SwarYa FF- My Love for you will always shine chap 7 Up! (Page 5)

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Thanks alot guys for the feedback!

Chapter 5:

"Lakshya! What are you doing?!".
Laksh turned around to see his older brother, Adarsh.
"Adarsh bhai?" Laksh grew confused.
"Swara, can you please leave," Adarsh said, but even that sound polite.
Swara nodded, and gave one last look to Laksh, before leaving.
"Now tell me, what were you doing?" Adarsh asked.
"I - er, I, okay fine, I love her, Adarsh bhai," Laksh accepted.
Adarsh stared in shock.
"But Laksh, how can you fall in love with a meat eater? We're vegetarians! She eats fish! Father will never allow it," Adarsh said.
"I know, Adarsh bhai, but what can I do? I can't control my heart, it just happened, boom!" Laksh said.
"Laksh... okay fine, as long as you never mention her in this house again, I won't tell father," Adarsh sighed.
Laksh grinned.
"Thanks Adarsh bhai!" Laksh ran outside.
Adarsh let out a small laugh.
"Ah, young love," Adarsh smiled.


"Swara! Wait up!" Laksh called as he reached upto Swara.
Swara stared in pure surprise.
"Laksh, didn't your brother yell at you for..." She blushed as Laksh leaned in and kissed her.
It was meant to be a peck, but it grew deep with each other's passion and love.
Eventually, both parted for air.
Swara blushed, and felt her heart beat fasten.
While Laksh felt like jumping around in joy, having a disco party for his first kiss.
"I just wanted to finish off, where we were left," Laksh grinned.
Swara couldn't help but smile.
"So where are you going?" He asked.
"The hospital," Swara replied.
"So how's your Dad feeling?" Laksh asked.
"I just talked to Mum and she said that he's doing really well," Swara smiled.
"Okay then, I'll drop you off," Laksh spun his car keys on his finger, whistling.
He got in, making sure to be a real gentleman and opening the door for Swara.
"How thoughtful of you Laksh!" Swara had responded.


"Mum, how's Dad?" Swara asked the first thing she arrived.
Sharmishta smiled, "Much better Shona,".
Then she noticed Laksh.
"Namaste," Laksh greeted, making sure to touch Sharmishta's feet to symbolise his manners.
Sharmishta smiled, then took Swara into the unit her Dad was in. He had his eyes open, and Swara grinned in joy.
"Dad!" She came, and gave him a quick hug.
"Swara, be careful, he may be better but not cured," Sharmishta warned.
Swara got off.
"Don't worry Mum, I'm responsible enough," Swara smiled.
Sharmishta chuckled.
"The last time I left you home alone, you nearly set our house on fire in the attempt to 'cook'," Sharmishta added.
Swara smiled awkwardly.
"That was history," She grumbled.
Sharmishta laughed.
"Oh Swara!" She said.
Swara joined in, then looked outside and saw Laksh talking to Dida.
She smiled as Dida went to get something, and ran upto him, hugging him from behind.
"Swara!" Laksh whispered.
She smiled.
Then immediately let go, as she noticed that her family might see.
"Laksh, if you want, you can go," Swara said, looking down at the ground.
"What if I don't?" He asked.
"Then stay!" Swara said.
He quickly took a look around, and pulled Swara into a corner.
"Laksh I-".
He put his hand on her lips, and stared deeply into her eyes.
Swara felt her cheeks heat up, and he slowly kissed her on the cheek, then down her neck.
"L-l-Laksh s-s-stop," Swara gently pushed him away.
"What's wrong, Swara?" He asked her.
Swara looked towards the ground, unable to reply.
Laksh, who noticed her silence, immediately began regretting his actions.
"I'm sorry, Shona, I really didn't mean to hurt you in any way," Laksh replied, moving back.
Swara held him by his wrist.
"No Laksh, you can never hurt me... it's just... I feel guilty for Ragini," Swara admitted.
Laksh just stared at her, encouraging her to speak more.
"Your her fiance, I can't... I can't do this," Tears were forming in her eyes.
"Shona, if it hurts you that much, I'm calling my Dad right now, and calling off the marriage!" Laksh said angrily.
"No Laksh! Ragini loves you, you can't break her heart, please... don't," Swara said.
"But Swara I-".
"No Laksh. I love you and I know you love me just as much. But Ragini... She's gone through enough, please don't break her," Swara pleaded.
"Swara..." Laksh whispered.
He slowly stepped back, then went off. Not another word.
But someone had seen all of this, clearly...

To Be Continued...

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Aayye haaye!
Next part fast!
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Plsss update...

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super update :-D next part soon plz i lvd it
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Okay, this chapter contains most of the talking, but promise the next chapter will have lots of SwarYa moments.

Chapter 6:

Sharmishta gasped as Laksh slowly backed off, she could see the pain and misery in both their eyes, and intense pain strike her heart.
Her memories flashed as she remembered her pain, when she had to stay away from Shekher.
But this was different. There was Swara at one side and Ragini at the other. Both in love with the same boy, the only difference was that Laksh loved Swara back.
She felt her legs wobble and immediately clutched onto a chair, her eyes still wide with horror.
She took a deep breath and calmed down, afterall, she had to talk to Swara calmly about this.


Swara leaned against the wall, tears streaming down her face.
Love was torture.
"Laksh," She whispered, remembering all the moments she shared with him. The kiss.
Her heart began to melt, and for a second, she regretted sending Laksh away.
She soon calmed down, wiping her tears, and heading off to a washroom.
That's when she spotted her Mum, sitting in a corner, her mood seemed a little depressed.
She walked over to her, taking deep breaths.
"Hi Mum! What's new?" She asked, as happily as she could.
Sharmishta looked up, right into Swara's eyes, and her heart melted. She stood up and hugged Swara.
"I'm so sorry Swara!" She began crying.
Swara gently pulled apart, confused at what her Mum was hinting.
"I don't know what your trying to say, Mum" Swara said.
Sharmishta sighed.
"I overheard your and Laksh's talk," She replied.
Swara stared in shock.
"M-M-Mum, I'm really sorry," Swara looked towards the ground.
"Shona, are you really in love or just some crush?" Sharmishta inquired.
Swara just gave a silent chuckle.
"I don't know, Mum. But I feel something for Laksh that I have never felt before. His smile always makes me smile, his wounds give me the pain. Whenever he touches me, my skin starts to tingle.
My heart beat starts to speed up and I can't seem to think. What is this feeling, Mum?" Swara asked.
Sharmishta smiled.
"Love." She replied.
"But Mum. Ragini loves Laksh too, how can I steal him away?" Swara asked.
"Your not stealing him away, he loves you back, and one thing that I've learnt in these past twenty years is that you can't keep two lovers apart. They'll break." Sharmishta explained.
Swara looked up in hope, she can't do it. She can't let her sister down.
"And yes, Ragini loves Laksh, but he doesn't. If you sacrifice your love, it won't make anything better, instead you'll make it worse,".
Swara made a confused face.
"If you tell Ragini about you and Laksh, of course she'll be in pain. But after some time, she'll be better. But if you let this marriage to continue, then Ragini's entire life will be ruined. She'll never feel wanted with Laksh. And as far as I know Laksh, she'll never have any kids with him. She won't be happy. The pain that she'll get will last forever." Sharmishta explained.
Swara nodded.
"Your right Mum. But... how should I tell Ragini about this?" Swara asked.
"Like you expressed your love to Laksh," Sharmishta replied.
"Thanks Mum, for the advice," Swara smiled, then rushed off, looking for Ragini.

To Be Continued...

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its very small update har waiting for swarya mmts in next update soon
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Hi guys! This chapter's layout might be a little wierd, but I don't know why I changed the layout in the middle!

Chapter 7:

"Dadi, have you seen Ragini anywhere?" Swara asked, and Dadi looked up.
"She's in the mandir," She replied.
Swara smiled and rushed towards the mandir, where she spotted Ragini, praying.
She smiled and stood behind, deciding not to disturb her.
"Thank you God, for making father much better. Thank you alot. Everything is going so well now in my life, Father is better, I'm getting married to my true love, Laksh ji, and I live with my sister, Swara and Ma. They both supported me, especially Swara, she told me that Laksh ji loves me back. I couldn't be more happier! I have the best sister in the world!" Ragini prayed, unknown that Swara had heard every single word.
She couldn't break her sister's heart, and Sharmishta was right, Laksh wouldn't return the love.
'I need to talk to Laksh,' She thought, and she walked off, without making another sound.


Laksh arrived home solemnly, his heart crushed to pieces.
He knew Swara would be feeling the same, and he knew she wouldn't budge from her decision.
He quietly went up the stairs and into his room, ignoring his brother's sight, and silently crying.
When his phone started ringing, he jumped up as he saw "Shona's" name clearly written.

L: Hello, Swara?

S: Hi Laksh, woh... tum se kuch baat karni thi

L: Mujhse?

S: Hain! Tumse!

L: Accha, thikhe phir mein tumhe Shiv Mandir ke bhahar milta hoon

S: Okay, Bye

L: Bye

And with that he hung up the phone, confused with what Swara wanted to talk to him about.
Of course, she wouldn't take back what she said, but...
He rushed towards his car, again ignoring his brother's sight.

*At the temple*

L: Swara!

Swara looked to where Laksh was and went upto him.

S: Laksh! Tum aagaye!

L: Ab tumne boliya tha na?

S: Thikhe, thikhe, ab suno, after our talk, mein Ma ke pas gaye, Ma be Mujhe bola ki woh sab sunsaki thi, and Mujhe samjhaya. Mujhe bola ki Ragini tumhare saath kabhi bhi khush nahi rahesakti, and so meine socha ki Ragini ko ja ke puri Sach batateti hoon, par jab mein uther pochi, toh mein nahi kar paye. Aur isliye tumhe Mujhe se one promise karna hoga

Laksh stared in surprise at Swara.

L: Kya?

Immediately, Swara grabbed his hand and placed it on top of her head.

S: Laksh, please, tum Ragini pura pyaar doge, tumhare kids hoge, tum usse har khushi doge! Please promise me Laksh, please!

Swara began crying, and Laksh felt sharp needles stab into his broken heart, every teardrop killed him, and he couldn't bare to look at Swara in such a state.

L: Swara please, don't make me do this

S: Please Laksh, please promise me

L: No!

He pulled his hand away from Swara's grasp.

L: Mein tumhe promise nahi karsakta Swara, par... mein apne puri koshish karunga, please don't cry

He went in and wiped Swara's tears.

S: Thank You Laksh

She hugged him, accidently, but both drowned into each other's affection to notice. After a while, Swara noticed and blushed, pulling away.

She smiled at him and wiped the remains of her tears.

S: Woh, baba ke pas...

Laksh nodded and Swara went down the steps, slowly putting leg down at a time, but her vision was becoming blurry due to the tears.
She slipped and luckily, Laksh had caught her, both staring deeply into each other's eyes.
Laksh, coming back to his senses, gently brought Swara back to her feet, and helped her down.

S: Laksh, I think I'll manage

L: Nahi Swara, tumhe thori weakness hogyi Hain

S: But, mein theek hoon

L: Thikhe, mein tumhe hospital chore deta hoon

S: Nahi, Tum ghar jao, waise bhi Adarsh bhai tumhara wait kare hoge

L: Haan, par mein-

S: Auto!

Laksh smiled as Swara got into the Auto.
He got into his car and pulled out his phone, he turned it on, and his eyes got caught on his Lock Screen wallpaper.
It was the perfect pose of Swara dancing during the Bengali New Year.
He smiled at her innocent laugh, the sparkling eyes and the loving look.
He could never forget Swara, and never move on with Ragini.


Ragini had finished praying when her ears caught some faint footsteps leaving. She turned around to find Swara take a sharp turn, she smiled and decided to follow her.
She hid behind the wall as Swara dialled Laksh's number and began speaking to him.

R: Swara Laksh ji ko Shiv Mandir kyun bolarahi hein?

She decided to follow Swara and head towards the mandir, where she spotted Laksh and Swara speaking.
The roaring noises made it quite impossible to catch the words.
She slid in closer, and caught a few words.

'Laksh... Please... promise... Ragini... pyaar?'.
Now that made her even more confused.
Why was Swara talking to Laksh about her?
She was lost in her thoughts, when she saw Swara hug Laksh.
Her eyes widened, and a little gasp escaped her lips.
Was Swara in love with Laksh.
She had to find out what was really cooking...


The night had fallen pretty quickly, and Swara was gazing out of her window, sitting on it comfortably, her mind running in circles with what had happened.
She had realised her feelings at the wrong time, if only she had never met Laksh, if only she didn't fall for him, if only...
Her hands were writing away her thoughts in her beautiful diary, her eyes blinking back tears.

R: Swara? Tum Kya karahi ho?

S: Woh bas diary mein likrahi thi

R: Accha, woh hum tumhe dhun rahe the

S: Haan, mein Lak- I mean mein Shiv Mandir gaye thi

R: Challo Swara, aaj sona nahi hain? Waise bhi, humhe toh bohut neend aarahi hai!

Swara laughed.

S: Okay meri maa! Bas mein jaake brush karke aati hoon

And she shut the bathroom door tightly.
Ragini, who took the chance, quickly grabbed Swara's diary, and flipped through the pages until the date read
'20th July'.

She began reading the diary quietly in her head.

'Dear Diary:

Life has been so strange and different lately. I never understood love, I mean, sure I loved Ma, Dida, Ragini, Baba etc.
But I never knew there was one more person in my life, someone I'd never expect. His name is-'

S: Ragini, challo

Swara interrupted, and Ragini immediately placed the book onto the railing.
Life was really hell.
She smiled and climbed onto the bed, pulling the sheets over her and thinking about who thar person could be. In her mind, the person that popped in her head was Laksh, but she shook it off, knowing her sister could never backstab her.
Then their was Sanskaar or that Ricky in school who was always flirting with her.
She didn't know.
But she needed to know!
Eventually, she cleared the thoughts and wondered deep into dreamland, where Laksh was waiting for her on a horse. Afterall, this dream would come true, since her marriage with Laksh was in two weeks, and her heart thudded every time she thought of it. It would be sooner or later, the marriage will happen, right?

To Be Continued...

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Pls don't make swara a sacrificial lamb here plsss... waiting for the next chapter soon.

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