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VIJAY’S BASH:D Happy Birthday dear Vijay!

Anoli IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 16803

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:10pm | IP Logged

Vijay's Home in India!!!

Vijay's bedroom!

22nd October 2006!!!


Vijay comes home & he is very angry!

Vijay:- Mum my birthday is tomoro!!

Vijay's mum:- i knw dat!!

Vijay:- Wer is d party??

Vijay's mum:- your not having any party this year!

Vijay:- y not???

Vijay's mum:- Coz last year v had a party & spent alot of money so this year u r not having a party!

Vijay:- Mum thats not fairStern Smile

Vijay's Mum:- Vijay u r not having a party! i dont want any arguments!

Vijay:- Mum???Dead

Vijay bangs d door & goes to his bedroom!!!



Vijay's sister:- hey bro,,, u aite???

Vijay:- sis i m not having a party this year for my 27th birthday!Unhappy

Vijay's sister:-who said dat??

Vijay:- mum!!! Thats jus unfair on me! wt do u think sis?

Vijay's sister:- Dont worry baby!!! I wil plan something for u!!!

Vijay:- i want party!Angry

Vijay's sister:- i wil try bro but i dont promise you coz u knw dat m scared of our mum!!!!Embarrassed

Vijay:- Thnx sis!!!Hug




23rd October 2006!!!


Vijay's sister:- Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday dear Vijay, Happy Birthday to u

Vijay:- Thank u so much sis!!!

They both hug!

Vijay's mum:- Happy Birthday Vijay!!! May u blow 101 candles!

Vijay:- Mum thank u so much! I hope u also blow 101 candles! I love u mum!

Vijay's Mum:- I love u to son!

Vijay's mum kisses Vijay's forhead & has tears in her eyes!

Vijay:- Mum???Angryplz dont get emotional on my birthday!!!

Vijay's sister:-Aww.. c'mon vijay's mum!!! u shud b proud dat u have got a son like Vijay!

HugVijay's sis hugs vijay's mum!Hug

Vijay's Mum:- sorry!

Vijay:- thats like my mum!!!

HugHugHugThey all hug & smile!HugHugHug




Vijay's room!

Vijay's cell phone rings!

Vijay:- Hello???

Amit Bhaiya:- Happy Birthday! Birthday boy!

Vijay:- Thank u so much Bhaiya how r u & howz New jersey?

Amit Bhaiya:- I m fine thnx!! Ur cumin next year to NJ rnt u?Wink

Vijay:- LOL YES! m cumin der....

Amit Bhaiya:- u better.. otherwise me gna kill u!Evil Smile

Vijay:- hehehe!!!

Amit Bhaiya:- Hey, wers d party 2nite????Wink

Vijay:- On d bed!Unhappy

Amit Bhaiya:- WAT???Confused

Vijay:- It shud b on dance floor bt My mum said NO!!!

Amit Bhaiya:- Dont worry! i wil party 4 u 2nite on d dance floor wiv sum hot girls!LOL Like Preity zinta!Big smile

Vijay:- Stop making me jealous!!!

Amit Bhaiya:- I wil speak to u laterz!!! Tel hi to ur mum & sis!! Bye & Take Care & a have a lovely day!!!

Vijay:- Thnx!! U 2 hv a nice day! Bye!


Vijay's smiles!!!

Vijay's cell phone rings again...!

Vijay:- Finally u got time to ring meWink

Prabhat Jhawar:- How did u knw dat???

Vijay:- Ur number came in..LOL

Prabhat Jhawar:- Never mind! Happy Birthday!!!

Vijay:- thnx!!! Hows ur business goin on???

Prabhat Jhawar:- U knw yee.. i keep dreaming about BIG DREAMS! Yee business is goin on fine... jus thinkin of robbing a bankLOL

Vijay:- Shocked

Prabhat Jhawar:- Hel No!!! i dun wanna sleep in jailLOL U tel me?? u hvin party 2nite??

Vijay:- No!!! Mum said No!Dead

Prabhat Jhawar:- Aaww... bt i m sure u wil cut a cake!

Vijay:- OfcourseLOL

Prabhat Jhawar:- i miss u so much!!! Take care!!!

Vijay:- Byeeee!Smile




23rd October 2006!!!


Vijay's room!

Vijay is reading a book & his mum enters!!!

Vijay's Mum:- Get up Vijay!!!

Vijay:- Mum m reading a book!Angry

Vijay's mum:- Yee bt u can read dat later!! Hurry up coz v r going out!Wink

Vijay:- wer abts r v going???Confused

Vijay's mum:- I reali dun have time to explain! Jus get up & get ready!Ouch

Vijay:- Ok! Relax!Smile


In the car!

Vijay's mum is driving!!

Vijay:- Mum???Confused wer d hel r v goin??

Vijay's mum:- V r going to a resturant!Tongue

Vijay:- To do wat??Confused

Vijay's mum:- To eat!!! I m give u a treat!

Vijay:- Sleepy Mum???Disapprove

Vijay's mum:- Vijay.. y r u sad??? C'mon its just like a party!Angry

Vijay:- No!!! Party is something different & givin me a treat is something different!!! And me & u hvin a dinner in a resturant?Confused it doesnt sound rite!

Vijay's mum:- Vijay??? I m ur mum!

Vijay:- yee i knw bt... Never mind!!!

Vijay on's d tape & listen to d song called "Dil toh pagal hai"Tongue




23rd October 2006!!!


Pics of Resturant!

Outside the Resturant!

Vijay:- mum! This is d most expensive resturant & i thought u disliked this resturant!Confused

Vijay's mum:- I stil dislike this resturant! But its ur favourite resturant & so i brought u here!!!Big smile

Vijay:- Thnx!! shal v go in...?

Vijay's mum:- after u!!!

Vijay wonders... "Y d hel his mum is behavin strange"

Inside the Resturant!

Vijay opens d entrance door of d resturant & he is wel Surprised!!!



























Vijay:- Oh My God! This is so Unbelievable!!!

Vijay's mum:- Happy Birthday My son!!! I hope u liked our surprise!

Vijay:- Mum ur d best mum in dis world!Thumbs Up I love u so much!

Big smileThey hug!Big smile

kaleidoscope:- Happy Birthday Vijay!

Vijay:- Thanks!!

s.priya:- VJ, i got loadz of Balloons 4 u! Hope u like dem!Tongue

Vijay:- Priya... i love them!!!Big smile

Vijay:- I stil cant believe it!!! I neva knew my India forum mates love me this much!

Barnali:- Vijay.... The al I-F is crazy on u! We al love you!

Vijay:- Thanks!!! I m reali out of words!!!Embarrassed

Bhasker:- Birthday boy give me a hug!!!LOL

TongueThey hug!Tongue

Bhasker:- A very happy Birthday!!!

Vijay:- Thank u so much!!!

Virgo_stars:- Vijay der is stil one more surprise to come!Wink

Vijay:- Reali??? what is dat???

Manjot:- Relax Vijay!!! Be patient!!! It wil soon arrive...

Vijay:- OMG!!! This has to be my most favourite day!

Ms.Bholibhali:- Aaww... Vijay u better cut the cake now before i do!!!LOL I love cakes...LOL

Vijay:- No Ms.Bholibhali! Dont cut my Birthday cake!!! Just wait 24 hours den u wil b in d same place!Wink

StarVijay cuts his birthday cakeStar



Vijay:- That was wiked!Tongue

Minnie:- Vijay... wanna dance??

Vijay:- Not nowLOL

Virgo_stars:- Don tel me ur scared of ur parents!

Vijay:- shut up Nainaaaaaaa(EYES)LOL

Vishesh:- Do you feel alright? Wanna naach all night

Vijay:- LOL

Sonya_K:- Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night? Won't you party party party, wont you run the floor all night

Vijay:- u guyz r gone nuts!LOL

J.:- c'mon Vijay.. its the time to disco.... Kaun milye dekho kisko... its d time to disco...

Sunny:- I Wanna go dancing

Wildblossom:- wers d party 2nite???

Vijay:- on the dance floorLOL

Sree:- Enough of d party!! Letz now give vijay a bigger surpriseTongue

Vijay:- ws dat gna b???Confused

*Anjali*:- Vijay please close ur eyes!!!Embarrassed

HeartVijay closes his eyesHeart

Diva:- Vijay now u can open ur eyes!

HeartVijay opens his eyesHeart

Vijay:- Oh My God!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile 



Johnson Lai


Arun Goenka


Abhishek Karnani

Puja Jhawar Puja Jhawar


Abhishek Lodha


Lance Parker



Andrew Hartnett


Vijay:- wiked!!! My old mates came to wish me!Embarrassed This is so amazing!

Arun Goenka:- Vijay... God Bless u!

Puja Jhawar:- Vijay??? u remember me???

Vijay:- silly naughty pujaaaaaLOL How can i forget u?Wink

Abhishek Lodha:- Buddy... Happy Birthday!

Lance Parker:- May u blow 250 candles!

Andrew Hartnett:- Vijay mere dost!!!

Johnson Lai:- Vijay say sumthin atleast!!!

Vijay:- I wanna feel this moment!!! It reali means alot to me!!! Thank u so much guyz!

Abhishek Karnani:- Vijay, letz cut d cake again

StarStarVijay re-cuts his birthday cakeStarStar


priya.nair:- The party is rocking!

T.:- Yee... al thnx to Vijay's Mum & sis!

Cutereems:- Lucky Vijay!

Jem:- Hey.. letz give him d gifts dat v brought!

Vijay:- Aaww.. so sweet! But i dun need any gifts! All i need is just Happiness!!!Big smile

Minnie:- No v brought for u gifts so u wil hv to take it!

Vijay:- ok!Big smile

kaleidoscope:- Please please open my Gift first!!!Embarrassed

kaleidoscope:- Hehehe!!!LOL

Vijay:- That wasnt funny at all!!!AngryLOL

Lance Parker:- Vijay, This is wat u expect from India forum girls!

s.priya:- Hey dun say that! V all r nice!Smile

Lance Parker:-LOLNevermind open my gift vijay!

Vijay:- is der anythin apart from boxes init???Confused I m tired of opening d boxes!LOLLOLLOL

Barnali:- Now c! This is what u expect from d boys!!!LOL

Virgo_stars:- Vijay All d ppl r fooling u around!! Open my gift & i m sure u wil love it!!!

Vijay:- Big smile

ApproveVijay collects his gift from every one!Approve


Vijay:- Thank u so much!!!!Hug

Vishesh:- Vijay.. now letz go & eat the food!!!

Vijay:- yee!! I m wel hungry!!!

SmileEveryone eats their DinnerSmile

CoolEveryone then relaxes & chatCool

Cutereems:- i ate too much!!!Shocked But d food was lovely!!!Smile

T.:- Yees d food was gr8! I love chinese food so much!!Tongue

priya.nair:- Indain food was d best especially "Pav Bhaji"!

Lance Parker:- Hello India forum girls!!

Diva:- Hello! Lance! Hope ur havin a good time!!!

Johnson Lai:- Sure! The party is on full swing bt der is stil one thing missing!

Minnie:- I knw ws missing!LOL

Johnson Lai:- Oh Really?? Go on den say ws missin?

Minnie:- DJ!Big smile

Andrew Hartnett:- On the music!Tongue

Puja Jhawar:- c'mon vijay... letz dance... Rock & Roll soniye....Wink

Vijay:- Dance wid b baby....Embarrassed

StarTongueStarThey all r dancingStarTongueStar








StarNow! U all wanna c d Birthday boy??? Wel.. he is hereStar

Birthday Boy!Birthday Boy!


Dear Vijay, I m extremely sorry for dat pm! Actually i wanted to give u a surprise! Hope u liked al this! Heres, me Anoli wishing u a very Happy Birthday!

God bless u wid al the happiness dat you deserve!!!

We al love u & here's my gift to u!

Have a Fantastic day!

May God Bless u!

Take Care



Edited by Anoli - 22 October 2006 at 12:52pm

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Anoli IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 February 2005
Posts: 16803

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:12pm | IP Logged


I reali wanted to include the all I-F in d bash but u all knw dat it is impossible!Ermm

My apologises to all the people who have not been included in d bash!!!


Take Care




Sorry:- I re-edited d post because i didnt knew abt Vijay's dad!!! I m extremely sorry Vijay but my intentions were not ment to make u sad on dis special day!!! My apologises to u!!! Sorry!Cry

But now i hv kept ur sis instead of ur dad! Thnx to DIVA for tellin me!

Take Care



Edited by Anoli - 22 October 2006 at 12:56pm
Virgo_Stars IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 January 2006
Posts: 11518

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:26pm | IP Logged


Really, I couldn't thank you enough for starting this awesome place that soon became my second home. If it weren't for u, I would've never met my super friends here and i would like to thank you for that!

Its so nice to see IF grow and Wish u a very very happy birthday and may u have an awesome year ahead of u!!! Tongue


P.S: Anoli this is a WONDERFUL post! It was so intresting and nice! hats off to ur creativity Embarrassed

yourmombiatch IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 January 2006
Posts: 10840

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

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mallika_14 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 August 2005
Posts: 21555

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
woooooooww...lovely post!!happy b'day vijay!
pyaari_puja IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 October 2005
Posts: 24645

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
OMG anoli.. daadh deni padegi.. u have amde an awesome postt.. da story is soo cute.. muum i want a party how cute

Vijay jii.. Once again Happy Birthday and best wishes for u one this day.. you deserve alot for how you connected so many people thru IF.. dis is prob da largest indian site, without much advertising.. its great.. keep it up.. u simply rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Once again
khoo IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 April 2006
Posts: 2827

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:51pm | IP Logged

Hey Vijay!

Just wanna wish you a

! Hope you have a wonderful time on this very day and best wishes to you for future!

Make the best out of your life and live life to the fullest!


Edited by khoo - 22 October 2006 at 12:55pm
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2005
Posts: 29461

Posted: 22 October 2006 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap

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