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" This is called quantum theory.  " finally I stopped after forty five minutes continues lectures on quantum  mechanics to my two BFFs. 

I raised my head up from the book to them and my eyes became red with anger watching the scenario happened next to me.  My two ever idiot BFFs were sleeping resting their heads on each other's shoulder.

" what the ... " I liked at them in disbelief.  How could any one sleep like this just before one day of the final exams ? But then I realised it was normal for only my  these two ' anmol ratans ' ( precious gems ) .

I sighed and shouted " Cabir Diwan " " Manik Malhotra "  and hit them with the scale.

They then and there got up with a jerk.  And seeing my red anger filled eyes started strumming. 

" shut up.  " I stopped them coming with excuses and said " what's wrong with you guys?  Let me remind you from tomorrow onwards we have exams.  And yet this carefree attitudes ? Listen if you guys wanted to get failed then you are welcome.  Do whatever you want.  "

I utter those words in full anger and dug myself on my books without wasting time for their reply as I was very much good sure of their next move.

And as per my keen predictions they opened their books just to close it in next five minutes.

" yaar yeh bhi koi parne ki chij hai?  So difficult.  Maan toh kar raha hai jake ush inventor ka khun kardu ?  Cabir said on irritation. I ignored them.

" Nandu... " they called out my name.

I tilted my head and saw them looking at me with pleading eyes.

" what ? " I asked.

" bored " they said in unison with a puppy face.

I felt like smiling at those cute pouts but suppressing my giggle I said sternly  " In that case why don't you go and request the management to call off our exams.  Then you don't need to study and getting bored right ? " 

As soon as I completed I found their glittering eyes.  Cabir gazed at Manik and there was a naughty smirk on Manik's face.  It took me some time to figure out their glitters and when I got to crack their codings my eyes popped up in disbelief.

" No " I promptly said.

" ohh yes " Manik smirked and they both wickedly smiled.

" are you serious guys ? Like really ? " I asked them .

" reallyyy " they winked.

" Ayiaaapppaa... " I held my head.
" guys get that shit out of your dirty heads haan.  " I shouted and then continued " and  you Manik Malhotra... you have Malhotra tag next to your name  that doesn't mean that you can use it in a wrong way.  Don't you dare to think of cancelling the exam. " 

" oh shut up your lecture  haan.  It's my school . I can do whatever I want.  My one phone call and the work will done.  " Manik said proudly. 

" tuhi mera sachcha dost hai. "  Cabir dramatically said to Manik and then pointing me said " Baki sab to contract killer hai "

I glared at them.  I couldn't find any words to say. They're so carefree about themselves. 

" kya?  Look kya De rahi ho ? " Manik smirked.

I sighed then said " Manik they won't do that because of your one phone call in respect but in fear to loose their jobs . They would not listen Manik but that Malhotra,  you have. Firstly make yourself justifiable to that Malhotra tag then kuch bolna. "

They were gazing at me like I was some ghost.

" woohooo asman ki tapman bar rahi hai.  "  Cabir murmured.   " Mmmanik  don't you think we should decrease the temperature of AC.  Garmi kuch bar nehi gayi hai?  " he mocked and they started laughing shamelessly leaving me all shocked. 

I shook my head and sighed to calm myself.  Then I got a call from Navya. 

" hey Navya.  How are you ? "

Navya- " I am fine not so fine.  Need some help in study.  "

" okay cool . Come to my place.   Wasevi I need break from some stupid fellows.  "

Navya- " but hum akele kaise jaye ? "

" ermmm... okay I Will send car for you.  Be ready.  Bye."

I hanged up the call and they started shouting at me 
" what the hell is this Nandu ? Why did you ask her to come here ? Wasevi last few weeks I got enough of her.  " Cabir said

" you don't need to read but when someone else wants then what's your problem  ?  " I retorted back. 

" stop arguing and go " I said

" go?  Where ? " they looked at me confused.

" ohh sorry I forgot to mention that you are going to pick up Navya . " said I pointing Cabir.

" what ? " Cabir shouted.

" kyun sunai nehi dia ? Go and get her.  And before you come with your brilliant idea then let me clear you that mom went to market so no driver no car.  Take Manik's car and go.  "

" and do u think I am a glorified driver of that madhubala?  " he asked in irritation. 

" glorified toh nehi but driver...For now.  .  " said I smirking.

" I am not going.  Manik will go ? " he said.

" oh hello why me ? Main kyun jaun ? Main thori gira tha uske upar " he mockingly said.

" shut you two fool.  Go unless I am going.  " I retorted. And it works.  They could bear anything but not me in trouble.  So unwillingly he grabbed the car keys and went murmuring " dost hai yah dushman " 


" I didn't know that you are that smart ? " Manik said and I gave a questioning look. 

" to spend alone time with me you sent Cabir  . Smart haan ? "  he pulled me towards him and naughtily said.

" don't you know that Nandini Moorthy is already smart  " I winked.

" achcha ? " he raised his left eyebrow and smirked saying " then you want me to shut your smartness ? You want me to show how ? "

" Manik no " understanding his intentions and where it was leading I pushed him a little but on my bad luck or should I say on our good luck he pulled me more closer and without a knock his lips captured mine.  
Firstly I taken aback with his fierceness of that kiss but then returned the same madness. 

After exploring  tasting teasing biting  our lips we finally moved apart out of breath gasping hard. 

" you don't know I was craving for that from the morning.   " he whispered looking intensely.   I smiled and hugged him. 

" love you " we both again shared those magical words hugging each other.  


In Car  Navya and Cabir

When Navya saw Cabir was there to pick her , she was on the seventh clouds. 

She silently seated beside him at the passenger seat. She was trying to fix the seat belt but couldn't as lack of habit and nervousness.  
Cabir saw her struggling and moved towards her  to fetch that . He leaned closer to her and her heart started beating fast.  Cabir could feel her heavy breath and flushed cheeks.  And unknowingly he looked at her. They shared an eye look and locked at their places. 

But the sinful , lovers enemy cruel world broke their sweet eye lock with their crazy car honking.  Cabir quickly moved to his place being embarrassed while Navya glued her gaze to the other side.  

They couldn't utter a single word  during the whole journey. But the both were taking glances of each other obviously steal glances every now then.


On the other side.

Manik was in full romance mood . He started kissing my neck and shoulder when I got settled in solving some mathematical problems.  But my boy friend was giving me very tough time creating his own problems teasing me .

I was seating on his lap and he was holding me from my back.  He was continuously brushing his ever calling lips on my back stripping the straps of my top.  It was became very hard for me to control my desires and do some other works. 

" Maaanikk " I moaned his name when he softly bite my nape sliding his naughty hands below of my top and clasped my bare waist. 

I Could feel the sensation between our bodies.  They were calling each other.  They wanted them  badly.  Our heavy breaths were complimenting each other and on a quick whilst swift mode he turned me to face him . We were looking at each other intently. And before we could lead to another passionate kiss a car honk brought us back to reality. 

We promptly straighten ourselves and welcomed Navya and Cabir.


After one good hour study we  took a  Chitchat break from our books.

I was finding way to start discussion about CaVya.  I saw ManBir were talking with each other . So without any second thought I asked Navya
" Navya.. ush din jo Cabir ne tumhe propose kia tha how did you feel , "

As soon as I asked all the three looked at me now disbelief of my straight forward questions.

Listening me Navya blushed. She replied nothing but  Cabir got angry with me and he shouted " what the hell this ? What's wrong with you ? Are gone insane?  "

We were not ready with these.  Even Manik himself became shocked by Cabir's sudden anger. 

Navya excused herself and left for her hostel being upset.

" Cabir. . I was just. .. " I tried to explain him but he stopped me in middle and said " Nandu .. tu yeh kab samjhegi I don't want any relationship . I am happy with you guys.  I don't want anyone else in my life.  Why don't you understand ? "  blurting his heart out he left .
tears rolled down of my eyes.  I wasn't sad because he shouted at me. He had full right on me but I was upset as for the first time I had made him cry.

Yes . He cried while uttering his angers on me. And that pierced my heart.

" Ho gaya ? Mil gayi tasalli ? Are you happy now ? "
My thoughts were broken with Manik 's words.  I looked at him . There was shooting angry glare.

" so you are happy na for messing up them ? " Manik said.

" but Manik I toh just wanted to .. " I tried to justify my actions. But he stopped me and said 
" ohh damm.. For god shake shut up Nandini. "  he shouted. And my heart got scared.

" why do not you get it that love is not forced.  It happens.  So stop your that God dam match making and let them live their life.   Let Cabir take his own decisions.   Can't uou see for you aaj itna upset hua woh  . Ushe akela chod do . " A Bff of Cabir defend him.

" what do mean haan ? I am over taking his life ? " now even I started fighting with him.

" yes you're.  And please I am begging you stop this nonsense and let him live in peace.  " saying he just left me all surprised.


That night went like that only. Me crying and cursing my match maker mind to hurt Cabir and fighting with Manik.  Cabir in disgusted with shouting at me and Manik in tension for Cabir and guilty for fighting with me.


Next day

We were on Manik car.  We three were silent.  We three were finding words to start but our vocabularies were ditching us.  We reached school

We stepped out of the car and silently walked towards the class room. 

I saw Navya. Her face was pale.  It again woke up my guilty heart.  I moved to her seat.

" I am sorry Navya. " I softly said.

She looked at me and smiled a little and replied " it's okay Nandini.  Hum tumpe gussa nehi hai. "

"Thank you.  Thanks a lot " I hugged her. 

Breaking the hug I went to my seat.  Soon the exam would gonna start.  I saw them . They were taking glances of mine.  I Couldn't held more and hugged Cabir.

" I am sorry Cabir.  Please pardon me . I am a very bad friend.  Please maaf kar de.  I won't do that again  " I cried and all were lookin at us.

" it's okay.  Chup Ho ja mugambi . do you think main kavi tujhpe gussa rah  sakta hu?  Never.  Now cheer up nehi toh SPACE me flood aa jayegi and then exam cancel.  Wow.  This is perfect.  Please please cry more na ? " he sarcastically said.

" Cabirrr " I shook head in disbelief and hit him playfully. 
I then moved to Manik.  We looked at each other with sorry eyes. And before we could utter sorry our sirs walked in the classroom with bunch of papers. 

We frustratingly sighed and started writing exams. And obviously sharing my answers with my Bffs.


After exam

While writing the exam my mind was stuck with how to make it up with Manik.  As it was completely my fault.  And I had to sort out the mess. I need to talk with Cabir but before that I had to score the things with my moral support who was indeed upset on me.  So as soon as exam was over I dragged him to the bush behind our school ground.

" Nandini what is this ? " he asked me freeing himself.

" I wanted to say you something. " I said. 

" ohh not again. Not that bullshit topic.   " he said in frustration

" Manik pahle sun toh lo.  " I replied.

" what ? Again your some brilliant Einstein ideas ? " he firmly stated then grabbing my arms said " Nandini please stop your craps.  I am warning you.  "

" Manik ." I gaped at him . His eyes were red shot with anger.

" Manik...mujhe sorry bolna tha " I pleasingly said.  And saw him changing his attitude then and there.

" what ? " he was confused 

" I am sorry.  I should not have done this.  But I promise.  I won't repeat my mistake.  I do  want  Navya and Cabir together.  But I will wait for them to realise and accept . " I said . And Manik gave a wide happy content smile. 

His happiness was showing from his glowing eyes.  He was afraid might be because of my stupid Mission we would hurt Cabir more. And our possessiveness towards our Bffs were too much.  So when I assured him with my words to give Cabir his own space , Manik's happiness has no bound .

He was  that much happy  that he just pulled me a tight embrace  saying    " I love you."  And  kissed me.   I kissed him back with equal love.

But on our very bad luck one pair of eyes witnessed our private moment. 


phewww... at last I am done with my three ffs updates... such a big job...DeadDead

okay.. sorry for the crap... no time to proof as i ve to catch a train after one and half hour. so me rushing. and you enjoying..
sorry for no pm as I am damm late today.. Stay tunedSmile

EID MUBARAK guys.. Stay blessed.Smile

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Mananbir rocked today! What a lovely update... All three of them are so possessive of each other Embarrassed cabir's vulnerable side was shown today so kudos for that Thumbs Up we saw them fight and get back together and it was written very nicely Big smile
I bet Aaliya would have seen them Wink
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Nice update 
Continue soon
suv-kriyaansh Senior Member

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mindblowing update
love mananbir's frndship...so pure

i hope cabir realise his feelings soonn... 

i thnk its alya who saw manan.. i hope she doesnt do smethng that hurts them...

cntinue soonnn  
zarakhanarlover IF-Dazzler

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Nice part. Is it Cabir who saw them. Waiting for the next update. N eid mubarak 2 u 2

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Awesome update yar. Haha...Manik and Cabir they r so funny. But feeling sad for Nandini. Uska match making job bigad gaya. Hope it was not Aliya again. Please update soon.

EID Mubarak in advance. May ALLAH bless you
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Lovely update ,
continue soon .
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I am tired of nandini's match making ideas myself

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