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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 27)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 4:32am | IP Logged

Part 4


The task was still in progress...


"Next up... Samrath... please stand up to the line and launch your ball..." Armaan ordered him.


Samrath launched his ball towards the beehive...


"6... Samrath please make your way to the winners circle..." Big Brother said.


Nandini made her way over to the others... Samrath stood on the circle...


"Next up... Mukti please stand up to the line and launch your ball..." Big brother boomed.


Mukti launched her ball towards the beehive...


"7... Mukti please make your way to the winners circle..." Big Brother's voice said.


Samrath smiled at Mukti and walked off to join the others...


"Last up Manik... please stand on the line and launch your ball..." Big Brother boomed.


Manik walked up to the launcher... he had to reach the Ten in the middle or Mukti would win... he launched his ball...


"10! Congratulations Manik you are the New Head of Household" Big Brother boomed.


Everyone ran over and congratulated Manik for his win...


He hugged Nandini a little longer than the others...


They then went back to the house... They all relaxed and hung out...



Roshni was on the lounge sofa; she was missing Riddhima as she was her closest friend in the house...


"Hey..." Roshni looked up to see Arnav.


"Hey... Arnav..." She replied with a small smile.


"What's wrong?" He asked.


"Not much... just missing Ridz..." Roshni said.


"Yeah... it's sad when someone leaves..." Arnav said.


"Its soo scary how this game changes in a wink of an eye... I mean we were not even nominated by Abhi and by then end of the week me and Ridz were on the block..." Roshni said sharing her feelings with him.


"That's the game right... remember what Tej said... stay in the background... but stay vigilant... because anything can happen..." Arnav reminded her.


"Yeah he's right... you have to stay vigilant..." Roshni agreed.


"So cheer up... come on..." Arnav said with a smile.


"Thanks Arnav!!" Roshni replied with a smile.



Manik came out of the diary room...


"Hey everyone who wants to see my HOH room?" Manik shouted... everyone followed him up to the HOH room... it was similar to Abhi's but it has Manik's photos... and snacks... everyone had fun looking at Manik's pictures of when he was young and his family...



Later on


Samrath found Mukti on the lounge chairs outside...


"Hey I've been looking for you..." Samrath said.


"What's up?" Mukti asked.


"I have an idea... about how we can put Abhi up on the block..." Samrath said excitedly.


"You sound like a child in a candy store..." Mukti said laughing.


"Shhh honestly... I was thinking let's make an alliance with Manik... me you and him..." Samrath said.


Mukti thought about it... it was a good idea..."Have you spoken to him about it?" she asked.


"Not yet... but are you in?" Samrath asked.


"Yeah sure... I'm in..." Mukti replied.


"Cool then I am going to go and talk to him..." Samrath said as he stood up.



First bedroom


The boys of the Silent Assassins hung out...


"This week is going to be horrible..." Abhi said while lying down on his bed.


"Yeah hopefully we can get MVP again that might help us..." Arnav said.


"Yeah then we can put Sam up... he is a pain... I can't believe he threatened you..." Swayam said.


"Right now I wonder what Manik is going to do... maybe we should talk to him... see where his head is at..." Abhi said sitting up.


"Dude you are the last person he is going to tell..." Arnav told him.


"True... you did put him up on the block last week..." Swayam said.


"Fine..." he said flopping back on the bed...



Manik was about to head downstairs when Samrath came into the room...


"Hey man..." Samrath said.


"Hey what's up?" Manik asked.


"Look I am going to get straight to the point... I know we have the same target... Abhi... but I think we should also be in an alliance the three of us..." Samrath said.


"What? Three?" Manik was a little confused as Samrath has said all of that really quickly...


"Yeah me... you... and Mukti... she is a strong contestant we can kick everyone else out of the house..." Samrath said.


"Okay... Lets be in an alliance... but if you are including someone then I also want to bring someone into the alliance ..." Manik finished.


"Who?" Samrath asked.


"Just let me handle it..." Manik replied.


"Alright man..." Samrath said as he left.


Manik thought about what had just happened... he was obvious to Samrath and he did not like how Samrath had behaved last week... but working with him can allow both of them to get further in the game... but he had to show Samrath who was boss and he did not like to be told what to do... next up he had to ask Nandini if she wanted to join the alliance...


Nandini walked upstairs... Manik had called her up... she wondered what was going on as she knocked on the door...


"Hey Nandini... come in..." Manik said he closed the door behind her.


"Hey... What's going on?" She asked.


"Umm I'm thinking of starting an alliance with Samrath..." Manik told her with smile on his face.


"Okay why are you telling me?" Nandani asked confused as why Manik would be telling her he made an alliance.


"I want you to be in the alliance as well..." Manik said.


Nandini was shocked... she did not know what to do; "Oh no... I can't..." she said quickly... Manik was confused.


"What do you mean you can't...?" Manik said he was confused as why Nandini would refuse.


Nandini started panicking... "I am sorry I can't be in your alliance..." She said quickly.


"But why... it doesn't make sense..." Manik asked.


"I am in another alliance..." Nandini said... then she froze at what she had just said...


"What?" Manik said... he could not believe it.


"Nothing... I have to go..." Nandini said.


"Wait... what alliance are you in... with who?" Manik asked, Nandini took a deep breath... well her secret was out now anyway...


"All of us girls are in an alliance together..." Nandini said quietly... Manik thought about it...


"All of the girls... even Mukti?" Manik asked.


"Yeah... of course... why?" Nandini asked.


Just then Samrath and Mukti entered the room... they knew instantly something was wrong.


"What's going on..?" Samrath asked... Mukti looked over at Nandini... Nandini stared back at Mukti...


"Dude... these girls are way too fast...I can't believe it... behind everyone's back..." Manik said with an evil smile on his face... Mukti's eyes shot to Nandini's...


"What are you talking about?" Samrath asked.


"Wow seriously... you didn't know?" Manik asked honestly surprised.


"Dude spit it out?" Samrath said.


"The girl's have their own alliance including these two..."Manik said pointing to both of the girls...Samrath looked at Mukti who was still looking at Manik.


"I guess there is no alliance forming here... so I'll go..." Mukti said slowly.


She turned and left the room... she was fuming at Nandini...


Nandini looked at both guys before following Mukti out of the door... "Mukti wait..." she called after Mukti as she reached downstairs...


Nandini caught up to Mukti in the chill out room... "Mukti I am soo sorry... I panicked..." Nandini started...


"Stop! Don't say another word... look Nandini... next time you want to ruin your own game... do not involve me... got it..." Mukti said... she then left without saying another word... Nandini was upset she had ruined everything...



Abhi, Arnav and Swayam were in the boy's bedroom... they were joking around talking about the last Big Brother...


"Akshay was too funny last year...wish he had lasted longer..." Swayam said.


"Yeah... when he came back... he was literally running around the place like a crazy dude..." Abhi said as they all laughed.


Just then Mukti came into the room she walked pass them into the girls room slamming the door behind her... the three boys stopped laughing.


"Whoa what's got into her?" Arnav asked.


"Abhi I think your girlfriend is upset..." Swayam said with a wink to Arnav.


"Shut it dude... but I wonder what's wrong." Abhi said worriedly.


"Maybe she had a fight with her other boyfriend..." Swayam said sneakily.


Abhi threw a pillow at Swayam... Arnav and Swayam sniggered.


"I am going to see what's wrong..." Abhi said standing up.


"Yeah you should totally be her knight in shining armour..." Swayam said.


This time Abhi grabbed the pillow, pushed it onto Swayam and pounced onto him flattening Swayam down on the bed while he screamed...


"AHHH get off mmeee..." Swayam shouted.


Abhi finally let go of him... he checked himself in the mirror before going off to the girls room... he heard the boys laughing behind him...



Taani was walking past the chill out room when she saw Nandini crying... she quickly went inside to see if Nandini was okay...


"Nandini are you okay...?" Taani said she hugged Nandini.


"I ... Spoilt... everything..." Nandini sobbed...


"Nandini... what are... you talking about...?" Taani questioned... she was worried about Nandini...



Upstairs... Samrath and Manik


"Do you still want to make an alliance with them...?" Manik argued.


"I don't know..." Samrath said; this came to a shock to him... after all this time... him and Mukti were friends and she never told him...


"Dude I am putting them up..." Manik said finally.


"Wait... what?" Samrath asked... confused.


"Yeah... they want to be an alliance... I am breaking it up..." Manik said.


"Manik... you are missing the bigger picture..." Samrath told him.


"My nominations are final Sam..." Manik said.


Samrath shook his head and left the room...



Abhi entered the girls' room... Mukti was on her bed; she wasn't crying but she was lost in day dream...


"Hey... are you okay?" Abhi asked slowly.


"Not now Abhi... I am not in the mood..." Mukti replied.


"Okay... fine... but you can talk to me if you want..." Abhi said...


Mukti turned to face Abhi... she smiled at the look on his face... he looked really worried... he smiled a little confused as he saw her smile.


"Okay... I think you are smiling..." He said sweetly.


"I am sorry Abhi... I was rude..." Mukti replied.


"It's cool...I'm a cool guy..." Abhi said shrugging.


"'re sweet..." Mukti said smiling.


"Sweet... okay..." he did not like that description.


Just then Samrath entered the room... he saw Mukti smiling with Abhi; he did not like what he saw...


"Hey Mukti can we talk?" Samrath asked.


"Umm dude we are talking..." Abhi replied.


Mukti was stuck between the two... "Umm Abhi... give us a minute please..." Mukti said.


Abhi's smile fell; "Okay I' talk to you later..." Abhi said slowly before leaving.


"Yeah... thank Abhi..." Mukti said.


Abhi left and Samrath turned to her... "Wow so what are you guys together?" Samrath asked in a not so friendly talk.


"Get to the point Sam..." Mukti said.


"I can't believe you are angry at me... you are the one who made an alliance behind my back..." Samrath said fully angry now.


"Firstly that alliance was made before we even talked to each other... and secondly everyone makes alliance so who cares..." Mukti said matter of factly.


"Yeah but were you even going to tell me..?" Samrath asked.


"Nope..." Mukti said confidently; "...because if I did... something like what had happened to Nandini would have happened... and I am not stupid..." Mukti said.


"Fine whatever... look we are still friends ... right?" Samrath asked.


"That's if you still want to be..." Mukti replied.


"Of course... you are still the only one I trust..." Samrath said sitting down next to her.


"So what's the plan now?" Mukti said turning around to face him.


"There's trouble..." Samrath confessed.


"What do you mean?" Mukti asked curiously.


"Manik... is putting up you and Nandini because you guys were in an alliance..." Samrath said.


"You have got to be kidding me!!! He cannot do that... forget about me... he can put me up if he wants to... but he cannot put up Nandini... he is stupid... Nandini told him the truth... and he is going to put her up... is he mad????" Mukti said getting worked up.


"Chill okay... Nandini was his choice... he wanted her in the alliance... maybe he might change his mind... I just hope it won't be too late..." Samrath told her.


"I swear if Nandini goes out... I am personally making him my target and I won't rest till he is out of this house..." Mukti said confidently...



 Afterwards it was time for the nominations; Manik had been given a round case in which had 9 keys; his task was to take out two keys which had the names of people he wanted to nominate. Once he had chosen the two names for nomination he replaced the other keys into the slots then lifted the round case and brought it downstairs and laid it on the dining table and called out to all the houseguests to join him. They all settled down and waited eagerly for the nominations to begin.


"This is the Nomination of my duties as Head Of Household is to nominate two people for eviction...the two people who are nominated...their keys have already been taken out...I will pull the first key and that person is safe...the person whose name I call will pull the next key to save someone else...and so on and so forth..." Manik explained.


They all nodded and waited nervously for the nominations to begin.


Manik pulled the first key and called out "Samrath you are safe..." Samrath thanked him and then pulled the next key.


"Swayam you are safe..." he thanked Manik and pulled the next key.


"Arnav you are safe..." he also thanked Manik and pulled the next key.


"Abhi you are safe..."Abhi was a little shocked but he thanked Manik and pulled the next key.


"Roshni you are safe..." she thanked Manik and pulled the last key.


"Taani you are safe..." she thanked Manik.


Taani sat down and Manik stood up; "I have nominated you Mukti and you Nandini for nominations... I have nominated both of you as you were part of making a girls alliance... this is just the beginning... "


Everyone was shocked especially Roshni and Taani... Nandani had told Taani about telling Manik everything... but no one knew that Manik was this heartless...


Everyone got up to meet the two nominated contestants.


Mukti walked up to Manik...


"You are spineless jerk... hey everyone this is what happens when you tell the truth in this game..." Mukti said but she was not finished yet; "...Oh you have gotten on the wrong side of me... you better watch it..." she threatened Manik who actually took a step backwards...


Everyone stood in shock...



Coming up - Tune in on Wednesday to see who you have chosen as the MVP for the week... also tune in to the POV to see if the nominated contestants can save themselves from the chopping block.


Hey Guys hope you enjoyed the part please Like and Comment to let us now what you think Thank you 

Fizz & Zysha x


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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 4:33am | IP Logged

Hey guys time to vote for this weeks MVP...
The lines are open...

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Nicky-nish IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 February 2015
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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Yaay m frst...
shockng nd rockng update...
I ws happy to see manik as hoh...
Bt wt he did wid nandini md me feel sad...
Mukti m really lykng her alot...
Swayam teasing abhi...:P
Wel my vote goes to taani...
Update soon
Thnx fr pm

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Stupefy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 5:08am | IP Logged
No freaking way what was that?
First I lost my place and second what an episode..
Mukti bravoClap
way to go girl..
loved how she stood up for nandini!
MVP can be a person who is nominated?
If yes then I vote for Mukti and if not then Taani
Nice update btw but very shocking

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sheetalarshi Groupbie

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Loved ur update thank u sooo much loved arnav and rosh u are great please update soon poor nandini

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monikasaxena05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Amazing update
Well wht manik did is completely wrong
Nandani is so sweet
Continue soon

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ramya4barun Groupbie

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Sorry couldnt Reply faster..was busy with my Sem Exams..!!
So coming to the update..Whoaa...It was completely unexpected!!
Manik as HOH..n Him putting up Mukti n Nandini is wat unexpected..!!
Mukti I can understand.. But nandini She was being Honest with him right !!
Am sooo mad with Manik on this!!!
n Abhi...he sweet!! Liked his part..n Taani  cheering up Nandini!! :)
n Coming to my Arnie ...Loved him <3 <3
Totally..Awesome update..!!!
was cheking for ur update...though i had exam the next day!! 
N ha update soon...Waiting for it..!! :)

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stephie34 Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 9:42am | IP Logged

Awesome update, really want to see who is leaving us...and I am so happy my fav was saved

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