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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
Did anyone see the trailer for Quantico? I love mystery/thriller type shows and this one looks quite interesting. PC is not looking too shabby either I must say. Definitely something I am looking forward to this fall.

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
Outlaw Child

Tan: U called me as if someone was involved in car wreck
Sam: isne kya kiya poochho (hissing)
Tan: Dude?

Nandu cried softly

Sam: AB RO LO JITNA MARZI... No toys for three years

Tan:HUA KYA YAAR? (Whispereing)

They were in the sun room, she was nursing Lasya

Everytime she hissed Lasya stopped and gawked
Too much happening to bother to be fed

She kicked her feet furiously upon seeing her brother
Sam scolded her soundly "U LAY STILL"

she began to cry loudly

Tan: What did u do bata na hero"

Sam:He took his ipad to school BINA BATAYE AUR KHOKAR AAYA HAI

TAN: tujhe kaise pata? There are 18 rooms in the house did u check every drawer
Sam:Shut up... bache ke saamne meri besti mat karo

Tan:Uski class le rahi hai my parents are here kisi ne use karke chhod diya hoga


Tan was startled
Lasya leapt up Sam starighetned her clothing and dumped her in Tan's arms...

she cooed at her Daddy "Mommy is being mean hold me or send me to Uncle R's"
She cuddled on his shoulder looking out at the fancy yard lighting

Tan: KAISE HUA?" (angry)

Nandu: I took it to play the Pokemon game with Shravu and its lost

Sam:HE IS COMPLETELY SPOILED... he will ruin that child now

tan squirmed

Tan: EVERY goddamn gadget u ask for I bring it for u... your Mom says no I bring it for you


Nandu: U dont know anything! Calucaltor is allowed... u are always home only Daddy takes me everywhere

tan ALMOST smacked him "ONE MORE TIME IF I EVER HEAR U TALK TO YOUR MOM LIKE THAT. You will be out on the streets. Samajh aayi baat?"

Nandu nodded and began to cry

Tan: NO media no TV no playing outside, no swimming in the backyard pool... no Shravu for two months of summer

sam:tan please aise mat karo

Tan:Tujhe karna hai punish I will leave... Tomorrow if he is making a girl pregnant at 14 or inhaling cocaine at 12 DONT TALK TO ME

Sam sat back down

Lasya looked at him oddly, Tan and Sam never fought... ... they usually got along great... he argued over how little sex he gets but thats about it

Tan: Nandu listen the Nahars five doors down? THEIR GRANDSON is half dead in Max he took drugs at 9... he was careless disrespectful and plain arrogant

Nandu cried loudly

Sam: Tan please yaar (crying)

Tan: If u dont know how to take care of things DONT USE THEM.
The fact that it went out of the house without an adult approval tells me tomorrow uw ill do the same with a car

Nandu:I WONT DAD... I WONT I PROMISE (he begged)

Tan: I am sure u wont but stay indoors two months, no entertainment or eating out

Sam:Tan please yaar

Tan walked over to her wiped her tears "Aap pehle rona band karo"

Sam:Please jaan
Tan: I am sorry... first strike...

Sam Three strikes to do yaar

Tan:Do phir apni chaabi let him go.. Mihir has taught him how to drive

Sam: please yaar
Tan: ISKE bharose those people drop their son off can u imagine? Mr Iyer wont give us the time of the day... so principled and stoic

Sam: Churaakar nahi aaya KHOKAR aaya hai

Tan:HE LIED...
Tan:Did the duty in the play ground watch u use it?"

Nandu: No we were were in the corridor

Tan:the whole lunch hour?"
Nandu nodded

Tan's Mom came in
"Nandu kyon ro raha hai beta?"

Tan looked at Nandu warningly

"First day apni dairy bhool gaya school mein"

"AREY DONT BE SILLY... and u are yelling?"

Lasya looked at the old lady and looked away... as she tried to pry her from Tan's hold

"It has project... 5th grade is serious biz Mom"

"She is crying too... bete ko bol diya to bura laga hoga" she smirked

"Bacha hai Mom"

"Its good my son is teaching him discipline beta... otherwise he will grow up and misbehave... abhi kar le to achha hai" MIL took a pot shot

"Its about Nandu so lets please keep it that way" Tan warned his Mom

She glared at her son and left the sun room with a comment "I cleaned the fish...
your help is worthless beta... doing half the work? I mean the last I cleaned fish was when I had my youngest"

"thanks Mom" Sam said

"Dinner ready karo puttar" she ordered gently, dragging Nandu

"Nandu all the rules apply, and u know what to say

Tan walked over to her
"Give me a hug"

"U were so harsh" she hissed
He pulled her up and hugged her Lasya grinned...

"Matlab se kiya" "Dont tamper now" he warned

Bent down claimed a kiss

"Pakdo apni beti ko" he said giving his daughter a kiss on her slobbery cheek... she chewed on fist all day and her whole form was soaked in drool
She wore a lacy pink spaghetti strap frock and pink  FAT beaded anklets

"Where did u get these?" he asked as his wife held the baby

" Malviya Nagar Mom ke saath " she said Lasya sucked her shoulder

"Dont worry about her (my Mom)" he said softly in her ear
"I only worry about you" she winked

"Raat ko bata kyon karti hai" he winked back


Malcha Marg

"Busy evening?" R&B asked her as she flipped through pages of his book lazily laying on his chest

She nodded wordlessly... She smelled like garam masala and methi to him... she smiled on her neck...
"have u cuddled a woman bathed in garam masala?" she asked

Since he had cuddled... many... she regretted asking that question... though it was in jest

"What did u make for dinner?" he asked

"Aloo methi, shimla mirch paneer, roti jeera rice, paati doesnt eat without dal so some dal for paatti" "Aur haan kal ke liye bhindi bhi kaat diya" "THERE IS SO MUCH FOOD"

"And u forgot to eat?" he probed gently

"Ya... Athim returned after 10:20 I think... he was still


"U know he was still busy I think... he ate very preoccupied"

Minion showed up with dinner and a ashamed look

She quickly  straightened up and put some distance between him and her

"Woh aaj" he said

"Kya hua?"

"Hum log kha liye, Sir ne kaha aap khaakar lautengi hamey bataye nahi..." he was feeling terrible

"Koi baat nahi main sandwich bana loongi

"Santram aur Gopal to siraf bhaij khaate hain Sir ne kaha hum le jaaye khaana to hum apne quarters mein le aaye"

"Aap abhi kya laaye?" she asked curiously
R&B followed her

Minion had made a quick stirfry of veggies and noodles with Thai sauce, it looked delish

"Main yeh kha loongi" she smiled

Sat down beginning to scarf it down, it was steaming hot and flavorful... he also brought some tomato soup on the side
"Bahut hai khaana" she said smiling gently

"Ice cream laaye Sir" he pointed to R&B

"Oh? kiske liye?" she asked Minion

She found his toes on hers... "Rehne den aap apne poker ke liye laaye honge"
"Inko maine keh diya hai mujhe ice cream achhi nahi lagti" "Phir bhi laaye dekh lo aap"

Minion looked sad and confused

He left unable to please her

Her husbaned pulled her back and lay her down laying over her, claiming her lips
"U dont rest do u?" he asked (as soon as u return u have to cause trouble)

"No" she giggled

He kissed her many many times... "Khaoon?" she asked

"No" he said hating her kaftan, unable to feel her skin
"Let me eat kanna" she begged

He yanked her kaftan off and threw it in the corner she curled up on the couh with her stoneware bowl full of Thai noodles
The ones she dropped he picked up with his lips off her skin

"U are my pet now" she muttered dangling more with her fork

He did things.. he would do in bed
When she finished every bite and drank every drop of her soup... he had no patience left

5 ish she woke troubled.. he lay on her
She looked out the window worried what Bala was going to do about Shravu

He had eaten two muffins and two brownies for dinner like pay day at D II on her pay day she would bring treats
from some Vasant Vihar bakery and they would pig out in Periappa's room giving him a bite of everything they ate

She couldnt imagine him being a clever thief

She took short distressed breaths..

He held her tighter attempting to kill her thoughts, then he turned her
"I slept well..." she used another one from her bag of lies

He dragged the sheets over them and started to get frisky

"that doesnt mean its time to make love" she  whispered in his ear turning away from him feeling his bristles all over bare back

He went back to sleep at 6:20 ish... "I have a meeting at 8, let me go kanna" she begged

He lay there

"Get up and shave I will take the day off" she lied feeling her bruised skin... softly

She lay until he started to sleep again and slid off, found her clothing and went to take a shower
Texted Akka  "how is he?"

"Bala is going to school"Shocked

NEE PO KA" II beggedCry (YOU go)

"Are u kidding?" Akka responded


"Edo nadakkattum" (whatever may happen its fine)

Ii dressed in a pearl color shirt and navy Burberry... braided her hair wore HighStrung M.A.C on her lips
Her laptop was in her car... she wanted to taste Amma's besan laddoo she walked over to the bedroom screwing on her diamond solitaires..
he was still asleep... she felt his shoulder fearing he was unwell

He turned and held her wrist

"I am leaving" she said

She returned and kissed him  fully, his arms supporting her leaning form... his body hungry and aroused
.. wiped off the smudge...

He looked at that choclatey pink

"High Strung" she said without a smile

He half smiled

She began driving towards Dhaula Kuan, changed her mind and drove to Munirka

when she went up it was 7:42..

Akka sat sadly drinking second dose coffee near the balcony on the dining table chair

The house II tidied last night was a mess again
"Edukku kanna?" Akka asked seeing her (why did u come again)

"I had to see u ka" II whispered

"Cute aa irukku paaka en kozhanadi" (my child looks so cute)

"Did he hit him?" Ii asked

"No... he didnt talk to him" "Wouldnt let him take the bus"


"Where are Thatha Paati?"

"Watching Shankara TV IN BED" Akka was irritated

"Tch" II lamneted

"My kid gets the worst treatment.. until I threw a fit there wasnt even a AC in his room,
Thatha Paati dont even use it but still a brand new AC. Lets toughen him up Vandita, he has too many luxuries" Akka sobbed


"Naa vendaa sonnena Inda manusharallow pannale na enna di panradu? ( This man wont agree)

"Chee paavam ka" II cried

"Cofee kudikareya?" she asked

"No... I brought 3 kinds of parantha for you" Ii said smiling

Akka smiled "Ethana kavala dee onakku" (how much u care)

II served sisters ate quietly

"Hey can I say something?"

"Sollu ka"

"I want to call Sam"

"Ayyoyo No" Ii said

"See we will know if he took it to school"

II argued and finally gave up

Vandu dialed

"Hey Sam"

"Vandita cold hai kya?"

"Umm haan shaayad... kitni garmi hai" Akka lied sniffling

"Sorry love... i can send lunch bhejoon?" Sam asked

Akka teared up... "No no"

SHE IS SO SWEET Akka whispered to II

II nodded

"Subah subah idli khaane bula rahi ho?"

"Sam aa jao... ek baat poochhon bura to nahi maanogi?"

"U want Lasya for a week?' Sam laughed hysterically

"Woh to meri behen ko do"

"Tumhe kya doon?" Sam laughed cheerfully

"Umm.. Nandu ka ipad khoya kya?"

"HOW DID U KNOW?" Sam asked startled
Wondering if Tan texted Ishita or bala

"Shravu stole it Sam" Akka wept uncontrollably

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Nisha0604 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nividances

Did anyone see the trailer for Quantico? I love mystery/thriller type shows and this one looks quite interesting. PC is not looking too shabby either I must say. Definitely something I am looking forward to this fall.

I love it too

But her accent is terrible on the promo

A mish mash of Desi and Amreekan and she talks like Amitabh from one of his movies Vijay Deenanath Something...Deep fakeDead

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by nividances

Did anyone see the trailer for Quantico? I love mystery/thriller type shows and this one looks quite interesting. PC is not looking too shabby either I must say. Definitely something I am looking forward to this fall.

I love it too

But her accent is terrible on the promo

A mish mash of Desi and Amreekan and she talks like Amitabh from one of his movies Vijay Deenanath Something...Deep fakeDead

Hmm for a sec I thought they dubbed her voice, but then I realized it was her only. Tongue Oh well, I'm still looking forward to it. Smile

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
Sam and Tan are in many ways analogous to Vandu and Bala. There is of course the class divide, but I see many similarities between their ways of disciplining and parenting. They both just want to see their kids lead healthy lives in all senses: mentally, physically, and socially. A strong dose of tough love was administered to both the boys by their respective fathers, but I think they both deserve some TLC now. Looking forward to the next one Nisha. 

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
I think it's been too long since I posted about Minion. But he is absolutely adorable! Such a cutie! And the dinner he whipped up so quickly sounds absolutely scrumptious. Smile

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nividances IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by blue5sky

Originally posted by nividances

This was a recent Humans of Bombay post. In the end the girl talks about choice and I think she does a much better job of it than Ms. Padukone managed to do.

"I've grown up in a red light area, surrounded by the flesh trade all my life. At 12, I've been asked for my 'rate' and cried myself to sleep because I didn't understand it. But you want to know what's worse? It's that the men who came to ask would all be from the 'upper class' as you call it with shiny cars and the perception that they could 'buy' anything. But the women there are my family...they've taken care of me when my mother would have to go work at a factory near by and treated with me so much love and kindness, but I still grew up with a very low self esteem because of my dark color. I don't know why you have to be fair to be beautiful...and because I'm dark I've always been called ugly. Once my 12th standard ended, I decided to make a change. I told the people at my Municipal school that I wanted to study, learn English and make something of myself. That's when I went to an organization called Kranti.

I spent the next year, traveling across India conducting workshops on sex education and that's when I realized that not everyone judges me for my background and kind of got my self esteem back. I've always been a day dreamer, so I randomly just said it out loud one day that I want to go America (at that point I didn't even know if it was a continent, city or a country) and through Kranti's efforts I got a full scholarship at Bard College to study Liberal Arts. We crowd sourced the rest of the money for my accomodation and day to day expenses and my life has just turned around...I've been to semester at Sea, I speak fluent English and have amazing entrepreneurial ideas to make a difference to my Kamathipura. 

Yes, open your mind about my home. Accept that people have choices and know that so many women there are in it by choice...because it's their source of livelihood. As Indians, we need to judge less and accept things that are not always in our comfort zone, because my background is not my weakness...I'm me, and no location can define who I am."

As always when I found a breather..i went online and the last page of the thread trying to figure out if I have missed an update.

And I found your article. What a beautiful anti-dote to all that seems to fill the news about India off late.

Could not agree more with the girls definition of choice.Little stories like this are so heart warming. I know many kids like teach English at organisations like Kranti, mothers that teach their maids kids along with their own, bachelors in Bangalore who pay their maids kid's school fees together with the salary they pay her. And then there is the snigger of OH the NGO types at cocktails. You need them afterall they make giving easy for people like us who would like to give but have mile long daily to do lists! 

When Kids come back as say ' oh that was easy' after tutoring a needy child there is a glint in the eyes and a sense of peace that comes from giving.

It does not take much to be non-judging a little less ego and space in your mind to think of another. So true Nivi choice can transform yourself and the world around you!

Thank you for the article.Thumbs Up

I just love this thread!! Awesome tale, awesome writer and awesome people!Hug

have nice day everyone!

And Nisha who rarely gets to read all that we always waiting for more...

Very well put Asma! Clap

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swathi1990 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
As always awesome update Nish
I loved the way Tan and sam reacted...It says something ipad really doesnt matter financially to them but they wanted to instill values and teach them the value of money...That is something many rich parents forget to do...but I am sooo happy to see these two as exceptions...

on a different note, why do I feel that II's affection towards shravu is spoiling him...I mea I am not accusing her...but I dont think the work shravu did should be easily left...Bala's reaction was spot on...I might be old school...but adichu valakarthula enaku ethuvum thappa theriyala...seriously if u leave this today what is the guarantee that it wont continue...u shud be strict when u have to be...

and now if u go and get him an ipad wont that send a wrong message ??? 

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