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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 45)

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RECAP: "How dare you.." he roared she flinched at his tone while neel was about to step forwards wen pakya stops him, shooking his head "she's his wife.." he mouthed causing angry neel to look at heartless monster angrily "How dare you Kalpana Raghav  Singhaniya..?? HOW DARE YOU.." she jumped at his high pitch, lowered her eyes "you were the one who decides to stay apart.. you're the one who decide to deal this matter on your own, you're d one who didn't want me to involve in kapoor's plan again.. then How dare you to blame me about all this..??? He asked angrily she stood still while keeping her eyes on d floor how she tell him that she's afraid what if they succeed in their plan, what if he leave her, what if... her thoughts disturb wen he release her arm n looks at her coldly "And Mind if I remind u.. u were d one who said IT DOESN'T MATTER.. PAAKHI'S CLOSENESS WITH ME DOESN'T EFFECT...
"IT DOES.." she almost shouted "It does matter the way she touch u, d way she look at you.. i feels lyk killing that memory loss case raghav singhaniya it does matter.." tears fell down from her cheek, he's about to wipe it away wen she took her step back... he clenched his jaws his hand remain still.. "you know I hate it.. I hate it wen... 
"And I Love you..." She snapped interjecting "I LOVE YOU Raghav Singhaniya.." And finally she confessed 

Part 49 Again The ATTACK 

"I LOVE YOU raghav Singhaniya.." She finally confessed looking straight into his eyes "I love you.." She whispered 


Neel n pakya looked at each other, b4 leaving them alone while kalpi n raghav still looking at each other.. Wen he didn't say anything neither shows any expression she lowered her eyes, feeling hurt and devastated... After few minutes of silence "I'm sorry.." She finally whispered knowing the fact that she doesn't have any right to expect him to love her back.. Tears start forming in her eyes, she was about to turn wen he hold her hand causing her to look at him, their eyes met.. Their was nothing but blank expression on his face, she can see his blank face anger fuming in her, how dare he react lyk an emotionless singhaniya after my confession "leave my hand raghav Singhaniya.." She said coldly.. She start trying to release her wrist from his grip but all goes in vain "I said leave my hand Ra... "Sir.." A voice interrupts them, kalpi looked at door, driver was standing there with a bag, she looked at the bag n then at him b4 looking back at raghav, as if he knows what she's thinking he said it "Get Out.." Kalpi frowns wen he repeated "leave that bag here only, It doesn't deserve to be at singhaniya mansion.." He said coldly, causing kalpi to looked at him disgustingly.. N driver too place d bags at the door b4 leaving from there...!! Kalpi looked at him angrily "How dare you.." She shrugged his hand "I'm here only for 7 days Raghav Singhaniya n you already decided to kick me out..." He still looking at her with a blank expression, she gritted her teeth, pulls up the bag n keep it on her single bed "fyn.. Do whatever u want mighty singhaniya.." With that she opens the bag n froze at her place, After a brief silence, his arms snacked around her waist to pulls her back in his arms she too leaned her back on his chest, he kissed at d side of her neck causing her to close her eyes "your Rakshas Singhaniya is still ready to take u back, in OUR home kalpi..." He tighten his grip to pulls her more close, their bodies pressed against each other "paakhi came last night.." Causing her to open her eyes she tried to turn back wen "stay.." He whispered in her ear "Mom told me, she kept this bag in Our room.. So its better for me to start accepting her presence b4.. B4 marriage.." Kalpi clenched her jaws, he smiles looking at her angry face while nuzzling on her face giving soft kisses on her cheek 'Come back kalpi.. We'll fight together with them.." He said giving long lingering kiss in d corner of her lips, she moved against his touch, her knees gave away if he didn't hold her... D moment she felt his grip loosen she immediately turn around n hugs him tightly, he smiles b4 burying his face in her hairs "i miss you.. Annoying Wife..." He whispered causing her smile while she kissed him on his chest "I meant what I said, Dominating husband.. I LOVE YOU..." They stood lyk this for several minutes... B4 breaking the hug n sharing a long eyelock..!! He clears his throat "I..I should go.." He kissed on her forehead b4 resting his palm on her cheek, studying her face for few seconds n turning to leave while kalpi too studying his face, eyes for catching a single hint whether she needs to expect something or not.. But emotionless singhaniya "I knows you don't..." She finally broke the silence b/w them causing him stop on his track n after a moment of pause he turn to face her... She took a step forward n look straight into his eyes "I know you don't.. And I just wanted you to know that m not expecting anything from you Raghav Singhaniya.." He work his jaws while she tried hard to fight back her tears, she rested her palm on his cheek "Nothing will change bcz of this... I..I..promise.. nothing will change b/w us.. I... He hugged her tightly "shut up chatter box.." He whispers while kissing her hair, she hugs him back... 
Raghav left Singhaniya chawl, with a small smile, he didn't even say anything wen neel was shouting at him for behaving with his angel lyk that.. instead he just smile at him b4 ruffling his hairs while kalpi n neel widen their eyes b4 looking at each other at his sudden behaviour change.. And that look, wen he was about to sat in d car, still he stopped n looked at her with a small smile n with so much ... Don't know something was there in those eyes.. Wen he looked up... And he left n at d same time tear roll down from kalpi's cheek.. She immediately wipe that 'nothing will change kalpi.. Don't expect anything..'She reminded herself "Its ok angel I love you.." Neel voice broke her chain of thoughts, she look at him confusingly "I love you angel.." "Don't look at me lyk that neel..." She snapped "angel I was only..  "No.. Don't look at me lyk that you knw what he said n for ur kind information he didn't said anything.. He... She stopped n widen her eyes 'bappa.. I know he doesn't accepted, but he didn't denied also.. Urgh ye emotionally challenged singhaniya bhi na..' She immediately looked for her phone n she felt something wen she read
Dominating Husband 
I also don't want to change things b/w us.. I still want my annoying wife back with me.. Here.. ;-) 
She smiled not knowing what to reply n what he meant wen 
Dominating Husband 
I no longer feel insecure of kaddu.. 
She blushed, 
Annoying Wife..
You really think, u don't have to feel insecure.. After what I said..??
Dominating Husband
Y do u think i need to insecure after you said or should I say confess...!!! *wink* Wink
She stared at her phone with wide eyes 'did he just wink at me.. Bappa..' She huffed "he's making me fall more n more for him... Attitude Singhaniya.."  

'I meant what I said.. I love you..'
Sammy cleared his throat for the 8th tym.. d moment he met raghav then conference, then meeting he was smiling lyk a maniac.. He finally looks up n instead of giving him dead glare for interrupting him, he shot up his brows "you want anything sam..?? He asked softly causing sammy to shocked to d core.. "Miracle.." "What..??" 
S: Miracle, The Great business tycoon Raghav Singhaniya Smiling lyk a newly wedded bride... Dude, well the reason has to be something..?? Related to umm let me guess your chatter box..??
"Shut up sam.."
S: well you know wen u call me sam either you're too happy or too nervous about something.. Now I want to know that something... N b4 he said more raghav's phone vibrates 
Annoying Wife 
Mind telling me, what r u doing at office at this tym Rakshas Singhaniya.. Its past 12 Go home... 
He smiles 
Dominating Husband 
I decided... From Monday onwards, you'll be joining office.. If m not able to see my annoying wife for another 5 days then let it be.. I'm here.. I'll take care of u... 
She stared at her phone with wide open eyes n mouth.. 'Is this d same *I'm the Raghav Singhaniya*..'
She huffed 
Annoying wife..
Well.. Did I tell you.. That u r too difficult for me to understand 
He replied instantly 
Dominating husband
Always.. ;-)  

Singhaniya Chawl..
"You know you're behaving too weirdly.." Kalpi said while giving him d last morsel of his fvrt bhindi which she prepared on his demand.. And damn him, how she cooked it quietly wen her whole family sleeping peacefully in a dark room 'Raghav Singhaniya n his style bappa..' He ate "Not my problem, kalpana raghav Singhaniya.. My annoying wife changes my food habits.." He said while he drank water offered by her causing her to shook her head "you're impossible Raghav Singhaniya, I can't believe this I'm doing this.. I mean i cooked bhindi at 1 am for you n you're i mean you're THE GREAT RAGHAV SINGHANIYA just had ur dinner in d lawn of singhaniya chawl.. She said looking at where they were seated on d stairs...!!!  
He smiles "you forgot, i just had dinner with my wife.." She smiled at him b4 resting her forehead on his shoulder "you know you're weird.." He rolls his eyes "Your dialogue writer is on leave kalpana..?? She looked at him "huh..?? 
R: What huh..?? You're repeating d same line for 5th tym.. I don't remember my wife ever repeat her statements apart from the signature names she gave me..
She just stared at him lovingly.. N wen she didn't reply he looked at her, they share an eye look for a moment or two wen "you didn't said anything.." She finally asked causing him to lower his eyes "say something raghav singhaniya.." She whispered "what do u want listen kalpi.." He asked softly, resting his arm around her shoulder so that she leaned in towards his body "you're not angry right..??" She asked "And y would I.."  He snapped with a small smile... She shrugged sitting a step below resting d back of her head on his chest, he wrap his arms around her chest, his chin rested on her head "Do you think I made a mistake by confessing too early..?? He smiles "We know each other since childhood kalpi definitely through our parents.. Still it started with a fight, then care, then trust from past one year we both are trying to know each other n now its been a month we r married.. Is it a less tym to confess..?? He asked mockingly 
She huffed "but we're not even friends raghav singhaniya.." He shook his head "kalpi its 2.30.. Pls don't start again question bank.." She smiled raising her head n kissing him on his chin with a smile "I should go." He whispered b4 releasing her n stood up at his place passed her to leave "but you still don't answer..? She asked, he turn to face her "Good nyt kalpana..." He said with a smile b4 brushing his lips on her forehead, she closed her eyes.. N wen she raised her head to look at him 'Again that look, d look she never understood' "I think I'm started to fell mentally sick.." He whispered but she was too lost in his eyes to listen wen he leaned towards her, she widen her eyes b4 turning her back "you should go raghav singhaniya.." He smiled b4 snacking his arms around her waist "And its high tym for u to start understand my silence.." He whispers in her ear b4 kissing it "good night annoying wife..." D moment she felt him a step far she turn to face him, wen he starts taking steps back while his eyes never leaves her 'You'll going to break my own rules kalpi.. I... He stop his thoughts wen she looked at him attentively as if she was listening his thoughts.. N he left giving a last look at her.. 
Dominating husband  
I don't remember if we were playing statue game or not.. If yes, then OVER don't be so 
She smiled as she was still standing on d same place where he left her.. She shook her head wen her ph buzzed she picked up on d very first ring "Drive safely raghav singhaniya.." There was a long silence wen "That means you don't have to call me wen you're driving.." He shook his head "you're sch a mood spoiler kalpi.." he huffed causing her pout "Concentrate on your driving instead of commenting on my personality traits.." She snapped, he smiled "Jhasi ki Rani.." "Rakshas Singhaniya.." 
"Fyn will give you call wen I reached there.." 

Kalpi stretch her arms, sat up on her single bed with a big smile.. Remembering she finally confessed her feeling towards her dominating husband.. She blushed remembering last night how they were so close, but her lips turn into a frown wen she remember his words.. "Understand his silence..?? She looks up "bappa.. Raghav singhaniya k words smjhane m itni problem what will happen if I try to understand his silence.. Silence king kahi ke.." she turn her gaze at neel who was looking at her angrily, she frowns "neel..?? He got up n show his hand on her "Enough Angel... Don't you dare.. Don't even you DARE.. He start making faces but failed badly
Huh...?? What r u doing neel..?? Kalpi asked confusingly wen he walk up to her n sat besides her "I thought you don't lyk heartless monster.. But you love him angel.. So I'm trying to be lyk him Angry bird, Shouting king and off course Working on my face muscles so you also love me.." He said with a pout causing kalpi to smile "Neel I'll always love you.." She said while hugging him "you sure,..?? Even after Rakshas Singhaniya threatens me that i can't say I love you to his wife.." "No.. I... What..?? He threatened you..?? Kalpi asked or say almost shouted "when..?? "Angel, calm down.. I know how to handle heartless monster.." "Neel.." Kalpi whined "see he's not here still you're taking his side.." 
K; Deva, y u both are so insecure..?? Neel again tried to clenched his jaws "Don't compare that monster with me Kalpana vithal jadav.." N after a moment of pause they both burst into laughter... Wen she looks towards d kitchen n saw kamla  packing lunch with a big smile, kalpi frowns wen neel ask "Angel's aai..?? Kamla looked at neel "what r u doing..?? Kamla smiles b4 answering to kalpi "paakhi baby called me n ask me to make kandha pooha for her... Wo.. She.. She's not well na kalpi..." Kalpi smiles n nods, after thinking a bit "Kalpi, who made bhindi.. I made pooranpoli for dinner then..." Kalpi pursed her lips "ohh.. Wo aai.. Woh...
"Oh ho Angel's aai.. I told angel, that i want to eat bhindi.." Kalpi's head snapped towards neel with a frown while kamla smiles at him "Angel i knew rakshas singhaniya was there last night.. But tell him to control his demands.. This tym i did this for u.. But a big no for next tym..." Kalpi looked at him with a small smile b4 shooking her head 'neel.. You know your the best.." He pouts "still you love heartless monster more..." He said b4 hugging her.. 
"Aai..?? Kamla looks at her "umm I.. I also want to meet paakhi.. M coming with u"  

Kalpi n kamla reached there n waiting for the elevator wen "kamla tai.." A security guard calls her "Namaste bhau.." Kamla greets him with a large grin (shuru se hi tharki hai kamla..) "Namaste.. Kamla taai actually this lift is not working today, so u've to go up from d parking lift." Kamla looks at kalpi n nods 

"Paakhi..?? Kamla whispered with a shock while kalpi froze at the  door step watching Paakhi, whose arms were around RAGHAV's neck n they both were staring each other... She was leaning towards him muttering something which only raghav can hear... "Paakhi..." Kamla shouted looking at raghav n paakhi angrily, causing paakhi pulled away.. While raghav stood still, with clenched jaws "kamla maa.. actually yesterday raghav behaved angrily with me.. So he's here to apologise.." She said with a big smile, kamla can sense the tension in d environment, she looked at kalpi who was still stood at her place, then at raghav who didn't even turn to face them neither he knows his wife was here.. N b4 she say anything "Arre Kalpi.. What a surprise..?? N there he turn to look at her while her eyes still on paakhi.. Paakhi walks up to her n hugs kalpi "I'm sorry about yesterday, he was disturbed with some deal, you were only helping him n I... I'm so sorry.. I know you were only helping him... While kalpi stood still looking straight at d wall, nd he was waiting for her to look at him, he knows what she was thinking, it was indeed a shock for her to find him here n d way paakhi's arm around his neck 'Damn it kalpi, look at me pls.. Don't listen to her..' He muttered, she can feel his gaze on her n decided what she wanted to do... She took a step back, n then again a step back nd, again, "kalpi, where r u going..?? Come sit with us na.." Paakhi said with a big smile, she finally looked at pakhi b4 lowering her head n shooking it...!! And b4 anyone can ask "I_I forgot.. Forgot something.." Saying so she turn to leave from there letting d lone tear fell from her eyes...

She keeps on pressing d elevator button angrily, remembering how close paakhi was.. Y he didn't pushed her away.. Y he was staring her, she look at d button angrily b4 pressing it hardly wen two strong hands grab her arms n pinned her to d next wall, their bodies pressed, she lowered her eyes "Don't you even dare, to think what you're thinking..." He said coldly yet dangerously... She stood still, her eyes still on the floor.. "Don't even think, what your mind is telling you kalpi.." No response, he clenched his jaws "look at me kalpi.." Wen she didn't even blink her eyes, he cupped her face causing her eyes finally met with his.. He shook his head "Say something, fight with me, taunt me, shout at me.. But don't think what your mind is saying..,pls say something kalpi.. Please.." Resting his forehead on her, she closed her eyes...!! "Your silence is killing me kalpi.. You said you trust me.. You... 
"Y only I have to trust you raghav..??" Her sudden question shocked him he took a step back "y only I have to understand.. Y not you.. Y don't you trust me n tell me what the truth is..?? Y don't you understand watching you with her, is killing me.. Y don't understand that I love you..'"


The moment she realise his grip were loosing on her.. She passed him, n pressed d button harshly.. "Kalpi.. He said softly while she kept her eyes on d elevator doors n her fingers works on the button "Ma'am.." She turn her face to her right "ma'am... "What ma'am..?? What ma'am...?? I'm waiting here for this stupid thing since last 15 minutes.. What kind of elevator it is...!! She almost shouted.. Raghav shook his head, while that guard look over her shoulder n looked at raghav, who keeps his index finger on his lips as if telling him to stay quite.. "SAY SOMETHING.." kalpi roared at him "this is your service.. Built a big stupid tower typ building.. But a person has to wait for ages.." 
"Ma'am I informed you that this lift wasn't working..." Guard said calmly causing kalpi to look at him with a stunned face.. 
She close her eyes to calm herself down while raghav waited her to talk to him 'I'm sorry.." Saying so she made her way to d next exit... 

"Auto.." Kalpi calls wen a empty auto passed her, raghav finally hold her elbow  turn her to face him "what is wrong with you..?? Y r u not listening to me.." He almost yelled "look, don't create a scene here Raghav Singhaniya.. Its your lyf.. I'm sorry whatever said earlier it was... 
"Don't you dare to finish your sentence kalpana raghav Singhaniya.." He interjected.. She released herself from his grip "Auto.." It stopped "Dada, Singhaniya chawl.." Saying so she sat in d auto  "chliye.. Dada.." She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath then she felt it 'no it can't be.. The great Raghav Singhaniya in auto... No.. She opened her eyes meeting with very angry one.. She looked at him from head to toe.. While the rikshaw driver also watching him "what.." He snapped at him, he immediately turned around n start his rikshaw...
They sat in silence only sound was "damn.." "Can't you driver properly.." "Can't you just switch of this radio.." "Its suffocating here.." While kalpi rolls her eyes at his complaints "Say something kalpi.." He gritted out "I'm sitting in this stupid vehicle only bcz of you, so just stop acting lyk a silent queen n talk to me.." 
"Firstly, I never invited you to sit in this 'stupid vehicle' raghav singhaniya and secondly I thought you were busy with.. With paakhi.. So m sorry if I interrupted your so called meeting.."
R: Shut up kalpana.. You don't know anything 
"Exactly.. I don't anything about my husband raghav singhaniya.. I know nothing about you.. Nothing..." She whispered while lowering her eyes, he's about to pulls her close to him wen "Kya sala.., akha mumbai has this wife ka lafda.. 
"Stop.." Raghav gritted out causing kalpi to gulp "I SAID STOP IT..." he pulls d brakes of his rickshaw... Raghav step down follows by kalpi "Come out.." He said to the rickshaw driver "Raghav.." "I said come OUT.." he shouted causing kalpi to flinch, n he came out too..
Before raghav acts lyk an angry bird, kalpi hold his arm "Raghav, pls.. Don't.." He clenched his jaws while his eyes throwing daggers on him "Ragh.. "How dare you interrupt me wen I was talking with my wife, who do you think you're to come b/w us.. I... "Raghav.. Please.." She pleaded while holding his hand tightly while her other hand rested on his heart He looked at her "I knw what you meant.. I promise I won't allow any1 to come between us.. Please.. Lets go.." He clenched his jaws while keeping his face high.. Kalpi reach to his wallet n give 1000 rs note to dat driver, show him a hand telling him to keep the change.. While he take out his phone calls the driver... 

Journey to singhaniya chawl was silent, but it was a mixture of both awkward yet comfortable.. "Stop.." She said in a whisper "we've nt reach yet.." He answered softly "I know, but pls stop d car.." And at d same tym he stomp his foot on d brakes parking his car "fyn.. Do whatever you want kalpi.. Don't trust me" He said hitting on d steering wheel.. She looked straight watching people around "I'm very unlucky..." She confessed in a whisper causing him to look at her "I'm unlucky wen it comes to holding relations.. It started with aai, I had tym to stop her, to tell her that I'm his daughter not paakhi.. But I didn't do anything," she let out a weak laughs "may be bcz i was selfish.. I've full attention of two people my dada, n baba.. Who always ready to do anything for me.. But again bcz of Paakhi's family I lost my baba.. I was away from him 15 long years.. I still accepted it was my fate.." 
"And then you came into my lyf.. N my whole lyf changes.. It always started with a fight ended up with I being in your arms.. Or expecting you to protect me.. Lyk my baba did for me.. You come into my lyf lyk a volcano Raghav Singhaniya n make your way to my heart.. I don't wen, how I fell for you.. I love you And I don't want to hurt again bcz of her..." She took a deep breath n look straight in his eyes who was watching her with his same unknown look "you know you can trust me I'm not those girls who just fills bucket of tears if she loves a man doesn't love her back.." He looked at her trying to see where it's leading.. "I'm ready to..to leave you if you n paakhi... Aah.. He grab her arms pulls her near to him so that his breath fanning on her face n slowly grab fistful of hairs "you're hurting me Raghav Singhaniya.." 
"And you're doing the same kalpana vithal jadav.." He snapped "this is what do u think about me..?? This is what you think after staying with me 30 whole days.. After sharing every detail of ur lyf with me, After I started to open up about my feeling to you.. This is what do u think about me kalpi...??? He asked in a whisper causing her to close her eyes while a tear roll down from her cheek.. He released her b4 resting d back of his head on d back of his seat head, he closed his eyes too.. They sat lyk this for few minutes wen she opened her eyes, looked at him.. Slowly she reaches to his hand holding it tighter, slowly raise his hands b4 brushing her lips on d back of his hand, she can feel his body tensed up, he finally opened his eyes n looked at her "I can't loose you.. You're everything I have Raghav.. I reacted, just bcz.. I love you and I... B4 she said anything he took her to his embrace 
Burying his head in her hairs "Even I can't afford to loose you kalpi.." She broke the hug "then tell me the truth.. Tell me y she looks at you lyk she knows biggest truth of urs.. Tell me y she makes me feel that everything b/w us is fake.. Y her looks effects me so badly.. Even in ur presence also.. Y I've this feeling that you're hiding something.. Y... She stopped wen he brushed his lips on d corner of her lips she gasp n hold his shoulder, after a moment she realised that he was wiping her tears which reached from the corner of her lips.. They pulled away n share an intense eyelock for a briefest moment.. He cupped her face "I want to spend my entire lyf with you kalpi, give me some tym I promise two days n I'll let you know the entire truth of paakhi kapoor.." She just stared him blankly "Do you trust me kalpi..??" She nods slowly "but I don't trust my fate Raghav.." "You don't have to.. You always have me by ur side.. Kalpi I... He stopped causing kalpi to smile Smalley, she closer the distance b4 brushing her lips on d corner of his.. He closed her eyes and take her into her embrace "And I love you Raghav.. I love you.." She whispered in his ear b4 kissing it..  
"I'm sorry.." They again said at d same tym causing them smile "I.. She pursed her lips "I want to walk from here.." N b4 he protest which she knows he will "You can trust me on this raghav singhaniya.. Kalpana vithal jadav promise you that she take good care of your wife, kalpana raghav singhaniya.." He sighed "kalpi.. Its risky.." She shook her head "just trust me rakshas singhaniya.." She said with a huff "you sure..?? She gave him a big smile, he shook his head b4 kissing on her forehead "fyn.. I'll meet you then.. N yes foreign delegates are coming so I'll be at home by 2.." She nods knowing which home he's talking about after all he came at chawl directly from the office  "You know sometimes you behave lyk a typical perfect husband.." He glares at her causing her to bite her tongue "I mean ALWAYS.." 

Singhaniya Mansion 
She sighed while seated back on d couch.. "Maa.. Is there something which I needs to know about him..?? 
G: kalpi. I know him, it just he doesn't have a habit of caring people around him.. He denied me to talk to him ever, during vikram's death.. I agreed though being a mother I know I was wrong.. Not pushing him further but I was alone, a single mother.. Having d most stubborn child ever a mother has.. Its only that my raghav afraid of attachments kalpi.. That's y he's lyk this.. After vikram's death he vowed that he never be depend on anyone.. Whether its in business or in personal lyf.. But clearly you pushed that raghav away who thinks he's unable to feel emotions.. That's it beta.. It just he afraid of attachments that if he attached with someone then they leave him lyk his dad.. N again he needs to start his lyf again ALONE.. 
Kalpi thinks something b4 nodding her head "I should leave maa.."
G: kalpi, raghav knows you come here without ur bodyguards 
K: maa.. Aap bhi.. It takes only 25 minutes for me to reach at singhaniya chawl, still kalpi its 8 beta.. You know there are very few people lives in this area, I'll tell the driver...
"Maa.. m going to buy few things for neel.. So I won't be going by car.. I'll be fyn maa don't worry.." She said while hugging her "Don't worry... my dominating husband is still busy in his meeting, he won't even know that I was here.." Gauri shook his head "you both are equally stubborn.."
Kalpi frowns "Actually he's a level high in stubbornness than me." She said with a smile.. 

"Urrggh.. How I reach at chawl.." She huffed n looked at her phone 8.45 its been 40 minutes she's standing here waiting for an rickshaw... She decided to give a call to her dada wen her phone rang 'Private number..' She frowns n picked it up "Hello..?? No response 
*heavy breathing.. Loudly Intake n outtake of breaths..* she cuts the call immediately, closed her eyss 'No..don't be afraid kalpi its nothing..' Its.. Her phone buzzed 
Private number..
"It's over.. Your spent enough of your tym with your husband kalpana raghav Singhaniya.. Be ready to be killed.."

She gulps b4 taking her steps back wen she collided with something solid, she finally turn around 6 people were standing there with hockey sticks in their hands... She immediately ran from there wen someone throw that hockey stick at her direction hits at her leg making her fall on d floor, causing her ph crashed into pieces... Tears starts forming in her eyes 'I want to spent my entire lyf with you..' 'Kalpana Raghav Singhaniya..' 'Your husband is still waiting for you to take you back with him' 'Don't leave me..' Each n every moment they spent together, his touch, his words.. Come down her memory lane wen 'tuck, tuck, tuck..' D sound of hockey stick brings her back she was still lying on d road, wen she saw a man wearing black jeans with a black shirt, black mask covering his entire face except his eyes.. He was staring her angrily, hatred, everything can see in those eyes... She shook her head to make him stop, pleading with her teary eyes, he too shook his head mockingly b4 hitting d edge of the stick in the right side of her head, she scream in pain 'I kalpana vithal jadav  promise you I'll keep your wife safe raghav Singhaniya..' Again a hit 'I want to spent rest of my lyf with you kalpi..' Blood covered her face 'kalpi I... 
"Raghav..." With a whisper as she closed her eyes while a tear falls from the corner of her eyes...!!!!!!!

Singhaniya Constructions
He felt a painful tug in his heart n looked around as if she just called him moreover by his name.. He pursed his lips on order to remove his anxiety, he looked at his phone but nothing y does he feel something as if something bad.. No.. Trust her raghav, she promised that she'll take care of herself.. His fingers were drumming on d table.. Wen sammy hold his hand, he looked at him b4 looking around as every eyes were on him.. He gulps his tension related to his wife b4 clearing his throat "so where were we..??

No Precap: but next will be double dhamaka for sure.. Only for my P.S. Reader... WinkTongue

Read A note on pg 52

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Raghav SinghaniaAngryAngry how dare heAngryAngry let i love u too put aside, bt he didnt even given expression on her confessionAngryhe made her think dejected, made her say sorry for her confession, hate him. ,sugu i hate dis raghav too,D'oh

what the, paakhiAngry she serious gone mad, she seriously kept that bag into ragna's room

ragna moment was nyc, bt i hate him. love neel hereEmbarrassedhe is so cute. And again neel make kalpi realise(even me too) that rags doesnt denied also. It mean he wl also cnfess

what? Bhindi at 2AM? Unbelievable "Your dialogue
writer is on leave kalpana..?? ROFL sugu what it is?realy? U r on leave?ROFL
wow, neel helpi kalpi, when kamla ask her abt bhindi.Embarrassed so sweet of him.

Now this is too much, rags went to meet pakhi? And he hug her
and he just wanted her to listen his so called excuseD'oh he went behind her, bt didnt said any truth. Poor auto driver,LOL Bt kalpi gave him 1000rs,Shocked wah, she too having raghav singhania's effect. Love kalpi's emotional breakdown and raghav's assurance scene.

After listening guari somewhere i understand, y raghav is still didnt confess his feeling towards kalpi, his fear of loneliness, insecurities making him stop expressing.

OMG!!!!!! Again attack on KalpiShocked no...no...it cnt possible, they wanted to kill her? Y? Sugu no..nt dis tym...dnt hurt kalpi much more

ps. Waiting for double update eagerly, what an tourturing cliff hanger u putOuch

Edited by Sh0Nali - 09 July 2015 at 3:12am

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-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 September 2014
Posts: 4701

Posted: 04 July 2015 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Finally I can res
Last time tumhare res ke bechmai tapak pada isliye wait kia is s bar Tongue

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suggii Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Thank you note Updated.. Tongue
chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 August 2008
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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 11:51am | IP Logged
Oh Sugi I seriously love you. Big smile your stories and the way you write make me fall in love with your writing over n over again. You're certainly amongst those writers from whom I take inspiration. Even though each of our writer in forum has some specialisation in some thing or other; but your stories are surely very very addictive for me. I know I am not too good a reader or comment regularly. But I sure do love each of your stories. Big smile  You sure deserve all those good comments. Embarrassed

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suggii Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chahat4u

Oh Sugi I seriously love you. Big smile your stories and the way you write make me fall in love with your writing over n over again. You're certainly amongst those writers from whom I take inspiration. Even though each of our writer in forum has some specialisation in some thing or other; but your stories are surely very very addictive for me. I know I am not too good a reader or comment regularly. But I sure do love each of your stories. Big smile  You sure deserve all those good comments. Embarrassed

Aww Charu.. Thank you so much.. Tongue But honestly without your constant support either Pm or comments or lyks this could'nt be possible. you always encourage me to right more n more.. through ur writing, through your stories.. I just love you girl.. Hug Glad, truly glad you lyk my stories.. Big smileEmbarrassed trust me even a single lyk on my update make my day deary... Iagree you might not comment regularly but yourt one comment cover up all the previous updateWink We first talked on the thread marriage story wen I was your silent reader n really admire your that your that story n you know that was my fvrt story of your's n reading ur this comment its truly a pleasure that u lyk my work...Embarrassed

Love you HeartHug

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gargdia Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Awww sugu i love u so much dearEmbarrassed
thank u so much for cnsidring as ur fan or a friend...
U dnt knw how much i love ur stories...here in this forums every1 has their own style of writing like aru,chahat ,farhana,falak,vid or many more,and u r amongst those writers whose style always make me to read them again n again...
U knw i read ks 5 times,mystrs king 6 times and in love wid 3 times or may be more...whnevr i get bored i directly jump on ur ffs,ss ...u r amazing dear truly amazing..
I fell in love wid ur raghav evrytym.,though ks wale pe bhut gussa ata h bt its alrit bcz at the end he was gud...and in MS ,i was lyk what he is...so much passin i blushd evrytym whn i read thmEmbarrassed

i'm nt a regular commentr bcz of my phn bt nw since i was able to do...i tried to not leave ur page without comnent...

P.S. Sugu dnt ever feel u r alone in any phase of ur life,bcz either we r wid u or nt...our wishes wil be wid u always...it is said that writing is a strng medium to undrstnd a persn's nature and u r truly amazing girly...lv u dear.Embarrassed again thanx for your note.

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suggii Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gargdia

Awww sugu i love u so much dearEmbarrassed
thank u so much for cnsidring as ur fan or a friend...
U dnt knw how much i love ur stories...here in this forums every1 has their own style of writing like aru,chahat ,farhana,falak,vid or many more,and u r amongst those writers whose style always make me to read them again n again...
U knw i read ks 5 times,mystrs king 6 times and in love wid 3 times or may be more...whnevr i get bored i directly jump on ur ffs,ss ...u r amazing dear truly amazing..
I fell in love wid ur raghav evrytym.,though ks wale pe bhut gussa ata h bt its alrit bcz at the end he was gud...and in MS ,i was lyk what he is...so much passin i blushd evrytym whn i read thmEmbarrassed

i'm nt a regular commentr bcz of my phn bt nw since i was able to do...i tried to not leave ur page without comnent...

P.S. Sugu dnt ever feel u r alone in any phase of ur life,bcz either we r wid u or nt...our wishes wil be wid u always...it is said that writing is a strng medium to undrstnd a persn's nature and u r truly amazing girly...lv u dear.Embarrassed again thanx for your note.

Aww girl, You seriously made me cry with this comment.. If i have readers lyk you I never afraid wen it comes to pen down my thoughts in form of stories...Tongue Glad Extremely, extremely glad that you love my stories and me... Well I love you too girly.. And glad my stories are there to help u out of ur boredom Thank u so much for such an encouraging comment LOVE YOU GIRL  HeartHug

P.S. Wese to I always love my tareef.. but your ps make me I dont know im too emotional wen it comes to things lyk this... thank u girl... N yes don't walk on d same path lyk shona n santhi.. KS wala Raghav kbhi bhi bura naee tha Hug

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