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ROSID FF:To be with u again COMPLETED FF (Page 12)

...Deeksha.... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sowmya567

congrgulations for 1 FF...all the best..

Roli is worst but hope Sid will be fine..soon..waiting for roshini reaction...whether she accept him r not...'but ROli faced all of problems...Cry...hope every thing will be fine soon...continue waiting for updates...
Rohni will accept sid not that easily because she knows how much her mom was in pain

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kshamaD

Originally posted by sowmya567

congrgulations for 1 FF...all the best..

Roli is worst but hope Sid will be fine..soon..waiting for roshini reaction...whether she accept him r not...'but ROli faced all of problems...Cry...hope every thing will be fine soon...continue waiting for updates...
Rohni will accept sid not that easily because she knows how much her mom was in pain

yes..she suffered a lot..just waiting for her reaction...

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...Deeksha.... IF-Dazzler

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         All were shocked hearing why roli wanted to go to BW house.

Prem: No,Roli I  will never allow u to go there?

Roli:Bhaiya as I said,I wanted answers for my question's that's why I am going there, please don't

 stop me?

All got no other option other then allowing her...

Prem:ok. but one condition we all wil come with u? and this time we will not hear any reason from u..

Roli: ok...

Sid was also landed in delhi on that day itself he don't know about the mishappenings from past 

few days..He came to hall having a sip of coffee chatting with sujatha and asked about roli and 

her health,as he went to the area which was a remote area where no signal's were found to ask 

her condition so as soon as he reached he asked about her.

Sujatha:I don't know about them...
                   That is when they saw Roli coming there and was very angry. she directly went to

 sujatha and started her asking the reason behind her act and she started beating sujatha...seeing

 this sid was shocked.

Roli:How dare u push me from the stairs(slap)...How dare u to kill my baby(again slap)...If u

 have problem with me u should have told me(slap)...If u interested in property then u have

 told me...I would have throwed on ur face(slap)...Then why u want to kill me...If u hurt me i

 would have not told  anything but u killed my child ...why u did this to me...saying this roli

 was collapsed.

Sid was shocked that he lost his child and he don't no any thing about it...

Sid:Roli what r u telling?why the hell  r u slapping my mother?

Mataji:What she did is right?If I would have been in Roli's place i would killed u r mom..

Sid:will u all explain what all this happening?

Mataji narrated the entire story...sid was shocked and looked at sujatha...

Sid(shouting at anger); maa...r they telling true...

Sujatha :No beta why I will do with her that to with my would be grand child they all are telling lies

 to make us seperate during that mishappening happened I was not there at home  i went to

by Ads Remover"> market

Roli:Don't u feel shame again telling lie...

Sujatha:Sid beta if u want to confirm ask our maide... to cover up her carelessness she is

 blaming me believe me beta...

ROLI:What u will get telling lie over lie...tell him the truth saying this she was about to slap

 when sid hold her from slapping

Sid(shouting):Roli... don't dare she is my mom and she never lied to me...ok 

saying this sid slapped roli...she fell down on the ground..all were shocked by his act...

 ...Ur just my wife and be as my wife don't dare to cross limits ok...all were shocked seeing

 sid supporting her mother.

Roli:Oh!Mr.Siddhanth Bharadwaj ,I am u r wife right...Iam saying we lost our baby due to u r

 mother but u are not beliving...U  lost u r kid,not a deal...and ur so cool...What kind of husband

 u with u is better then divourcing u, I don't want to live anymore with u saying this she

 handed over divource papers to him..

Sid:Well Who is interested in u ,I just used u for my wants...saying this he also signed the papers..

take this and get out my life and my house never show u r and ur daughter's face to me...

Roli was shocked...his words started echoing her ears he just used me for his pleasures...Roli

 was literally broken and started crying

Prem:How dare u said that u used my sister for dirty pleasures...saying this he slapped sid...

there was huge arguments atlast ...

Roli:Bhaiya leave them if we are some more time here then we will also become like this

 only...and u people I am just leaving u without any action on u.U Mrs.Sujatha if i tell only a word

 they can end ur life but i dn't want my family to be like...Last but not least how u made me to cry

 for my child ,the day will come to u that day u will cry 100times more then me saying this she

 marched out.

Mataji:Roli beta wait  i will also come with u for me also these people died from now.Sujatha u

 want this property right take this ,this is now ur's enjoy how much u want. U made a mother cry in

 this house and now the day will come to u but none will turn to u ...U better change in time

All left to Dwivedi house,seeing all this sujatha smiled evily and was thinking atlast i get rid of u 

from my son's life and this house...

Roli was in shock what she heard from her husband his words were ringing in her ears she was

 shouting like a mad in her room from that day she stopped talking with every one .She always

 used to be in her room with Roshni.

she went into depression,she used to not eat if, they want roli

 to eat all the family members used to reach her room with her food with roshni and

 console...she behaved as a mad like 6 months ...she caged her self in the room ...atlast to keep

 this to end Jamnalal  engage roli in work .so he opened designing industry...from that day She

 started living for her daughter,


Meena: We all were shattered seeing Roli.This girl lost her smile,she was not eating properly

 today also because of what u did she is taking sleeping pills to sleep.This all because of u

 people.My daughter should go out finding her peace.The reason behind this is u and u r mom.

 You know what she attempt to sucide  also just because of u both mom and son...

Sid(in shock):Roli...what they are saying is right...

Roli nod her head as acceptence

Sid - What is this Roli have u ever thought about roshni why did u do this stupid thing's?

Prem:Then what u thought she should be excited for what u did to her?I always said to u she

 always been so affectionate she never cried u have to keep her happy?The day when u made my

 sister cry I wanted to kill u, that day itself but again due to her only u and u r mom r living..Though

 u people are never equal to our status thinking u all will keep her happy we join her hands with u

 but what all u did...That is the reason in hospital also I was telling her not to go to u again...but

 this girl is mad on u...

Meena(tears):U please go out of our house...Please atleast leave her now why r u coming

 again into her life to make her cry again we can't see it..

Roli(tears):Maa what are u saying...

Simar :Roli u please stop it we can't bear  seeing u mad again...

Sid:U all please for give me...

Simar :no, we will never forgive u...

Sid: I will tell what all happend at that day.

Meena:now what u got to tell?

Sid:Maa when u all came there and by seeing roli's sudden action, I was shocked and lost my

 senses .so I behaved like that ...when u all went out of  the house.I was shattered that Roli 

 divourced me, i went back to my room and i was crying badly then one of our servant came and

 told that my mom cleaned the blood ,she asked my Pa to send me far away from Roli so that I

 can't meet her knowing this all I went to mom and asked about the truth she accepted all her

 deeds I was coming back while i met with an accident.

Jamunalal:So what u want to us to do?how dare that u said that u used my daughter for ur wants

 and what kind of husband u r, u will belive what ever u r mom said...

Sid:Pappa ,my mom always said to me that she was orphan by marrying my pappa she got a

 family but never got love and affection, so i used to belive my mom blindly that's y but when i

 know the truth i was shocked that can a mother can do this to her son, how  can she kill a baby

 who not at all seen the world...and its just situational,that i behaved like that but ,I loved her

 loved wholeheartedly .Now I can do what ever u want me to do  for taking roli back with me.

Jamunalal:I will never send her with u and if u want roli back to u ,u should also stay here, one

 more thing u should not meet u r mom again if we come to know u went to meet u r mom then i

 will not let roli to come to u again. if these conditions are ok then u can very well stay with her..

Roli:Pappa what all these u know na, he can't leave his mother then what all these

sid was shocked but there was no other option left with him so he agreed with all ...
Jamunalal:Roli, this all r for u r future only...Then what u decided Mr.Siddhanth.

Sid:ok I will agree

Roli:Siddhantji what all these...

Sid:Roli, now nothing is important then u and my princess in my life.Pappa I already left that

 women long back who destroyed my life, I will agree for ur conditions...

Jamunalal:Well Roli, u can take him to ur room we will appoint servants for him who can take care

 of him...

Roli:Pappa no servants are required...i will take care of him completely by staying at home...I

 will resign the post u can appoint another person in that post..

Jamunalal:See u entered again she started compromising herself...Roli  i will never allow u to

 resign it before marriage also u are Md now also u will continue...

Roli:but pappa...before she could continue sid cut her words and said.

Sid:I belive that u can very wll manage both the works...

Roli:As u wish ,will do the same...

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devika26 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Soo sweet...dear , let's see will Roshini accept sid as father or not

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...Deeksha.... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by devika26

Soo sweet...dear , let's see will Roshini accept sid as father or not
will see in next update
magicalrosid IF-Dazzler

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Superb waiting for rosid  moments...

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...Deeksha.... IF-Dazzler

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Roli bought sid into her room and made him lye on bed properly

Sid:Roli all are here but where are Roshni and mataji...

Roli:They all went to summer camp and will return after one month...

Sid:oh! I see..Roli can I ask u something if u don't mind...

Roli:Yaa! sure why u need permission to ask me...

Sid:Roli I have hurted u a lot that u tried to suicide naa...Then how come u easily forgive me...

Roli got no answer to she bowed her head down she got tears in her eyes when he asked 

that question

Sid:Say na Roli why are u so is just because i am ur husband and u want to give name

 to the world Roshni is my chid or what...

Roli:Do u think like that about me...The reason is I love u ...I love u till the end of my life...

Sid hold Roli's hands and pulled her towards him and said

Sid:I Love U too and now I will never leave u again saying this he hugged and kissed on her

 forehead...Roli i miss my princess...

Roli:Don't worry she will come soon...

          Roli took complete care of sid was able to walk by holding clutches...Roli only

 feed him, dress up him and also she takes care of office work also now Roli's parents were able 

to belive that sid was changed and will take care about his wife and daughter...Atlast sid's waiting

 to see his daughter was month passed with care and love...


Roli was feeding to sid that is when they heard loud sounds coming from outside...


Rani(servant): Hey maaa...(screming loudly breaking a glass which was in her hands)

Meena:Rani what happen why di...

          she was about to finish her words ,she heard a laughing sounds from behind...

Meena:Roshni and Anjali u both came...

   by that time all reach the hall.

Roshni and Anjali:How are u all we miss u so much saying these they went to all and took


Simar:We miss u to beta... Mataji how are was the journey ...did u had

 something...did they both troubled u... u had ur medicines na... say me why are u silent...

Anjali:Maa if u stop asking questions only she can answer na..

Roshni:Haah maasi , u  are really a question bank... how  can u ask these many questions in

  at a time...u will ask questions and don't allow other's to answer...U are a big question bank.

Prem:Haan Simar,my cute princessess are right.. that is the reason I told u, that we will consult a

 psychiartist ...but u never hear my words..god knows it is just a manufacturing defect or some

 virus may be entered into the u eat all of our brain with ur questions...

saying these 3 of them  started teasing simar, all are laughing hearing all these,Roli entered into

 the hall at that time only..

Roli:Again u three started teasing bhabhi na...what she said she just raised a query about u all

  ..what is wrong in that...

Prem:Roli, it just a question, it is a mountain of questions for which  no one can answer like her in

 one breath...saying this they again laughed

Roshni and Anjali:we miss u...they both went there and hugged roli...

Roli:I missed u too my little devils...Mataji how r u?

Matagi:Simar and Roli, I am fine they both didnot troubled me...

Jamunalal:Without u both dolls this house was  very boring...

Roshni:Don't worry naanu now we came na we will again behind you all.

Jamunalal:yes...yes...why not...saying this all laughed...

Roshni:Mom we are very hungry please feed us some food na... its been almost a month I

 missed u seeing and feeding we both...

Mataji:haan beta they both are very hungry when I said to eat something they said when they

 reach home u will feed them...

Roli:So sweet of u my dolls go and fresh up urselves i will feed u in just 5 min...saying this she

 went to kitchen...

Anjali and Roshni: ok...

Mataji and both kids are moving to there rooms that is when mataji seen a person at the corner of

 the hall and giggling hearing their talks...Mataji was shocked to see the person...

Mataji:Siddhant u hear what r u doing?

Roshni who was about to move stopped hearing whom mataji is calling and asked her...

Roshni:Matagi who is this person you know him?

Matagi and others were looking each others faces what to tell her as they know how much she

 hates sid ...Roshni and Anjali were confused why they are seeing like that...atlast mataji broke

 the silence...

Mataji:Roshni beta he is ur...he is ur..

Roshni:he is my what mataji say clearly?

mataji about to say that he is her pappa Roli rushed out hearing there talks and cut her words


Roli:He is u r mom's friend?

all got their breath relief...Sid was confused why they are hesitating to say that he is her pappa

 and why roli introduced him as her friend,later he thought that they all didn't forgive him that is y

 they said like this...Sid was in his own thoughts when he heard Roshni talking first time with him.

Roshni:So u r my mom's friend ?nice meeting u.Mr...

Sid was again lost in his world thinking beta i am u r pappa don't u recognise me ...did u never

 see me. may be like i never seen u ,u also never seen me...seeing lost in his thoughts Roshni

 waved her hands infront of his eyes..sid gained his senses back..

Sid:sorry beta i was thinking something what did u ask..

Roli was about to say something she got a call and she left the place.

Roshni:Its ok...i asked what is u r(saying this she raised her eyebrows as ur name)

sid mentally laughed himself how his daughter is similar like him...

Sid:Siddhant,,,,Siddhant bharadwaj...

Roshni:Well i am Roshni...Roshni Roli Dwivedi...u r friend's daughter... nice meeting u saying

 this she forward her hands...sid was thinking i don't want to shake ur hands but want to hug u

 and place kisses on u r cheeks my child, but again he was confused why she said her name by

 attaching Roli's name and with that confusion he said

Sid(confused):Roshni Roli Dwivedi...

Roshni:Yes anything wrong in it...

Sid:Nothing wrong but last name should be ur fa...

before sid could say anything Roshni speak out

Roshni:Mr.Siddhant please stop  in u r tracks i don't want to hear about the worst person in the

 world, who hurt my mom alot made her mad..and thinking about him is just like a nightmare to me

 ,one more thing u r just our guest so i am just saying u with due respect otherwise i don't know

 what i would have done to u.

Prem(shouting):Roshni how many times Roli said u ,u should not talk about ur pappa like that and

 u r repeating the same.

Sid was shattered hearing how much his daughter hates him.Her every word was pirecing him

Roshni:Uncle, what to do how many times i said u should not raise the topic about my so called

 father...The person who hurt my mom, left me and never turned to us is my father,no he is not 

my father. where ever he may be i think he was very happy leaving me and mom like this...I wish 

his thoughts and memories  will be removed from us(turning to sid) Mr.Siddhant if u want to live

 with us please never ever raise the query about my pappa,whom i never seen and don't know

 about anything,mom tried to talk about him but i am least bothered thinking of him,which always

 ended up hurting my mom.saying this she was moving back to her room

Roli entered into hall with food in her hand

Roli:Roshni lunch is ready come on i will feed u

Roshni:Mom i am not hungry u please feed anjali...said and moved from there...

Roli:Bhaiya what happen to her suddenly.

Prem narrated what all happen...that is when Roli saw sid was in tears moving from the

 place...she was in dilemma now to whom she will go first and console...Simar placing her

 hand on Roli's shoulder and assured her that she will console Roshni
 ,she can go to

 sid...Saying thanks to simar she went sid's room...

when she entered into the room...her heart was broken into pieces...

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sheetal1979 IF-Rockerz

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fabulous updates dear

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