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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 58)

Fairy... Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 12:33am | IP Logged

Chapter 13

Superb update

Liked it

Task & fun was superb

Really enjoyed it

Swayam & Mukti teasing and all four fun was superb

Oh Wow Swayam HOH

Vaah nice amazing superb

Mukti such a sweetheart

I am loving the boys and mukti bond

The whole journey really came as flashback while reading video part.

Group hug after video and also including nandini was nice

Good to see Karishma back

Happy that Swayam won POV

I just didn't won't Nandini to win POV

Evict Nandini

Hope she goes

Update soon :)

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Hey guys thank you all for your votes!Thumbs Up
Voting lines are now CLOSE!

Next part will be up later today!Wink

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 7:38am | IP Logged

Part 14


The audience cheered as Armaan came onto the stage, his brightening appearance made the stage even more magnificent...


"Welcome for the final evictions before the Finale!!!!" Armaan said... the audience cheered...


"Only a couple of days left until the Finale... but only four contestants will be going into the finals... one contestant will be leaving the house today..." Armaan informed the audience...


"Let's go into the house to meet the contestants..." Armaan said...


Inside the house everyone was talking... including Nandini...


"Hello Houseguests..." Armaan said... everyone greeted him back enthusiastically...


"Well what a last couple of days... it's been lots of fun..." Armaan said...


"Yeah it was great... Thank you for bringing..." Swayam started to say...


"SHhh the audience do not know what happened..." Armaan said to the houseguests...


"Really?" Mukti asked


"Yup this is the first time you know something the audience does not..." Armaan said cheekily.


"Yeyyy!" Swayam said and everyone laughed...


"Tell you what I am going to leave you guys for a moment and show the audience what happened..." Armaan said.


"Ok..." Abhi said


Everyone was excited...



Back on Stage...


"The last few moments in the house... we decided to give the houseguests a little surprise..." Armaan said..."Let's have a look at what happened..."



After POV


Swayam had decided not to change the nominations and everyone got up to meet Arnav and Nandini one of which would be leaving the house...


"FREEZE..." Big Brother Boomed...


Everyone froze in place... they were all in the living room...


In the diary room five people were excited to come out into the living room...


They walked in a single line into the living room... starting with...


Taani, Manik, Roshni, Samrath and Riddhima...


"SUPRISE!!!!!" They shouted as everyone stood frozen...


"Oh wow they look soo funny..." Riddhima said laughing...


The others started laughing... they started making funny faces in front of the other houseguests... the houseguests tried their best to stay still...


"UNFREEZE..." Big Brother boomed...


They were all soo happy to see each other... they all hugged and met each other...


"Ok guys let's head into the garden..." Manik shouted...


"What's in the garden?" Mukti asked.


"You will see... it's a surprise..." Taani said hugging Mukti... they all went through the kitchen and into the garden where the Big Brother crew had decorated the garden like a beach party... there was sand... water... a barbecue... and lots of activities... for the houseguests to take part in... Like Tug of war... Beach volleyball... Cricket and other fun activities...


Everyone had so much fun looking around at everything... everyone splashed around in the water... which was like a huge swimming pool...


Later on everyone played tug of war... Girls vs Boys... They all tried their hardest to win... but in the end the boys won... Mukti who was in the front fell right into Abhi's arms... everyone started laughing...


Then they had a go at the beach volley ball...


They each chose their teams...


Abhi Team - Arnav, Taani, Nandini and Riddhima...


Mukti Team - Swayam, Roshni, Manik and Samrath...


This proved as a fair game as both teams was strong... Roshni turned out to be an amazing player and won most of the points for Mukti's team which meant that they won...


Then they decided to eat so they set up the barbecue... with the guys cooking the girls fixed the table and hung out...


Nandini approached Taani and Mukti


"Hey look I am really sorry for everything..."Nandini said.


"It's ok... forget about it..." Taani said hugging Nandini... Mukti was a little wary but she also forgave Nandini and the three of them went over to Roshni and Riddhima and the five girls hung out...


Then they all ate; talking about the game and all the crazy times they had in the house...


Finally they had a game of cricket... and then as night fell the houseguests hung out in the water and the sand...


"FREEZE!" Big Brother boomed... Everyone froze...


"Can all ex houseguests please make their way back to the diary room...!" Big Brother continued...


The houseguest unfroze and they said bye to the others and made their way back into the house and into the diary room...


"UNFREEZE" Big Brother boomed...


The five houseguests unfroze...


"Can all houseguests make their way back to the house..!." Big Brother boomed.


"Ok..." Nandini said.


"Thank You Big Brother!!!" Swayam shouted and all of the others said thank you as they made their way back to the house...


"That was amazing..." Mukti said...


"The Best..." Abhi said hugging her...


Arnav and Swayam raced each other back to the house... Nandini ran after them...



Back on Stage


"Well now you know what the houseguests got up to..." Armaan said.


The audience cheered.


"Let's head back into the house to evict either Arnav or Nandini..." Armaan continued.


In the house everyone was a little quieter...


"Hello Houseguests... it is now time to evict one houseguest from the Big Brother house..." Armaan started


Everyone was nervous... Arnav and Nandini sat up...


"The name I am about to call has been evicted..." Armaan continued...


"Nandini you have been evicted from the Big Brother House..." Armaan said.


Nandini knew it would be her... She stood up and met Arnav she then made her way around to the others...


"Good Luck guys..." She said before exiting the house...


"Congratulations... Mukti, Abhishek, Arnav and Swayam you are the Final Four and you all are in the finals..." Armaan said before leaving them...


They grouped together in a hug...



Back on Stage


Nandini came onto the stage the audience cheered...Nandini met Armaan who then gestured for her to have a seat...


"So close Nandini... you were so close to finals what happened?" Armaan asked.


"I guess I messed up... but I did what I think was right...but I am glad that we left on a positive note... we are friends again..."Nandini said.


"Well that's good... you certainly were true to your words... and definitely came back with fire... I guess no one saw that coming..." Armaan said.


"Yeh honestly I didn't know where all of that vengeance came from... this house is filled with craze... and makes people really paranoid..." Nandini said.


"Okay Nandini in the event that you were the one leaving today you housemates have taped some goodbye messages... let's have a look..." Armaan said...


Mukti - "Hey Nandini I know we definitely had our ups and downs in the house... and at one point I wished that you would leave but now that we are friends again its actually quite sad but hopefully we will meet again really soon..."


Swayam - "Hey Nandini I am glad that you are gone and that it was my HOH that made you leave... this was my pay back for getting Taani out and I don't regret it..."


The End


"Wow... Thanks Swayam..." Nandini said.


"Everyone let's have a huge round of applause for Nandini..." Armaan said the audience clapped as Nandini left the Stage...


"Well it's now the end... this is when your time starts... it is now time to start for you to vote to SAVE your Favourite houseguests and make them win... Every vote counts so be sure to vote to SAVE... For now it is time for me to go... I will see you all at the Grand Finale of Big Brother Season 2!" Armaan said.


He then exited the Stage


Tune in on Saturday for the Grand Finale of Big Brother Season 2

Hey Guys I hope you enjoyed the part... Please Like and Comment to Share your views!!

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arsafar Goldie

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Hey Guys Nominations


Vote for the Most Popular Houseguest- (Your Fave)


  • Arnav
  • Roshni
  • Samrath
  • Mukti
  • Taani
  • Abhi
  • Swayam
  • Riddhima
  • Manik
  • Nandini


Vote For the Winner of Big Brother India Season 2


The winner has to have these qualities:

-Have won HOH

-Have made a game changing move

-Need to deserve to win

-Best overall performance


  • Mukti
  • Abhi
  • Swayam
  • Arnav 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 7:38am | IP Logged

All of the Awards Nomination...

If you would like to change or if you have forgot to vote for any of the awards here is the list of all of the awards;

Best Entertainer/ Comedian






-Most Scariest Player






 Best Friendship

-Samrath and Mukti

-Taani and Swayam

-The Boys Group

-Mukti and Taani

-Riddhima and Roshni

-Manik and Nandini


Best Group

- Girls Rule

- Silent Assassins

- Samrath and Manik

Best Couple

-Abhi and Mukti

-Manik and Nandini

-Arnav and Roshni


The best Game Player









Vote for the Most Popular Houseguest

Arnav, Roshni, Samrath, Mukti, Taani, Abhi, Swayam, Riddhima, Manik and Nandini


Vote For the winner of Big Brother India Season 2

The winner has to:

-Have won HOH

-Have made a game changing move

-Need to deserve to win

- Best overall performance


Abhi, Swayam, Mukti and Arnav


 Thank You Guys sooo much for all of your time... and sorry for bothering you with all of the voting... I had to because this Season was about the audience as it was called Audience Vote!


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Stupefy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 9:25am | IP Logged
wow what a surprise for us!!
all evicted contestants backWink
loved it!!
ok u know my fav among them is swayam but I want a girl to win this time..
So my vote for the winner of this season is for Mukti..
Rest all votes for awards I have already done and don't wanna change them!
Can't wait for finaleBig smile

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DevAkshi Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 9:41am | IP Logged
The best Game Player

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DevAkshi Senior Member

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Vote for the Most Popular Houseguest-  Manik
Most Scariest Player - Manik

Best Friendship --Manik and Nandini

Best Group - Samrath and Manik

Best Couple -Manik and Nandini

The best Game Player -Manik

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