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OS on RK & Dabbu-Superstar falls for Reporter

MohanaLuvAbhiya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 12:49am | IP Logged

This OS is on Superstar RK & Reporter Debjani, many of you must be familiar with them but still here is a small character sketch for those who dont know them .

Superstar Rishab Kundra(RK) - A handsome, arrogant, egoistic Superstar of Bollywood .
Debjani Thakur(Dabbu) - A beautiful, honest & fearless journalist .
Bittuji - RK's secretary
Chandi - Debjani's sister
Ishu - Debjani's sister

Plot - RK Mansion
(RK's POV)

"So today I have to attend one more boring media conference, right Bittuji"? I asked
"Yes Chief, this one is very necessary. You know all the media is talking about your drink & drive case, we need to divert their attention from that news by giving them some other news about you  otherwise they can create  problems", said Bittuji.
"Ufff, this media, they dont have any work other than intefering into other's life, but have you decided what news we will give to divert their attention from that news"? I asked.
"Chief I am thinking about it only", he answered.
"You are still thinking? Wow! that's great Bittuji, the conference will start after one hour & still now you are thinking! Leave it, you dont have to think anything, I will handel it in my way , you can leave now," I said  & he took an exit from my room.
I took out my red colour dairy from my pocket & started turning its pages, in this dairy all the secrets of my life are written , no body have ever seen it except me. I took a pen & started writing a new line on it , "I am surrounded by soo people but still I am lonely. I am alone in this crowd, there is no one for me, everyone loves RK but still I starve for love . Today I have stardom, popularity, fans, everything but still it feels that I have nothing . Dont know why but I always feels that my life is very incompleate"
I heard a knock on the door & looked up, its bittuji. "Chief we should leave now for the conference", he said.
"Okay", I replied closing my dairy & keeping it back inside my pocket.

Plot - Conference Room
Intentionally I entered the conference a bit late from the time I have given to the media, after all I am a superstar & they should wait for me. I took my seat & said, "Yes, now all can ask your questions". They all started asking their questions together & I couldn't hear a single thing.
"Quite", I said loudly & they stopped making noise.
"One by one you can ask", I said trying to hid my anger & disgust.
A girl stood up & asked "Sir, we have come to know that you were found drunk while driving, is that true"?
I got up from my seat , went near her ,"I don't think people who drunk have abbes like me", I said pulling up my shirt & giving a clear view of my abbes. I saw that the girl infront of me started blushing & was not in a position of asking further questions, now this is called RK's charm. "You can touch it if you want, they are real", I said to the girl infront of me & she blushed more & more , but at that moment I heard a girl's voice coming from the back , "We are not interested in your abbes, we want to know the truth, we have come here to know the truth & not to see your abbes". 
I got a shock for a moment because no woman have ever talked with me in this manner, I bend my head to see who she is , right at that moment she came forward  & stood infront of me. She looked very beautiful but had a very serious look on her face.
"You"? I asked.
"Debjani Thakur from ABC News", she replied.
"So, now can we get our answer"? She asked sternly.
"No, because right now I am not in a mood to give any answer", I said in equally stern way, how dare she talk with me in that way, I was burning with anger & said, "Conference is over, you all can leave".
Straight I went towards my car from the conference room,  I was walking absentmindedly & got clashed with a girl , the girl was none other than that journalist Debjani, "Get out from my way", I said sternly.
"Offcourse, after all you have to run away from here, right? You don't even have the guts to give answer to a simple question", she said .
"Stop interfering in my life, you media people don't have any work other than poking your noise in other's personal matters, I am not liable to answer to your questions, understand?" I replied.
"You have broken rules & now you are saying that you are not liable to answer anyone!" she said.
"Yes, I am not, what you will do? Let me guess, you will go & say everyone that Superstar RK said that he is not going to give answers to anyone for his actions, blah blah. I don't care, do what you want, just get lost ", I said moving  inside my car & got away from there.


He is soo arrogant, how can he behave like this with a girl? He doesn't have the simple manners. I turned to walk away from the parking zone & saw a red colour dairy on the ground , I picked it up & turned the cover, it was written "RK's" on the first page . It must have fell from his jacket when we clashed, I put it inside my bag & went towards my home.

(RK's POV)
Plot - RK Mansion

I put my hand inside my pocket to take my dairy out but I found it empty! It was no where, I started searching for it vigoriously but there was no trace of it anywhere, then suddenly I remembered that I had a clash with that Debjani & my dairy might have fallen that time.
"Oh Shit! This is not possible, if my dairy is with her then tomorrow I have to see all my secrets getting telecasted on national television. She will definitely not leave this golden opportunity, by this at the same time  she will get her promotion & could humiliate me. After all these media people makes their profit by selling other's secrets", I said to myself.
I opened a bottle of wine & started drinking.

Plot- Thakur Nivas

As soon as I entered my house , Chandi & Ishu jumped on me & said, "Dabbu Dabbu Dabbu, we heard that today you met RK the Superstar at a conference! Plz tell us in details what happened? We are soo excited to know it".
"There is nothing to be soo excited, he is no god, he is also a simple human being like us, infact I will say a rude & arrogant human being", I replied.
"Why Dabbu? What happened?", asked Chandi.
"You know he only called us for a conference & when we went over there he denied to give answers of our questions!" I said.
"This is really rude yaar", said Chandi.
I started taking out all my belongings' from my bag & also took out Rk's dairy .
"What's is it? Whose dairy"? asked Ishu.
"Its RK's dairy, by mistake he left it", I replied.
"Wow RK's dairy! Lets read it", said Ishu.
"No, we shouldn't read anyone's personal dairy, its wrong", I replied firmly.
"Dabbu is absolutely correct, its wrong", said Chandi.
"Okay, that means you will not show this in your channel tomorrow? I thought you will show it, just imagine Dabbu through this you can easily get your long pending promotion, what say ?"asked Ishu.
"Ishu, I want my promotion through my own merit & not by selling other's secrets, I wouldn't do such a cheap act. Tomorrow after my work get over, I will go to his house & return it to him", I replied.
"And that's why we love you soo much, proud of you Dabbu",said my sisters together.
"Me too love you guys", I replied hugging them. After that I went to my bed & slept.

I heard someone calling my name & woke up, I followed the voice & went out of my house, it was RK. "What are you doing over here?" I asked .
"I have come to meet you Debjani", he replied.
"Why"? I asked.
"Debjani, today I have talked very rudely with you, I am very sorry for that, plz forgive me", he said.
"Okay", I said & we both kept looking at each other for sometime, I couldn't take my eyes from his beautiful eyes , slowly we came close  & he softly kissed my lips. Right at that moment I heard Ishu's voice saying, "Dabbu wake up ,its 9:00 A.M, you are already late". I saw RK's face turning into Ishu's face infront of me & waked up, "Oh! It was a dream", I said to myself & at the same time I felt a little sad that its only a dream.
 "What dream? Tell me, tell me," said Ishu.
"Nothing, you go now, I have to get ready, I am already late", I said & she left the room.

Plot - RK Mansion

Its evening now, the whole day I am watching ABC news channel to see when they telecast my secrets on national television  but still now I haven't seen anything. Bittuji entered my room & said, "Chief, a lady have come to meet you, she is waiting downstairs".
"Okay", I said & went downstairs. I was shocked to find out that the lady was none other than Debjani.
"Your dairy", she said with my dairy in her hand.
I lost all my words & after getting over from my initial shock, I said, "You have come here to return it? I thought", I didn't complete my sentence .
"You thought that I will telecast it on my channel, right? I am not soo cheap that for my own benefit I will play with someone's feeling", she replied & turned to go out from my house.
"Debjani, Thankyou. This dairy means a lot to me & I couldn't really see it getting public, thanks again", I said.
"You welcome & I would have done the same thing I someone else would have been in your place", she replied & went out of my house.
"What an attitude! I like it", I said to myself.
I went back to my room where my television was switched on & on it ABC channel was held. I went near to switch it off but at that moment a new program started in that channel & its reporter was none other than Debjani.
I couldn't switched it off & stood  still looking at her, she was giving different kinds of news & to my surprise I was enjoying it. At that moment Bittuji entered my room & said in surprise, "Chief you are watching news channel! You never watch news, is everything all right chief"?
"You don't have to think soo much Bittuji, Your chief is absolutely fine", I said smilingly.
"Chief you are smiling? Now I am sure that something is definitely wrong", he replied.
 "Uff , Bittuji! You go now, let me enjoy this news", I said.
"Okay Chief", he said & left my room in a perplexed state.
I watched the whole one hour program of Debjani , all the time my eyes fixed on the beautiful reporter.

Plot - A Market Place where riots is taking place
"We have to cover the entire riot, just start taking footage of all these , don't miss anything, only our channel is going to have its exclusive footage because there is no other reporter from any other channel over here", I said to the cameraman of our channel.
"I think we should go now, its risky over here, no other media people is over here except we two", said the cameraman.
"I am not leaving without taking its full footage", I said with determination.
Suddenly a man came infront of us & broke our camera & after that started beating our cameraman. "Stop it, we are from media," I shouted but he paid no attention to my words

(RK's POV)
Plot - RK Mansion

Today also I have opened ABC news channel right at the time when Debjani's program will be telecasted, to my surprise I found Debjani giving reports from a place where riots have taken place! After sometime the screen went blank & got ceased with fear, "Is she alright"? I said to myself & without wasting any moment I took my car & went in the direction where riots have taken place, I don't know why but I felt soo much worried for her. A feeling that I haven't felt ever before. All the time I kept praying for her safety. On reaching that place I found chaos everywhere, people were fighting, & destroying whatever they get infront of them, after searching for sometime I found Debjani but she was surrounded by some goons who were trying to get close to her! I got furious, went infront of them & started beating them. After getting nice beatings from me they all dispersed, I turned towards Debjani & said, "What the hell you are doing over here?"
"Its my job, I had come here to take the footage of this riot.
I pinned her on the wall & said, "Debjani, this stupid footage is not more important than your life".
We kept looking at each other & after a moment she said, "Why you came, the situation over here is out of control, you shouldn't have come".
"I came for you", I replied.
"For me"? She asked surprisingly.
"Yes, I saw on TV that you were over here & that's why I came . Are you alright"? I asked.
"Yes", she said .
"Have you come over here alone?", I asked.
"No our channel's cameraman was there with me but he ran away after a man started beating him", she replied.
"Wow! That's great! What a brave man he is,  he left you over here in danger & ran!" I said with disgust.
"Its not his fault, he didn't wanted to come over here, I only pressurized him to come here & take the footage of the riots", she replied.
"Okay, leave that, now first we have to get out of this place", I said & she nodded.
She we started moving I noticed that she was having difficulty in walking, "What happened? You alright?", I asked.
"Yes, its nothing just a small cut in my feet", she replied.
"Let me help", I said taking her in my lap, she initially protested but I ignored her little protest.
I took her near my car & put her inside it. After getting inside the car, I started driving it & soon we came out from that place where riot was going on.
"Where is your house", I asked.
"left from here", she replied & we went in the direction pointed by her, after sometime she asked me to stop infront of a house where 'Thakur Nivas' was written on its name plate.
"This is my house, thanks a lot for saving me & for the lift", she said with a smile.
"You welcome", I replied. Right at that moment two girls come out of that house & said "Dabbu, we were soo worried for you. We called you soo many times but your phone was out of reach & there were no information about you from your office also, are you alright"?
"Yes, I am fine, all thanks to RK, who have saved me tonight from those goons", she said getting out from the car.
"RK"? said those girls together in a surprising tone & bend to see who is inside the car.
The smaller one started shouting in excitement as soon as she saw me & said ,"Omg! RK! I am a big fan of yours".
I came out of the car & went near them.
"These are my sisters, Chandi & Ishu", said Debjani pointing the two girls.
"Hi", I said to them , Chandi smiled back & said "Hi", but Ishu wanted an autograph, however no one had a paper at that moment so I gave an autograph on her hand & she seemed very happy with it.
I said bye & went inside my car, from the rear window of my car I saw Debjani's sisters were asking her to go inside the house with them but she said no & waited over there till my car went out of her sight.
I went home & said Bittuji to held a media conference tomorrow & especially invite ABC News channel.

Plot - Media Conference

This time I reached the conference on time & my eyes were searching for Debjani. I found her sitting on the front seat. "Yes, now you all can ask your questions & I promise that this time I will give their proper answer", I said.
A girl stood up & said, "Sir, do you love anyone". I smirked as this was the question I was expecting the most & said
"Yes I love a girl but I don't know wether she love me or not".
"Who? who is that lucky girl?", was the next question from 3-4 journalist at the same time .
"She is right here among us", I said & I saw tears in Debjani's eyes, she was totally quite today, not asking any questions. I went near her , sit on my knees & said, "Debjani, today is 14th February, that is Valentine day , will you be my Valentine?"
For a moment she stood like a statue & then finally said, "Yes, I will be " & with this she also came on her knees & hugged me.
 "I love you Dabbu", I said & she smiled & said "Love you too RK, my Superstar".

                      --THE END--

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Its js js    ...
Leak se hat kr

But amazing

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My_VivJaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 1:26am | IP Logged
great OS dear!! loved it...
-ChitraRocking- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 1:41am | IP Logged
awesome os loved it thanks for pm dear

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I luved dis os yr.
piaviviandsena IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 2:02am | IP Logged
U r an amazing writer momo.
piaviviandsena IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 2:06am | IP Logged
Thax fr pm.
rima4ever IF-Achieverz

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superb os 

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