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Originally posted by kashishk

I am better now, although the situation I am going through is not, but I will manage somehow, just pray for me.
Guys, I am half way done, with the chapters.
Hopefully no mishap happens tomorrow and I will be posting four chapters in a go.

Loads of love<333

dont worry...take ur time...n u will be in our prayers...!!

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Hey ...by wat tym will u be updating ??? 

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Guys, you all are awesome, I love you too bits. Just give me three more hours and you four chapters will be up.

Again, I apologize for the delay but I am going through unforeseen events and loads of mishaps so please bear with me a little longer till I am out of this.

I am feeling so good by the response, thank a loads guys for being with me and so supportive, it really means a lot to me. I hope more people join us on this adventure and please, it is a hearty request, please promote the FF to your friends and people around (The direct Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4376187)

Hey sweetheart, thanks a lot, it means a lot to me
I will try to continue soon, and will definitely PM you from my PM account.
Awee this is so overwhelming. Thanks a lot. Keep supporting me.
Here is the link to my MaNan Gallery: MaNan Fictions Kashish's Gallery

Link to YouTube channel: 

I will update the next chapter soon, in few minutes hopefully or tomorrow.

Keep loving MaNan and my work. Please send in comments and do like, as it means a lot to me. For a writer, your guys comments are their feed, so don't forget about the feedback my superb MaNan lovers <3 

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Loads of love<333

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Thank you wonderful, my super awesome reader, even though less likes than previously but your support really means a lot to me, you make my day, trust me. 
Please watch, like, comment and subscribe to my channel there, guys, you can make my life easier by doing this.

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBF*L7cv8baXrXM7-HHZrw

Please, please, please, do watch it as much times as you can, see the ads and help me out, since I want to keep writing.

So guys, here are the chapter 22,23, 24, 25, scroll down for the later chapters. And this mainly because you guys are wonderful, 

My expectations from my super MaNan readers have increased a lot, let's say 7 pages of comment and 100 likes on each chapter, at least, and I will do my best to update the next chapter soon.
I know you guys can do folds more than this. Don't disappoint me please.

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The most awaited chapter ;).
Chapter 22

As Manik reached in front of girls room he found the door ajar so he thought to open it but stopped seeing and hearing something shocking, snatching the earth under his feet. His smile and excitement faded away and he stood their shocked with tears coming out. He was just not able to believe the scene in front of his eyes.

Abhimanyu was sitting on his knee with a box with a ring in front of Nandini "From the day I saw you, I have completely fallen in love with you. I didn't know how to say you but I am saying it to you today after mustering all my courage. Do you love me? Are you willing to marry me? Will you please marry me and make the happiest and luckiest man on the earth?"

Manik couldn't stop there for a moment mmore, he was shattered, broken. He left from there with tears in his eyes. He rushed to his room and locked himself in the bathroom and cried like he never cried before, ever more that when he felt guilty for hurting Nandini, Padma and his own friends, along his parents. 

After that he stopped crying, he wiped his tears and washed his face. While looking at himself in mirror he said "Manik, you are late, you took so much time to realize your love for Nandini and when you realized it's too late, you lost her, you lost your true love," he cried more and more but then he controlled himself and wiped his face with a determination to be stronge and be happy in Nandini's happiness. 

He took a quick shower and went down. As he saw Abhimanyu, he was curious, he thought to ask what Nandini said. He truly wished she told 'no' but even if she said yes, he would be happy.

"hey Abhimanyu"

"Hey Manik"

"Actually, I was passing by in front of girls room and heard your voice. Sorry, I didn't mean to listen it but yeah I heard you confessing, what did she tell?"

"Manik, no problem dude that you heard us, no need to say sorry at all" said Abhimanyu with a smile "and as for the confession, she told me to confess to her in lots of people and I agree with her, I want her to always remember that day," Abhimanyu was all in dreaming mode while saying that.

Manik smiled weakly "I am happy for you, I hope she'll say yes" No please, God, don't let her say yes.

Humans, a very complicated species that they could never truly express what they mean or want. 

"Thanks man, I also hope the same as you...and yeah Manik please keep it as a secret don't tell anyone."

"Don't worry Abhimanyu, your secret will be kept safe with me"


Then they went in the hall and saw all sitting there. They too sat down. After a while, they heard a bell and a servant went to open the door. Arjun, Rishi and Neha came in. They met everybody but they were shocked seeing Manik there. They met to him like they were strangers that hurt Manik a lot. All talked normally but it wasn't like it used to be, they were so formal, so stranger-like. He didn't know what to do to make everything all right, the same way it used to be before Soha came in their life.

As the phone rang, Shreya picked it up after she hung up the phone, she shouted "oh shit guys, we forgot."

"what???" asked everyone.

"Today is the ball in our college and the principal like every year gave to us the responsibility."

"How are we going to do all the preparations?" Asked Rishi.

"Yeah Rishi, we got less time and so much to do" said Neha all tensed, biting her nails

"Hey guys, don't worry, what about if we help you?" asked Dhruv

"hmm we'll be more than happy" said Arjun "come guys, let's get ready and leave in half an hour."

All agreed and went to get ready. As Nandini was going in her room, Shreya caught up with her "Nandini, you ok?"

"yeah Shreya"

"you sure, you are coming?"

"of course, I am coming, why wouldn't I?" said Nandini

"That day Nandi..."

She was interrupted by Nandini "I am over with it"

Shreya nodded her head very well knowing the truth. 

(Guys please do have a look:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snn4gR0YQi4)
Unknown to them, someone was hearing them. It was Manik, Manik heard them and was deeply hurt. 

'Jaane tu meri kya hai, jaane mein tera kya tha, Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..'

He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, all that came in front of his eyes were their cute moments. 

'Jaane kaisi kasak hai, jaane kaisi tadap hai, Kyu yeh aankehin num hai, jaane kaisa gum hai..'

Soon enough, they left and made their way to the college. As Nandini came out she closed her eyes and all the scenes passed through her mind leaving a true smile but soon the smile disappeared, Manik was noticing this all the while and was staring at her. 

'Hai dosti humko yakeen tha, dosti aur kuch bhi nahi tha; Par kaise tujh ko bole, kyu chubhte hai pairon mein kaante; Janaa dil jaana, kaise maine naa jaana;Ki pyaar yahi hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..'

He couldn't believe how he was able to hurt her, he promised never to hurt her again. If only he didn't hurt and let her go that day then this wouldn't have happened, If only he knew it was love all along.

'Janaa dil jaana, kaise tune naa jaana; yeh pyaar to hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..' He looked at her going in the hall while talking animately to Abhimanyu 'Jaane tu meri kya hai, jaane mein tera kya tha; Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..'

The entered in the hall and started the preparations. Manik was setting the lights when his eyes fall on Nandini, who was running behind Abhimanyu.

'Kyu aise chubhti hai tujhse doori; Kyu lagti hai zindagi yun adhuri?' 

As he looked at Abhimanyu blowing air in Nandini's eyes while holding her hand, he so wanted to go, push Abhimanyu away and do that but he knew he lost that right, his hand was was formed in a fist.

 'Chua kisi ne tujhko to laga ki;Dil mein kisi ne jaise aag laga ke; Duniya jala di..heyyy meri'' 

He closed his eyes and sighed. His cheeks were all wet with tears, he quickly rubbed them.

After sometime, Manik had to call for the music system but his mobile was nowhere to be found. Then something came in his mind 'maybe I forgot in the bus...yeah' he left the hall and went in the parking lot.

He opened the bus and went toward his seat where he found his mobile. He sat on the seat and called the music system organizer.

"Sorry, sir we are already booked."

"but please try to understand me, we really need a music organizer. You see it's college ball and without music there won't be ball..." after a lot more insisting they accepted. 

After Manik hung up, he sighed and rested his back against the seat and he arched his head back. The scene which happened in the morning flashed in his mind. He was saddened, heart-broken and was also crying. 

'Jaane tu meri kya hai, jaane mein tera kya tha; Saath tere har pal, saath har lamha tha..;Jaane kaisi kasak hai, jaane kaisi tadap hai; Kyu yeh aankehin num hai, jaane kaisa gum hai..'

'No Manik, you have to be strong' he wiped his tears and opened his eyes, his eyes suddenly fall on something laying on the floor. It seemed like a book. He picked it up and looked at the cover 'special moments', he knew it was Nandinis as he gifted this to Nandini on her 17 birthday and also told her "Nandu, as time passes time changes but whenever you'll read what you have written in this, you'll live those moments agains."

He thought to read it but his mind said no. There was great battle going on, his heart was adamant to read it, it was like his heart knew there are big secrets hidden in it which he has to know. His heart won the battle and decided to read it.

He looked around and left from the bus. He went to a lake which was a little away from the college. As he reached at the lake, he smiled, it was as beautiful as before. All friends have spend a lot of time here and he so missed those time.

He sat on the bench near the water and opened it. His heart was beating on full speed but soon calmed reading what she wrote. There had all there moments from 17 years old. He flipped the page forward as he already knew that. But his hand stopped as he arrived on a specific date. '5 november 2006' 

'5 december 2006,

Hey Diary,

The most strange day of my Life. Manik and Soha danced together and I was jealous.

Manik is my friend, then why did I feel jealous?

Those thought gnawed my mind. I was worried, my heart was trepidating in someone unknown feelings, something that I never felt this intensely before, until today as I felt jealous.

I could not see their dance, so I left the hall. I was confused, I was in pain and then, I realized, I realized that I love him. 

I love Manik.

My confusion had faded away as I had the answer. I smiled, determined to tell him everything right away.

As, I went back in the hall, I heard that Manik and Soha won and I was happy for them. I went backstage and found Manik confessing his love to Soha... I was heartbroken...I lost my love before I could confess... My heart pierced seeing them kissed, I just ran away from there crying as the sight was unbearable for me. Why god did this to me? why??? I love him so much, how can he not see my love. But if that Manik's happiness then I am ready to sacrifice my love only to see him happy''

He looked at the page again and hit his head, tears were coming out of his eyes, he had been a fool. She was hurt so much by him and he could never forgive himself for this. He caressed the page and felt her dry tears on it. He has made her hurt, time and again, he was so much lost in his bubble that he never realized the sadness in her eyes, how could he? he was never like this, he always knew when she was sad and when not then how couldn't he notice that she was hurt, she had a fake smile on her face. He wiped his tears and kept reading but to no avail, his tears were not ready to stop.

Not able to read through his tears blurred view, he stopped, cried some, wiped his tears, sniffing and focused. He read next few entries and cried knowing what Nandini felt.

He was able to feel her pain, the pain given by him. He read the entry of the day of his birthday, He was happy to read all her feelings, she was happy on that day because her Mani was back but then Manik realized that her Mani never came back after that time. He was Devil Manik, the Manik Soha made him. 

He looked toward the sky and said "Nandini, I want to be Mani, your Mani". On the same day, there was mention of her dad and how much she was excited, how she tried to call him. He remembered at that time, he was with Soha. 'how can I do that? she needed me with her, she wanted to share her happiness with me, how can I do that'

There was intense urge in his heart to kill himself for being a fool and hurting her.

He came across few poems which stabbed his heart:
'You went away Manik and left me,
with a broken heart,
I cried in pain, I drooped,
I felt too much hurt...(thanks Nidhi)'

'Jal jayenge mere armaan, bhar jayegi meri ankhein
Bikhre dil ka woh dard na jane kaise main seh paongi
Judai se teri jina maut se badtar hoga
Mera khuda jane kya me tujhse kabhi woh keh paungi.'

'Yeh na socha tha kabhi humne,
Kisi ko iss kadar chahenge,
Woh hans kar zakham de denge,
Aur hum zindagi gava denge.'

'Unki galiyon se jab guzray to manzar ajeeb tha,
Dard tha magar woh dil kay kareeb thaa,
Jisay hum dhondty thay apnay hathon ki lakiron main
Wo kisi doosray ki kismat, kisi aur ka naseeb tha.'

Those were poems truly touched him. They showed the depth of her sorrow at that time and the only culprit is him and no one else.

He flipped to the next page and read the date '23 december', he still remembered that dreadful day. Her writing on this page showed how much she was in pain, her letters were not shaped well, her writing was stopped in few places and retaken again, few words were erased a bit because of her tears but he was able to read them.

"23 December,

Diary, this is the worst day of my life... The whole morning, I was waiting for Manik to pick me up... But he couldn't as he has to pick Soha up... I agree I was hurt but then I understood that it was bounded to happen... I knew I could wake dad up but I wanted to be alone, I didn't wanted dad to see my tears ...I left in a taxi...

"I remember how it used to be,
when nothing else matter but you and me,
music, spending time together, and future dreams...
I miss you, I wish you could see,
although you are here, I miss you and me.
I remember when you said how happy I made you,
I miss those days when you'd call just to say "hi"
I miss those days when you come to and say get up,
I don't want to go out, have fun or to do a things...(Thanks Nidhi)"

I made my way in the college and as I was feeling hard to breath thinking about Soha and Manik so I went in the garden. I was happy today but sad too, this heartache was becoming unbearable for me. I stood there with tears streaming down, I wiped my tears and told myself again and again that I have to be strong.

I was in mind thought when Soha and Ishika came, mocking me and berating me. I didn't get them first, and replied politely but then, she crossed her limit, talking about my mom.

Soha insulted my mom, calling my blood dirty, how could she?

So... so I slapped her, I was no longer in my own control." 

The diary slipped from his hand and land on the floor, reading this his breath was stuck somewhere. He wasn't able to believe that he had been so much blinded. He has hurt her a lot, he wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't accept him in her life, even as her friend,  he deserved to be away from her. He cried a lot, all the pain which she felt was killing him at the moment. He picked again the diary with heavy heart and with tears in his eyes and continued reading.

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"And, then, Manik appeared, he was no longer the same, he was no longer my Mani, he was someone else, someone I don't know. He was more concerned about Soha than about me, her bestfriend since we are kids.

How can he not believe?

I tried to explain him but he chose to listen to their lies.


I was angry, I was enraged so I ended up insulting her, I didn't expect what came next.

My Mani... No not mine anymore, Manik Malhotra slapped me. He insulted me. Soha's words didn't hurt me as much as his heart. She had hurt me psychologically but Manik, he stabbed my heart. I was shattered, numb.

How I left the place and came home, I don't know. I was too tormented and in daze.

As I reached home, mom got worried, she probed me but I was in trauma. She decided to call Soha, who again told mean things to mom. Mom was startled but she thought that now we won't feel guilty or bad leaving this place.

I refused to leave despite everything, so mom said that call Manik and if he agrees to talk to me, she would be happy, if not then we will leave and not contact him. I agreed, I called him, but Soha picked, I was in no mood to talk to her, I asked for Manik but she again fed him false things and he believed her, he scolded me, accusing me.

And I realized our friendship was over."

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snn4gR0YQi4, from 4:47)

'Janaa dil jaana, kaise maine naa jaana; Ki pyaar yahi hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..' 

Manik knelt down on the ground and cried out aloud. 

Now, he realized the depth of Nandini's meaning "she died the same day when she was insulted, humiliated by her best friend. She died the day when she was slapped by her best friend. She died the day when her best friend choose someone else over her. She died the day when her best friend wasn't ready to listen her." "not only Nandu died but Mani died too that day"

He has really killed them, he was completely broken down, reading all this felt like earth was snatched away from under his feet. 'how can I do that? how?' He wiped his tears and told himself 'Manik, it's your fault that you lose Nandini. You don't deserve her. Abhimanyu deserves to be with her, God keep them happy'

He thought to read the rest but he had no gut "Nandini, even If I don't get your pardon, you deserve an apology and rest will be upto you" He wiped his tears but they came out as soon as he wiped, he didn't bother this time to rub his tears.

He closed the diary neatly and kissed it. After that he went back to the hall. In the way he heard some voice and stopped and the voice seemed familiar. 

"How much more money, I have already given you so much Ishika"

"Soha, please I need money and you have to give me"

He knew now it was Soha, he went closer there and hide behind a tree.

"and what made you think that I will pay, huh?" said Soha with attitude

"Oh dear, you so wouldn't want Manik to know your truth, huh, come on, you still haven't done it with Manik."

"don't you dare black-mail me" warned Soha.

"try me, I'll definitely dare" challenged Ishika with a smirk

"no You won't"

"Of course, I will, I'll tell Manik everything. That you are the reason for Manik and Nandini's separation."

Manik was even mortified to listen the live confession, he knew he was used by Soha all along but seeing her here and listen this made his blood boiled even more. He just wasn't able to control himself so he went there and slapped her hard "you know what Soha, Nandini did right that day to slap you. You deserve a lot more slaps like this" 

He fist his palm, calming his anger as he had promised never to slap a woman, he had broken it once, never again. He gave both of them a glare and left behind a furious Soha and quite upset Ishika as she wanted to get money out from Soha

He noticed loads of people and realized that the ball had been started. He made his way in with the determination to ask apologize. The sight in front of him pierced hundred knife in his heart, In the middle of the stage, Abhimanyu was bent down in proposing position with the same ring box and Nandini was standing in front of him and Mukti beside her.

True, he wanted Abhimanyu and Nandini together but he was hurt, he wasn't able to bear this. He closed his eyes as heard Abhimanyu.

"So will you marry me?"

Manik was so afraid by the answer, he knew he didnn't deserve her but still he couldn't see her with someone else 'If today Nandini says yes, I'll go from her life forever'. His hand went cold, his face was all pale with tears coming out 

'Janaa dil jaana, kaise tune naa jaana; yeh pyaar to hai, yeh jaane tu ya jaane naa..'

As he heard the crowd go wild, with claps and whistling, he understood it was a yes.

At that moment, his world come to an end, crumbled down, still with his eyes closed he took his step back and turned himself toward the other side and opened his eyes. His tears were streaming down non stop, he was understanding her anguish. He made his way out from there still crying, his eyes were bloodshot red. He has lost his life forever. But he could realize the depth of her pain. 

True, he was unaware of the reality for last three years but he too suffered. He was away from his true loved ones, even tough, his mind denied but his heard didn't deny. His heart was in a great pain at that time. And pain of heart was way more than any physically pain. He too suffered the same pain, from which he made Nandini go through. 

The only difference was the reason. She suffered because, her best friend, Mani, Manik Malhotra, didn't believe her, she was hurt because the guy she loved, was with someone else. And he, because, his best friend, Nandu, Nandini Murthy...Now Nandini Gupta, wasn't with him anymore, that he had hurt her and his heart knew all along that he loved her, it was all his fault. He was hurt and was in pain today to see the girl he loved with someone else.

Today, he was receiving his punishment, God was punishing him for not trusting his best friend, the friend to whom he promised to share all the happiness and sorrow. And He has no right to complain it because he was nowhere to be a good friend, he had failed.

He had failed her.

Manik had failed Nandini.

Mani had failed Nandu.

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As he was out side now he saw a figure but his view was blurry, he quickly wiped his tears, blinking the remnant away, and found Nandini there.

"Nandini what are you doing here? shouldn't you been in the hall?" he said looking down and tried his best to control his emotion.

"I'll reply later to your question, first my question, Why are you crying Manik?"

He broke down at this and said while chocking "I am sorry Nandini, I know I had been a fool not to believe you... I made the biggest fault of my life... I have done a sin...I know I don't deserve your forgiveness... but... but please don't hate me... I won't be able to live with you hatred"

Nandini clapped her hand in mockery, "wahh Manik wahh, when you had to insult me, it was in front of the whole college and now that you have to apologize you are doing it in private?"

"No Nandini, I am willing to do anything to ask apologize and if it's bound to happen in front of the whole college then I am ready, it's nothing in front the pain I gave you and I am ready to anything for you" he wiped his tears and looked at the diary in his hand, he looked at her and said "yeh lo tumhari amanat" he handed Nandini her diary and then entered in the hall. She looked at her diary and was stunned to see her diary but then she too followed him. 

Manik went in the middle of the stage "excuse me guys, may I have your attention please?"

All halted and looked toward him "I am really sorry to interrupt you guys. But something important has to be said. I, Manik Malhotra, Three years ago on 23 December committed my biggest sin. I insulted my best friend, I didn't believe her, I chose my so-called girlfriend Soha over her, I broke up with my friends, I hurt all of them along my parents and my best friend's mom. I will try not take anybodies name as I don't want any problem in their life, in her life, anymore because of me. All these people were always there with me when I needed someone but what I did in return...I... I hurt them... I am so shameful of myself." his words were chocked, he was crying and sniffing. He paused and wiped his tears but they came out again the next second. There wasn't a single noise in the hall expect Manik's crying and speaking.

"and as I got to know the truth today... that I was wrong... that I have failed my best friend... my family... my friend, I am just shameful... so guilty that I can't face them and most of all, her. I am not asking her... or them to forgive me bec...because... I know... I know I don't deserve th,... that day...I didn't only hurt my friends... but my best friend who loved me the most... I am really sorry" He couldn't control himself and fell down on his knee, he sniffed and looked back at his friends and then Nandini who was standing by the door. He wiped his tears but it seemed, today his tears weren't ready to stop.

He continued in his chocking voice and while sniffing "...and I want to confess something to HER today... I know I am late... I have... I have lost you forever... but you still deserve to know that... I love you... I love you so much, I know It took me so much time but what can I do boys are just stupid... they'll propose everybody expect the girl they love... I know now you are happy with someone else but I had to confess this because I want you to know... nothing lacked in you, you are the best... you are just too good... and you deserved to know all this and you deserve..." he closed his eyes as what he was going to say hurt him most and he said "you deserve... someone way more better than me." 

he opened his eyes again "Maybe you'll never be able to give me a second chance to believe in my love but I truly love you a lot and I'll always keep loving you..." His eyes were all red and his face full with tears. He looked so pale like a ghost, it seems like he would faint any minute. As he looked toward the crowd, he found his friend with tears in their eyes.  

He took a long sigh and tried to control his sobs but was unsuccessful but still continued talking "Even tough, I wasn't there with you all the time... my mind deceived my heart but my heart still cried for you and still cries... I remembered you every moment. Every breath... I took was with your name and... and at that time I hated that... that's why I started drinking and smoking...  Even then, I called you every night, leaving you a voice message... I kept on drinking and smoking just to forget you but today I realized that I can't forget someone who resides in my heart" He took hold of the locked tied around his neck "you know this locket, I tried to take it away when you went away, but I was never able to... I never could take it away...It was the last memory of yours with me".

"when you went away... I was hurt but to egoistic to accept that... Even when I didn't want to remember you, you were always in my mind...my heart...in every part of me... I missed you a lot. You know...Whenever I missed you and aunty... I always ended up by going to your house where we had so beautiful moments...where aunty cooked parantha's for me...where you chased behind me because I made you woke up by pouring water on you or doing something to annoy you...where we all the friends had loads of fun..." he said all this with a sly smile, remembering all this make him always have a smile but soon it faded away as he realized the reality "... You know the only place where I got solace was your room... my mind was never to accept the fact that I missed you but I missed you a lot... I destroyed everything...I destroyed everything..." 

"Please if you can then forgive me, if not then I'll go away from your life forever but please don't hate me...I..am..sorry..." he sobbed badly while lowering his hand and covering his face with his hands. He seemed like a baby at that time, he didn't care that he was a man and was crying in front of the whole crowd in fact, he felt light that he poured his heart out.

He looked up as he heard the heal click sound. He found her coming on the stage. He stood up, even tough there wasn't any energy left in his body, he felt like he would faint right now but he needed to face her. Tears were still leaking there from his eyes. He wasn't in condition to say anything more. She went to him one tight slap, he wobbled but her hold stopped him from falling.

"You were my bestfriend, how could you not trust me?" she whimpered and gave three tight slaps but he didn't dared look at her.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry. I know you can't forgive but trust me, even if you accept me just as a friend, then too, I will never hurt you ever again, forget physically, I will never even hurt you emotionally. I promise you not only you, but I will never hurt anyone."

He looked down, he knew those slaps' pain was nothing in front of her pain, the pain she endured in those last few years. she slapped him again and hugged him tight while crying "why Mani, why have you done this to me? why did you hurt me so much why?" He was happy hearing Mani and getting hugged by her after a long time, his soul felt in peace now and his body was in full form again.

"I am really sorry" that's all he could manage in this situations, his voice was more like a whisper, clasping his arms around her.

All clapped seeing that, even the student who didn't know them all were happy. Their stories were famous all over the college. They stopped clapping as they heard Manik speaking in a normal volume.

"Nandini, I am really sorry, please forgive me"

Nandini moved back from the hug "how can you think I can love someone else, huh?" asked Nandini angrily, while frowning.

Not that he didn't deserve the slaps but they hurt, he was quite scared of her now, his cheek was numb. 

"But Abhimanyu was proposing you???" he asked, confusingly, in a low voice

She crunched her brows, and pushed his forehead slightly with the tip of of her fingers. "you truly are a tube light, you moron" he grinned through his tears at this, this was his Nandu "he proposed Mukti", she pointed at them, he looked at them, hugging each other, Mukti's face shining and Abhimanyu smiling widely and made a sorry face to her.

"Sorry, so have you forgiven me?" he asked innocently

"If I hadn't forgiven you then I wouldn't have hugged you, idiot!" She whacked his chest.

Manik hugged her again and she too responded positively. Then he moved back and cupped her face "thank you Nandini...I love you, I love you so much, will you accept me into your life, I promise to never hurt and to never be the way I behaved with you three years ago, I will always keep you happy do you love me? will you marry me?"

She hugged him again and said "yes monkey, I love you a lot and I'll marry you"

The hall got full with claps, all were happy to see two best friend together, it was true when they say two inseparable person end up to be together after all the ups and downs.

Listening that he hugged her tight and cried. Nandini looked at him and asked him with eyes "what happened?"

"Am I dreaming?"

She pinched on her arm which made him pained and realized that it's reality. He kissed on her forehead, he was so happy and was over the moon.

Manik hugged Nandini tightly and closed his eyes, she too closed his eyes and smelled his sweet cologne. As they heard a clap, they broke out from the hug, as this claps weren't of happiness but more of mockery. As Manik Nandini saw the person, it was none other than Soha.

"wow what a scene, Manik you slapped me, you just broke with me  a while back and the next moment you are confessing to this bi***. " said Soha, coming on the stage.

"Soha, JUST SHUT UP" Shouted Manik, this was the first ever time he was shouting at her like this, true he slapped her a while back but he never shouted on her before and that too in public, that was really humiliating and she was quite scared for his tone but still she behaved like it didn't have any effect on her .

"why? why should I shut up? hmm? I had been with you for the last three years, your parents left you alone, your best friend left you alone. You were all alone, I was the one with you, by your side all that time"

"I wish... I wish Soha that you would have never came in my life. Because of you, I was separated from Nandini and Padma Aunty, because of you my friends, my parents didn't side up with me, I was wrong all the time. I was too blind to not see the reality but not anymore, you have lost Soha. In front of the truth you have lost." he said making a bad face. He put his hand around Nandini's shoulder and then they starting making their way away.

Manik stopped in his track and looked toward Nandini,he asked "Can I do ask one favor before leaving?"

"yeah" she replied confusedly

"can you slap her?" he asked pleadingly

As Manik asked, the whole hall fulfilled with whistles and noise, as everybody were saying 'yes' 'yeah'... 

"ok jaan, you are more than welcome" she said with a smile, why wouldn't she say yes.

She went to her and slapped her hard. The slap was full with so much anger. She just wasn't able to forgive her for what she did.

Nandini said "Soha, from the beginning you never loved Manik, you used him. I just pray to God to give you the taste of your own medicine. Khuda kare ke tumhe bhi kisi se pyar ho aur woh bhi tumse door rahe. Us din tumhe apni ghalti ka ehsaas hoga" 

Everybody was laughing on Soha and was making fun of her, she left the hall while placing her hand on her cheek. For the first time in her life, she had been insulted like this and it some sort of taught her a lesson. Now she realized, if her dad had slapped once when she was little then this wouldn't have happened. She was living in illusion that she could get whatever she wanted, she could buy everything, but she was wrong love coudln't be bought.

True, she thought to sleep with Manik but that was to make him hers, she was unaware of the fact that it was not only physically two persons become one but from soul. She realized that she never loved Manik but was attracted to him. When she left the hall, she knew she was a different person, she promised herself to repent for her mistakes and to never come back in their life.

All Manik and Nandini's friends and the other students along teachers came on the stage and congratulated them. 

Manik apologized to Arjun, Rishi, Neha and Shreya and they forgave him with a hug as they were happy he realized his mistake. And other too except Abhimanyu, who already know, got to know about them, they were quite surprised but happy that they were together now.

After all the congratulations, Manik and Nandini joined their friend off stage and all made fun on Soha; they really had a great time while laughing at her.

As soon as Manik got the chance he took her out of the hall and they made their way to the lake in each other's embrace. There was only silence but that was speaking volume.

They sat near the lake, Nandini's head was placed on his chest as she felt something wet on her hair, she tilted her head and looked at him. She found him drenched in tears "Mani, what happened?" she asked worriedly

Manik was really surprised to know, the girl he hurt the most on the earth, still cared for him and loved him so much that even after his mistake-like-sun she forgave him.

He hold her hand and kissed them "Nandini, even though, you forgave me, I won't be able to forgive myself"

She took her hands out from his hold and placed her finger on lips " shhh, Mani, just call me once Nandu"

He took hold of her hand again and looking straight into her eyes, he said "Nandu", in reply he got the most gorgeous smile, it was simply angelic.

"I love you Mani" Saying that she hugged him hard

"I love you too" he put his hand on her back and squeezed it, both sat there in the same position.

After some time,


Manik took out his mobile and read the message 'where are you guys?, we are leaving.

"come on, let's go they are waiting for us" said Manik and stood up. Nandini stretched her hand out for Manik too hold it, who happily hold it and Nandini stood up.

Manik and Nandini started walking together, fingers entangled, back to the hall when Nandini suddenly pinned him on the wall. "what are you doing?" said Manik with shocked expression.

... Scroll Down for next chapter.

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Manik and Nandini started walking back to the hall when Nandini suddenly pinned him on the wall. "what are you doing?" Manik was sort of afraid. She grinned seeing that.

"I am trying to seduce a certain Mani Malhotra" Nandini said naughtily with a smirk

By now, Manik was calmed by now so he too smirked back  "oh is that so?"


"then most welcome, I would love to be seduced by you"

She blushed, to which Manik kissed on her, now,  pink cheek. She encircled her hand around his neck and kissed him hard on his lips. Manik too kissed her back while holding her from her back. He parted her lips and slowly entered his tongue in her mouth. Both moaned in pleasure. This kiss was exactly like the one he had every thought a kiss to be, the kiss he has dreamed of. It just made him go in a daze.

As they moved back, they were out of breath. Controlling their breath Nandini said "I have to tell you something"

"hmm" he was still intoxicated

"I never forgot you. Even when I was with Abhi it was because my mom  and Abha di wanted me to move on, I tried and I failed. Abhi and I shared a peck and I backed out, I loved you. And to be involved with someone I had to forget you, which I could never do. The kiss with you in my room was my proper kiss with the man that I love." She confessed.

He looked at her amazed. He had kissed Soha umpteenth time, which he hated and here she was confessing that she still loved him. "but...you..." he didn't found the word

"I lied about kiss being casual" She leaned on the wall and put her head on his shoulder "I didn't want you to feel awkward after the kiss. That kiss meant everything to me but I never wanted you to feel guilty"

"Nandu why? why you love me so much?"

"Mani, All I had been doing when I was away from you was waiting for this time, my love never stopped for you to increase" she kissed on his cheek "by the way, I thought after reading the diary, you must have got to know that"

"I didn't read your entries after that dreadful day, I didn't got the gut"

"hmm, good for me and really bad for you" she winked at him

"and why is that?" he asked with a frown

"oh nothing there were all the thinks like why I lied after our kiss, how I was feeling and what I thought about your body etc..."

"oww, I missed a big opportunity to read so much" said making a sad face and with dramatic tone

"yeah" she grinned at him

"My fault"

He again hold her in his arms and they started walking "by the way, the other day, Abhimanyu was proposing you?"

"Arre Idiot, nothing happened like this, listen...

Abhimanyu entered in Girls room and he was really nervous "Nanhi, I have to talk with you"

"yeah Abhimanyu"

"woh actually you know I love Mukti" Nandini nodded at this "...and I was like practising how to propose her in front of the mirror for so long but I just can't, I don't know what to do"

"Hmmm" she scratched her head as she was thinking a way out there "well, how about you practice here. Imagine, I am Mukti and you, of course, are Abhimanyu. How will you confess?"

Abhimanyu thought for a while and looked at her. He gently bend down on his knee and took out the ring box from his pocket "hmm, From the day I saw you, I have completely fallen in love with you. I didn't knew how to say you but I am saying it to you today after mustering all my courage. Do you love me? Are you willing to marry me? Will you marry me and make me the happiest and luckiest man on this earth?"

"great, fabulous, just do it like this and I am damn sure she'll say yes. One more thing, make it special for her, I mean, like confess it in loads of people"

"yeah, great idea" saying that he hugged her "you are the best Nanhi"

She too hugged him back

...that's what happened that day" said Nandini

"ohh ok"


They soon left and went back home. As Padma, Shashank, Karan and Mitisha got to know that, moreover Abhimanyu and everybody else showed them the ball movie and everybody were so emotional they had started crying, they were so much happy. They all hugged Manik and Nandini with so much love. At that moment, Manik was truly forgiven.

Mitisha was glad to know her son got back his sense. Karan was also glad. Both were happy to send him to Mumbai, they knew they took the right decision. The only way to make Manik realize he doesn't love Soha was to keep him away from her and to their chance Nandini was also there.

Padma and Shashank too were really happy. Shashank took Manik as his child and he was happy to have him as his daughter's husband, he knew he'll keep her happy.

When Manik asked apologize in person, Padma had hugged him and cried her heart out. Only she knew how hard was to behave in front of him like he is unknown, her cried to hug him and shower her motherly love on him. Manik was really guilty to make all of them so much hurt. Manik too cried hugging them and promised himself to never hurt them.

Mitisha and Karan were also going to stay there as they have to the preparations for the engagement. Shreya and Arjun are like their own child, when Manik wasn't there, they all used to be with Karan an Mitisha, they supported them on every step.

In the night all went back to sleep peacefully expect Mukti and Abhimanyu, they were sitting on the couch in the sitting room. Mukti head was placed on Abhimanyu's chest and Abhimanyu's hand was placed around her waist.

"I thought, I'll get never your love" whispered Mukti

"why?" asked Abhimanyu with a frown

"because, I was never lucky to have someone's love. I was 4 when mom dad got divorced. I lived my grandma till 7 but then she passed away. Then I had to live two week with dad and then two week with mom. Mom and dad have married to someone else and had their own families, I was their second priority. No one loved me. They fulfilled my needs by money but their new family got their love." she said while getting sad.

Abhimanyu hugged her, he too felt his eyes getting teary to know through how much she went through. Without love, it's difficult to live. He kissed on her forehead and then made her look at him. "from now on, you'll get all the love you deserve" saying that he placed his lips on her and kissed her.

It was quick kiss but it turned into a passionate kiss as she responded him. Both sat there kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Abhimanyu was trying to take away all her pain, sorrow and was promising her to be by her side all his life, through happiness and sorrow.

Two days later, Dhruv was standing downstairs all ready to go on the venue were the engagement was organized. "Manik, do quick all are waiting, dude"

"yeah, yeah I am coming" he set his hair and then his collar. He was wearing the clothes that Nandini gifted him a day ago when they went on shopping. He was looking handsome in that blue jean with pink shirt.

He quickly picked up his his jacket and went down "sorry sorry..." he was stopped in the track looking at his princess. His mouth was wide open. He gasped.

Nandini looked him nervously, she was wearing that type of dress for the first time. "what happened?"

He came closer to her and after getting his breath normal "you are looking so beautiful, like an angel" he said in a dreamily tone. 

she was really looking beautiful in that white sari with pink border and light embroidery. She wearing minimal of make up and jewelery. In one word she was looking an angel, well to be precise 'Mani's Angel Nandu'.

She blushed listening that, only he has that power."Mani, you know, you are the one to make your Nandu alive"

"no Nandu, you are the one who gave me my life back, you are the one to make us alive" he said kissing on her forehead "where are the others?"

"All left, expect Cabir and Navya, we'll go with them"


He entangled his fingers in her and they made their way out. They sat in the car and Cabir started driving.

"You know Nandini...I told you Manik, two days ago that you love her" Cabir said

"yeah Cabir, it's only because of you that I realized what love is" confirmed Manik

"yeah Cabir thanks, if you had been here this tube light would have never realized what love is" said Nandini

"Nandini zyada zaroorat nahi hai iske side lene ki, isne bhi teri help li thi. Woh kiya naam tha book ka '101 way to propose a girl', tune hi di thi na isse" Navya said making fun of Cabir

Nandini chuckled remembering that "but that didn't work right?, the way which worked was his own"

"yeah, Right" added Cabir, proudly.

"yeah yeah" replied Navya sarcastically

"did you guys have a fight?" asked Manik realizing Navya is in a mood to strangle Cabir

Navya was about to say something but Cabir stopped her "No Manik, just usual"

Before they could continue more with the conversation, the car broke down "what happened to the car now, we'll surely get late. It's already 10PM" said Cabir

He came out and checked the car. It has some problem so they needed a car mechanic. So Cabir decided to go and search for a mechanic while Manik will stay back with the girls. After an hour he found a mechanic garage which was quite away from the car. So the mechanic took a car with them. They reached there in five minutes.

The mechanic started repairing the car, it had been like 40 minutes since he was repairing but both couples were unaware of the time. 

Cabir and Navya were sitting on rock which was a bit far from there "mujhe nahi baat karni tujhse" Navya said with a pout, like a baby

"I am sorry"


"acha acha, yeh lo"

She took the thing and jumped seeing "so you were just teasing me?"

"yeah, I just like to rile you, sorry" He said with a smile while hugging her.

Manik and Nandini were standing on the other side of the car. Manik's arms were wrapped around Nandini's waist and her hand were encircled around his neck. Manik was intensely staring at her "Mani"


"I am feeling cold"

"oh my baby is feeling cold" he said like a baby, he took his jacket out and covered her

"but Mani, like this you'll feel cold?" Nandini pointed out, she is ready to feel cold but not let him feel cold

"shh Nandu, I am ok, you just hug me if you don't want to make me cold" she shook her head with a smile and hugged him, he too tightened his hold. Both stayed in the same position, God knows for how long.

Both the couples came out from their romantic moment when they heard the mechanic "sir you car is repaired"

They went there and paid him. After that, they went to the venue and soon enough they reached at the venue...well not venue exactly "Cabir, why did we come at my home. Shouldn't we go on the venue?" asked Manik

"Actually, the engagement is going to take place here, now be quick" without giving them anytime, they grabbed them in. As soon as they entered they were covered with black.

"why is it all dark?" Nandini asked, she was feeling really scared


So here are the chapters 22,23,24,25, what is ur take?

I really hope you like the turn of the events.

So much happened in these chapters, do you think Manik deserved this?

About Natasha, if you ever find this name, please let me know which chapter, the character Soha was named Natasha first so you may find that name by mistake. Thanks.

If any typo or name mistake please let me know.
Are you liking the story?
Please leave your comments, do like and pretty please share the link with your friends.

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Love u all<333

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Amazing these chap were just awsome the way my tears were not stoping in first chaps and my happiness has no bound in last chaps.
 I guess manik and nandini are going to engage in next chap.

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