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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 66)

loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 October 2015 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cardcaptor

mujhe esa kyu log rha hai k Tim ekta kapoor ki traha twist dogi
itni aasani se milaa dogi
I wish mai glt hoon
let's see kya hota hai
ekta kapoorShockedLOL
no baba...
i am very sweet...

abb u r wrong or right yeh toh next part mein hi pata chalegaWink

loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 October 2015 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bolston

now you have to show their meeting
arre haan baba...
agar sandhir nhi mile toh FF agge kaise badegaTongueLOL
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guys.Big smile

Moi back again.Wink

A/N:  Aap sab soch rahe honge ki main itni Jaldi Jaldi update kaise de rahi hoon. Let me tell you all the truth.

I will soon be going inactive because I need to concentrate for my boards. So before going I am trying to give you the maximum updates. Will even try to complete my FF but I know it will not be possible. But don't worry; I will definitely complete my FF when I will come back. I will put my FF on hold, but will not discontinue it.

Hope you understand.


Now enjoy reading...Embarrassed




Chapter 23


"Champ who is staying with you in your room", Randhir asked him.

"Sanyu", Karan told cheerfully.

"Sanyu", Randhir asked again to confirm whether he heard it right or not.

"Yes. Her full name is Sanyukta. Actually she is approximately of your age but I didn't want to call her aunty so I am calling her Sanyu. She is one of the organizers here", Karan told him the facts.

Randhir was shocked. He doubted himself whether he was thinking right or not, but his mind refused to accept the truth.

"Can you show me her face?", Randhir asked him.

"Why?", Karan asked teasing him.

"Champ just show me", Randhir said sternly.

Karan chirped an okay sensing his dad seriousness. He picked up his tablet and started moving towards the bed.

Randhir heart started beating frantically. A part of him was thinking that he has found his Sanyukta but the other refused to accept it. Finally what felt like ages Karan reached the bed and showed him what he was dying to see from last 7 years. HIS Sanyukta.

Randhir went numb. He closed his eyes. He thought it was a dream come true seeing her after he left all hopes.

If this is a dream then I don't want to wake up. I'll sleep forever', he thought.

He was afraid that this beautiful dream might come to an end. He didn't want to open his eyes. He wanted this moment to freeze. Slowly, he opened his eyes. He had tears in his eyes. Don't know when; don't know why but he were crying.


The name escaped his lips as he continued to stare at her from his laptop with tear filled eyes. He didn't even budge his sight away from her face for a second.

"Dad", Karan asked him seeing him crying.

Karan's voice brought him back to reality and he wiped his tears.

"Champ go and sleep now. I will talk to you tomorrow", Randhir said and ended the video chat.

He didn't want Karan to involve in this. Not now though.

He remembered the last conversation that they had before she disappeared.



"Randhir I need to talk to you", Sanyukta said as she saw him entering the college.

"I am busy Sanyukta. Don't disturb me now", Randhir said ignoring her.

"Randhir please it is really important. I need your help. My...", Sanyukta said pleading.

"Sanyukta don't you understand it. I have more important work to do then to listen to your endless problem. Grow up and try them to solve them yourself. Till when will you depend on me? And for now don't disturb me for the next whole week", Randhir said and walked away leaving behind a broken soul.

And that was the last day Randhir saw Sanyukta. When he came back to collage after a week he got to know that Sanyukta was missing from one week. He searched for her, called her numerous times, asked everyone about her but got no clue. He went to her home where she was living with her mom but found that the house was locked. He asked the neighbours about her but even they knew nothing.

He waited for a day thinking that she might have gone somewhere and would return soon. But she didn't come back. When he contacted the collage authorities about it, he got the biggest shock.

"Kya hua Randhir. Sanyukta ka kuch pata chala?", Parth asked seeing him walking aimlessly.

"Haan Randhir batao kya hua hain? College authority's ne kya kaha?", Vidushi asked concerned.

"Sanyukta has withdrawn her admission", Randhir told him.

Parth and Vidushi both were shocked.

"Lekin esse kaise? I mean why she did it?", Vidushi asked shocked.

"Pata nahi. But Randhir we need to find out", Parth said.

"Maybe uske father ne yeh kiya ho. You know how he is!", Vidushi said and both looked at her knowing that what she said could be correct.

Without wasting a moment all of them went to Sanyukta's house in Delhi. When he went to her house he found no clue. When he told Mr Aggarwal about it, he refused to acknowledge both of them. Randhir got furious but before he could do anything, Parth and Vidushi got him out.

From that day he kept searching for her for almost a year, but it felt as if she had vanished from thin air. It took him another year to come into terms with life without Sanyukta in it. He left everything and settled in Delhi and started a new life but he was still searching for Sanyukta without any results hoping that he found her.




"Kash maine uski baat suni hoti uss din", Randhir again started blaming himself.

Parth and Vidushi came inside the same moment and saw him crying sitting on the floor. Both of them ran to him and asked about what happened.

Randhir told them everything. Both were beyond shock.

"But Sanyukta vardhan sir ke sath kya kar rahi haan? Aur agar vardhan sir jante teh Sanyukta ke baarein mein toh why didn't he told us. I very well remember we went to him twice asking about her but he said he knew nothing. Does it mean he lied to us?", Vidushi asked him.

"Sab meri galti hain Parth. Mujhe uski baat sun leni chahiye thi uss din. Woh aayi thi mere pass help mangne but maine usse ignore kar diya. All that happened because of me", Randhir said and broke down completely.

Parth and Vidushi supported her and made him settle on the bed properly.

"Stop crying Randhir. Abb hamein pata haina Sanyukta kaha hai, then we will get her back. But for that you have be strong. Now wipe your tears and look up", Parth said sternly.

Randhir obeyed Parth's order like an innocent kid.

"Now go and wash your face", Parth said smiling and Randhir went to do so.

Meanwhile, Vidushi called Arjun and asked him to cancel all the meetings they all had.

"But Parth hum kya karne wale hain. Agar hum waha chale bhi gaye toh vardhan sir hamein usse milne nahi denge", Vidushi told her feelings.

"I don't know vardhan sir ne essa kyu kiya but I am sure he will have a valid reason for it. And about Sanyukta, Randhir is enough to handle her alone", Parth said with a fade smile.

Vidushi just stared at him as she was still doubtful.

"Don't worry Vidushi, we will get all our answers from her only. I will not let her go this time. She will have to answer each and every question of mine", Randhir said determined coming out of the washroom.

Vidushi smiled a little and Parth and Vidushi went to pack their stuff.

There were dozens of question that were continuously bothering him. All the answers lay with her.

"Sanyukta Aggarwal, I am coming for you", Randhir said and started packing his stuff.

After an hour, Vidarth came back to his room.

"Hum log thodi der mein Roorkee liye niklenge, right?" asked Parth seeing Randhir lost in some other world.

"Haan.  Lekin soch le Parth. Agar tum dono nahi aana chahata then I complete understand. Main nahi chahata ki jo gine-chune log bache hain meri life mein woh bhi door ho jaye mujhse." Said Randhir in a distant tone.

"Tu maar abhi khayega ya thodi der baad", Parth asked faking anger.

"Haan Randhir. Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahe ho? You are our family. Tumne hamesha hamare help ki hai whenever we needed you. Aur jab hamare baari aayi tumhe help karne ki, you are asking us to back out. Do you think we will do so?", Vidushi said feeling hurt.

"I am sorry who actually...", Randhir started but was cut off by Parth.

"Yeh senti talks hum car mein bhi kar sakte hai. For now let us go fast. Jitni jaldi jayenge utni jaldi we will get our answers", Parth said and both of them nodded.


"Bhagwaan bhi kitna ajeeb hai na. Jab sari umeed chod di tab jaake taras aaya. Waise tu bolega kya usse? Kuch socha hai", Parth asked while driving the car.

"Use apne saamne dekhne ke baad agar jaan bachi hogi to shayad kuch puch paunga?" Randhir replied in a defeated tone.

Randhir took out his cell phone and looked at their pic . A tear drop fell on the screen of his cell phone. Parth patted his shoulder on which Randhir wiped his tear.

The rest of the  drive went silent. Soon they were going to get all their answers.

After another 3 hours' drive, they reached Roorkee. They decided to stay in a hotel for some time and then they would go to meet Sanyukta. they checked in their luggage in the hotel and rested for some time.

Soon morning crept in and the trio got ready for their mission. All of them had their breakfast and checked out for Suryavanshi Mansion.

As soon as he stopped outside his destination, his heartbeat started gaining momentum. He could feel her presence even in the air.

As they walked inside, Randhir's eyes started scanning every nook and corner of the house. It was same he has seen years ago. He scanned every corner in the hope of getting a glimpse of her.

Parth stopped one of the teacher's going and asked.

"Good afternoon mam. Woh hamein Sanyukta se milna tha. We are her friends from Delhi. Where can we find her?"

"Sanyukta is in the park, backside of the house preparing for the first round. Yahaan se straight and then left", said the teacher and walked away.

Randhir's feet were stuck to the ground. She was merely a few feet's away from her.

Vidushi said, "Uss tak pahunchne ke liye chalna padega Randhir."

Randhir took a deep breath and started walking. As he entered the park, her sweet voice filled his ear.

"Arey please somebody help me," she muttered to herself while doing some work wearing a light blue saree. She was looking beautiful.

"when I am here then whom else do you need farzi?", Randhir said with a smirk.

She turned immediately on hearing the deep baritone and as she found herself lost into those chocolate-brown orbs. His name escaped her lips with a gasp.




So a cliff-hanger again...TongueLOL

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.Embarrassed

Do leave your views whether they are good or bad.


P.S: For pms, buddy me.





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UnresBig smile

Moi first ayi hunApprove

*Raises imaginary collars*LOL

Ab mein kya kahun clifffie masterEmbarrassed

Finally the much awaited Sandhir meetDay Dreaming

Brilliant yaaraHug

Hoping for the mysteries to solveEmbarrassed


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Originally posted by sakura_otaku

UnresBig smile

Moi first ayi hunApprove

*Raises imaginary collars*LOL

Ab mein kya kahun clifffie masterEmbarrassed

Finally the much awaited Sandhir meetDay Dreaming

Brilliant yaaraHug

Hoping for the mysteries to solveEmbarrassed

thanks asmuHug
abb sandhir mile hain toh mystery bhi solve hoyegiCool

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cardcaptor Senior Member

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first of all thanks unhe milane k liye
but again a cliffy
stop doing that
pls this time update sooner
btw the part is awesome

and thanks for pm

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parth and vidz are true friends
on randhir condition feel pity
but now waiting for next try to update soon darloBig smile

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Superb update

Randhir finally found his Sanyukta.
The FB - it is unfortunate 
Randhir should have listened to her once
without knowing what is the problem he bursted on her
but from that day Randhir had not seen Sanyu and don't know her whereabouts.

now the mission to meet Sanyu began.
with Vidarth Randhir came to Suryavanshi Mansion there Randhir saw Sanyu clad in saree after 7 years.
Randhir's dialogue startled Sanyu and she is lost in his eyes.

waiting for next chappy,
as it is going to me more exciting

update soon

love u

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