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Meant to be together - MaNan SS (Chp updated pg 34 ) 10/11/15 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by ayuu20

awesme update..
loving the nokjok between manan nd nandu nd kiddo bonding
plzz update soon nd thnx for the pm..
thank u Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Humzy

nice update
loved it
cont soon
thank u Embarrassed
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                                                                 Chapter 5

Manik ,Cabir and Ahaan moved to the hospital to meet Alya . While Navya was doing her treatments in the same hospital where Alya was admitted . Nandini reached her house after getting ready , she planned to move to the hospital and took the help of a cab .
Nandini reached up there to the city hospital and moved to her medical session . Navya was pulled back to the wheel chair and she was taken out and Nandini and Amms were talking to the doctor . "Dhekiye Miss Nandini ..aap yehan ki famous specialist ho thats why I gave a try on treating Navya ...par her condition is really very serious ..." the doctor said to Amms and Nandini .
"Nothing is easy in this world Dr.Ahuja ..." Nandini said smiling . "Par ..Miss Nandini ..aap jaante ho ..its not that easy .." the doctor sighed . "Its ok ...mujhe laga aap challange taking doctor ho ." Nandini said .  "Par ..I'm scared .." the doctor again said . "Darr ke aage jeet hai doctor ...you should have mountain dew and take your therapy sessions " Nandini said teasingly . While the doctor was speechless and embarassed
"Agar ..theen mahine pehle aap yeh ham se kahe hote ..toh ham zaroor maante ..par aap jaise doctors ke waja se ..thanks a lot " Nandini said with digust and smiled at him sarcastically . "Nandu...nehi beta ..unhone ..unke kaam hi kiya ..na " Amms said . "Han Amms ...unhone bohat hi kaam kiya ..." Nandini said . "Thank you doctor ..." Nandini said and moved out along with Amms . "Amms ...ap Yeha wait keejiye ...mein Navya ke therapy papers leke aata hoon ..". Mean while the doctor calls some one , "Hello ...meine try kiya ...par woh ..maan nehi rahi hai ..I'm sorry I cant help anymore ..I will loose my job " the doctor said . "Damn !!! " The man said .

On the other side Nandini called someone "Hello ...Jeetu bhai ...Dr Ahuja ke poore details nikalo .." "Par ..Nandu ...kya hua ? Navya ke saath sab theek hai na ..." "Nehi ...mera shak sahi nikhla Jeetu bahi ..some one is instructing him to give Navya wrong medicines .." Nandini said .
Amms was with Navya . "Navya beta ...tum yahi ruko ..mein tumhare liye tea leke aayi ..""Theek hai " Navya smiled . Amms went to get tea where as Navya saw someone standing there with familar looks . As that man turned Navya really got stunned , fear filled her heart , she was getting really scared ,that scary night scorned her again . she tried to move away , but in vein ,her legs were not giving her support she tried her level best and she was about to fall somone caught her .
"woo...are you alright ? " he asked . But she was still in shock and trauma filled her again .

on the other side ...

"Alya ...you should have taken care of your self .." Manik said with concern ."Manik is right Alya ...agar tumhe kuch hota toh mera kya hota ..." Dhruv spilled up . "Alya bua ...wo sab chodo ..aap kaise ho ? " Ahaan asked her . "Mein theek hoon " Alya said .
"Alya ...what happened ? yeh kaisa hua ? you should have been more care ful ! you should take rest Alya ...kal meeting bhi hai .." Harshad entered in saying this while Manik and Dhruv frowned but controlled themselves ."Theek hai bhai ..." Alya said looking down . "Waise Cabir kahan hai ?" Alya asked . "Woh ..medicines lene gaya hai " Dhruv spoke up .

Meanwhile Nandini was passing by Alya's room and thought of meeting her . "Hi Alya kaisi ho ?" Nandini asked opening the door and got another shock to find Manik and Ahaan standing there . "Hi Nandini mein theek hoon " Alya said ."Yeh yehan kyaa kar rahi hai ? " Manik asked while Ahaan was staring at her not knowing what to do .

"What the hell are you doing here ? " Manik asked her again . "Manik ...realx ..why are u getting pissed off ?" Dhruv asked him . "Mein tum se kuch pooch rahi hoon ..you girl" Manik shouted at her . While Nadini was staring at him . "Manik ...stop it ...she only saved my life " Alya said .

 Manik was surprised and there was a little boy who was surprised too . "Iss ne aur Abhimanyu ne milke mujhe yehan le aaye ..we should be thankful to her Manik " Alya said . While Manik didnt no what to do and what to tell .

-Ahaan's pov-
inho ne ..Alya bua ko bacha liya ...
she is a good girl ...
-End of Pov -

"Well Alya ..your lucky to have such friends " Nandini said smiling . "Kyun Ahaan ?" Nandini asked him while Ahaan turned back not knowing what to do . "wow ..you know Ahaan ?" Mukti asked her . "Yeah ...I met him today .." Nandini said . "Well , he is my son " Mukti said . "I know it ...dheke hi pata chal gaya ..he has got your cuteness " Nandini said while Mukti blushed unknowingly .

-Ahaan's pov -
Cute ? Ahaan cute hai ?
-End of pov-

"Well i got to go ..." Nandini said smiling and moved out . "Mein ghadi Nikhal ta hoon .." Harshad said .

Navya came out of trance and looked at that person . "Hey ..cool down ..ghabrane ki zaroorat nehi hai .." he said . While Navya kept quite . "I'm Cabir ..." he said . "I'm Navya " Navya told him , while Cabir smiled "Nice name ..just like you " he tried to cheer her up . "Well I have to go ...I'll catch with you later .." he said and walked out .
Alya got dischared and she stated moving from there , where as Nandini collected Navya's report and went towards Navya . They started moving and Nandini started moving Navya's wheel chair and the met with Fab5 on their way .
"Nandini ..tum .." Cabir asked her look at her holding Navya's wheel chair . "Nandu ..tum inhe jaanti ho ?" Amms asked her while Nandini nodded her head in a smiple yes . Manik was staring Nandini ,while Ahaan was looking at her confused.
"Cabir , Alya ..." Yeh meri Nani hai , aur yeh Navya ,meri best friend " she said . "Well hame jaane ka samay hogaya hai ..so ..see you later .." Nandini said biding them goodnight .

Pls drop your comments if you like Embarrassed

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oh wow!
2 updates today

so fab 5 met nandini, navya and Amms

but Ahaan and nandini's small interaction stole my heart!

Ahaan thinking ki main cute hun!
i mean how cute and innocent is that!!!!!

cabira met navya! and he was there when navya was petrified!

Nandu uss doctor ki lagane wali hai!

Good chapter!

continue soon

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Ahaan and Nandini's bond as far now is cute and hope to see it flourish as the story proceeds...

I hope that Jerrkshad's face is exposed soon so that we can have MuKbhi..

And ofc!! MaNan scenes!!

P.S. You are doing a Fab job :D !!!

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amazing... loved it

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nice update soon

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Ignore mistakes ...LOL             

                                                    Chapter 6

Nandini came out calling her driver to drop her Amms and Navya home . She had an important work to complete , she had to sort out the problems .
She went out with the help of a Cab . Nandini is  rich in her background , she is  from a vey wealthy family . Her father was a scientist ,her mother was a professor .
Her father owned a business industry of his own having partnership with a very famous businessman in India , but she didnt know who . All she knew was her parents crucial death , thats all .

She was very young at that time , she had to be strong to handle her Amms and her brother . She and her  family was in US , a very happy family . Her father came to US for some important project and at that time they met with a accident .
Nandini  remembered herself to open her eyes up in the hospital and get to know about her parents death . Her brother went into a serious trauma and they were taken back to India. And things took a long time to sort out .

Nandini became a mother hen for Rishab . She was his everything , he is generally a calm boy but when someone hurts Nandini , he turns to be very violent . Nandini managed to handle this boy very well as she loves him a lot .
Nandini though is wealthy , but she loves to be simple and natural .
As she reached the place , she called for Jeetu bhai . "Jeetu bhai , aap kaha ho ..." "Uffo Nandu , tu bohat zoro ki chillati hai !!" Jeetu complained . Jeetu bhai aka Jithesh Varma , Nandini's best cousin brother  .
She calls him  BBF i.e. Best Brother Friend , Jithesh works as a DIA (an agent of Defense Intelligence Agency ) , and has come here to investigate his next mission in Mumbai .  Only Nandini knows about his career as of others dont know anything about him .
Nandini sometimes helps Jeetu bhai in solving very tough projects . Infact Nandini gave a simple idea to Jeetu bahi to capture few people who turned out to be a human bombs .
Well Jeetu never pulled Nandini into any of his cases as he knows  pulling her into this is very dangerous . But he helps Nandini to bring jusice for people . He loves Nandu as his own sister and loves the way she deals with situationS being selfless .

"Hmmm ...So things happening with Navya seems to be very ridiculous .." "Jeetu bhai ..ridiculous nehi ..cruel !!" Nandini corrected him . "Nehi Nandu ..Usse jo problems hai ...its totally not upto situation ...as you said ..yeh sab ..its not just a mis happening ...somone is involved in all these !" "I know that Jeetu bhai ..but the thing is Navya seems to be too traumantalised to speak up the incidents before the accident ."
"Toh ...isska matlab hai ..someone has tried to molest her !" Jeetu said boldly . Nandini was really shocked "Kya ? ...how do you know ?" "Nandu ..as u know ..its a very sensitive topic ...agar ek ladki , if she is shocked or in depression ..then something related to that can only be a reason ...and according to my calculations ...Navya must have had an affair with someone .." . Nandini was silent for sometime as tears came out of her eye . "Itna sab kuch happened to her ...ek bhi baat nehi boli ussne !" Nandini said .

"I'm not sure Nandu ..yeh sab as a girl , you can only clear out ...par...its just my point of view !" Jeetu exclaimed . "Par ...woh doctor ..why is he trying to giving wrong treatments to Navya ?" Nandini asked . "It can be that person ..who tried to kill Navya " "yeah ! bhai ..I know that ..infact ..everything is linked to one person ..god knows who ! " Nandini sighed . "Nandu ...you know right ..kal mujhe Bhopal jana hai ...for the cell case  ...so I have a friend of mine ...mera partner ..he may help you out !" Jeetu said .

"Okay bhai ...!" Nandini said . "I'll call him now ...he may help you out !" . Nandini nodded in a yes as time passed he came into Jeetu's room "Heyo !! Jeetu ..mere bhai !" he said  Nandini turned back to see him and  was really shocked to see that guy . "Abhimanyu ?" Nandini asked . "Woho ..Nandu ...you know him ?" Jeetu asked . "Wait a minute ..you both know eachother ?" Abhimanyu asked him . All the three went silent and after a second they bursted into a laugh .
Abhimanyu explained the morning story and Jeetu was again pleased by both of them . "Well , tum dono bhi na ! " Jeetu exclaimed  . Now All the three of them were discussing on Navya's topic . "hmmm interesting ...So as far as I know ...the person should be of a wealthy background ..to do such things " Abhimanyu said . "You are right ...he is using his power ..issilye itna sab kuch ho raha hai !" Nandini said .
As all the three were discussing it turned out to be mid night and Abhi planned to drop Nandini home . As they were driving home Nandini switched on her phone to find 15 missed calls of Amms . "Oh shit! Amms ke itne calls ! aiyyo Aiyyapa !" Nandini called her and Amms picked up her call .
"Nandu beta ...woh ..Navya ..." "Navya ? Navya ko kya hua ? " "Woh ...sadak pe jaate waqt kisine Navya ke files ko churaliya !" "Kya ? ... ! ...its ok Amms  .. Navya theek hai na ? .." "Haan beta ..she is alright !" Nandini sighed a relief .
"Okay Amms ..aap ..ghabrayiye mat ...its ok ..unhe kuch bada papers laga ho ga ..so just calm down ...ham sort out karlenge ..." Nandini said "Nandu ..tu kahan hai ? " "Mein ..ghar aa rahi hoon ..dont worry Amms .." "Theek hai ..jaldi aana .." saying this Amms cut her call . "Abhimanyu ...woh Amms ..someone stole Navya's medical reports from her !" Nandini said . "Isska matlab ..woh insaan ..he was there in the hospital today !" Abhimanyu said .
"Dont worry ...woh duplicate copies hai ...I have the original ones with me !" Nandini said . "Wow ! you are smart Nandini !" Abhimanyu said . "Woh toh mein hoon !" they started laughing .

The Next morning :

Nandini got ready for her duty when Abhimanyu called her . "Hi behna ...kahan ho tum ?" Abhi asked her . "Ghar pe ...kyun ? " "So...Iss ka matlab Navya is at home too...I got some Information about Navya's boss ,Harshad Saxena " Abhi said . "Harshad ? ..Ok fine ..so we will talk about it by noon .." Nandini said . "Cool !" Abhi said .
-Nandini's Pov -
Harshad ...Navya has told a lot about him ...infact ...she went for her clients marriage only ...aur yeh sab hua !
par Harshad hai kon ? Aur wo Navya ko kyun thang karna chahta hai ?
-End of Pov -

Nandini as usual got ready and went to meet Ahaan this time . Cabir messaged Nandini to meet Ahaan at a park and she met him there .
Ahaan was standing next to a fountain quietly , while Nandini was looking at him . "Good morning Ahaan ...Aaj aap school nehi gaye ?" .Ahaan again was in silent mode and didnt speak to her

-Ahaan's pov -
Kya mein inse baat karoon ? ...but Ahaan kya bolega ?
should I ask her am I cute ? or wo Kissy ke baare mein poochoon ?
-End of Pov -

"Aaap haste nehi ho ? ..." Nandini asked him , Ahaan didnt look at her . "Aaap hasenge Ahaan ! I know !" Nandini said . Ahaan pouted giving an angry look  , "Zaroor aap hasenge !" Nandini  "Ahaan hasta nehi hai !" Ahaan said and then he got shocked and closed and covered his hand on his mouth .

-Ahaan's Pov -
I talked to lady doll ! Oh my god !
-End of Pov-

"Wah ...aapne mujhse baat kiya ? " Nandini asked . "Toh ..aap zaroor hasoge !" Nandini said . Ahaan nodded his head in a no . "Really ? Lets check " Nandini said and started tickling him . Ahaan started laughing and was laughing louder . "Stop ...Stop ...tikkie mat karoo..." Ahaan said . Ahaan was laughing out loud . "Stop ..pls tikke mat karo!!"
Nandini stopped and the Ahaan started breathing heavily . "This is cheating !!!" Ahaan exclaimed . Nandini came next to him and said "All is fair in love and war Ahaan ..." and then she kissed his cheeks .

-Ahaan's Pov -
again kiss !!!
-End of pov

This time Ahaan's white chubby face turned pink . "Awww Ahaan ...u look cho adorable !!" Nandini said . "Dont do it again !" Ahaan exclaimed . "Do what ? " Nandini asked teasingly . Ahaan was embarassed , "Aww Ahaan ...aap hass rahe ho ?" Nandini asked . "Dheko ..aap phir se has rahe ho !" this time Ahaan tried to hide his smile but he couldn't

sorry guys  ..yeh update mein No MaNan ...

In this update I tried to make Abhimanyu justable for Mukti and Ahaan ...

Pls drop your comments if you like ...Embarrassed

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