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aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 June 2005 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Nigaar Khan to do a cameo

Nigaar Khan after doing a negative in Zee's Lipstic, ( where she was the central character) is all set to check in at Star One's premier hotel, Hotel Kingston, on 23 June.

Nigaar Khan

She is all ready to make a mark in tellydom with more positive roles. Nigaar seems quite excited about this role. "In the show i get ready to get married but we are not interested in getting married the traditional way. It is going to be a different kind of a role for me, " says this dusky beauty.

"I play a Gujarati girl, and this is the first time I am playing this role. I am very excited to play this character. The best part is there are no dialogues, my actions would speak louder than my words," adds Nigaar.

Nigaar Khan is all charged up to take on the small screen again!

Busy with her plays, the lady is all set to steal hearts by sporting a brand new look! No, we won't tell you any details...just check her out on the show.



annwesha Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2005 at 11:22am | IP Logged
thanx 4 the article
aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 February 2005
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Posted: 23 June 2005 at 8:19am | IP Logged
All ha-ha hee-hee
Television isn't about sob stories anymore and no wonder everyone's tuning in.
Jagmeeta Thind Joy
THE conniving sister-in-law, the extremely cranky saasu ma and the forever depressed and crying bahu and beti....prime time television is quite a sobby, er, sorry affair don't you think? ''Of course, it is. I refuse to let my children watch any of the Balaji serials. There are not meant for a young audience. If brothers are not gunning for each other, they are having extra-marital affairs,'' rues 32-year-old mother of two Beenu Prakash, a homemaker from Sector 19 who has been playing the censor board at home. But perhaps she's not tuned in lately. For come Friday nights and there's reason to cheer as Sudhanshu Verma, a city-based businessman tells us, ''I like Sony's Batliwala House No 43 a lot. It's a whole lot of fun and good family viewing,'' admits Sethi who has a 12-year-old daughter Shivangi equally addicted to the show. An hour of channel surfing and you realise that comedy might just be the flavour of the season. While Star One has it's extremely popular The Great Indian Comedy show doing wonders for its TRPs, the Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star One (Friday at 10pm) is yet another winner. This nationwide search for the best comic talent in India has Shekhar Suman and Navjot Singh Sidhu donning the judges' hats. Then there's LOC: Line Out Of Control (a take on cross border dosti and dushmani), Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai...the latter has growing number of loyalists. ''It's not the usual slapstick comedy but a witty and refreshing change,'' says PU student Akriti Jaswal who is quite a regular with Instant Khichdi too. ''In today's times when there is so much tension, television viewing should be pure masti and hansi."

The Punjabi Punch
WHAT is humour, someone once asked Shekhar Suman who replied, ''Humour is just a perspective...with a slight change in the way one sees something can make all the difference.'' Adding to this, the very witty Navjot Singh Sidhu had remarked, ''Just like needle and thread...it can patch up anything!'' For Jalandhar's Deepak Raja, who made his television debut recently on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, to make someone laugh is the greatest achievement. ''It's a challenge in itself but completely satisfying,'' smiles Raja, a professional actor and humourists who not only has a laugh riot cassette to his credit but has worked with Jaspal Bhatti extensively and travelled globally for performances. So what do people like laughing on, we get curious. ''Anything that is topical - be it the hike in petrol prices or Osama Bin Laden.'' Raja calls his style 'action comedy', one that leaves people chuckling and thinking. ''For all my jokes have a social message,'' he says in all seriousness.

aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 February 2005
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Posted: 23 June 2005 at 8:20am | IP Logged

'KBC2' associate sponsors: 6 down, 2 to go

MUMBAI: As the clock ticks for the launch of KBC2, what Star India has billed as the biggest by far TV event of 2005, six associate sponsors have been finalised.

The six associate sponsors being Airtel, Nokia Gujarat Ambuja, LIC, LG and Hyundai.


According to industry estimates, Airtel, which is the exclusive mobile operator for KBC2, is paying between Rs 280 - 320 million (SMS revenue sharing inclusive). And excluding Airtel, the estimated rate for the remaining five sponsors has been pegged between Rs 130 - 150 million each.

Says Star India executive vice president ad sales Kevin Vaz, "Six associate sponsors have been frozen. We are going to be upping the rates for the last two sponsors as there is plenty of time before the programme starts. We are in discussions with a couple of FMCG advertisers and a two wheeler company for the same."

As for the other branding opportunities that the show allows for - currently Airtel has bought the 'Phone a Friend' bug and LIC has bought the 'Money Tree' bug. Adds Vaz, "We will be selling the in-programme bugs after we sell all the sponsorships. We would like to give the sponsors the first right of refusal. A couple of clients are very interested in the cheque as well as the computer branding but we will close all the bugs only after we have sold the sponsorships."

< = =text/> < = src="/phpadsnew/adjs.php?n=458892400&what=zone:22&exclude=," =text/>

If one looks at the six sponsors and their spending appetite on mass media in the past, clearly Gujarat Ambuja and LIC are surprises. Gujarat Ambuja is typically a print-led advertiser with total advertising spends across TV and print being Rs 100 - 110 million. Why a cement company would park all of its monies at one place is definitely worth pondering. According to media analysts, the reasons attributed are competition. With Grasim on an overdrive mode consolidating their various cements as well as their buy out of L&T (rebranding itself as Ultratech), Gurat Ambuja is probably looking at a corporate brand enhancing exercise repositioning itself thorough a high profile property like KBC2. A point worth noting here is that this will be the biggest deal a cement company has entered into on television per se. Cement as a category is an extremely low involvement product. So, a property like KBC2 will ensure consumer's mindspace and hence give a top of mind recall.

< = =text/> < = src="/phpadsnew/adjs.php?n=086485543&what=zone:23&exclude=," =text/>  

As for LIC (Life Insurance Cooperation of India), it usually freezes its advertising budgets in March. This will be LIC's first ever annual deal. Also, with the onslaught on private players, LIC has probably realised that before it loses its monopoly position, the time has come to reiterate the brand and its values to its customers.

LG has predominantly been a major cricket spender apart from LG CDMA. LG seems to be a question in doubt as to their strategic intent to tie-up with a KBC2. With LG keeping a very low profile in the recent past; it is not very clear as to what its agenda is. Nokia on the other hand, is a brand that usually advertises on niche channels. After the last cricket World Cup, Nokia allocates 40 - 50 percent of their spends to impact baskets, the rest being weekly magazines, outdoor tie-ups and print. The exception was Indian Idol, although the monetary stakes for KBC2 are far bigger. In essence, Nokia will be entering the mass platform for the first time in such a big way.

Hyundai are moderate spenders and more skewed towards print and niche channels as well. This time round, Hyundai is probably ensuring itself a huge reach platform and property so to combat Maruti's latest offering Swift.

Interestingly, most brands that have come onto KBC2 are male skewed brands This in all has enabled KBC2 to bring into its basket a wider range of advertisers who are not very active on Star Plus. KBC2 will also therefore help broadbase Star Plus' advertiser base.

Validates Vaz, "All the sponsors confirmed so far are not the regular high spenders on Star Plus. We have signed up with advertisers across various categories like cement, telecom, insurance and consumer durables. Some of these categories have got onto television for the first time in such a big way."

All female brands usually coming from the FMCG sector, targeting male audiences has always been a mammoth task; cricket being seen as the only impactful but heavy cost medium. Explains a media analyst, "The brands on KBC2 are all male skewed. This makes sense as male brands usually need to be constant for some time. So, considering KBC2 is a property where the lock in period is high, it makes for a sensible buy for these brands"

While a KBC2, forces one to pool in resources for a total of six months, "brands that stand to take a risk will actually gain in the long term. KBC2 will force a brand to be constant, to be constantly in advertising space, in the consumer's mindspace on a big media window for a consistent period," adds another media professional.

If one breaks down the estimated deal of the associate sponsors (130 -150 million) and across the entire 85 episodes (5100 seconds) then the approximate spot cost for a 10 seconder comes to Rs. 2,74500. Which is approximately the cost of a spot buy on Kyunki...

Considering a total of 600 seconds of advertising time, and 60 seconds blocked per sponsor (assuming 6 sponsors), 360 seconds are blocked for associate sponsors; thereby leaving only 240 seconds for spot buys.

Spot buys which will go at a heavy premium is estimated anywhere between Rs 3,50,000 - 4,00,000 for 10 seconds.

Is it worth the monies? Vaz retorts,"KBC2 cuts across audiences and hence appeals to every brand. Every advertiser we have spoken to has been very upbeat about the programme and are very convinced that KBC2 will be the biggest thing on television this year. The six sponsors already on board are not the regular high spenders on Star Plus and the believe in the power of KBC2."

Says Madison media director Sudipto Roy,"Every brand that has made some headway in the last two years have been risk takers. If a brand has to risk, it would rather be a risk on KBC2 than a much talked about cricket series which delivers an average TVR of a seven or an eight."

aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2005 at 8:46am | IP Logged

Harsh Chhaya goes to court

You knew him as Dr Manas in Zee's Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani. Harsh Chhaya was eased out of the script when the Ajai Sinha creation leapt 18 years, but now makes a comeback as an aggrieved father taking on the authorities in Star One's Siddhanth.

The episode to be aired next week revolves around the country's VIPs, whose use of official vehicles often leads to congestion of traffic. Harsh plays father to a son who meets with an accident. He wants to take him to the hospital. Sadly there is a government official who is passing by, so the traffic is blocked; with the result that his son bleeds to death.

Says Harsh, "Though this role is no different from what I have done, I had three days to spare so I just took up the task." So do we get jump to the conclusion that another brilliant artiste is shifting from dailies to episodic serials. The repartee comes fast, "I have been doing Astitva and almost 20 other dailies all these years." We get the hint, Harsh.

aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2005 at 8:47am | IP Logged
STAR One sees new high on Fridays
STAR India has done some experiments to strengthen the Friday slot, which have paid off. Beginning with bringing in 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' on the Friday 10.00 pm block, the channel made June episodes of 'Bluff Master' a celebrity special and as far as numbers are concerned, STAR One has hit a new high on Fridays, beating other mainstay channels. If TAM Media Research numbers for weekend shares are seen, STAR One has shown a sizeable jump. However, if the Friday numbers alone are seen, the channel shares have gone to as high as 6 per cent, vis--vis a 1 plus channel share that STAR One otherwise claimed. 'The Great Laughter Challenge' had opened to good numbers at 2.3 for the CS 4+ in the Hindi speaking market. In this week, the rating has increased to a 2.73. If the channel's core TG (CS AB 10-44) is seen, the numbers are at 2.75 and 3.02 this week. In addition to these, Bluff Master's episode this week has also rated a high of 1.01 and 1.43 in the core TG. "Bluff Master presently is seeing the celebrity specials, which is lined up for all of June. This is the first of four such episodes," said STAR One's Ravi Menon, "This was a very conscious move, we wanted to give that support to the laughter hunt and the results are what we had expected." What Menon is particularly pleased about is the increase that the show has shown in its second week, "This is a property that cuts across audience, done in the STAR One style. The fact that the audience has returned in the second week goes on to show that the viewers have endorsed our faith in the property."

In June, with Bluff Masters celeb special episodes, more of the Laughter Hunt and the virtual reality game show 'Games Bond' hitting the screen, Star One should be seeing healthy numbers.

annwesha Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2005 at 7:30am | IP Logged
thanx 4 all the arcticles
aries_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2005 at 10:03am | IP Logged

A new host for Bollywood. Aur Kya!

The lady in question is the only constant female presence in the lives of three metrosexual males. Before you come

to any conclusion, let us tell you that we are talking about Shonali Malhotra, who

plays Madhavi, Gaurav Chopra's hassled wife in Star One's Dil Kya Chahta Hai. She is now hosting Sahara One's show Bollywood Aur Kya, and no, she doesn't have Gaurav for company!

Bollywood Aur Kya is a weekly film magazine that takes viewers on a journey into the world behind the silver screen. Shonali has replaced Chhavi Mittal, who plays Disha in Zee's primetime show, Tumhari Disha. The gal who has done as many as 150 commercials, is now all set to make her mark as a host, chatting up Bollywood's hot celebs.

When we asked Shonali about what excited her about the role, she says, "It is like my baby. You know, a show like this is very special, because you are known because of the show and vice versa. Moreover, I am a people's person and I love to talk. The show also makes me aware of what's happening in the film industry."

Hosting is not something new for Shonali, she has done shows like Star Plus' Kuch Kar Dikhana Hai and DD's Bajaj Ki Lehren. Surpisingly, Shonali has been doing a lot of negative roles --- pretty face like hers, we thought would attract lots of positive roles!

Meanwhile, the lady has been busy, she has made her presence felt as the modern no nonsense woman in Zee's Aashirwad, a Pak spy with a mission in Saara Akash and an aggressive competitor to Jessica aka Jassi in Sony's Jassi Jaisi...She is now all ready to take on projects that will ahow her in positive light.

Bollywood is getting very big on television lately --- Filmi Fever on Zoom, Current Bollywood on Max and now Bollywood Aur Kya, will this SaharaOne show stand out amongst the many that have already hit the small screen? For now, we will let Shonali do all the talking!

This show is going to give this lucky lady a chance to interview the most happening actors on the big screen. We asked Shonali to give us a list of people she would love to interview. Let's find out who is on her elite list.

Bollywood hunks

Abhishekh Bachchan (That's obvious!) Saif Ali Khan (I did a Limca ad with him, I played his wife) Amitabh Bachchan (Who wouldn't want to interview him?)

Bollywood's leading ladies

Preity Zinta (I admire her energy level)
Sushmita Sen ( I'd love to chat with her)
Kareena Kapoor (I really like her")

Stars from tellydom

Nikki Aneja and Smriti Z Iraani

"I would love to be interviewed by Malaika Arora Khan"

One question that she will ask all these celebs is, "What's the medicine that keeps them going?"

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