.

Then came the infamous Bomb blast by Rajkumar and during then, they realized how much they mean to each other. When Sandya saw Suraj at Rajkumar's gun point, she had a mini heart attack but she didn't lose her concentration as it was not only her husband but the whole city of Pushkar was at risk. When she dragged chotu away from the crowd, she was literally worried for the whole society and she started running with the blazer, Suraj could not realize what was happening to his wife and why she was running like a maniac but when she slipped off the cliff and heard the bomb blast, he was shattered as if he lost his soul and when she surfaced from the cliff, the bone cracking hug he gave her was the evidence for his love for her and her reciprocation in public was the seal for her love. At that moment they were ignorant about the surrounding, their parents and the society and all that mattered was they were safe and sound and were in flesh & blood.

Suraj was proud of his wife when the SP of Pushkar praised his wife on her bravery and suggested that she is more worthy to wear the Police cap and made her to wear his cap. But that itself broke Bhabo from within. On the day of bomb blast, Bhabo made it clear to Sandya that she wants a DIL (bahu) not an officer.(She said in clear words that she wants her as Lakshmi but not as Saraswathi or Durga mata) who helps everyone but keep her near and dear ones always in anxiety. She wants her son to have a peaceful life not one with fear. By then even Sandya realized that it is better to keep her mother in law happy and that was one reason she didn't want to join to the college. (though hurt). But Suraj didn't want to be selfish and the words by the Commissioner about Sandya were still ringing in his ears, so he decides to blackmail Sandya to get admission to the night college but here both made the blunder by not informing the family. With this Sandya realized how much Bhabo means to Suraj and how much they have hurt Bhabo with their lies. Then comes the matka challenge and I am not sure whether Sandya was really that hopeful that Bhabo will agree for Sandya becoming an IPS officer.

Once she realized about LC issue, it dawned on Sandya that however hard Bhabo try to train her mind, Bhabo's heart doesn't accept Sandya as IPS officer and with that she voluntarily accept her fault (she didn't get chance to defend herself with 1st matka) and break the 2nd Matka. May be Suraj realized this (her fickle mind towards her goal), So gambled her 3rd matka by keeping it as the security as his faith, trust & confidence in Sandya's capability. So Sandya decides to work hard to safeguard her 3rd matka but then came the big blow in the form of bhabo's option to choose either family or IPS. The girl in her, I mean Sandya as daughter, Sandya as daughter in law, Sandya as a wife, Sandya as sister in law, choose the family and proved that she is Sandya Kotari & Sandya Suarj Rathi. But when she realized that just by throwing away the victory she crushes her husband's dream, she regained herself at the last minute and won the competition and also saved her husband from his heart ache. But did she really think the situation will be quiet just because her husband assured her that he will make everything right? NO, she had her own doubts because as daughter, she knew she had failed Bhabo because Bhabo also had the same faith which Suraj had on Sandya but they both chose the different spots for Sandya. As a husband Suraj had hope that his wife will not fail him by losing the contest and as a mother Bhabo thought her daughter (DIL) will not fail her by winning the contest. To be frank with, Bhabo's faith was much stronger than Suraj's and infact Bhabo was too near to her victory than Suraj.

Here came Suraj's challenge of 15days to Bhabo and they shifted to the next road and it took a lot of Sandya's energy and efficiency in acting to draw bhabo's attention. She did all sorts of weird things to win over Bhabo as she knew her husband's strength & weakness is his Bhabo. Unless she brings them together, she can't have a peace of mind and neither her husband will have any and so is her mother. So she made all arrangemenst for Chavvi's last rakhi @ her maika a memorable one by spending her prize money to buy an expensive jewelry to her nannad and then gave away her jewelry when realized her Bhabo has been fooled by some miscreants. She even helped the Polie to nab those cheaters. She ensured Bhabo sent food for her son by choosing the rotten veggies and burnt roties. With all this Bhabo realized one thing that is however high Sandya study, she will not forget her duties towards her family and whole heartedly welcomed her kids' home. All this while even though Suraj's desires were too hot, he didn't want her to get distracted and so, he used to be a head master whenever she was distracted from her goal.

Later on Bhabo & Babasa's wedding anniversary, Sandya thought of celebrating the same with grandure and asked Suarj to get some things form market which made him relish with sweet nothings thinking she is planning a surprise for him but yet again she showed him her mischievousness. When Bhabo & Babasa talked about the sath vachan and how they stood by those vachans, Sandya realized she never took those vachans during her wedding, as she was grieving for not able to continue her studies and her dream to become an IPS Officer.  So without Bhabo inviting, she invented some reason to join BB to visit the Kuldevi temple alongwith her husband and ensured she remarried him with all the rituals and there winning Bhabo (off course stunning her as well). Here in the name of rituals, she offered herself to her husband with heart & soul and mingled with him for the life.

Then her struggle @ the PA as she was more inclined towards her family than her goal to become an officer. During this phase came the pub incident where Sandya was part of the team visiting the pub to celebrate a teammate's birthday. When all started talking rubbish, Suraj had full faith in his wife and he showed every one that she was still following all the traditions even while being miles away from home. Even when they get a false alarm on Sandy being pregnant, he was the one who made her understood that her goal (rather his goal) is that she becomes successful in her training and that faith made her to pass all the hurdles with cool mind. It was Suraj's faith which gave her the courage to fight the all the odds and win the Trophy. And when she saw Suraj feeling proud of her during the ceremony, she felt the satisfaction for all the trouble she took to complete the course.

Later was the hijack and the aftermath but their love won the test and shone like the gold after putting into fire. That followed by her pregnancy track & baby donation. During this entire crisis they stood firm for each other as each other's back bone and supported one another. Even when Ankur slapped them with a restraining order, they didn't blame each other but grieved for each other's pain. When Suraj took the bold decision to sell his sweet shop and start a new venture to build a huge HOTEL, she stood by his decision and encouraged him. Had it been any normal wife, they would have discouraged him by giving all the reasons of failure and their future but for Sandya, she had faith in her husband's faith and that is what stood tall.

Even when she had to choose to go underground for her nation, she ensured that none of her family or none of the civilians were hurt. Even staying away she is still alive in Suraj's heart despite Suraj performing the last rites for Sandy's dead body, his soul believes in her existence as their love is not physical bounded but above that level. Had it been only physical bound, Suraj's mind would have accepted her death news and moved forward. But their love is eternal and they are bound by soul. And if something fatal had happened to his soul, he would not have lived by now. His soul believes that had Sandya died, in that precise moment even Suraj would have died and if he is alive that is the proof that Sandya is alive. This is level of love Suraj has for Sandya.

Had Sandya known that her Suraj is weak minded and may succumb to her death news, she would never have accepted the task. She knows that whenever she is in trouble (even minor), her Suraj is there to help her and that is what it showed while she was stepped on the thorn. With his virtual presence, Suraj soothed her pain and she could come back to normal and concentrate on her goal instantly. The memory of Suraj is the driving force for Sandya and her faith in him were unmatched and even God couldn't separate them and it was shown in the form of broken marriage of Lalima & Suraj.

Her struggle didn't stop there, her brother in law Mohit yet again proved the rotten tomato in the family and when he was trying to molest Lalima, his mother hit him hard which resulted in his death and to save his mother, Suraj tried to obliterate evidences and even went to an extent that he manhandled his wife so that she doesn't end up arresting his mother. With this she had no other opting but to take action against Suraj as he was not coopering with the proceedings and was in the verge of losing her husband and she with her brain and bravery finds out that Lalima was involved in this case and so she finally gets her to the court but in the end her MIL came to court and accepts her act and says she herself killed her son as she could not bear her son could spoil the virtue of a girl and for that she has no regrets and was ready to face the death sentence. Here Sandya with the help of her SIL Meena and other ladies enact a plot which opens the eyes of the prosecutor and the Judge and she get back her Mil sound and safe.  Yet again Sandya neither failed as a DIL, wife nor as an IPS officer.

Then comes the Flag hoisting at Pak which resulted in Terrorist attack on Pushkar on large scale which involved her co sister Arzo. Though Sandya decide and predict Arzoo as a terrorist based the available evidence, the moment she realized she was wrong in accusing / convicting Arzoo and Arzoo was innocent, she went against her department which resulted in revolt against her and her family but she fought for justice and proved Arzoo innocent and brought out the pseudo politician who was involved with terrorists being in home ministry. Though the people and department praised her for this, they never realized what pain she and her family underwent because of their mistrust and continued in her duty with her path always being in honesty.

The way she handled Maasa and Emily case was a classic case where she used her trained brain but still had her family relation intact. Then came Suraj's accident where his spinal cord was affected and left him paralyzed. When she realized he was dying within on seeing his shop losing its name and fame and quality,as a responsible wife, she took the decision to take over the shop on full pledge and for that she didn't hesitate to quit her IPS job which was her living dream. And her way of tackling with bank robbers was yet again a feather in her IPS cap. Let us wait and watch how this lady deal with her son  / nephew Vansh who has realized he is not a Kotari  by birth and is on hurt feeling thinking his parents especially his mother didn't love him and if she loved or wanted, she would not have given him for adoption. Hope she resolve his hurt and make him understand that though he is her nephew now, it doesn't mean he is less loved but he has got love of 2 mother and 2 fathers and he is fortunate to have such dotting parents as Kotaris and sister Bulbul.

Deepika started her journey in this show as a carefree girl who had nothing but study in her mind and even eating was treated as an extra job and that was taken care by her mother or SIL by feeding her while studying. Such girl shaped up into a DIL who could win over the strict and shrewed / narrow minded Bhabo and being loved as her daughter. The sensitive girl who cared more for her MIL and was unable to concentrate on her training at PTA, finally ended up as a topper and won the acclamation of none other than her critic senior Officer Singh and her fellow cadet Zakir who always wanted to be the topper and had all the necessary ingredients for the same in him. Deepika has grown along with her character Sandya and that is evident in her casting of Sandya, the SSP of Pushkar who is a sensitive still ruthless officer, a doting mother, loving sister and well appreciated daughter in law of Pushkar.

In this age of Saas Bahu dramas, Sandhya is one lucky woman to have potrayed
various  characters in a single show, Being an IPS has been added advantage of Sandhya
Never in history we've seen a female protogonist  take various forums to entertain audience.
Deepika is lucky to have bagged the epic Sandhya's role.
From a sweeper to a school girl,  trained officer to a tribal woman, what not?
It takes tremendous hardwork, dedication and patience to retain the original character and yet come up with a different one. In fact the most difficult of these, the muddy sagarika,
deepika did share the information that she had to spend hours together drenched in 
multani mitti, while shooting that particular scene.

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Achieving so much of praises and awards  in her first show itself is an achievement. The character of Sandhya is aprreciated and loved worldwide. Deepika has gained so much of popularity as Sandhya.  The advantage of sandhya is that she is both a bahu and a revered officer , which makes  Sandhya a unique character and deepika lucky enough to have portrayed Sandy.

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I cannot find a card that's somehow as special as you are, all of them are nothing compared to you. So I'm just going to write the most special birthday message and tell you that you are the sweetest person I know. Happy birthday!

I know a lot of persons will greet you today, and I know a lot of them may not be able to be with you to celebrate but always remember that a lot of people loves you. We may be apart today but I am wishing you all the best every day. Happy birthday, girl!





Where is she   ...


Is she among the stars in the galaxy

Or among the fishes in the ocean bed

Or reading some books in the library

Or visiting the mall

Or among the birds flying high in   the   sky

Or in a balloon

Or Shall we asks the genie of the lamp 

bring HER

And look where we found her


Lets all together wish her a very happy birthday


that's your sign and spirit

You are special

and I hope that you float through the day

with a big smile on your face

Happy birthday

I hope this is the beginning of your greatest

and the most wonderful year ever

Hey there 

sending birthday wishes

your way for a beautiful year ahead 

May your lucky stars continue to shine

and make all your dreams come true

Enjoy your day with all of the pleasures it s in store

Today I wish for all your dreams to come true

as you walk on your life path 

count your blessing every day 

and realize there are more   than years in your life 

Celebrate your day

Good things happen for good people 

and you are definitely good 

   happy birthday

Celebrate your   birthday today

Celebrate being happy everyday

Be happy 

Today is the day you were brought into this world

to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around 

. you are a wonderful person

May you be given more birthdays

to fulfill all your dreams

Words alone are  not enough to express how   happy I am 

You are celebrating another year of your life

My wish for you on your birthday

is that you are and will always be happy and healthy

Don't ever change

Have a happy, healthy birthday now and for ever'

For Credits and other details 
Plz check Page 2

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unitatoxo. 5 537 27 October 2014 at 7:17am by unitatoxo.
Res for bday thread (dont comment)

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-Obsessed- 2 401 26 October 2014 at 2:09am by -Obsessed-

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 50 51

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-B.N.K- 407 12161 07 June 2013 at 3:36pm by SahirsBeard

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