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Shez.Ishra09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 4:47pm | IP Logged

Could I just give you a tighttt hug?Hug..Oh God what was that? You just gave words to every single feeling I had while watching the episode! BRAVO!! It was a SHEER PLEASURE to read ur take on todays episode! Literally I just felt each and every word of ur post! And it was such a soothing feeling to read ur thoughts and the way u symbolize their feelings is just brilliant! I really have no words to tell u how amazing you are with ur words! Hug...

I'll wait...

Yes he will wait for her till eternity! He will wait for her return!  He will wait for her nandani to come back and to shine for him as she promised him. He will wait for that day when she run towards him and just hug him and never let go of him ever again! He will wait for that moment when she calls his name with the same love, trust, smile, belief, and care.

When nandani came to manik's life, he made her suffer. He did every single thing to tease her and to mock her! He never misses a chance to make fun of her! But she resisted it, inspite of all these monstrous things he did, she still felt something for him. She trusted him..she gave him break everytime he needed..she was always there to give him advice..but she suffered..she's been through a lott of hard time bcz of manik..but she didn't gave up on him..inshort she gave him everything he wanted, and during this journey of happiness, sadness, separation, heatbreaks..they never leave each other's sides. They were there to support each other..eventhough when manik treated him badly, she never left his side and she always there to console him! Whenever manik came to her and asked for solution to his problems, she always gave him solution, she always helped him! Not only by words but also by her silence!

So now ITS TIME FOR MANIK. Its time for him to do all those things for nandani! To make her smile, to make her feel the love and care again! To make her trust again on their relationship! To make her believe that she hasn't lost anything! She has her STAR. And when she has him, she cant be lost! NO! and now its manik's turn to bring back his old nandani! To bring back that smile! Its his turn to bear all her tantrums, but to not give up on her! Its his time to prove his love for her! Its his time to make her believe on the fact that he will be there with her no matter how hard time she face!

I just love todays scene when he asked her to put HIS OWN HAND ON HER HEART to feel the beautiful and sweet music of her heartbeats! Bcz he knows that she is afraid of his touch..she wont let him touch her..she will run away from there..he understands her more than she does! Once his touch just took all of her pains, but now she is afraid of his touch..its all bcz of that darkness..that nightmare which is just haunting her.!!! But then, she just closed her eyes and felt the heartbeats and it raced up when manik whispers those three words! It was like a balm to her pains..it soothes her! It gives her pleasure! Eventhough he didnt touched her, but he knows that these words have the magic to take away all his pains without even touching her! these words have the power to prove balm to her pains! 

But she was still lost! She just cant b just normal after the horrible time she faced. And this is nandani..a sweet, sensitive girl who haven't faced such things ever in her life! She faced this phase of darkness for the very first time...so it will be much much difficult for her to come out from this darkness! But when ur star is there to shine na..this darkness just vanishes away...all nandani needs to do is to let this light enters her heart! All she has to do is to let go of his fears..let go of the darkness inside her heart, let go of the horrible memories which are residing in his head and haunting her! JUST LET IT GO!

And then the way manik said that he will be around her and he will wait for her! Bcz he knows that as same as nandini never gave up on him, he also cant give up on her now! He has to become her shadow! And deep down this is what nandani also wanted! She wanted him to be near to her..she wanted him to be close to her..she wanted his shadow to be hers! And that's why when he was following her, she nodded her head in approval that she needs him! SHE NEEDS HIM TO FIND HER OWN SELF! And when she was sitting on a bench and was anxious bcz manik was nowhere, it was a proof to it, that she is incomplete without him! She needs him to be around her! To be her protector..to be her shelter as always!

Manik just rant away that entire coffee thing to make her smile like he did last night! He was trying to make her feel better! He wanted to see smile on her face. But she didn't smiled so he got disappointed! And when nandani saw that face, she just felt that this person who is trying hard to do every possible thing for her, so she just closed her eyes and intertwined her pinky finger into hims! This was the promise from her to him that she will be alright soon! She need some time...she is feeling every thing..she knows that how hard he is trying to make her feel normal..she acknowledges everything..but she couldn't just help herself! Its just difficult for her to just move on or to just get away with the flow. But she still managed to utter just one word..His name. the only word which she spoke when manik rescued her..His name is the only soothing thing for her, his name has that power which just reduced her worries. And just after that manik got all concerned that she might open her heart to him..but she didn't! she needs space. It hurts equally to see her shining star in pain..it hurts to see that ur soulmate is trying hard to make u smile..it feels terrible to see that ur partner is suffering bcz of ur pains...But she is helpless! Its not easy for her to just forget all those terrible moments. But I know this girl will return to him even stronger than before! This girl will come back to him with even more love in her heart for her star!. Embarrassed

And now todays Cavya-Manan scene was just SUPERB and PERFECT! It was soo beautiful scene..It showed the true meaning of friendship. It showed that when love fails to understand the feelings, friendship never fails. A friend who always shares ur pain, who always understands you, who always give u his shoulder to lean on, who always remain there when u just have no one to open ur heart to. And today the way navya came to console nandani was just beautiful and meaningful scene and it justifies the title of the show as well! And I just love the way nandani shared her pains, her fears with her and navya just forgot her pains and consoled her..nandani was equally hurt by distancing herself from manik..but as I said earlier..time will heal everything. She needs sometime and after that she will be back to where she deserves to be- In Maniks arms!! And when navya shared her biggest problem with nandani, she got all worried and asked her for any help forgetting all about her problems! That's what a true friend does.

 Just the case with Manbir. Gosh I just truly adore their friendship...they always stood by each other..and they always shared their worries..they are the closest buddies. And cabir is the person who first noticed the THING between Manan..so now Manik can easily pour his heart out infront of him and tell him everything as he did today! He told him that how she understands nandanis place bcz he's been through it..He has faced that daekness which nandani faced for the first time..he knows how it feels..he was sharing what hidden in his heart..! and when cabir told him about his side of story, he as a true and amazing friend just forgot all his tensions, offered him his help! HATS OFF! Their friendship is something to be proud of. It was such a BLISSFUL moment! They are strengths of each other. And they just proved that friendship is just above from all relations. Even when ur love, Ur soulmate fails to feel ur pains na.. ur friend would be there to not only feel and share it but also lessen it.

Thankx Cvs for such an amazing moment between these beautiful people! Todays episode was a beautiful blend of love and friendship!!

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moonstonespirit Senior Member

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unreserved on page 1 

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Humzy

beautiful post
beautiful episode
just no words today to describe them 

Thanks my love... <3
So true...in fact they hold the talent of leaving me speechless every day!
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What a touching episode!! Dont have words and eyes are blurred. Mind is numb. And, as ever, you have described everything so soulfully!! 
How does the KY2 team do it and how do U do it, Twinkle? It makes me happy, in all this sadness, to feel and think that, I am not sitting here wasting my time, watching a nonsensical soap and all the more, discussing about it. KY2 is UNIQUE, SPECIAL, STANDS APART from all that have been ruling the Indian Telly!!

Once again, hats off to the CVs, directors, and Actors!! ClapClap

There is nothing much for me say and honestly, as said, can't think of anything. I feel so melancholic, but still somewhere, there is peace in my heart, thinking that, this won't last long. It gives me immense pleasure and tranquility to my heart to see, so much of selfless, pure LOVE!!!!

I just want to c/p something that I wrote in your thread yesterday. 

From yesterday's postNandini, will eventually come out of it. It might take a long time but she has Manik to give her his unwavering support. She might try to avoid him, NOT because she doesn't love him or trust him. But she has LOST the trust in herself, is in a shell herself. In fact, the first hurdle in overcoming shock is breaking the SILENCE and that she did. And who did she do it with- Manik!! She knows HE will always be there for her. But she right now needs some space for herself. But Manik will always be there for her in the back ground, like her shadow.

And this is where, I think the promise might play a role. Manik promising her that he will give her, her space. This doesn't mean there should be a separation or MU (CVs, please kindly dont bring in more unnecessary drama). It probly means, they keeping a certain distance bet them, physically, till Nandini feels comfortable enough to get closer to Manik. And eventually might lead to her confession Smile. Lets see!!! 
I dont think everything is completely LOST between these 2 adorable ones!! Time is testing them and yes, they will yet again emerge victorious, and even more stronger. 

A quote for Nandini from Manik: 

"I think that love is stronger than habits or circumstances. I think it is possible to keep yourself for someone for a long time, and still remember why you were waiting when she comes at last... I would enter your sleep if I could, and guard you there, and slay the thing that hounds you, as I would if it had the courage to face me in fair daylight. But I cannot come in unless you dream of me." 
 Peter S. BeagleThe Last Unicorn

Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say, " I LOVE YOU", but not everyone can wait and prove its true!!! 

And our Manik is patient and so is his LOVE! And yes, He'll WAIT...!!!!

Hug Lavy

(P.S: Good Luck with your exams!! I so much like CaVya, but heart is too heavy to write about anything else for now)

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Preeshaxo

Originally posted by maankigeet4ever

Originally posted by Preeshaxo

Originally posted by twinkle10

Originally posted by Preeshaxo

I'll be back Embarrassed

EHMAHGAD...Soheesha!! You've been missed!! Like..immensely missed by me, my thread and our Nandini too!!

This brought a huge smile to my face Embarrassed
I've missed my Twinkling ReyRey too.. But just that little more then you both Cry
SWPPP *runs and hugs SWP tightly*HugHugHugWe missed you girl ! I sent you a PM earlier today cause was wondering where you had gone off to. Welcome backBig smile Manan missed psycho Soha, no one stalked us and obsessed about usROFLROFLROFL

YOU COME HERE TOOO *tight wala hug, even better* Hug
Just checking I didn't go missing ey LOL
Oh how I've not missed this physco abuse I get ROFL
I be back to obsess over both of your words now Day Dreaming
Oh and you both legit made my day.. Got way too much love for my girls Heart
This is us atm:
Oh how very much Twinkling Twinkie has missed having this group hug!! And tomorrow when I become a free bird again for some time, we shall hopefully form a little base for a gushing session over the weekend. Oh oh..Soheessha..I think more than you, we've missed your illegal ways ROFLROFL Dem faultless words typed all from your phone...that be the core reason for our togetherness ROFL HAHAH jks jks!
I shall rant about the perfection of both your posts in another 30 hours or so lol Love you both heaps Heart

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twinkle10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kapk

Dear Twinkle, you skilled writer Hug

First of all, congratulations on turning a Goldiiieee DancingParty
Secondly, I wholeheartedly enjoyed reading every single word of this postHeart I literally don't know how to praise the talent you are blessed withSmile You always take me on this amazing, joyful and at times sentimental ride with your mesmerizing words and your Creative way of writingClap Exceptionally beautiful way you put across the thoughts of Manik. You analysis make the experience of the whole episode sooo remarkable Day Dreaming

Lastly, I'll wait too ... for your next post Embarrassed
Whenever you comment, honestly the warmth that fills my heart is really inexpressible! Like... I can't even, and tbh I don't even want to try and express it because my lack of words and speech shall do the honour of thanking you for making me feel so overwhelmed with emotions of joy and thankfulness. Hug
Time after time you make me feel so special, and I can't help but just thank god to be blessed with such adoring people around me who always manage to brighten up my day!
Thankyou babe... the inspiring comments by you and the sheer blissful and lovable nature of my MaNan has really helped me to some extent in re-discovering myself and my love for writing and so I will never be able to appreciate fully, all that you guys have given me and are continuing to give to me every day, as you leave a mark of your memories on my thread!
rev4eva IF-Dazzler

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Awesome post dear...
Yesterday was so beautiful, I'll wait... because she needed time, she needed space, she needed her confidence, she needed to heal and most importantly he knew she needed him...

This is so beautifully written...I can't wait for Manik's wait to be over...
 It was just as difficult for you to walk away as it was for me to be left standing there. But I'll wait for when you will hold my hand and allow me to walk every step with you on the journey of our "hamesha" that awaits us. I'll wait for when you will lock your arms in mine and vow to never unlock or untie the knots of our arms, our breaths, our hearts and our fates. I'll wait for when the "me" and "you" of this story come together to form the "us" of our love story. 

The show is so special because it is not only MaNan that doesn't fail to impress us but all the other characters in the show as well. Loved Cabir & Navya, Navya's character has shaped up so maturely post pregnancy that she never fails to impress me. The way she stood up for Cabir and how Cabir stood up for Navya and the her unborn child was just mindblowing. They are both fighting their own battles but when it comes to MaNan, they were always there. They were always the catalyst whenever it comes to MaNan

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by twinkle10

This is us atm:
Oh how very much Twinkling Twinkie has missed having this group hug!! And tomorrow when I become a free bird again for some time, we shall hopefully form a little base for a gushing session over the weekend. Oh oh..Soheessha..I think more than you, we've missed your illegal ways ROFLROFL Dem faultless words typed all from your phone...that be the core reason for our togetherness ROFL HAHAH jks jks!
I shall rant about the perfection of both your posts in another 30 hours or so lol Love you both heaps Heart
Ohhh me Minions !!!! I love this picture Twinkie. And wohooo to weekend gushing, i have legit missed that and this ROFL ,,i have missed this..lol. And hopefully there will be some amazing precap or a promo to go crazy about over the weekend Day Dreaming
Twinkie bear be so right, we have indeed missed your illegal Don ways..hahahaha..since it's the core reason of our togetherness. ROFL ROFL ROFL  that's what twinkie said LOL haha..i think we love you for the way say SLAYED, that's the core of our togetherness LOL
Let the countdown begin to Twinkie's freedom. 30 or so hours to go !!!
Love love for my Twinkie and SWP Heart

- Sunny/ReyRey <3

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