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Posted: 29 June 2005 at 8:58am | IP Logged
A cameo of a different kind on 'Sarabhai... '

Mr. Sunil Dave, winner of the contest will walk into the Sarabhai household in two

Sunil Dave with the Sarabhais: Make me a part of the family too
weeks time, ready with a solution for their troubles! No, he is no celebrity, and yes, he is going to make a very special appearance on the Star One show.

A resident of Ahmedabad, Sunil is the proud winner of the Saradin Sarabhai contest that was conducted during the Sarabhai Marathon on 8 May, 2005. As the prize, Mr. Dave gets a chance to make a cameo on the show. He will get a chance to be a part of the quintessential Sarabhai family. He will be part of one scene only and perhaps rightly so, with no experience in facing the camera, Sunil admits that it is not quite his 'cup of coffee'.

Sunil had to answer a very simple question to win the contest -- What does Rosesh call his mother?

If you watch the show, this one should be easy!

Sunil, who is a stock broker by profession, sees this as an opportunity to break away from the monotony of his mundane life. "For me this is like an adventure of sorts. I was really stunned when they called me, and initially I was rendered speechless," says Sunil, who lives with his mother and watches Sarabhai...because he thinks it is different and has 'class'.

When we ask Aatish Kapadia what made him choose Sunil as the winner, he says - "He has got the face...you know not funny, but he has something that stands out!"

Sunil, who didn't know what role he was going to play in the show, till the time we met him, seemed very relaxed and ready to give acting a go. This is another first on Indian television...a commoner doing a cameo in a popular show. Incidentally, Mallika Sherawat was the last big screen siren to do a cameo on the show.

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Posted: 29 June 2005 at 9:02am | IP Logged

STAR, SET, Zoom & NDTV score at Promax & BDA Gold Awards

If you had any doubts over Indian creativity in television marketing, think again. 
This year, Indian TV channels have squarely beaten their international counterparts at the Promax & BDA Gold Awards.

Among the Indian channels, STAR India tops the list with 34 awards. STAR Network has won as many as 12 golds, 12 silvers and 10 bronzes for its channels – STAR Plus, STAR Gold, STAR Utsav, STAR One, and CHannel [v].

STAR India has won these awards for different categories such as funniest promotion, directing, editing, branding, copywriting, public service announcement, etc. For instance, in the interstitial/promotainment movies category, STAR India has won an gold for the promos on 'Black'. Similarly, in the category – Use of original music composition – it has won a silver for STAR One's show 'Family Business'.

Sony Entertainment Television comes in next with 11 awards. The network has won three bronzes for its flagship channel Sony, and three golds and five silvers for its cricket and movie channel, Max. The 'Indian Idol' programme campaign got Sony a bronze in the topical publication advertising - color category.

Even new entrant Zoom has opened its account at the awards with two golds and one silver. The channel won a gold in the print campaign category for its pre-launch teaser campaign, and another one for the channel ID promos. The channel has also won a silver in the public service announcement category for its AIDS PSM category.

Aparnaa Pande, head programming, Zoom says, "Zoom is a glamour and lifestyle channel. But in our teaser and the ID campaign, our challenge was to project it as an Indian channel with international looks. I feel the successful implementation of the brief got us the awards."

Meanwhile, NDTV has also won two golds and one silver. In the news programme promotions category, NDTV has won a gold for Fire Trap. Another promo – Our Anchors – helped the channel win a gold in the special awards category.

Among the other Indian channels, TV Today and B4U have won one award each. 'Independence Rock', a promo in the special event promo category, has won B4U a silver, while Aaj Tak has won a silver for its print ad Indo-Pak Huddle.

For the record, the Promax & BDA event is recognised around the globe as the ultimate accolade for promotion and marketing professionals and outstanding design contributions in today's broadcast media industries and electronic media.

Both the Promax and BDA Awards are presented to companies and individuals whose work is judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: Overall creativity, production quality, and results in achieving marketing objectives.

Promax & BDA is a global, non-profit association dedicated to advancing the role and effectiveness of promotion, marketing and broadcast design professionals in the electronic media and raising the profile and quality of work produced by the industry. 2005 agencyfaqs!


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Posted: 30 June 2005 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
"Vamps make the best comic actors!"

As I enter his office, I think about all the things that I needed to ask this man, who had

Aatish Kapadia: a genius at work!
proved to be elusive for quite some time. I realise that there is just one question that was of importance --- How he did what he does, every day, every week, without fail? After all, it is not easy to make people laugh, specially, tired, haggard journos, who now can't stop raving about his shows.

Aatish Kapadia loves to scribble, and as I glance at the notepad in front of him, I realise that sometime later in the day, these silly nothings are going to make way for another episode of Sarabhai...or Instant Khichadi. As I speak to him, I understand his genre of comedy that believes in pure entertainment, without diluting it with crass attempts at being funny! These are a few things that make this man of words, the king of one-liners!

Where do your lines come from?
From life. I keep looking at life, and give it my perspective. I tend to look at life's situations in a lighter vein...You know, I believe that everything that happens in our lives has an element of happiness. I see that!

It's a great achievement to constantly churn out episodes that are better than the earlier one...you seem to have a magic wand of sorts...does this come naturally to you,or you really prepare?
Trust me. It is very difficult to go on doing this kind of work. Comedy is the hardest to generate day in and day out. That is why I work on comedies only with my own production house (Hats Off Productions). You know you can't work for peanuts when you are doing a comedy.

The Sarabhais" Aatish's family that wears a mask!

You are doing two shows that are so different from one another...is it difficult to work on them simultaneously?
See, that is the perception. Instant Khichadi and Sarabhai...are very similar. You see, Hansa (Supriya Pathak) is very much like Monisha (Rupali Ganguly); Rajeshri (Vandana Pathak) is like Maya. They are different as I have made the Sarabhai...team wear masks. They are sophisticated, but underneath they are just like the Parekhs. Maya and her family are a bunch of hypocrites, but the Parekhs are politically incorrect. You know the difference is an optical illusion --- people watch what they like.

But do you think they cater to different markets...
Again, I don't agree with this. The Parekhs have this habit of reacting extraordinarily...you know, something you don't expect. A viewer thinks, "Well, I am not like this"...so the comedy! As human beings we tend to laugh at others. My shows have viewers who cut across all classes...but there are people who are fiercely loyal to one particular show and don't like the other one. But the people who like both are considerable in number!

How did you finalise on Rajesh and Rupali...they have never done comedy before...

Rupali and Rajesh: Discovered in a new avatar!

Rupali played a vamp in one of the shows that I had seen and personally I find vamps hilarious.To do what they do with such conviction is laudable! I believe that to do something that is so overboard with so much belief is the sign of a good actor. Somehow, I feel that all negative characters on screen can make great comic actors. Rupali just fitted in. Frankly, Rajesh was JD's (JD Majethia , his partner and is the guy who plays Himanshu in Instant Khichadi) choice. We wanted a guy with a fresh face but a macho look. We gave Rajesh a month to practise the drawl, sent him to South Bombay and had him observe the nuances of the people there. Now that drawl is so much a part of Rosesh that he would seem abnormal without it!

Your style of comedy seems to stand out from the other comedies on air...
That is the problem with television. That chalta hai attitude. That is the reason why I waited for so long to do comedies and I have decided that I will do this only with my own banner. Moreover, my kind of comedy doesn't come at somebody's expense. I just hate that style. I am not in the business of sending out social messages, instead I write about social madness, my humour will not be borrowed from outside. Lines like, "yeh doodh to Karishma Kapoor ke kamar se bhi patli hai," positively turns me off! I like people having the ability to laugh at themselves and to do that is comedy...something that is original.

Tell me, how many hours a day do you write...

On the sets of 'Instant Khichadi': His first baby!

36 hours! No seriously, when I get an idea it just flows, but when I am stuck...bas that's it then! But I am blessed that JD and a girl called Sonal Ganatra do a lot of groundwork for me. Sonal is a find...I am training her to write dialogues and she is very good!

Any other shows in the pipeline...
We are doing a daily soap for Star Plus. It might sound clichd, but it is different. It is believable, the people are not millionaires and they don't wear suits in summer. There will not be continuous extra-marital affairs, it is about people not relations....it's going to be aired in August or September...and I can't tell you anything more!

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 9:10am | IP Logged

Remix rave

Saloni Sharma caught up with Tia, Ranvir, Anwesha and Yuvraj of hit serial Remix. Excerpts~

They are hip, they are cool, they are happening — they are Remix! The popular new serial on Star One has already garnered a huge fan following with its unique storyline and endearing characters.

How did you get this role ?
Shweta (Tia ): I was already doing another show called Lipstick by the same production house Rose, so I guess they always had me in mind. I had to audition anyway and the funny bit is that I actually auditioned for Anwesha' s role!
Karan (Ranvir): I was In Delhi busy in college with my BBA studies. However, I went in for the auditions that took place in Delhi and luckily I was selected!

How was life for you before Remix ?
Priya (Anwesha): Before, I was into sports and then I got into modelling. I have worked with quite a few fashion designers and that time I used to look completely different from my current red head image! I had curly shoulder length hair which was black!
Raj (Yuvraj ): I am a law graduate and after completing my education I got into showbiz. I had auditioned for the MTV VJ Hunt and have also done a couple of music videos like Kabhi aar kabhi paar.
Karan (Ranvir) : I was playing cricket and had hopes of becoming like Sachin Tendulkar someday. I was also into football and ironically enough I really hadn't done anything much in the glamour world before Remix happened .
Shweta (Tia ): I have been doing serials for sometime. I have acted in Lipstick and Pardey Ke Peechey. Before this, I was working with a company called Aptech as their marketing head.

What are the similarities and differences between you and the character you play?
Karan: There are a lot of common factors! I'm as naughty and mischievous as Ranvir. I'm quite an intense person and also get angry very fast like Ranvir!
Raj: Nothing much in common other than my love for music. I'm also a DJ besides being an actor. I'm definitely not as rude as Yuvi and not that scared of my father also!
Shweta : I guess playing the role of Tia day and night I have become beauty and fashion conscious like her! But yes, I'm not a tantrum queen like her nor am I so spoilt!
Priya: I can be a bit wacky like her at times. I'm not so over the top and rebellious like Anwesha. However, I' m as friendly as her.

Why do you think Remix has become so popular ?
Raj and Priya: Remix has worked because it is catchy, unique, with a fresh concept and people can relate to the characters and situation easily. It's new and so much fun!

Do you think Remix can overtake the Saas-Bahu serials?
Sweta: Like the Maurya High motto goes "We Can And We Will!"
Karan: I don't think you can compare Remix with the Saas-Bahu serials, after all we belong to completely different genres. They have been there for almost five years while we are just six months old. We both have our own audiences.

What is your message to readers of The Statesman Voices?
Raj: Be comfortable in your own skin and have faith in your abilities. Be a trendsetter and make your own rules.
Shweta: Whenever there's a problem, talk about it. Communication is the best possible way to bridge the gaps between people especially with your parents.
The writer is a Coordinator,
La Martiniere for Girls

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Malice and laughter...on the same platter!

There is a little malice in all of us...that doesn't necessarily make us bad! But on television, malice seems takes altogether a different form!

Rupali Ganguly - super bitch and super bimbettee par excellence

Twitching eyebrows, lipsticks in colours all shades of the rainbow, words that make you squirm in your seats and sarees that glitter even in the dark, television's naughty ladies have a way to make their presence felt, and why not? They drive TRPs and make the so called sati savitris look even saintlier.

But there is another side to this story. The ladies, responsible thus far for mkaing our favourite bahus cry, now have taken on the task of keeping us in splits! This is not easy --- to hop, skip and jump from one set to the other, from one emotion to the other and, above all, to change from being mean and manipulative to being chirpy and loudmouth...quite a challenge, we say!

But many actresses have done this with lan. Watch Rupali Ganguly in Star One's Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and you will forget that this mumbling dimwit was Sanjivani's conniving Simran. Where Monisha is anything but classy, Simran stands out because she oozes venom, but with a certain degree of class. One twitches her eyebrows while planning something deadly, the other raises her eyebrows even if she has to pay 50 paise more --- quite a role reversal.

Shweta Kawatra - opted out of 'negative' skin to perfect her sense of comic timing in theatre

"I was really shocked when I was offered this role in Sarabhai…I told them that you have got the wrong person. Here I was this super bitch in Sanjivani, and suddenly I had to play this sweet simple person with no problems in life except the rising prices," laughs Rupali.

Vamps they are, but they are a class apart. They manage to mouth dialogues that are so high on melodrama that it takes a brilliant artiste to pull it off! Imagine a Pallavi in Kahaani, spending her whole lifetime avenging a wrong done to her, being bad and mean all the time... "I had to convince myself to do the character, but only initially. While I was doing the show I was very happy. But you know, every individual evolves in real life, and I wish that characters on television would evolve as well!" says Shweta Kawatra, who quit the show some time back and is now doing a comedy play with Paritosh Painter, Uncle Samjha Karo.

"Doing a comedy is tough. You have to have a sense of comic timing, otherwise sab phus ho jata hai!" laughs Shweta, who seems excited about her play.

Remember the 'other woman' in Kanwaljeet's life in Star Plus' Saans? The strong willed, smart woman who makes Neena Gupta's life miserable? Kavita Kapoor for long was slotted as this 'independent woman-who-is-negative' mould. When Kittie Party too didn't do anything to break this, the lady did a complete volte face and took on Yess Boss and LOC. This lady has quite brilliantly transformed herself from a cool sophisticated woman to a village belle, who lands up in London in Star Plus' LOC.

Kavita Kapoor - from mean streak to comedy streak - diff'rent strokes!

The condition of television is such that meek, submissive women are considered to be sati savitri types while the independent and strong woman is the vamp. This is like stereotyping a character to be either good or bad. My character in LOC is over the top and loud, but it fits into the situation. It is good fun to do it. Moreover, I am a fun loving person and I identify with it," says Kavita.

Perhaps being loud and melodramatic seems to be the in thing as far as television is concerned. Be it a black, white or grey character, they all seem to be too loud and over the

Sheetal - timing is all!

top. Subtlety in comedy seldom gets appreciated, and perhaps that is why these actresses play such an important role in the success of these serials.

A Rajshree bua in Ye Meri Life Hai, might not take the plot forward, but Tanaaz's comic timing was the USP of Zaban Sabhal ke. It would have fallen apart, if not for her clever repartees and body language, along with the wonderful chemistry she shared with the other actors that made all the difference to the show. "Comedy comes naturally to me. I love to make people laugh. Doing the role in YMLH was a nice change as it made me get out of the rut," says Tanaaz.

This is not all, one thing that all these actresses have in common is the ability to emote comic sensibilities with ease. They do not have to prepare for their parts and that s the reason why their performances strike a chord with the audience.

"It all depends on the script," says Kavita, while Rupali says, "I go to the sets with a blank mind. My writer and director guide me and I do the needful." This is one thing that Poornima aka Sheetal of Ye Meri Life hai agrees with. "It's all about timing. We do lot of rehearsals and that really helps," says Sheetal, who essays a comic role in Star One's Dil Kya Chahta Hai.

Do actresses playing negative characters make better comic actresses? Do women who make no bones about their mean streak, have a whacky streak in them too?

Whatever the case, they are surely fine actresses...from the inane to the whacked out...they have explored both extremes!

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Design delight

Anil Merani
Posted online: Friday, July 01, 2005 at 0000 hours IST

As the fashion scene in the country is hotting up, thanks to fashion mags and events like Lakme Fashion Week, the costumes worn by our TV stars are also getting trendier. What's more, the sarees, kurtis and minis are setting trends. Screen caught with a few costumes designers to understand what goes behind the look....
Anil Merani
Since daily soaps and weeklies are ruling the tube we decided to meet the designers of the saas bahu sagas first. Obviously, we have to begin with Balaji serials, the costumes of which are designed by Ekta Kapoor's aunt (massi) Nim Sood. Massi as she is called by everyone takes great pains to make sure that the costumes worn by the actors suit his/her character. In K Street Pali Hill, all the three principal characters have distinct costumes which fit their persona. Arindam(Mukul Dev) being artistic, wears churidar kurta or short kurtis, Aditya (Rittu Raaj) being a hep professional man is given a sporty look(printed shirts) while Bikram (Vikram Kapadia) is always attired in business suits. Since Smriti (Jassi Kaur) was new to Balaji, massi had a session with her to understand her character and body language. Accordingly she initially made her wear plain salwar kameez and gradually shifted her (as she came close to family) to indo- western and more hep ethnic suits(embroidered churidars mirrored salwar and traditional jewelry). After marriage she was given saris. The saying that clothes maketh a man perfectly fits the character of Rishabh Bajaj(Ronit Roy) in Kasautii Zindagii Kay for his suits give him the strong personality that he portrays. He is never shown in casuals, even at night, he always wears a gown over his night suit. Massi believes, had she not given Ronit this style of dressing, he could not have delivered the performance, he is giving now. All the male negative characters of Ekta's soaps wear only black, while the vamps wear outlandish outfits (Komalika) as this gives weight to the character. However, Tassnim who plays Mohini convinced massi to give her a simpler look, for she wanted her character to look simple and goody good but be deadly from inside. Talking of family soaps one cannot ignore Rajshri Productions' first TV venture Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki on SaharaOne television. The costumes of this show are designed by Aparna Shah who has designed costumes for many films (Aitraaz and The Hero) and TV shows (Sansui Antakshari 2003 - 2004 Episodes.) Shah, in keeping with the Rajshri wedding sagas, has taken great pains in designing special outfits for the various wedding occasions in the serial, like the obedine colour costumes all the four sister wore for the 'Mital behena...' song, during the sangeet party. The common colour highlighted the love among the siblings.

As the main lead Rani(Reema Kapoor) marries into a middle-class family living in a chawl her saris (earlier she wore aqua salwars) depict her change of lifestyle. She wears contemporary saris (embroidered georgette, chiffon) even the jewellery( (kundan, semi precious stones and diamonds) given to her by her rich father matches her saris. Her husband is shown to wear plain shirts, pants and ties, after all he is a middle-class office-going man, hence he cannot be shown to be adorning suits. However care is taken in terms of colour combination of the shirts and ties so he looks good on screen.

Reena describes her dressing as very simple but sophisticated. Even though one of the Mittal daughters Shalani(sister of the lead) is shown to be a 'page 3' type of girl wearing hep outfits (sleeveless and strappy numbers) Aparna has never made her show any flesh as this goes against the ethos of Rajshri productions. More over, according to the designer, women in other serials are already showing enough flesh.

When questioned as to why all TV female characters are shown to wear saris after marriage which is not the case with urban women Shah said that saris look very pretty and graceful on television. She pointed out that even today, in cities like Mumbai, woman of some communities, still wear the eternal Indian outfit. Tanya Behl designs clothes for the hit youth-oriented serial Remix on STAR one. She visited several colleges to see what the youth wear and accordingly styled the clothes for four main leads. Shewta aka Tia's Barbie doll outfits are designed exclusively by Tanya. The bands the two guys sport have become a rage among kids.
As daily serials go on for long periods we asked the designers whether they repeat the costumes after some time, Massi said that since Ekta's budgets are so good, the designs are hardly repeated. Aparna on the other hand says that, as the serial will go on, she will make her character repeat their costumes, and it has nothing to do with budget constraints. "It's simply because it will not look real. Tell me which person will always wear new clothes?" she wonders. Apart from serials, even the host of chat shows, wear show stopping outfits. Take Pooja Bedi who's Just Pooja on Zoom television shows her wearing very western, very feminine and sexy dresses. Outfits for this show are designed by Falguni(Peacock) who has taken care that while Pooja's oomph is shown it's moderate enough that it does not take away attention from the guest. Pooja chooses her clothes according to the personality of the guest, so when she interviewed Tarun Tejpal she wore a black mini suit, extremely formal. Similarly when chatting with Mandira Bedi and Vinod Kambli, she wore very sporty minis. The viewers seem to like the costumes of their favourite stars and want to ape them. Many times when massi goes out people ask her, where did she get a particular outfit from. In the North, many 'K' serial dresses are sold with the title of the characters. Pooja Bedi says that young girls come up to her and say aunty we watch your show just to see your clothes. All designers believe that costumes play a major role in the success of a show.
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Posted: 03 July 2005 at 12:29am | IP Logged
"Hey! Yehi To Tha Woh "

Come August, Star One will bid adieu to its comedy turned thriller daily primetime show Hey... Yehii To Haii Woh.

Gaurav Chanana, who essayed both the roles of the smart Raj and the bumbling Sameer, remarks, "I enjoyed my roles and now when it is coming to an end, I am feeling bad about it. I have been working on it for quite some time. But now I think I need a break. So once the shooting gets over in another 15 days, I will take a small vacation. And then get back to work."

Gaurav: 'Hey yehi to tha woh'

Does that mean the actor will be out of work or will we be seeing him in another show soon? He retorts, "I am getting a couple of offers right now but I will finalise everything when I come back from my break."

So is he looking at films? "I am an actor and the medium doesn't make a difference!", he counters quickly.

How will the show end? Says the show's creative head Pralay, "The show will end very naturally as we have a definite story line. It started as a family entertainer, and then it turned into a thriller. So now we have the murder mystery getting solved and everyone walking into the sunset hand in hand." Producer Sunjoy Wadhwa says, "We were under a contract till September. Since there was not much that we could add, we thought of ending the show. Logically, it had to end because it is a finite series with a perfect end. We are culminating the show by the end of July."

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Posted: 04 July 2005 at 9:58am | IP Logged
'Remix' ing the qawwali!

Star One seems to be heavily inspired by its big bro, the big screen. And Main Hoon Na seems to be everyone's favourite.

The 'Remix': ready to rock and roll!

First, Rakshanda Khan did a take on Sushmita's role in the movie in Star One's Happy go Lucky and now in three weeks' time, a qawaali, quite like the one in the Farah Khan movie, will be seen in Remix.

As the qawaali is being shot in the Tantra lounge in suburban Mumbai, there is an atmosphere of gaiety all around as the floor is taken over by clapping and yelling teenagers.

"This is a teen show, but it is not merely that. There is an undercurrent of seriousness that I wish somebody would understand," says Shrishti Behl Arya, the producer of the show.

Mike in hand they look like rockstars!

The show seems to have taken up quite a few issues that are a part and parcel of modern day living --- a sense of alienation, a need for freedom, often the feeling of neglect and an overpowering need to belong.

These are all sentiments that have been part of our lives at one time or the other, the more the show grows in stature, more the undercurrents become evident.

Karan and Shweta: great going!

The band that the four lead characters have formed, Remix, seems to symbolize this sense of rebellion that is so much a part of growing up!

"Naa koi tension lena...," seems to be a track that has taken the teenagers by storm. This song and perhaps the others as well has taken on a cult status in the country...not to forget the lingo!
"It is the coolest show on air. We eat, sleep and breathe Remix. As far as I am concerned, I never plan my future and I am happy doing Remix....its fun!" says Priya Wal, who plays Anvesha.

The qawwali is being shot in red with cool caps and heavy accessories. The set is lit up brightly, and the foursome practice their steps as the choreographer gives them instructions.The cast seems to share an excellent chemistry on screen that transforms on screen as well.

Let's get to know this foursome better...

Priya was the last to be roped in for the show.When she saw how the show was turning out she supposedly said, "I won't do it!" But Shrishti believes that Priya plays herself in the show. Priya lives with two of her friends who are also part of the show. Priya, once cooked on the roadside when her gas ran out.

His character is the truest to life. He is a rebel without a cause. He is angry with everyone around him. He reveals that he is now enjoying the romantic track that is now on air. "It's sweet," he says. For those who don't know whats happening on the show, just tune in and you will find that the guy has lost his memory!
She is the 'lady' of the group.She exclaims in horror when Shrishti suggests that she wear jeans reather than her trademark dresses. "I am happy with what I am wearing!" she says. She was teh first to be taken on board and the oroducer admits that she has a neice who talks like Tia.
He is the kid of the show, but that does not prevent him from being very concerned about his looks.He seemed obsessesd to get his hair right throughout the shoot! So much so that the choreographer had to remind hima that they were only rehearsing. Karan scores heavily on his looks and it seems that the guy will go far, if he keeps up the good work!

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