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Reliving the iconic Sujal Garewal- Dominance in Love <3 -UPDATED (Page 53)

pearl.white Goldie

Joined: 10 April 2012
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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Rajeev never won a star plus makes me more confident that he indeed was truly the show steal-er, because if you check ITA, telly awards, he has a bunch of them, and infact he won the personality of the year male, which was a great achievement for a newbie . SPA is a joke, and it really does not make any difference .

Ok the farmhouse incident, a very good mention here. Leave piyush, veena and CG also doubted sujal , and how ridiculous it is that being parents they thought so low of their son, at least veena . Everything blamed upon sujal and mutilating him to an infinite extent was insensitive. A human being can tolerate misbehavior, misunderstanding and even accusations, but question on his character and that too repeatedly is so provoking and harsh. It can even cause depression and push somebody to a state of isolation and self harm, sujal was a sorted man though as he could raise his voice, but in usual cases it is really disheartening to see that your own parents, the woman you loved, your childhood best friend come brother accuses you to have a lose character all the time.

In place of sujal, any other person would slap Piyush, i wish sujal would do the same, but yes he had already been hert broken seeing veena misunderstand him and therefore he does not complain much, because as if these people would have the audacity to understand his plight.

And the bimbo kashish, basks in her self pity sessions where her pimp husband consoles her that they will be always happy together instead of understanding that when they have snatched somebody else's happiness, dignity and crushed somebody's last straw of self respect, they do not deserve happiness, leave unity for a lifetime .

Yeah SPA are stupid!! He has even won Mtv style awards and Lycra awards...

The farmhouse incidence was so heartbreaking. U know I dont blame Kashish as much as the clan, because imagine urself in her shoes... waking up disoriented due to chloroform and found with ur ex ... anyone would panic and try to save her ass and blame the other party!!
But the manner in which the clan behaved was heinous... How can they not trust one of their own... Nobody even bothered to give Sujal the benifit of doubt or ask his side of the tale!!
At this point I simply wanted Sujal to leave the loony toon zoo behind forever and go create his own business empirw! And within a yr when the clan comes begging him for help esoecially the witch vasu n pathetic cg, bcoz they hv ost everything due to his holiness, Sujal even refusing to identify them...

Okay keeping my rants aside... How cud they treat him like that... Did anyone love him, or trust him a wee bit...
Sujal was treated pathetically and he was a really strong man who bore everything and yet retaliated so little. They kept on breaking him shred by shred!!

Did not Veena trust him?? I dont recollect it.. Bcoz I suppose she was the one who had sent Sujal to spend some time away at farmhhouse..

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

i always felt that Rajveer is like a calm river, he would never be vocal about anything except his patriotism. Ritu otherwise was a siren, bold and beautiful and together they would gel so well, and she could even easily beat him at his game and manipulations , but he still was smarter, and one of those asian men who loved simplicity and passion which naina was.

Khalid, i feel was genuinely worried, Kabir is the soul of KKN, Ananya already has a family to blast the channel and on top of that the whole clan seemed to be in deep worry and tension, so Khaled has no choice too. i want to believe he was worried.

by the way pearl, tonight Raj was so brilliant, he oozed sex sex sex, and how beautifully he delivers intense romantic scenes, for a moment i remembered sujal, yes my heart was beating faster than usual.Day Dreaming

Rajveer Naina are have an inexplicable attraction and I really wish there story could be explored more!
But dear, I've always felt that LRL is one cult show where the story could have treaded to completely different tangents convictionally! It is not about the simplicity or boldness of the leding woman. But in Indian shows, generally the leading lady has to be the holy naive virgin, whose first and last man is expected to be the heron. Why cant she be an experienced woman who for once is aware of her own sensuality and wishes. Rajveer Ritu could be a clasjh of titans with an electrifying story in some other world where Naina foes not exist.
I am in no way saying that Raj Naina are any less, infact they are magical, I am merely stating an alternate storyline.
I am simply pointing at one of the most common traits of Indian heroines.. Be it Kashish, Naina, Ananya!!

Even I want to believe that Khalid was genuinely worried for Kabir..

Ohhh... I absolutely loved the tied up Kabir today... The way he was using his body fir assuring the well being of Ananya and helping her up... Day Dreaming

And he actually pointed out that he hated her grannny glasses!! ROFL

He was so so so hot today... Is Raj planning to kill us??
U know my younger brother was watching reporters wid me today and he commented that how come this Sujal guy looks same since forever?? He furthur added that he's been looking the same since u swooned over when u were 4 feet tall and now when u are about 5and a half feet, he still looks the same!!

LOL pearl, your height changed but Rajeev's sex sex sex appeal did not . He is incredibly attractive as kabir, he does not let me breath, his wife is the holy woman of this earth who got him without suffering like us.

Pearl, Kabir will remover he hideous granny glasses with his lips apparently, well i do not know how to hold the my venation in control now, at least till the episode airs.

Rajveer-Ritu, the setback was that Rajveer was never attracted to her, but she was. even though Ritu was a traitor, i still believe that there was a point she was attracted to Rajveer and wanted to get all his attention . Rajveer on the other hand was bad at flirtingLOLEmbarrassed, this makes him different from kabir .

As the story was more related to Rajveer and Naina's interconnected past, thats wy Raj-Ritu did not happen, otherwise they would. even naina tries to bring feminism in her appearance and wears red saree and white salwar suit and shows Raj, that was again a bold step but such a beautiful one. Remember Raj walking out from the corridor and holding his heart which was beating fast after seeing Naina in red saree Day Dreaming

My sujal was the only one who could not see kashish's boldnessBroken Heart ROFL

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DexterRocks IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2012
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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
I am not blaming kashish for misunderstanding him, she did not accuse him in this farmhouse fiasco, but she goes on a self pity mode that how can sujal declare that he wants me and how will i show my face . LMAO, here sujal's whole character certificate was being insulted upon and she was thinking how she will show her face .

Anyways, coming back to veena, no she slapped him before he could explain her, he was about to tell her but was shushed by her slap. i do not know what to say or feel, everything they did to him, makes me cringe, and loathe that holy couple and their so called reputation in the market .

No they never loved him, Veena and Rishi loved him and Rishi was not present otherwise he would be the only one who would blast these morons for questioning sujal's character and blaming him for something sick like kidnapping kashish and taking her to his farmhouse for his own reasons.

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Sweet_wish Goldie

Joined: 05 September 2012
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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by Sweet_wish

is this photoshopped ? well whatever these two can make anything look magical, such flawless chemistry and beauty they possess
i don't know Confused

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Sweet_wish Goldie

Joined: 05 September 2012
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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by _SJM_

Originally posted by Sweet_wish

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by _SJM_

Originally posted by pearl.white

Originally posted by Sweet_wish

She is again ready to get married LOL

Who is the scapegoat this time around??

<font color="#cc0000">If I am not wrong it was the plastic TusharLOL</font>

Veena seems pretty desperate to throw her out of her house in the guise of a wedding!! Wink

so it was her last weddingROFL

Unfortunately notLOL
The wedding was supposed to happen, but Swayam told her that Sujal is alive.
There were other weddings in the row
With old man and the dobbelganger piyush

How in the name of heavens was she able to afford new wedding attires and jwellery for her multiple marriages?? R&G was in a financial crisis after Sujal died.. And her taklu daddy had 4 more daughters to look after!! Shocked

leave that, my problem was that how could she fall in love with Tushar and even accept this just after 6 months of sujal's demise ? this was so sensitive, because mehek repeatedly had said that sujal was not just her husband like piyush was, he was her everything, her action, reaction, love and hate, worry, desire, her obsession, her rejection, he was much more than a lover, much more than what a husband was, and this is ridiculous that within 6 moths kashish thinks that tushar deserved her love.

this disappointed me so much that i could never look at KTH the way i did before Rajeev's exit

Not only that Kashish's character actually had the audacity of claiming that she loved tushar the most!! And she was happily ready for marrying Tushar.. There was even a sequence where she goes to attend a christian wedding and dreams herself and Tushar as bride n groom!! And this took place when she was unaware that he was the real Sujal and some days later she agreed to marry Tushar. All this within 5-6 months of Sujal's death!!

How could she do that Angry
my  poor Sujal Cry

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-Swetha- IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 January 2010
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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 1:49am | IP Logged

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Sweet_wish Goldie

Joined: 05 September 2012
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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 2:01am | IP Logged
Hey everyone, which is your favorite scene of Sujal?

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sirimiri IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 December 2012
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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by quirky_senorita

Originally posted by DexterRocks

Originally posted by Sweet_wish

Btw pinkvilla had posted an article on Sujal and Kashish
I wanted to share with you all but the thread was  closed   Disapprove

15 Unforgettable Scenes of Sujal and Kashish from Kahiin To Hoga'

May 27, 2015 Resham Sengar 4214 reads 3 comments 

'Kahiin To Hoga' is one of the highly-rated shows that went on air in the history of Indian Television. Sujal (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Kashish's (Aamna Sharif) love-hate saga is etched in the memory of every TV fan who watched thes how with utmost devotion. Here are the top 15 scenes featuring the two actors that summarise their story.

1- A romantic scene featuring Sujal and Kashish confessing their feelings for each other.

2- Romance blooms as Sujal and Kashish dance in the rain.

3- Piyush and Kashish get married and Sujal is left heartbroken.

4- Sujal meets Piyush and Kashish during their honeymoon.

5- Sujal asks to Kashish if she still loves him?

6- Sujal looks after Kashish in the hospital and remembers his past.

7- Kashish slaps Sujal. Sania blames Piyush for creating a rift between Sujal and Kashish.

8- Sujal promises Kashish that he will make her pay for her deeds.

9- Sujal breaks down as Piyush informs him about his physical intimacy with Kashish. He burns the bed in a fit of anger.

10- Sujal goes to Kashish and proposes her. Kashish gets angry and shouts at him.

11- Sujal and Kashish get married. However, it turns out that Kashish married him to seek revenge from him for murdering Piyush.

12- Sujal and Kashish meet with an accident. Sujal takes her to the hospital, even when he himself was injured so badly.

13- The truth has come in front of Kashish that Sujal was not guilty. She goes to meet Sujal and they confess their love for each other.

14- Sujal and Kashish celebrates Valentine's Day. Kashish is also very happy with the surprise planned for her by Sujal.

15- Swayam's friends assume Sujal to be Rishi and attack him to seek revenge.


so all Raj-Amna scenes, and nothing with the plastic tushar ? somebody plss tweet this to Ekta now.

my favorites in order

Bed burning sequence
tervi sequence
jail sequence
PK marriage and Sujal rejected sequence
Accident sequence

they should have also included sujal freeing kashish from the contract sequence, sujal telling kashish that how the same place will witness the painful death of his love,  the sequence when kashish goes to airport, and stops sujal from leaving forever and yes the cosummation 
I second you completely...

by the way which one is your fav scene ?Embarrassed
I am biased for Rajeev so obviously all his scenes...
But of course the tervi scene was one of my favorite...
You know its sheer magic watching RK living sujal.Embarrassed
He is one actor who literally lives his characters...
Seriously proud to be his fan.

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