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~Tere liye~ A sandhir FF ||Thread 1 complete|| (Page 61)

loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by natureloverr

Clap Clap 
Awesome Tongue Wink 
But plzzz yaar give Sandhir sceness
Just waiting for there scenes Cry Cry 
Thanx for the PM Smile 
Update soon Smile


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Originally posted by twni

thanksBig smile
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Originally posted by lolita1997

It was a super duper update!!!Clap

Amazingly written
Karan and Nona's fight!!!Shocked

Randhir's talk with karan was superb
He was telling about Sanyu!!Cry

And Sanyu and Karan's convo...  Extraordinary

Thx for pm Hug
Next updateEmbarrassed

thanks lollipopHug
loveparsh IF-Stunnerz

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Hey guys

I am back sooner this time also.Smile

This chapter is dedicated to anu di (anu_anya) for her constant love and support. Love you Anu di Hug


Happy reading...Embarrassed


P.s: Ignore the mistakes, didn't proof read it.Embarrassed





Chapter 22



Everyone was in their respective room after dinner in night. Vardhan and Dhruv were talking about the next day events whereas Niharika was intrusting the teacher's in-charge about the tasks. Sanyukta was in her room talking on the phone to her clients. Karan was busy in watching television.

Nona came to their room and sat down on the bed.

"Hey you stupid girl...koi esse jump karta hai kya bed par", Karan said annoyed.

"Abb tum mujhe sikhayoge ki kaise baithe hai bed par", Nona said angrily.

"Haan...kyoki tumhe kuch nahi aata. Tumhari mom ne tumhe etiquettes nahi sikhaye kya?", Karan asked angrily.

Nona became stiff and didn't reply. She just left from there with tears in her eyes which went unnoticed by Karan but Sanyukta noticed it all. She knew how Nona felt.

"Do you know what you have done Karan?", Sanyukta asked him sternly.

Karan gave a confused look.

"Even she doesn't have her mom with her. If you feel bad about it, then even she feels sad. Her mother isn't with her anymore. Like you even she never got a mother's love. And you talked to her so rudely. Very bad", Sanyukta said little sternly.

Karan felt bad for his deeds and muttered a sorry to Sanyukta.

"Don't  say it to me. Go and apologise to Nona. And see I am not angry with you. I just tried to make you understand. Now it's your responsibility to cheer her up", Sanyukta said with a smile.

"But were will she be?", Karan asked her innocently.

"Terrace par", Sanyukta told him.

"But why on terrace?", Karan asked confusingly.

"Because she always says that she can feel her mother in those stars", Sanyukta told him.

Karan muttered a small okay and went to Nona.

Karan came to the terrace and found Nona whipping silently. He went and sat beside her.

"Tare gin rahi ho?", he asked to little her mood.

Nona just turned her face to other side.

"Okay baba... I am sorry. I didn't know about your mom. Please forgive me", Karan said politely.

"I don't want to talk to you", Nona said in reply.

"I am not asking you to talk. I just want that you forgive me. See I can understand your pain because even I go through it when someone talks about my mom. Even I don't have one but never felt her absence because my dad was always there for me", Karan told her the things he never shared with anyone expect Sanyukta.

Nona looked at him in shock.

"Why are you shocked?", Karan asked her seeing her expressions.

"I am sorry", Nona said.

"No... it's me who has come for forgiveness. See I know a mothers place cannot be taken by anyone else but still we should be happy because someone said that our mother is their near us always watching us and if we get sad, even she gets sad. So we should always remain happy so that she can also keep smiling", Karan repeated the same thing Sanyukta told him in the afternoon.

Nona didn't say anything. She just looked up in the sky and smiled her fullest trying to show her mother that she is happy. Karan too smiled seeing her doing so.

They both remained silent for few minutes and kept looking at sky.

"You know Sanyu always say that when a person dies, he/she becomes a star so that they can always keep an eye on their loved ones", Nona said breaking the silence.

Karan smiled at her and again both started looking up.

"Okay am I forgiven now?", Karan asked after a long silence.

"No", Nona said faking anger.

"But why? I gave such a long speech still I am not forgiven?", Karan asked confused.

"Because you talked to me rudely in the morning too. I didn't liked it", Nona told him.

"Okay I am sorry for that too but I was your mistake too. Even you talked to me rudely", Karan told her.

"Okay then even I am sorry", Nona said smiling.

"Okay now let me help you counting the stars", Karan said jokingly.

Nona smiled and said, "It was a very bad joke."

"But it made you smile", Karan replied smiling.

"Friends?", Nona asked out of blue.

Karan hesitated for a moment but then he smiled and extended his hand. Both shaked hands and smiled.

"Will you like to be my partner for the competition?", Karan asked shocking Nona.

"What? Are you serious? ", Nona asked to confirm whether she heard it right or not.

"Yes. I don't have anyone else whom I can trust for the competition. And  I think you can be a good partner. So will you be my partner?", Karan asked again.

"Yes", Nona said smiling.

Both smiled and each other and decided to go back to their rooms as it was late. They stood up to leave when they saw someone standing behind and looking at them.

"Sanyu?", both of them said unanimously.

"I am happy that you both have paired up. And I am proud of you both", she said proudly.

"Thanks", again both of them said unanimously.

"Abhi let's go and sleep. It's quite late now", Sanyu said and the trio went down.

Nona went away to her room saying a good night and Karan and Sanyukta went to their room.

"Sanyu aap so jao. I have to talk to dad on Skype. Will sleep afterwards", Karan said smiling.

"No problem. You talk to him", said Sanyukta.

Karan nodded his head and brought his tablet. He quickly called up Randhir and Randhir picked up in one call.

"Wow dad so fast", Karan said smiling.

"Was waiting for you only my champ", Randhir said having a big smile on his face.

"So you had your dinner?" Randhir asked.
"Yes! You didn't, right?" Karan asked.
"Nope, but I will", Randhir replied, "What's up?"

"Nothing. You tell what's up?", Karan asked him.

"Not much. It's just been day and I am already missing you," Randhir told.

"Shall I come back home then?"

Karan asked trying to cheer him up.

"What? No. I don't miss you at all. Actually, kaka told me to tell that to you so that you don't feel bad you know!" Randhir told.

"Oh! So my dad has learnt how to lie, interesting, isn't it?" Karan told trying to sound angry.

"Hahaha!" Randhir laughed on the other side,

"Okay have your dinner and come online. We'll talk but first go have your dinner now!" Karan replied.
"As you say sir!" Randhir told.


Randhir ran to the kitchen, ate a little and ran back to his room. He wanted to talk to champ as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, Sanyukta was lost in her own thoughts. 

"Kya hua Sanyu. Aap soye nahi?", Karan asked as he saw Sanyukta still awake.

"Nahi bass neend nahi aa rahi thi", Sanyukta tried to sound normal.

"You are lying. You seem to be disturbed. What's the matter?", Karan asked sternly.

"Nothing. Was just thinking about tomorrow's task", Sanyukta lied. How could have she told the little boy that this was her daily routine. No sleep at nights.

"Don't worry. I will win it definitely", Karan winked. "Now you sleep. Good night."

"Shaitan", Sanyukta said smiling. "Good night."


"Mr Randhir Singh Shekhawat, you made me a master in lying! I can lie without getting caught now, all thanks to you," Sanyukta thought and lied down on the bed and recollected all those memories when she would lie to Vidushi or to Parth to spend time with him.


She thought about, the first time she had ever lied to spend time with Randhir.




"I'll be waiting for you," Randhir told and started walking without bothering for a reply.

"I won't come," Sanyukta shouted.

"I know you will!" Randhir replied and disappeared.

"Argh! What will I tell Vidushi?" Sanyukta thought.




She went the mess hall and sat beside Vidushi; in front of Randhir. Randhir winked at her.

"You have to stop doing that!" Sanyukta messaged Randhir.

"Really? Why?" Randhir texted back.

"Simply!" Sanyukta texted back, knowing she couldn't tell what she wanted to. Had it been a face-to-face conversation; she would have blurted out the truth.

"Okay guys, see you later," Randhir told and excused himself. At the entrance, he signalled Sanyukta to come fast.


Randhir and Sanyukta have been dating since two weeks. They had kept it their secret. No one knew about it.


"Vidushi, I have to go somewhere, bye!" Sanyukta told and got up. Vidushi pulled her back onto the chair.

"Kaha?" Vidushi asked.

"Library! Padna hai na?" Sanyukta told.

"Padna? Abhi abhi toh exams khatam huye hai! Phirse panda hai?" Vidushi exclaimed.

"SHITT! How could I miss that!" Sanyukta thought. "Nahi nahi, mujhe hostel room jana hai!" she told.

"Wait!" Vidushi told and got up, "Chalo main bhi chalti hum. I'm very tired too."

"SHITT! Vidushi toh meri roommate hai! Oh no!" Sanyukta thought. "Nahi, mujhe room nahi jana hai!" she suddenly blurted out.

"Are you okay?" Vidushi gave a questioning look.

"Yeah, I have to go the medical room, I'll meet you later," Sanyukta told and hurried off not giving a chance for Vidushi to reply.

"Ajeeb ladki hai!" Vidushi thought and proceeded towards her dorm.


Sanyukta reached the terrace gasping for air.


"Can I help you breathe?" Randhir asked and took a step forward.

Sanyukta blushed and told, "No need Mr Shekhawat, I'll manage!"

"Are you sure?" Randhir told and smirked.

"Yes, very sure!" Sanyukta replied, "Vidushi almost got me today!"

"Obviously, you don't even know how to lie Sanyukta!" Randhir exclaimed.

"I can't help it, I never lied except a few times," Sanyukta protested.

"Okay, I'll teach you!" Randhir told with his signature smirk pasted on his face and his hands on her waist.



A tear rolled down Sanyukta's eyes. She shut her eyes tightly to stopping the other tears' flow.

"Why Randhir? Why should I always suffer?" Sanyukta thought and slept.


Meanwhile, Randhir switched on his laptop again. He had a 1000 watt smile plastered on his face the minute he saw his love - Karan.

"Aye haye smile toh dekho dad ke face pe," Karan teased.

"Oye, apne papa ko tease karoge?" Randhir faked anger.

"Hehe, sorry!" Karan told and caught his ears.

"Chalo, tum bhi kya yaad rakhoge... Maaf kiya!" Randhir told and laughed.

"Acha? Let me come back... aise pranks khelunga na ki aap bhaag jaaoge!" Karan told.

"Yeah right. Champ, jokes apart now. Waha kisi ko pareshaan toh nahi kiya na?" Randhir asked like a typical father.

"Umm..woh..actually," Karan told.

"Champ?" Randhir asked folding his hands to his chest.

"Haan kiya, bas thoda," Karan told and indicated with his fingers.

"That's my boy!" Randhir told and both laughed together.

"Par zyaada nahi haan!" Randhir told after laughing.

"Haan dad, bata hai!" Karan replied.

"But kisko?", Randhir asked him.

And Karan told him all that happened between him and Nona. Randhir smiled but one thing that caught his attention was the way they fought. There fight was so similar to the fight he and Sanyukta used to have.

"dad", Karan called him for the second time.

"Haan?", Randhir said coming out of trance.

"Dad two minutes!" Karan told and got up.

"Why?" Randhir shouted even though he knew the answer.

"Dad! Washroom!" Karan told and ran into the washroom and Randhir started laughing.


Randhir started checking out Karan's room. It was the same room in which he and Sanyukta stayed last time. He very well knew Vardhan sir must have given this room to Karan. He looked around and found ladies purse kept on the table. He became a little confused.


Meanwhile Karan came back.


"Champ who is staying along with you in your room?", Randhir asked him.

"Sanyu", Karan told cheerfully.



So a cliff-hanger again...TongueLOL

Hope you are excited for precapBig smile

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.Embarrassed

Do leave your views whether they are good or bad.


P.S: For pms, buddy me.





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 moi first yipppeee...Embarrassed  wow wow wow ayu di you rocked in giving cliff hangerLOL
  kyaa yaar i hope randhir ko pata chale ki sanyukta hi karan ki saath hai
and coming to karan and nonaa's fight it was indeed cute waiting for sandhir's scenes and reunion
ek doubt hai kya karan actually sandhir ki beta hai??? anyways update sooonishBig smile

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

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Superb update
Loved it to the core

It was really mind blowing
The story going amzng

Karan and Nona
Poor Nona karan hurt her
She was so hurt

Sanyu made karan realise his mistake

Awww I like the way karan apologised and cheer her mood up

Father son duo bond
They know each other so well

The fb was cute sandhir secret dating
Bt now present is hurting sanyu

Cliffhanger queen
I can wait plz update soon

Love u
Keep smiling

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finally may be this time my wait comes to end
finger cross

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Awesome update Ayu

Karan unknowingly hurt Nona and with Sanyu's words he learned that he made a mistake,
Karan and Nona's convo on terrace is cute

Karan Randhir ki leg pulling karrahahi, naughty baccha,
their bond is  beautiful

Sanyu reminiscing about Sandhir's past moments
how in love she learned to lie convincingly 
Can I help u breathe - epic dialogueBlushing 

Randhir noticed the ladies purse in the table
and came to know that Sanyu is sharing the room with Karan

excited for next update
update soon

love u

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