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TaaRey FF: That's Not Me | Ep 2 PG 3 | *STOPPED*

KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys!!!! I'm back with a new story. It is based of a Tdrama. It is one of my favorite drama of all time and I would share it with you guys with TaaRey as the lead. It is an amazing story. Give it time. You will also fall in love with it; I guarantee that.Approve

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KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 2:25pm | IP Logged

Character Sketch
Episode 1
Visual Promo
Episode 2A

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KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Reyansh Singhania is a prodigy in Asia's advertising field. Rich, famous, and highly successful, he suddenly announces during a press conference that he will be taking a three-month break from the advertising life. With a simple disguise, he transforms himself into "Ansh." Enter Taani Shekawat, a young woman who promised her late brother to protect his advertisement agency and his legacy. Unfortunately, business never picks up and Taani had to battle with Reyansh to stop her company from being sold. When Ansh enters her office doors, Taani initially thinks that he's Reyansh, but the two men's personalities are complete opposites. Taani finds herself drawn to Ansh's warm temperament, but will their love last once she discovers the truth of his identity?

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KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Reyansh Singhania 
Reyansh has been named the 21st century prodigy of the marketing industry. He has a creative mind that is able to come up with award winning creations and marketing ideas. One day he realizes that he has lost his sense of creativity and decides to take 3 month vacation from work in order to find his inspiration again. He disguises himself as Ansh and enters the OZ company to become an employee.

Ansh is Reyansh Singhania's alter ego. He enters the OZ company as Ansh and forms a close bond with his coworkers particularly his boss, Taani Shekawat.

Taani Shekawat 
Taani tries to stay afloat by managing her late brother's advertising company OZ. Despite her hard work, she finds it difficult to run the company as she continues to lose customers to the point that she can barely pay her workers/friends. She is a hard worker who is always optimistic. One day, during heavy traffic, she meets Reyansh who later arrives at her house offering to buy OZ. Due to this offer, she automatically assumes that Reyansh is a cold hearted man with evil intentions; thus, having a bad first impression of him. She has no idea that Ansh is Reyansh Singhania in disguise when he comes to work for her company.

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KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 2:30pm | IP Logged

Taipei, Taiwan...

The scene opens to a mysterious man standing at the top of a hill overlooking the city. He pulls out a baseball and stares at it for a moment - it's got a OZ logo on it. He lightly brush his thumb over the symbol, OZ. He holds the ball high up as if about to pitch but then pulls his hand.

He is probably in his late twenties. He has a hard face with high cheek-hone and strong jaw line. No doubt, he is very good-looking. Most prominent feature of his are his beautiful speaking hazel eyes. He is wearing a white shirt and black pants with dark blue and white check vest over the shirt and a sky blue jacket. His hair is light brown color with streaks of gold while his bangs are gelled back.

Just then his phone buzzes. He brings Amazon Fire Phone out of his pocket. He looks down on his screen. It says 36 missed calls and & 7 unread messages. Apparently he's been avoiding a number of people from the huge number of unread text messages and missed calls.While making a face, he dials a number and puts the phone by his ear. "Reyansh Singhania. Everyone has been here waiting for you for over an hour," a male voice says from the other side. His eyebrow rise as he listens. "EXACTLY, WHERE ARE YOU?" the other person yelled making Reyansh pull the phone away from his ear. He pulls the phone down. 

Without answering, he hangs up. Next he puts his phone in jacket's inside pocket. As tucks his left hand in his pants pocket, he looks at the ball in his hand. His face expression of pure displeasure. Then abruptly he flings the wall in the air and catches it swiftly with a look that says "his-decision-is-made".

On the road...

Reyansh has started driving down into the city from the hilltop, but unfortunately for him he's an hour late for a meeting and stuck in mile long traffic. It seems like he detests his office, as he opens up the sun roof and leans his face towards the sunlight. Reyansh takes a cell phone call at one point during the jam and refuses to drive forward, prompting the yellow pickup behind him to try and cut around. 

He doesn't see her abruptly stop though, and ends up lightly rear-ending her. Because of the hit, the loosely tied bottles of powder fly off the back of the truck. Whaddaya know, one goes flying straight through the sun roof and straight on Reyansh's face. Making his covered in light pink colored powder. He looked pretty adorable.

He opens his eyes which had closed in fear and prevention of getting the powder in his eyes. He brush the layer of powder from his eyes irritatingly. He cleans his lips and after quickly unbuckling his himself he got out. He brushes the powder from his jacket and hair as he stands. Looking highly pissed, he leans in through window and picks the bottle of pink powder from the passenger seat and walks towards the yellow car looking like a pink ghost.

He knocks on the roof of the yellow truck as he stands by the driver door. He demands her, "Get out of the car". The girl looks at him and burst out laughing. He moved his gaze at her which was previously looking down on the ground. He doesn't look happy.  Highly annoyed, he himself put his hand through the open window and unlocked her door and opened it for her. "Get out of the car," he tells her again. She looks at him. After stifling another set of laughter, she unbuckle herself and got out. Not being able to control, she burst out again. 

She was a beautiful girl and all natural as she was barely had any make-up. She was wearing a simple blue-red check shirt with denims. She had left her shirt open and was wearing a white tee inside. She had long brown hair which was simply tied back in a hair tie. She had long bangs across her face. Controlling his anger as she continues to laugh, he asks pointing to the things in her trunk, "Why didn't you tie your things properly?" "Now I have powder all over me," he complains.

Still laughing, she apologized with a light slap on his chest, "I'm sorry." Reyansh asks with a sarcastic smile, "Very funny, right?" First she nods but then biting her lips she shakes her head quickly looking very adorable. Reyansh takes a deep breath to calm himself and tells her arrogantly, "Let me tell you something. My suit costs over NTD(Taiwan Dollars) $100,000. You're responsible," he points at her. She really tries to purse her lips but gives up not being able to handle. She lightly slaps him on his chest again and asks laughing, "Why are you so angry?" He looks down where her hand touched him. 

"You look so cute now!" she compliments him. She moves her hands lightly across his shoulders brushing the powder down. Reyansh gives her a big fake smile, "Really cute, right?" she nods and shakes her at the same time while laughing, "Ok, Ok." He says nodding. He moves his hand holding the pink powder over her head, "I want you to look cute too." he tell her and he empties the bottle on her.

Her face instantly falls as she didn't realize first what he was going to do. Reyansh smiles at her and says, "Now you look very cute." With that, he walks towards his car. The girl angrily shakes her hair. "You... You!!" but he was already gone. Annoyed, she shakes her head.

You Ma Hot Springs Motel...

The girls drives over to a motel near by. She looks down the window it says, "You Ma hot Springs Motel"(Love Motel) as she was thinking if she should go in or not somebody honked behind her. 

Reyansh, who also came to this hotel, was behind her. "Hey! I need to do something important! I'm in a hurry!" he yells at her as she turns around to see him.

"I also have something important to do. Why are you being so fierce?" she asks leaning outside her window. Making his hand into a fist to control himself, he honks again.

Hallway to the Room...

"Why didn't you go and find another motel? This place only has one room left," she asks him as they both walk down the hallway. "Don't worry. It's very normal for a good looking guy and girl to come to this kind of place." he tells her arrogantly. He suddenly stops and turns towards her and says quietly, "I won't argue with you." and walks away. The girl huffs behind him. "I won't argue with you either!" she yells back.

Inside the Room...

Reyansh opens the door and walks in with the girl following behind him. He mouth hangs open with what he saw ahead. Taani follows his gaze and gives the same reaction. The shower in front of them has a glass door but no curtains. They both look at each other awkwardly. Just then the girl says, "I have a way." Saying that she runs out of the room. Reyansh turns his attention back to the shower. 

She comes back with a black vinyl sheet. Tao Le Si hangs up a black vinyl sheet across the glass doors of the shower with tape so that the two can have privacy. Reyansh comes from behinds her as she jumps off the stool.  "That's pretty good," he tells her and sneaks inside to shower first. Though he peeks out and tells her thanks. The girl stands there speechless. As Reyansh showers, the girl sits on the bed using her phone. 

"I'll tell you about it later. I had such bad luck today," the girl says on the phone. "Just give me another 20, 30 minutes. I'll be there as soon as I can." she continues. As the girl continues to talk, the tape lost it stickiness because of the steam and the sheet... fell down. After the girl finally hangs up, she looks ahead and screams. Reyansh, his eyes squinted looked towards her. After a second of realization, he even screams. "Help!" the girl screams looking at him. "I should be the one screaming for her help!" Reyansh yells at her. "Turn around!" he yells at her again. The girl turns around. Her eyes popping out in shock. Reyansh quickly got change as the girl tried to put back the sheet.

"You don't need to stick it back. I'm leaving." Reyansh says as he comes out from behind the half up vinyl sheet wearing a white shirt and black pants with navy blue jacket which has brown check pattern. "I said I had an important meeting," he tells her as he is checks something on his phone. "I'm late. It's my bad luck for meeting you," he tells her. She huffs. He moves to the bed to collect his clothes. As he bends over to pick his clothes, the girl lightly hits him on his shoulder "I'm the one who has bad luck." she tells him. His expression changes. "Really?' he asks her sarcastically as he turns.

"Who got colored powder all over him? Who was being completely exposed?" he asked with an eyebrow raised as he looked at her. She looks away. "Sorry. It wasn't intentional," she tells him. Reyansh laughs, "Really? You really think.. saying sorry will help?" he asks looking intensely at her. She looks at him, unsure. She looks away and starts saying, "Then I'll let you have a look as well," as she starts to remove her shirt of her shoulder. She was wearing a tee under. Reyansh immediately grabs her shirt's collar and pulls it back. "I don't want to take advantage of you." he tells her offhandedly. With last pat on her shoulder, he picks up his clothes and walks to the door. 

"Wait a second," the girls calls out. He stops and turns, "What is it now?" She looks pointing at him, "You look like that... one who made many commercials and received many awards, Reyansh Singhania!" she yells pointing a finger at him. Reyansh keeps his thoughts concealed. He just gives her a fake smile and walks out. "You're Reyansh Singhania, right?" she calls out behind him but he just walks away.

On the Conference...

Reyansh shows up at a conference hall, where his political sponsor has been waiting for an hour. Before he heads in however, Reyansh asks his associates and aides what exactly advertising is. They're at a loss for words, and this seems to decide something for him. During the conference, Reyansh announces that he'll be taking a sudden 3-month break to regain his inspiration and creativity, and literally bolts from the conference hall as his aides try and chase him down.



Reyansh's transformation to Ansh

Ansh meets Taani

Reyansh wants to help OZ[Taani's Company]


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I will Update Soon!

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KrazyRedMary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Hola! Want a awesome visual teaser of what is going to happen next?Big smileWink Here you go this is a mv of this show which is a vm of indian shows. I request people to not look up this kdrama or its story. Plz check this out. Im bet your curiosity will touch the nth level after this.LOL I know I'm mean right? Aren't I? LOL Anyways check this out and don't forget to tell me what you think is going to happen in the future. 
So I will only say this for this video. There is one guy who is with bangs down and bangs jelled up and with glasses and without glasses. Im sure you can guess the context as you all are smart people. Big smile

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Chap. 2 will be updated very soon.

Working on it right now!

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Shubh007 IF-Rockerz

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Welcome Back...Smile
Update fresh parts soon...Big smile

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crazysidyali Newbie

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awesome story
update next part soon

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