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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 7)

lovelyanu Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Nice update..
Those nick names its very funny candyfloss hahha

Bt the precap again suspence..
Bt update it fast na..

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sakura_otaku Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Lovely update dearieClapClap
Nickname dene wala part was just too goodLOLLOL
Loved it
Precap sounds interesting
Update soonish


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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Finally update mila
It was superb
Loved it

Karan so hppy to meet sanyu

Bt who was that guy which karan met in his way
Is that guy related to sanyu

Loved son father bond
They r each other lives

Awww candyfloss and bimbo
Vidharth k kya name dia h

Flashback was lovely

Sanyu and her crazy ideas
It was so much fun

Precap sounds intrstng

Update soon

Love u
Keep smiling

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anu_anya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 2:35am | IP Logged
lovely update
sandhir flash back was too gud

loved rd nd karan bonding
thanx for pm
continue asap :)))

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sandhir555 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Hey lovely ff... read all 5 parts in a gooo ... especially d nick names .. hehe... continue soon !!

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florine_20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Loved the track.

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loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Hey guys...
How are you all?

Sorry guys...I know I am very late.
But see for compensation i have given a long update. 

So here is chapter 6.
Hope you like it.

Happy reading...Embarrassed


Chapter 6

They all reached the mall. When Karan and Randhir looked around they found vidarth already waiting for them. 

"Candyfloss. Bimbo", Karan shouted and waved his hand in vidarth's direction.

" are you? ", Karan said jumping in Parth's arms.

"Hey champ, itna late", Parth said smiling. 

"Your brother... always late. I think kabhi inhone koi kaam time par kiya hoga", he said nodding his head.

"Leave that. Let's go in", Parth said to avoid randhir from being guilty thinking the past. 

"No. Pehle aap yeh baato ki aap log mujhse milne kyu nahi aaye itne dino se. Main aapse baat nahi karunga", Karan said faking anger.

"Tumhare dad kaam hi itna dete hai that we don't get free", Vidushi complained.

"Dad ki toh aadat hai. Khud bhi itna kaam karte hai aur dusro ko bhi itna saara dete hai", Karan stretched his hand indicating 'itna saara'. 

"Abb kal saunday hai toh hum meri aur dad ki favourite jagah par outing ke liye ja rahe hai and that's final", Karan said in a decisive tone.

Vidarth looked at randhir and he nodded indicating to say yes.

"Fine", Vidarth said together. 

"Chalo phir abhi shopping kare", Randhir said.

Everyone went inside and started shopping. First they went to the kid's section for Karan. Vidushi was the one who helped Karan select his clothes because Randhir never knew what to buy. Once he brought a shirt for Karan and it was so small for him that he never brought any clothing item for him again. Since that this duty was given to Vidushi. 

Parth and Randhir excused themselves as they were never interested in these things. Simply boys. But they never understood that Karan was, always, so interested in shopping. He was so perfect as if he has gained a master's degree in it.

Parth and Randhir went for selecting a gift for the birthday girl.

Soon I was lunch time and they all were at the food court having their lunch.

"Parth chachu... tomorrow's plan is final. We'll all go and have fun", Karan said excitingly. 

"Hmm...but Randhir yeh kaunsi jagah hai?", Parth questioned. 

Randhir kept quiet. Parth immediately understood which place it was. 

"Hmm...samjh gaya. We will come to your house and then we'll go from there. What say?", Parth diverted the topic. 

"Okay...", Randhir said smiling.

"Yehhh", Karan jumped in excitement.

After having their food they went for further shopping. Suddenly Randhir's phone ringed. It flashed Arjun, Randhir's employee.
He picked up the call.

"Hello. Yes Arjun", Randhir asked.

"Sir, actually...", Arjun stammered on the other side of the phone. 

"What happened Arjun? Directly come to the point", Randhir said completely understanding that something was wrong. 

"Actually sir we lost KMG project deal", he said in one go.

"What?", Randhir shouted. He was shocked. This was a company he was waiting to work with and was working hard from last 6 months and he just lost it.

"I am sorry sir...", Arjun started speaking but was cut off by Randhir.

"I told you that this was the most important deal for me. How can we lose it. Kaunsi company ko gaya hai yeh tender?", Randhir said angrily. 

"It's a new company sir", Arjun said. 

"New company. How is possible? I want each and every detail of this company till I reach the office", Randhir said sternly. 

Saying so he ended the call not even waiting for Arjun's reply. He looked at Parth and told him to take care of everything. 

"Parth champ ka dhyan rakh lena. Main office ja raha hu. Important hain", Randhir said and left for the office. 

Randhir sat in the car and told his driver to make it fast to his office. 

He was angry not because he lost the deal, he was angry because he couldn't keep his promise. His mind was thinking about her. This was HER dream project. She always said that when she will own a company, she wanted to work with KMG company. After she left, Randhir promised himself to fulfill her dreams. And working with this comapny was one of her dream. And finally he got a chance when the company launched a new project. He decided to crack this deal and he worked hard for it. But now it went to a newly emerged company. How is it possible?

His mind drifted to the thoughts when she told him about it. Her dream project. 


Randhir's house

They got down from his bike with their bags. He was parking his bike while Sanyukta stood transfixed at the same spot. She was comprehending the fact that she was standing near Randhir's big penthouse. As Randhir returned he saw her still standing at the same place where he had left her.

"Kya hua?", he asked confused.

"Randhir, are you sure hum log yahaan reh sakte hain?", she said fidgeting with her bag.

"Sweetheart, this is my house. Of course hum yahaan reh sakte hain", he said taking her bags from her hand.

He went inside and pressed the lift button for sixth floor. As soon as they reached sixth floor they stepped out of the lift. He pressed the door bell. A very elderly man opened the door and instantly engulfed Randhir in a warm hug.

"Randhir baba. Kaise ho?", ramu kaka asked caressing Randhir's head as they broke apart. She had never seen such a broad smile on Randhir's lips before.

"Main theek hun kaka. Par aapko kya hua hai? Aur zyada budhhe lag rahe hain aap to", said Randhir smiling.

"Chup karo. Humesha majaak karte rehte ho mere saath", he was caressing Randhir's face when he spotted Sanyukta standing behind Randhir with a shy smile, fidgeting her toes.

"Ye kaun hai, beta?", asked ramu kaka. 

Randhir held out his hand for Sanyukta which she took and dragged her in front of Kaka.

"Aap bataiye. Kaun ho sakti hai ye?", he said smiling.

After observing Sanyukta for a while his smile broadened more and said "Yahin Sanyukta hai na?"

Sanyukta came forward and bent down to touch his feet. Ramu Kaka touched her head and said "Humesha khush raho. Bhagwaan tumhe lambi umar de."

They were about to enter when he stopped them from entering and went inside the house. He came back with a small steel container filled with oil and poured it on both the sides of the door and said "haan. Ab aa jao."

"Kya kaka. Ek dum puraane zamaane ki maa logon ki tarah behave kar rahe ho." Randhir said jokingly and entered in with Sanyukta.

"Tumhare liye nahi kiye. Ye swagat to Sanyukta bitiya ke liye tha." he answered looking lovingly at Sanyukta.

"Achcha, ye batao ki inke liye kaunsa kamra kholein?" asked Ramu Kaka.

"Ye to mere kamre mein hi rahegi." He said winking.

Ramu Kaka gave a deadly glare to Randhir to which Randhir laughed and said "Arey mazaak kar raha tha. Aise ghooro mat. Mere room ke saath waala room khol do. Tab tak main isse apna kamra dikhaata hun."

Randhir dragged Sanyukta to his room and opened the curtains. He stood back and let Sanyukta explore the room.

She slowly moved in the room taking in everything. A king-size bed, a huge LCD with playstation, a punching bag, a music system, a big wardrobe, a showcase with countless trophies and medals and a study table. And their was another door.

"Yeh...", she pointed to the door.

"Ek room attached hai. Secret room", he said mischievously and winked. 

Sanyukta hit him and resumed looking around. The room was beautiful except the fact that the walls had no pictures. There was not a single photo frame or picture in his room. She smiled sadly and traced her fingers on a blank frame on one of the walls.

"Wahaan meri, mom and dad ki family pic thi. But ek din ghusse mein maine wo jala di. So...", he trailed looking out of the window.

Sanyukta thought of her room filled with pics of her with her family. She walked up to him and squeezed his hand.

To make the air light he said "Par ab meri room ki deewarein khaali nahi rahegi. Coz I have someone jiski photos main yahaan lagaane waala hun."

Sanyukta smiled listening to this.

"Waise bhi tumhari photo ke liye mujhe sirf google mein lioness type karna hai", Randhir laughed hard.

Sanyukta gave him a deadly glare and in a few seconds they were running around the whole room with Sanyukta chasing Randhir.

"Kya kar rahe ho dono?" said Ramu Kaka as Randhir hid behind him.

"Dekho na kaka, ye mujhe lioness matlab sherni bula raha hai." complained Sanyukta.

"Iski to aadat hai sabki taang kheechne ki. Aur acha hi hain na. Sherni toh sabse bahdhur hoti hai", Kaka said smiling. 

Sanyukta gave a winning smile and randhir smiled looking at kaka.

"Tumhara kamra theek kar diya hai. Jao." said Ramu kaka smiling to sanyu.

Sanyukta picked her bag and went into her room but not before sticking her tongue out to Randhir.

After getting ready, they went out and Randhir showed her his school and all the places he went to when he was small. They returned in the evening. While Randhir went to freshen up, Sanyukta went to the kitchen.

"Arey Kaka, aap chodiye ye sab. Aaj ka khana main banaati hun." said Sanyukta taking the knife from his hand.
"Arey nahi main bana lunga..." said Kaka.

"Please", sanyukta said making a puppy face.

"Nahi beta. Kabhi aur bana lena", Kaka said.

"Acha lekin table main arrange karwaungi. Acha yeh bataiye ki Randhir ko khaane mein karela chod ke aur kya pasand hai?", she asked enthusiastically. 

"Randhir baba...hum jo banaate the wo chup chaap kha lete the. Aur karte bhi kya, table pe hi sahib aur memsahab jhagda shuru kar dete the. Kabhi kabhi to table se bina khaaye hi uth jaate the. Aur zyadatar to akele hi khaate the. Par sirf humein hi pata hai ki unhe kya khana pasand hai. Unhe waise toh sab sabzi pasand hai lekin unko Cukandara bahut pasand hai. Meetha toh unki jaan hai. Humesha aake bolte the ki Kaka, Gajar ka halwa banao na",answered Kaka wiping his damp eyes.

"Ek din Randhir Baba ghar aaye the, kuch court ka kaam tha. Tab raat ko hum khana leke unke kamre mein gaye the. Tab humne unhe tumhari tasveer ko apne computer par dekhte dekha. Humne pucha ki ye kaun hai to bole aapki bahu hai. Sach kahein bitiya, Sahab ne ladkiyon ko leke itna zeher bhar diya tha unke mann mein ki humein dar lagta tha ki kahin zindagi mein ye akele na reh jaaye. Par tumhe dekh ke yakeen ho gaya ki ab wo kabhi akele nahi rahenge." said Kaka patting her head lovingly.

Sanyukta blushed. 

Soon they settled for their dinner. Kaka went to his room after serving them. After dinner both of them moved to their room hand-in-hand. At her room's door, as Sanyukta bid him good night and was about to enter her room, Randhir spun her around and picked her in his arms bridal-style.

"Randhir, ye.." trailed Sanyukta seeing Randhir's naughty grin.

"Tum mere kamre mein sone waali ho. Aur isse pehle ki tum stupid reasons do. Main sabka jawaab de deta hun. Kaka ko pata nahi chalega kyunki unke uthne se pehle main tumhe tumhare kamre mein pahuncha dunga. Mujhe tumhari niyat pe pura bharosa hai. Meri niyat theek bilkul nahi hai but I promise I will behave. Aur lastly, I can't sleep away from you knowing ki tum mujhse kuch hi steps ki doori par so rahi ho. To ab madam aap darwaza kholengi. As you can see my hands are busy."

Sanyukta smiled and opened the door to his room. He came in and kicked the door to his room shut. He then slowly placed Sanyukta on the bed and said "Ek minute".

He went to his cupboard and started searching for something. Sanyukta placed a pillow behind her back and settled comfortably on the bed. Randhir returned with a photo album. He settled next to Sanyukta and placed the album in her lap.

"Tum humesha mere bachpan ki pics dekhna chahti thi na. Ye lo. Exclusive pics of Randhir Singh Shekhawat. Itni hi bachi hain. Baaki to gusse mein jala di thi. Par usse pehle please change your position."

Randhir dragged Sanyukta so that now she was sitting between his legs with her back to Randhir. Randhir held her from her waist and placed his chin on her shoulder and said

"Ab dekho", he said grinning. 

Sanyukta ruffled his hair and started scanning his pics. Randhir was occasionally supplying her with the history behind some pics. She finished seeing all the pics and kept the album on the side table. Randhir was busy telling her about his childhood.

Suddenly she said "Randhir, hum dono ki placement alag companies mein hui to?"

"Nahi hogi. Aur agar ho bhi gayi to humein kaunsa humesha us company mein work karna hai. Maine sab planning kar li hai. We will gain some experience in the internship and then we will open our own company", Randhir said smilingly. 

"Aur hamari company ka pehla project KMG company ke sath hoga", said Sanyukta excitingly. 

"KMG Company ke saath kyu?", Randhir asked puzzled. 

"It's my dream to work with that company. Inte kaam time mein itni successful ban gayi hai. Aur phir yeh hamari company ke liye bhi success layega", she said happily. 

Randhir smiled widely seeing her smiling. 

Flashback ends

"Sir office aa gaya", Randhir's driver broke his trance.

He came out of the car and went inside his office. It was a skyscrapers. He directly went to his cabin and called for arjun.

"May I come in sir", Arjun said standing on the door.

"Yes", said Randhir.

"Sir here are the details of that company", Arjun handed the file which contained all information about that company. 

"Vardhika Automobile", Randhir read the name of the company. He looked further when one thing caught his attention.

"Niharika Suryavanshi, MD", Randhir said. He was shocked. 

"Yes sir, she is the MD of Vardhika Automobiles", Arjun replied. 

He felt strange and read further.

"Where is the owner's name?", randhir asked sternly. 

"Sir we didn't got to know that but we can personally go and meet the owner of that company if you want", Arjun explained. 

"Okay then. Fix an appointment with the MD or CEO of the company", Randhir said and stood up to leave. 

"Okay sir. I will fix it for Monday morning", Arjun assured him." But where are you going sir?"

Though Arjun was his junior but only when it comes to work otherwise randhir treated everyone as a family in his office. 

"Family time arjun. I was with champ. So may I go now", Randhir said sarcastically yet smilingly. 

He camr out of the office and called up parth.

"Hey parth, kaha ho tum log?", Randhir asked. 

"Bass abhi ghar pe entry mari hai", Parth said jokingly. 

"Okay main bhi ghar aa rha hu. Tujhse aur vidushi ko ek important baat batani hai", Randhir said seriously. 

"Okay. We are waiting then. Bye", Parth said and ended the call.

Randhir frowned thinking of the MD. He went and sat in the car and asked his driver to take home. 


Sooo longgg...LOL
So how was it.
Hope you liked it.
Do like and comment.

Wait for the next chapter and you will get two new entries...
Any guesses??? 
No...Then keep waiting for next chapter...ROFL

P.S - I need a help. Please give me a short name for randhir and karan. 


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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Finally u updated
Lovely update

Karan is so cute
Rd is ready to do anything for his happiness

Vidharth so supportive

I'm so eager to know what hppnd in the past

Fb was so cute
Loved rd and kaka bond
Sandhir loves each other so much

May be we can expect sanyu entry soon

I guess in next update the new entry will be niharika and vd fir unse sanyu k clue milega

Update soon
Cnt wait

Love u
Keep smiling

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